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You'd think a straightforward premise like "two or more characters from different franchises come together and fight to the death" would be straightforwardly awesome with maybe a few gags here and there. But Death Battle has to present their work, and their mouthpieces are a researcher with a cybernetic arm and a redneck with a shotgun leg, so we get more than just a few gags even when the combatants themselves aren't Denser and Wackier than you'd expect.


Do not add details about the actual battle to this page before the corresponding battle is able for view by the general public. While it is admirable you are supporting the show, it spoils the surprise for those who don't and have this page on their watchlist.


1 Minute Melee has its own page.

Supplemental Material

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    The Desk of DEATH BATTLE 
  • The Goku doll advertisement. Complete with a possessed doll, Self-Deprecation, and an Anti-Climax with a little Fridge Logic (why can't Goku just teleport out of the box?) added in for good measure.
  • Apparently there's a rule against mentioning The Clone Saga, and Boomstick bursts into the room just to stop Joclyn from mentioning it. Also from that episode, when bringing up the Spider-Mobile: "Danananana— Oh, wait, wrong franchise..."
  • Near the end of an episode on how Captain America's shield has been broken on different occasions, Joclyn keeps getting sidetracked by Molecule Man's strange helmet.
    Joclyn: "What is that, some sort of cosmic trashcan—?! ...Nevermind, I'll figure it out later..."
  • At the end of the Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley, Joclyn declares it the stupidest idea she's ever heard. Cue Boomstick entering to announce that Wiz just transplanted Peanut's brain into a dog (then Joclyn reveals she's more concerned about the dog than Peanut).
    Joclyn: "...I mean, I wanna be surprised, but that totally sounds like something Wiz would do."
  • As Joclyn goes into the idea of math by using the Mulan song "Make A Man Out Of You", she muses at how strong Mulan would have been if she did have "All the force of a Great Typhoon" and we're shown Mulan + Typhoon = One-Punch Man
  • The LootCrate Ad has Joclyn... as a mannequin. Seeing the thing try to hold and open the box is both adorable and hilarious.
  • Poor Joclyn sounds oh-so-confused as she goes through Knuckles' convoluted time with god-like powers in Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics). When she gets to Lara-Su/Jani-Ca, she even mentions that she could even make an entire episode on the entire Ken Penders lawsuit! And then, she actually does!
  • Joclyn is utterly creeped out by the fact that one manga has Mario being turned on by Captain Syrup rubbing his plumbing snake. Even worse, though blurred out, we get to see the plumbing snake, too.

    Gag Reels 
  • In the first gag reel, Chad claims that it's hard to say "pony" in the Boomstick voice, "probably because it shouldn't be in my goddamn vocabulary."
  • This exchange...
    Wizard: The BFG is strong enough to annihilate the gargantuan Cyberdemon in a mere two or three shots, and the unprecedented range of its splash damage ensures no one's getting away unscathed.
    Boomstick: Huuuughghghguh...
    Wiz: …You okay over there, Boomstick?
    Boomstick: Towels! Bring towels!
    Wiz: Wow! Wow! I did not need to--okay, I'm leaving now…
  • The Gag Reel for Mewtwo vs. Shadow:
    • Ben realizes the opening narration is rhyming.
    • Ben also creates a new franchise - Popemon! Complete with a picture of Mewtwo wearing the Pope's hat.
    • Both Ben and Chad have to hold back their giggles over how Mewtwo is weak to Bug-types. AAAH! NOT THE BEEDRILLS!
    • Takahata101's fails at voicing Shadow:
      • "Get away! (belch)"
      • His disbelief that they actually want him to say "Ha ha ha!"
      • "SCREW YOOOOOOOOOU!....*fart*
      • He comments that one of his takes sounds like a shitty British accent, which immediately devolves into this:
        Taka (Impersonating Tracer): Tracer here! What's this? Porn of me online? Oh Blimey...
    • Chad suffers a Mondegreen moment when Ben declares that "this time, brain defeated brawn", getting excited about a character named "Time Brain", depicted as The Brain wearing The Fourth Doctor's scarf and standing by the TARDIS.
  • The Gag Reel for Terry vs. Ken and Hulk vs. Doomsday:
    • Ben and Chad continuing the Running Gag of Geese Howard's name.
    • Chad realizes that Terry's martial arts techniques is almost akin to "having the Jesus punched into you".
    • Ben slips up and accidentally calls the Hulk "Bork". Cue the Swedish Chef's face being photoshopped onto a picture of the Hulk.
      Ben: Incredible Bork vs. Drumsday.
    • In one take, Boomstick suggests calling Bruce Banner "David Banner" because "Bruce Banner" sounds gay. They realize it's silly and drop it, but put in an explanation for it Explanation 
  • Gag Reel for Carnage vs. Lucy:
    • Ben struggling to pronounce "Kaede", and being happy they only do it once.
    • One of Boomstick's cut lines from the episode:
      Boomstick: It's nothing but tits and terror from here!
      Chad: Sorry!
      Ben: I mean...
      [Onscreen text: He is not wrong.]
  • Gag Reel for Nightwing vs. Daredevil:
    • Ben accidentally saying one of Boomstick's lines and doesn't catch it until he says it.
    • Chad, in character as Boomstick, tries to justify calling Nightwing's escrima sticks as "screaming sticks" because he beats people with it and makes them scream.
    • Turns out Boomstick's reaction to learning that Dick Grayson's buttchecks have names was to exclaim "Well, would you look at the ass on that Dick!", but kept on Corpsing. This leads to multiple takes, multiple ways of saying that and multiple Chad falling apart.
  • Gag Reel for Master Roshi vs. Jiraiya:
    • Chad ends up taking Ben's line about analyzing everything to see who'd win a Death Battle and they have an in-character admonishing where Wiz calls Boomstick "Mr. Stick".
    • Ben realizing that the scene with "Sexy Clone Jutsu Wiz" is coming up and is trying his best not to corpse.
    • Ben catches a mistake about how fast lightning is and rattles off the numbers. Cue the clip from The Simpsons with Homer shouting "NERRRRRRRRRD!" And then he corrects his own mistake about the speed of light.
      Chad: This show's ruined you, Ben.
    • After Ben realizes that Goku's feats are similar to Jesus', he proceeds to talk about Jesus' rampage at the moneychangers' temple, complete with a "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer.
    • Ben found a couple differing pronunciations for the name of Roshi's teacher and so records three different versions of the line, with a different little picture beneath the caption for each.
      Mutaito. (picture of Roshi's teacher)
      Mutato. (picture of a demonic tomato)
      Mewtaito. (picture of Mew)
    • While recording, Ben notes that it's getting a little hot. Chad immediately starts cracking jokes about how hot it gets in the recording booth.
  • Gag Reel for Mega Man Battle Royale:
    • A tongue-twisting session starts when Ben needs to say "rocket-propelled punches" and continues for a good couple minutes.
    • Ben and Chad both break off when they realize it's time to talk about the Mother Elf. Chad proceeds to make a comment about calling Ben a "Mother Elfer"
    • Once again, Volnutt gets trashed.
      Ben: Volnutt is, like, such a non-factor in this fight.
    • In the middle of Boomstick's end-of-Legends rant, Chad's script scrolls without warning and he breaks character to rant.
    • During the EXE rundown, Ben keeps messing up on the name 'Hikari'.
    • Ben gets a sequence of Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness and messes up on the word 'proliferation'.
      Ben: Liam, why are you giving me all these big words? It's not like I'm supposed to be the smart character. Oh shit, wait, nevermind.
      Chad: (in Boomstick voice) Proliferation. *beep*
    • A mess-up on the word 'conscious concentration' somehow turns into 'conscious cock'.
      Boomstick: It requires conscious cock, so, you know, this is the adult Mega Man, and it gets pretty grim.
      Wizard: You thought the one with genocide and flood killing all of humanity was the adult one. Oh, no.
      Boomstick: This guy's like "Oh, I gotta fight crime. Quick, someone get me a dick!
    • Flubbing 'rewritten' into 'rewitten' triggers a bout in which Ben and Chad both start talking in King Candy voices.
  • Gag Reel for Black Widow vs. Widowmaker:
    • When going over Boomstick having two vasectomies, Ben questions why you'd need to be conscious during a vasectomy.
      Gerardo: What about brain surgery?
      Chad: There's a bit of a difference. It's not like your dick is making decisions-in most cases, Gerardo.
    • Chad starts singing Blue by Eiffel 65 with the intent of getting it stuck in everyone's heads. Ben apologizes to "the Blooper People".
      Chad: That's like trying to soften the blow to tell a kid you know, you're a mistake! You're a blooper person! That sounds way more fun than 'you're an accident!'
      Ben: Son, there's something I need to tell you. You're a blooper person. "What does that mean, daddy?" When actors are on screen and they make mistakes...
      Chad: Sometimes they're great and you love them, but at first, you know, it is a mess-up.
      Ben: It is a mess-up, but they're so good, that they still have to put it in the movie somewhere... I mean, it can't be in the main movie, but put it in a thing on the DVD, maybe it has to be an extra disc, but it's still good enough to be there...
      Chad: And that's why your sister's going to college and you aren't.
  • Gag Reel for Captain Marvel VS Shazam:
    • Chad does a snort with his Boomstick voice, and it causes Ben to collapse to the floor laughing.
  • Gag Reel for Johnny Cage vs. Captain Falcon:
    • The video starts with Ben discovering that the lamp for his pedestal has reached the point of its batteries where it's so dim one can mistake it for being off. He dismisses intentions to get replacement batteries with the comment of "I can read without light".
    • Chad doesn't get two names into Boomstick's list of Nut Punch nicknames before he breaks down Corpsing.
    • The original script for Wiz's Balls of Steel bit had him explain that he had prepared with a crotch plate. Chad is the one who suggests Wiz's "This isn't my first rodeo" for the Ambiguous Situation angle. Ben mishears it as radio, and implies that Wiz had just stuffed a radio in his Trouser Space.
    • Ben is continuously flubbing during Cap's rundown, and complains that "I can't see without this light!" Chad turns on his phone's flashlight a couple times. The second time, Ben flubs the line regardless, and insist that he can "only take so much". Chad aims his light at Ben's face.
    • For Boomstick's post-fight reaction, the original plan was for a Cluster F-Bomb. Chad suggests that Boomstick take off his hat and hold it over his heart. Ben raises the question of whether they've drawn Boomstick's hair. They eventually go with the double Big "YES!", but it takes a couple of tries.
      Ben: What if he's just completely bald under there? Like, there's a perfectly shaved outline on his hair for the hat to cover?
    • When talking about the limits of Johnny's war-cult powers (with Chad providing light), Ben messes up yet again and they have a good field day.
      Chad: Give me the "ancestral forces" part one more time, it almost sounded like you said incestral forces. (both laugh)
      Ben: Hey, you know... it was like, thousands upon thousands of years ago... Their nether realm seems very particular about not explaining how this shit works...
      Chad: I don't wanna talk about nether realm's nether regions...
      Ben: It's in their title... I don't know, maybe we've uncovered something.
      Chad: It's an incestral defense, so it prevents that.
      Ben: Yeah, because there was too much of it. [...] It literally stops you.
      Chad: Man, you can't look at any porn in today's market.
    • Afterwards, Ben can't say "ancestral" with a straight face.
      Ben: Aaahncestral. Aaahncestral. Recall that this Aaaahncestral.
      Chad: Are you Earthworm Jim?
      Title card: One minute thirty-seven seconds later...
    • Boomstick's low-key pun at the end of this episode? It hadn't been written in advance, and everything leading up to it meant that Ben and Chad were too tired to come up with something painful.
  • Gag Reel for Weiss vs. Mitsuru:
    • The very opening has Chad reciting Boomstick's usual cry of "It's time for a DEATH BATTLLLLLLLLLLE!" before whispering to Ben if they were going to kill Weiss. When Ben confirms they were, Chad sing-songily replies, in Boomstick's voice "We're gonna kill our company's character~!"
  • Gag Reel for Ghost Rider vs. Lobo:
    • Chad starts singing "Blaze of Glory" in Boomstick's voice, and Ben imagines doing an animated Viking funeral sequence for Boomstick's motorcycle.
    • Chad mentions someone who asked if they'd ever done a Death Battle with Doomguy. The friend proceeded to bring up Master Chief vs. Doomguy, and Chad was left cringing at the Early Installment Weirdness from 2011, particularly the voice acting. The video proceeds to play scenes from Ghost Rider vs. Lobo and Master Chief vs. Doomguy to highlight the Vocal Evolution.
      Chad: God, it's *bleep*ing crazy how far this show has come.
      Ben: It's a little different. A little different.
    • When it comes to attention that Mephisto has a special interest in Johnny's family, Chad suggests it's just because they're dying like lemmings.
    • A typo in Mephisto derails into a suggestion that "Mefyosto" is 'Spanish Satan'. Gerardo observes that it sounds like 'delicious' in Spanish, and Ben observes that Satan would want his name to sound delicious.
      Ben: Like, 'Lucifer', that's a delicious-sounding name.
      Chad: What.
    • Boomstick's original reaction to the Penance Stare was "That doesn't work on me if I don't look at him, right?"
      Ben: Technically, if you're blind, you're safe. So just gouge 'em out.
      Chad: (Boomstick voice) Haha, joke's on you, Ghost Rider!
      Ben: Just like... (mimes self-inflicted Eye Scream) stabbing them out. "Haha, joke's on you, oh god!"
    • And his original reaction to how the Penance Stare would reiterate his Laxative Prank was "It's like watching Jersey Shore.
      Ben: What? What's happening when you're watching Jersey Shore... to give you butt cramps?
    • Chad reacts to Wiz's chilling finisher of Ghost Rider's rundown with a mockery of Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
      Chad: (Boomstick voice) He's makin' a list... He's checkin' it twice... He's gonna find out about your sins and vice... (normal) He's kinda like... (Boomstick) He's kinda like evil Santa Claus.
      Gerardo (offscreen, relayed via caption) You mean, like, Krampus?
      Ben: He's like the anti-Santa Claus. Instead of giving you gifts, he takes it. And the gift is your soul.
    • Chad flubs "gender-neutral", and Ben reacts.
      Wiz: "Genital-neutral"?
      Boomstick: Genital-neutral, technically. That's still right.
    • During the conversation about Lobo pin-pointing weaknesses, Ben and Chad are plagued with horrible feedback and the recording grinds to a halt.
      Chad: You only need to have incredibly loud feedback into your headphones once in your life to perpetually fear it forever.
      Ben: Yes, absolutely.
  • Gag Reel for Ganondorf vs. Dracula:
    • When topping off Ganondorf's pre-battle rundown, Chad remarks "Damn I'm hungry", for which Ben promptly points out that it's a perfect lead-in for the Blue Apron sponsor.
    • Ben expresses his approval of the 'Professor Boomstick' segment, pointing out that Boomstick technically has a Ph.D. (the Poultry Science one), and Wiz does not.
    • "And now, this exclusive clip from Boomstick's upcoming album* (*not a real thing)". Chad gets through Boomstick's summary of Dracula's One-Winged Angel forms just fine (save for him and Ben breaking down laughing immediately afterwards), but the editor for the Gag Reel apparently decided the list seemed ripe for a Stupid Statement Dance Mix.
      When he wants to go all out, he can draw from the power of the Chaotic Realm and transform
      Into one of many awesome monsters, like a giant demon
      A giant demon bird, a giant demon head
      A giant demon bird, a giant demon head
      A giant demon bird, a giant demon head
      A giant demon bird, a giant demon head
      And a giant demon head in a painting that vomits out bats.
    • The term "Ganondorf's" gives Ben a lot of hassle, and Chad mocks him for it.
    • After flubbing Dracula as "Bacula", Ben remarks that the 'sheep' version of Dracula is called "Baacula", and Chad just makes to leave. Ben insists that he can handle the remainder all on his own, and does such a horrible Boomstick voice that Chad remarks that it sounds "like Boomstick's brother".
      Chad: Canon! Boomstick has a brother from Louisiana.
  • Gag Reel for Mob vs. Tatsumaki:
    • After the fight, the fact that broccoli was a deciding factor gave the comments a field day. Turns out, Ben and Chad felt that way too.
      Chad: Did you ever think we'd have to compare the growth of broccoli to figure out someone's powers?
    • Boomstick's voice gives Chad a bit of trouble due to some voice work/auditioning he was doing earlier that day for Camp Camp. He and Ben begin discussing... something that apparently had yet to air when the video went up, because we abruptly get a "scene missing" clip from The Simpsons, and come back to Ben yelling "Spoilers!" loud enough to register on both mics. This leads to Chad making an observation about the number of spoilers in the script.
      Ben: It's the ***ing script! Of course there's going to be spoilers! [...] Chad's complaining about spoilers, because he's in the ***ing show! Are you kidding me? That's the most backwards thing- "Oh yeah, I'm in the show, but it sucks because now I know what happens. I really wish I wasn't in this show."
      (Chad is laughing his ass off)
    • Chad flubs "Mob" and "Bob", which leads to a discussion about King of the Hill. Chad comments that "Boomstick and Hank Hill would just hang out, all day"... and we get a notice in the corner reading *Canon.
    • Boomstick's original reaction to the ages of Fubuki and Tatsumaki was "anime confuses my penis".
      Ben: I mean, you could be a little more, uh, subtle?
      Boomstick take 2 What, really? Man, she got all the genes.
      Corner notice: *Rude
    • At the end of Tatsumaki preview Boomstick planned on shooting his daughter's boyfriend in the leg if he brought her home on time for dominance, here Chad adds to that.
      Boomstick (mockingly) Oh Steve's so dreamy, he's in the basketball team, (normally) well lets see you hop with this bullet in your leg motherfu**er
      Boomstick Sure he can catch a rebound, lets see him catch this ricochet.
    • At one point, Ben was left waiting for Chad for 15 minutes. Right before he decided to avert their usual Voices in One Room strategy, Chad arrives.
  • Gag Reel for Deadpool vs. The Mask
  • Gag Reel for All Might VS Might Guy
    • The Reel opens to Chad in his Boomstick voice going into a deadpan rant to Gerardo as the latter slowly realizes that Ben isn't in the booth then cutting to when Ben shows up.
    • In the episode proper, Boomstick used Lobster Roll to summon a lobster that attacks Wiz, here not only does Chad add to it but he attempts to name it Pinchy before Gerardo refers to the lobster of the same name from The Simpsons, with a clip too before Chad decides to name it Snappy instead.
    • After referring to Guy's Strong Fist style, Ben and Chad spoonerise it to "stool-ey" which causes Gerardo to start dying of laughter offscreen as Chad says it each time.
    • Midway through some of the footage, partially audio entirely visual, was lost so for the rest of the video instead of seeing Ben and Chad we see pictures of Wiz and Boomstick's heads from certain points in the season (Boomstick's in particular being his face while screaming after getting stabbed in the foot) moving as their respective actor speaks.
  • Gag Reel for Leonardo VS Red Ranger Jason: While all the thumbnail images have the combatants in question have googly eyes over their normal ones, Jason's are covered by his helmet so what do they do? Put the eyes on the eyes of his helmet instead.
  • Gag Reel for Genos VS War Machine
    • In a similar fashion to Jason's image for the bloopers prior, War Machine instead of having googly eyes like the other combatants including Genos, his suit has a full head of hair made of plants not unlike a chia pet.
    • In the episode proper, Boomstick showed wiz a pink AK-47 that he claimed was like that due to washing it with his hat, here after Chad says it both he and Ben break down into laughter with Ben unable to say full sentences without breaking down again and both of them questioning the logic behind it.
    • When discussing about chia pets of all things, Chad wonders if a bald person were to put the paste on their head and maintain it would the person grow grass hair with Ben breaking down again.
    • After Ben refers to War Machine's orbit-breaking speed Chad goes into a long rant about Iron Man 3 for the rest of the video complete with a warning courtesy of Gerardo beforehand.
  • Gag Reel for Cable VS Booster Gold: After Ben flubs Superman to Super-hand, he and Chad discuss what Super-Hand would be like, including a bunch of hand-based call-outs from Chad which cause him and Ben to break down laughing, how his namesake giant hand would fare against villains and civilians alike and even how he would move around with such a hand. Taken a step further with Chad asking for fan art of Super-Hand causing him to break down even more. This finally comes to a hand, er, head with Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures having this moment turned into an episode.
  • Gag Reel for She-Ra vs. Wonder Woman
    • When Chad tries to sing part of the She-Ra theme, he flubs it by saying "Sheba" instead.
    • During the part where Boomstick's head gets shrunk, when Chad talks squeaky, after he says his lines, he suddenly breaks into "Cinderelly, Cinderelly", sending him and Ben into hysterics.
    • In the episode proper, Boomstick panics at the idea that they were doing another My Little Pony-themed fight after hearing the name "Crystal Stardancer". Here, after he says the name, Chad immediately says "I know what you're thinking — it's not a My Little Pony" only to find out that's pretty much what's on the script!
    • Ben's stomach growls, catching him off-guard. While it didn't pick up on audio, Gerald, Chad and the editor give Ben hell over it.

    The Armory with Boomstick 
  • Boomstick was called in to revive one of Screwattack's older series, The Armory, wherein a sinisterly-enthusiastic narrator discusses some of his favorite weapons in fictional history. For Boomstick's first episode he starts off with the Shotgun, from Doom in particular, praising the reload sound.
    Boomstick: Fun fact, I even have it as my text message tone.
    (the reload noise is heard, and Boomstick's phone pops up on screen; Wiz's text asking if Boomstick has time for a Death Battle later on, proves, indeed, that the sound is what Boomstick has as his new text message indicator)
  • Episode the second of The Armory highlights the family of Sheep weapons from Worms, with Boomstick starting and finishing the rundown of sheep by stating how well they work as improvised rations as well as exploding ungulates.
  • The Episode where he inducts the Poke Ball has him exulting its virtues as a combination capturing and Mind-Control Device that forces anything it catches into loving and obeying its trainer, and mentioning how it shouldn't be too hard for a Professor named after a tree to add humans to the list of species it could catch. Then he fails to catch Xerneas with an Ultra Ball, whereupon he changes his mind and specifically adds the Master Ball only into the Armory. For an extra moment, while inducting the Master Ball, he uses it to catch a Magikarp.

  • The mere idea behind Ronald McDonald vs. Colonel Sanders. Who doesn't wanna see two fast-food company mascots fight to the death?
  • King Dedede vs. Amy Rose:
  • Sasuke vs Hiei; What could get anime's most infamous emos fighting? Ownership of a Hello Kitty doll!
  • Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. The winner? Captain America. Seriously, this battle is the funniest DBX until now. The fight reflects all the memes of both candidates in a hilarious way.
    Captain America What the fuck, guys?!
    Eagle: And that's how Captain America became the president forever.
  • Just the fact that Genji actually says "I need healing." after taking a serious hit from Raiden during Genji vs. Raiden.
  • The reason Cloud vs. Guts ends up happening: Guts was hungry, and Cloud's chocobo just happened to be the first thing he came across.
  • Mega Man vs. Bomberman; After getting surrounded by bombs, Mega Man desperately summons Rush as a springboard to get himself out of there, leaving the oblivious robo-dog in his place.
    Rush: Hey hey hey, guys! What's going on? (KABOOM!!!)
  • Mario vs. Luigi. After playing some tennis, Mario gets angry at Luigi because of all the tennis smashes the latter throws at Mario's face. The battle was so fierce that they finish it at Bowser's castle, where Mario launches Luigi directly into Bowser Junior's birthday cake. Angry at the plumbers for ruining his son's party, Bowser appears and punches the two brothers so hard, he sent them flying, winning the DBX.
  • Akuma vs. Iron Fist: Akuma attacks Iron Fist because he didn't like the latter's TV adaptation.
  • Magneto vs. Darth Vader:
    • Vader and Magneto use their respective powers to fling and contort each other into submission. They eventually realize, after nearly exhausting each other, that they're getting absolutely nowhere doing this and let each other go.
    • Magneto getting in his classic taunt from the 1992 X-Men arcade game.
      Magneto: WELCOME TO DIE!
  • Vegeta vs. General Zod: Vegeta has this line at the beginning after dispatching two of Zod's minions.
    Vegeta: Don’t forget to send a postcard, bitches.
  • Thor vs 100 Pikachu: A Black Comedy Curb-Stomp Battle from start to finish. It's especially amusing to hear Thor's battle cries mingled with a chorus of cheerful "Pika!"s.
  • Yoshi vs. Pac-Man: Yoshi swallows Pac-Man and poops him out as an egg. Pac-Man breaks out of the egg with a horrified expression and mouths "The fuck?".
  • Bendy vs. Cuphead: There's something darkly hilarious about Bendy actually drinking from Cuphead's, well, head upon removing it from his body. The Ink Demon even extends his pinky as he sips.
  • Gohan vs. Superboy: There are quite a few shots of Superboy's super-THICC tush.
  • D.Va vs. Tron Bonne:
  • Boa Hancock vs. Rider Medusa: Even Ringmaster can't make heads or tails of the convoluted story and system of the Fate Series.
  • Venom vs. Spawn: Ringmaster's inability to get over Spawn's cape.
  • Ezio vs. Prince of Persia: The battle starts because Ezio finds an Apple of Eden, and the Prince figures it'll fetch a good price. Except apparently, the animators couldn't find a model for an Apple of Eden, so they used an apple as in the fruit.
  • Frieza vs. Mewtwo: Aside from the victor being decided by votes, the way the battle itself ends is this in hindsight; In the main ending Frieza slices a defenseless Mewtwo in half with his Death Saucer, but in the alternate ending, Frieza misses and slices himself just like he did in Namek. To those not too savvy on Pokémon, the Confusion status effect by the time of the DBX's release has a 33% chance of taking affect, as Frieza was inflicted this prior in both versions via Mewtwo's Confusion move, so the outcome was decided by sheer dumb luck.
  • Batman vs. Iron Man:
    • "That's a pretty impossible ambition, but I guess if Ryan Reynolds can be both Deadpool and Pikachu, then anything is possible."
    • The fight starts due to Ringmaster auctioning off a dad. Specifically, Piccolo. Boomstick is quick to bid, but Ringmaster points out that he probably doesn't have any money. Naruto is quick to raise his hand shortly after, only for Boruto to raise his hand much to the Seventh Hokage's shock.
    • Tony and Bruce then begin betting on Piccolo until Bruce pulls out his literal trump card: the Bat-Credit Card. Thus starts the exhibition.
    • The fact that said card has infinity dollars. Even Ringmaster's not entirely sure how Bruce'll actually pay it.
    • Tony then becoming enraged and starting the fight is also hilarious, due to the context.
    • In the alternate ending where Batman wins, we're treated to a series of photographs showing him and Piccolo spending time together set to cheery music, ending with a shot of the two of them on a roof with the Bat-signal and a smaller light that says "Also Piccolo" directly underneath behind them.
  • Vegeta vs. Thor:
    • Ringmaster declaring Vegeta to be one of the best dads in Dragon Ball, then admitting that Goku didn't set the bar very high.
      Ringmaster: You just have to not ignore your kids like a basket of unfolded laundry, that's pretty much it.
    • Ringmaster calling Mjolnir "a Nokia brick phone on a stick".
    • "Will Thor be Saiyan uncle, or will Vegeta get a Thor-n in his side? Okay, those were bad, I'm sorry."
  • The setting of the battle in Mulan vs. Lucina is worth a few chuckles as despite the fact one fighter is from imperial China and the other is from a medieval setting, the fight takes place in a modern-day warehouse.
  • Lucario vs. Blaziken:
    • Ringmaster starting with the usual intro of talking up the latest two fighters, then bringing up how there's technically more than one Lucario and Blaziken, but the show is just set up as a duel between two characters.
    • Ringmaster remarking that there's more than one reason the fighters are so popular on the fan forums.
    • There's something hilarious about the fact that Lucario's backup in the fight is a Butterfree, especially when compared to the Weavile and Nidoking Blaziken rolls up with.
  • Goku vs. Gon:
    • The way the fight starts is this as after Killua leaves Gon to go for a walk, Gon proceeds to catch a ton of fish only for Goku to show up and eat most of the fish, leading Gon to attack him for that.
    • A darkly humourous case happens between both endings; For Goku, after sending Gon on a one-way trip to the moon via Power Pole, he gives a victory sign only for the camera panning to reveal Killua in front of him, scaring Goku before he runs away, startling Killua before Goku swipes the final fish with the Power Pole, confusing the hunter who was unaware of what Goku did prior. Gon wasn't so lucky in his ending as after Gon split Goku in half the camera pans to reveal Killua completely shocked towards what he saw while Gon realized his folly.
  • Ben 10 vs. Danny Phantom
    • The reason the two fought? Danny stole Ben's pizza. Pizza is Serious Business.
    • Alien X ends up being useless and useful because of the pizza. Seriously, they can't decide on toppings. Oh, and Ben loses his slice of pizza because of it.
  • Superman vs. Saitama
  • Gogeta vs. Vegito:
    • The episode starts by revealing that Boomstick has returned to the DBX... and proven to be quite the Spotlight-Stealing Squad In-Universe that pisses Ringmaster off so badly they start to fight when his Catchphrase is taken over by Boomstick.
    • When Gogeta and Vegito break reality multiple times over, viewers can briefly see both Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro still fighting, with both of them being surprised when they saw the two Saiyan fusions break reality. Bear in mind that the last time they were interrupted in Naruto vs Ichigo in Season 4 of the main show, they only stopped a bit before continuing, this time they were entirely caught off guard.
    • And directly after that Gogeta and Vegito end up breaking into the DBX arena, startling Ringmaster as they keep going.
  • Ness vs. Sans
  • Naruto Uzumaki vs. Ryu Hayabusa
    • At the start of the episode Ringmaster reveals that Boomstick's appearances in the last two episodes were a trial run before he reveals that Wiz is now co-hosting with him and after asking how Wiz got a floating platform, revealing that Wiz is the one that makes them, Ringmaster attempts to introduce Naruto and Ryu only for Wiz to point out that he and Boomstick already analyzed them on the main show much to Ringmaster's annoyance.
    • During the summaries, Wiz repeatedly attempts to do analysis of any feats that were pointed out, only for Ringmaster to point out each time that DBX doesn't involve research annoying Wiz to the point that they were about to fight with Wiz's robot hand turning into a saw, only for Ringmaster to point out that they're not the ones that will be fighting, while offhandedly claiming that he would win.
  • Apocalypse vs. Black Adam: As it turns out, Ringmaster is very much an It's All About Me guy as he promptly wrecked Wiz's hover platform and during the advertisement, he knocked him out with a bat.
  • Donald Duck vs. Daffy Duck is loads of laughs from start to finish:
    • The battle starts with Donald blasting Daffy in the head while the latter is bathing in the lake. As the credits startup (with Donald showing 100% voting and the next match-up being... Hermione Granger vs. the Juggernaut?!), Daffy butts in and stops it.
    • In the battle proper, Donald seems to be getting the upper hand until Scrooge McDuck drops in, followed by Darkwing Duck! This prompts Duck Dodgers to hop out and join the fight! Suddenly, an energy wave hits and Geese Howard and the goose from Untitled Goose Game shows up, only for the ducks to tell them "wrong species" and the two walk off dejectedly.
    • As the five (plus a duck from Duck Game) get dragged into the fight, Daffy and Donald step out of the cloud, leading to Daffy being able to take out Donald, Scrooge, and Darkwing!
    • The ultimate winner: Bugs Bunny, who shoots Daffy with a Zapper!
      Bugs Bunny: Eh... ain't I a stinkah?
    • The alternate ending is no slouch in the comedy department: Donald pulls out his wand from Kingdom Hearts to perform Zettaflare, Daffy can only say "Mother." before being hit and as he's being carried by the spell he collides with the Big Ball of Violence from earlier causing a blast so powerful it not only vaporizes Daffy and the rest of the ducks but also breaks the Milky Way like glass, and as the smoke clears we see Daffy simply say one last Dying Declaration of Hate to Donald before collapsing into a pile of ash.
  • Sailor Mercury vs. Blue Ranger: Due to the fact that he parted on less than favorable terms with Wiz and Boomstick, even hospitalising the latter after Donald vs Daffy, Ringmaster proceeds to make do with cardboard cutouts of the pair complete with voicing them, and is credited himself in the end credits.
  • Palpatine vs. Xehanort: This time for DBX, Ringmaster decided to outsource assistance for a co-host rather than enlist Wiz, Boomstick or DUMMI again, who does he enlist, why Perfect Cell of course, more specifically his version by DevilArtemis. And it seems that Cell had a condition for Ringmaster, in that the host had to dress up and talk like his version of Kermit the Frog.
  • Koopa vs. Goomba II
    • When the Goomba loses its coffee and gets angry, it gets the "Menacing" symbol with a dark aura surrounding him before turning around with a DIO face.
    • The fact that Koopa goes so fast that he somehow races past Wally West, Archie Sonic, Booster Gold and Hal Jordan on the way back to end the fight his own way. With both Sonic and Hal being caught off guard by the high speed turtle and Green Boot going past them.
    • Speaking of Hal, after delivering the killing blow Koopa turns towards his past self and gives the same "Don't ask" line Green Lantern used before passing out.

    Death Race 
  • The fact that Ringmaster, Wiz, and Boomstick are all in the same show. Wiz and Boomstick are fun to watch banter, and Ringmaster knows how to ham it up, but having them all contributing to the same show is brilliant.
  • Batmobile BATTLE!
    • Ringmaster's opinions on the different Batmobiles.
      • The Burton Batmobile is described as "overly phallic". Boomstick shares the sentiment when Wiz attributes its initial lead to its "unique aerodynamics".
      • He claims the Tumbler "barely qualifies as a car", and that a stealth mode is kind of ironic for a vehicle with a jet engine and a rocket launcher.
      • He points out that the Arkham Batmobile is rather heavily-armed for the vehicle of a guy with one rule.
      • And finally, he lists off all the Bat-weaponry on the Adam West Batmobile, pointing out that the only one that really works as a pun is the Bat-tering Ram.
    • Boomstick is wearing a variant of his normal baseball cap with a Batman cowl attached, and he drinks a can of Bat-Beer made with real bats, which, judging by his Twitchy Eye, doesn't taste as good as he claims.
    • Early on in the race, the Arkham Batmobile starts firing at the other racers; the Tumbler turns around, flips into reverse, and starts returning fire... only to fly off when the track hits a corner. The Batpod gets thrown back onto the track, to Wiz's admiration.
      Wiz: With that extra maneuverability, the most grounded Batman of them all might actually have a chance to-
      (Burton Batman ignites the jet engine, roasting Nolan Batman to a halt)
      Wiz: ...Never mind.
    • Boomstick came up with the obstacle on the course: a Gotham City traffic jam.
      Wiz: Wait a minute, are those civilians on the track?
      Boomstick: What better obstacle than innocent people, Wiz? These are Batmen, and there's no way they'd kill-
      (All three of the Batmen fire a rocket at the traffic jam, whose explosion cuts him off)
      Wiz: Oh, why did I let you handle obstacle acquisition?
      Boomstick: Whatever that means, I did it good!
    • In the Adam West Batmobile, we get this gem of a conversation between Batman and Robin.
      Robin: Holy copycat Batman, these dumb bastards have a death wish.
      Batman: Then you better answer their prayers, old chum.
      Robin: (laughs maniacally as he launches a bat-nuke at the Arkham Batmobile)
    • Ringmaster isn't even sure who technically won the first race, as the Burton Batmobile was the only one still alive, but the Adam West one was blown over the finish line first.
      Ringmaster: And the winner is... actually, who does win? Is this to the death, or is it an actual race? Like, who came up with the rules to this? (turns to the camera to face Wiz and Boomstick)
      Boomstick: I vote for the one that frickin' flew!
      Ringmaster: Haha! Good enough for me! The winner is the Adam West-mobile!

  • Optimus Prime VS Thomas the Tank Engine?
    • Just the sheer fact that Thomas the Tank Engine is even part of the show is absurd but hilarious, with comments even pointing out how badass he is.
    • The race starts with Thomas in the lead, but because there are no train tracks on the course, Thomas goes flying off the edge during the first turn. During the last leg of the race, he comes back, now able to fly and breathe fire.
      Boomstick: Okay. Who turned on the Skyrim mods?
    • The Flying Ford Anglia is being driven by a terrified Harry and Ron, who are screaming the entire time, and there's incredibly dark humor for the situation.
      Ringmaster: If you win the race, you get to see your parents again! (Whispering) Joke's on them, one of them doesn't even have parents!

      (After the Ford Anglia explodes)
      Boomstick: Ooh, guess they won’t get to see their parents.
      Wiz: ...One of them will...
      • An added case is if one focuses on Ron and Harry's screams when they're at the Whomping Willow one can hear Harry say "Wingardium Leviosa"
    • After Ringmaster does an Evil Laugh, he remarks that he's "got to stop drinking absinthe before shows". After Boomstick says something poignant, he makes the same remark. When Optimus sees the flying Thomas the Tank Engine, he says the same line.
      • Even better, after Boomstick mentions absinthe, he then says to his shoulder:
        Boomstick: Right, talking shoulder gremlin? ... Same!
        Wiz: (incredulously) Do you even know what that word means, or are you just repeating things you hear?
        Boomstick: ...Ka-Chow?
    • For the first two obstacles in the course, the tunnel and the loop, the Flying Ford Anglia just...flies past them.
      Boomstick: You know, I think having a car that flies kinda defeats the point of all this.
    • The Anglia and Lightning dodge the Whomping Willow just fine, Optimus just starts whacking at it with his axe.
      Optimus: It's a trap left by those vile Decepticons!
      Boomstick: Clearly has nothing to do with Decepticons, Wiz, but I respect his gumption!
      Wiz: Y'know, taken out of context, it almost sounds sorta...robo-racist.
      Optimus: Dirty, filthy, stinking Decepticons!
    • After Optimus wins the race, he transforms back into his vehicle form and starts backing up a ramp off the track. Wiz explains that because he won through luck and brutality, he sees it as cheating by his standards, and thus must commit Autobot seppuku.
    • All Lightning says throughout the entire episode is his Catchphrase. He even says it during Ringmaster's rundown.
      Ringmaster: And last but not least, this red hot race car got a second lease on life-
      Lightning: Ka-chow!
      Ringmaster: ...When he visited the town or Radiator-
      Lightning: Ka-chow!
      Ringmaster: Radiator Springs and-
      Lightning: Ka-chow!
      Ringmaster: (having enough of Lightning interrupting him) Alright, let's just get on with it!

    • Ringmaster claiming that the match-up being between vehicles specifically designed for combat has nothing to do with "any lawsuits pending on behalf of the people of Gotham City, or Hogwarts, or several universes' worth of Bruce Waynes."
      Ringmaster: Though my lawyers have informed me that if it did, I have the right to remain silent, and, uh, NONE OF YOU WILL EVER TAKE ME ALIVE, JUST TRY IT, COPPERS! AHAHAHAHA!
    • Ringmaster tries to make a joke about the ejector seat of James Bond's car and fails miserably.
      Ringmaster: It's enough to make anyone say "Doctor Oh no!". (cricket sounds) Anyways...
    • Boomstick shows off some unwanted patriotism at the start of the match.
      Boomstick: Let's go! I need to watch cars get wrecked and people get splattered good and honest like a real American!
      Wiz: Aren't you wanted in all 50 states for that exact thing?
      Boomstick: What! No! (hissing through gritted teeth) Shut up, Wiz, we're on TV!
    • KITT suddenly starts talking to Wiz and Boomstick when the race starts, to their surprise.
      KITT: If I weren't an unfeeling computer program, I think I might feel genuine excitement right now.
      Wiz: Wait, KITT?! How did you tap into this frequency?
      KITT: I am a highly advanced artificial intelligence, Wizard. I am capable of many things.
      Boomstick: Ominous!
    • The banter between KITT and Wiz and Boomstick proves to be the highlight of the episode, with the former showing quite a bit of snark... and a surprisingly bloodthirsty attitude.
      Boomstick: (after the Soldier at the back of the Warthog shoots down the helicopters) Looks like those pilots are going to be gettin' halos after that one!
      KITT: Another excellent jest, Boomstick. One correction, though... they are definitely all going to Hell.
      Wiz: Alright, now it's getting kinda creepy.
    • Boomstick and Wiz' banter upon finding the race track laced with landmines.
      Boomstick: Oh, no! Our beautiful racetrack is covered in really well-placed landmines! Who could be dastardly enough to do that?- Me! It was me! I get paid to do this, and it's- it's fun.
      Wiz: Uh, no, you don't. You told me you do it for "the thrill of the kill." At least, that's what the contract said... The one written in blood.
      Boomstick: That was strawberry jam, Wiz! I'm not an animal!... Wait, did you use BLOOD?!"
    • Later on, armed helicopters show up and start opening fire on the cars. Boomstick says, "And here comes the surprise attack choppers! What handsome devil came up with those?"
    • After James Bond's tire-shredding blade hits the Halo Warthog, it sends the vehicle spinning into the sky, with no indication that it will ever hit the ground. Wiz lampshades the fact that the vehicle's physics will always be wonky. The Driver, while in dead spin, is just casually reading a manual on how to T-Bag as well. Given how it's stated that how floppy the Warthog is in its series, and how much Halo soldiers see in their war on a daily basis, it makes perfect sense on why the soldiers aren't even scared.
      Boomstick: Is that the official diagnosis?
      Wiz: Yes, "wonky".
    • Despite all of Boomstick's proud touting of its features- crushing walls, spikes, and a Threatening Shark- the obstacle course fails to kill any of the contestants, whereupon an enraged Boomstick starts Moving the Goalposts by breaking down the track behind the cars and summoning armed helicopters to blow them off the track. Also, Boomstick casually brings up that the shark he put in the obstacle course he normally keeps in his bath!
    • There's something darkly humorous about James Bond managing to escape being blown up by Spy Hunter and even adjusting his tie casually... only to end up shredded by the helicopter rotor.
    • At the end of the race, when the entire track was destroyed, the Warthog falls perfectly across the finish line, winning the race, with no ill-effects despite what just happened to them. The Soldier in the mounted gun jumps out and begins to T-Bag, while the driver looks on disapprovingly.
    • After the race ends, KITT hijacks Wiz and gives us this gem of a conversation:
      KITT: Hello, Boomstick. I have uploaded my consciousness into the cybernetically-enhanced brain of the being you once knew as Wizard. Death once again fails to claim me.
      Boomstick: Okay. Let's go blow shit up.
      Ringmaster: That's... horrifying.
    • It is quite hilarious that Wiz, who is a Mad Scientist (and normally the Big Bad in Spy Movies) is just on the side and doing nothing outside of commenting, while Boomstick, who would be normally in the henchman position in those movies, is sabotaging the race with helicopters, landmines at the beginning of the race, removing parts of the track in the end and even sets up a trap that looks like one those villains would set up to dispose of the hero as one of the obstacles for the race. You can imagine how that trap fails, given the participants.

  • Sonic VS Mario VS Star Wars VS Initial D
    • The entire premise of this race isn't just to see who finishes first, but also delivering pizza. Ringmaster describes pizza delivery as "one of the holiest endeavors ever conceived by mankind".
    • During Sonic's rundown, Ringmaster is confused about how someone as fast as the Blue Blur is driving a racing vehicle. Sonic did not approve of what he's saying.
      Sonic: That's no good dude!
      Ringmaster: Huh.
    • First Death Race of the season, Ringmaster described one racer as "barely [qualifying] as a car". Last Death Race of the season, he can only describe one racer as "it's... a car".
    • At the start of the race, the DeLorean travels through time, but Boomstick just thinks it's spontaneously combusted, without even leaving wreckage behind. Wiz dryly notes that Boomstick doesn't watch a lot of movies. Ironic, since Boomstick alluded to watching Back to the Future back in Cable Vs. Booster Gold.
    • When Captain Falcon bypasses the opposition with his Boost Fire, Wiz remarks that the speeds he's traveling at can't be doing the pizza any good. Boomstick replies, "Do you think the customer will like lasagna?"
    • Bob the scout trooper grabs a Fire Flower and shoots fireballs at Mario. Unsurprisingly, none of the fireballs hit Mario.
      Wiz: (after Bob grabs a Fire Flower) And Bob immediately takes advantage of his Fire Flower!
      Boomstick: Holy shit, did he hit someon- Ah, no, of course, he missed.
    • Bob and his speeder bike were destroyed by Mario's Bullet Bill, and just like his fellow stormtroopers, he makes a Wilhelm Scream upon his death. Meanwhile, the commentators are wondering what happened to the AE86.
      Boomstick: Guess you could say that stormtrooper didn't have a... slice day. Y'know, Wiz, like, pizza slice?
      Wiz: Right, whatever. Where's Tak?
      (Takumi, who is far behind the group, drifts on his own pace while Eurobeat is playing)
    • Right before the gigantic spiked pinball rolls towards him, Mario gets blinded with ink by a Blooper. Boomstick calls him out by saying the Blooper is lame and is an inconvenience., and then another Blooper sprays ink into Boomstick's eyes.
      Boomstick: Oh, come on! The Blooper's so lame! It's not even a big deal, you just watch the peripheral-
      (The Blooper launches its ink at Boomstick)
      Boomstick: *spits out ink* Oh no, it burns! Oh, why does it burn!
    • Unlike in canon, Mario is a total dick in this episode, which brings in some funny moments:
    • There's some Black Comedy in the way the third and second placers, Mario and Sonic, respectively, die - notably when one takes into account the fact that they inadvertently killed themselves. Mario died to his own Bob-omb, and this caused Sonic to die to his own Blue Shell as there was no one else in front of him.
      Mario: (upon seeing the Bob-Omb being launched back at him) Mama mia...
      Sonic: (just before his own Blue Shell hits him) They call me the fastest thing alive, but there are some things that even I can't outrun, like the inevitability of death. I need a chili dog.
    • Wiz's reply, "Well, Sonic, you can have one delivered to your home after this with Doordash!" Only for Boomstick to remind him, "Wiz, he's dead. They're all dead." Wiz feels very awkward. Also, Hypocritical Humor, since Wiz slapped Boomstick for promoting Product Placement in the last Death Battle season with Ghost Rider Vs. Lobo.
    • Wiz and Boomstick initially think that there's no winner since Falcon, Mario, Sonic, and Bob are all dead. Then Ringmaster announces that the winner is the DeLorean from one hour before most of the others died! ...or so we thought. Ringmaster is then told by the customer that the pizza Doc Brown delivered had bullet holes in it and might be a completely different pizza altogether, which ends up disqualifying the DeLorean. But then Eurobeat music starts playing, signaling that Takumi is still in the race despite the commentators forgetting all about him. Ringmaster isn't that surprised, saying that Takumi is the only actual delivery boy in the race.
      Wiz: Is that...
      Boomstick: Eurobeats?
    • After the race ends, Boomstick delivers a bunch of pun-filled pizza toppings, much to the annoyance of Wiz, though the latter made a pun himself.
      Boomstick: After a race like that, the pepper-only thing I can say is... Cheesus Crust!
      Wiz: Why do I pay you for puns this cheesy?
      Boomstick: What can I say, Wiz? I knead the dough.

    DEATH BATTLE cast 
  • While the Death Battle cast are discussing the community Death Battle match-up of the Batmobile versus The Magic School Bus, one of them suggests that Miss Frizzle could weaponize her Unlimited Wardrobe by putting on a dress bearing the faces of Bruce's dead parents.
  • In the Optimus Prime vs Iron Giant Death Battle Cast, Torrian says that he didn't recognize C-3PO or R2-D2, and there was a funny discussion with Chad about how he can live without not knowing the names of some of the more popular characters in fiction. Because of this, in the R2D2 vs BB8 Death Battle Cast there's the segment of 'Ask Torrian' and let's say that the team have a good time with Torrian's ignorance of the franchise and how he responds the questions. See it in all its glory here. They follow it up in Season 5, giving Torrian another Star Wars quiz.
  • Starting with season 5, almost every time Torrian and Nick are on together, they almost always come in wearing some really ridiculous costumes, having said to have raided the prop department and whatever random thing they can find. Ben often has a hard time keeping everything on track because the discussion almost always goes back to the costumes. The two have dressed up as everything from farmers (claiming they were nuns) to Smurfs.
  • During a discussion regarding the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, Torrian keeps referring to the Hogwarts' administration as "Grand Wizards", completely unaware that it's a title for the head of the Ku Klux Klan. Eventually, Chad asks him to read it's definition out loud for them.
    Torrian: A Grand Wizard is... Oh no. Oh no. Oh, that is just awful.
  • Torrian in general is hilarious due to his unfamiliarity with pop culture and wild leaps in logic.
    Torrian: What is the purpose of hippos?
  • One of the Community Death Battles was originally going to be Ben Tennyson vs Beast Boy until Nick came up with a far more ludicrous and entertaining battle — Ben Tennyson vs 10 Ben Singers (or, as Nick puts it, Ben 10 vs 10 Bens).
  • "Dragon Ball is like jerking off, but I'd like to fuck for once!"
  • In the Q&A episode about Aquaman vs Namor, one of the questions is "Why does Aquaman say 'Get him, boys!' to the anglerfish when only female anglerfish have the dangly lights?" The hosts reveal that this was just a mistake, and jokingly say that this proves that they're frauds who don't do research.
  • In episode 118 titled Torrian is back animating! the host discuss flat earthers for a bit. The entire segment is hilarious, but this deserves a special highlight:
    Torrian: What if someone tries to eat our planet, it can't get away, it's a fucking turtle.
    Chad: What is Galactus is gonna fucking show up, and eat the flat earth like a pizza!
  • The Q&A section for Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern took so long, it overshadowed the other two segments the cast usually does.
    Chad: Hey, it's What's Going On?
    (What's Going On transition plays)
    Chad: Sonic got delayed cause people bitched and now the animators have more time. It comes out next year. That's it! Community Death Battle!
    (Community Death Battle transition plays)
  • While the Sabrewulf VS Jon Talbain Sneak Peek went as it should be, it was revealed that for Halloween the battle would be pushed forward a day so First members can watch it on Halloween night, while that's not funny the release date for YouTube is instead of November 2nd, is now November 1nd, the group aside from Chad all definitely noticed this little error.



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