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Supplemental Material

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    The Desk of DEATH BATTLE 
  • The Goku doll advertisement. Complete with a possessed doll, Self-Deprecation, and an Anti-Climax with a little Fridge Logic (why can't Goku just teleport out of the box?) added in for good measure.
  • Apparently there's a rule against mentioning The Clone Saga, and Boomstick bursts into the room just to stop Joclyn from mentioning it. Also from that episode, when bringing up the Spider-Mobile: "Danananana— Oh, wait, wrong franchise..."
  • Near the end of an episode on how Captain America's shield has been broken on different occasions, Joclyn keeps getting sidetracked by Molecule Man's strange helmet.
    Joclyn: "What is that, some sort of cosmic trashcan—?! ...Nevermind, I'll figure it out later..."
  • At the end of the Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley, Joclyn declares it the stupidest idea she's ever heard. Cue Boomstick entering to announce that Wiz just transplanted Peanut's brain into a dog (then Joclyn reveals she's more concerned about the dog than Peanut).
    Joclyn: "...I mean, I wanna be surprised, but that totally sounds like something Wiz would do."
  • As Joclyn goes into the idea of math by using the Mulan song "Make A Man Out Of You", she muses at how strong Mulan would have been if she did have "All the force of a Great Typhoon" and we're shown Mulan + Typhoon = One-Punch Man
  • The LootCrate Ad has Joclyn... as a mannequin. Seeing the thing try to hold and open the box is both adoarble and hilarious.
  • Poor Joclyn sounds oh-so-confused as she goes through Knuckles' convoluted time with god-like powers in Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog. When she gets to Lara-Su/Jani-Ca, she even mentions that she could even make an entire episode on the entire Ken Penders lawsuit! And then, she actually does!
  • Joclyn is utterly creeped out by the fact that one manga has Mario being turned on by Captain Syrup rubbing his plumbing snake. Even worse, though blurred out, we get to see the plumbing snake, too.

    Gag Reels 
  • In the first gag reel, Chad claims that it's hard to say "pony" in the Boomstick voice, "probably because it shouldn't be in my goddamn vocabulary."
  • This exchange...
    Wizard: The BFG is strong enough to annihilate the gargantuan Cyberdemon in a mere two or three shots, and the unprecedented range of its splash damage ensures no one's getting away unscathed.
    Boomstick: Huuuughghghguh...
    Wiz: …You okay over there, Boomstick?
    Boomstick: Towels! Bring towels!
    Wiz: Wow! Wow! I did not need to--okay, I'm leaving now…
  • The Gag Reel for Mewtwo vs. Shadow:
    • Ben realizes the opening narration is rhyming.
    • Ben also creates a new franchise - Popemon! Complete with a picture of Mewtwo wearing the Pope's hat.
    • Both Ben and Chad have to hold back their giggles over how Mewtwo is weak to Bug-types. AAAH! NOT THE BEEDRILLS!
    • Takahata101's fails at voicing Shadow:
      • "Get away! (belch)"
      • His disbelief that they actually want him to say "Ha ha ha!"
      • "SCREW YOOOOOOOOOU!....*fart*
      • He comments that one of his takes sounds like a shitty british accent, which immediately devolves into this:
    Taka (Impersonating Tracer): Tracer here! What's this? Porn of me online? Oh Blimey...
  • The Gag Reel for Terry vs. Ken and Hulk vs. Doomsday
    • Ben and Chad continuing the Running Gag of Geese Howard's name.
    • Chad realizes that Terry's martial arts techniques is almost akin to "having the Jesus punched into you".
    • Ben slips up and accidentally calls the Hulk "Bork". Cue the Swedish Chef's face being photoshopped onto a picture of the Hulk.
    Ben: Incredible Bork vs. Drumsday.
    • In one take, Boomstick suggests calling Bruce Banner "David Banner" because "Bruce Banner" sounds gay. They realize it's silly and drop it, but put in an explanation for it Explanation 
  • Gag Reel for Carnage vs. Lucy
    • Ben struggling to pronounce "Kaede", and being happy they only do it once.
    • One of Boomstick's cut lines from the episode:
    Boomstick: It's nothing but tits and terror from here!
    Chad: Sorry!
    Ben: I mean...
    [Onscreen text: He is not wrong.]
  • Gag Reel for Nightwing vs. Daredevil
    • Ben accidentally saying one of Boomstick's lines and doesn't catch it until he says it.
    • Chad, in character as Boomstick, tries to justify calling Nightwing's escrima sticks as "screaming sticks" because he beats people with it and makes them scream.
    • Turns out Boomstick's reaction to learning that Dick Grayson's buttcheecks have names was to exclaim "Well, would you look at the ass on that Dick!", but kept on Corpsing. This leads to multiple takes, multiple ways of saying that and multiple Chad falling apart.
  • Gag Reel for Master Roshi vs. Jiraiya
    • Chad ends up taking Ben's line about analyzing everything to see who'd win a Death Battle and they have an in-character admonishing where Wiz calls Boomstick "Mr. Stick".
    • Ben realizing that the scene with "Sexy Clone Jutsu Wiz" is coming up and is trying his best not to corpse.
    • Ben catches a mistake about how fast lightning is and rattles off the numbers. Cue the clip from The Simpsons with Homer shouting "NERRRRRRRRRD!" And then he corrects his own mistake about the speed of light.
    Chad: This show's ruined you, Ben.
    • After Ben realizes that Goku's feats are similar to Jesus', he proceeds to talk about Jesus' rampage at the moneychangers' temple, complete with a "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer.
    • Ben found a couple differing pronunciations for the name of Roshi's teacher and so records three different versions of the line, with a different little picture beneath the caption for each.
    Mutaito. (picture of Roshi's teacher)
    Mutato. (picture of a demonic tomato)
    Mewtaito. (picture of Mew)
  • Gag Reel for Mega Man Battle Royale:
    • A tongue-twisting session starts when Ben needs to say "rocket-propelled punches" and continues for a good couple minutes.
    • Ben and Chad both break off when they realize it's time to talk about the Mother Elf. Chad proceeds to make a comment about calling Ben a "Mother Elfer"
    • Once again, Volnutt gets trashed.
      Ben: Volnutt is, like, such a non-factor in this fight.
    • In the middle of Boomstick's end-of-Legends rant, Chad's script scrolls without warning and he breaks character to rant.
    • During the EXE rundown, Ben keeps messing up on the name 'Hikari'.
    • Ben gets a sequence of Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness and messes up on the word 'proliferation'.
    Ben: Liam, why are you giving me all these big words? It's not like I'm supposed to be the smart character. Oh shit, wait, nevermind.
    Chad: (in Boomstick voice) Proliferation. *beep*
    • A mess-up on the word 'conscious concentration' somehow turns into 'conscious cock'.
    Boomstick: It requires conscious cock, so, you know, this is the adult Mega Man, and it gets pretty grim.
    Wizard: You thought the one with genocide and flood killing all of humanity was the adult one. Oh, no.
    Boomstick: This guy's like "Oh, I gotta fight crime. Quick, someone get me a dick!
    • Flubbing 'rewritten' into 'rewitten' triggers a bout in which Ben and Chad both start talking in King Candy voices.

    The Armory with Boomstick 
  • Boomstick was called in to revive one of Screwattack's older series, The Armory, wherein a sinisterly-enthusiastic narrator discusses some of his favorite weapons in fictional history. For Boomstick's first episode he starts off with the Shotgun, from Doom in particular, praising the reload sound.
    Boomstick: Fun fact, I even have it as my text message tone.
    (the reload noise is heard, and Boomstick's phone pops up on screen; Wiz's text asking if Boomstick has time for a Death Battle later on, proves, indeed, that the sound is what Boomstick has as his new text message indicator)
  • Episode the second of The Armory highlights the family of Sheep weapons from Worms, with Boomstick starting and finishing the rundown of sheep by stating how well they work as improvised rations as well as exploding ungulates.
  • The Episode where he inducts the Poke Ball has him exulting its virtues as a combination capturing and Mind-Control Device that forces anything it catches into loving and obeying its trainer, and mentioning how it shouldn't be too hard for a Professor named after a tree to add humans to the list of species it could catch. Then he fails to catch Xerneas with an Ultra Ball, whereupon he changes his mind and specifically adds the Master Ball only into the Armory. For an extra moment, while inducting the Master Ball, he uses it to catch a Magikarp.

  • The mere idea behind Ronald McDonald vs. Colonel Sanders. Who doesn't wanna see two fast food company mascots fight to the death?
  • King Dedede vs. Amy Rose:
  • Sasuke vs Hiei; What could get anime's most infamous emos fighting? Ownership of a Hello Kitty doll!
  • Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. The winner? Captain America. Seriously, this battle is the funniest DBX until now. The fight reflects all the memes of both candidates in a hilarious way.
    Captain America What the fuck, guys?!
    Eagle: And that's how Captain America became the president forever.
  • Just the fact that Genji actually says "I need healing." after taking a serious hit from Raiden during Genji vs. Raiden.
  • The reason Cloud vs. Guts ends up happening: Guts was hungry, and Cloud's chocobo just happened to be the first thing he came across.
  • Mega Man vs. Bomberman; After getting surrounded by bombs, Mega Man desperately summons Rush as a springboard to get himself out of there, leaving the oblivious robo-dog in his place.
    Rush: Hey hey hey, guys! What's going on? (KABOOM!!!)
  • Mario vs. Luigi. After playing some tennis, Mario gets angry at Luigi because of all the tennis smashes the latter throws at Mario's face. The battle was so fierce that they finish it at Bowser's castle, where Mario launches Luigi directly into Bowser Junior's birthday cake. Angry at the plumbers for ruining his son's party, Bowser appears and punches the two brothers so hard, he sent them flying, winning the DBX.
  • Akuma vs. Iron Fist: Akuma attacks Iron Fist because he didn't like the latter's TV adaptation.
  • Magneto vs. Darth Vader: Vader and Magneto use their respective powers to fling and contort each other into submission. They eventually realize, after nearly exhausting each other, that they're getting absolutely nowhere doing this and let each other go. Magneto getting in his classic taunt from the 1992 X-Men arcade game.
    Magneto: WELCOME TO DIE!
  • Vegeta vs. General Zod: Vegeta has this line at the beginning after dispatching two of Zod's minions.
    Vegeta: Don’t forget to send a postcard, bitches.
  • Thor vs 100 Pikachu: A Black Comedy Curb-Stomp Battle from start to finish. It's especially amusing to hear Thor's battle cries mingled with a chorus of cheerful "Pika!"s.
  • Yoshi vs. Pac-Man: Yoshi swallows Pac-Man and poops him out as an egg. Pac-Man breaks out of the egg with a horrified expression and mouths "The fuck?".
  • Bendy vs. Cuphead: There's something darkly hilarious about Bendy actually drinking from Cuphead's, well, head upon removing it from his body. The Ink Demon even extends his pinky as he sips.

    DEATH BATTLE cast 
  • While the Death Battle cast are discussing the community Death Battle match-up of the Batmobile versus The Magic School Bus, one of them suggests that Miss Frizzle could weaponize her Unlimited Wardrobe by putting on a dress bearing the faces of Bruce's dead parents.
  • In the Optimus Prime vs Iron Giant Death Battle Cast, Torrian says that he didn't recognize C-3PO or R2-D2, and there was a funny discussion with Chad about how he can live without not knowing the names of some of the more popular characters in fiction. Because of this, in the R2D2 vs BB8 Death Battle Cast there's the segment of 'Ask Torrian' and let's say that the team have a good time with Torrian's ignorance of the franchise and how he responds the questions. See it in all its glory here. They follow it up in Season 5, giving Torrian another Star Wars quiz.
  • Starting with season 5, almost every time Torrian and Nick are on together, they almost always come in wearing some really ridiculous costumes, having said to have raided the prop department and whatever random thing they can find. Ben often has a hard time keeping everything on track because the discussion almost always goes back to the costumes. The two have dressed up as everything from farmers (claiming they were nuns) to Smurfs.
  • During a discussion regarding the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, Torrian keeps referring to the Hogwarts' administration as "Grand Wizards", completely unaware that it's a title for the head of the Ku Klux Klan. Eventually, Chad asks him to read it's definition out loud for them.
    Torrian: A Grand Wizard is... Oh no. Oh no. Oh, that is just awful.
  • Torrian in general is hilarious due to his unfamiliarity with pop culture and wild leaps in logic.
    Torrian: What is the purpose of hippos?
  • One of the Community Death Battles was originally going to be Ben Tennyson vs Beast Boy until Nick came up with a far more ludicrous and entertaining battle — Ben Tennyson vs 10 Ben Singers (or, as Nick puts it, Ben 10 vs 10 Bens).
  • "Dragon Ball is like jerking off, but I'd like to fuck for once!"
  • In the Q&A episode about Aquaman vs Namor, one of the questions is "Why does Aquaman say 'Get him, boys!' to the anglerfish when only female anglerfish have the dangly lights?" The hosts reveal that this was just a mistake, and jokingly say that this proves that they're frauds who don't do research.
  • In episode 118 titled Torrian is back animating! the host discuss flat earthers for a bit. The entire segment is hilarious, but this deserves a special highlight:
    Torrian: What if someone tries to eat our planet, it can't get away, it's a fucking turtle.
    Chad: What is Galactus is gonna fucking show up, and eat the flat earth like a pizza!
  • The Q&A section for Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern took so long, it overshadowed the other two segments the cast usually does.
    Chad: Hey, it's What's Going On?
    (What's Going On transition plays)
    Chad: Sonic got delayed cause people bitched and now the animators have more time. It comes out next year. That's it! Community Death Battle!
    (Community Death Battle transition plays)



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