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    Aquaman vs. Namor 
  • At the end of Aquaman's preview, Boomstick gets incredibly paranoid when he learns Aquaman can read human minds as well, so he grabs his special hat and heads to the bunker. When he's gone, Wiz reveals that it's just a hat made of tinfoil, and he's happy that it gives him plenty of alone time as he pours himself a drink.
  • During the sneak peek for Aquaman VS Namor, once again, they don't have the audio or even the music for that matter. So, Torrian takes the role of Aquaman, and Namor is taken by Nick. During the battle, Torrian makes a hilarious flub.
  • Boomstick realizes something about Aquaman:
    Boomstick: He lives under the sea, he wears yellow and he's absorbent. Wiz! I've figured it out! [gets ready to sing] Ohhhhhhhhhhh—!
    Wiz: No. He's not Spongebob. Moving on.
  • When discussing Namor's oxygen imbalance problems, Boomstick brings up that he has the same issue if he doesn't have alcohol every twenty-four... twelve... two hours. Wiz points out that it isn't like oxygen imbalance. That's an addiction, or as Wiz puts it, a chemical dependency.
    Boomstick: Ah, just like my personal hero, Bane!
    Wiz: You're missing the point.
    Boomstick: [speaking into his beer can like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises] Oh, you think the point is your ally! But you merely adopted the point! I was born in it! Molded-!
    Wiz: [picks up Trident of Neptune and stabs Boomstick through the foot with it] How 'bout that point?
    Boomstick: [Beat] AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH-!
  • In regards to their tridents...
    • Boomstick triumphantly introduces Aquaman's Trident of Poseidon, Wiz casually brings up his Trident of Neptune.
    • When going over the tridents' abilities, Wiz notes the Trident of Poseidon allows teleportation.
      Boomstick: C'mon... Do it... Disney World...
      Wiz: You have to be in water.
      Boomstick: ...You think beer'll work?
      Wiz: ...Maybe?
      Boomstick: Jocelyn! Get the kiddie pool and the keg! I'm Going to Disney World!!
    • When bringing up Namor's trident, Boomstick sarcastically guesses that he has 4. Wiz says he only has the Trident of Neptune. Boomstick is confused but then realizes why Aquaman had two different tridents.
  • When Boomstick admits that Namor is "pretty awesome for an elf in a speedo", we get this:
  • Just the fact that the battle between the two princes of Atlantis starts at a mundane swimming pool because Aquaman cannonballs into the pool, splashing Namor. They're in their element but to a laughably weak extent. Thankfully, they leave it soon enough.
    Namor: Peasant! You dare splash the prince of blood!?
    Aquaman: Plenty of space around the pool, Spock!
  • Namor tries to give a "know your place" speech, but Aquaman is having none of it.
    Namor: Everyone has their place. That's just how things are. You should understand yours!
    Aquaman: You are such a terrific dumbass...

    Mega Man Battle Royale 
  • The name of Mega Man Classic's intro is "Mega Man Rocks into DEATH BATTLE!".
    Boomstick: This battle totally Rocked... man.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Wiz explains that there are many incarnations of Mega Man to choose from... and then cuts to the Captain N: The Game Master version and says "Not that one."
  • After Wiz explains how Dr. Light developed incredibly advanced machines with life-like AI, Boomstick makes sure to remind everyone to remember that Dr. Wily reprogrammed Light's machines to take over the world.
    Boomstick: Just the first in a lifetime of dick moves.
  • Boomstick demonstrates personally how the original Mega Buster works... and unintentionally lets out a charge shot that Wiz barely ducks in time. Boomstick looks embarrassed as he insists he meant to do that.
  • When Wiz mentions that Rock is the original, classic Mega Man, Boomstick has this to say:
    Boomstick: Classic, huh? What's next, Diet Mega Man? Cherry Vanilla Mega Man? Mega Man Zero?
    Wiz: One of those, technically yesnote , but that's much later.
  • Boomstick adds "Mother Elf" to the hall of fame of awesome things with lame names.
  • Boomstick calls Mega Man Volnutt the aforementioned "Diet Mega Man".
  • Wiz cracks a pun about Volnutt's original name of Mega Man Trigger, prompting Boomstick to fly into a long-winded rant.
    Boomstick: Wiz, gotta talk about something you said there. Why did they name him Volnutt?! What a dumb name! The only thing dumber than that name was that stupid pun that you made!
  • At the end of Mega Man Volnutt's preview, Boomstick gets furious that they're trying to fake the happy ending for him.
    Boomstick:: Woah woah woah woah, don't try and pull that Happily Ever After crap! Humanity went extinct! The planet is flooded, and the last Mega Man is stuck in space forever because Legends 3 is never gonna happen! That peaceful future Dr. Light fought so hard for turned out to be total bullshit! And if you think about it, it's all his fault! LOVE AND PEACE ARE LIES, GOD IS DEAD, AND WE'RE ALL TOTALLY ***ED!
    Wiz: ...Maybe in this timeline, but luckily... there is another.
  • After learning that the Battle Network has advanced AI, Boomstick is less than pleased.
    Boomstick: Oh great, the A.I. overlord timeline! Hey Siri, please don't kill everyone and take over the world.
    Siri: [shows HAL] I didn't catch that, Boomstick.
    Boomstick: [shows Judgment Day] Oh God, it's already happening!
  • The above later becomes a Brick Joke when Wiz mentions how Star Force Mega Man defeated Sirius.
    Boomstick: Ha! We got her!
  • Boomstick comparing Net Navis to Digimon, calling them Digital Pokémon.
  • At the end of MegaMan.EXE's preview, Boomstick can't help himself.
    Boomstick: Pretty impressive for a guy who spends all his time Jacking Off! [Rimshot] [laughing] I'm sorry, Wiz. We had to work that in.
    Wiz: I understand.
  • Once Wiz explains how the world basically switched from internet cyberspace to basic radio waves, Boomstick says that at least radio waves won't try to take over the world or commit genocide. "Oh, you say that now."
  • Wiz and Boomstick's shared annoyance at the ridiculous names of Geo's father and the alien race Omega-Xis belongs to.
  • Boomstick shows some annoyance that Mega Man is now a radio alien cat fusion thing.
    Boomstick: Well, at least he still has the Mega Buster, which does exactly what it did the last four times. Moving on.
  • Wiz notes that Geo Stelar accomplished something that none of the other Mega Man incarnations have done: his timeline actually turned out alright in the end.
  • The fight starts when Classic teleports behind Volnutt on top of a building, then X, EXE, and Star Force are all very unceremoniously dropped on top of them.
  • Classic and X get up after being heavily damaged and transform using the Power Adaptor for Classic and into Ultimate Armor for X. Then, both Classic and X look at Volnutt expectantly like they're waiting for him to pull out his own ultimate armor... but he's got nothing.
  • Volnutt's Oh, Crap! expression when all the other Mega Men point their Black Hole weapons at him, which serves as the page image.
  • Classic uses Flash Man's Time Stop to get out from the Black Hole and aim at X, making the GOGOGO effect appear.
  • During the rundown, the hosts note that EXE could've easily used his Battle Chips to disable all the others' weapons and programming whenever he wanted. Except, ironically, for Volnutt, whose weapons are actually manual.
  • With everything settled, EXE looks around and realizes that the battle pretty much destroyed an entire city, leaving him wincing at the sight.
  • Volnutt being so completely, totally, utterly outclassed by the other four is hilarious all on its own, really.

    Black Widow vs. Widowmaker 
  • Whoever names the preview videos probably gets regularly promoted or demoted.
    • The name of Romanoff's preview is "Black Widow is "Russian" into DEATH BATTLE!"
    • Widowmaker's preview title is somehow even worse, with "Widowmaker "Crepes" into DEATH BATTLE!"
  • At the end of the Widowmaker preview, Boomstick says he thought she was just a Smurf with gigantism. Wiz is impressed that he knew what it meant... before Boomstick reveals that he showed Wiz's mom his "gigantism".
    Wiz: [disgusted] Oh, my f***ing God...
    Boomstick: Y'know, Wiz, your mom had that same look on her face!
  • Boomstick compares Black Widow's Red Room training to the time he and his friends were "trained" by Mama Boomstick to eat hot dogs.
    Boomstick: Sometimes that's what you go to do if you wanna be a winner! When I was a kid Mama Boomstick trained me and some friends to eat sixty hot dogs in ten minutes! (saddened) I was the only one who survived.
    Wiz: That's... wow.
    Boomstick: You should see it coming out.
  • Wiz goes through Black Widow's gauntlets, explaining her grappling hook, tear gas, explosives, and the Widow's Bite.
    Boomstick: What, like a spider bite? How's that supposed to-
    [Wiz activates the Widow's Bite, electrocuting Boomstick]
    Boomstick: Wow... that was pretty... shocking, Wiz!
    [Wiz facepalms with his robot hand, breaking his glasses]
    Boomstick: Hahaha! You broke your glasses, idiot! [Wiz shocks him again] OHGODISHOULD'VESEENTHISCOMING!
  • During Widowmaker's rundown, Boomstick wonders if it's possible to have blue skin. Wiz says all he has to do is drink some totally safe, non-toxic colloidal silver. After Boomstick passes out, Wiz chuckles before he continues the rundown. At the end of the episode, while Boomstick delivers his pun, his skin is entirely blue.
  • Boomstick is in awe of the Widowmaker's weapon and demands that Wiz build him one.
    Wiz: With your luck, your hand will probably get stuck in one of the moving parts and I'll have to be the one to amputate it and build you a mechanical replacement... Yeah, I'm in!
    Boomstick: You don't know that... Stupid Wiz...
  • Apparently, Boomstick often forgets that he has a shotgun for a leg until it goes off.
    Wiz: God, I hate when that happens...

    Captain Marvel vs. Shazam 
  • The end of the preview has Captain Marvel VS Captain Marvel, with the second "Captain Marvel" phasing out for "Shazam".
  • "Whoops!" For context, Zachary Levi caught wind of the Fandom Rivalry between Captain Marvel (2019) and SHAZAM! (2019). He quickly made clear that if you want to see Shazam, just say you want to see Shazam, don't hate on Captain Marvel in the process and don't give Brie Larson a hard time in his name. Obviously, a Death Battle is not the kind of "pitting against" that Levi meant, but the headline certainly makes it look that way after the first hint for the battle involved footage from each movie.
  • The name of Carol's preview is "Captain Marvel Whiz Bangs into DEATH BATTLE!" And yes, that is one of the names Carol went by in the comics.
  • Boomstick mentions that Carol was inspired to join the Air Force and become an astronaut by her US Navy dad. The only problem he sees is that comic book space is way more dangerous than regular outer space, "which is already... y'know, pretty freaking dangerous."
    Boomstick: Arnold! Don't take off your-
    [Arnold removes his helmet in space, freezing instantly]
    Boomstick: Nooooo!
    Wiz: You're not far off.
  • Boomstick calls Carol's Binary form a "top-tier Fire-type Pokémon."
  • At the end of Carol's preview, Wiz mentions that he finds the Brood's experiments on Carol fascinating and would love to try his hand at it.
    Wiz: If only I had a subject to experiment with...
    Boomstick: Oh, no no no no! Fuck right off, Wiz! I know you can't get any more rats, but it's not me!
    Wiz: Well, fine. I'll go digging in the closet then...
    Boomstick: The hell do you keep in that closet?
    Wiz: You don't have to know.
    Boomstick: I don't wanna.
  • Boomstick is not convinced that gravity manipulation is a real power, claiming that even he can do it. To prove so, he drops and spills his beer can.
    Boomstick: Oh god, what have I done?
    Wiz: Oh no. How sad.
    Boomstick: I'm a monster! Here, I'll pour one out for you, buddy... [opens up another can of beer and pours it out on the other can. His eyes widen when he realizes he wasted another beer] Oh, WAIT!
    Wiz: Let's move on... [Boomstick sobs offscreen]
  • Boomstick asks Wiz why he's never tested Boomstick's own strength, to see if he could punch apart a meteor like Captain Marvel. Wiz reluctantly points out that he'd have to calibrate a separate machine to account for Boomstick's own strength... and then Boomstick blindsides Wiz by punching him while shouting "Slug mug!!", after which Wiz squeals as he falls over. Boomstick bluntly tells him, "Get up! That's two for squealing!"
  • With Shazam's preview, Boomstick is confused at Billy's supposed lack of tragic backstory. Wiz casually reminds him that Billy is an orphan.
  • Boomstick makes fun of the fact that "Shazam" is the magic word to turn Billy into a superhero.
    Boomstick: Even Abracadabra would be better than that!
    Wiz: Boomstick, you have no room to talk! Your password is "password", and you don't even spell it right!
    Boomstick: Exactly, Wiz. Genius.
    Wiz: I... Oh wait.
    Boomstick: Wait a minute… H-How do you know my password?
    Wiz: …Let's move on.
  • Wiz and Boomstick go over the legal battle of both Captain Marvels, complete with Ace Attorney visuals.
    Wiz: Long story short, Captain Marvel was originally conceived not by DC or Marvel, but by Fawcett Comics as a competitor for Superman.
    Boomstick: Yeah, DC didn't like that, so they killed off the cap'n in the courtroom and took the character for themselves.
    Wiz: Then Marvel Comics showed up twenty years later and had a similar legal battle with M.F. Enterprises.
    Boomstick: Mother F*%$#ng Enterprises?! Damn, they beat me to it.
    Wiz: Well, good news, because apparently, they forgot how copyright works and tried to make their own Captain Marvel.
    Boomstick: Theirs had the power to pop his head off and... that's about it. He's stupid. Let's move on.
    Wiz: With that, Captain Marvel had two owners. Marvel owned the name, but DC owned the character, and so began a cold legal war, with both companies silently daring the other to cross the line.
    Boomstick: 'Til DC decided, "Eh, screw it. Let's call him Shazam".
    Wiz's tone makes it sound like M. F. Enterprises have so little understanding about copyright that Boomstick could conceivably start his own company by the name he wants. note 
  • At one point, mention is made of Shazam taking a Tesseract Bomb, which turns whatever it hits inside-out. Boomstick is terrified. Wiz is fascinated, and has created a ray gun to duplicate its effects. As he starts to explain it, Boomstick grabs it out of his hands and aims it at a beer can, despite Wiz insisting that it hasn't been tested. The good news is it works without issue, and Boomstick hits what he was aiming at. The bad news is that if you turn a beer can inside out, you have a featureless aluminum can surrounded by unsupported beer.
    [beer falls to the floor]
    Boomstick: Yeah, that makes sense.
  • The reason the fight starts. Shazam is casually strolling down the street, using his lightning powers to zap whatever he wants, until he hits an ATM, causing money to start flying out. As he starts begging for it to stop, Carol sees him, assuming he's a thief. Shazam's response is to just run away.
  • Shazam screams out his name to summon a lightning bolt to hit Captain Marvel. After she absorbs the energy, she sarcastically utters "Shazam" and blasts him with a lightning blast, turning him back into Billy Batson. Carol is caught by surprise by the sudden transformation.

    Wario vs. King Dedede 
  • The Wario preview ends after Boomstick describes Wario's secret weapon: the W.A.F.T. And speaking of which...
    Boomstick: Hey, Wiz! Guess what I had for lunch?
    Wiz: Boomstick, I told you I don't want to play this -
    Wiz: - UGH! OH GOD, NOT IN THE BOOTH!! [Beat] Ah. Pork omelets. [Beat] That's disgusting.
    Boomstick: Heh-heh. Ah, that never gets old.
  • Wiz lists all the ways that Wario and Mario are opposites. Boomstick calls Mario thick with one c, whereas he describes Wario as thicc with two c's if not three.
  • Boomstick has apparently been sneaking into Wiz's lab to make his own invention to weaponize flatulence. He calls his invention the Windbreaker, which is a whoopee cushion with a bunch of lights, bolts, and nails shoved in it. It even has "By: BS :)" written on the side. Though Wiz immediately dismisses it, Boomstick's invention actually works, as it releases a gas cloud that makes Wiz collapse.
  • Wiz explains Wario's ability to size change as "plugging an air pump into himself and... just don't question it."
  • Boomstick is excited by Crazy Wario, because in the Japanese version of Wario Land 2, it's him getting drunk, and Boomstick is eager to power up.
  • The Dedede preview ends with both hosts disgusting each other: Wiz because Boomstick spat all over him trying to imitate Dedede's compressed air bullets, and Boomstick because Wiz uses it as an excuse to shower, which he apparently hasn't done in weeks.
  • During Dedede's preview, Wiz specifically notes that his ability to fly like Kirby is a Charles Atlas Superpower, and adds that "this is backed up by no science whatsoever and makes absolutely no goddamn sense".
    Boomstick: You shut up and let the penguin fly!
  • Boomstick is impressed by Dedede's Jet Hammer, dismissing concepts like the Gunblade and Sniper Scythe.
  • At the start of the fight, as the cage match is about to begin, a Waddle Dee hits the gong with its fist to signal the match's beginning. The gong swings back and sends the Waddle Dee flying.
  • The fight starts as a cage match between Wario-Man and Masked Dedede. Halfway through the fight, both disguises are removed. Turns out both of the fighters are surprised that Wario-Man and Masked Dedede are actually... Wario and King Dedede. This revelation reaches a Goomba and Waddle Dee in the audience, who have their minds literally blown. The Waddle Dee gains extra Black Comedy points for ripping its face open so it can have a mouth and scream alongside the Goomba.
  • Once the disguises have been broken, Dedede and Wario recognize the other. In flashbacks, we see that Wario stole Dedede's hotdog, then farted in his face. In return, Dedede stole one of the tires to Wario's motorbike for his own.
  • During the battle, Masked Dedede launches a blast of fire, straight towards Wario-Man. The masked Wario gives an Aside Glance to the audience before the flames hit him and Wario lets out an uncharacteristically high-pitched scream.
  • Upon seeing Wario eat his Electric Hammer, Dedede gives a priceless angry face, complete with comically enormous teeth.
  • Wario throws bombs at Dedede, which Dedede quickly inhales. Wario gets sucked in, but his butt gets stuck in Dedede's mouth. Knowing what's about to happen next, everyone in the audience clears out, save for a single Waddle Dee, who shrugs and worriedly looks at the camera as if to say "What's going on?". Wario uncorks a W.A.F.T. of such potency, the ensuing explosion destroys the entire castle. And said W.A.F.T. is discharged straight down Dedede's mouth. You can see the big guy's expression go from "Oh, Crap!" to arm-flailing "Oh, hell, no!" to hyper-flailing, cross-eyed "ARGH OH GODDAMMIT IT'S GETTING WORSE GOOD GOD GET HIM OUT GET HIM OUT GET HIM OUT-!" Then, in reference to the Brawl trailer, the W.A.F.T. makes a titanic mushroom cloud as it takes out the arena... and in reference to Mario VS Sonic last season, the mushroom cloud sprouts a crooked mustache.
  • After Wario and Dedede grow huge, they begin melee combat with each other. At one point they perform a Punch Parry between Wario's fist and Dedede's hammer, and it appears that an epic shockwave will occur as the scene zooms out with dramatic effects... cue a cut to both of them tired from their attempt.
  • The climax of the fight has the huge Wario fly in, butt-first, charging one final deadly W.A.F.T. Dedede reaches into his belt, pulls out a Waddle Dee that waves at him before it's tossed away, and then a Gordo. With one expert swing, he fires the Gordo right into Wario's butt. Wario's manic cackling comes to an abrupt stop, and the music screeches to a halt. The two look at each other in awkward silence before Wario blows up from the backfire. Special focus to the wince on Dedede's face: clearly, even he wasn't intending for the Gordo's spikes to be that accurate. All this leads to Boomstick's zinger referring back to the Dedede analysis:
    Boomstick: I told you those Gordos can be a pain in the ass!
  • After the killing blow destroys the planet, Dedede floats by Wario's hat with his infamous crouch posture from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, wearing the smuggest grin imaginable. Also, given the planet is completely brown and dry before it blows up, it's implied that Wario's initial fart was so deadly, it wiped out all life on the planet. The second was just insult to injury.

    Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern 
  • The preview for Ben 10 has Boomstick singing part of the old Ben 10 theme song, then apologizing because it's so catchy. But the only reason he started singing in the first place is that Wiz baited him.
    Wiz: Upon discovering a strange crash-landed alien device, it stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid.
    Boomstick: ♪ Now he's got superpowers, he's no ordinary kid, he's Ben 10~! ♪
  • Boomstick finds the Omnitrix's most famous feature (transforming into alien species) as a "perfect way to get freaky with some alien babes from all across the galaxy!"
    Wiz: Well, you do you.
  • At one point, Boomstick refers to Vilgax as "ol' hentai face", because of course he would.
  • At the end of the preview, Boomstick wonders if Ben can turn into a Saiyan, with Wiz stating that it's theoretically possible if he can scan one. Boomstick then asks what vegetable name he'd take and suggests Potatoer, Plumpkin and Raditz, before he realizes the last one is already taken.
    Wiz: [groans] This is going to be a thing for a while, isn't it?
  • Wiz explains that Ben actually has 1,000,912 different aliens in the Omnitrix. Boomstick admits that the name Ben 1,000,912 isn't as catchy as Ben 10.
  • Boomstick somehow gets his hands on an Omnitrix, prompting Wiz to ask where he got it. "Don't worry about it." As he's going through the transformations, Wiz warns that overuse of the Omnitrix can permanently disfigure the user's DNA. Cut back to Boomstick, who's now an abomination of alien parts.
    Boomstick: Oh great! You couldn't have said that four seconds earlier? [Wiz shrugs] Now if you'll excuse me, I need to pee out my face.
    Wiz: Ugh... I'll fix this later.
  • When they get to Alien X and the fact that he survived the destruction of the universe by the Anihilaarg and then recreated it, Wiz goes on to explain how powerful the Anihilaarg is.
    Wiz: Based on rough estimates made by a NASA astrophysicist, the total mass-energy of the universe in joules is four...
    Boomstick: Well, that doesn't seem very impressive.
    Wiz: ...followed by sixty-nine zeroes.
    Boomstick: Oh, there it is.
  • During the Green Lantern preview, Boomstick compares the Guardians of the Universe to Oompa-Loompas. When Wiz insists that they're more like leprechauns, Boomstick thinks he's just being picky on which magical creature they look like... until Wiz explains that a group of them formed the basis of the leprechaun myth.
    Boomstick: I knew they were real!
  • At the end, he cuts the preview off due to spotting a rainbow, and wanting the pot of gold at the end. When Wiz insists it won't work, Boomstick merely replies "more gold for me". Surprisingly, he seemingly catches one.
  • While describing Hal's fight against Krona...
    Boomstick: When he went up against this blue dickweed, Krona, who took control of all these space animal gods that embodied the different rainbow spectrum emotions.
    Wiz: Including Ion: The Green Basking Shark of Willpower! [Beat] Yes. I know. Hal was able to overturn Krona's plan. Which meant overpowering the literal embodiment of all willpower in the universe with his own willpower.
    Boomstick: That sounds... impressive?
    Wiz: Impossible?
    Wiz and Boomstick: Impressible?
    [Both of them fistbump]
  • When Boomstick wants to bring up the Green Lanterns' old weakness to the color yellow, he says he wants to address the yellow elephant in the room. Cut to the animation of an actual yellow elephant between them.
  • Hal introducing himself as "the best-lookin' guardian of Sector 2814". Never change, Hal.
  • When Hal first tries to take the Omnitrix, Ben just has the smug grin on his face as the Omnitrix's defense mechanisms activate and knock Hal straight into a building.
    Green Lantern: Well... that's interesting.
    Ben: You’re not the first doofus to try and take this! IT'S HERO TIME!
  • Green Lantern summoning a giant green fire extinguisher to deal with Heatblast. It's Ben's reaction that sells it.
  • Heatblast's attempts at intimidation don't work on Hal.
    Heatblast: Hey, ever seen a supernova?
    Green Lantern: [sounding genuinely confused] Several, actually. I...
    [Heatblast releases an explosion of fire]
  • The Omnitrix still seems prone to screwing Ben over, even with Master Control.
    Heatblast: Ha! You're so lame! I bet I could even beat you as Grey Matter!
    [Ben turns into Grey Matter]
    Grey Matter: What? I didn't mean literally!
  • Ben turns into Way Big and stomps on Hal, remaking "Ew! I stepped in loser!" Hal delivers the same line to Ben after he travels back in time to kill him with a giant boot. He then notices his past self, to whom he says "Don't Ask" before departing. Past!Hal uses his ring to create a question mark construct after seeing a bloodied version of himself come out of nowhere and kill the person he was trying to apprehend.
  • After the fight, Boomstick remarks that Ben is yet another minor they've killed.
  • Boomstick gives another Hurricane of Puns at the end.
    Boomstick: Guess you could say Hal was definitely the ringer for this fight!
    [Wiz groans]
    Boomstick: Aw, Wiz, don't be green with envy! That pun was 10 out of Ben!
  • How does Hal ultimately seal Ben's fate? By slicing off his Omnitrix arm, and with gardening shears, no less. Which Vilgax tried to do in the original series.
  • More of a meta example, but the sheer infamy of this fight has caused it to go up to a memetic status. To the point where the producers themselves noticed how "Time, huh? Thanks for the tip." has effectively become a meme in the fandom... And it's all beautifully capped off by the fact they made a shirt of the infamous quote and boot.
    Description: Try not to let any loser get on your new Death Battle tee.

    Weiss vs. Mitsuru 
  • Boomstick's inability to pronounce names shines on as he refers to Weiss' Myrtnaster as "Merc Nasty"
  • The ending of the Weiss preview has Boomstick decide he wants to lop off his other leg and replace it with a sword. And he proceeds to grab a chainsaw and start doing it in the booth!
    Wiz: Oh my God! No, no, no! Not here! Jesus Christ! Alright, next week we'll talk Mitsuru. I think I'm gonna have to reattach a leg...
    Boomstick: Ah hahaha! Who's laughing now, leg?!
  • Wiz talks about the Schnee Dust Company being one of the largest producers and exporters of Dust. Hearing this, Boomstick gets an idea to sell the literal dust on his bookshelf... to buy another bookshelf.
    Boomstick: Wait, wait wait. They sell dust!? I got a ton of that shit covering the bookshelf in my trailer! I can sell it and finally have enough money to buy... A SECOND BOOKSHELF! Dust farm, here I come!
  • This is then followed by a Delayed Reaction by Wiz due to realizing that Boomstick might actually read books.
    Wiz: No, not that kind of dust. In the world of Remnant, Dust is an energy source often used to fuel vehicles, androids, and weapons — wait, you have books?
    Boomstick: When did I say anything about books?
  • When Weiss's family is shown, Boomstick exclaims that her father is Colonel Sanders.
    Boomstick: KFC...KFSCHNEE! No wonder they're so rich! [takes out a chicken drumstick and eats it]
    Wiz: Where did you get that chicken?
    Boomstick: What, you don't carry pocket chicken?
  • When discussing Weiss's skill with time dilation, Boomstick reveals a little too much information.
    Boomstick: Like that old saying: Float like an inner tube on a lazy river, and sting like your pee in the morning!
    Wiz: Please go to a doctor...
  • Boomstick refers to the Dark Hour as an extra hour of secret sleep.
  • At the end of Mitsuru's preview, Wiz can't help but wonder why she even has a giant fur coat if she's immune to ice and the cold. Boomstick retorts by saying everyone needs a good fur coat, which causes Wiz to ask who would wear a fur coat into battle. Boomstick answers barbarians, causing Wiz to retort that he meant the kind of coat Mitsuru has.
    Boomstick: Well, then someone with good taste! Ya know what, I want that coat. I'm going to the store.
    Wiz: You gotta stop walking out on these- And he's gone.
  • Mitsuru's analysis points out how much she likes to use the infamous Marin Karin.
  • An obligatory joke is made thanks to a manga panel of Mitsuru dicing up Arcana Justice’s tank gun.
    Boomstick: OH GOD! Did… Did she just cut that thing's dick!?
    Wiz: Yes she did, Boomstick. And it was a goddamn cannon.
    Boomstick: Oh, the horror but also cannon dick...
  • When going over Mitsuru surviving the Moonlight Bridge explosion, Boomstick puts on a pair of glasses and brings up his own chart of explosion measurements, which rank as Not Enough, Basically Campfire, Most Huggable, The Michael Bay, Shit We're Dead, Better Than Sex.
    Boomstick: Now uh, in my humble opinion, usin' my very own handcrafted munitions measurement chart, I’d say this blast falls somewhere in the range of "Oh Shit, We're Dead".
    Wiz: Interesting, but let's use some real science now.
    Boomstick: This IS real science! I tested explosions and their real effects on real people just like you would. I'm a real scientist now! [sticks his tongue out at Wiz]
    Wiz: But that's... Wait, real people? Boomstick... Where are the interns?
    Boomstick: Uh, I... H-Hey, look! I got you that coat that you wanted.
    Wiz: Ooh, thank you! [hugs the fur coat] Oh, it's so soft!
    Boomstick: [whispering] So were the interns... [Scary Shiny Glasses]
  • During the battle, after Weiss uses her Queen Lancer to dodge one of Mitsuru's attacks, Weiss has this to say:
    Weiss: Can't touch me, Ice Queen! [Beat] Huh, so that's what it's like.
  • At the end of the episode, both Wiz and Boomstick are wearing fur coats like Mitsuru's.
  • The immediate look on Weiss' face after Mitsuru heals herself and realizes she's screwed. In context more a Tear Jerker as she is killed immediately after, but the Internet made a few... NSFW alterations.

    Johnny Cage vs. Captain Falcon 
  • Boomstick is tired of supervillains in fiction constantly invading Earth.
    Boomstick: Why does everyone always target Earth? I live here. It's not that great.
  • During Johnny's preview, Boomstick has several nicknames for Johnny's Nut Punch.
    Boomstick: It's the Nutcracker, the Berry Buster, the Infertilizer, the Beanbag Barrage, the "Not that kind of blow" Blow, and my personal favorite, the "Help, Doctor! I think they're in my ribcage!" Special!
  • Boomstick is unsurprisingly a fan of Johnny's action films, even citing Tommy Scissorfists as the only movie to ever really make him cry.
  • One of the movies on the list of Johnny's films? Power Rangers.
  • For Falcon's preview, Boomstick wonders why F-Zero isn't a thing in real life. Wiz points out how dangerous it is, Boomstick doesn't see the problem with that.
  • Boomstick wonders how often Black Shadow's horns get caught on doorframes.
  • Boomstick is inspired by F-Zero so much, he wants to do something really responsible with his truck.
    Wiz: Please don't try the donut flip again...
    Boomstick: It can't possibly fail the 60th time.
  • When Wiz mentions how it took multiple people to make Captain Falcon possible, an annoyed Boomstick thinks he's talking about The Power of Friendship or some such crap. However, when Wiz elaborates on how he's referring to the Cap's Legacy Character status...
    Boomstick: [putting on Captain Falcon's helmet] New life goal unlocked. Wiz, I'm putting in my two-weeks notice.
  • If one looks closely at the helmet Boomstick wears, the falcon-shaped crest has been replaced with a beer can with wings.
  • The reason the fight starts? Johnny announces he'll be playing Falcon in an F-Zero movie with the Captain himself in earshot, leading to Falcon wanting to make sure he's worthy.
  • The Falcon Punch VS the Nut Punch. Nut Punch wins. Johnny manages to evade and counter the Falcon Punch with his nut punch. Seeing the Falcon Punch get beaten by the Nut Punch and a badass like Captain Falcon grabbing his crotch in pain while spouting hilarious-sounding Angrish for a good few seconds is quite the funny sight. Following that comes this exchange before Johnny continues:
    Johnny Cage: [gives thumbs-down] You know what they say... all's fair in show business!
    Captain Falcon: Nobody says that!
  • As if to punctuate its effectiveness, one can hear the sound of a gong when the Nut Punch lands.
  • When the two are trading blows while on top of a speeding F-Zero machine, Cage notes how seriously "sports types" like Falcon take auditions.
  • After duking it out for a moment atop a vehicle, Johnny throws Falcon onto the track. When Falcon recovers and leaps back onto the car, Johnny is left too awestruck to avoid the next blow.
  • During the post-fight analysis, elephants come up as units of measurement. The elephant that appears is... familiar.

    Aang vs. Edward Elric 
  • In Aang's preview, Wiz lists the four elements in Avatar, Boomstick screams out "HEART!"
  • Wiz points out that Aang can't actually fly with his airbending, but rather use his glider to keep aloft.
    Boomstick: Whatever, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it's a duck. Or I guess, flying Avatar guy.
    Wiz: But ducks actually can fly-
  • At the end of Aang's preview, Wiz lists Aang's airbending powers, which includes focusing his breath as an attack. Boomstick remarks that he can do that too. Wiz begs him not to spit in his face, considering he's done it every day since the Dedede episode.
  • Boomstick remarks that he's also a waterbender since he can make tsunamis like Aang if he does a cannonball in a pool. When Wiz brings up that waterbenders can also manipulate steam and ice, Boomstick tries to demonstrate his waterbender powers by swimming through solid ice. A giant ice block is dropped between the hosts, Boomstick belly flops onto it... and it shatters. Boomstick considers this a success.
  • When Boomstick mentions how the Avatar State makes Aang's body glow, he claims that he can do that too, and he demonstrates, with his entire body from the neck down glowing white.
    Wiz: How are you doing that?
    Boomstick: Oh, I drank a bunch of glowsticks.
    Wiz: You need to go to the doctor. Like, right now.
    Boomstick: Haha! My liver's processed way worse than this!
  • When Boomstick rightfully calls Ed a "little badass", Wiz is quick to remind him that Ed is a little touchy on the subject.
  • After Wiz mentions how the Führer himself named Ed the Fullmetal Alchemist, Boomstick initial thinks of a different führer.
    Boomstick: Wh- Wh- What!? Adolf Hitler?!
    Wiz: Nah, it's just Bradley. He's okay. Until he isn't.
    Boomstick: Spoilers!
  • When they talk about Destruction Alchemy, Wiz holds a watermelon, saying that Ed could theoretically destroy it on a molecular level. Boomstick karate chops it, claiming he could just do that instead.
  • How does the fight start? Simple: Aang launches Momo into a stand that sells busts and calls Momo "too little." Ed, who happens to be running that stand, overhears and responds the way you would expect.
  • Later on, Aang tries to apologize by mentioning the advantages of being short. This doesn't dissuade Ed at all.
  • When the fighters lose track of each other in the mist caused by Edward redirecting Aang's Waterbending back at him, Aang launches a fireball at a silhouette that looks like Edward. The blast decapitates the target, much to Aang's horror... only for the "head" to roll toward him while Blowing a Raspberry with a cartoony face, revealing that it was actually a statue that Ed had made as a decoy.
  • After Ed's cannon explodes, both Ed and Aang fall to the ground. The remains of the cannon end up falling on a familiar stand containing a certain vegetable. Naturally, a certain person lets out a familiar cry of anguish.
    Cabbage Merchant: Noooo! My cabbages!
  • Ed's final words. His automail arm has been crushed, and Aang is now in the Avatar State, creating a tornado around them so that he can't escape. He has no time to do another transmutation circle and he can see Aang's fatal blow approaching, but he can still take solace in a minor victory.
    Edward: At least I'm taller than you...
    Becomes meta-funny when you realize he's taking solace in the fact that he (an 18-year-old) is taller than Aang (a (1)12 year old). And if you take a look at the background pages for the two, you see that Ed is right. He's taller... By two inches.
  • More of a Meta-Joke, but seeing just how much power Aang had and how much he had the fight won, remember that Aang's original opponent back in season 1 was Harry Potter before the latter was ultimately pitted against Luke Skywalker. Seeing Edward be decimated by Aang can bring anyone to chuckles, knowing that Harry avoided quite possibly the worst curbstomp in Death Battle history.

    Ghost Rider vs. Lobo 
  • Ghost Rider Burns Rubber in DEATH BATTLE...
  • Wiz and Boomstick going over all of the people in Johnny's life who died in motorcycle crashes. Special mention goes to Crash Simpson, Johnny's adoptive father.
  • Boomstick comparing Zarathos's name to that of a prescription drug, complete with a list of side effects popping up beside a picture of Zarathos.
    Boomstick: Zarathos, ask your doctor if it's right for you... or your exorcist.
  • Boomstick actually finds Nicolas Cage more terrifying than Ghost Rider himself. Wiz agrees, and the two wind up putting off Lobo's preview to warn the world (and the viewer) about Cage.
  • Boomstick reminisces about the time he lit his own motorcycle on fire. Wiz is surprised that Boomstick ever had one, which he did, until the fire.
  • This wonderfully mundane summary of Ghost Rider's Signature Move:
    Boomstick: The Penance Stare is basically Hell's time-out corner of pain. Ghost Rider isn't angry; he's just disappointed, and he wants you to think about what you've done... and it to hurt. A lot.
  • Boomstick wonders if because of the time he mixed laxatives in his 4th-grade teacher's coffee, the Penance Stare would give his soul the shits. Wiz explains that Boomstick would just experience the anger, humiliation, and butt cramps.
    Boomstick: So, basically eternal damnation, got it.
  • During Lobo's preview, Boomstick comments that he's like if Superman and Deadpool had a baby. Wiz is terrified that he uttered the name Deadpool, and there's suddenly a knock on their door. Wiz and Boomstick quickly run for cover.
  • In the actual episode, Deadpool briefly appears on the TV like in Thanos VS Darkseid, and Wiz quickly punches the TV to break it (with his non-robotic hand).
    Wiz: There... He's gone... Whew...
    Boomstick: Wow. I didn't think you had it in you.
    Deadpool: Oh honey, that's not true! Haven't you heard? No one's ever really gone... See you later!
    Wiz: I swear to god I'll kill him someday...
    Boomstick: So, uh... you have the replacement plan on that TV, right? [cue Oh, Crap! expression from Wiz]
  • While talking about the SpaceHog, Boomstick points out an irregularity with its soundtrack.
    Boomstick: Wait, how can he sing in the vacuum of space?
    Wiz: Oh, that's where you're drawing the line? Not the time he, say, pulled the alien entity Solaris out of the sky - which is as heavy as a star - despite lacking leverage?
    Boomstick: I like how he even admits that didn't make any sense.
  • Boomstick calls New 52 Lobo a "scrawny, emo, Edward Cullen-ass looking dork", and later states that someone at DC developed a sense of irony and literally shelved the loser.
  • The fact that Lobo was collecting the bounty of Grimace before Ghost Rider showed up. It makes you wonder if all those years stealing milkshakes finally caught up to him!
  • Ghost Rider shows up all dramatic and points at Lobo, declaring that his sins are innumerable. Lobo has none of it, however, and simply runs over Ghost Rider mid-monologue, roaring with laughter and flipping off his gibs as he rides off.
  • Ghost Rider's first attempt to use the Penance Stare fails by Lobo once again interrupting his dramatic monologue, this time by headbutting Ghost Rider so hard his skull shatters.
  • After Lobo throws Ghost Rider into a building, which he then compacts and swallows whole, Ghost Rider reforms inside him, causing Lobo to hilariously bloat up like a cartoony balloon... before he explodes into Ludicrous Gibs.
  • After Zarathos gets pissed and proceeds to torch down the entire city, one of Lobo's clones uses another clone as a makeshift surfboard on the stream of hellfire.
  • Lobo's reaction to being reduced to his soul is of hilariously Skewed Priorities, being one of disappointment that he can't get his bounty rather than the fact that he's dead.
    Lobo's ghost: Holy Fragaroli. I definitely ain't picking up that bounty now.
  • In the lead-up to the killing blow, Zarathos wraps Lobo's soul in chains, attempting to drag him in range of a Penance Stare (and immobilizing him this time, seemingly having learned his lesson from his previous attempt). Lobo tries, and ultimately fails, to hold his ground by literally biting the ground, leaving drag marks in the dirt.
  • After seeing Lobo's soul scream in agony as the Penance Stare works, Zarathos devours his soul and slurps it up like a noodle, and even belches afterward.
  • Poetic death cannot begin to describe Lobo's loss. Early in the fight, Lobo resorts to just eating Ghost Rider and fails. How does Ghost Rider beat Lobo? By turning into Zarathos and just eating Lobo's soul.
  • After the fight, Wiz and Boomstick are now wearing the new Death Battle shirts, which Boomstick tries to plug.
    Boomstick: Ghost Rider's survived some pretty incredible things. Almost as incredible as these new shirts from store.roosterteeth.— [Wiz slaps Boomstick] Aaah!
    Wiz: Time and place, Boomstick.
    Boomstick: Aw, come on, we gotta eat!

    Dragonzord vs. Mechagodzilla 
  • The end of the RTX preview, featuring Tommy pelvic thrusting and Mechagodzilla doing Godzilla's victory dance from Invasion of Astro-Monster.
  • The Dragonzord's stats are listed on a California ID card. Yes, a giant robot dinosaur has its own ID card.
  • At the end of the Dragonzord preview, Boomstick thinks he's found a Power Coin in Jocelyn's desk. It's actually a chocolate coin... which he proceeds to wipe off his hand using Wiz's shirt.
  • When talking about how Tommy summons the Dragonzord with the Dragon Dagger, Boomstick wonders if all knives can double as flutes.
    Wiz: They've never... uh, not been flutes.
    Boomstick: Oh my god, really? [starts to whistle into the blade, but stops] Wait a minute, why didn't this come up in poultry science class?
    Wiz: Chickens... don't like music?
    Boomstick: How stupid do you think I am? Chickens love music! [brings the knife to his face, slicing his chin] AAAAH! God, this is what they mean by "a sharp note"!
  • At the end of Mechagodzilla's preview, Wiz is fascinated by Kiryu's "cybernecromancy", and runs off to try something. Boomstick wearily requests that Wiz let his dad rest in peace. Wiz just wants his dad to say he's proud of him.
    Boomstick: And you guys thought I had father issues!
  • Boomstick calling Kiryu a robotic version of Weekend at Bernie's.
  • Imitating the creation of Mechagodzilla, Wiz took it upon himself to make his own cyber goose, a two-headed goose that can shoot lightning out of its beaks.
    Wiz: With the skeleton of a goose and some extra parts I had lying around, I say he's a masterpiece of modern science!
    Boomstick: Well, he's got two heads now, so do we call him a goose or a geese?
    Wiz: I-It's a goose. Just one goose.
    Boomstick: But two heads make two goose, therefore a geese.
    Wiz: It's a goose!
    [the mechanized goose quacks in protest and fires its maser cannons, causing the lights to go out]
    Boomstick: Oh yeah, this version's much better!

    Sasuke Uchiha vs. Hiei 
  • At the end of Sasuke's preview, Boomstick claims he made his own Sharingan by rubbing poop into his eye. It... goes about as well as you'd expect.
    Boomstick: Ahhh! Why did I replace the eyewash station with vodka?!
  • Boomstick apparently once attended a Ninja school but dropped out when he learned they didn't use guns.
  • In the episode proper, there's a lengthy discussion about how Sasuke accessed the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan by tearing out his brother's eyes, then his own, then putting his brother's eyes in his own sockets, which was all part of Itachi's plan!
    Wiz: Which was, again, Itachi's plan all along. So... good job?
    Boomstick: Who came up with this shit?
  • For Hiei's preview, Boomstick notes that if you just give him a red streak in his hair, he's basically a human Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • The picture of the "is this a pigeon" meme that pops up when Wiz asks "Is this pity from a demon?" in response to Hiei sparing the ice women after seeing how empty their lives are. Then the text changes to "Is this an outdated meme?".
  • Boomstick notes the Logical Weakness of having an extra eye, namely that it makes you more vulnerable to A Handful for an Eye... which he then attempts on Wiz, only to miss and hit his mouth.
  • During Hiei's rundown, Wiz notes that in order for most people to separate their soul and body, they need to die, or at least be knocked out. Boomstick promptly quips "Like this?" and decks him with a punch... and the spectral Wiz standing there confirms, yes, like that.
    Boomstick: AAH! GHOST!!! [runs away]

    Ganondorf vs. Dracula 
  • In the beginning, Boomstick quips that evil never dies. It just comes back "with a goddamn second health bar".
  • At the end of Ganondorf's preview, Boomstick decides he and Wiz have to hunt for the Triforce themselves.
    Wiz: Wait, why do you want it?
    Boomstick: To destroy you— youth! Uh, to wish, wish for youth, eternal.
    Wiz: Oh. I can get behind that.
    Boomstick: Sure. Come back next week for spoopy, scary Dracula. note 
  • Wiz discusses how after his defeat, Ganondorf has been sealed for all eternity in a void outside space and time never to return, only for him and Boomstick to burst out laughing halfway through the sentence.
  • Boomstick says that Mathias was obviously evil because his name begins with "Math".
    Boomstick: I mean, I know we use math all the time to do the show, but sometimes one must embrace the darkness to see the light!
  • When mentioning Dracula's six-step plan to gain Chaos's power, steps one, two, four, five, and six are solid. Step three, however, is a bit of a reference to Simon Belmont's reveal trailer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    Boomstick: Step three: Kill Luigi.
  • When they mention how Dracula rejected his humanity, they used the scene of Dio yelling "I'M THROWING AWAY MY HUMANITY, JOJO!"
  • Boomstick refers to Simon Belmont and Alucard as "Discount Conan" and "The Ghost of Weeb's Past" respectively.
  • Wiz discusses how Dracula can copy the abilities of enemies he defeats by absorbing their souls.
    Boomstick: Oh, like Kirby!
    Wiz: A demonic monster Kirby.
    Boomstick: Right, Kirby.
  • Boomstick comes to the brilliant conclusion that Dracula, who was previously established to be God's opposite on Earth, can turn into a wolf because "dog" is "god" backwards, much like "Alucard" is "Dracula" backwards.
    Boomstick: [proudly] God, I should do science...
  • Boomstick interrupts Wiz when they show footage of Kid Dracula.
    Boomstick: Hold up, that's his kid?! What the hell happened to him?
  • Dracula once strikes Ganondorf across the face with his claws, drawing blood, but the scene makes it look more like Dracula gave Ganondorf a bitch slap.
  • The utterly smug smirk Dracula has on his face before swarming Ganondorf with Medusa heads.
  • If one looks closely when Dracula sends Ganondorf's electric bolts back at him, he cares so little that he does so by snapping his fingers.
  • Boomstick reacts to the killing blow with an empty beer can in his hand.
    Bomstick: You know, I hope someday I can learn to drink beers as violently as Dracula drinks people. [crushes the beer can]
  • Since the Death Battle card and dice game was officially released all of two days before the episode came out, the over-the-credits bit is a plug therefor. Two bits of funny: first, Wiz and Boomstick do the bit, whereas most episodes before have had Rooster Teeth guys doing them out-of-character. Second, Boomstick warns you in advance, don't eat the dice.
    Boomstick: They look like candy. [spits out a die] They're not.

    Mob vs. Tatsumaki 
  • After finding out about Mob's Emotional Powers, he tries to get psychic powers the same way. Ordering Wiz to hit him, Boomstick is left disappointed at his weak slaps, insulting him more and more, to Wiz's irritation. Eventually, Wiz just gets fed up and smacks him in the face with his robot arm, cold-cocking him.
  • During the Explosion Forms portion of Mob's analysis, each of Mob's 100% forms have a summary on how they affect him, 100% Sadness? It just says Mob cries a lot, and thats it.
  • After seeing Mob make a giant ball out of hundreds of buildings, Boomstick gets the urge to play Katamari Damacy.
    Boomstick: [to the tune of the game's theme] ♪Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, somehow these things will make some stars♪
  • Boomstick freaks out upon seeing Tatsumaki's... webcomic design.
    Boomstick: What the—?! Is that real? Why does she have cinnamon rolls stuck on her face?
    Wiz: Well, let's just say ONE is more well known for his excellent storytelling than, say, his art.
  • At the end of Tatsumaki's preview, Boomstick reveals that he has a daughter! And he needs to get home because she'll be back home from a date soon. And he needs to be ready with the gun.
    Wiz: You're not... actually gonna shoot him, right?
    Boomstick: Is the sky blue, Wiz? Do you experiment on animals? Is this bottle of whiskey empty? Yes! I'm going to shoot him.
    Wiz: Oh, okay... But what if he brings her home on time?
    Boomstick: Then he gets one in the leg. For dominance.
  • When going over Tatsumaki's powers, Boomstick notes that she could use her powers to have full control over television. As Boomstick concentrates to try and change the channel of the TV behind him, Wiz talks about Tatsumaki's control over an opponent's chi. During his explanation, he pulls a remote control out from his pocket and changes the channel. Boomstick naturally thinks that he's psychic now.
  • How the fight starts: Mob apparently managed to get himself lost looking for a middle school and wound up in what looks like a devastated city. When Tatsumaki finds him and incredulously tells him to get out of here, he makes the mistake of thinking she's a middle schooler like him. A pissed Tatsumaki slams him into a building hard enough to crater the wall, only to stare in shock as Mob nonchalantly pulls himself out and dusts off before reprimanding her for using her powers so pettily.
  • Mob uses his psychic power to seize Tatsumaki in mid-boast and slam her into the ground, complete with Tatsumaki's face going from dismissive to "what?" as his power takes hold. It's hilarious to see the ever smug and prideful Tatsumaki lying with her face smacked against the concrete and her ass sticking up in the air.
  • Throughout the fight, we get some Art Shift, switching up from hand-drawn to sprite animation. While this is typically Visual Effects of Awesome, one moment stands out as hilarious. Mob punts Tatsumaki into a building, and when the dust settles, we see that she's reverted to ONE's infamous art style, looking completely and utterly flabbergasted.
  • In the post-battle analysis, Tatsumaki's Catch and Return on the alien warship's barrage of shells is referred to as her "Reverse Uno".
  • The mere fact that, of all things, broccoli was one of the deciding factors in this battle. The comments had a field day with this one.
  • Next Time on Death Battle: Let's Kill Deadpool

    Deadpool vs. The Mask 
  • The title of Deadpool's preview sums up the premise of this particular fight: "Deadpool Won't Leave DEATH BATTLE!"
  • The introduction.
    Wiz: Deadpool, Marvel's Merc with a micropenis.
    Boomstick: And The Mask, a total chad who just oozes big dick energy.
    Wiz: Huh... Could've sworn that would get his attention.
    Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!
    Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win-
    Deadpool: [appearing on the screen behind them] My third Death Battle! HA! Wait, what was that about a micropenis? [cut off by the scene transition]
  • Getting a few petty shots in at Deadpool during his rundown, Wiz and Boomstick go over his strength and speed capabilities... by using mundane actions, such as picking up a gun or standing up, as references, essentially just comparing him to an average human being. All while Wade gets more and more frustrated and they just smirk. (They DO examine his actually impressive feats right after, though.)
  • Boomstick considers Deadpool's biggest weakness to be that "he's a dumb internet meme and he should feel bad about it.
  • The end of Deadpool's rundown.
    Boomstick: But [Deadpool's] also had sex with my mom over a hundred times and made her moan like— Hey, hey! Who changed the prompter?! [Deadpool can be heard imitating Zoidberg off-screen] Come back here, you son of a bitch!
  • At the beginning of The Mask's rundown, Wiz goes on explaining Carl Jung's definition of a Persona, describing it as a mask for someone to wear to conceal their true nature. Boomstick, naturally, is confused by this as Wiz goes on to ask what would happen if a mask were to reveal what was underneath. Boomstick answers with "your face", leaving Wiz flabbergasted on how to answer, with Boomstick saying to use his mouth since it's on his face, calling Wiz a dumbass for trying to figure out how masks work.
  • Boomstick describes Stanley Ipkiss as "the schlubbiest, dorkiest loser this side of Deadpool".
    Deadpool: Regenerating degenerates have feelings too, you know!
  • Wiz tells Boomstick that he shouldn't be fooled by the family movie version of The Mask before correcting himself with "movies".
    Wiz: I always forget that second one.
    Boomstick: Don't blame ya.
  • At the end of The Mask's preview, Wiz begins to Techno Babble about how "metafictional scientists" like him speculate on a unifying theory about the source of The Mask's powers (and others), but Boomstick beats him to it with his own theory.
    Boomstick: Drugs.
    Wiz: W-What? No, it's a phenomenon known as—
    Boomstick: Crack cocaine.
    Wiz: A phenomenon known as-
    Boomstick: PCP! C'mon, Wiz! Dude's totally high on something.
    Wiz: Fine! Whatever!
  • During the Mask's rundown, Wiz points out that he can break the fourth wall much like their current nemesis Deadpool. Right as Boomstick starts complaining about it, a certain former fighter makes an unwelcome entrance...
    Boomstick: You never said anything about that, and now we've got two of them!
    [a pink hoof pops in from behind Boomstick]
    Pinkie Pie: Don't forget about meeee!
    Boomstick: [punches her back offscreen in a shower of confetti] Two of them.
  • Deadpool's introduction in the fight: a freeze-frame of him crashing through a window of a very tall building, trying to grab the mask.
    Deadpool: Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got in this mess. Buuut there's only enough funding for a few minutes of animation, so we’re skipping that part!
  • During the initial face-to-face, Deadpool refers to the Mask as "Majora's mistake".
  • When DP whips out a pair of pistols, the Mask responds with his own guns... which are made of balloons. Until they suddenly overinflate and pop, revealing a pair of BFGs.
  • The Mask's reaction when Deadpool pulls out the Continuity Stone:
    Mask: [now wearing stereotypical geek glasses and speaking in a stereotypical geek voice] Actually, that's not canon!
  • Deadpool comments on the things he could use with the Continuity Stone, while in the background we see stills implying he changes some of the more infamous battles of the series (Cloud vs. Link, Wonder Woman vs. Rogue, Goku vs. Superman, Yang vs. Tifa, and Toph vs. Gaara).
  • Deadpool's attempted Continuity Stone stunt extinguishes the animation's funds, causing it to switch to still storyboard panels. The two fighters are forced to call a truce while they raise money to resume the animation proper... which is done via Stylistic Suck live action. Their methods of raising money include: selling things door-to-door (culminating in Wade angrily pointing a gun, which Mask forces him to lower), streaming on Twitch, gambling, selling Deadpool's bath water, and - what finally gets them the amount they need - checking under the couch cushions. Of someone else's house. While the Mask holds the resident at gunpoint.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but Deadpool's online name on Fortnite is NoobMaster69.
  • The killing blow. After a surprisingly awesome combat scene, Mask (after fighting as Cuban Pete with chainsaws) holds Deadpool's severed (and still alive) head in his hand, whips out an enormous nuke labeled "Fat Lady", examines a countdown timer... and nothing happens. The two look at each other for a brief moment, then Mask taps the nuke with the magnifying glass, and then it blows up.
  • The sheer fact that, as the hosts note after the fight, Deadpool was far more sane than Mask. This is even apparent during the fight itself, where Wade is shown outright getting annoyed and exasperated with Mask's shenanigans and toon abilities. It's not often that Deadpool of all people is the Straight Man.
  • After the fight, the Mask tricks Boomstick into accidentally reviving Deadpool using the Continuity Stone, much to the hosts' horror. The episode ends with Boomstick and Wiz running away from DP screaming, while the Mask declares himself the winner with his trademark grin.

    All Might vs. Might Guy 
  • At the end of Might Guy's preview, when talking about how the Strong Fist fighting style is meant to break bones, Boomstick breaks Wiz's leg as revenge for being stabbed with a trident.
  • During All Might's analysis, Boomstick notes that all of All Might's attacks are named after American cities or states. Boomstick, being Boomstick, notes that he'd prefer naming his attacks after food. And he somehow manages to manifest a Quirk that summons food. While Wiz marvels at this development, Boomstick takes the time to summon a lobster to attack his buddy.
  • During Might Guy's analysis, Boomstick learns that Guy's father is named Might Dai and calls it out as a horrible name since it sounds exactly like "Might Die". When Wiz says Dai is dead, Boomstick says his parents called it.
  • Throughout the fight, All Might and Guy are nothing but polite and encouraging to one another, basically treating the whole fight like a giant sparring match. It's just that the two are so stupidly powerful that they keep escalating things. The two are such ridiculously Nice Guys that the only reason this is even a Death Battle is that they end up taking it too far and accidentally kill each other.
  • Guy being impressed with All Might's appearance enough to challenge him to an arm-wrestle. Special mention from the bushybrows goes to the dual hair antennae.
  • The challenge quickly becomes the most over-the-top arm-wrestling competition ever seen, with the bench they were using somehow surviving a shockwave that cratered their surroundings.
  • All Might hits Guy with a Texas Smash that sends him flying into the distance. Guy quickly recovers by doing an over the top gymnastics routine, complete with applause, and scorecards out of nowhere giving him all 10s.
  • When Guy activates his seventh Gate, All Might makes a... familiar face. Not too long after, Dracula's monster form pops up.
  • Black Comedy ensues at the end of the fight; with All Might dead and Guy having both a hole in his chest and all Eight Gates opened, he still has the bravado to say:
    Guy: Good fight. Let's do it... again... [collapses]


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