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Boxing ring? Cheering crowd? Metal cage? Both fighters in their Super Forms from the beginning? Awesomeness is certain to ensue.


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     Aquaman vs. Namor 
  • The battle makes full use of the sheer versatility of these combatants truly showing that, despite their Memetic Loser status, these characters are well and truly badass.
  • Namor is briefly able to turn the fight into a 1v3 match by way of creating two golems to fight Aquaman. Aquaman either dodges all of their attacks or uses his Elemental Powers to No-Sell them. He then summons a storm and reduces the two golems to dust with lightning. For Namor's part, he gets hit by the same lightning blasts but merely chuckles at the attempt to finish him off and fires a bigger blast out at Aquaman.
  • The fight then goes to the ocean with Namor giving a speech about "one's place" before trying to finish Aquaman off with fish. Aquaman merely flashes his eyes and summons his own minions to save him.
    Namor: Everyone has their place, that's just how things are. You should understand yours! (sends nine different fish at Aquaman)
    Aquaman: (summons sharks to eat his attackers) You are such a terrific dumbass.
  • The killing blow! Both Aquaman and Namor are equally matched... or so it seems. Aquaman uses his Telepathy to briefly stun Namor, then tells the angler fish surrounding them to eat him before decapitating him with a trident throw.
    Aquaman: Have at him, boys! (puts Namor out of his misery) Dinner's on the king tonight!
  • In meta, this Death Battle bumps the kill streak held by DC up to 5.

     Mega Man Battle Royale 
  • Meta example: This is the biggest free-for-all of the series so far, with five combatants total. The TMNT and Pokemon starter battle royales had four and three, respectively. The fact that it involves all five of the most prominent Mega Men fighting each other is just the icing on the cake.
  • Most of the Mega Men split up near the beginning of the fight, but when they come together, they each launch their black hole bombs (except Volnutt), only for them to converge into a MEGA black hole bomb. The last time a black hole was created was in "Thanos vs. Darkseid", and that was Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet. Here, no reality warping to cause it; just pure, destructive force!
  • Even when he’s fresh out of Weapon Energy, been stripped of the Super Adapter, wrecked almost beyond repair, and is about to be pulled into a black hole to his death, Mega Man Classic still tries dragging X in with him, Terminator-style. Not bad for someone so outclassed.
  • X proves himself the strongest of the physical Mega Men by not only shrugging off Volnutt's attacks with ease and No Selling Classic Mega Man's Time Stop with his own, he's the only one who actually survives getting dragged into the giant black hole that subsequently explodes, regenerating from only his metal core.
  • Geo's final attack on .EXE was to take over X and combine his power with the Maverick Hunter's. With all that power, he fires a Red Gaia Eraser that outright cracked .EXE's Dark Aura. Keep in mind that said shield is powerful enough to survive the destruction of the entire Cyberworld Universe. He still lost, but that's one hell of a feat to go out on.
  • One for .EXE: Wiz and Boomstick note that thanks to searching the entire Cyber World to save Bass.EXE, he had to have been moving at three novemdecillion note  times the speed of light. That's not only faster than the other Mega Men by leaps and bounds, but the hosts note that it's the largest number they've had on the show, surpassing the likes of Superman, Doctor Fate, and Darkseid in speednote  and second only to The Flash (who can theoretically accelerate infinitely via the Speed Force). Quite the impressive distinction for the virus buster.
  • Geo and Omega-Xis get one as well, for far surpassing most of his Mega Man brethren with the exception of Lan and Hub.
  • .EXE has several battle chips that could disable the other Mega Men's special weapons. The only exception? The otherwise outclassed Mega Man Volnutt, whose weapons are mechanical in nature instead of programs.
    Boomstick: You got one, buddy.
  • Volnutt gets a minor one for directly opposing X when he's trying to finish off Classic Mega Man. Despite how clear it is that the reploid could just make short work of the carbon boy without breaking a sweat, he still has the guts to shoot at him even if it's in vain. He may be outclassed, but Volnutt definitely has the courage of a Mega Man.
     Black Widow vs. Widowmaker 
  • The fight starts when Widowmaker kills a SHIELD operative that Black Widow's working with. Natasha immediately dives for cover, then baits Widowmaker into revealing her location by kicking a discarded beer bottle into the air. Cue the Sniper Duel.
  • Widowmaker scores a direct hit on Black Widow in the opening shots of the fight, but as you can probably tell, Black Widow just keeps going with a sniper round buried in her body. It's a bit hard to tell where exactly it hit (though she manages to avoid a headshot), but the most probable point of impact appears to be her right arm or shoulder, which makes most everything that follows a hundred times more impressive. In a beautiful Shout-Out to Sword Art Online, this happens when she and Black Widow end up firing at each other with such identical accuracy that their bullets gleam off one another in mid-flight. The larger caliber of Widowmaker's shot means Natasha's bullet suffers a worse deviation, killing a pigeon perched on the same rooftop.
  • Not wanting to risk her life with her target already dead, Widowmaker attempts to call in an escape ship and flee the scene of her crime, but Black Widow isn't having that and wrecks her escape vehicle with a sticky bomb attached to a runaway motorcycle. Mid-flight. Not only that, but the resulting explosion takes a nearby Ferris wheel off its hinges, resulting in a thrilling sequence where Black Widow grapples onto one of the cars and rides it into the skyscraper Widowmaker is perched on, only narrowly avoiding a shot from the Talon operative.
  • Black Widow trips a Venom Mine and collapses to the ground coughing, which leads to this exchange:
    Widowmaker: What makes you think you can sneak up on me?
    Black Widow: I'm a goddamn Avenger! (strikes Widowmaker with a point-blank Widow's Bite)
  • Despite being handily outclassed in CQC, Widowmaker refuses to give up and scores some nasty hits on Black Widow with just a shard of glass.
  • The fight ends with Black Widow, appropriately enough, tying a wire around Widowmaker's neck and cutting off her air supply. As the assassin desperately reaches for her Widow's Kiss, there's one last exchange before it all wraps up:
    Widowmaker: I... can survive... anything!
    Black Widow: Nice theory. Let's test it.
    {Black Widow springboards off of Widowmaker's back, decapitating her and sending her head flying into the air. She lands on her feet and takes one last look at her opponent's headless body.)
    Black Widow: Dosvidanya. note 
  • Meta Example: Natalie Van Sistine and Jeannie Tirado's respective performances as Black Widow and Widowmaker sound almost exactly like Laura Bailey (who's voiced Natasha on numerous occasions) and Chloe Hollings (Widowmaker's official voice actress).

    Captain Marvel vs. Shazam 
  • Carol gets one in hindsight at the start of the animation. Despite the immense speed advantage he has over her, she easily catches up to Shazam when he tries to run away and punches him to the ground. Despite that, Shazam easily deals with her attacks and punches her away before unleashing a combo of attacks.
  • In general, the fight easily trades the Advantage Ball from one combatant to the other. Whenever it seems like a combatant is going to get the upper hand, the other dodges out of the combo they're in and takes advantage of the opening.
  • Shazam stuns Carol and drags her up into the atmosphere. Soon after that, Carol tanks one of Shazam's lightning bolts and dishes it back out at him, briefly turning him back into Billy Batson.
  • After Billy turns back into Shazam, Carol tackles him into the Earth. Remember they were in low orbit, around 2,000 kilometers above the ground when this happens, and Carol gets such a hold on Shazam that he can't get out of her grapple until she's finished.
  • Finally, the two combatants engage in a light-speed battle before Shazam reveals how powerful he really is; he grabs Carol, sends her flying through three meteors, before ending the fight with a final meteor-shattering punch that literally atomizes her. Even though she still perishes, it's a minor awesome moment for Carol as well; considering how it not only ultimately took an attack of practically Superman levels to finally bring her down, but it's a far more dignified and spectacular way to go out than the humiliating death she previously got at the hands of Android 18.
  • On a meta note, Shazam joins Otacon, Dante, Zoro, and technically Yoshi in being a male combatant to get a clear victory over his female opponent. This also bumps DC's win streak to six.

    Wario vs. King Dedede 
  • Even before the fight starts, it's easy to tell that it's going to be awesome. Not only is it a freaking cage match, something even Balrog and TJ Combo didn't get, but Dedede and Wario are both already in their respective Super Forms — Masked Dedede and Wario-Man, respectively — right from the beginning.
  • Though the fight is mostly a laugh riot, there's one specific moment that really stands out from the pack: Dedede tanking a planet-destroying explosion from Wario's backfiring waft, no worse-for-wear, and casually reclining on his side in Space — giving both the camera and the nearby hat of his exploded enemy a smug grin.
  • The killing blow itself is a masterful moment of quick thinking on the King's part. Giant Wario hurls himself at Giant Dedede with a fully-charged waft, and as Dedede panics and rummages around, he pulls out a Gordo and bats it into Wario's butt with his hammer; which completely blocks the waft and causes Wario to blow himself up with it, along with the planet the two were fighting on.

     Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern 
  • Midway through the fight, Ben decides to turn into Way Big before attempting to stomp on Green Lantern. Green Lantern manages to survive this, however, and summons two massive fists. Way Big and Green Lantern then enter a massive boxing match that proceeds to level buildings.
  • After Green Lantern proves powerful enough to take out the likes of Way Big, Ben decides to stop playing around and transforms into Alien X. His first move? Dissipate the moon Hal was going to drop on Way Big into nothingness, before casually teleporting in front of Hal and launching him into outer space with a finger flick, Beerus-style.
    Alien X: Yawn.
  • Alien X grabs Hal before he begins to erase him from reality. Hal's response? Will himself back into reality before decking Alien X in the face. There's a damn good reason why Hal was chosen to wield the Green Lantern Ring.
    Alien X: This is Alien X. He controls all of reality. This is over.
    Green Lantern: I don't care what kinda power you've got!
  • Alien X summons an army of Alien X's and sends them out to beat on the Emerald Knight, who barely manages to put up a barrier. As the Celestialsapien army threatens to shatter the shield completely, Hal manages to summon his Green Lantern Battery, and as he builds up power for his ring, he recites his Badass Creed. Hal then summons a massive spear, before impaling Alien X through the chest, seemingly fatally wounding him.
    Green Lantern: In brightest day, in blackest night... No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power... (Hal gains a massive surge of power, dissipating the Alien X clones) GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!
  • Alien X decides that his best chance of victory is to turn back time to just after his failed attempt to erase Hal from existence and finish him off before he can put up his shield and pull out his Battery, this time hitting him in the face in the middle of his quip and smashing him into a large asteroid. Unfortunately for Ben, this, in turn, gives Hal the idea to go back in time himself... going back to the moment before Ben transformed in the first place, slicing off his arm that he wore the Omnitrix on, and crushing him under a giant boot.
    Alien X: Reality includes time.
  • Ben might have lost, but while the post-fight analysis showed how outclassed he was, he managed to give Green Lantern the fight of his life. Alien X was such a deadly foe that not only did he push Hal to his limit, but he proved to be such a threat that Hal felt that he had to ambush Ben at his most vulnerable in order to come out on top. In other words, Hal, the man who out-willed the DC Universe's physical embodiment of willpower, determined that he couldn't (or at the very least, it was better not to) beat Alien X in a straight-up fight.
  • Meta examples:
    • Nicholas Louie had a big job, having to voice Ben and all his aliens, and he did a fantastic job. In fact, Way Big sounds exactly the same as he does in Ben 10: Omniverse. Likewise, Bradley Gareth manages to do an impressive impression of Nathan Fillion, who's voiced Hal Jordan in several animated features.
    • Alien X has achieved the new highest number on the show, previously set by MegaMan.EXE a few episodes ago. .EXE's speed feat had sixty zeroes, but Alien X's durability feat hit sixty-nine zeroes. Ben may have lost, but this is still incredibly impressive.
    • The animation for this episode is amazing, especially for the initial transformation sequence of Ben into Four Arms. It's good enough to almost be mistaken for the show itself.
    • In less than a week Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern accumulated over 2 million views, which is already more than the amount of views the season premiere has achieved and is currently the third most viewed episode in the season.
    • The episode very quickly developed a reputation as one of the more controversial episodes of Death Battle,note  due to some fans feeling that Ben's feats were misrepresented. In response to this, on the Death Battle Cast Q&A, the main researcher of said episode, Liam Swan, very calmly and concisely countered the various fan-questions about it with various sources of evidencenote  he had prepared beforehand. Regardless of how one might feel about the result, Liam's professional response to the backlash is certainly admirable, as is his commitment and ability to defend his decision. Many of the fans in the chat who watched the Q&A live, along with many FIRST members, couldn't help but be impressed by how well he handled the situation.
    • This fight marks DC's seventh straight win in Death Battle.

     Weiss Schnee vs. Mitsuru Kirijo 
  • The fight opens with the two already clashing in a truly impressive display of swordsmanship.
  • Weiss quickly gains the upper hand and pushes Mitsuru back before summoning giant spikes of ice. Mitsuru's response? Holding up her hand against the attack, which completely shatters it!
  • Misturu then summons Artemisia, who easily blocks or overpowers all of Weiss' attacks with her whip. During this onslaught, Mitsuru tries to take advantage of an opening, only to be easily blown across the room by Weiss, who then makes Artemisia retreat with fire Dust.
  • Weiss then summons the Queen Lancer to distract Artemisia while she engages with Mitsuru again and traps her in a combo using her glyphs before throwing her into the ground. Notice the word 'distract'? Because that's about all the Queen Lancer accomplishes before Artemisia slams it into the ground and one-shots it.
  • Mitsuru tries to take advantage of the distraction by kicking Weiss away and attacking from above. Weiss' reaction is to merely summon a gravity glyph to trap her in place before throwing her across the room again.
  • Weiss then takes the opportunity to summon the Arma Gigas. What ensues is a climactic battle between sword users as their summons fight in the background and even interact with the former fight. Mitsuru and Artemisia win their respective fights with Mitsuru trapping Weiss in a combo and Artemisia uses her whip to trip the Arma Gigas up.
  • Artemisia summons spikes of ice in an attempt to impale the Schnee Heiress and nearly wins right there, if not for the Arma Gigas, who quickly recovers and shields his master from the attack. Of course, he disintegrates shortly afterwards, but if the Arma Gigas was truly alive, it would've been one hell of a Dying Moment of Awesome.
  • Undeterred, Weiss attempts to take down both Mitsuru and Artemisia on her own using her final trump card, Time Dilation. At first it looks like she lands a near-fatal blow, but if you pause at just the right time, you'll notice Mitsuru manages to dodge Weiss's attack, even with Time Dilation. And then Artemisia hits both combatants with Megidolaon.
  • In a flash, both combatants are on the floor, gravely injured. Weiss' Aura is finally depleted, but Mitsuru has taken her fair share of damage herself and Artemisia is missing. It could go either way at this point before we get this exchange:
    Weiss: How strong are you?
    Mitsuru: (pulls out her Evoker) Strong enough.
  • Mitsuru then shoots herself in the head, summoning Artemisia, who quickly restores her to full health with Diarahan. The wide-eyed expression of horror on Weiss' face says it all, as the gravity of her situation finally hits her. She has no Aura, thus meaning no Semblance, which also means no method of summoning her Arma Gigas to help fight against Artemisia. Meanwhile, her opponent has just completely healed herself and still has access to her entire arsenal.
  • Just read all that back again. Apart from a few token gestures, Mitsuru had Weiss completely on the ropes throughout the battle.
  • Of course, Weiss being Weiss, she decides that if she's going down, she's gonna go down swinging. Sure, Artemisia and Mitsuru quickly dispatch her, but the Schnee heiress was nothing if not Defiant to the End. Judging by the respectful bow it gives before it dematerialises, Artemisia agrees.
  • A meta example: Following the controversial Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern as well as the controversial outcomes of both Yang vs. Tifa back in Season 2 and Ruby vs. Ragna in DBX, quite a few people were skeptical about this episode, thinking it would only serve as further proof that the hosts were openly biased when it came to RWBY characters. Suffice it to say, Mitsuru's curb-stomp victory handily put those claims to rest.

     Johnny Cage vs. Captain Falcon 
  • Everyone expected Captain Falcon to tell Cage to "Show me ya moves!" during the fight. At the very beginning of the fight, everyone was proven right. It's not even a memetic line; it sounds genuinely serious in context.
  • The Falcon Punch vs. the Nut Punch. Nut Punch wins out. There's something awesome yet hilarious about Johnny dodging the Falcon Punch to punch Falcon right in the crotch. And managing to stagger him, too.
    Johnny Cage: (gives a thumbs-down) You know what they say, all's fair in show business!
    Captain Falcon: Nobody says that!
  • Both combatants eventually fall down to the racetrack of Big Blue, fighting while riding atop of other machines. Johnny hurls shadow balls that take out the racers with a single hit, but Falcon dodges all of them easily, switching to a Punch Parry on the top of a speeding Blood Hawk.
  • Falcon gets knocked off the front of the vehicle he and Johnny are fighting on. Anyone who has fought on Big Blue in Super Smash Bros. is expecting him to have to hitch a ride on another racer to catch up... but Falcon lands, and then jumps back on before the car has even caught up to him.
    Johnny: So cool... (takes a Knee of Justice to the face)
  • Just when Johnny is kicked off, he gets boosted forward by the boost pads on the racetrack, and proceeds to use them to gain momentum and tag Falcon by surprise, even hitting him hard enough to crack his skull through his helmet at one point.
  • The finishing blow is incredible. After being knocked around at high speed and coughing up blood, Captain Falcon calls in the Blue Falcon, hopping into the cockpit without slowing down before mowing into Johnny at high speed. Johnny survives getting rammed by a vehicle potentially going over 1500 km/hnote , and even clings to the nosecone while cracking its windshield with punches. The good Captain then triggers the Boost Fire, painfully grinding Cage against the track at well over supersonic speeds, shredding him with the centrifugal force as the vehicle goes airborne, before dropping him at a great height. As Johnny is falling helplessly, Falcon leaps out of the cockpit, dives down, and just like how former Falcon Andy Summers finished off Black Shadow...
    Falcon PUNCH!
  • The resulting punch both completely gibs Cage and causes an enormous explosion that can be seen across the whole of Big Blue. Falcon finally drops back down next to Johnny's disembodied arm, removing his scarf and throwing it off as he turns his back to his opponent's remains.
    Captain Falcon: Only one can be worthy.
  • A meta example: the hosts deduce that even though the Falcon Punch isn't the galaxy-destroying attack many people think it is, it's still strong enough to produce 151 billion joules of energy. In other words, much, much stronger than any of Cage's attacks, and still more than enough to decisively kill him.
  • Cage might have lost the fight, but credit where it's due: he really went out fighting. During the analysis, they even mention that he's the more skilled martial artist out of the two fighters, and that he had little trouble keeping up with Captain Falcon's speed. In the fight proper, he keeps on finding ways to get back into the fray, dodging the first Falcon Punch and nailing Falcon in the nads, using boost pads to keep back up with him after being sent reeling, badly injures Falcon and gets him on the ropes, and even attempting to punch through the Blue Falcon's cockpit as he's clinging on... whilst it's going at potentially over 1500 km/h. It took a literal piece of the Big Bang, the Blue Falcon turning into an impromptu Mach speed buzz saw, and an almighty exploding punch to truly put him down. For how much of a humorous goofball he's often considered to be, Johnny definitely did not die easily.
  • The episode reached Number 1 on Trending on YouTube. This is quite incredible, considering the episode is considered one of the 'oddballs' of the season (a match-up that isn't as popular or with characters not as famous). Considering the fact that this season had popular matches like Captain Marvel vs Shazam and big names like Ben 10 and Mega Man, this is a huge achievement.

     Aang vs Edward Elric 
  • Aang activating his Avatar State is every bit as epic as when he does it in his home series, complete with glowing white eyes, a Voice of the Legion, and an aura of all four elements forming around him.
  • Credit where it's due, Edward didn't scream nor even panic in the face of his demise. Despite knowing that he's doomed — with no way to produce any more incantations in time with his arm destroyed and the Avatar bearing down on him — he accepts what's about to happen, stands his ground, and fires off one last remark at Aang with a Death Glare before being vaporized.
  • A small one for Edward, despite having a an arm and a leg made of automail on top of being a very proficient user of alchemy, he is still at his core a regular human. It's impressive that he could hold his own on a fight against the Avatar with his wits and creativity making up for the power gap. Especially even when Aang does destroy his automail arm, he's still able to keep fighting back instead of immediately losing control.

     Ghost Rider vs Lobo 
  • At the end of Ghost Rider's portion of the pre-fight, Wiz drops this chilling line, sounding not unlike a ghost story one would hear in a tavern of old. Johnny's quote — which seems to have been picked specifically to follow through — just makes it all the more frightening.
    Wiz: So let this be a warning... should you ever hear the rumble of a motorcycle in the distance and a glow of an ethereal flame on the horizon. Count your sins, because the Ghost Rider is coming. And may God have mercy on your soul.
    Ghost Rider: Sorry. All outta mercy.
  • Boomstick accidentally summons Deadpool, who pops up on the monitor. Wiz is having none of that and destroys the monitor with one punch (with his non-robotic hand, no less) before swearing that he will eventually kill Deadpool.
  • While Lobo is wrapping up his latest bounty, he sees someone drive in. Johnny Blaze pulls up, and begins a chilling spiel on how it's the Main Man's time to be judged. Lobo's response? Barrel through Ghost Rider, bike and all, while flipping off the scattered pieces. The sheer audacity of this act, especially against someone as feared as Ghost Rider, is nothing less than impressive, yet completely in character for the Main Man.
  • Lobo No Sells a glance at the Penance Stare, though not the full brunt of it: even laughing it off and countering by smashing Johnny's skull with a headbutt. That alone puts him in some very elite company.
  • Lobo charges through a wave of Ghost Rider's hellfire, none the worse for wear, before throwing him into a nearby bank. He then follows this up by compacting the bank into a mass the size of a gobstopper, and chowing it down in a single bite.
  • Being swallowed is nothing more than a mild inconvenience for the Rider, however, and he explodes the Last Czarnian from the inside out. Johnny looks upon the pile of blood and gibs, thinking he's won. Not even close. From the puddles of blood surrounding him, multiple clones of Lobo spawn, knocking around the helpless Spirit of Vengeance, before all of them dog pile him.
  • Unfortunately for the Main Man, this has the side effect of severely pissing off the Devil's Bounty Hunter. The clones are all sent flying, and we see that Johnny has surrendered control. Lobo has awoken Zarathos... and he is pissed.
  • As Zarathos begins wiping out his massive army of clones, Lobo retaliates with a BFG, hitting the angel of justice square in the chest, and judging by his expression, Zarathos definitely felt it. That's right. Lobo hurts Zarathos, a demon lord on par with the likes of Mephisto and Galactus. It's implied from the aftermath that this even briefly destroyed Zarathos' body, which had to regenerate from its head.
    Lobo: Eat this, ya bastich!
  • As Zarathos and Lobo exchange blasts of power, it results in a massive explosion that carves a titanic crater into the planet. The Last Czarnian comes back as a soul, overlooking the carnage as he believes he's won. But as the Main Man bemoans his lost bounty, a chain flies in out of nowhere, impaling him through the chest. Zarathos has also regenerated, reforming from nothing to finally give Lobo what has been due to him.
    Zarathos: LOBO OF CZARNIA! YOUR SINS ARE INNUMERABLE! I am here to wreak vengeance... UPON YOUR SOUL! (Zarathos hits Lobo with the Penance Stare, before eating his soul)
    • The first time Ghost Rider says this line in the fight, it's just business as usual. This time? He's furious.
    • The Penance Stare also has the very rare distinction of psychologically breaking Lobo, reducing the once snarky and super-confident visage of the Main Man to a terrified wreck by forcing him to experience, all at once, every bit of pain he has done unto others tenfold. Much like how he did the same to Galactus, that's one hell of an accomplishment for the Devil's Bounty Hunter.
    • While killing off the main Lobo is a major one, it must also be noted that the rest of the Lobo clones were straight up incinerated, soul and all, by Zarathos' hellfire. Ghost Rider didn't just kill Lobo, he didn't just kill him Deader Than Dead, he killed him Deader Than Dead multiple times at once.
  • The Spirit of Vengeance's victory over Lobo here isn't just a rare win for Marvel against their long-running rivals — something that has been pretty scarce for them nowadays. It also marks the end of the lengthy win streak DC has had since Raven vs. Twilight Sparkle — a streak that saw them notch 7 wins (5 of which were against Marvel characters) and has lasted for nearly a year and a half.
  • Ghost Rider joins Akuma and Doctor Fate as being one of the very few Death Battle combatants to have not only killed their opponent, but totally obliterated their soul as well. Lobo, meanwhile, trumps Shang Tsung and Doctor Strange as being the opponent for whom this was necessary, not being able to be killed otherwise.

     Mechagodzilla vs. Dragonzord 
  • Much like Weiss Vs. Mitsuru above, the battle starts off already taking place, with the two mechs duking it out at a nuclear power plant.
  • After getting knocked down and pinned by the Dragonzord, Kiryu retaliates by firing the Twin Maser Cannons... only for it to do nothing, as the Dragonzord nonchalantly tears a huge chunk off of a nearby cooling tower, and shoves it down Kiryu's throat with enough force to create a crater.
  • When Mechagodzilla ends up knocked down, Akane makes her move, flying in the White Heron to blast the Dragonzord with missiles to distract them while Kiryu gets back up. While it doesn't do much damage and leads to her quickly being shot down by Tommy's own missiles, it certainly proves how brave she is: being a regular human trying to directly fight something as towering and powerful as the Dragonzord to protect Kiryu.
  • However, Akane being taken out of the fight doesn't stop Kiryu at all. In fact it only made Tommy's situation worse, as Kiryu goes berserk with the original Godzilla's spirit possessing them, proceeding to demolish the Dragonzord to avenge his companion. This results in a 25-second No-Holds-Barred Beatdown where Kiryu mercilessly claws and masers the Dragonzord, punches it hard three times, nimbly dodges two finger missile salvos, drags it across the ground while punching it hard several times, then throws it into a barrier. It finishes off by grabbing the Dragonzord's tail, spinning it around, and throwing it into a building.
  • How does Tommy retaliate? By summoning in the Sabertooth Tiger, Mastodon, and Triceratops Zords in order to create the Dragonzord's Fighting Mode, which is definitely a match for a berserk Kiryu, being able to hit it very hard while parrying several attacks from it via the spear.
  • The finishing blow. Dragonzord Fighting Mode charges up its drill spear for the deathblow and punches a hole right through Kiryu's torso. It looks to be Tommy's win... and then Kiryu suddenly grabs the spear, pulls himself down it further to then grab the Dragonzord, stopping it from getting away as he charges a Absolute Zero Cannon shot at point-blank range, blasting through and freezing both the Dragonzord and the building behind them solid. For the coup de grace, Kiryu roars directly at the Dragonzord: outright shattering both it and Tommy to reduce them to a heap of icy dust.

    Sasuke Uchiha vs. Hiei 
  • Like before, the animation kicks itself up a notch once more, mixing fast-paced sprite animation with hand-drawn illustrations. Some moments feel like they could have been taken straight out of the episodes themselves, with special note being given to the moment after Hiei escapes Sasuke's Genjutsu with the Jagan Eye's power.
  • After breaking Hiei's blade, Sasuke proceeds to trap the demon spawn within a Genjutsu, impaling the hybrid on four swords. Hiei's response? Laugh, before activating the Jagan Eye to escape the illusions.
    Hiei: How interesting...
  • Once Hiei escapes the genjutsu, Sasuke envelopes him in Amaterasu. He dispels it without even flinching.
  • The behemoth fight between Susanoo and the darkness dragons is nothing short of spectacular, and really shows the extent of the power these two have.
  • The finishing blow counts as one. Sasuke charges at Hiei with the Susanoo activated, while Hiei counterattacks after amping himself up with the Sword of the Darkness Flame. The Single-Stroke Battle proceeds to destroy the crater they created even further, and both sides land on either side of the crater. The combatants are left bloodied and breathing heavily... and several seconds later, Sasuke's sword falls to neatly-cut pieces, then Sasuke himself explodes into bloody slices not long after in a direct Shout-Out to how Hiei defeated Seiryu.
    Hiei: (chuckles as he walks away) Now, that's more like it. A fight fit for a demon.
  • The fact that Hiei was a major underdog for this fight makes his victory all the sweeter. Even Boomstick acknowledges he thought Sasuke would've had it in the bag, no doubt echoing the thoughts of most viewers. He and Wiz then go into a detailed explanation about how, much to even their shock, Hiei could not only match Sasuke blow for blow but had perfect counters for all of his most powerful attacks and abilities.
  • The reveal for the next episode was set up perfectly. The haunting greyscale and the menacing organ music set the perfect tone for a match coming in October. And what's the matchup? Ganondorf VS Dracula.

    Ganondorf vs. Dracula 
  • Two combatants as awe-inspiring as Ganondorf and Dracula deserve one hell of a battle intro, and Death Battle, as ever, refuses to disappoint.
    Ganondorf: (barges in the front door) Your castle is lost, vampire. No man can challenge my power. (starts to charge a Warlock Punch)
    Dracula: (laughs) But what is a man? A miserable pile of secrets! (tosses wineglass)
  • After getting hit with a darkness-powered uppercut to the face, Dracula's response is to shrug it off and bitch-slap Ganondorf to show how little concern he has for him.
  • Ganondorf manages to slice off Dracula's head with the Sword of Sages. Does Dracula let that slow him down at all? Nope. Cue Dracula's monster form bursting out of his body, before proceeding to lay into the astonished Gerudo with savage swipes of his claws and bites.
  • What do you get when two Big Bads both go One-Winged Angel to fight each other? One hell of a monster fight!
  • Beast Ganon proves to be a terrifying opponent, even for a foe as strong as Dracula. The moment Ganondorf transforms, he manages to turn the tides against Monster Dracula in a swift No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, and even forcing Dracula to use his Demonic Megiddo.
    Ganondorf: Behold true power...
  • The sheer fact that Dracula overpowered and destroyed the Triforce of Power. AKA, one-third of one of the most powerful artifacts in the Zelda universe, with his Demonic Megiddo. Ganondorf's expression says everything.
    Dracula: I am no simple vampire... I. Am. A GOD!
  • Ganondorf surviving the Demonic Megiddo, which is basically a mini-nuke made of his biggest weakness, plus the castle collapsing on top of him immediately afterward. Dracula had to be very thorough with this one.
  • The finishing blow is a perfect blend of horrifying and awe-inspiring. After Dracula's Demonic Megiddo proceeds to annihilate the entire castle, Ganondorf is left lying in the rubble, dazed and weakened. Dracula stomps forward, still in his monster form. Desperately, the Gerudo King tries to activate his Triforce to get one last shot in but ultimately fails, leaving the Dark Messiah to rip Ganondorf in half with ease, before holding up the warlock's top half and gorging himself on his blood as the full moon shines behind him.
    Dracula: You're right... you're not a man. You're a pig. Let me hear you squeal.
  • The animation for this fight is absolutely spectacular. Kudos to the guest SFM animators, DevilArtemis, Daitomodachi and Doovad Hohdan for animating the two lords of darkness.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the first Zelda game to have full voice acting, but since Ganon spent the game in bestial form, he didn't get the same honor. Death Battle isn't satisfied with waiting to see if the sequel rectifies that; William T. Sopp gives Ganondorf a Badass Baritone worthy of the Demon King. Made all the better when he transforms into Dark Beast Ganon; the added growl hits the line between monstrous body and cunning mind so perfectly, you almost wish they'd had him yell "I AM GANON!"
  • Like Johnny Cage vs Captain Falcon before it, it made it onto the trending page (second to only the latest JonTron video at the time). Ben later posted an update, showing that the fight did manage to reach Number 1.

    Mob vs. Tatsumaki 
  • The animation for the fight is beautiful, seemlessly switching from a combination of sprites, sprite artwork and actual animation, even looking like ONE's drawings at times!
  • For the majority of the beginning of the fight, Tatsumaki dominates the battle, with Mob mostly going on the defensive as he tries to block Tatsumaki's assault, all the while his percentage keeps rising further and further. Then he finally hits his limit, reaching 100%, and almost immediately he begins to turn the battle around, kicking the rival esper around like a football and slamming the Tornado of Terror through several buildings.
    Mob: By the way? Just so you know... (flip kicks Tatsumaki several feet into the air, before flying up to kick her back into a building) This is your fault.
  • Tatsumaki's own reaction counts as such as well. For most of the fight, she was acting like the Smug Super she is in canon, haughtily flicking Mob around with snaps of her fingers. The moment Mob reaches 100% and starts turning the tides, she begins undergoing a Freak Out, her voice rising in pitch as the fight drags on, which only gets worse when he goes ???% Mode. Mob may have ultimately lost the fight, but the fact that he utterly shattered Tatsumaki's composure is a victory in and of itself.
  • Tatsumaki deserves mention for being able to endure ???% Mob's attempted finishing blow of twisting her body up before she finally shatters his psychic shield and crushes him to death with a meteor from space.
  • Like the previous season's Master Roshi vs. Jiraiya, the killing blow comes as a result of the winner being taken out of the fight too late to stop it. In this case, by the time ???% Mob has dazed Tatsumaki with a high-speed headbutt and has her at his mercy, she's already pulled a meteor towards him, and with her still being capable of shattering his defenses in her weakened state, the fight was already over. Even better, judging by how time slows down while she breaks Mob's defenses, and he's immediately pancaked once time returns to normal, she waited until the last possible moment to make her move, likely to make absolutely sure Mob didn't have time to dodge once he was vulnerable.
  • Despite losing the battle, Mob's ???% state gives Tatsumaki one intense fight, almost completely overwhelming her and winning the battle until the aforementioned Colony Drop.

    Deadpool vs. The Mask 
  • This is a strange one, but equally awesome as the On the Next segment implies Wiz and Boomstick planned this fight to kill Deadpool.
  • Based on the preview for the video, the animation for the video is nothing short of beautifully fluid and absolutely gorgeous. The style (at least, the style most of the battle uses) is like stepping into the comics Deadpool and The Mask hail from.
  • Again based on the preview clip, the fact that both Deadpool and The Mask easily shake off what would’ve normally been fatal blows (a hole through the chest and getting decapitated, respectively) just within the first minute of the fight, gives us a hint to just how batshit insane this fight is gonna be.

     All Might vs. Might Guy 
  • How does the fight between these two start? With an arm-wrestling contest of course.
  • The two prove to be so powerful that without breaking from their grip or even getting up from their seats, they manage to crater the ground around them by the sheer force of them arm wrestling.
  • The fight itself, the camera angles, and even the setting are marvelously animated. Special mention to Guy knocking All Might into a tree hard enough to uproot it, who then proceeds to pick it up and smack Guy with it.
  • The ending of the fight can't be done justice in words with how fittingly epic it was. Even after getting impaled through the chest by All Might's arm courtesy of United States of Smash, Guy still refuses to back down and opens the Gate of Death to tip the scales in his favour and prepares to use Night Guy to All Might's surprise. The Symbol of Peace readies his own attack to try to end the fight, and as they both are about to clash, Guy manages to connect Night Guy before his opponent which results in All Might's unmoving body losing An Arm and a Leg. Sure Guy succumbed to the Gate of Death's blowback and his injuries but he still managed to earn a victory for himself and his series after Jiraya and Sasuke's losses.
  • In an event unprecedented in Death Battle history, All Might manages to leave Might Guy fatally wounded by the fight's end, all but ensuring a Mutual Kill. Many previous combatants managed to avert a Curb-Stomp Battle or otherwise had a Curb Stomp Cushion, but this is the first time the victor was forced to literally fight beyond their limit in order to secure their victory. By extension, Might Guy manages to become the first combatant to claim victory despite dying as a result instead of having to settle for a draw like Goomba vs. Koopa and Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black.
  • The teaser for Season 7 drops two bombshells: one, that for the first time since switching to an official season format, Season 7 will have 20 episodes instead of 16note ; and two, episodes will only be two weeks apart instead of three.
  • In a recurring theme for this season, All Might vs Might Guy managed to reach number one on trending.

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