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    Boba Fett Vs. Samus 
  • During Boba Fett's pre-battle analysis, Wizard notes how Fett has a tendency to screw up, pointing out that he's fallen into the Sarlacc Pit three times.
    Boomstick: Three times! How do you even do that once? It’s a giant hole in the ground with teeth, and he’s got a jetpack!

    Akuma Vs. Shang Tsung 
  • On Akuma's Kongo Kokuretsu Zan:
    Boomstick: (after struggling to pronounce the move properly) How do you say that?
    Wiz: No idea.
    Boomstick: Well, I'm pretty sure that's Japanese for Fuck you up.
  • Boomstick's final analysis on Akuma's victory:
    Boomstick: I mean, Tsung loses to Liu Kang all the time. (screen shows Akuma and Liu Kang) And compared to Akuma, Liu Kang is the nicest guy on the planet! (Liu Kang now has a smiley face superimposed over him)
  • While describing Akuma's role in the Street Fighter mythos, Wiz and Boomstick bring up the only loss Akuma ever had in the series; to his brother, Gouken.
    Wiz: But after a brutal rematch...
    (cut to a picture of Gouken's defeated body, with the kanji on Akuma's gi painted out of blood on the wall behind Gouken)
    Boomstick: Oh, hey, look; he can fingerpaint!
  • Partway through the battle between the two, Tsung transforms into Scorpion and uppercuts Akuma into a series of fireballs, at which point Dan Forden pops in with the Mortal Kombat series' "toasty!" chime.

    Rogue Vs. Wonder Woman 
  • During Wizard's initial description of Wonder Woman...
    Wiz:... Created from earth, borne by gods, trained by ancient warriors—-
    Boomstick: Maker of Wonder Bread, designer of the Wonderbra—-
    Wiz: Boomstick, that's not true!
    Boomstick: See, I can do it too, Wiz!
  • Wiz rounds off Wonder Woman's rundown by recounting the time she killed Ares, the God of War, and Boomstick smugly says, "HA! Hear that, Kratos? A chick beat you to it?" Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when you remember that Kratos himself becomes a combatant later on in the same season.

    Goomba Vs. Koopa 
  • Wiz tries to list their abilities as impressive but fails and the list sounds more like backhanded compliments.
  • Boomstick tries to use the Goomba's ability to use a baseball bat without arms to justify giving it telekinesis. It doesn't work.
  • Boomstick's repeated references to the ninja turtles.
  • Two mooks engaging in mock epic battle.
  • The hilariously anticlimactic ending. The Goomba kicks the Koopa backwards into a wall, but the Koopa plows back into the Goomba shell-first, along with all its Goomba friends, but being a Dirty Coward, the Koopa refuses to re-emerge from its shell, until it's already fallen into the lava and is being reduced to a Dry Bones- and then it just sinks into the lava anyway.

    Mike Haggar Vs. Zangief 
  • On Zangief's Spinning Piledriver...
    Wiz: ...which he learned after getting caught in a cyclone while piledriving a bear.
    Boomstick: That is the most awesome thing I've ever heard!

    TMNT Battle Royale 
  • Boomstick cutting in when Wiz was about to mention Michelangelo's signature weapon. Complete with picture and description.
    Wiz: Moving on. His weapon of choice—
    Boomstick: The bong!
    Wiz: No, the nunchaku, isn't really a weapon at all.
  • "Mikey's not gonna win this fight, is he?" "He better not!"
  • Their breakdown of Mikey is really just one long "The Reason You Suck" Speech. Depending on your opinion of the character, it can be downright hilarious.
  • Donatello briefly leaps onto a set of crates and starts pummelling Leonardo with his staff, as Leo is apparently unable to so much as get out of the way or counterattack. Somewhere, Rocksteady is shedding a tear of sympathy.
  • Raphael's death scene. After getting stabbed by Leo he screams out a really demonic "DAMN!"
  • Wiz gives four reasons as to why, despite Raphael winning the fight in the movie, Leonardo won the fight here. The first three are the usual analytical reasons you'd expect him to give. The fourth, however...
    Wiz: Four...that whole movie doesn't make much sense anyway, why should this?

    Leonardo Vs. Zitz 
  • This little bit about Leonardo's katana (actually a ninjaken).
    Wiz: The ninjaken is in fact an invention of hollywood, as there is no historical evidence of the weapon's existence.
    Wiz: Shut up.

    Yoshi Vs. Riptor 

    Felicia Vs. Taokaka 

    Kratos Vs. Spawn 
  • In the midst of describing the history of Kratos, Boomstick accidentally lets slip that he kills Zeus, before he quietly adds on "uh... spoilers."
  • After the hosts list Spawn's few weaknesses, they go on to describe his accomplishments, including kidnapping the series' interpretation of God, which is an old woman.
    Wizard: Yes, that little old lady is THE God.
    Boomstick: Really? God looks like my Nana... am I a demigod?

    White Bomberman Vs. Dig-dug 
  • Boomstick opens Bomberman's overview with a rather unpopular version of the backstory...
    Boomstick: Bomberman is a psychopathic cyborg slave, forced to duel other slaves to the death in dimly-lit maze-like arenas for the entertainment of alien terrorists—
    Wiz: NO, no, not that Bomberman, Boomstick, White Bomber the Bomberman.
  • Bomberman's reaction right before he accidentally blows himself up.

    Vegeta Vs. Shadow 
  • Vegeta's incredulous reaction to Shadow claiming to be the Ultimate Life Form. What prompts the fight:
    Vegeta: Word of advice, freak; you're a little on the short side to try to be threatening.
    Shadow: Funny. I was going to say the same thing about you.
  • Vegeta's reaction to Shadow after he enters Super Mode with the Chaos Emeralds? He gets comboed immediately after saying that, which only increases the potential for lulz.
    Vegeta: ...Wow. What a ripoff.
  • As a shout out to Team Four Star and how two of their cast members voiced Shadow and Vegeta in the fight, a majestic Space Duck (a recolored Ducklett with a space helmet) makes an appearance when Vegeta is on the moon.
  • At the end of the fight, Shadow's Super Mode runs out of juice right as he's about to finish his foe off, and he transforms back to his original state.
    Shadow: Uh-oh.
    'Vegata: Sayonara. [vaporizes Shadow with a Galick Gun]

    Mario Vs. Sonic 
  • During the analysis, Boomstick's thoughts on Princess Peach's constant kidnappings.
    Boomstick: He's never keeping track of his woman! She's always getting kidnapped and he's always showing up at the wrong castle. Somebody needs to throw a GPS tracking bracelet on that bitch.
  • Mario and Sonic race to a volcano and have a stare-down....and then double take when they realize that a colony of Bob-ombs are also there. Three seconds later, the two are flying out of the volcano.

    Justin Bieber Vs. Rebecca Black 
  • Anything Boomstick says in this episode. You can feel the hate.
    Boomstick: You know what I hate more than stupid tween pop stars? *insert picture of a mushroom cloud* ABSOLUTELY GODDAMN NOTHING!
  • One standout is how Bieber's premature success had prompted a vast line of merchandise, including a perfume line supposedly shaped like a vagina. But the strangest Bieber product sold was a lock of his hair, which sold for more than $40,000!
    Boomstick: WHAT?! NO!! Goddamn it, that's the biggest waste of money I ever heard of!
    Wiz: True, unless they're planning to clone him.
    Boomstick: No, that's even worse! Why would anyone want more than one of this musical abomination roaming this planet?
  • At the end of Bieber's rundown, they show a clip from CSI, in which Bieber, who plays a serial bomber, is killed after being shot at repeatedly. Actually, it's not so much the scene itself as the reaction to it:
    Wiz: Feel better, Boomstick?
    Boomstick: (chuckles) Yep.
  • Wiz notes that one of Black's possible positives is that she was nominated for MTV's favorite animated GIF awardnote . Boomstick's reaction?
    "If that's a real award, I need my own Boomstick GIF, stat!"
  • At the end of Black's rundown, there is footage of her message to everyone.
  • Black kicking Bieber in the crotch. Justin doesn't even react. Heck, the entire fight was funny as hell.
  • Black's Skewed Priorities when she can't decide, mid-battle, if she should ride on the front seat or the back seat.

    Luke Skywalker Vs. Harry Potter 
  • Boomstick's little quip when discussing Luke's Jedi training and the many abilities he has with it:
    Boomstick: Like the Mind Trick thingy! Oooh man, the horrible things I could do with that.
  • This snippet on the YouTube version, before the battle itself.
    Wiz: But first, let me recommend Carbonite.
    Boomstick: For all your Han Solo freezing needs.
    Wiz: No, Boomstick. It's a website.
    Boomstick: What?
  • Discussing the curses Harry knows.
    Boomstick: And then there's the killing curse: Abra Kadabra.
    Wiz: Avada Kedavra.
    Boomstick: Oh. That magician wasn't trying to kill me. I guess I should go apologize to his family.

    Chun-Li Vs. Mai Shiranui 
  • Boomstick having a perverted comment for each and every opportunity:
    Wiz: When it comes to fighting, combatants come in all shapes and sizes.
    Boomstick: And I'm liking the shapes and sizes on these two.
    • On Chun-Li's Spinning Bird Kick:
    Boomstick: I wouldn't mind taking a ride on that helicopter!
    • Likewise, on Mai's Single-Strike martial arts:
    Boomstick: If she misses one, she's left wiiide open....heh heh heh.
  • Chun-Li's Background
    Weight: Secret
  • Boomstick's reasoning for why Chun-Li isn't allowed to use a gun in her movepool.
    Boomstick: Round 1! BANG! Winner!

    Starscream Vs. Rainbow Dash 
  • Let's begin this one with the entire meta surrounding it. For starters, there's the vocal Brony population of the internet, who wanted to see a My Little Pony character fight. There's also the vocal Transformers fandom who wanted a Transformer to fight. However, there's also the very vocal anti-Brony population of the Internet, who wanted to see a My Little Pony character be put up against a giant death robot, so that it would be brutally, mercilessly killed as a Take That! to the Bronies. The creators did their research, and concluded that Starscream stood no chance against Rainbow Dash.
  • While Starscream is preparing a counter attack while faking pleading for mercy, we see him locking on with his missiles. At first, he just has the Sparrows... then we have him shifting to the Slammers then the Sidewinders than finally... EVERYTHING. It's really funny to see him getting so frustrated. As well as seeing it backfire when Rainbow Dash gets him hit with his own missiles.
  • The bar is set near the start:
    Starscream: That's it! I am going to kill you!
    Rainbow Dash: (flies up to and taps Starscream) Tag! You're it!
  • Starscream's lock-on screen lists "TARGET: STUPID PONY" and "OBJECTIVES: Destroy Happiness; Defeat Megatron".
  • As a shout-out to an episode where Rainbow Dash tries to get a reaction from royal guards by taunting them (to no avail), the same faces Rainbow Dash makes in the episode are the ones she makes at Starscream right after he tries to lock his homing missiles onto her and fails horribly (this time, she gets results).
    Rainbow Dash:...You're not very good at this, are you?
  • Like always, Boomstick is a good source of moments.
    Boomstick: How does a pony learn karate, let alone master it!? [immediately cue Apple Bloom slamming into a punching bag with a flying kick and falling over in failure]
    Boomstick: This is a pony! A baby horse girl toy! Why is it so awesome?!
  • Wiz and Boomstick making fun of the time Starscream possessed Atari Hitotonari in Transformers: Kiss Players, which was not one of his finest momentsnote .
    Boomstick: Props to you, Japan. I didn't see that one coming.
  • Wizard had a pretty good comment alongside a great picture before showing off a video calculating Rainbow Dash's speed.
    Wiz: By calculations according to this guy...
  • In the same video, as a shout out to the actual show, Derpy makes a cameo in the fight.
  • Boomstick's Deadpan Snarker remark before the fight begins after Wiz's rundown of Rainbow Dash.
    ... Welp, let's make it fight a giant robot.
  • After the fight and they list their after battle facts, it says one of the reasons Rainbow Dash won is because she's "20 percent cooler than Starscream."
  • After Starscream gets blown up, his Spark floats out of his wrecked body and loudly rants at Rainbow Dash about how he can't be killed, while floating right in her face. Rainbow's reaction is both brutal and entirely in character for her: she shuts Starscream up by swallowing his Spark whole.
    Boomstick: Forget all doubt, that pony is a monster!

    Master Chief Vs. Doomguy 
  • Boomstick's excitement when getting to analyze Doomguy's Chainsaw:
    Boomstick: "(making chainsaw noises) Oh no, not the chainsaw!" "Yes, the chainsaw! (more chainsaw noises)" ... And the chain gun mows down everything in seconds.
  • What does Master Chief do after killing Doomguy? He teabags him, of course!
  • Boomstick getting all excited when Wizard describes the Unmaker, declaring he wants one, then complaining when Wiz explains it has no effect on non-demons.
  • The mere mention of something stronger than the BFG sends him into spasms of joy.
    Boomstick: "YES. MORE!"

    Dr. Eggman Vs. Dr. Wily 
  • At the very beginning, introducing the combatants.
    Wiz: Dr. Ivo Robotnik, a.k.a. the Eggman.
    Boomstick: And Dr. Albert Wily, a.k.a. Einstein without Rogaine.
  • Before the battle, Boomstick insults the advertisements that are shown before a fight on the YouTube version of the series, but quickly gives a long apology. While apologizing, clips of Robotnik getting beat up by a woman, Wily dressed up as a ninja and Robotnik sticking his tongue out occupy the screen.
  • While discussing the Robot Masters, Wiz mentions... Sheep Man. Boomstick's only response is "...WHAT THE FU-" Also, Boomstick's very deadpan "okay" when he explains Slash Man was designed to be a destroy asteroids.
  • The battle between the Death Egg Robot and Wily Machine Number 9. Made even funnier if you read Worlds Collide, in which the two machine's designs are merged to make the Egg-Wily Machine X.
  • Scratch and Grounder arguing between themselves in the battle when they stumble upon Sheep Man, before he blasts them both with lightning and swaps their heads.

    Peach Vs. Zelda 
  • The princesses getting into a slap fight during their match.
  • Boomstick laughing uncontrollably at Wizard's mention of the Vibe Scepter and pointing out the fact that Peach and Zelda never "put out" no matter what Mario and Link do.

    Thor vs. Raiden 
  • When discussing Thor's Mjölnir, Boomstick finds it unimpressive until a clip from his first entry within the MCU shows the damage it can cause. Cue Boomstick changing his mind entirely. Right afterwards, Wizard explains several details about it, such as how it was forged from a supernova that killed the dinosaurs and the bit of snark that follows:
    Boomstick: That's his weapon?! I think it's way too tiny. I mean, if he was the god of mending fences or something I guess I could see—
    (cut to a clip of Thor swinging Mjölnir, releasing a mass shockwave of destruction)
    Boomstick: WOAH! OH SHIT! ... NEVER MIND!
    Boomstick: Yeah, I changed my mind; I'm liking the dino-slaying hammer! Where can I get one?
    Wiz: Mjölnir can only be wielded by Thor...
    Boomstick: Awww!
    Wiz: ... but there is a workaround; superhumanly strong characters such as Red Hulk have held onto the hammer as Thor used it for flight, which may be the dumbest loophole in comic book history.
  • Then there's his theory regarding Raiden's lightning having certain... side effects. Even better being how Raiden makes said noises in the flight, seemingly spouting airplane noises while flying around Thor.
    Boomstick: The sheer power of these lightning attacks apparently overload his brain, causing him to spout out random gibberish in mid-attack.
    (cut to gameplay from Mortal Kombat 2; the screen shows Raiden fighting Jax)
    Raiden: HAIJEBABADAAAAH! (flies into Jax)
  • Thor is the god of Oak trees, this actually is part of the fight as he literally uses one as a projectile against Raiden, who hits the non-conductive wood with lightning, exploding it. Great, they combined two utterly random bits into one.
  • Some fridge funny can be found in comparing the fighters' end-of-analysis clips, which make Raiden seem much too unprofessional a thunder god, maybe even downright sinister compared to Thor:
    Thor, after Boomstick applauds him on his ability to get things done, arrogance be damned: (swings Mjölnir into a frost giant, smashing it into pieces) Next?
    Raiden, after Boomstick "praises" him for his tendency to sacrifice people for the greater good: (cackles mischievously for a few seconds) ... Sorry.

    Cloud Strife Vs. Link 

    Spider-Man Vs. Batman 
  • What Spider-Man says after defeating Batman:
    "Sorry about that. (swings away) WEB SWING!"
  • What Spidey says at the start of the fight:
  • Boomstick saying Spider-Man is a nerd with no friends, but giving him props for getting laid... a lot.
  • On the subject of Pete having no Friends...
    Boomstick Once Peter Parker was a wimpy nerd with no friends. Then he was bit by a radioactive spider that gave him weird bug powers, and now he's a radioactive superhero....with no friends!
  • Boomstick wonders aloud why Spider-Man doesn't shoot webs out of his butt "like a real spider". Cut to an edited image of Spider-Man doing just that. Wizard isn't amused.
  • Immediately afterward:
    Wiz: (rough) Each web shooter cartridge can hold a large amount of pressurized web fluid-
    Wiz: (annoyed) ...and features a rotating carousel to replace the empty ones.
  • The summarization of Batman's capabilities:
    Wiz: (after listing off some of the events Batman has survived) And yet, he somehow pulls through every time.
  • During Spider-Man's rundown, they talk about the time he tried to join the Justice League, but was rejected by Batman...
    Boomstick: Ouch. I bet he wishes he could fight old Bats in a battle to the death... Oh, Wait!!
  • During the battle, Spiderman redirects an explosive batarang at Batman. You can hear Spiderman say "Whoopsie!"

    Blanka Vs. Pikachu 
  • How Blanka wins against Pikachu is hysterical, due to how abrupt and thorough it is. The two are deadlocked, electrocuting each other with all the strength they can muster, when suddenly, Blanka grabs Pikachu and bites his head off. Then, he gets a blender out of nowhere, powers the blender with his mouth, and washes his meal down with the remains. Then he burps... for a long time. It's made funnier by the fact that the two were evenly matched as usual, and yet, the victor acts like he hasn't been bludgeoned, fried, and headbutted in the past few minutes.
  • After Wizard explains how Blanka got his electricity powers, Bomstick wants to test it out right away.
    Boomstick: Be right back! Getting eels!
    Wizard: No, Boomstick! It doesn't work like that! Plus, we kind of have a show to do!
    Boomstick: All right. But afterwards, I'm proving you wrong!
    Wizard: (humourous) Okay.
  • On the YouTube version, before the commercial break:
    Boomstick: Wait! I accidentally deleted all of my porn! What do I do?
  • Wizard and Boomstick's reaction to the next battle: Goku VS Superman. And there was much rejoicing.
    Boomstick: ... Holy motherfucking shit, I don't believe it!
    Wizard: Oh my GOD!
    Boomstick: Somebody get me a motherfucking table to flip!

    Goku Vs. Superman 
  • Stuttering Craig records Wiz and Boomstick as they discuss how fast Goku is on Snake Way. Wiz' explanations on Goku's speed and Boomstick's arguments eventually bored Craig enough he stopped recording.
    Then Craig stopped recording. We're a bunch of dorks.
  • During Goku's preview video, Wizard asks Boomstick to come back because he needs to explain the Kamehameha. What does Boomstick say? Made funnier by the fact that Boomstick was leaving only because it was Taco Night.
  • The Superman preview has Boomstick saying that Superman is a hippie because he's powered by the sun. And continuing that, since he gets more powerful the closer he is to the sun…
    Boomstick "So he gets more powerful the higher he gets? He is a hippie!"
  • During the fight, before the actual fighting, Chi-Chi's comment about Supes.
    Chichi: "Look at him, wearing his underwear on the outside. I bet it chafes."
    • There's also this gem about Superman's strength.
      Goku: Finally someone as strong as me.
      Vegeta (off-screen): Screw you!
    • Goku had been twirling around Chi-Chi seconds prior to Master Roshi telling him he heard Superman was an alien prompting Goku to stop and absentmindedly throw Chi-Chi into the air.
    • At the beginning there's this from random civilians:
      "It's a bird."
      "It's a plane."
      "It's gonna kill us all!"
    • And then there's Superman as he stops the airplane:
    "This looks like a job for Sup—whoa! *nearly hits a window washer* I got it! I got it!"
  • Vegeta bragging how he could beat that 'pretty-boy ass-clown' Superman, while referencing his previous fight.
    "Please, I can kill him with my eyes closed! Even faster than that stupid transforming hedgehog..."
  • They manage to keep a Running Gag in the Superman and Goku fight from Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    Goku: Kaioken!
    Superman: Kaio-what? *is struck in the face*
  • Superman's brilliantly delivered response to Goku offering him a Senzu Bean:
    Goku: Want one?
    Superman: NO. *cue heat-vision*
  • Later, there's Superman's rather nonchalant response to Goku turning Super Saiyan, punting him onto the roof of LexCorp and hitting him with a kamehameha wave, demolishing the entire building.
    Superman: ...well. This might take a while.
  • After Goku destroys the Kryptonite hindering Superman after the above.
    Goku: It's no fun when it's not fair. I want to beat you at your best.
    Superman: Well, gee... Thank— *kicked in the face*
  • At the end of the match between Goku and Superman the Earth explodes and only one thing is shown drifting through space: Goku's boot.
    • Boomstick's reaction to the end of the match. Which doubles as being both Hilarious and Harsher in Hindsight given the reactions to this fight and the fact that they did a rematch...
      Boomstick: It's over! It's finally over! We never have to hear about it again!
      Wizard: Indeed.
    • As well as his reaction to seeing Goku and Superman's limits stacked up to each other. It's Goku's that fail to compare to the Man of Steel.
      Boomstick: HOLY SHIT! Not even close!
  • This little tidbit:
    Boomstick: Superman has survived some pretty crazy things; like when Coldcast hit him with fifteen supernovas in the face!
    Coldcast: That was like fifteen suns exploding in his face.
    Boomstick: I JUST SAID THAT!
  • This exchange:
    Boomstick: Mild-mannered Clark kept his identity a secret with the brilliant disguise of nerdy glasses and wimpy demeanor. Proving that people only see what they want to believe!
    Wizard: Boomstick, that's surprisingly profound!
    Boomstick: (burps)
  • On Superman's Kryptonian martial arts.
    Wizard He is also proficient in two Kryptonian martial arts; Torquasm Rao and Torquasm Vo.
    Boomstick Orgasm what now?
  • Boomstick, in the midst of describing Goku's many, many abilities, has this to say about Super Saiyan 3:
    Boomstick: "It multiplies Super Saiyan 2's power by 4, but comes at a horrible price... THAT HAIR...oh, and it pretty much destroys his body while using it- BUT MY GOD, THE HAIR!"
  • On Super Saiyan 4...
    Boomstick: Complete with pink fur and eyeshadow! Feeeear the ultimate foooorm!
  • Boomstick mentioning how enormous Goku's power level was even as a kid.
    Boomstick: Not yet! *Fast forwards from Goku's battle with King Piccolo to the aforementioned scene* OK, now it is.
  • Describing Goku's training:
    Boomstick: "At fifteen he was already so powerful that the only worthy teachers left were gods...and a talking cat, but mostly gods!
  • This on Superman:
    Boomstick: Holy crap, he sounds invinicible!"
    Wizard: Not exactly. (shot of the universally panned Superman64)
  • Superman on Goku's Super Saiyan 4 form:
    Ultimate form, huh? About time you ran out of hairstyles!"
  • While talking about how inconsistent Goku's feats are, they showed a clip from GT of Goku deflecting Cell's Kamehameha by twirling a stalactite around like a pole, along with a "WTF?" caption.