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    Black Panther vs. Batman 
  • Boomstick mispronounces Wakanda as "Waka-where now"?
  • At the end of the preview, Boomstick gets it in his head to get the special herb that granted T'Challa his powers, thus he needs to conquer Wakanda. When Wiz shows him a panel of a bunch of dead Skrull bodies, reading off the warning "This is what happens when you invade Wakanda," Boomstick wisely backs off.
  • Boomstick brings up the fact that Wayne Enterprises has a record label.
  • On his way to the fight, Batman actually listens to J-Pop on the Batmobile's radio.
  • There's a "deleted scene" gag version of the scene before the intro where T'Challa uses the Ugandan Knuckles meme, asking Batman "do you know da way".

    Raven vs. Twilight Sparkle 
  • Upon hearing that Trigon the Terrible was born from hatred, Boomstick thinks that whenever he yells at people on the road, hate babies are born.
  • Boomstick calls the energy blast that turns Raven's mother into an elderly woman a "grandma laser".
  • Boomstick describes that day Raven was born as the "sky turns black and the whole world suddenly smells like farts."
  • When Wiz talks about how Raven risks transporting Trigon to the living realm, kick starting devastation across the universe, Boomstick mistakes it for Kickstarter and wonders about the tier rewards, such as pledging twenty bucks to get an autograph from Satan. Cue a photo pic of Teen Titans Go! Trigon with "XOXO — Satan" on it.
  • Wiz calls out Boomstick's drinking habits at the end of the Raven preview, which Boomstick blows off and claims that that's how his pappy told him to grow up.
  • The hosts' annoyance at the fact that Raven's opponent is Twilight Sparkle. Seeing as the last time they had a pony on the show, things went Off the Rails, they have every right to be that way!
  • Boomstick describes cutie marks as "magical tramp stamps".
  • Boomstick calls Twilight a nerd for reading her entire library. Wiz asks if Boomstick has even read a book in his life. Boomstick asks if gun manuals count, which Wiz barely allows.
  • When learning about Twilight's "Want It Need It" spell, Boomstick is relieved to find an explanation to the Rainbow Dash doll he has. When Wiz questions him, Boomstick immediately replies that "the pony made me do it". If this is true, then despite the fact that Twilight lost her actual Death Battle, she still had a victory over Boomstick.
  • Boomstick then starts humming the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic theme song over the ending of Twilight's preview.
  • At the start of the episode — like with the other two episodes with a pony combatant before it — Boomstick once again notes that they are really doing this.
  • The Hurricane of Puns when starting Twilight's preview.
    Wiz: Hold your horses, Boomstick, we're mare-ly out of the gate.
    Boomstick: Ugh, reign it in, Wiz, your lame puns are mustang with my script.
  • After Boomstick is convinced The Power of Friendship is real after seeing Twilight's feats with it, he out of nowhere jumps on Wiz, attempting to activate it. He gets confused when nothing happens, then an annoyed Wiz orders him to get off. For extra hilarity, this is accompanied by a clip of Twilight gathering her friends in the human world to perform friendship magic from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks... which similarly does nothing.note 
    Boomstick: Where are the friendship lasers?
  • Boomstick's shock and disbelief at seeing the battle between Twilight and Tirek:
    Boomstick: When did it become Dragon Ball Z with baby horse girl toys?!
  • The entire fight starts because Twilight decided that it'd be interesting to use a new trans-dimensional teleportation spell, and it happened to teleport Raven... who was in the middle of playing with MLP dolls. The implication that it was this, and not being teleported across multiple dimensions, that provoked Raven into attacking, just adds to the hilarity.
    Raven: (fires a blast at Twilight) You saw nothing!
  • In the post-fight animation, Raven destroys the Twilight doll she has after taking out the real one. Though in that case, it can be considered more sad than funny.
  • Twilight casts the aforementioned "Want It Need It" spell on a rock. Raven falls for it, even getting hearts for eyes and DROOLING. It has to be seen to be appreciated. It also causes Raven to enter her Superpowered Evil Side to protect her beloved rock, which ultimately proves Twilight's undoing. It's a comedy of errors with the violence of MacBeth~
  • Raven's reaction after being transported to Equestria, forced to fall in love with a rock, and getting turned into a potted plant?
    Raven: Well. That was odd.
  • Boomstick narrates his own Letter to Celestia at the start of the post-fight analysis:
If you choose to interpret the Ambiguous Ending as Twilight surviving with Amusing Injuries, then that sounds like exactly the kind of thing Twilight would write. Though choosing to interpret the other way around also interprets it as Twilight's spirit saying this in hindsight. Either way, the line is hilarious no matter the context.
And now that season 8's out, should Twilight survive her fight, this'd make a great lesson to teach at the Friendship School. Always remember to avoid getting into fights with overpowered half-demon sorceresses from other dimensions!

    Jotaro vs. Kenshiro 
  • Apparently, Wiz has a pet rat/test subject... who's been possessed by an evil spirit.
    Boomstick: Yeah, wait, is that why he's been scratching pentagrams all over his cage?
    Wiz: You'll find out.
  • When talking about how Jotaro broke teeth as hard as diamonds, Wiz talks about how hardness could refer to resistance to scratching, or pressure resistance to a diamond's cleavage. Cue Boomstick chuckling immaturely.
  • When they mention that Ryuken was the 63rd Denshosha.
    Boomstick: Don't shoot what? It's on safety.
  • Boomstick's inability to pronounce "Hokuto Shinken", even calling it "Hakuna Mata-shin" and "Hakuna Matata" at several points.
  • As they go over Kenshiro's feats, Boomstick gushes over how badass Kenshiro is.
    Boomstick: Kenshiro can stand in lava. Lava! Do you know how hot lava is?
    Wiz: Well, up to two-thousand-
    Boomstick: Yeah, really freaking hot, that's what!
  • The close-up of a dead squirrel as Joseph and Jotaro walk through the desert toward a pyramid. So that's where it's been since it was sent flying just before Android 18 VS Captain Marvel!
  • When Kenshiro throws the first punch, Star Platinum blocks it. Kenshiro's small moment of confusion (as Star Platinum is invisible to him) was enough for Star Platinum to punch him in the face and send him flying.
  • Joseph is a magnificent ham as he watches the fight play out, all using voice clips from his home series:
    • The reaction of Joseph Joestar when he sees Kenshiro approaching him and his grandson?
    Joseph: OH NO!
    • The second time Jotaro slows down time, we get a wonderful mid-way slow down and speed up of Joseph’s classic “OH MY GOOOD!”
    • After the final blow, Joseph has one more gem for everyone.
    Joseph: SON OF A BITCH!!
  • The post-KO animation involves Joseph weeping over what's left of his grandson, and in place of Boomstick's zinger, Jotaro's spirit tips his hat and lets out an exasperated "Yare, yare..." from up in the sky. This utterly flabbergasts Boomstick.
    Jotaro : Yare, yare... [Good grief...]
    Boomstick: Whoa, wait, what just happened?

    Crash Bandicoot vs. Spyro the Dragon 

    Sora vs. Pit 
  • At the end of the Sora preview, Boomstick declares that he has to go on an adventure... to go get a beer. Wiz wishes he'd just install a fridge so he'd stop walking off in the middle of these things, but Boomstick beat him to the punch - already installed and already cleaned out.
  • Pit's preview is a laugh riot:
    • The hosts talk about how Pit's story begins in the distant, Olympian past of... 25 years ago.
    • Boomstick mentions that Medusa ravaged people's crops — and accompanies the point with the perfect video clip.
    • When they introduce Pit, it shows… his Captain N: The Game Master counterpart, Kid Icarus. Wiz is quick to state "Nonono! Definitely not that one!" as they switch to Uprising-era Pit.
    • The hosts' severe Lampshade Hanging of the fact that despite having visible angel wings, Pit cannot fly without external help.
    • After a moment talking about cutting and vegetables (It Makes Sense in Context), Boomstick mentions that he's getting hungry... and immediately clarifies that they are not about to start a Blue Apron advertisement. The preview for Pit isn't sponsored by Blue Apron, but the actual episode is.
  • Boomstick describes Sora's life on the Destiny Islands as "playing sports with Final Fantasy characters who don't judge Sora's fashion choices".
  • Woe betide the poor man who is introduced to Kingdom Hearts by this Death Battle. Wiz brings up Nobodies, Boomstick reprimands Wiz for calling Xehanort a nobody, and it just gets worse from there.
    Wiz: No, see, a Nobody is a Somebody without a heart. But a Heartless isn't a Somebody or a Nobody, though they may have been a Somebody filled with anger - like Scar, from The Lion King.
    Boomstick: Well, I'm a Somebody that's really, really confused.
  • Wiz mentions that using the Three Sacred Treasures together gives Pit the Silver Armour... which is gold. Boomstick immediately assumes Wiz has been drinking his [Boomstick's] booze.
  • During Pit's rundown, they calculate his flight to the Lunar Sanctum as being Mach 28.
    Boomstick: Suck it, star-man!
    (picture of an astronaut in a sports car raising a sign reading "F U BOOMSTICK")
  • How do you show that Pit's a Fourth-Wall Observer when he can't actually break the fourth wall the way that, say, Deadpool does? You have him snark at the people who stay up the night before expecting Death Battles to be posted in the single-digit hours of the morning.
    Pit: Sorry to keep you waiting!
  • During the fight, Pit lands a blow with the Upperdash Arm. We get a good close-up of the cartoonish impact on Sora.
  • In the middle of the fight, Pit starts geeking out over Sora's Reversal.
    Pit: You can teleport?! (admiringly) Mind. Blown!
  • After the killing blow is dealt, Goofy and Donald sit there in silence.
    Goofy: (awkwardly) Um... attaboy, Sora!

    Leon S. Kennedy vs. Frank West 
  • At the end of Leon's preview, Boomstick realized that he forgot to give his dog his whisky shot. Also, he refers to the B.O.W.s (at least the canine ones) as Bow-Wows.
  • Boomstick asks if one of the B.O.W.s was Gene Simmons. (Ya know, because of the long tongue.)
  • Boomstick calls Raccoon City "Trash Panda Town".
  • Boomstick brings up Leon's durability and makes an obvious joke about the healing herbs.
    Boomstick: If he does take a hit, he's carrying some healing herbs, which he can also take a hit from, if you know what I'm saying! [A picture of Snoop Dogg rises up from below.]
  • Seconds into Frank's preview, Boomstick brings up the fact that the reporter has covered wars, y'know.
  • When going over Leon's Silver Ghost, it's specifically mentioned that it was made for Leon specifically. Later on, when covering Frank's use of firearms, Boomstick brings up that one weapon that he can use is Leon's Silver Gho-
    Boomstick: [H]ey, hey, hey, wait a minute...
  • At the end of Frank's preview, Boomstick decides to write a book about his own experiences with zombies, specifically the ones he had when he found out his father was a zombie.
  • One of Frank's feats is "Became a zombie, then got better."
  • Wiz notes that Frank can walk on zombies heads without the zombies noticing.
    Boomstick: Wait, they don't notice that he's literally jumping off their heads? How the hell does he pull that off?!
    Wiz: Very carefully.
  • When it's noted that Frank went through the entire events of Dead Rising 1 in three days with little to no sleep, Wiz talks about how the average human can only go thirty-six hours with no sleep before they start to hallucinate. Boomstick is impressed for different reasons.
    Boomstick: And here I thought heavy drinking was the only way to legally hallucinate! Well, time to binge Netflix until I trip balls!
  • The reason the fight happens? Leon caught Frank looting (complete with shopping cart).
  • In the fight, Frank manages to snap a picture of Leon to blind him, and the picture comes out with an unflattering-looking Leon with Frank flipping him the bird.
  • At another point in the fight, Frank comes across a Capcom Arcade Machine. The costumes he cycles through are Ryu, Phoenix Wright, Felicia, Dante, and Leon before he finally decides on Mega Man X.
  • We get a lot of ice puns from Frank once he dons the exo-suit made from slushie machines. Bonus points for him doing his best Schwarzenegger impression.

    Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Fate 
  • At the end of Doctor Strange's preview, Boomstick somehow steals Wiz's money from his wallet and turned it into a bottle of whiskey. Wiz immediately wants to be paid back right then. Boomstick just tosses him the bottle… with predictable results.
    Wiz: (distraught) Anyway… Come back next week and we'll talk about Doctor Fate… and hopefully I'll get my money back.
    Boomstick: Oh, it's gone.
This continues at the end of Doctor Fate's preview, where Boomstick instead blames Wiz for the loss of the whiskey because "He didn't catch it" when he threw it at Wiz.
  • At the Death Battle Cast, they have a preview of Doctor Strange vs Doctor Fate, but due to the Cast episode being recorded before the audio of the DB episode was finished, Nick and Chad do all the sounds, including the voices of the combatants. Let's just say that Ben called it "the worst thing Screwattack have ever done''
    Doctor Fate: Is this Pizza Hut?
    Becomes a Brick Joke in the next cast when the final question is "Did Doctor Fate get his pizza?". Sean Note  says he did but it was a flatbread and Fate was "super pissed". Apparently, he ended up destroying all of reality instead of simply changing the pizza or teleporting the people who make pizza to him.
  • Boomstick's reaction to the Vishanti? "Aww, that one's a kitty."
  • Wiz and Boomstick comment that the Helmet of Nabu has been worn by many other people, including the male stripper from Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. After an awkward clip of the stripper pole dancing, Wiz and Boomstick shudder and move on.
  • As the hosts analyze some of Doctor Fate's most insane feats (including surviving in a dimension where literally nothing exists), Boomstick is forced to question Who Writes This Crap?!
  • One of the Helmet of Nabu's feats is reaching the edge of the universe and then bouncing back. In the post-battle rundown, it is shown what this means in an animated gif. As the helmet reaches the end, there's a Freeze-Frame Bonus as it impacts at 28 decillion times the speed of light.
  • When the fight spills out in various separate universes, both fighters end up in the Mos Eisley Cantina, complete with an off-brand version of the famous Cantina theme. There's a brief pause in the action, as if both Strange and Fate are silently wondering if this is some kind of joke.
  • If one were to look closely during the fight when both Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate are fighting on the Bifrost, you can just faintly see the constellation made during the fight between Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro.

    Ryu vs. Jin Kazama 
  • The title of Ryu's preview video is "Ryu is Re-used in DEATH BATTLE"
  • The ending of the preview video has Boomstick attempting to goad Wiz into trying to help him off the ground so he could try to do the same thing Ryu did to Sagat; Wiz refuses bluntly. Then we get this gem:
    Boomstick: Welp, come back next week as we cover Ryu's newest opponent: Jim, from Tekken!
    Wiz: It's Jin! With an "N"!
    Boomstick: I'd love some!
Becomes a Brick Joke during the episode itself, where Boomstick leads into the Blue Apron ad with a similar comment.
  • One of the notes in Ryu's bio states that he "probably has foot fungus".
  • Boomstick deciding to name his children "Satsui no Hado" and "Shun Goku Satsu".
  • Wiz talking about how idiotic it was for Jin to kill Ogre who, years ago, attacked him and his mother rather than interrogate him for information regarding his Missing Mom.
    Wiz: Nice job, stupid, there goes the only lead you had.
  • Boomstick expresses a desire for the Devil Gene, to which Wiz reveals that he was working on his own consumable version of it. However, when Boomstick describes the consumable in exact detail, Wiz immediately asks him what he did with it. Turns out, Boomstick's dog ate it - Boomstick had been wondering up to that point how he suddenly grew devil horns and wings.
    Wiz: You have got to be shitting me.
  • When discussing Jin's Devil Forms durability, they mentioned how the form was able to survive a laser blasting a tower similar to the one from Independence Day, the episode released on Youtube on Independence Day.
  • Boomstick refers to World Wars 2 and 3 as "World War: The Sequel" and "World War: The Second Sequel" respectively.
  • The second half of the fight takes place in Haven Academy's Vault from RWBY. If you've watched RWBY before, it's just hilarious seeing Ryu and Jin duke it out where Raven and Cinder fought previously. For bonus points, both fights have an extended sequence involving stalactites crashing down from the roof of the Vault while both fighters continue their fight on top of one of them.
  • During the post-fight analysis, the hosts explain the sources for each character's feats. For Ryu's, Wiz goes into a detailed description of how they know the scaling is accurate. Immediately after:
    Boomstick: Now that that's out of the way, let's watch Akuma punch an island to death!
  • Just as Wiz finishes his post-fight summation, Boomstick hurriedly realizes that there was one comparable feat for Jin from his series that they forgot to mention. The feat in question being a later model of Gun-Jack destroying a meteor on his own, which while not supported by canon, should be something Devil Jin could do as well in theory and be scaled to. There's just one tiny little problem...
    Wiz: ...even if we did, guess who destroyed an even bigger meteor?
    Boomstick: (flatly) Akuma?
    Wiz: Akuma.
    Boomstick: Damn.

    Samurai Jack vs. Afro Samurai 
  • On Twitter, Ben announced that the fight wouldn’t be a 3D fight or a 2D sprite animation. Cue jokes about the fight being in 4D, 5D, puppets, LARPing, claymation, and one comment about Ben flash-banging everyone watching so they can’t see or hear anything and imagine it all.
  • According to Luis, the animator, the reason why the fight was animated by hand was because he had drunkenly requested to hand-animate it himself. The next morning, he reacted appropriately. The reactions of the others are hilarious.
    Ben [Quoting Luis] There's this matchup that I really wanna do. It's Samurai Jack VS Afro Samurai, and I want to hand draw the whole thing.
    Luis It's important to note that I was tipsy when I told you this.
    Ben WHAT?!
    Chad Are you drinking at work?!note 
  • Outside of the fight, Jack was voiced by Phil Lamarr and Afro was voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. One Youtube commenter thought about a movie they starred in together and came up with this little beauty.
  • Samurai Jack's preview video is titled "Samurai Jack Jumps Good Into DEATH BATTLE". Yes, really.
  • The start of Jack's rundown has the hosts quote the show's intro almost verbatim.
    Wiz Long ago in a distant land, Aku, the shapeshifting master of darkness unleashed an unspeakable evil...
    Boomstick: But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me...I-I mean him.
  • When they mention that Jack received archery training from Robin Hood, Boomstick thinks of Disney's version.
    Wiz: Wrong Robin Hood.
    Boomstick: That's your opinion.
  • Near the end of Jack's preview, Wiz hears something in the studio. Boomstick immediately suspects it's one of Wiz's experiments escaping again. When it tries to ambush them, Boomstick dispatches it with his shotgun leg:
    Boomstick: I always keep my shotgun leg loaded. Especially while drinkin'!
    Wiz: What-? Wait! Don't hit the equipmen-
    (screen turns to static)
  • In the actual episode, after going through how Aku transported Jack to the future after the latter trained for years, we learn something new from Wiz:
    Wiz: What a waste, just like when you spend four sleepless years struggling through college, and then find out too late that nobody cares about your English major!
    Boomstick: I thought you graduated from the school of evil science, or something.
    Wiz: Well, still have to pick a major…
    Boomstick: (cue the scene where Jack fights while turned into a chicken, with the Poultry Science PhD displayed on the side) Should've chose a more practical one, Wiz, like mine.
  • The fact that Boomstick of all people, managed to choose a more practical major than Wiz.
  • When Wiz mentions the time Jack's sword cut though adamantium, Boomstick immediately asks why the Wolverine super-metal is there.
    Wiz: Eh, probably just coincidental naming, but it is shown to be stronger than steel.
    Boomstick: Of course it is.
  • At one point, Boomstick wonders if there's anything Jack can't do, and asks if he can fly. Wiz then says that while Jack can't fly, he can...
    Wild Man: Jump good! (leaps off into the distance)
    Wiz: …Well, yes, that.
  • Boomstick notes that The Scotsman looks familiar over clips of him shooting things with his machine gun leg.
    Well, I like him!
  • Boomstick's utter disbelief at the names of some of the characters of Afro Samurai, including the titular character, Sword Master (who is exactly what he says he is). And then there’s Ninja Ninja.
    Boomstick: Oh, come the fuck on!
  • Wiz's experiment is referenced in Afro's preview. When Boomstick mentions the name of his imaginary friend (a talking gun if you're wondering) is Al Gundy, Wiz says that's the name of one of his experiments that went wrong that had escaped. Boomstick then says he was wondering why Al Gundy wanted to know about Wiz's personal information… which Boomstick gave to him.
    Wiz: What?! Oh God! (slams button. sirens go off) Code Red! Code Red! We've got to lock this place down! (runs off)
    Boomstick: God, it's so easy to mess with him sometimes.
    Wiz: Agh! Close the floodgates! Agh!
  • After playing a clip of Afro slicing up an RPG, Boomstick can smell the math coming before Wiz goes into his calculations.
  • During the fight, Afro cuts the ropes keeping the bridge up, forcing it to be suspended by only one side. Afro hangs on and climbs to the remaining rope, but Jack simply leaps onto it, leaving Afro stunned for a moment.
    Afro: Huh. You jump good.
    Jack: Oh! Uh… thank you? (Jack quickly dodges an attack by Afro)
Even funnier, Afro doesn't say another coherent word for the rest of the fight. Including after Jack cuts his arms off. "You jump good" ends up as Afro Samurai's Famous Last Words.
  • After the fight concludes, Boomstick is more focused on Jack losing an arm than Afro being turned into giblets.
    Boomstick: So, like, is he gonna get his arm back, or…

    Carnage vs. Lucy 
  • With the fight being so bloody on account of both combatants and possibly being incredibly NSFW on account of Lucy, Luis may have found a solution.
  • The end of the Carnage preview, after going over his breaking off the weapons formed from the symbiote, Boomstick tried doing this feat by pulling his middle finger to throw at Wiz. What resulted was a painful snapping sound, and Boomstick complaining that he dislocated it.
  • The video description of Lucy's preview goes like this: "The diclonius queen is certainly not nyu to battles to the death". Yes, really.
  • In Lucy's preview, Boomstick plays the old shoelace prank on Wiz. One problem though...He kinda landed wrong.
  • While going over how Cletus bonded with his symbiote:
    Wiz: But while in prison, Cletus found that he wasn't alone, in fact, his cellmate just so happened to be Eddie Brock.
    Boomstick: Who you may know as that creepy guy covered in black ink called Venom.
    Wiz: That "ink" is actually a symbiotic alien known as a Klyntar. This "symbiote" bonded with Eddie, transforming him into a powerful and violent rival for the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
    Boomstick: But what Eddie didn't know was... it was pregnant! Oh ho ho! Time to go out for cigarettes, Eddie.
  • When they mention how Lucy's vectors have different effects when at different frequencies, Boomstick compares it to... a certain device his ex-wife had:
    Boomstick: Kinda like that thing that my ex-wife had on the nightstand, that I thought was one of those crazy pens.
  • Boomstick as Lucy’s DNA voice.
    Boomstick: Kill them all Lucy! Before they hurt more puppies! Oooh! I’m spooky DNA!
  • For a bit of Black Comedy, at the end of Lucy's rundown Boomstick says that they'll watch her kill some more people. Cue scenes of gore accompanied by an orchestra.
  • Despite the obvious Nightmare Fuel this fight will have, you can't help but chuckle a little at Carnage's reaction when he suddenly stops midair, thanks to Lucy's vectors.
    Carnage: Huh! What gives?!
  • Carnage's reaction to being unable to land a solid hit on Lucy. What makes it funny is because he sounds like a kid asking why he can't reach a cookie jar on a high shelf... Which is a fitting description.
    Carnage: What are you?! Why can't I hit you?!
  • Carnage's last words before Lucy vaporizes him?
    Carnage: ...I hate you.
Made better by the annoyed and "completely done with this" expression and tone that he has while saying it.
  • Throughout the episode, Boomstick struggles to pronounce Elfen Lied correctlynote , much to Wiz's frustration. After Boomstick finally uses the right pronunciation in his post-analysis Bond One-Liner, he asks Wiz, in an exasperated tone, if he's happy.

    Optimus Prime vs. Gundam 
  • At the end of Optimus' preview, Boomstick ends up breaking down upon remembering the Autobot leader's death in The Transformers: The Movie before leaving to go hug his truck. Wiz attempts to comfort him, confused at Boomstick's crying.
  • The hosts' Lampshade Hanging over Optimus Prime's numerous deaths throughout the Transformers franchise. They mention one of his most infamous deaths: Sentencing himself to death because he sacrificed NPCs in a video game to defeat Megatron.
  • In the Gundam's preview, they mention how Amuro had the Gundam's manual, Boomstick says to Wiz that the power of books is amazing. When Wiz points out that he doesn't read books, Boomstick's response references to Raven vs Twilight Sparkle:
    Boomstick: Again, Wiz, gun manuals are books, and that's a manual to a robot, so I would've read it.
  • When Wiz mentions the Spacenoid Republic of Zeon, Boomstick asks if it's like the Domino's pizza mascot, but in space.
    Wiz: No, more like space Nazis.
    Gihren Zabi: Sieg Zeon!
    Zeon Assembly: Sieg Zeon!
    Boomstick: Oh.
After that Boomstick only refers to Zeon as Space Nazis.
  • When Wiz explains how a Newtype is created (the power actually develops naturally in humans, but planetary gravity stunts it due to "weighing down the soul"), Boomstick immediately declares that that is the dumbest way to get superpowers.
  • A list for what Newtype powers can do includes a note under increasing Beam Saber size.
    If it lasts for more than 4 hours, please contact Doctor Minovsky.
  • Boomstick gets in an Incredibly Lame Pun when he talks about how the Gundam threw a "Gouf-y Mobile Suit"
  • The fight ends up being brought down to a planet. Amuro's reaction? A dazed "I hate gravity..." as he gets the Gundam back to its feet.
  • When Optimus gives the RX-78-2 a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, it ends with a closeup of an aerial axe kick to the Gundam's face. Thanks to Prime's wheels being on his legs in humanoid form, we get to see the oddly hilarious sight of the Gundam getting its face ground by a spinning truck tire.

    Nightwing vs. Daredevil 
  • How do Wiz and Boomstick tackle Batman and Robin's falling out? By cutting from Dick laying Batman out with one punch... to "YOU GOT KNOCKED THE F**K OUT, MAN!"
  • As Wiz explains, in the comics, Batman eventually realized that bringing children into battle is a bad idea, and fired Dick...
    Wiz: [while showing the infamous scene of the Joker beating Jason Todd to death] And then promptly forgot this little revelation.
  • We get to see the infamous Precision F-Strike from Titans during Nightwing's rundown. (Keep in mind, at this point, the series hadn't even been released yet, and the clip was from the teaser.)
    Robin: F**k Batman.
    Boomstick: Whoah-hoh-hoh! The mouth on this one...
  • Boomstick mentions that as Nightwing, Dick is accompanied by "Jim and Juan"... which confuses both him and Wiz, since he was reading directly from "the intern's notes"... until Wiz realizes what the notes are referring to: his asscheeks.
    Boomstick: [while the infamous suiting up clip plays] Well... guess you can't argue with the ass on that Dick.
  • At the end of the Nightwing preview, Wiz and Boomstick decide to uncover the secrets of the font wingdings after Boomstick mistakes Nightwing's throwing weapons for the font.
  • Boomstick brings up how Matt Murdock received training from a Blind Weaponmaster named... "Stick".
    Boomstick: No relation.
  • After the fight, instead of the usual zinger, Boomstick's reaction to the first ever live-action battle is:
    Boomstick: What the... Was that live-action? We can do that now?
  • The preview for the next fight announces "A classic match, with new rules." While awesome when the characters are revealed, a few people were legitimately expecting them to do Goku vs Superman 3, not Mario vs Sonic 2.
  • The reason Nightwing was fighting Daredevil was for a briefcase, but we don't see the contents inside it, until the Death Battle Cast where Danny Shepherd, the director of the battle and the actor who played Nightwing, revealed that inside the briefcase was Nightwing's porn.
  • Originally, after Daredevil intercepts Nightwing's attack in the dark with his billy club, Daredevil was supposed to bash Nightwing in the head with a nearby cinder block. However, the scene had to be cut because just as Tyler, Daredevil's actor, was about to swing down the cinder block, it completely fell apart.

    Mario vs. Sonic 2018 
  • The In-Universe reason that we're only seeing Wiz and Boomstick's faces now: apparently, Boomstick hadn't realized he left the lens cap on the camera for the LAST 7 YEARS. Then they both agree to just blame it on the intern.
  • Boomstick is disappointed that the cake reward Peach gives Mario for saving her is actually cake.
  • At the end of Mario's preview, the hosts go over a few feats, including surviving a massive explosion of Bob-Ombs in Mario Power Tennis without a scratch. Boomstick theorizes that Mario could play tennis with a nuclear warhead for a ball and be fine, and wants to try it out. He promises to go over Sonic's preview if the two are still alive next week.
  • After Wiz calculates the weight of the Golden Chain Chomp in Super Mario Sunshine, Boomstick is appalled that Mario just leaves it instead of cashing it in, claiming that it would be worth 366 billion dollars. Wiz is surprised that Boomstick is right, while Boomstick says he knows it because of "the guy on TV who always wants my gold" told him.
  • Upon Wiz stating that Mario's foot is 231 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Boomstick has this reaction:
  • During Sonic's preview, Boomstick expresses confusion about the notion that hedgehogs in Sonic's world are naturally fast, considering there's nothing reflecting that in real-life hedgehogs. In response, Wiz flatly points out that real-life hedgehogs are nocturnal, aren't blue, and are typically eaten by foxes instead of befriending them.
    Wiz: ...So I don't think SEGA cares.
  • At one point Boomstick wonders why Eggman doesn't go by his far cooler last name, Robotnik.
  • At the end of Sonic's preview, Wiz mentions that there is still something vital they need to discuss, causing Boomstick to panic.
    Boomstick: Listen, Wiz, I can explain.
    Wiz: …Explain what?
    Boomstick: Oh, uh, what are you talking about?
    Wiz: I'm talking about the definitive limits of Sonic's running speed. What are you asking about?
    Boomstick: That. Definitely that. It has nothing to do with Ratsputin, or the Goose.
  • In the fight proper, Wiz and Boomstick instead get very exasperated with having to calculate Sonic's speed, knowing how... divisive a subject it is both in and out of the Sonic fandom.
  • Sonic's greatest nemesis. "Robotnik?" "No, water."
    Boomstick: Seriously, Sonic buddy, learn to swim already and save our ears from that nightmare music.
This is followed by footage of Sonic drowning when he's a hair's breath from an air bubble.
  • When comparing Sonic's speed feats, Wiz mentions that Sonic Unleashed measures his speed in SPD instead of conventional units of measurement. Boomstick mishears this as STD, and quickly breaks into a short musical number:
    Boomstick (to the tune of the title theme of the 90's Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon): Sonic! He's got an STD! Sonic! It burns when he pees!
  • Once they've finished determining Sonic's top speed, Boomstick wants Wiz to time how fast he can chug a beer can.
    Boomstick: (grabs a can) Start the clock, Wiz! (doesn't move for a few seconds)
    Wiz: Are you gonna start?
    Boomstick: I'm already done. (Tosses the now empty beer can on a massive pile)
    Wiz: ''(facepalms) Ugh, moving on…
    • Even better, if one listens carefully, it sounds like the can was already empty when Boomstick grabbed it. Meaning one of two things: Either Boomstick didn't realize it and was saving face, or he was just messing with Wiz. Might be why Wiz seems more exasperated than surprised.
  • The fight's entire setup plays out like something out of a Disney cartoon. Highlights include:
    • The whole reason Sonic and Mario are fighting in the first place? Sonic stole Mario's beach chair. That's as petty as it gets.
    • Sonic just appears in Mario's chair during the ONE-SECOND it was off-camera. He's the fastest thing alive, you know.
    • Just the fact that Sonic's Cool Shades have one large, single lens instead of two separate lenses, to match his Conjoined Eyes. Also, the shades don't have any arms, because his ears aren't in any position to support them.
    • Mario folding Sonic up in the chair before kicking him across the beach.
    • Mario dramatically ripping off his beachwear, revealing his normal clothes underneath, in preparation for the fight... and by the way, his beach getup consisted only of his hat and a pair of Cheep Cheep trunks, which means he had his classic red shirt and overalls on underneath his bare chest.
  • The fight proper is as slapsticky and comedic as Smokey VS McGruff. It's hard to name a single example of this because there's just so much to choose from.
    • Take a wild guess what Sonic yells to Mario as he's literally running circles around him near the beginning of the fight. Go on, guess. You probably got it exactly right. For all of two people at your screen who give up. 
    • Fireball Sonic makes to charge at Mario while he's stunned against a tree... only to screech to a halt in midair (with the exact same sound effect as stopping in the classic games) as Cat Mario leaps at him. The blow leaves the Red Wisp hanging in the air looking dizzy.
  • After Sonic hops out of the water, he comes face to face with an entire army made up of Cat Marios. His reaction sums up everything.
  • The Cat Mario clones beat down on Sonic, making standard beatdown sounds until one of them kicks Sonic in the crotch. The sound effect played for this is that of Sonic losing rings.
  • A sea gull is seen spectating the fight between Mario and Sonic while lying on Mario's chair.
  • As Mario and Sonic's brawl goes all the way up to the moon, it seems that they aren't going to stop any time soon. Then their Super Modes run out.
  • Meta-wise, there's the fact that Sonic's final attack in the fight was how he killed Mario last time (spindashing into him)... only for Mario to hold him back, light him on fire, and spike him into the ocean.
  • The impact from Mario throwing Sonic is enough to cause a mushroom cloud (complete with eyes, because it's in the Mushroom Kingdom).
  • Upon landing, Mario stands triumphantly... and after a Beat, realizes that his hands are still smoking from holding the flaming Sonic, and hurriedly flails them about in order to cool them off.
  • After one of Sonic's shoes (complete with the lower half of one of his legs) lands in Mario's hands, Mario has a massive shit-eating grin as he starts dancing and jumping around.
  • In the post-fight animation, Mario, back in his swimsuit and lying in the beach chair the fight began over in the first place, watches the explosion with a smile, his eyes covered by Sonic's shades. Get a load of the skull reflected in the shades: that's a Poison Mushroom cloud!
  • As the hosts go over the reasons why Mario won, Wiz uses Boomstick as an Unwitting Test Subject to show off all of Mario's Power-Ups. He puts Boomstick in a time hold with the stopwatch, freezes him solid with the Ice Flower, and then turns him into coins with the Gold Flower, before reverting the final change with a remote control.
    Boomstick: Ohhhh god! Oh... I've seen things...
  • Right after Wiz brings Boomstick out of the time hold:
    Boomstick: Gah! Don't do that!… (Pats back pocket) Where's my wallet?
    Wiz: (Looks away)
  • Boomstick's pun skills have not improved over the years.
    Boomstick: He got Mari-owned!
    Wiz: Ugh… After a hundred episodes, you still can't think of a good pun?
    Boomstick: No, but now they can see me do this!
    (Gives double middle fingers)'' Aah! Check it out, Wiz!
  • In the "Archie Sonic is Broken" episode of the Death Battle Cast, Ben shows off a bonus clip that Blind Ferret (the team who animated the fight) sent them as a gift. When Mario rips off his swim gear and skin at the start of the fight, unlike in the fight animation, there's nothing underneath, leaving him Flayed Alive and causing him to scream in agony. All the hosts laughed their asses off, especially since Mario ripping off his clothes was one of their favorite scenes.
    • Especially funny since the screaming sounds Mario makes are taken from this video, which is a pretty big meme.

    Ultron vs. Sigma 
  • When covering Ultron's origins, Boomstick brings up his creation in the MCU and refers to Bruce Banner as "not-Hulk".
  • At the end of Ultron's preview, Boomstick asks Wiz to turn him into a robot, citing that he's probably gonna need to replace some parts soon already (likely his liver), so he might as well get a head start.
    Wiz: I'll have to do some research. It'll probably take a week, but there's always the possibility of… side affects.
    Boomstick: Great. By next week I'll have my ultimate form: MechaBoomstick! Muhahaha (makes whirring noise)!
  • When describing some of the mental issues Ultron has, Boomstick brings up the time he self destructed in disbelief after reading the line Thou Shalt Not Kill.
    Boomstick: Yeah, he's so murder happy that just the thought of not killing people drove him to suicide.
  • Wiz mentions how Ultron wants to use Hank's wife to make a robot wife for himself (Jocasta, in case you were wondering), which is accompanied by a still image of Ultron making whipping noises and saying "Hey, pretty mama" to the image of Jocasta.
  • When mention is made of Ultron's ionic energy, Wiz goes into an extended explanation of what 'ionic' entails... and Boomstick interrupts him before he puts anyone to sleep.
    Boomstick: Ah, enough nerd-speak, Wiz! It's just there because all robo-people need to shoot awesome robo-lasers. Right?
    Wiz: (equipping his cybernetic arm with a very familiar-looking cannon) Absolutely.
  • In Sigma's rundown, Wiz pronounces the "XX" in "21XX" as… clearing his throat.
  • When Wiz talks about how the "Reploids" benefited society, Boomstick goes full Sarcasm Mode.
    Boomstick: Wow, that sounds amazing. Like it could have no possible negative repercussions at all.
    Wiz: Unfortunately...
    Boomstick: There it is.
  • Boomstick is sick of the misanthropic views of androids.
    Boomstick: Yeah, yeah, the big strong metal people hate the dumb flesh bags, blah blah, I hear it from you every time at the bar, Wiz.
    Wiz: I…when was the last time I went to a bar?
    Boomstick: You don't remember?
    Wiz: Um, no…
    Boomstick: Mission accomplished!
  • Boomstick describes Sigma's first meeting with Zero, by finding "[Zero] in an abandoned laboratory who started eating Maverick Hunter ass for breakfast." Boomstick quickly realizes that that didn't sound right.
  • When describing the virus that was in Zero's stasis pod.
    Boomstick: So, this red guy was called Zero and turns out, the thing infecting Reploids and turning them into Mavericks was a virus leaking from Zero's stasis pod. That also didn't sound right.
  • During Sigma's initial rundown, the last bullet point on his background slide is "Looks like the secret love child of Buzz Lightyear and Zurg."
  • When discussing Mavericks, Boomstick gets distracted by the fact that they're all modeled after animals… and then gets stuck on what a "Kuwanger" is. (It's a stag beetle.)
  • When Wiz reveals the minimum energy needed to destroy the Earth is 63 sextillion tons of TNT, Boomstick says that's 22 zeroes, which is visualized by 22 heads of Zero, followed by Boomstick clarifying he meant the number, not the robot. Boomstick then talks about how Sigma is fast enough to keep up with Zero, he clarifies he means the robot, not the number.
  • Much like Naruto VS Ichigo, they managed to get Sigma's voice actor from Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and just like that situation, the credits list him as SupremeOverlordOfIce, with the link leading to the Wikipedia page about hamsters.

    Master Roshi vs. Jiraiya 
  • At the end of Roshi's preview, Boomstick freaks Wiz out at the thought of Master Roshi spending fifty years perfecting how to masturbate.
  • Boomstick's inability to pronounce certain Eastern names and words is brought up again with Wiz correcting him:
    Boomstick: Roshi studied under the legendary Master Potato.
    Wiz: Mutaito.
  • "♪ Creepy old man turtle school, creepy old man turtle school, Roshi in a half shell, he's a ♪"
  • Boomstick is impressed that Roshi is able to get aroused at his old age. Wiz is about to object, but does concede that it is quite impressive.
  • Boomstick attempts the Kamehameha, and predictably, nothing happens. Wiz tries to move on, but Boomstick tries again, this time using a beer can to spray Wiz.
  • When going over Roshi catching machine gun fire, Boomstick makes things awkward.
    Boomstick: If my hands could move that fast, I'd probably stop getting married!
    Record Needle Scratch, Wiz shrugs and gestures to Boomstick in silence.
  • At the end of Jiraiya's preview, Boomstick ends up lighting Wiz on fire when imitating Jiraiya's Fire Jutsus.
    Boomstick: (When talking about Jiraiya's Fire Jutsu techniques) Awesome! I can only ever do that with a lighter and an aerosol can. Which I have with me right now! Duck, Wiz!
    Wiz: Wait, what did you just (Boomstick lights him on fire) saaaaAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!
    Boomstick: Uh-oh! Jocelyn, get the fire extinguisher! No, not that one, I use that one for fun!
  • During Jiraiya's preview, when Boomstick says nothing can surprise him anymore when it comes to Naruto, Wiz presses a button on his mechanical arm and poofs into a Sexy Jutsu. Boomstick starts having a nosebleed and we cut to a Technical Difficulties sign.
  • Boomstick calls Konoha "Hidden Valley Ranch".
  • When Wiz says "Jutsu", Boomstick says "Gesundheit" (with the footage showing Naruto sneezing)... and this time, Wiz casually replies "Thank you." (showing Sakura covered in snot from the aforementioned sneeze)
  • Boomstick's reaction to the realm of giant talking toads.
    Boomstick: Wiz, are you sure 'jutsu' isn't just, like, another name for crack?
  • Wiz mentions that among Jiriya's toad-learned skills are the ability to summon giant amphibian allies, and Boomstick chimes in.
    Boomstick: Like the biggest grump you've ever seen: Gamabunta.
    Gamabunta: I am the wise and powerful Lord Gamabunta, the chief toad! And you're an idiot! Now shut up!
    Boomstick: Haha, 'Bunta you crotchety old toad.
  • Like in Strange VS Fate, the voice acting wasn't ready for the sneak peak on the Death Battle Cast, so the cast makes a Gag Dub of it. Their interpretation of the pre-fight scene involves Jiraiya heavily disliking one of Roshi's favorite porn books. What makes this especially hilarious is that it's completely in-character for both parties. It's especially funny because one of the people doing the dub knows nothing about Jiraiya's abilities.
  • The actual reason for fighting is similar to the cast's interpretation, though the roles are reversed: Roshi is looking through Jiraiya's store, and is mad that his works are only writing.
    Roshi: Hey fuzz-for-brains! Where are the pictures? It's just words in here! (Roshi starts stomping the book into the floor)
    Jiraiya: Pictures!? You fool! Words paint a thousand beautiful pictures all by themselves!
    • The fact that this season's reasons for two characters fighting to the death have gotten increasingly pettier, from Twilight discovering Raven plays with pony toys, to Mario and Sonic fighting over a beach char, and finally to Roshi complaining that Jiraiya's porn has no pictures in it.
  • If you're paying attention, Jiraiya's actually making the D: face as Roshi stomps on his book.
  • Roshi, attempting to save face, tries to defuse the situation. He only succeeds at making Jiraiya even madder.
    Roshi: Jeez, don't take it personally! Not like you wrote the damn thing!
    Jiraiya: But I did!
  • As Roshi uses the Kamehamaha to break free of Jiraiya's Toad Mouth Bind, the camera cuts to a toad peacefully hopping along a beach. Suddenly, it bloats up and explodes as the fighters burst out of it.
  • When Jiraiya uses the Toad Oil Bullet and Flame Bullet techniques to create an improvised Molotov Cocktail, Roshi can do nothing but panic, flailing his arms around as he tries to avoid the other Flame Bullets.
  • After running across the ocean while dragging Roshi in front of him with a Rasengan, Jiraiya finally throws the Rasengan at Kame House. Roshi ends up crashing into it headfirst, getting his head stuck in the wall in cartoonish fashion.
  • In order to buy time to get into Sage Mode, Jiraiya knocks Roshi into his island house and summons Gamabunta on top to crush him. Gamabunta is not pleased.
    Jiraiya: (loudly) Hey there! Can you buy me some time?
    Roshi goes into his buff mode and lifts the toad up with a "Get off my lawn!"
  • After a brief battle, Roshi successfully uses the Evil Containment Wave on Gamabunta. His response is priceless.
    Gamabunta: SCREW YOU, YOU PERVERT!
The great thing about Gamabunta's line is that he's most likely blaming Jiraiya for getting him into this situation in the first place, but it also works for the ripped old man sealing him into a rice cooker, even though he's known him for less than a minute.
  • The killing blow didn't even happen when the winner was conscious. As Roshi charges with a punch, Jiraya uses the Toad Confrontation Chant on Roshi, but Roshi's punch keeps going and cuts him in half. Roshi didn't kill Jiraiya, momentum did. Even better, Roshi revives later, looks around in confusion, then sees the bloody water behind him. He giggles awkwardly and flashes a V-Sign, as if thinking "I Meant to Do That".
  • Boomstick's post-fight pun ends with him knocking Wiz out.
    Boomstick: And that's why Jiraiya croaked when Roshi beat him to the punch!

    Thanos vs. Darkseid 
  • The finale of Season Five: a clash between two intergalactic mass murderers from Marvel and DC, promising to be one of the most dramatic fights in in the series. So, naturally, the best time to release this is a week before Christmas.
  • Wiz explains the Celestials' experiments on humans, showing the Eternals, the Humans (who of which have either X-Genes resulting in Mutants/Homo Superiors, or only just having modified genes to grant themselves powers through dangerous events), and the Deviants.
  • Boomstick notes how Mentor's collar looks like the "lampshade I put on my dog to make him stop licking his junk."
    Wiz: Charming.
  • For Thanos's preview, Boomstick notes that Thanos's time-traveling throne looks suspiciously like Wiz's chair. Wiz tries to play it off as coincidence, so Boomstick decides to sit in it and think about time travel… with predictable results.
    Wiz: Well… shit. We'll discuss Darkseid next week. Meanwhile, I… have to find my chair.
  • When noting how Thanos survived being in Ego the Living Planet's stomach, where they deduced that the stomach acid must be deadlier than supernovas and blackholes since Ego eats stars, Boomstick says that "[Ego] would probably love Momma Boomstick's world-famous ghost pepper pie." This is accompanied by Boomstick showing us a picture of Momma Boomstick with the pie in question… and she looks like an older version of Boomstick! Complete with a mustache and stubble!
    Wiz: Ugh…
    Boomstick: It's fine. Just dip it in some squirrel paste. (holds up bowl with a squirrel's tail sticking out)
  • Wiz discusses how Darkseid, then Uxas, betrayed and killed his older brother Drax to obtain the power of the Omega Effect...and then quickly points out he's not talking about that Drax who's Thanos' enemy.
  • Deadpool's appearances:
    • He makes a cameo in the full episode, gleefully talking about Thanos' mad hard-on for Mistress Death. Wiz and Boomstick are not fond of him showing up with Boomstick asking him if he's late for another pony party.
    • Deadpool's response to Boomstick ordering him to clear off.
      Deadpool: Oh, come on, buddy, you can't have a Death Battle season without Deadpool, right?
      Wiz: Uh, we did. The last one.
      Deadpool: Oh, nobody counts that one. I mean, that's the year you put a dog in a trenchcoat against a goddamn bear! (laughs) What did you think would happen?
      Boomstick: (chuckles) Yeah.
    • He appears twice in the fight proper:
      • Once at the start of the fight, having stolen Thanos' throne and given it to Darkseid to sit on. Darkseid doesn't even have a problem with Deadpool being there, even though many would have grown extremely annoyed with him at best. It could just be the fact that Darkseid is at his most calmest when he's in a comfortable chair, so he probably didn't mind having company. Thanos on the other hand is less accepting and turns DP into literal confetti upon arriving. Darkseid himself only offers a Fascinating Eyebrow at the confetti.
      • And again at the end, when Darkseid traps Thanos in the Omega Sanction, where his first death is seeing DP make out with Death, and then shooting him.
    • Finally, he appears at the very end, to steal Boomstick's punchline.
      Boomstick: Thanos just couldn't run-
      Deadpool: Run the gauntlet! (laughs before disappearing)
      Boomstick: Oh, you son of a bitch!
      Wiz: Ugh...
  • Among some of Darkseid's stats includes "Likes to sit in other people's chairs" and that Santa gives him a lump of coal every Christmas. (Which he does. Personally.) The start of the fight animation calls back to the former, with Darkseid casually sitting on Thanos' throne when Thanos shows up.
  • Darkseid throws the Thanos-copter at Thanos.
  • The Nomad of Nowhere also makes a cameo, animating Boomstick's beer to show how Darkseid can reanimate various things. Boomstick is so freaked out, he admits that he probably drank too much. Later, he picks up the beer the Nomad animated and drinks from it, much to the can's distress.
  • Boomstick summarizes the Anti-Life Equation as "math that just makes you sad".
  • The first move of the fight proper is funny, too. Thanos goes for a punch with the Infinity Gauntlet, and Darkseid responds with a headbutt to the Infinity Gauntlet. Darkseid then spends the first half-minute of the fight with his hands behind his back, even when Thanos is spinning him around by his legs, Darkseid doesn't even flinch.
  • Thanos's defeat, being trapped in the Omega Sanction. Specifically, his first death within the Sanction is getting shot and killed by an even more irritating version of Deadpool after finding him and Death making out on his throne. He's going to have to go through things like this forever, and they're going to get worse over time.
  • Meta example: Chad poking fun at the "Death Battle is biased!" idea. He sent a tweet saying that the animators of this particular battle are definitely not biased, accompanied with an image of one such animator and their desk. It is loaded with Thanos merchandise and the animator himself is wearing an Infinity Gauntlet. As a refresher, Thanos lost.


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