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    Miles Morales vs. Static 
  • Both Miles and Static's previews end with Boomstick and Wiz respectively deciding to walk out of the preview for their own reasons.
  • Boomstick tells Miles that he should love his parents more because you never know when they'll pull a surprise "Uncle Ben". Comes up later when they talk about how his Uncle Aaron died right in front of him.
  • Boomstick questions why they would a super serum in a spider. Wiz hand-waves it by explaining that scientists can be weird.
    Boomstick: Maybe next time put it in something that can't walk away! It's got eight legs, that's like, four times more walking power!
  • Boomstick notes that the web-shooters would be perfect for getting a beer. When Wiz reminds Boomstick that Miles is a teenager, Boomstick counters that the laws should be different in his alternate universe.
  • Wiz goes over Miles's electric powers, including the time his Venom Sting managed to take out Electro.
    Wiz: But Miles didn't just shock him. He disrupted Electro's own charge. Similar to a miswiring sending too much electricity in one direction and shorting out your computer when somebody forgot to plug it into the surge protector!
    Boomstick: Wiz, you know I don't believe in protection for anything. It's going in raw.
  • When exploring how Static went to the main DC timeline after being initially from a separate Dakotaverse, Wiz brought his prototype invention that looks into alternate dimensions. Boomstick excitedly presses the button, and the two momentarily swapped sides in what became "Fatality Kerfuffle", with Boomstick in Wiz's place in a torn lab coat and speaking in a verbose British accent, while Wiz wears Boomstick's cap and speaks in an Irish accent. Wiz threw the invention down after normalcy was restored. Unfortunately for Wiz, it started glitching out, and the episode ends with the alternate universe versions.
  • Wiz talks about how Static threw three lockers filled with Quantum Juice out of orbit. While Wiz talks about the weight of the average locker, Boomstick notes that they can fit approximately one nerd.
  • The fight starts because apparently Miles attacked Static. His reasoning is that "he's got more than one electric psychopath to keep track of".
  • We see Miles using the infamous "Hey..." moment from Into the Spider-Verse to use his Venom Sting on Static, blowing him into a wall. And before he does the latter we get a Freeze-Frame Bonus of Miles dabbing afterwards.
  • Static uses his electromagnetic manipulation to disrupt Miles's wall-crawling powers. First to turn them off to stop him from sticking onto the building, then to keep him stuck so he's an easy target.
  • In the soundtrack for the fight, Miles boasts that he's "exploding through the air." Knowing how the fight ends...

    Black Canary vs. Sindel 
  • Wiz explains the origins of Dinah's powers via the metahuman gene, Boomstick just interrupts by saying "A Wizard Did It!"
  • Boomstick noting that because Dinah is named after her mother, they could be considered a "Dinah-sty".
  • Wiz points out that Dinah Lance originally wore a blonde wig, but then decided to just dye it.
    Boomstick: Blonde? Don't you mean Yell-ow?
    Wiz: Ugh...
  • After all the kung-fu talk, Boomstick wants to see a judo canary in action. So he pulls out an actual canary to demonstrate its abilities. Who is its opponent? Wiz's two-headed cyborg goose from "Dragonzord vs Mechagodzilla", who Boomstick has named Mecha Goose Howard.
    Wiz: Uh, did you teach it judo?
    [Mecha Goose Howard honks and vaporizes the canary with lasers from its mouths]
    Boomstick: So, uhh… Turns out they don't know judo. Where was the heads up on that one, Wiz?
  • The end of Black Canary's preview notes her relationship with Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.
    Boomstick: They spent a lot of time sticking arrows in that quiver, if ya know what I mean... (Beat) They did sex.
  • The start of Sindel's preview has Wiz doing a pun.
    Wiz: The realm of Edenia was a paradise. A Garden of Eden, if you will.
    Boomstick: You said that like it's supposed to be clever.
  • When Wiz explains how Edenia was overrun by Shao Khan and Mortal Kombat, Boomstick excitedly sings a theme tune in the background of Wiz’s explanation about the event.
  • In Sindel’s preview, Wiz wonders what “Tiger Pie” would taste like, only for Boomstick to go on about how delicious “Tiger Blood” is until he’s told it’s just a mix of cherry and strawberry snow cone sauce. Boomstick breaks down that he’s been lied to and laments if duck sauce and spicy rooster sauce doesn’t have either of those respective birds in it.
  • This moment when discussing Sindel's fighting prowess. Boomstick's comment is even funnier when you take into consideration that this episode's battle track, "Sirens of Combat", also missed an opportunity to spell "Kombat".
    Wiz: Sindel's Edenian physiology gives her superhuman strength, speed and durability, allowing her to make mincemeat of Mortal Kombat's regular combatants.
    Boomstick: You better have said that with a "K".
  • Boomstick thinks that Sindel's Prehensile Hair is actually kinda sexy.
    Wiz: Oh? Would you still think so if she used it to spin you like a top fast enough to obliterate your body?
    Boomstick: What a way to go...
    Wiz: ...Okay...
  • Going over Sindel's abilities, Wiz mentions her projectiles are called Star Screamers.
  • Dinah describes the Mortal Kombat tournament as "Scooby-Doo meets Fight Club."
  • After knocking Sindel out of the ring, Dinah asks Shao Kahn if ring-outs are a thing in Outworld.
  • Boomstick's joke after the fight is over is admittedly not his best one, but Wiz sets himself up for a groan-inducing pun at the end.
    Boomstick: (Start of the post-fight analysis): Looks like Sindel's head is blasting off agaaaaaiiii-or, well, for the first time, technically, so... Eh, I tried to work it in, guys...
    Boomstick: (End of the post-fight analysis): It was Sindel's time to Die-nah.
    Wiz: What, no pun about screams?
    Boomstick: Well, I was gonna, but I thought a pun that obvious wouldn't be a-loud!

    Leonardo vs. Jason 
  • At the end of Leonardo's preview, Boomstick sics his pet snapping turtle, Mr. Snappy, on Wiz as proof of turtles being fast. From what Wiz managed to choke out, Mr. Snappy got him by the throat as well.
  • When stating why Leo was picked over his brothers, Boomstick gave good reasons for Donatello and Raphael but in a Call-Back to Leo's first battle, still assumes that Mikey was dropped as a child.
  • Boomstick's tendency to flub names continues with calling Leo Leonardo DiCaprio and Wiz just rolls with it this time.
  • Boomstick after Wiz described the Ninjaken as "katanas without the curve" still favors it over Raph's Sai and Donnie's Bo describing them as "tiny forks" and "a literal stick" respectively.
  • While talking about Leo's Odachi, Boomstick attempts to travel around with it only to succeed in breaking stuff offscreen.
  • After Jason's preview, Boomstick asks Wiz if he would take a hit for him after hearing about the Morphing Grid. Wiz confusedly says yes, prompting Boomstick to immediately sucker punch him, with his justification being that Wiz said he could.
  • While talking about Jason's weapons, Boomstick states they aren't toys "no matter how plasticky they look".
  • When talking about Jason's Blade Blaster, Boomstick shows Wiz his own combo weapon, which is just a bunch of knives taped to his shotgun leg. Wiz asks if that's a good idea stating they already have enough holes in the floor before Boomstick assures him that he knows what he's doing, only for his shotgun leg to go off. The shot breaks the floor under him, causing Boomstick to fall through it and send the knives flying everywhere, eliciting a girlish scream from Wiz. As Boomstick finally hits the ground after all that and says he's okay... only for a stray knife to fall from the ceiling and stab him offscreen and make him reiterate that last sentence. Wiz can only sigh in resignation at his co-host’s stupidity.
  • Wiz mentions a time Jason lifted a boulder that weighed 69 tons. Of course, Boomstick laughs.
  • The reason the fight starts? Jason bumps into Leo, causing him to drop his pizza. (And tries to kill him because he looks like one of Rita’s monsters, but moreso the pizza.)
    Leo: Gimme a break! You’re the monster for ruining my pizza!
  • Seeing that this fight's main connection is how they're Saturday Morning shows, they had to stick some cheezy dialogue in.
    Jason: Don't blade me for not being impressed!
    Leo: Really dude?
  • In true Power Rangers fashion, after Jason kills Leo, his body explodes. And Jason's reaction to fighting and killing a human-sized turtle wielding an array of Japanese weapons?
    Jason: Phew! That was bonkers!
  • While awesome that Jason ended the winning streaks of TMNT and Leo as well as the Power Ranger's own losing streak, it is hilarious how Jason won compared to the losses; Jason didn't have his zord on hand but won while all the previous matchups had the zords as the combatants but lost, giving the possibility that the zords are giant bad luck charms in Death Battle.

    Genos vs. War Machine 
  • In Genos' Preview, Boomstick finds Mosquito Girl attractive, to Wiz's casual disgust.
  • Boomstick also gives Saitama some nicknames related to his baldness, such as "Caped Egghead" or "Baldy McPuncherson" and in the YouTube release makes a smartass crack about Saitama before he and Wiz advertise Hims.
  • By the end of the preview, Boomstick decides to steal Wiz's robotic arm to see if it'll pop back on, or if he'll grow out a new one.
  • When discussing Genos' hyper-sensors Boomstick states that they can zoom and enhance to locate distant foes before imitating Law and Order's signature sound with the actual sound clip playing at the same time.
  • When discussing how Genos can put his arms together to use the Spiral Incineration Cannon and the Ultra Helix Incineration Blast, Boomstick wishes he had a second shotgun leg to do something similar, when Wiz asks how he would even aim, Boomstick tries to demonstrate by lifting both his legs, Reality Ensues when he falls after he lifts his second leg while landing on his keys.
  • For the most of the first half of War Machine's analysis, Boomstick can't stop fawning over the weapons the suit has, enough to the point he tried upgrading his weapons... one of which is a rifle painted pink with a little flower on it... which he says was white before he accidentally washed it with his hat.
  • While talking about War Machine's Ghost-tech, Boomstick states it would be great use to prevent Wiz from stabbing him in the foot again, much to Wiz's annoyance.
  • Much like the ends of both Lucy and Black Widow's analyses, War Machine's analysis doesn't have him say something but rather shows him firing his weapons constantly.
  • The beginning of the fight features War Machine jetting over a desert landscape with a cup of coffee, only for an explosion in the background to cause it to spill. Between this and Leonardo's pizza, fans have started to wonder if wasted food is going to be a running gag this season.
  • While Genos's Badass Boast about "Not falling apart that easy" seems awesome at first glance, with his reputation as a Jobber in his home series as well as the analysis showing that Genos had almost no advantages whatsoever makes it seem more like Genos is talking out of his shiny metal ass.
  • After Genos crushes Rhodey’s boot and the two start falling, War Machine’s solution to fend off his opponent is to bitch-slap him with a repulser amplified hand. Genos confused look before impact sells it.
  • Later in the fight War Machine uses his Ghost-tech to hide from Genos' sensors, the demon cyborg assumes that Rhodes escaped while stating that his suit was ugly, War Machine takes offense to the remark.
    War Machine: (reappears next to him) Ugly?! (attacks him) This is my Sunday best!
  • After overpowering War Machine's Unibeam with his Spiral Incineration Cannon, Genos is caught by surprise that Rhodes is still alive before attempting to blast him again, getting more and more annoyed each time.
  • War Machine simply standing there while Genos unloads four Spiral Incineration Cannons on him back to back to no effect, coupled with the War Machine Armor's blank expression, can bring to mind a rather famous moment from Geno's home series.
  • At the end Genos attempts a Taking You with Me by self-destructing his core, while War Machine survived and apologizes for how this turned out, Genos, who is now just a head, tells Rhodes to not talk to him, which he obliges by just crushing Genos' head.

    Gray Fullbuster vs. Esdeath 
  • A meta-Funny moment occurs when one realizes that not only will this not be the first time Gray has fought a blue-haired ice-using general of an Empire (Invel Yura), but also not the first time he's fought a blue-haired woman with love issues (Juvia Lockser, his own Love Interest). To top it off, Gray actually fits all of Esdeath's boyfriend requirements. He hasn't reached his full potential (as the sequel series is still ongoing), he's fearless, he's younger than her, he wasn't born in the capital, and he has a nice smile.
    • Gray seems to have taken note of Esdeath's similarities to Juvia.
      Gray: Oh, just what I needed; another crazy, blue-haired woman in my life!
  • Horrible Preview titles are back.
    • Gray Full-BUSTS into DEATH BATTLE!
  • At the end of Gray's preview, Boomstick wonders if the reason Gray learned ice magic was because he stripped. So he decides to give it a shot... by ripping off his pants, to Wiz's disgust.
    Wiz: Hugh, I'm gonna hurl. Oh god!
    Boomstick: (proudly) Yeah, I have that effect on people.
    • In the episode, he rips off his shirt instead. He then orders Wiz to oil him up (Wiz refuses) and has a stripper pole readied before Wiz clarifies that it's not stripping that taught him, that was just Ur's way to get him used to the cold to better use ice magic. Boomstick dejectedly wishes Wiz had told him 5 seconds earlier before he'd ripped his favorite shirt, and the pole rises back into the ceiling, meaning Wiz and Boomstick have an extendable stripper pole installed in the studio.
  • Boomstick calls Gray's teacher, Ur, a hot stripper. He's... not wrong...
  • In Esdeath’s preview, Boomstick shows his usual annoyance about the Power of Friendship trope before excitedly saying that survival of the fittest is the real type of friendship power he wants.
  • At the end of the trailer, Boomstick realizes that since Esdeath got her powers with blood, he wants some of Wiz's blood to get his own powers. Wiz knows what's about to happen and tries to stop him before Boomstick charges off to get Wiz's extra supply that the latter was saving for a clone army.
  • When Esdeath's desire to find love is brought up, Boomstick all too happily says he "know just the man for the job" (himself), only for Wiz to reveal that the guy who fits Esdeath's criteria for ideal man to be Tatsumi.
    Boomstick: (spits the beer he was drinking into Wiz's face) Wh—What!? Really? Aw, some dopey generic anime protagonist kid.
    Wiz: Well, he literally is an anime protagonist.
    Boomstick: Oh, come on, he's like a three out of ten and she's not even on the chart. She's way too good for him.
    Wiz: Is she?
    (Wiz shows Boomstick a scene on how Esdeath tortures her captives)
    Boomstick: Oh right, she's crazy. Even better.
  • Wiz's reaction to how Mahapadma works. note 
  • Gray does his typical strip, complete with Fairy Tail's infamous "Wow" sound effect, before the fight starts. Judging from Esdeath's expression, she wasn't very amused.
  • Boomstick's announcement after the fight:
    Boomstick: (pulls down an old-style microphone) This just in: male stripper found dead after a crazy night with a dominatrix gone wrong. More at 7.


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