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    Lara Croft vs. Nathan Drake 
  • When Wiz was talking about the foes Lara has encountered, including a T-Rex, Boomstick says he'll be going to the happy hour at the "Prehistoric Penthouse'', a dinosaur-themed strip house, including a show with "Triceratopless". Wiz can only remark on how absurd the idea is.
  • During Nathan Drake's preview, we have this gem at the end.
    Wiz: Oh! Speaking of bad guys, I... still have to pay off the loan I took for my... latest experiment...
    Boomstick: Bad guys? Who the hell did you take the loan from?
    Wiz: *clears his throat, followed by a long beat* ... The Yakuza...
    (The door immediately slams and a car is heard driving off.)
    Boomstick: (after a long silence) Holy shit!
  • During Lara's analysis, Wiz and Boomstick cover that one time she blew up a helicopter by tossing her climbing ax at it. Wiz tries to explain this by pointing out that the ax most likely got into the helicopter's air intake and caused a chain reaction, but Boomstick simply repeats that she made a helicopter explode with nothing but an ax. Even funnier when you realize it's foreshadowing.
  • Nathan lampshades the situation he's forced to face every time he finds treasure.
    Nathan: Ugh, it never fails! I get to the gold at the end of the rainbow and someone tries to kill me!
  • In the middle of a heated gunfight, the Holy Grail gets knocked off the pedestal, and all of a sudden, Nathan's first priority is making a dramatic diving catch before it hits the floor.
  • There's something funny in the destruction of the castle where the Holy Grail was. Really, Nate, can you ever be in a lost city without making everything collapse?
  • His reaction to said event is even funnier.
    The ground shakes
    Nathan: That's probably not good.
    big chunks of the castle start falling from above
    Nathan: That's definitely not good.

    Scrooge McDuck vs. Shovel Knight 
  • While Boomstick is talking about Scrooge McDuck's home defenses during Scrooge's preview, he hears a cannon go off.
    Boomstick: Told you I'd get that damn squirrel! Dinner time!
    Wiz: Sure, go for it. I think I'll go get takeout instead.
  • Wiz going over a... rather interesting move of Scrooge's:
    Wiz: Apparently, Buffalo Bill taught him how to knife fight in... (sheepishly) um, "Injun style". (ahem) And now's a great time to remind you that Scrooge is pretty old. It was a different time.
  • Boomstick comments that Disney should hire a poultry scientist when going over the fact that Scrooge couldn't fly— and then decides he'll send them his resume, since he has a doctorate in the field.
  • Boomstick says Shovel Knight had the right to mourn the loss of his friend Shield Knight. Wiz dryly says he's one to talk, considering when Boomstick got divorced, he "mourned" by celebrating with fireworks.
  • Boomstick reminiscing his rake blade.
    Boomstick: I missed my rake blade. But, everyone got confused and offended whenever I yelled out my catchphrase "Prepared to get raked!" So, I stopped using it...
    Wiz: Oh... (dawning realization) Oh-Ohhhhhh! Probably smart.
  • Scrooge's first impression of Shovel Knight? Popping out of a treasure chest, covered in bling. No wonder he got so mad.
  • Shovel Knight's reaction when he first gets sight of the treasure vault.
  • Just before the end of the fight, Scrooge tried to pogo on Shovel Knight, only to bounce harmlessly three times to the Goomba Stomp sound on each impact.
  • There's just something funny about hearing the Ducktales theme while Scrooge is in the middle of decapitating Shovel Knight.
  • There's a good deal of Black Comedy to be found in Scrooge sticking Shovel Knight's head on a pike outside his door as a warning to thieves.

    Venom vs. Bane 

    Megazord vs. Lion Force Voltron 
  • Wiz and Boomstick talking about Zordon's decision to have "five overbearing and overemotional humans" become the Power Rangers... and how it works.
    Boomstick: Good thing Zordon had thousands of years to prepare a fool-proof plan. He could summon the five greatest, deadliest, most decorated warriors across the galaxy to battle Rita, or...
    Zordon: Teleport to us five overbearing, and over-emotional humans.
    Alpha 5: No! Not that! Not teenagers!
    Wiz: That plan is asinine, but somehow, it worked.
  • Boomstick taking a shot at Power Rangers's low budget when talking about the Mastodon Zord's "Freeze Blast".
    Boomstick: ...Zack uses its freeze blast to cover his enemies in ice, or saran wrap if you're short on a budget.
  • When describing Kimberly, her info collection lists "Enjoys Tommy Oliver" and this gem:
    "Too much pink energy is dangerous!"
    Zordon, 1880
  • When describing the Megazord's strength, Boomstick mentions that it's strong enough to backhand someone into orbit. Wiz says that was oddly specific, in-of-itself a funny callback to Boomstick making the same observation during Deadpool-vs-Deathstroke's battle.
  • Describing the Megazord's ability to channel and redirect kinetic energy with the Power Sword, they have the weapon clash with the Master Sword, then shatter it.
  • Some of the Power Rangers' enemies make Wiz and Boomstick cringe, including a rapping pumpkin and Kimberly's purse come to life.
    Boomstick: Man, these villains were getting desperate, and so were the writers.
  • In the preview for the Megazord, Boomstick is so in awe over the Megazord's transformation, he wants to watch it all over again. Wiz fails to stop him and he groans that it's going to replay for about ten hours or so.
  • When describing the pilots of the Voltron Lions:
    Boomstick: The Blue Lion is piloted by Sven Holgerson... (cut to Sven's death and funeral) ...oh, he dead. (clears throat) The Blue Lion is piloted by Princess Allura herself, taking over after the original pilot got a bad case of stabbing.
  • The Voltron team's first meeting with the Power Rangers has this gem.
    Hunk: Hello!
    Jason: We need Dinozord power now! (The Dinozords appear)
    Pidge: Hunk, what's happening?
    Hunk: I think I found the dinosaurs.
    • Lance joking about the teams' current investigation.
      Lance: (to Keith) Finally, if I don't see a dinosaur, I'm blaming you.
  • Special mention goes to how the fight starts: after the Voltron team does their "Voltron!" cry, they look up to see the Megazord stroll up, towering over them. The first move of the fight? The Megazord slamming both fists down onto Voltron's head.
  • After the initial clash of swords between the Megazord and Voltron with both using their respective finishing moves results in a mutual No-Sell, the Pink Ranger feels the need to say this (judging from the Stunned Silence from both teams, seems like Kimberly was speaking for both teams):
    Pink Ranger: Ummm, isn't this usually the part where we win?
  • As the episode is parodying Power Rangers and Voltron, the fight itself shamelessly uses the same Stock Footage for whenever the Megazord or Voltron takes damage.

     Natsu vs. Ace 
  • Boomstick realizes they were going to say "fire" a lot. Cue Beavis and Butt-Head clip.
  • In Natsu's preview, after Boomstick sees Natsu eat fire, he decides to go test out if he can gain magic from eating fire. Wiz is about to stop him, but then encourages him on. Predictably, poor Boomstick sets his mouth on fire. He learns his lesson the next week when Wiz wants to cut off his hands so he can have an Arm Cannon.
  • Natsu's introduction, explaining Natsu's childhood and abruptly "cuts off" right after his death by dragon:
    Wiz: In his infancy, Natsu Dragneel was a pretty normal child living in a pretty normal village.
    Boomstick: And then a bunch of dragons toasted the town and killed everybody, including him. The End.
    -cue the Death Battle "screen" closing as if his segment had ended-
  • When going over Ace's Fire Gun:
    Boomstick: Man, I love my gun leg and all, but now I think I really need me some gun hands to go along with it!
    Wiz: Boomstick, sometimes I really, really wonder about where you came from.
    Boomstick: The front door, like every day. C'mon, Wiz, pay attention!
    Wiz: (groans) Anyway...
  • So, Ace once fought a karate fish man for five straight days.
    Boomstick: Man, with that endurance, he's gonna make some lucky lad or lady real happy someday.
  • Boomstick wonders if Wiz is willing to sacrifice himself to save Boomstick like Ace did for Luffy.
    Wiz: Hm? Oh, oh sure, of course.
    Boomstick: You're a goddamn liar.
  • What prompts the battle: Ace steals a chicken leg for lunch, and Natsu is in hot pursuit. Ace demands that he returns the stolen food item. Cut to Ace, who already finished eating it. And then, just to insult him further, eats the bone.
  • During the battle itself, both fighters are left flabbergasted at realizing what their opponent can do with fire.
    Natsu: (after plowing through Ace's chest and into a building) Wait, are you seriously made of fire?!
    Ace: (after Natsu absorbs his Firefly/Fiery Doll combo) Wait, are you seriously eating fire?!
  • After the battle's over Natsu, true to form, has left quite an amount of destruction in his wake, and he says this:
    Natsu: Phew! All's well that end's well! Hahaha! (cue an explosion in the background)
  • During the KO screen, Natsu gets kicked out of the town they were fighting in, landing face first in the dirt. The town is obviously not happy at the destruction his and Ace's battle wrought.

     Sub-Zero vs. Glacius 
  • In the Sub-Zero preview, Boomstick, after seeing Sub-Zero turn into a polar bear remembering that he needs to watch his neighbors pet polar bear.
    • In the Glacius preview, Boomstick is impressed with the fact that Glacuis' Shatter move lets him punch people in the crotch from a distance, due to him considering it a valid way of asserting dominance. Which he gleefully demonstrates on Wiz.
  • Boomstick remarks that after rebuilding the Lin-Kuei and making amends with Scorpion, life couldn't get any better for Sub-Zero.
  • Boomstick still refers to Ultratech as "Evil Walmart".
  • Boomstick wonders how many licks it takes to get to the center of Glacius, which straight-up disgusts Wiz.
    Wiz: You know what, Boomstick? You're fucking weird.

     Android 18 vs. Captain Marvel 
  • Wiz makes the note that 17 and 18 are cyborgs and not actually androids. He chalks it up to Dr. Gero suffering from "revenge madness"; the way he says it makes it sound like he's fallen into that pit before.
  • At the end of the Android 18 preview, Boomstick attempts to do a kiai and power up. All he does is freak out Wiz with it.
  • One of 18's feats is "Withstood lovemaking with Krillin." Boomstick also notes how far out of his league she is and makes a "laying pipe" joke about it.
  • When Boomstick shows some doubt that Android 18's backstory was going to complicated, Wiz assures him that he'll be brief about it. Over a clip of Dr. Briefs.
  • Boomstick expresses disbelief at the fact that the original Captain Marvel's real name was Mar-Vell.
  • After learning that Carol once had spells of blacking out and her heroic identity of Ms. Marvel taking over, Boomstick thinks he does, too. Wiz tells him that he doesn't have powers, he has a problem.
  • They make note of how Carol refused to listen when Tony Stark tried to tell her she had a drinking problem, and how bad it is when Tony Stark thinks you drink too much.
    • For bonus points, this is being said by Boomstick. Between sips.
  • Carol's facial expression and squeak when 18 pulls her hair. She calls 18 out on it and reprimands her for fighting dirty while rapidly punching the air in anger.
  • Funnily enough, the comments feature the team admitting to a piece of Critical Research Failure on how fast Android 18 can move. She's actually faster.

     Metal Sonic VS. Zero 
  • A meta one and Hilarious in Hindsight but because Metal Sonic already appeared in Eggman VS Wily, he had his own page on That Other Wiki and as such on February 8th, a user posted a comment about how he wanted Metal Sonic to return to fight against "someone like Zero". A few months later and that's exactly what happens.
  • As revealed in Metal Sonic's preview, Boomstick apparently has The Terminator perpetually queued up.
  • In the bio of Metal Sonic, Boomstick tries to sing the theme song from the Saturday morning cartoon. It cuts to a scene of Rotor shaking his head in disbelief.
  • Boomstick is convinced that Metal Sonic is into heavy metal bands, especially since he thinks names like "Black Shield" and "V. Maximum Overdrive" sound like bands. Complete with a shot of Metal Sonic wearing a Black Sabbath shirt, too.
  • Zero's backstory about the Maverick Virus infecting Sigma and causing him to turn evil, while Zero's turned good causes Boomstick to liken it to a "robot Freaky Friday (1976)". Cue image of Zero's and Sigma's faces pasted on Disney's poster for the Freaky Friday movie.
  • When discussing Zero's weaknesses, Boomstick mentions that sometimes Zero suffers from "a case of edgy anime protagonist". While showing the death of Iris and the memetically-infamous "WHATAMIFIGHTINGFOOOOOOOR!!!" scream from Mega Man X4.

     Lucario VS. Renamon 
  • Wiz and Boomstick talking about how uncreative Renamon's attack names are. Also, their bafflement at how her "Diamond Storm" attack launches a barrage of razor-sharp... leaves.
    • When Wiz notes how it would make more sense if she were firing actual diamonds, Boomstick counters that if that were the case, and he were a Renamon, he would cash those suckers in, and use them to buy more bigfoot traps.
  • Boomstick is confused at how a Lucario can use telepathy despite not being a Psychic-Type. Wiz explains that it just has to star in its own movie.
  • Boomstick is disturbed at how similar Lucario is to Goku.note 
  • When Wiz talks about Lucario's weakness to Fire-Type moves, Boomstick also mentions its Fighting-Type weakness, before asking if it hurts itself since it's a Fighting-type too.
  • Boomstick likens Rookie-level Digimon to teenagers, saying "So that explains why they're always so moody!"
  • Once Boomstick tries to joke that Renamon's expertise in hand-to-hand combat should be considered "paw-to-paw combat," the episode comes to a halt for a moment. A record scratch cuts the music short, and Renamon slips into the shadows to get away from the pun.
    • Complete with a voice bubble containing an error message.
  • After Boomstick describes Renamon as a "stone-cold fox", Wiz tells him the phrase means something else. One Google search later...
  • In the preview video, after Boomstick describes Lucario's Dragon Pulse as "throwing up lasers", Wiz reminisces about a past experiment that had that exact outcome. An excited Boomstick tries to get Wiz to do the same to him, to which Wiz is hesitant... only to change his mind. Cue Boomstick telling Jocelyn to fetch him a bucket.
  • When Boomstick voices suspicions that Renamon thinks she's better than him, Wiz explains that it's because she is better than him.

     Balrog VS. TJ Combo 
  • Boomstick talking about Balrog's crazy eyes and comparing him to his grandfather.
    Boomstick: Damn! This friggin' guy is crazy! I mean, really, look at those eyes! That's the same look old grandpappy Boomstick had every time he came home with some fresh poultry dinner. 'Til the damn chickens got him...
    • Boomstick's family honoring grandpappy via an annual ritual chicken sacrifice/dinner.
  • Boomstick's hatred of elephants after Wiz talks about how Balrog can kill an elephant in one punch:
    Boomstick: Good, frigging elephants had it coming for years, never shut up! And someone always loses on Dhalsim's stage! note 
  • There's this gem from TJ's rundown:
    Boomstick: And TJ's go-to attack is his mighty Powerline. Wait a minute...isn't that the band from A Goofy Movie?
    Wiz: No.
    Boomstick: Aww.
  • Instead of Boomstick, Wiz continues the trend of comparing UltraTech to Walmart.
  • On TJ Combo getting his nickname:
    Wiz: Is that how you got your nickname, Boomstick?
    Boomstick: Nickname? What the hell are you talking about?
  • In a Black Comedy example, the hosts calculate the height of the UltraTech skyscraper by using the amount of time it takes for other unfortunate visitors to fall from the top floor.
  • The in-universe justification for the fight changing from a traditional boxing match to a full out Death Battle? Balrog punching out the ref.
  • Balrog's head flying off of his body from TJ's final blow and landing onto the camera, breaking it and ending the broadcast.
    Announcer: Excuse me! I've gotta hurl!
    *TV bars*
    • In fact, as Boomstick observes, the fight basically ended like Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, only Balrog's probably not getting his head reattached anytime soon.

     The Shredder VS. Silver Samurai 
  • Wiz saying Shredder is sometimes a bumbling idiot who sounds like Uncle Phil, given Uncle Phil's actor James Avery voiced him in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987).
    Shredder: But I don't wanna conquer this place! I wanna conquer Eaaaaaaaarth!
  • Boomstick pointing out that The Shredder has the same name as a kitchen utensil and wondering if he intentionally named himself after a cheese grater.
  • When talking about Shredder's past as Oroku Saki and how he was in love with Tang Shen, but she had feelings for Yoshi, Boomstick clarifies that Shen was attracted to Hamato Yoshi, not "the dinosaur, that'd be weird".
  • Boomstick thinking that The Shredder has a spike fetish.
  • At the end of The Shredder's preview, Boomstick decides to rewatch the "Lucario VS. Renamon" Death Battle before he and Wiz can talk about the Shredder's weapons.
  • Five words: "Adolescent genetically-altered shinobi terrapids".
  • When going over the Shredder's downsides:
    Wiz: This includes a weakness to garbage trucks...
    Casey Jones: Oops! (turns on the compactor after Shredder had been knocked into it by Splinter)
    Wiz: ... newborn infants...
    Shredder: They're BABIES! ORAAGH!
    Wiz: ... the power of music... (cutting to the infamous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells Tour)
    Shredder: (rapping) I HATE MUSIC!
    Wiz: ... a strange fascination with eating his enemies...
    Shredder: Tonight, I dine on turtle soup!
    Wiz: ... and wood. (the pier collapses on Super Shredder)
    Boomstick: Jeez, were the 90's always this stupid?
    Wiz: Yeah...
  • When talking about how Kenuichio Harada was born illegitimately and thus could not inherit his father's empire, Wiz calls Harada a "bastard" prompting Boomstick to tell Wiz not to insult Harada. Wiz tries explaining the meaning of the word "bastard" before giving up and moving on.
  • The dead silence at how Harada was going to be much more than a samurai and became... the Silver Samurai.
  • The Long List of Silver Samurai's fighting styles.
    Boomstick: While blinged out like Xizbit's rims, he picked up on a few fighting styles. Not too many, just Bajutsu, the art of horseback; Bujitsu, military strategy; Iaijutsu, the sword-based quick draw; Tantojutsu, knife-fightin'; Ninjutsu, bein' sneaky; Kyujutsu, which is archery; and, well, Jujutsu and Karate Do, are both forms of unarmed combat. Aah! How many war jutsus do you think he can fit in his brain? I didn't even know there were that many.
    Wiz: At least one more: Kenjutsu, the art of Japanese swordfighting.
  • Apparently, the reason Wiz has a robotic arm was due to Boomstick playing around with Wiz's tachyon table saw.
  • The next episode reveal is flat-out hilarious. They detail the episode's voice actors and show some of their iconic roles: Christopher Sabat Note  and Chris Rager Note . Naturally, you'd think there would be an intense character reveal given the vocal talents providing them, so the next fight is revealed to be... Smokey Bear and McGruff the Crime Dog?!
    Smokey: Not even you can prevent THIS!

    Smokey VS McGruff 
  • It's a fight between a talking bear who wears pants and educates people on how to prevent forest fires and a talking dog who dresses like a classic detective and educates people on crime prevention. The fact that these are paragons of safety only adds to the ridiculousness of it all. As Wiz puts it:
    Wiz: They're known throughout the world as the symbols of safety. So, let's make them fight to the death!
  • If you're one of the people who don't skip the ad at the very beginning of the video, there's a silly little treat for you in the form of text message conversation between the show's hosts.
    Boomstick: I think Jocelyn fed my dog gasoline. She needs to be fired. Jack Spaniels only takes diesel.
    Wiz: It's fine, Boomstick.
  • They give the 90s even more hell when they point out that Smokey survived that period where he tried to rap.
  • "Oh, and in case you forgot, [Smokey's] also a goddamn bear."
  • Partway through the Smokey portion in the full episode, Wiz and Boomstick get into a war of bear puns, complete with a counter keeping track of them... which is, of course, labeled "Bear-y Punny Counter".
  • While talking about McGruff's crusade against crime, they bring up the fact that he released an album full of songs to encourage kids not to break the law.
    Wiz: He even released his own anti-drug album, with such classic singles as "Crack and Cocaine".
    McGruff: ♪Cause nobodies needing that crack and cocaine, making a mess of your mind.♪
    Wiz: And "Inhalants".
    Kids: ♪Don't do inhalants.♪
    McGruff: ♪You'll be suffering pain.♪
    Kids: ♪Smart kids say no.♪
    McGruff: ♪Because inhalants kill.♪
    Boomstick: Yeah, it's really, really bad.
  • The beginning of Smokey's rundown features an offhand comment about how millions of acres of trees were lost to forest fires during The '40s.
    Boomstick: Damn, that's even more trees than Snoop Dogg can smoke!
  • The fight animation itself draws heavy inspiration from classic cartoons, complete with a focus on slapstick and quippy dialogue. Every motion by the two combatants is even punctuated with sound effects for good measure.
  • Once the hosts note that McGruff often doesn't actually get involved in stopping the crimes he witnesses, it becomes a Running Gag. The fight itself starts with McGruff narrating as he watches an unattended campfire that quickly turns into a wildfire, followed by him nonchalantly deciding to leave without doing anything about it.
    McGruff: Remember, kids, fire is a dangerous tool, and should never be left unattended. *whoosh* Well, time to go.
    • Likewise, his inability to actually do anything but provide commentary when he stops time is mocked ruthlessly. Case in point, when he's in the middle of being chased by a pissed-off Smokey:
      McGruff: Remember, kids, when you're about to be mauled by a bear... *shrug*
    • This happens one more time when Smokey is about to finish off McGruff once and for all...
      McGruff: Remember, kids... remember me. *grimaces as he braces for the coming blow*
  • As a Brick Joke to Wiz and Boomstick's bear pun-off:
    Boomstick: Smokey was just more than McGruff could bear! Ha-HA! (Bear Pun counter appears to give Boomstick the winning point) One last bear pun! Suck it, Wiz!

     Thor VS. Wonder Woman 

     Naruto Uzumaki vs. Ichigo Kurosaki 
  • In the Naruto preview episode, Wiz attempts to mimic Boomstick's voice, then shamefully says he's out of the room and he'll never do that again. Then, it turns out he was being used in an experiment to put in his own "stomach animal".
    • This is followed up in Ichigo's where Wiz deadpans a "Yay" when Boomstick comes back.
  • While getting the official English voice of Ichigo for the fight is a Moment of Awesome, they had to work around some legal issues while still crediting Bosch. Their solution? Credit him as Adam Park with a Wikipedia page about frogs.
  • Boomstick refers to Sasuke as Naruto's rival and "possible closet-boyfriend."
  • After Boomstick pokes fun at Naruto's usage of Airplane Arms when running, Wiz gives a scientific explanation as why the technique could actually be considered beneficial. Boomstick, unfazed, simply responds with mocking gibberish before recalling when Wiz apparently used to run like that in middle school.
    Wiz: Hey, that was for research!
    Boomstick: Sure, Wiz.
  • When Wiz says "Jutsu", Boomstick says "Gesundheit".
  • Boomstick declares that Naruto's backstory (being the reincarnation of a man whose mother was a space alien) makes him "kind of an alien", while a clip of Naruto creepily watching Inari plays.
  • When they find out Naruto had a son, Boomstick calls him "Burrito" before Wiz corrects him with Boruto. When Ichigo's son Kazui is mentioned, Boomstick thinks his name is "Bichigo" and, when corrected, calls Boruto "Enchilada".
  • Wiz and Boomstick being unable to pronounce Yhwach's name, to the point that the latter simply refers to him as Mustache Man at one point.
  • The overview for Ichigo winds up running into a rather bad stumbling block when they get to the topic of Zanpakutos.
    Wiz: Every Shinigami possesses a Zanpakuto spirit within themselves, which manifests as their sword. Ichigo's is called Zangetsu. ...well, both of them are.
    Boomstick: Oooooooh, here we go... Strap in, cause this shit's about to get crazy...
  • While listing Ichigo's powers, Boomstick briefly mentions his Fullbringer abilities, before saying no one cares about that.
  • Boomstick describes Ichigo's Hollow Mask form as him getting a power boost "from a spoopy Hollow Mask".
  • Wiz assessing the explosion brought about by Aizen's Fragor that Ichigo survived:
    Wiz: That's like Ichigo surviving 54 Little Boys to the face. (the music stops, cutting to a screen full of stunned Bleach characters, Boomstick starts laughing) No! No no no no no, I meant- I MEANT THE BOMB FROM 1945! NOT- Oh god...
  • Before the fight, it looks like Naruto is Meditating Under a Waterfall, but in reality, he's just sleeping. Kurama even has to wake him up after sensing the nearby Ichigo.
  • At one moment in the fight, Naruto uses his Sexy no Jutsu technique. Ichigo only pauses for a second and lets out an annoyed "really?" in response before striking.
  • When Naruto says that he can see Ichigo, despite him being invisible, he tells the Soul Reaper to "BELIEVE IT!" before launching his counterattack.
  • At the end, the de-powered Ichigo, despite having no chance to win the fight at this point, picks up an ordinary stick to try and defend himself.
  • During the post-battle rundown, Boomstick can't help but ask if Hueco Mundo is Mexican Hell. Wiz mentions that it DOES have a wall around it.
  • The post-battle results. Naruto is about to eat a hot bowl of noodles, but a certain stretchy arm takes it away from him. Meanwhile, the beam from the killing blow shoots far into space, and past Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro, who are still fighting. The two watch it fly past for a brief moment, before continuing to trade blows.
  • This pop-up at the end:
    Notice his uniform after the blast. When Ichigo loses power, his clothes are torn off. No, this isn't quoting a porn parody.

    Batman Beyond vs. Spider-Man 2099 
  • When talking about Miguel O'Hara's job as a geneticist, Boomstick thinks they're referring to jeans.
  • Wiz doesn't see anything wrong with genetic testing on humans... while showing the scene from X-Men Origins: Wolverine with "Deadpool". With "Aw, Hell Naw!" written on his eyes and mouth.
  • At the end of the Spider-Man 2099 preview, Boomstick proudly proclaims that he has purchased 3% of the world's supply of whiskey. As scenes of Barry Allen knocking back a few shots in super speed and Superman being drunk play.
    • He tops that a moment later by admitting that he hadn't exactly purchased it.
  • One of the feats mentioned for old Bruce Wayne: "The Goddamn Batman".
  • Boomstick initially mistaking the Jokerz gang for a group of comedians.
  • While going over Terry's physical prowess, Wiz brings up the time he shrugged off the giant penny Bruce keeps in the Batcave being dropped on his leg. Boomstick's response upon learning the exact size of said penny?
    Boomstick: Holy colossal currency, Batman!
  • Boomstick refuses to sugarcoat the era Miguel lives in.
    Boomstick: Sooo, here's an unfortunate spoiler: the year 2099 kinda sucks!
  • After learning how much historical information the people of 2099 had lost, Wiz drops this pearl of wisdom.

    Sephiroth vs. Vergil 
  • A series of moments from Sephiroth's preview video:
    • Boomstick is gobsmacked that Wiz knew so much about Sephiroth's hair. Wiz said he joined the fan club. For research.
    • Boomstick is surprised to know that ShinRa has their own military, SOLDIER, proclaiming he doesn't want to miss paying an electric bill from them.
    • At the end of the Sephiroth preview, Wiz is horrified that Boomstick put on a new screen saver and races off to save his calculations. Spoiler: it's a big dick.
  • Sephiroth's background notes that he's voiced by the bass singer of N Sync. No, really.
  • Sephiroth's rundown lists that he got killed...but he got better!
  • Boomstick talking about Sephiroth falling into 'the Windows screen saver that is the Lifestream'.
  • Boomstick asking why Sephiroth sounds bored all the time.
  • Boomstick saying Sparda got together with a human woman because it was probably a sausage fest in Hell.
  • Among Vergil's background, it's mentioned that he "was once robbed after losing a drinking game".
  • This exchange about Vergil's durability:
    Boomstick: He can survived getting stabbed through the lungs, intestines, the heart - body parts I'm pretty sure most people need.
    Wiz: Not if my experiment has anything to say about it.
    Boomstick: You say somethin', Wiz?
    Wiz: I said... Not if Vergil's abilities have anything to say about it.
  • Boomstick notes that Vergil's uppercut while using Beowulf must mean he's a fan of Street Fighter.
  • When Sephiroth uses his Supernova, a clip of the cutscene attack animation that occurs from Final Fantasy VII plays... and then there's a FFVII-styled info box with Vergil's name on it, his HP (at 9999/9999), and a Devil Trigger bar instead of a limit break bar. Nothing really comes up much with it, and the text styling looks slightly off compared to the info text styling in FFVII.

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