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    He-Man vs. Lion-O 
  • The preview for He-Man was two-and-a-half-minutes of hilarity, some of the best moments include...
    • Introducing Prince Adam:
      Wiz: Prince Adam is the pathetic, bumbling son to the royalty family of Eternia.
      * Prince Adam smashes into a torchlight*
      Boomstick: Haha, dumbass.
    • Discussing how Adam became He-Man, even funnier in that it's Wizard that says this line instead of Boomstick who normally says these kind of things. Made even funnier when you read the analysis captions at that time, the one at the bottom reads "An excellent singer?"
      Wizard: ...transforming him into He-Man, the most powerful chippendale in the universe!
    • And how Boomstick calls him out on how Adam transforms into He-Man:
      Boomstick: Wait, wait, that's his origin story? He just thrusted his sword up and down and yelled some random shit until he turned into a near naked superhero!?
      Wizard: Well, more like a cheap action figure.
    • Boomstick referring to He-Man's sword tying targets up as "magic S&M."
    • Boomstick on where He-Man keeps his Bolas... even funnier if you know what "Bolas" means.
      Boomstick: ...but I don't know where he's keeping those things. I mean, he's pretty much n- *cut to He-Man taking his Bolas out of his small, spandex shorts* WOAH-HO-HO-HOA!
    • On Cringer, He-Man's pet tiger:
      Boomstick: He named him Cringer 'cause, well, he's a little bitch!
    • When they're describing Battle Cat:
      Wiz: Battle Cat is so vicious, it's implied that if he doesn't transform back into Cringer, he could go on an unstoppable rampage. After all, he is half-tiger, half-dragon.
      Boomstick: Gimmegimmegimmegimmegimme!!
    • Some of He-man's feats are ridiculous. Boomstick says what we're all thinking.
      Wiz: He-Man has moved mountains, reversed a tornado, ran in circles fast enough to create a vacuum...
      Boomstick: The fuck?!
      Wiz: ... and dug to the center of the planet with nothing but a broken stalactite.
      Boomstick: THE DOUBLE FUCK?!
    • At the end, as Wiz was about to talk about The New Adventures of He-Man, Boomstick interrupts him about the scene where He-Man fixes a chain like it was nothing:
      Boomstick: *the event in his own words* WHA?! "Okay, so it's broken, oh I guess I'll just magic it back together!"
      Wiz: The magic of the 80's, Boomstick, the magic of the 80's.
  • Likewise, in Lion-O's preview:
    • Boomstick's moment when discussing Lion-O's backstory, a surviving member of a lost alien race sent to another world to preserve the species name.
      Boomstick: Y'know, I'm gettin' really tired of people rippin' off Superman.
    • When they mention Thundrainium, Wiz apologizes to the audience for yet another Superman ripoff.
    • Boomstick loves kittens.
      Boomstick: Awww, we missed the cute kitty stage! *a picture of a cute kitty in a lion costume appears* ... shut up! Kittens are adorable.
    • Boomstick on the Sword of Omens' Tractor Beam.
      Boomstick: Which is great for when you're on the couch! "Swooord of Omeeeens, bring me snacks beyond snacks! — and a beer!"
    • Boomstick's comment on Lion-O's Claw Shield.
      Boomstick: ...with which, in his first outing, he effortlessly punched down a tree. Hey, that's just like how I catch squirrels for supper!
    • Much like the end of He-Man's analysis, the ending of Lion-O's analysis has Wiz baffled by Lion-O being able to breathe in space. Boomstick's response?
    • Boomstick making fun of how the Thundercats were naked in the pilot episode.
  • The starting scenes themselves are hilarious. He-Man looks like he's buck teethed and Lion-O looks like he has Blinding Bangs.
  • At the start of the fight, Lion-O tells Battle Cat to throw off He-Man and turn against him. He-Man replies by casually uppercutting Battle Cat into the sky. Battle Cat lands before He-Man after he crushes the Eye of Thundera in his bare hands.
  • This exchange; Sigmund Freud is probably spinning in his grave right now.
    He-Man: Back off, feline, you are clearly not equipped to—
    *Sword of Omens extends*
    He-Man: *way too pleased* Ooooooh!
  • Throughout the fight we are treated to some truly... 80's one liners, anyone allergic to puns beware this episode.
    • "Want to keep going? You're a bit tied up at the moment."
    • "Sorry cat-man, but you wont string me along that easily."
    • "A whirlwind should blow him off-course."
    • "Looks like curiosity killed THIS cat!"
  • He-Man's leads in this episode are punctuated by a chorus yelling HE-MAN! When he charges at Lion-O after chucking a mountain at him (that Lion-O destroys) and landing a hit on him, the music stops for a second then suddenly, "HE-MAN!" Just as funny, when the mountain itself is thrown, we hear a very distant "He-Man!"
  • He-Man's victory pose after killing Lion-O? HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA!.
  • The stinger at the end right before revealing the next matchup? He-Man giving a PSA on spaying and neutering cats...
  • During the post-match analysis we get one of the most hilarious puns from Boomstick given the Ho Yay overtones in both shows.
    Boomstick: See and you thought you'd never see He-Man pound a pussy.

    M. Bison Vs Shao Kahn 
  • After revealing that Bison's reasons for taking over the world is to keep the world's government from depleting the planet's resources, Boomstick compares M. Bison to Captain Planet and proceeds to do the theme song and interrupts Wiz.
    • Even funnier is that during the analysis when Boomstick gives us a little preview for the song he outright interrupts Wiz for his second verse.
      Boomstick: Master Bison, he's a hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!
      Wiz: His psycho power-
      Wiz: (waiting for Boomstick to finish singing before resuming) ... His psycho power…
    • And the kicker? M. Bison's exaggerated scowl superimposed over Captain Planet's body.
    • Followed by the complete song in The Stinger.
  • After explaining Bison's Dub Name Change with Vega and Balrog, Boomstick questions why they would change Mike Bison to Balrog. Cue a title card showing that Street Fighter II's release and Mike Tyson's rape case were the same year.
    Boomstick: ... oh.
    • When his upbringing was discussed.
      Wiz: After murdering his parents at a young age, he was found and raised by a tribe of nomadic gypsies.
      Boomstick: Wait, are we still talking about Tyson?
  • Shao Kahn's Wrath Hammer was discussed in detail, but if you look at the captions, another one of his weapons is noted, that one being The Sword of Shao Kahn from "That crappy TV show". Also, they begin to mention the movie Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, only for Boomstick to be horrified and beg to be made to forget it. Wizard is only too quick to agree.
    Wizard: [Shao Khan] can also access his inner beast to transform into... this thing.
    Boomstick: Quick! Make me forget that shit!
    Wizard: Right! (screen fades to white) Never happened!
  • At the start of the match, Bison attempts a scissor kick on Shao Kahn, Shao replies by blocking said attack and then punching Bison right between the legs.
  • This is the only Death Battle of which there is an alternate ending. Kahn and Bison face each other and then FRIENDSHIP! Hilarity Ensues.
  • When Bison manages to break Kahn's defenses he goes in for his trademark Nightmare Booster (a powerful move involving flying into an opponent, carrying his opponent into the air, and then slamming then into the ground with the full weight on his body). Cue Kahn nonchalantly getting up and quipping:
    Kahn: Is that your best?
  • Boomstick's summation of the battle's actual ending (Shao Kahn absorbing Bison's soul) is brilliant as well.
  • While going over M. Bison's move set, Boomstick gets really mad regarding his slide kick.
    Boomstick: And that cheap-ass slide kick! Over and over and OVER again!
  • When discussing Shao Kahn's flaws his arrogance is brought up and we are treated to a clip of him taunting Liu Kang in mid combat and getting kicked in the head for his troubles.
  • M. Bison's end-of-analysis snippet, from the animated series:
    "Yes, yes, I killed your father. What is it with you women, anyway? I killed my father too, and you don't hear me whining about it!"

    Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu 
  • Ryu's preview has some pretty funny moments in it; for example, when listing off some of his personal details, his hobbies are listed as "mountain climbing, fishing, eating sushi, and kicking ass."
  • While Wizard and Boomstick talk about how Ryu was a talented ninja even in his youth, the screen is busy showing some over-the-top (and slightly unnerving) footage of a baby Hayabusa chopping a bridge made of toy bricks in half and backflipping in the air.
  • On the topic of Ryu's ninpo arts:
    Boomstick: He's also a magician! But, instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, he pulls out a giant fire dragon!
    Wiz: Well, no... but that would make for an amazing party trick...
  • Strider's listed hobbies, listed as "peace, seclusion, other boring stuff," are equally entertaining.
  • Going over Ryu's ninpo abilities, Boomstick was taken aback by Ryu's transformation into a bird. Even Wizard, explaining how Ryu's ninpo worked, was taken aback, only describing it as "the bird thing" when listing some of Ryu's abilities with it.
    Boomstick: And he even seems to be able to teleport short distances- OH WHAT THE FUCK, DID HE JUST TURN INTO A BIRD?!
  • Wiz's annoyance at the ninjas not acting like ninjas.
  • The very beginning of the fight has both Ryu and Hiryu slicing through a random soldier... who then promptly explodes, complete with the Wilhelm Scream.
  • Near the end of the fight, we get a nice little shot-for-shot homage to NES Ninja Gaidens' opening. Opposite from what you'd expect from this, Ryu doesn't win that Single-Stroke Battle.
  • In the NES Ninja Gaiden games, birds were among the most obnoxious of Ryu's enemies. He ends up shredding a whole bunch of them in the fight, even though they're robot birds. Also, guess what disposes of his corpse.
  • Boomstick's comment on Strider's Razor-Sharp Hand

    Ivy Valentine vs. Black Orchid 
  • This episode puts Chun-Li vs. Mai Shiranui to shame in terms of sheer, perverted hilarity from Boomstick. The opening sequence is taken for a spin when Boomstick interrupts Wiz and introduces both combatants out of sheer joy.
    "Sorry, I'm excited!"
  • On their rundown of Ivy, the usual statistics list (real name, birthplace, age, etc.) is capped off by having them mention Ivy is a "dominatrix for no real reason."
  • On Ivy's biological father, the pirate Cervantes (who is a zombie — sometimes), leaving her on the doorstep of the Valentine household:
    Boomstick: Good call on the baby dumpster donation, zombie pirates don't make good fathers. Believe me, I know.
    Wiz: ...What?
  • While Wiz is discussing the sentience of Ivy's Valentine, he mentions that it came into being "by summoning the hand of Nightmare, which breathed life into the sword."
    Boomstick: Wait, hold on, how does a hand breathe, exactly?
    Wiz: ... Of all I've talked about, that is what you question?
  • When Wiz speculates that Ivy must use her large breasts as counterweights to pull off some of her martial arts moves, Boomstick immediately declares, "If that is a real martial art, I am going to find it, and teach it."
  • Again Ivy gets a notable moment, when the hosts bring up her canon win-loss record in the Soul series being 3-4, two of those wins being rematches.
    Wiz: While she is indeed a skilled fighter, canonically, she has a rather spotty record.
    Boomstick: Don't they make pads for that?
  • Boomstick has this to say about the name of Ivy's Valentine.
    Boomstick: It should be named "Deadly as Fuck".
  • At one point, Boomstick comments that Orchid's breasts are large enough to kill people; by the time they get around to discussing her finishing moves, one of which has her flashing foes into having a heart attack, he states, "Ha, and you all thought I was being a pig earlier!"
    Boomstick: I now know the way I wanna die.
    • Not to mention Broomstick bringing up that the finisher works on humans, robots, aliens, a dinosaur, "and a walking skeleton who's missing the one bone that matters."
    • Wiz, having a moment of fun, speculates on how Orchid can do such:
      Wiz: There's only one logical explanation: her breasts are so impossibly large, that no human brain can fully comprehend them.
    • Wiz adds that it has a somewhat different effect on other female combatants that still clinches Orchid her victory:
      Wiz: Even while female brains are immune to the sexual shock, they will grudgingly forfeit out of jealousy.
      Boomstick: Oh, she'll be crying into a tub of ice cream tonight.
  • After describing Orchid's fire cat form, there's this line:
    Boomstick: Awww, I want to pet her. But I can't because...the burning.
  • During the very end of the preview and partway during the fight in the episode proper, we are treated to Orchid using her infamous finishing move on Ivy as the screen fades to white. Ivy's response? She laughs. Ivy then meets Orchid flashing her by doing the same in kind, causing Orchid to throw a little tantrum before pulling out her tonfas and resuming the fight.
  • On comparing Ivy and Orchid's bust sizes post-battle and revealing Orchid's size being one "D" smaller than Ivy's.
    Boomstick: Aww, I had an extra "D" I could've given her!
    Wiz: Too late!

    Fox Mc Cloud vs. Bucky O'Hare 
  • In Fox's bio, one detail noted is "Personality modeled after Shigeru Miyamoto! Seriously!" When it goes to his weaknesses, there's a comment that states how he was "doomed to a pathetic and lonely existence for no good reason after Star Fox Command."
  • Boomstick deeming Pigma as "the ugliest pig you've ever seen" and Peppy Hare as "older than the greeters at Wal-Mart." Also regarding Pigma, once Wizard explains how he was in league with Andross and killed James via this betrayal, Boomstick states Pigma is why "pigs are for eating, and nothing else." While saying this, a roasted pig with Pigma's face (and an apple stuffed in his mouth) superimposed on it is shown, followed by a scene of Fox letting out a Big "WHAT?!".
  • After starting Bucky's introduction with the full length theme from his animated series, Boomstick starts humming it briefly, commenting on his love for the show.
  • Boomstick is a little too fond of the title of Bucky's ship, The Righteous Indignation. And he keeps on going, with Wiz trying to describe how agile the Righteous Indignation is and all the firepower it carries.
    Boomstick: ...Which is now the new name for my penis!
    Boomstick: But enough talking about my genitals, Wiz!
  • Those who deem Slippy Toad as The Scrappy might enjoy Bucky killing him, even if the Star Fox crew (ESPECIALLY Fox) don't share the same enthusiasm.
  • As a shout-out to the mission start screens of Star Fox 64, the screen shows the same format as Fox touches ground to fight Bucky, with the location of their fight only being given as a "random-ass planet."
  • There's something strangely funny about Fox repeatedly failing to use the Fire Fox attack while Bucky stomps on him mid-charge.
  • During the end of fight analysis, Wizard laments that Bucky's long-awaited spotlight didn't last long, whereupon Boomstick remarks how "considering foxes eat hares, I am not surprised".
  • Fox strangling Bucky and the look on the latter's face during it can bring a bit of dark humor for some viewers.
  • After the fight ends, Fox is seen on top of Slippy's Arwing, ripping the prosthetic legs off his friend's corpse and using them for himself, before jumping into Slippy's Arwing and taking flight once more.

    The Terminator vs. Robo Cop 
  • The opening line of the showdown:
    Boomstick: Sci-fi movies have taught me two things. One, I want my own lightsaber and two, the future blows.
  • The Terminator's rundown, which includes but is not limited to moments such as:
    • Wiz explaining that the Terminator series takes place in 2004. What really sells the moment is how his voice trails off near the end, as if he's questioning the validity of homicidal robots mere decades into the future.
    • Boomstick's remark on the Terminator's "perfect" disguise:
      "Because two time power-lifting champion Arnold Schwarzenegger is totally your average guy."
    • This is followed up by Wiz mentioning Terminators have hundreds of different facial designs, and again comes Boomstick:
      "What was that one designed for, attracting women and making men feel inadequate?"
    • Boomstick summarizing the T-850's adventures, worthy of a laconic wiki entry:
      "This model was first sent to super-early-abort John Connor... then protect John Connor... then protect John Connor again... and then blow up this bitch."
  • While noting that the Terminator can learn emotions and feelings, they have this:
    John: Just put up your hand, and say 'I swear I won't kill anyone'.
    Terminator: I swear I will not kill anyone.
    Terminator: He'll live.
  • Wiz lampshades the T-850's complete lack of software protection and its tendency to get hacked.
    Wiz: "It just screams lazy lazy design."
    T-850: "Fuck you, asshole."
  • In the midst of Wiz listing the arsenal the Terminators carry (during the character introduction, not the episode proper), Boomstick derails the topic when he gets to the minigun, wishing they had one. Wiz then tells him that they do have one, and much like his almost-wrestling-eels moment from Pikachu vs. Blanka, Boomstick makes a detour from analyzing the Terminator to give it a test run.
    "(revs up the minigun and lets the bullets fly for a moment) Check it out, I drew my name! … and a puppy."
  • Robocop's preview had its fair share of laughs.
    • Wiz doesn't have the best views on Detroit.
    • When showing Murphy's death.
      Boomstick: Damn! That guy can eat more bullets than 50 Cent!
    • Boomstick on the Cobra Assault Cannon.
      "…which goes boom, and then there's no more anything."
    • The segment showing off the Cobra Assault Cannon destroying an ED-209, which features a cut to the movie's Show Within a Show and said show's main character's Catchphrase which succinctly describes how awesome the assault cannon is.
      "I'd buy that for a dollar!"
    • Wiz saying the jet pack from the third movie helps Robocop jump sharks. Boomstick has nothing to say in response. However, he does have something to say about the next clip:
      William Ray "Pudface" Morgan: Where's your sense of humor?!
      RoboCopnote : (raises fist) Right. Here. (knocks "Pudface" out)
      Boomstick: (flabbergasted) jesus christ...
    • Wiz's comment on Robo's data spike:
      Wizard: …and a terminal strip for collecting data.
      Boomstick: Or for rippin' out throats! Just look at that thing!
      Wiz: No wonder Detroit's falling apart! All their USB flash-drives can double as shivs!
    • Wiz and Boomstick's shared incredulity at Robo's feats since they stretch from all of films and TV series, even the 80's cartoon. It harkens back to the Lion-O/He-Man fight since Robo's an 80's action hero as well but neither of them saved Sting from the WCW Four Horsemen. Wiz played footage of the event to prove that he wasn't making this up.
    • Boomstick's commentary about how RoboCop's human elements leave him vulnerable to the common cold.
      Boomstick: To top it off, his human parts add extra vulnerability, which is stupid because it means he can even get a common cold and…
      Cut to scene from Robo Cop The Animated Series showing RoboCop sneezing electric bolts.
    • Their comments on Robocop's speed is also worth a few chuckles.
      Boomstick: Murphy maybe a walking tank but he also moves like one. He's sooooo slooooow!.
      Wiz: His main function is to chase the bad guys, so you'd think OCP would have prioritized running legs over, say, his frisbee skills.
  • Paying homage to the series, the Terminator's entrance into Detroit has him time warping into a gun store, then proceeding to rob and kill the store owner… who happens to be voiced by Takahata101.
  • The Freeze-Frame Bonus when RoboCop is analyzing The Terminator one of the descriptions reads: cool sunglasses.
  • A bit of meta-funny: according to the Terminator's analysis of RoboCop, Murphy has two hearts, one in his chest, one in his brain.
  • Anything the Terminator says during the fight is funny with the hilariously exaggerated and over the top impression of Schwarzenegger's performance.
  • The Terminator staring at his shotgun when it runs out of ammo.
  • The end of the battle has The Terminator aping The Black Knight - after getting his arm ripped off and his legs blown off, he's forced to drag himself on the ground with his only remaining arm. RoboCop lifts what's left of him up by the neck, and The Terminator can't even use his remaining arm to fight back at that point.
  • The preview for Luigi vs Tails. The two characters are imposed on a dramatic flaming background partially silhouetted, with their appearances punctuated by low drum beats. Keep in mind that one's a cowardly plumber, while the other is an adorable kit.

    Luigi vs. Tails 
  • Luigi's preview.
    • Boomstick's theory on why Luigi is such an obedient sidekick to his older brother:
      "He's [Mario] gotta have some serious dirt on their childhood."
    • To demonstrate Luigi's Super Jump Punch, it displays Luigi slowly creeping towards Jigglypuff... and promptly rocketing her to the moon.
    • One of Luigi's listed accomplishments is 'Winning Mario Party by doing absolutely nothing'.
    • When showing the effects of the Negative Zone, Boomstick asked the question we were all thinking when we first saw Luigi's Final Smash
      "Remember when Mario Bros. was about running around and jumping on turtles?"
    • In the preview video for Luigi, Wiz states that he is the Mario Universe's equivalent of the Ghostbusters. In the actual Death Battle episode that covers Luigi, we get this line.
      Wiz: He ain't afraid of no ghosts.
      Cut to the scene where Luigi first encounters the ghosts in the first Luigi's Mansion
      Wiz: Scratch that, he's afraid of all ghosts... bugs, water, flowers, the sun...
      While showing part of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show cartoon, it shows the Sun enemy from Super Mario Bros. 3 as Wizard mentions the sun
    • Also, there's the reminder that the "unmaking cannon" is in the hands of children.
      Boomstick: Is it bedtime now mom? Whooosh! No more parents.
    • Wiz saying Luigi could be watching you right now, and then it showing a picture of Weegee.
      Boomstick: Agh! Stop that!
  • Tails' preview.
    • Boomstick nicknames Tails "Sonic's Deformed Flying Stalker".
    • Boomstick pointing out Tails Real Punny Name, Miles Prower = Miles Per Hour.
    • Wiz on tails' odd flight ability.
      [regarding his tails' ability to function like helicopter blades] "...Which is obviously impossible, as they could never create lift to- *cue Tails flying* WHAAAAT?"
    • Boomstick calling Tails a "rotary ass".
  • Wiz's snarky remark on the reason behind Tails' given nickname and comparing it to nicknaming Boomstick such because of his preference to shotguns. Boomstick is not amused.
  • When mentioning Tails' strengths and feats, mention is brought to the time he turned into Titan Tails. Wiz is understandably at a loss for words.
    Wiz: ...uhhhhhh...
    Boomstick: Don't do steroids, kids.
  • Boomstick was about to eschew his usual shouting "DEATH BATTLE!" at the beginning of the battle, only for Wizard to insist he do so, and begrudgingly agreeing to.
  • During the battle, Luigi comes up with an ingenious counter to Tails' bomb spam: he sucks them all up with his Poltergust, then blows them all back towards the airborne Tails. Unfortunately, he gets his timing wrong and the bombs all fall back towards him first before exploding.

    Venusaur vs. Charizard vs. Blastoise 
  • "Venusaur, the pimply plant monster! Blastoise, the bazooka turtle! And Charizard, the......dragon."
  • The teaser
    • Boomstick's excitement at Venusaur's Solarbeam, and calling Venusaur a "Flower Froggy Thing."
    • Boomsticks Theory on Blastoise's creation is so absurd that it's hilarious.
      "Did a turtle just get drunk enough one day to have sex with a tank?!"
    • The full episode makes it even funnier, with Boomstick going on a wild tangent theory much longer than the earlier quote.
      Boomstick: And then it came across a tank and was like, "ehh, I'll put my dick in that!" then nine months later, the tank showed up at his door and was like, "BOOM, this is yours!" and then he raised it out of shame until one day it evolved and all the other turtles were like, "THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME" so then they all started plowing tanks?
      Wiz: ...Sure... why not?
    • The whole segment was dramatized with a crude flash animation with a turtle and a tank...and pistols.
  • How do we start the battle? How about dumping a ton of Rare Candies on top of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle? They probably battled just to work off the sugar high.
  • Boomstick is on fire this episode.
    • Regarding the Bulbasaur family:
      "Becoming uglier and uglier with every form, seriously, what the hell is that thing?"
    • On Sleep Powder:
      "Which is used to put people to sleep...and take women home from bars..."
    • On Solarbeam:
      "When I find flowers that can do that, I just might take up gardening; Try and pollinate now, bees!"
    • Doubly funny if you remember Boomstick's quip about his garden in Robocop vs. Terminator.
    • On Grass type Pokéemon's weakness to fire and flying:
      "Because as we all know; plants burn, and birds fucking hate grass."
    • His theory on Blastoise's creation, as shown above.
    • On Blastoise's water attack:
      "Water Gun, Water Pulse, Aqua Tail, and…Bubbles…"
    • After Wiz deduced the PSI of Blastoise's water cannons:
      "That'll get the stains off your patio!… along with…your patio…and… possibly house…"
    • Learning fully grown Charizard's average at 5'7":
      "WHAT?! that's bullshit! I wanna ride a dragon to burn the villages of my enemies, not hang out with it on the sofa!"
  • Blastoise sneezing himself awake after a spore puff of Venusaur's disembodied flower makes contact, delivered with a cartoonish "A-choo!"
  • Blastoise filling Charizard up with water to the point of Balloon Belly before he explodes might bring some dark humor to some. If you look closely, you can see Charizard's eyes bugged out of his head right before he explodes.
  • At the end of fight summary, the talk about type advantages is given the caption "Inevitable Youtube Comment", as well as a drawing of a stupid-looking Venusaur.
  • Wiz and Boomstick's own rendition of the Pokémon Theme.

    Fulgore vs. Sektor 
  • Right at the beginning, acknowledgement of a certain other MK ninja-cyborg.
    Wiz: [introducing Sektor] ...the ninja cyborg from Mortal Kombat
    Boomstick: Totally shoulda been Cyrax.
    [Wiz punches Boomstick with his cybernetic arm]
    Boomstick: GAH! WHAT THE HELL?!
    Wiz: Oh, sorry, arm's glitching up again.
    Boomstick: When you least expect it, Wiz. When you least expect it.
  • During Fulgore's rundown…
    Wizard: There is only the mega-corporation which controls the earth...
    Boomstick: Walmar— Uh-um-UltraTech!
  • Boomstick's utter confusion over where Fulgore and Sektor keep the massive weapons they use to perform their finishers.
    Boomstick: I don't even— WHERE WAS HE KEEPING THAT??
  • Sektor's rundown.
    Wizard: [summing up the Lin Kuei Clan Grandmaster's plan] "Let's turn all our ninjas…INTO ROBOTS!
    Boomstick: That guy's my fuckin' hero.
    • Boomstick Lampshade Hanging Sektor's Meaningful Name.
      Boomstick: it's like "I'm gonna give you this cool cyber name, just in case I ever pull off my crazy as shit plan to turn everyone I know into robots".
    • Boomstick arguing that Sektor's Pulse Blades are lightsabers.
      "Sweet, royalty-free Lightsabers!"
    • Then in the official episode, actual Lightsaber sound effects are used when Sektor whips the blades out, StarWars fans are sure to chuckle and/or facepalm at that very moment.
  • Instead of the usual Death Battle theme song playing as Wiz says his catchphrase, it's Boomstick singing part of the Mortal Kombat theme.

    Godzilla vs. Gamera 
  • While the intro trailer for this battle was extremely epic, they still managed to stick in Gamera swinging around on a pole Gymkata-style.
  • Godzilla's preview, with Kaiju being as over the top as you can imagine, there was a lot to poke fun about.
    • On Godzilla's Walking Wasteland abilties.
      Wiz: Godzilla's presence alone makes a city block completely uninhabitable.
      Boomstick: Like that noisy upstairs neighbor, or people who let their dog shit in your front lawn.
    • Boomsticks excitement over Godzilla's "epic gravity defying dropkicks" cue said scene.
    • On the atomic breath attack.
      Boomstick: That's like microwaving at least 100 balls of tin foil
      Wiz: Not even close...
    • The epic Take That! to the American Zilla, who was bought by Toho themselves just for the purpose of having Godzilla deliver a curb stomp.
      "Ha ha... take that, America."
    • Godzilla's infamous Flight scene... the corny music just adds to the absurdity.
      Wiz: least Japan is...creative?
      (Cue Boomstick attempting to lift off like Godzilla did... and succeeding.)
      Wiz: Well... holy shit.
  • At SGC 2014, after explaining the Ben's computer died and they lost the pre-fight analysis (they still had the fight thankfully), Ben and Chad give rundowns for both fighters live. One hilarious moment is when Chad misreads the Fire Ejection Technique as Fire Ejaculation Technique. Which gets brought up a few times afterwards, to hilarious effect.
  • At SGC Godzillas win frame? Silly dancing!
    • And during the fight itself, Godzilla performs the epic sliding kick, which ends with him riding Gamera's shell like a skateboard. When they showed that flight scene to the public, many of the audience were saluting.
    • Then there's his comment that after the fake out, Chad commented that "nobody was happy", as if everyone wanted Godzilla to win despite what was going on.
  • When the official episode came out, we're treated to the usual hilarious commentary from Boomstick.
    • How Godzilla gained the Red Atomic Spiral Breath.
      "After absorbing a giant pterodactyl's soul.....oooooookaaaaay?"
    • His Joy at Space-Godzilla being a thing.
    • Referring to Godzilla's second brain near his backside as an "Ass-brain".
    • Him questioning the Atlantians choice of species to create.
      "But instead of creating something safe, like a dog or a bunny, they created giant laser shooting murder-birds."
    • His new nickname for Gamera, "The flying fire breathing ninja turtle of doom".
    • On Gamera's fire breathing capabilities.
      "...and a fire breath so strong, it can be used underwater...despite being...y'"
    • His astonishment at Gamera's flight abilities.
      "WHY CAN'T MY TURTLE DO THAT?!...someday, Mr. Snappy...someday..."
      "How does he know where he's going? More importantly, how is he not puking his guts out?
    • Referring to the Vanishing Plasma Fist as a "Kaiju sized Falcon Punch."
      "FUCK YEAH!"
    • His quip after demonstrating the Mana Beam.
    • On Gamera's technological know-how.
    • His disappointment at Gamera's lingering fear for humanity becoming Earth's greatest threat.
      "I knew it was too good to be true...he's a hippy turtle..."
    • Accusing Gamera of being a pedophile... by singing a parody of the Showa Era theme song.
    • You can hear him trying not to burst out laughing.
    • His usual end-of-episode pun was so bad, even he seems to acknowledge it.
      "Looks like Godzilla put Gamera through living... *unenthusiastic* Shell..."

    Batman vs. Captain America 
  • Boomstick Comically Missing the Point on Batman's tragic origins.
  • Wiz clarifying the infamous Shark Repellent wasn't part of Bat's utility belt and was actually from the helicopter he was dangling on... both host agree the concept is still stupid.
  • When Batman's triangulation imaging system unnerves Boomstick.
    Boomstick: "You mean, he can see everything I do just because I have a phone?
    Wiz: "More or less"
    Boomstick: "Ask him where I left my keys..."
  • 'MERICA!'
  • Wiz's snarky retort on Cap being able to "see faster".
    *complete deadpan* "Which is the absolute stupidest way of saying that his brain can process images faster than a normal human."
  • Boomstick mentions that Captain America knows every form of hand-to-hand combat known to man and follows it up with this:
    Boomstick: "That's right, I bet you didn't know that Captain America was a ninja."
  • Wiz manages to get in a brilliant line in when discussing Cap's uniform:
    Boomstick: That suit looks like it was ripped from a patriotic circus.
    Wiz: was...
    Boomstick: Really? ...well, at least he upgraded to suits not made from circus[es] later on.
    Wiz:, they were too...
    Wiz: Some call it "World War II".
    Boomstick: ...oh... ...I get it...
  • Boomstick is quite impressed by Cap successfully giving the Hulk a Groin Attack.
  • One of Cap's abilities is listed as "jumping out of a plane without a parachute and landing successfully", which is a Running Gag in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Pointing out Captain America's feat of defeating the personification of drugs... despite the fact that drugs are what made Cap he is today, Wiz proceeds to label Cap as a hypocrite.
  • Boomstick having a little fun over the fact that Cap can still be hurt like any other person (after it's brought of that he's been stabbed and sniped).
    Boomstick: "AH! Weapons! My only weakness! How did you... know?
  • The difference between "could" and "would".
    Boomstick: I could survive a fall out of an airplane, but I wouldn't bet on it! Unless you're doing it, Wiz! You should totally try it, five bucks if you make it!

    Tigerzord vs. Epyon 
  • Saba, Tommy's talking sabre Speaks Fluent Animal
    Saba: That's right... none of you speaks bird. Now, take me over to the cages. Uh... squawk squawk, tweet squawk tweet?
    Boomstick: Everyone that just watched that is now dumber... our bad.
  • When discussing the background for Epyon, Boomstick constantly mentions how the Gundam are piloted by a bunch of kids who need to get laid. He constantly makes sex jokes throughout the whole background discussion.
  • Before the fight, Tommy and Saba are testing the weapons system for the Tigerzord:
    Tommy: Just make sure the safety systems are on.
    Tigerzord fires a missile
    Saba: (After the missile is fired) Safety Systems Activated.
    Saba: (looking at the rocket flying off) Um, that will...probably dissipate, right?
    After they see rocket hit something far away and caused an explosion
    Tommy: Heh, I think I'll drive.
  • Meanwhile, Zechs is standing around. Noin asks what he's doing.
    Zechs: Just brooding about how I almost destroyed the Earth.
  • Out of rage from Tommy accidentally killing Noin, the Gundam pilot attacks with this hilarious battle cry of:
    Zechs: I'LL BREAK YOUR FACE!!!!!
  • Tommy's reaction.
  • During the fight, while Zechs is hallucinating, Saba mentions the circle on Epyon's chest must be a weak spot. The music plays as if to show the epic victory for Tommy as he punches the circle. Once he hits it, you hear a simple clang, the music stops, and nothing happens.
    Zechs: Hmph. Don't get cocky.
    Tommy: What? He didn't explode?!
    Saba: Well this defies all logic!
  • When Tommy calls upon the power of the Mega Tigerzord, Zechs' reaction is simple.
    Zechs: Oh shit.
  • Zechs delivering the Finishing Move:
    Tommy: NO!
    Saba: SON OF A BIIIIII- (Mega Tigerzord explodes, killing Tommy and Saba)
  • The final shot of the battle is both hilarious and a Tear Jerker: Zechs has Ocular Gushers around the remains of Noin's destroyed mobile suit and Zordon is crying Ocular Gushers so hard his tank is filling up, without him even noticing, complete with hammy crying noises. The latter, especially, is funnier. Same with Boomstick's reaction,
    *agonized* Owwww... my childhood...
  • During the credits, you see the voice actors listed... at the end we see "Josh Tomar as Zordon's tears."

    Ryu vs. Scorpion 
  • The nice little Call-Back to Akuma vs. Sheng Tsung regarding Akuma rematch against his brother, Gouken
    Boomstick: Oh yea! he can fingerpaint!
  • The hosts don't know what Joudan Sokutogeri translates to, so Boomstick does a little google translate... and it translates to "And Diarrhea Joke Foot" as you can imagine, Boomstick had a field day with this.
    Boomstick: And Diarrhea Joke Foot!? *laughs* What does it do? Kick people in the stomach so hard that he takes them to Brown Town?!
    Wizard: With the correct kanji, it's more like... "High Level Leg Blade Kick".
    Boomstick: ...You know it's Diarrhea Kick forever in my mind now, right?
    Wizard: *groans*
  • Wiz repeatedly comparing Ryu's story to "Karate Star Wars". Boomstick originally mocks him for "comparing everything to Star Wars" until Wiz tells Boomstick the common fan theory that Akuma is Ryu's biological father... to which Boomstick quickly agrees that it is "Karate Star Wars".
  • One of Scorpion's transformations is a Penguin, Boomstick is astonished. This makes an appearance in the fight when he lays an explosive egg on Ryu's ashes.
  • Boomstick calling Scorpion "The Charlie Brown of Mortal Kombat" — cue a scene of Scorpion tumbling down a flight of stairs to the tune of "Christmastime is Here".
  • The analysis of Scorpion mentions how he finds time to shoot threes, hit homers, and host his own cooking show, complete with a "Yes... this is real..." disclaimer for the last one. It's doubly funny considering Boomstick's reaction to Ryu's ashes. "I'm no chef but I think that's overcooked..."
    Boomstick: Yeah, I'm not gonna trust anything that guy makes. Does he even eat anymore?
    Wiz: (As a segue for the next part of the analysis) Aside from his weakness for the culinary arts...
  • The fact that the image used for Ryu's ashes is ripped straight from Team Fortress 2 as shown here.

    Deadpool vs. Deathstroke 
  • Deadpool's rundown.
    • The videos' very own thumbnail has Deadpool with no breathing room inside of it.
      "This thumbnail is a little cramped!"
    • Wiz confusion over Deadpool's "cure".
      Boomstick: Well, they injected Wade with Wolvie's healing factor.
      Wiz: Which I don't even know how that's possible, do they have a spare jar filled with, "essence of Wolverine" or something?"
    • Boomstick screaming, "Kill it with fire!" when Deadpool's unmasked face is shown, only to realize he can't, clearly disappointed.
    • Deadpool making his grand entrance, much to the confusion and annoyance of Wiz & Boomstick.
      Deadpool: (Pops up) DEADPOOOOOOOOL! Yeah!
      Boomstick: What the heck?!
      Deadpool: Oh, I'm sorry! Please continue talking about how great I am!
      Wiz: I was afraid of this.
    • At the end of the preview video, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and sneaks in a low-quality video of himself singing and dancing.
    • Deadpool delivers a Take That, Audience! to the people who complained about the outcome of the Superman vs. Goku fight. Intentional or not, this is a bit of an Actor Allusion since Deadpool is voiced in this video by Takahata 101, one of the people behind Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
    • Deadpool: Wanna see me naked? Cue horrified Boomstick claiming he can't claw his eyes out fast enough
      Deadpool: Aaand now you're scarred for life! Let's see my competition!
    • Deadpool gives his regards to Boomstick's ex-wife, much to the ire of Boomstick himself.
      Deadpool: Bingo! Oh, and Boomstick, tell your ex-wife I said "hello". (Does purring noise)
      Boomstick: You've got 5 seconds to get the hell out of here before I blow your head off!
    • Later, when Deadpool describes himself as a 'Raging sex machine', Boomstick counters that some of his 'conquests' include a fat alien, an underage shapeshifting prostitute, and Death herself-the latter of which makes him wonder if that's why he finds his ex hot.
    • At the beginning of the analysis, Wiz makes the oddly-specific comparison of Wade's cancer having "hit him like a flaming semi-truck falling on his face." What happens later in the fight after he stabs Slade with his own sword in mid-air?
    • Deadpool cuts off Wiz & Boomstick before they can go over his arsenal.
      Boomstick: Some of Deadpool's favorite toys include:
      Deadpool: My trusty, rusty, twin katanas! Some grenades, my 2 favorite machine guns: "Butter" and "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!", a teleportation belt, an infinity stone that alters continuity, oh, I can't choose, I love them all!
      Boomstick: Okay, that's it, I'm gonna kill him! (cocks his gun)
      Deadpool: (sings as he dodges Boomstick's shots)
    • After Wiz disses the magic satchel:
      Deadpool: Oh yeah, watch this! (pulls and elephant out of nowhere)
      Wiz: I hate you.
      Deadpool: (in a loving tone) Oh, I hate you too!
      Boomstick: (in an equally loving tone) Me too!
  • Deathstroke's rundown:
    • Boomstick making comparisons of Deathstroke's origin story to Captain America's, even asking if the former steals cars after being told that Slade actually gets the girl.
    • Wiz was going over Deathstroke's mental fortitude:
      Wiz: Come on, if we really only used 10% of our brains, we'd be about as dumb as sheep!
      Boomstick: You're a sheep!
    • Wiz's annoyance at the whole "see faster" thing:
      Wiz: ... and see faster- Goddammit, that's not a real thing!
      Boomstick: Ooh! We should put him and Captain America into a staring contest!
      Wiz: (annoyed groan)
    • Deadpool graffiti's a monocle, top hat, and a mustache on Deathstroke's picture.
      Wiz: Really?
      Deadpool: (In rapid-fire succession) Don't forget to like, favorite and subscribe! (Does wooping noise as he runs off)
    • Deadpool once again intrudes in when Wiz and Boomstick are giving the rundown on Deathstroke's items, more importantly, Deathstroke's Super Bomb.
      Wiz: Which is actually just a glorified flash-bang grenade with trace bits of Kryptonite. Guess who that's for.
      Deadpool: The guy who fought Goku in one of the most biased fanboy videos ever!
      Wiz: Shut up, Wade!
      Deadpool: (Mockingly) Okay, Ben!
      Boomstick: This is just getting weird...
    • The description of exactly how Deathstroke got his powers. From an experimental treatment to help him resist truth serums. It gets this response.
      Wiz: Which begs the question, what on Earth does the US military think is in truth serums?
  • The full episode is an endless series of funny moments. From Deadpool talking directly to the hosts, lambasting them at every given opportunity, to chiming in with his own self-analysis text boxes graffitied on.
    • One of the graffiti is "Raging Sex Machine", which Wiz starts reading and then trails off. Deadpool chimes in that Wiz "forgot to add" that part.
      Deadpool: Yeah, I noticed you left out a few things in the script, so I made some changes. You know, just the important stuff, like my penis!
    • Deadpool defaces the strength & feats section by adding in, "Not garbage tier in Marvel vs. Capcom 3".
  • Deadpool, not the Large Ham Announcer, gets to say 'Fight!' while looking at the camera in a cartoon-panel-lookalike.
  • And then there's the fight itself, where Deadpool randomly pulls out a boom box to employ his Confusion Fu, complete with audience cheers. He also refers to Deathstroke as being a Donatello when Deathstroke goes for his energy staff. Deadpool then remarks himself as a Leonardo, but that most people would see him as a Michelangelo.
    Deadpool: A Donatello fan, huh? *Brings out his twin katanas* I was always more of a Leonardo guy myself! Although I think most people would pin me more as like a Michaelangelo, you know that's them labeling- *Gets hit by Deathstroke's energy staff* I will not be labeled!
  • How does the fight start? The two mercenaries are looking at the other's wanted posters..with Deathstroke's bounty being 10 dollars more. Deadpool obviously complains about this.
    Deadpool: *On Deathstroke's bounty poster* Pfft, what a rip! Seriously, what makes this chump worth 10 bucks more than me? Come on, I'm me! (Corpsing) Wha, wha, what? Am I right? *Gestures towards the person next to him, who is actually Deathstroke himself* Yeah, I am, I'm pretty sure! *Both suddenly look at each other, complete with the "!" sound from Metal Gear Solid*
  • Deathstroke hits Deadpool with his energy staff, and then the latter is suddenly hit by a bus.
    Deadpool: (towards the driver) Hey buddy, don't let me slow you down!
  • After Deadpool is shot by a sniper bullet, we get this:
    Deadpool: Look at me! Look at me! Do not slow down!
  • We get this bit as Deathstroke is trying to shoot Deadpool, but misses each time.
    Deadpool: (As he repeatedly teleports) I... HATE... YOUR... (appears right behind Deathstroke) dumb face.
  • "Pop, pop, watchin' Deathstroke— Goddammit!" Cue Deadpool getting smacked by a flying, burning tanker truck which just hurtles into the ground and explodes while he screams "OHMYTHIRDLEGISSOBIG". It's the delivery that sells it.
  • Deadpool's various cries of pain are this.
    Deadpool: (After getting sliced up and stabbed) My spleen! (After getting shot at) My leg! (Crashes into a car) Oh! It's cramping!
  • After all the cars and trucks have very much been trashed, we get this:
    Deadpool: Well, that escalated quickly. You might wanna lay low for a couple of days, because you are pretty much responsible for a mass murder.
  • After getting his left arm and leg severed, Deadpool reattaches them to the stumps only to realize that he got the two mixed up. As the camera focuses on Deathstroke's recovery, you can hear Deadpool off-camera commenting that This Is Gonna Suck as he corrects his anatomy.
  • Deadpool's answer to Deathstroke's healing factor.
    Deadpool: Carbonadium sword! Murdering all your pesky Wolverines and Sabreteeth since 2012! Good year for cinema.
  • Before Deadpool delivers the Coup De Grace.
    Deadpool: All the children in the audience, cover your eyes! (blasts out Deathstroke's remaining good eye)
  • Deadpool's victory dance, where he uses Slade's severed head as a hand puppet. After that, he then mounts Deathstroke's head onto his car as a hood ornament.
    Deadpool: *Using Deathstroke's severed head as a hand puppet* And the moral of the story is: Deadpool wins! Yay! *tosses Deathstroke's head and begins to sing an improvised "Macarena"*
  • Deadpool's lines after winning are classic.
    Deadpool: Oh! Oh, YouTube comments! Oh, I see you rolling! Oh, you're hating! Oh, it wounds me so! It doesn't at all. Explain how I beat this asshole.
    Wiz: Don't tell me how to do my job.
  • The ending.
    Wiz: The winner is...
    Deadpool: Spider-Man! I mean Deadpool! Shit!

    Kirby vs. Majin Buu 
  • During Kirby's rundown:
    • Boomstick's skepticism over how such a Badass Adorable like Kirby can inflict such mayhem and destruction.
    • Kirby is asked "Did YOU do this?"... while standing over a huge pile of bones, with enough skulls visible to convey that a LOT of things died to make that pile. However, the scene was taken out of context from the first episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. In reality, an octopus monster killed those sheep, not Kirby.
    • Going over Kirby's inhaling abilities:
      Wiz: Plus, Kirby's body is malleable, allowing him to stretch his mouth and inhale larger objects. Though he does have trouble wrapping his mouth around extremely large and heavy things.
      Boomstick: Like my di-!
      Wiz: KIRBY weighs practically nothing...
  • During Buu's rundown: Going over the Theme Naming of the Buu Saga's villains.
    Boomstick: That's right, Bibidi, Babidi and Buu. Put 'em all together and what do you get?!
    Wiz: A Disney lawsuit.note 
  • The promotion before the fight begins. Someone's not happy about a certain previous Death Battle... The best part is how it happens in ANOTHER long-awaited Death Battle, right before the fight where ANOTHER Dragon Ball character is defeated. It makes you wonder if this was put in just because of the outcome... Even more, it's just hilarious how it plays like the climax in Toy Story when the toys begin to scare the shit out of a human being, complete with a 360 degree head spin.
    Funko SSG Goku: We see them, Ben. They're very angry. We see the comments. *repeatedly spins his head 360 degrees* We see eeeeeeeeeverythiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.
    Ben: I don't want you anymore. *Boxes up Funko SSG Goku*
  • How does the fight start? Majin Buu turns some of the hapless Dreamland inhabitants into sweets and is about to have one when Kirby inhales all of Buu's sweets, pissing off Buu in the process.
    Buu: You make Buu mad! BUU MAKE YOU DEAD!!!!
  • After Buu gets cut in half by Kirby:
    Buu: Waah-haa-haaah! You hurt Buu! *pulls himself together* Almost!
    Kirby: *facepalm*
  • When Kirby becomes Hypernova Kirby, inhales Kid Buu's Planet Burst and then spits it back at him, Buu gives a Jaw Drop that just screams "This Cannot Be!", "Oh, Crap!" and "This Is Going to Suck" all rolled into one. What's more, the winner decides to Hurl It into the Sun... which turns out to have Kirby's cheerful pink face on it for absolutely no described reason!note  Considering the last thing Kirby said was his trademark, "Hiiiii!", his face took up the whole screen, and he was fighting a Dragon Ball Z character, it could be a reference to this. After all, this fight was being fought between two bringers of the apocalypse and considering Team Four Star have been part of the show before. It's not out of the realm of possibility. This, if it's true, just adds to the hilarity.
  • The ending: Kirby absorbs Buu's boot, copying his abilities (and head tentacle). Cue Kirby abusing them on some Waddle Dees.
  • Wiz and Boomstick are both quite clearly struggling to hold themselves together after Kirby wins. They're both quite clearly holding back chuckles, and Boomstick even asks if that just happened.
  • Some of the absurd facial expressions Kirby pulls throughout the fight. When Buu uses the candy beam, hitting a nearby rock and turning it into a custard. Kirby Oh Craps so hard he drops his ability!
  • The fleeing, screaming mooks using Team Fortress 2 and Super Mario World soundbites.

     Ragna The Bloodedge vs. Sol Badguy 
  • During Ragna's preview, Wiz was out sick so Boomstick took the entire thing head-on by himself. His Watsonian temperament resulted in his usual frequent questioning. Though since Blazblue is a story all about the Stable Time Loop and Timey-Wimey Ball tropes, Boomstick was as lost without Wiz as you'd imagine.
  • Sol's preview may as well be the funniest preview ever done.
    • A lampshade on Sol's Non-Indicative Surname.
      Wiz: This man would emerge as the feared bounty hunter Sol Badguy.
      Boomstick: So he's clearly the bad guy.
      Wiz: Actually, he's the main character of the story.
      Boomstick: [blubbering] But then why would— [Wiz continues]
    • Sol's love interest, Aria, was accidently killed by Sol upon becoming a Gear... then he killed her again after she was reborn as Justice. Boomstick's response to Aria's reincarnated appearance?
      "Oh! Wasn't... expecting her to... look like that... but not as much as I wasn't expecting the BLUE ROBO-PENIS! WHO EVEN DOES THAT?!"
    • Perhaps the single funniest part, Wiz and Boomstick trigger Abbot and Costello over who exactly "That Man." is.
      Wizard: [Justice] was likely created as a giant F.U. to Sol by That Man.
      Boomstick: ...Which man?
      Wiz: That Man.
      Boomstick: I only see Sol Badguy.
      Wiz: No, it's "That Man".
      Boomstick: It's just you and me here, Wiz.
      Wiz: Listen, the villain is, "That Man".
      Boomstick: Sol Badguy's the hero AND the villain?!
      Wiz: -NO. NO. he's another character, just pretend Sol Badguy's not there.
      Boomstick: You mean he's INVISIBLE?!
      Wiz: When this person was born into the world, his parents looked at this child, and decided they would name him, "That Man!"
      Boomstick: WHO WERE THEY LOOKING AT, WIZ?!
      Wiz: HIS NAME IS T.H.A.T.-Space.-M.A.N!
      Boomstick: WELL, F.U.C.K.-Space.-Y.O.U! I'm out!
    • After that long moment Boomstick kills Wiz's Robo-Dog in a bout of anger over "That Man".
    • In the actual episode, after above moment, Boomstick actually looked up "That Man" on the internet and apologizes for his earlier outburst.
      Boomstick: So, uh, I looked at the internet and discovered that his actual name is "That Man". I apologize for earlier, let's move on.
  • In the episode proper, Wiz asks how Ragna can walk around undisguised... when he has a massive bounty on his head. Boomstick comes up with the perfectly logical explanation that no body wants to fuck with him. Which winds up doubling as a Brick Joke: the fight starts because Sol was looking at one of Ragna's wanted posters... and just happened to notice Ragna walking past him.
    Solnote : (after getting in front of him) You're an eyesore!
  • A minor one, but part of the list of Sol's accomplishments is him surviving the death of his past self, with the (accurate, though no less ridiculous) caption:
    Actual Reason Given: Because he's Sol Badguy
  • Just how absolutely baffled the two are when they're describing the lore of Blazblue.
    • It eventually gets to the point where, after describing of Timey-Wimey Ball aspect of Ragna actually becoming the original Black Beast in the past... only for it to be prevented, despite the fact that said incident caused the plot of BlazBlue to happen:
      Boomstick: (fed up) You wanna just make this guy fight someone now?
    • This winds up setting up an understated Brick Joke when its brought up in how after Sol's past self was killed, Sol should've pulled a Marty McFly... but "he didn't like that idea very much, so he just... didn't":
      Boomstick: After BlazBlue, nothing is too bizarre for me anymore.
    • The crowner of this string of jokes is that when Sol defeats the Black Beast, all what there is left of it is the script of BlazBlue, which he uses Tyrant Rave on and walks away.
  • Boomstick's interpretation of a "Fire Seal".
    Boomstick: I wanna fire seal, that'd be fuckin' sweet. (picture of an orca whale) Try and eat me now, orca whale. (cue a seal on fucking fire) Fire seal!
  • Boomstick's theory why Sol won? He has way more belts than Ragna.

    Gaara vs. Toph Beifong 
  • Like the Guts example below, the Death Battle fanblog's prediction for the episode has one of Gaara's strengths being "not only Gaara of the Desert, but also Gaara of the Funk."
  • During Gaara's breakdown:
    • Boomstick offers his opinion of Gaara's overall look:
      Boomstick (flatly): He looks like a member of Green Day.
    • Hearing Boomstick gushing over how adorable tanuki are and how they're something he would like to have as a pet... Until he gets a good look at Shukaku.
    • Shukaku being referred to as a "tummy monster" and a "digestive desert demon."
    • Wiz's Freudian Slip after he talked about the Tanuki's infamously large testicles.
      Wiz: But the thing is, Gaara's gourd isn't carrying any ordinary testicles. I mean, sand!
  • From Toph's breakdown:
    • Boomstick's reaction to the badgermoles that trained Toph.
      Boomstick: Imagine one of those things burrowing into your home. What kind of pest control do you even call for that? Oh wait, I know: fire.
    • Boomstick's reaction to finding out that Toph can tell if someone is lying.
      Boomstick: A woman who can always tell when I'm lying? No thank you.
    • Later, after hearing that when she got older, she could tell where anyone is:
      Boomstick: She knows when I've lied AND where I've been? Women should not have these powers.
    • Wiz quickly realizing how Boomstick would react to the info about Toph's ability to change the density of earth.
      Boomstick: Ah... Okay...
  • In the fight itself, Toph is practically a gold-mine of funny, given her snarking ability.
    "Come on! Are you really that scared of a little blind girl? I'm touched."
  • This exchange during the fight:
    Gaara: Your eyes. Those are not the eyes of loneliness, like mine. They are... blank.
    Toph: Impressive insight, Gloomsville.
  • This little exchange, wherein Wiz's voice actor starts giggling:
    Wiz: Few can withstand [...] Mama Boomstick's cooking.
    Boomstick: Hey! You're uninvited to Thanksgiving dinner!
    Wiz: I never was!
    Boomstick: Exactly.
  • Boomstick's reaction to Gaara losing.
    Boomstick: Aw f*ck, s*it, f*ck, God damn f*ck, son of a s*it-weasel! Why did another anime character have to lose?!
  • After the post battle analysis, Boomstick lets out a Hurricane of Puns about the earth, much to Wiz's chagrin.

     Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran REMASTERED 
  • Numerous call-backs to their first episode. It's a little amusing to hear Wiz say one thing in the first and hear Boomstick paraphrase it in the remaster, and vice-versa
  • Wiz and Boomstick saying how stupid it was that Disney declared the Star Wars Expanded Universe non-canon. They use it for their research anyway.
  • Boomstick says that Fett carries his EE3 Carbine Rifle like a child, leading to this little moment:
    Boomstick: There, there EE. Daddy's here. Killing time is soon.
    Wiz: That's...creepy.
  • Boomstick wonders about the implications of Samus having bird DNA.
    Boomstick: So... does she now have a bad habit of pecking at food and shitting on people's cars?
  • Boomstick's contempt towards a certain Metroid entry after Wiz mentions the volcano run.
    Boomstick: Uuuuugh, can we please not talk about that game?
  • At the very end after the fight is done and Samus blows up Boba's head, we are treated to a funny/awesome/heartwarming/tear-jerking tribute to the late Monty Oum. How you may ask? DANCE PARTY! with Zero Suit Samus, regular Samus, Boba Fett, a lot of Clone Troopers, Deadpool, Deathstroke, Godzilla and Gamera! The kaiju deserve special mention. Godzilla's doing a Badass Arm-Fold shuffle in place, practically grinning as he weaves to the music, while Gamera is doing a breakdance spin on his back.

     Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro 
  • The premise in itself is funny. Two Memetic Badasses duking it out, you KNOW there will be more cheese than a dairy farm.
  • The intro to the fight, depicting Chuck watching TV. As he flips through the channels, only commercials of Segata's adventures play, to his annoyance. The last time he changes the channel... Segata jumps out of the TV and throws the giant Sega Saturn at Chuck.
  • Segata dislodging, lifting and ultimately throwing Saturn's rings at Chuck like a frisbee.
  • Remember that Chuck Norris Fact about his beard hiding a third fist ? It really does.
  • The conclusion of the fight? Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro ripped reality in half. And possibly created a whole new reality. Where they might still be fighting.
    Boomstick: That was awesome! But who won?
    Wizard: I... don't know? I think they're still going. Our instruments just can't pick them up anymore. I believe they might have ripped a hole in space-time. So they've either travelled to another dimension, or completely destroyed their plane of existence. Or both.
    Boomstick: God have mercy on where ever they ended up.

    Guts vs. Nightmare 
  • In the Death Battle Predictions webpage, one of Guts' disadvantages is listed as "Makes a terrible Santa Claus".
  • Boomstick's... description of Dragonslayer during Gut's breakdown can easily make one think that the Black Swordsman is Compensating for Something. And then he makes similar comments towards Soul Edge in Nightmare's breakdown.
  • Boomstick uses the Berserk-canon Running Gag about how others see the Dragon Slayer as a big slab of iron rather than a sword.
    Boomstick: Massive, sick, heavy, and far too rough, it's too big to be called a sword. More like a heap of raw iron.
  • When talking about Dragonslayer's ability to cut foes on the astral plane, Boomstick mentions that it's able to cut ghosts in a way that sounds as if he was creeped out.
    Boomstick: Even ghoooooosts.
  • Much love for how Wiz reveals this.
    Wiz: And after killing over a thousand demons- no, I did not stutter- Dragonslayer has bathed in so much demonic blood that it resides in both the physical and astral planes of existence... somehow.
  • At one point, a rather appropriate comparison is made:
    Boomstick: If you haven't figured it out by now, Soul Edge is kind of like the Ring from The Lord of the Rings... if it can cut people and hungered for souls!
  • Boomstick expressing sympathy for Nightmare after learning about Soul Calibur.
    Boomstick: Poor guy. How would you feel if some asshole decided to make a weapon specifically designed to murder you, and it kept showing up everywhere?!
  • Guts ruining Nightmare's climatic moments. The battle starts with Nightmare having completed Soul Edge, but his Evil Gloating is interrupted when a tree Guts cut down, falls behind him. Even his ominous music stops at that very moment. Later he tries to taunts Guts during their sword clash, only to get headbutted.
  • Guts' reasoning for fighting Nightmare. Is it because the latter managed to reform Soul Edge and would take over the world with his power? Nope, he fights because Nightmare happened to be in his way.
  • After Guts (in Berserker Armor) hacks Soul Edge into pieces, he then uses Soul Edge's eye as target practice board for his arrows / utterly peppers it with arrows as a Double Tap. And due of him being in his Berserker Armour, his aim is horrible, missing more times than he actually hits Soul Edge.
  • After Guts' victory, Boomstick is so excited he interrupts Wiz to talk some more how awesome the battle's winner is.
  • In the post-game Boomstick predicts one of the things fans of the losing side's character would likely complain in the comments and puts a stop to it immediately.
    Boomstick: *Mock whining* Ohhh, but Wizard, only I thought only Soul Calibur could destroy Soul Edge—*More mock whining and grumbling*

    Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor 
  • When going into Tony's backstory... well, let's have Wiz and Boomstick explain:
    Wiz: Howard and Maria Stark ruled a nine billion dollar military tech empire. They could have anything they ever wanted, except a child.
    Boomstick: Then Howard met an ALIEN who decided to build a baby for them.
    Wiz: Fearing humanity would perish to more advanced alien races, this child was genetically engineered to lead the world to a new tech age... BUT that was Arno Stark. We don't speak of him. When Howard and Maria were disappointed with what they created, they adopted Tony instead.
    Boomstick: Yep, that's the secret origin to Tony Stark. Didn't see that comin', did ya?
  • Boomstick calls the bomb which imbedded shrapnel into Tony's chest a "shrapnel-filled irony bomb". It had a "Stark Enterprises" logo on the side.
  • Towards the end of Iron Man's analysis, Wiz remarks on how his most diabolical nemesis is his constant struggle with alcoholism. Cue Boomstick cracking open a cold one.
    Boomstick: Did you say something?
  • During Lex's analysis, Boomstick notes that when no one was looking, Lex Luthor took forty cakes. He took 40 cakes. That's as a many as four tens. And That's Terrible. Then Wiz points out that it is now canon.
    Boomstick: Bastard!
  • The analysis notes that the reason why Lex is bald is "Classified".
  • When discussing how Lex got out of the slums:
    Boomstick: His parents died in a car crash when their car's brakes failed, leaving Lex alone. Don't feel bad for a second! He used their life insurance money to get out of the ghetto and start his own company. AND HE'S THE ONE WHO RIGGED THEIR BRAKES!
  • Jarvis insists on pointing out the sheer cost of the property damage as the fight progresses, to Stark's growing frustration. Though Tony does have Jarvis deposit money to Pepper's account once he realizes most of the damage is her stuff. By the end of the fight, the damage is estimated at five billion dollars.
  • Among the things that Pepper has stored in the warehouse that the battle starts in? The seven Dragonballs, King Mickey's Keyblade, a Gundam, the Batmobile, a Cerberus Atlas mech, and the Hulkbuster armor. The implications are HILARIOUS. And all of them, minus the Dragonballs and the Keyblade, are confirmed to be destroyed during the fight (emphasis on CONFIRMED, so it's entirely possible that they're gone too), so Tony's probably going to be in the doghouse for A LONG time.
  • Destroying the Batmobile:
    Luthor: Wait, is that the—? *chops The Batmobile in half with his axe*
    Jarvis: That one might actually make a dent in your wallet.
    Tony: What're you talking about? It's just a car.
    Numbers and pop-ups start to appear with what was inside the car and how much it costnote 
    Tony: Seriously?
    Numbers and pop-ups continue to appear on screennote 
  • Luthor's reaction after Tony breaks through his shield:
    Tony: Good night, cue-ball!
  • After Tony defeats Luthor, he uses the Proton Cannon to utterly decimate Luthor's power suit. It's not a 3D model of the Proton Cannon like the rest of the animation, it's just the sprite from the Marvel vs. Capcom series.
  • The song that Tony is listening to while working on his Iron Man suit? The opening theme song to Iron Man: Armored Adventures.
  • While a lot of the previous pyrrhic victories were downright sad, this episode's Pyrrhic Victory was more or less Played for Laughs, as Tony Stark wins the fight without any tragic or life threatening results, but unfortunately, his victory comes at a literally high cost of five billion dollars for the property damages to Pepper's stuff.
    Tony: (after noticing a building collapse) That was Pepper's building wasn't it?

     Beast vs. Goliath 

     Solid Snake Vs Sam Fisher 
  • Boomstick's constant Double Entendres throughout the rundown.
    Wiz: What is with you today?
    Boomstick: I don't know...
  • Also from the rundown, this:
    Wiz: Left with no other family but his daughter, Sam retired at just 47 years old. This time, he'd spend the rest of his days in peace... (Both Wiz and Boomstick laugh) As if!
  • And this:
    Wiz: Even after Snake burned (Big Boss) alive with nothing but a lighter and a can of hairspray...
    Boomstick: History's greatest soldier, everyone.
  • This exchange regarding Snake surviving a gauntlet of microwave radiation:
    Wiz: ...and once, he powered through a sealed hallway while being bombarded with microwaves and survived.
    Boomstick: Who throws microwaves at people? Come on!
    Wiz: No, Boomstick, it's more like he was... inside a giant microwave.
    Boomstick: My God... think of the size of a Hot Pocket you could make with that!
  • When discussing how Sam's improvisation works better than a plan:
    Boomstick: See? You don't always have to plan out every little detail about every little thing!
    Wiz: I thought we agreed never to discuss that trip.
    Boomstick: I just wanted a churro, but nooo, it wasn't in the schedule! Bet it was delicious...
    Wiz: Oh, shut up, Boomstick.
    Boomstick: I'll kill you.
  • The fact that Boomstick gets turned on so much by Sam's Swiss Army Gun that he looses focus until Wiz gets his attention.
  • Minor, but Wiz nonchalantly brings up the possibility that Grim might be aging backwardsnote ... and then brushing it off, stating it's irrelevant to the episode.
  • The fight starts with Snake and Fisher discovering each other. Both know that their target is on the opposite side of a sliding door, and sidle the walls trying to get the jump on them. The music swells, and... they've both come out at the same time, guns drawn. They both panic (complete with the Metal Gear "spotted" sound effect), there's a Record Scratch as they both duck back into cover, and then try their Dynamic Entry again. This time the fight starts as planned.
  • During the battle itself, Snake's...obsession with using a cardboard box.
  • Guess what's standing in Grim's room? A Portal turret!
  • During a temporary break in the action (after Sam gives Snake the slip), Sam and Grim start bickering with each other. Grim snarks "You're welcome, by the way" and calls him an old man, while Sam grumbles "I lost the data" with a tone equivalent to that of a pouting child. Considering how serious and grim everything else is, it's quite amusing seeing the two of them act like bratty kids.
  • In every sequence showing Grim, the screen on her left shows what appears to be a Level Up screen, implying that she or Sam was playing a video game with the computer they use for Mission Control.

    Darth Vader vs. Doctor Doom 
  • When talking about how Darth Vader's Dual-Phase lightsaber can extend to twice its normal length, Boomstick remarks he should consult a doctor if it lasts for more than four hours.
  • When discussing how Doom's first attempt at rescuing his mom from Hell blew up in his face, Boomstick is quick to point out that it literally did.
  • Boomstick complained that Doctor Doom's self-granting of a Latverian doctorate is unfair to genuine doctorates like himself. Wiz was shocked.
    Wiz: You do not have a doctorate.
    Boomstick: Yuh-huh, check it out! Got it in Poultry Science! (Boomstick's degree from College appears) Specializing in the frying!
    Wiz: (beat) Well, holy shit.
  • How the fight began? Vader was in the process of killing his failed subordinate to the Imperial March, when Doom stepped in and finished the job, with the music slowing to a halt.
  • Vader smashes Doom to pieces, but "K.O!" does not appear. Instead, there's another portal and another Doom. Vader looks back and forth in confusion.
  • Vader tries the Force Choke, but nothing happens. Confused, he just extends his hand and tries it again.
  • The fight's conclusion, with Darth Vader "saying" a rather badly-drawn "Noooooooooooooo" from under a rock that's partly-submerged in magma.

    Superman vs. Goku 2 
  • Boomstick comparing Superman unlocking his psychic barriers to one of his drunk stints:
    Boomstick: Sorta like when you get drink too much and don't remember the night before so gotta spend all day figuring out how you got yourself a dozen kangaroos and married a lamp. Don't ask.
  • Boomstick's reaction to the name "Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan". He says what we're all thinking:
    Boomstick: Oh, come on! There had to have been a better name! Ultra Saiyan, Master Saiyan, Super Ultra Combo With Fries Saiyan, anything but THAT mouthful!
  • Superman's reaction to seeing SSJSSG Goku:
    "Blue hair? Eh, I've seen worse."
  • One part of the fight has the two fly into the SGC building, and the fight takes an Art Shift by having two live actors duke it out in front of the audience before running off, letting the fight resume normally.
  • Superman asking if Goku's finally had his fun.
    "I would prefer if we don't accidentally destroy the Earth a second time."
  • The ending after the killing blow, where King Kai is lecturing Goku on why he lost and he could never beat Superman. Goku replies by asking King Kai if he has anything to eat.
  • The post-match analysis where they talk about Superman's accomplishments.
    Boomstick: Hey Wiz? What's half of infinity? In-f*cking-finity!
  • Boomstick telling the audience to put down the torches and pitchforks to listen to why Superman won again.

    Donkey Kong vs. Knuckles 
  • The opening of the Donkey Kong preview:
    Wizard: Now, this is the law of the jungle; as old and as true as the sky. The ones that shall keep it may prosper—
    Boomstick: But the ones who touch Donkey Kong's banana hoard must die! See, I know literature... well, the parts about killing, anyway.
  • Boomstick's insistence that laying hand on the Banana Hoard is quite possibly the dumbest thing you could possibly do.
    Boomstick: ...and if anyone tries to take away his delicious golden treasures...may God help them.
  • Wizard's loss for words upon seeing Donkey Kong without hair on his head. It's somewhere between Squick and mild amusement. On a similar note, how Boomstick reacts to hearing Donkey Kong sing.
    Boomstick: What the hell?! Okay, I know I watched some of this show, but I do not remember there being any musical numbers, like, at all!
    Wizard: Oh, there were two in every episode, 40 episodes in all. Your brain likely shut down watching to protect your fragile consciousness.
    Donkey Kong: I'll shower you with coconut cream pies.
    Boomstick: Good one, brain. I owe you a beer.
  • Wizard brings up how Donkey Kong's grunting is actually part of a language that the Kong line speaks, which leads to this moment which brings to mind the "jalapeña" scene from Beast vs. Goliath:
    Boomstick: Huh, I wonder what he's saying.
    (cut to a series of clips of Donkey Kong shouting "banana slamma!")
    Wizard: Mostly just that.
  • In the Knuckles preview, Boomstick was informed that male echidnas have four-headed penises. Cue Boomstick making a few dick jokes at Knuckles' expense.
    ... dedicating his entire life to protecting the family jewel. Heh!
    Not the sharpest head on the dick, is he?
  • Some of Knuckles's stats during his rundown.
    According to a recent redesign, evidently skips leg day.
  • Boomstick's breakdown of Knuckles' Martial Arts techniques.
    Boomstick: The ancient art of punch the crap out of everything. No really, that's the answer to every problem Knuckles has. Something in the way? Punch it! Need to climb a cliff? Punch it! Falling down a trap? Punch it! Punching not working for some reason? beat You f*cking know he punches it more.
  • Wiz questions the feasibility of Knuckles' quills keeping him afloat.
    Boomstick: Hey, it's better than a tanuki flying with its nutsack. Then again, he could be just twirling his di-
    Wiz: AND with the spikes on his fists...
  • Boomstick praising Knuckles' conviction to finish eating a napkin.
  • The battle in general was one of the most lighthearted and comedic ones... well, at least until the finishing blow.
    • Before they start fighting, DK gives Knuckles a highly amusing Death Glare as he watches him eat a banana from his hoard.
      • The fact that Knuckles ate the banana peel and all.
      • The beat when Knuckles spots Donkey Kong giving him said glare before polishing off the banana warrants mention, as does DK getting very pissed.
    • Every single time Knuckles gets hit by one of DK's homing coconuts, he lets a hilariously monotone "OHNO."
    • One of his "oh nos" is from the Spy from his appearance in Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed
    • At one point, Knuckles breaches from underground and back in like a dolphin, complete with matching sound effect.
    • After Knuckles digs a hole underneath DK, who then plummets down into the caves, DK lands in a mine cart that begins to roll. DK's Aside Glance to the viewer can only be interpreted as This Is Gonna Suck.
    • Soon after, both DK and Knuckles notice that the mine cart track is about to come to an abrupt end. They stop fighting momentarily and hold onto each other for dear life.
    • In a bout of Black Comedy, we are given a fake out with what appears to be Knuckles emerging victorious, arms first out of the rubble... only for it to be revealed that it's actually DK holding Knuckles disembodied arms. It is even funnier when you realize its a Brick Joke about Wiz pointing out that apes have been known to use tools. The scene before it could be considered Bloody Hilarious as well when Donkey Kong splatters Knuckles.
    • The post-KO animation: Donkey Kong starts to rebuild his banana hoard, throwing a banana as if visibly annoyed by having to do it over again (making this another case where Pyrrhic Victory is Played for Laughs), while even in death Knuckles' arms are not spared from a homing coconut.

    Wolverine vs. Raiden 
  • In the Blog prediction for the fight, they listed one of Raiden's weaknesses as college football.
  • Boomstick comparing Wolverine's retractable claws to inconvenient, murderous erections when it wound up killing his love interest of the time.
  • Wiz tries taking on puns.
    Wiz: ... Wolverine's Healing Factor stems from his brain. Huh? Get it? Stem? Like brain stem?
    Boomstick: Wiz, I'm the funny one. Just stick to being boring.
    Wiz: (disappointed) Aww.
  • The analysis shows an image of Wolverine getting nerve-pinched by Mr. Spock along with a caption that reads "WTF, Spock?"
  • One of the clips shown during Raiden's analysis is of him shooting a mook in the nuts.
  • During the run-down for Raiden's Murasama HF Blade, one of the noted points is that it "cuts through nanomachines, son!"
  • Among Raiden's feats "Survived the Mindf**king story of Metal Gear Solid 2." Wiz attempting to explain the plot of MGS2 and 4:
    Boomstick: The story is confusing as it is. Can we go back to talking about killing people now?
  • During the part where they show clips of the combatants side by side, we get Wolverine being bitch slapped by Deadpool, an Raiden wearing a sombrero and poncho as a disguise.
  • Throughout the fight, Wolverine comes up with a lot of different nicknames of Raiden: Voltron, Terminator, and Robocop are all used. (Also a nice Call-Back to the last Death Battle Xander Mobus was in: Robocop vs. Terminator.)
  • At one point, Raiden evades Wolverine by jumping on top of a nearby building, After checking his wounds, Raiden looks down to Wolverine furiously climbing up the side with his claws, to which he responds with a rather bewildered "What?!"
  • During the fight, Raiden gets his arm sliced off by Wolverine. His reaction?
  • The reveal of the next combatant. Who could possibly top the fight between mutant and cyborg ninja? It's... Hercule Satan. Joy. The Lampshade Hanging reaction of Master Roshi, Yamcha, Krillin and Chi-Chi sells it.
    Master Roshi: ...That's just sad.

    Hercule Satan vs. Dan Hibiki 
  • The premise alone of the Fake Ultimate Hero going up against the Joke Character is already funny enough. Given what we've seen in 1 Minute Melee, this is guaranteed to be hilarious.
  • In the intro to Mr. Satan analysis, the hosts go over how Satan was considered Earth's greatest—
    Cell bitch-slaps Satan into a mountain.
    Boomstick: Yeah, we're screwed.
  • Boomstick also found himself enjoying that clip.
    Boomstick: Heh, I can watch that over and over. In fact... (the clip gets replayed six times) Heh. Get away from me, bitch.
  • Boomstick commenting that for all of Satan's faults, at least he's not Yamcha.
  • The constant and relentless teasing of both Satan and Dan, mostly Dan, though.
    Wizard: In a way, the Gadoken is symbolic of Dan himself.
    Boomstick: Yeah, it's tiny, pathetic, and doesn't last very long.
  • The demonstration of Dan's "ultimate taunt". Immediately followed by the in-game Dan rapid-fire teabagging the completely unfazed Sagat.
  • Boomstick's reaction to Dan actually beating Sagat.
    Boomstick: But... Oh shit! He won?!
  • And then when Boomstick learns that Sagat actually threw the fight out of pity... which led to Dan (unaware of his luck) opening his own dojo to teach others his skills. Don't worry, Wiz assures us that the dojo doesn't have that many students. Because Dan managed to fuck even that upnote .
    Boomstick: Thanks Sagat. Not only have you killed this man's father, but you're ruining other kids' lives now too.
  • Why is Dan's gi pink? He accidentally washed his white gi with colors. Boomstick reacts accordingly.
    Boomstick: Jesus Christ...
  • When it is revealed Dan achieved Satsui no Hadou, Boomstick declares if Dan can do it, he can do it too. He starts grunting, trying to power up, then apparently falls over and lands on his keys.
  • Satan's entry into the arena is accompanied by typical pomp and ceremony. Dan's entry into the arena?
    Dan: Woo-hoo! Here I come-! trips over a tile and falls on his face Ow... Picks himself up Brbrbrrbrrbrbrb!
    Random Spectator: (Deadpan) Woo. Dan. Yeah.
    Mr. Satan: Ha! Nice moves, Hibachi! How 'bout you ring yourself out?
  • The opening tussle of the match is hilariously underwhelming. Satan and Dan exchange blows, but they are incredibly slow and telegraphed and completely lack any sense of power or impact. Accompanied by silly Midi-style music.
  • Just like in the "One Minute Melee" take on this fight, Dan manages to circumvent the Dynamite Kick... simply by moving out of the way. Unlike the "One Minute Melee" version, however, it's because Dan ducked in fear.
    Mr. Satan: Dynamite Kick! (attacks)
    Dan: (ducks; scared) Oh my God!
  • After Dan's duck, Mr. Satan tries to save face by claiming he psyched him out and now will be too terrified to throw a single punch. Cue the champ getting nailed in the face by a not-so-scared Dan, and getting his butt handed to him.
  • Dan successfully intimidates Satan (complete with Jaw Drop) with his "Legendary Taunt"!
  • Satan complaining about how freaking long it takes for Dan to charge up his Gadoken, and then the Gadoken fizzling out before it can reach him. After Satan tries to pass it off as his new technique to defend against chi attacks:
    Announcer: "Astounding! Who knew the secret to countering such an attack was to act like a coward?!"
    Satan: "Yeah! Wait, what?"
  • After Satan's arsenal is revealed, he tries to play it off by saying his challenger snuck them into his robes so that he could be disqualified.
  • Dan picks up Satan's jetpack and tries to use it to his advantage. After being disappointed when it momentarily fizzled, he was suddenly sent flying when it finally activated with Bãtutã Din Moldova playing in the background. Just as Dan was about to strike Satan again in this way, it ran out of gas, resulting in an Oh, Crap! moment as he fell several feet to the ground. Watching Dan flying Satan around with the jetpack and setting off all the different capsules:
    Announcer: "What the heck...I mean, what a spectacle!"
  • After the debacle with the jet pack, Dan is all tired out and Satan soaks in how the announcer proclaimed that the latter's tenacity wore out the challenger.
    Mr. Satan: Ah ha! Yes, that's right! I tired him out! ME! Mr. Satan! That was my plan all along!
  • Dan Hibiki trying to off Satan by tapping into the Satsui no Hadou, only to trip on the grounded jetpack and lose the ability.
  • The ending, where Satan prepares the finishing blow when Dan swallows the last capsule when it fell through his mouth. Satan was in shock upon its activation, then Dan had painful seconds before he exploded as a jukebox emerges from within, merrily playing the Can-Can. The announcer and the crowd is impressed with the "new technique" and Satan just goes with it.
    Mr. Satan: (internally, to himself) Oh my god, I can't believe that happened. (chuckles) I need to change my pants.
  • The Post-KO animation: Satan dances atop the jukebox in celebration, while Dan Hibiki goes to Heaven and disappoints Go there.

    Yang Xiao Long vs. Tifa Lockhart 
  • This little bit from the Yang preview.
    Wiz: Yang fit right in and soon found herself a member of the colour coordinated team, RWBYnote , lead by her younger sister... Ruby.
    • As a bonus, the first episode of RWBY's third season, which aired after this episode, has Ruby herself comment on the occasional confusion between her name and her team's name.
  • There's also Boomstick's general reaction to Remnant and the kind of place it is.
    Wiz: Vicious creatures called Grimm run wild, entire cities have gone to waste, and every single weapon is also a gun. Even nunchucks.
    Boomstick: Ohoho! That sounds like Disneyland to me! The happiest, most gun-filled place on earth!
  • It goes further when Boomstick describes Beacon Academy.
    Boomstick: It's kinda like Hogwarts, except replace wands and books with swords, sniper rifles, and giant, transforming scythes. Man, this place just keeps getting better and better. Seriously, I know where I'm gonna retire now.
  • Tifa's character preview has it's own share of funny moments:
    • Wiz and Boomstick on the Nibelheim Incident:
      Wiz: At first glance, this town appeared calm and peaceful, not worth a second look.
      Boomstick: Until a sword-wielding goth guy found his alien mother hidden inside. He celebrated with fireworks.
    • "Now, I've been thrown out of my fair share of bars for totally illegitimate reasons, but not even I would attempt to urinate on the jukebox of 7th Heaven with Tifa on guard!"
    • Tifa using Final Heaven on a Trickplay.
      Boomstick: Fuck you, squirrel.
    • Boomstick repeatedly sounding like he was about to comment on Tifa's breasts and Wiz warning him not to, only for Boomstick to talk about something else.
      Wiz: "After losing her mother and watching the madman Sephiroth burn her hometown to ashes, Tifa Lockhart joined AVALANCHE, a group dedicated to protecting the Planet from ecological harm.....and Meteors."
      Boomstick: "Speaking of Meteors, CHECK OUT THE SIZE OF THOSE-"
      Wiz: "Boomstick!"
      Boomstick: "What?! I was talking about the Meteor!"
      Wiz: "...uh-huh."
    • Which eventually led to this at the end of the analysis:
      Boomstick: You don't want to mess with Tifa's strong, twin, firm-
      Wiz: (cautious tone) Noooooooooo!
      Boomstick: Fists! Also, she's got a really nice rack. Did I mention that yet?
  • Listed among Tifa's accomplishments: enduring a slap battle with Scarlet.
  • The fight itself is one huge Call-Back to the RWBY Yellow trailer, complete with Yang crashing in, asking for a Strawberry Sunrise and starting a fight that would completely destroy the bar!
  • As Yang enters Tifa's bar, she's stopped by a doorman who asks her for ID. Yang cracks her knuckles. Guess what happens! Even more hilarious when you remember that Yang's 17, and thus underage, and has probably done this more than once.
  • How the fight starts: After Yang clears the bar, she asks for her usual: a strawberry sunrise with no ice. After Tifa retorts by telling Yang to look elsewhere, the latter retorts with "So, does this mean no sunrise?"
  • The Death Battle crew not only added the Dolphin for Tifa's Limit Breaks; they gave it a stock dolphin noise as it hits Yang!
  • After Yang survives the Meteor Strike, she questions how she just exploded.
  • Yang's quip after killing Tifa?
    Yang: Nailed it.
    • Then, as Yang walks away from Tifa's body, Yang puts on some "Haters gonna hate" Cool Shades.
    • Boomstick's response?
      Boomstick: *sighs* Cross another potential wife off the list.
  • The killing blow is a darkly hilarious twist on an old classic: Four words: Shotgun recoil Neck Snap.
    • People are already making wise-ass about it. See here. Needless to say, spoiler alert.
    • Given on RWBY itself, Yang once made a joking comment about how she'll be turning heads at the Beacon dance, fans have taken it and used it in Memetic Mutation.
  • During the live stream, Barbara Dunkleman does an imitation of Boomstick, leading him to say he was reminded of his grandma. At the end of the Stream, Ben (Wiz) then proceeds to declare it canon.

    Mega Man vs. Astro Boy 
  • Mega Man's outro clip is perhaps the funniest one yet, using the bit inspired by the infamous Gutsman's Ass video.
    Cut Man: "Hey, Mega Man! You're a little low on air!"
    Mega Man: "And you're full of s&%#!"
    *very long beat*
  • Astro Boy's original name in Japan is "The Mighty Atom", but in America, according to Boomstick, it was decided to name him after the dog from The Jetsons.
  • One point of Astro Boy's analysis highlights the existence of his hip-mounted machine guns, AKA the "butt guns". As one would expect, Boomstick's the one who points it out — but in a pleasant turn, rather than harp on their location, he instead lampshades their intended use as a surprise weapon, over three instances of Astro using them to catch enemies off-guard.
    Boomstick: No one suspects the butt guns! I mean, NO ONE! Why would they?
  • Both hosts express... what can only be described as flabbergast as to Astro Boy's... unique way of recharging.
    Wiz: It wouldn't be my first choice. I chalk it up to Dr. Tenma's eccentricity...? ...Design necessity?
  • During the montage of the foes Astro Boy has defeated, there's a pause on the robot named Satan that fires lasers from his nipples. Boomstick has been delivering the exposition for this but he cracks up at this one and is unable to finish. "You can't make this stuff up."
  • At the start of the fight, Mega Man starts out by shooting his standard Mega Buster, which Astro Boy easily defends himself against. After several shots of not working, there's a beat, and then Mega Man fires one more for good measure.
  • Mega Man's Oh, Crap! face when he realizes he's out of Metal Blades. Mega Man in general is very expressive during this battle. His eyes widening whenever Astro lifts a car and, of course, his reaction to the infamous butt guns stand out.
  • After the episode, the hosts reveal that the next combatant will be Green Arrow. They then say that they will reveal his rival on- whoop, it's Hawkeye. Everyone knew it would be Hawkeye. Part of what makes this funny is the context: the "one fighter reveal" trend began with Solid Snake, whose opponent Sam Fisher was hidden through social media. Given how similar Snake and Sam are to each other, it became apparent that hiding Green Arrow's obvious choice of a opponent wouldn't fool anyone.

     Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye 
  • The Mood Whiplash of referencing Arrow right before showing DCAU!Green Arrow ziplining while singing his theme song.
  • Part of Green Arrow's background is making a chili so spicy it broke Green Lantern's will. It's not part of his feats, it's part of his stats like height, weight, and past romances (9).
  • Boomstick is clearly disappointed either with Ollie or himself for having to bring up the infamous Boxing Glove Arrow.
  • Minor, but you have Boomstick trying to avoid bringing up that Green Arrow has been know to torture people... and then just up and saying it straight out.
    Boomstick: He'll do whatever it takes to get the job done, like shooting a girl's hand to keep her from falling, or, ehhh... torture, there's no way around it, he tortures people. But it's for the greater good, right?
  • Boomstick's reaction to "Sherwood Florist", the flower shop Ollie opened with Black Canary?
    Boomstick: Ah, as an expert on puns... ten out of ten, Ollie.
  • Minor, but when listing Hawkeye's height, it's referred to as his weight... right above his actual weight.
    JJ Mouse: The point I stop trusting death battle is the point people start weighing 6 foot 3
  • Boomstick's theory for Hawkeye's rotten luck growing up.note 
    Boomstick: What's with these kids' luck? I mean, did they open an umbrella inside which scared a black cat to dart under a ladder which fell and broke a mirror and reflecting the sun's rays to burn down a field of four leaf clovers? Like what happens next, does the brother just spontaneously combust after winning the lottery?
    Wiz: No, that happened to Nick.
    Nervous Nick: What?
  • After it's mentioned that Hawkeye met up with then-criminal Black Widow, Boomstick notes Hawkeye's tendency to "not ask questions, and follow where the old shaft takes him" when he ends up confused. Cut to a scene of Hawkeye jumping out of bed naked with a cartoon of his head covering his privates.
  • And after Black Widow supposedly dies:
    Boomstick: Believing he was free from the grip of the succubus, he remembered that crime is bad, and went to join the Avengers.
  • Two words: "Satan's carousel".
  • Boomstick's remark upon learning that Hawkeye "managed to not die from" several bullet wounds and was saved by a child wearing a Ghostbusters II shirt:
    Boomstick: Who ya gonna call? The hospital, kid! Quick, holy shit! That was like a hundred bullets! Bleeding everywhere!
  • Most of the constant quips between the two archers.
    Green Arrow: Yes, I can dodge and shoot at the same time.
    Hawkeye: Not today, sweetheart.
  • Green Arrow talking about the Boxing Glove Arrow. It makes Hawkeye stop in confusion!
    Green Arrow: You should hear the Boxing Glove Arrow when it hits! It makes this "Thwoop" kinda sound! I'll record it, and make it my ringtone! (Fires the Boomerang Arrow from behind cover, and then gets up and fires the Boxing Glove Arrow. Hawkeye easily catches both.)
    Green Arrow: (Now holding his cell phone) Aww...
  • After Green Arrow dodges one of Hawkeye's explosive arrows... which blows up the building behind him:
    Green Arrow: One little arrow, one big boom. I like not getting blown up!

    Pokémon vs. Digimon 
  • The day of the streaming, there was a technical difficulty leading to a half-hour delay. To pass the time, Boomstick read out bad popsicle jokes. The last one he read was "a screwdriver", with the question part forgotten.
  • Boomstick being baffled by the plot of Digimon, thinking that the writers must've been on drugs. Key points include one of the Digidestined's enemies being an Elvis impersonator dressed as a monkey (Etemon) and Tai and Agumon becoming U.N. diplomats in the Distant Finale.
  • There's a lot of gags when comparing the disparities between Pokémon and Digimon. One of the most amusing ones is at the start of the fight, where Red stumbles across Agumon sitting alone at a campfire and throws a Pok&eactue;ball at him in the hopes of capturing him. Of course, the ball doesn't work and simply bounces off poor Agumon's head.
    • It happens again immediately after Agumon Digivolves into Greymon, and the transformation music quickly grinds to a halt.
    • Another one involves Red and Tai arguing the difference between digivolving and Mega Evolution when Charizard becomes Mega Charizard X.
  • When Red attempts to catch Agumon:
    Agumon: You killed my marshmallow!
    Red: (beat, amazement) Whoa! You can talk? You must be really rare!
  • Agumon tries attacking Charizard first with his fire and claws, but only does Scratch Damage at most, leading the Pokemon and his trainer to awkwardly exchange glances, and then stare at Agumon once he was finished. Charizard responds by soundly sending him flying back.
  • When Wargreymon is put on the defensive by Mega Charizard, Tai becomes enraged, runs over to Red and begins beating him up. Tai ends up leaving Red with a black eye. This distracts Charizard enough to give Wargreymon the chance to turn the fight around.
  • Red's reaction to his Charizard barreling towards him at high speed:
  • Boomstick's reaction to the ending, which makes sense given how Charizard lost again.
    Boomstick: Ow... My childhood.


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