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Music from the character in question's show(s):

  • The original theme, Invader, got people super pumped up for the carnage that would unfold.
  • The music in the background while they describe Superman is actually part of the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths theme here.
  • Goku's music is a variety of themes from the Dragon Ball anime, as well as the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai games. The most memorable would definitely be at the end of the analysis with the Super Saiyan 3 theme of Dragon Ball Z.
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  • "Tigerzord vs. Gundam Epyon" starts with "When The Dragon Swims, Everything Ends" from Gundam Wing.
  • There was also the use of a track from Sword Art Online during the climax of Deadpool Vs Deathstroke: "Swordland", the most iconic piece in the series.
  • Thor's Hammer by Ethan Meixsell: stupidly awesome Gamma Ray style Power Metal to fit a stupidly awesome battle.
  • The final blow of the battle between Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro, as the universe collapses and they're rendered as constellations, is set to a snippet of "To Glory" by Two Steps from Hell. (Specifically, from about 3:59 to 4:12.)
  • A remix of Forces from Berserk was played during Guts' character overview when they discussed about the Dragon Slayer. During the fight itself, they used The Wrath of God (Part II) and Griffith's Dream from the Golden Age anime movies, the latter when Guts was about to land the killing blow. Even the theme that plays in the post fight analysis, also from Berserk, "Sign-2", is stellar.
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  • The fight between Mega Man and Astro Boy was accompanied by this blood-pumping song from the 3DS game 7th Dragon Code: VFD.
  • When the Climax of Iron Man vs Lex Luthor has this playing, you know shit is about to get real.note 
  • The first two rounds of Solid Snake vs. Sam Fisher are set to "Gotta Get the Cash" and "Laughing at U" from Anarchy Reigns, with the climax having "Divine Identity" from Digital Devil Saga 2.
  • The climax of "Darth Vader vs Doctor Doom" has "The Edge of Green" from Radiant Historia.
  • The trailer for Goku vs Superman 2 is a shortened version of Les Friction's "Louder Than Words".
  • The music played during the climax of Goku vs Superman 2 is the edit of "Call Your Name" used during the climax of Attack on Titan and it perfectly captures the awesome, yet bittersweet nature of the end to this epic battle.
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  • Whenever Yang has the advantage during the fight (i.e. the entire second half), the chorus to her theme I Burn plays. The last lyric "Like a fever I will take you down" holds true as it ends just before Yang breaks Tifa's neck. Before that, the song that plays during the beginning of the fight is It's All About Me from Anarchy Reigns.
  • The final moments of Charizard vs. Greymon involve "Uncontrollable" from Xenoblade Chronicles X.
  • Kirby vs. Majin Buu starts with "Dedede's Royal Payback" for the first part of Kirby vs. Fat Buu, and when Kid Buu takes to the scene "Under My Control" kicks in. And of course, the Hypernova theme plays for the finale, as Kirby sucks up Kid Buu's planet-buster and spits it back at him, sending Buu hurtling into the sun.
  • During Ragna's preview, we get his boss theme, "Black Onslaught", and in the full episode, we get his iconic badass theme music, "Rebellion".
  • The music during the Wolverine vs. Raiden battle is awesome enough, but one piece is particularly badass. Listen closely while Jack is in Ripper Mode, and an awesome remix of Devil May Cry 3's final boss music can be heard.
  • The Dante vs Bayonetta trailer used this EPIC rendition of "Sound of Silence". When Trish and Jeanne make their cameos in the episode, Find You from Anarchy Reigns plays, fitting the circumstances to a T. And for the battle itself, the choice of "Aesir" for its climax is just sublime.
  • Ratchet and Clank vs. Jak and Daxter was done to the tune of Tekken 7's Jungle Outpost stage (a track so awesome that it was used again in Ken Masters vs Terry Bogard), with the second half switching to Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture... courtesy of the rapid firing missile launcher, RYNO V.
  • Flash vs. Quicksilver has Super Skrull's theme playing at the beginning. At the climax, The Flash (2014) theme starts playing as Flash delivers the final beatdown.
  • The song that plays in the middle of Joker vs. Sweet Tooth? Mad Max: Fury Road's Blood Bag. And in the beginning? Dom vs Brian from Fast and Furious.
  • Tracer vs. Scout is accompanied by "Mortified" from Anarchy Reigns. The fast-paced, catchy techno fits very well for a high-speed firefight between two very quick and confident mercenaries. The last part even syncs exactly to the ending, where Tracer finishes off Scout by swiping his Bonk Atomic Punch and sticking a Pulse Bomb onto him.
  • Amy Rose vs. Ramona Flowers is accompanied by a remixed version of Flowering Nights from Touhou Project, which perfectly fits the energetic nature of the two combatants.
  • Hulk vs. Doomsday is accompanied by Hot Wind Blowing from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The climax switches to Sky Should Be High from Guilty Gear Xrd- Revelator-.
  • After the town-destroying clash of techniques between Zoro and Erza, the song "The Very, Very, Very Strongest" from the One Piece OST starts playing as Zoro, bloodied but not beaten, stands up and puts his trademark bandanna over his head and prepares to keep fighting.
  • The first song in the reveal trailer for Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake is a soft tone remix of Drake's theme in Uncharted, fitting for showing the images of the young days of both fighters and the adventurous feelings that both series inspire. Next, the action scenes and the battle preview are properly accompanied with the main theme of Tomb Raider: Legend. For the battle itself, we have Invidia from Final Fantasy XV.
  • Wiz vs. Boomstick in a rap battle worthy of Epic Rap Battles of History.
  • What better way to set the mood of an 8 bit battle than some awesome 8 bit music? Gates of Fort Firestorm (aka "Thunder Landing") from Super C and Act I from Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom were excellent choices for Scrooge McDuck vs Shovel Knight.
  • In the Venom vs Bane fight, "Venom Fight 1", the boss music from Ultimate Spider-Man, is heard when the fight starts. After that, "Beautiful Lie" from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice plays in the background. And just when it looks like Bane has the upper hand, Teleology of Death from Death Note kicks in as Venom turns the tables.
  • The finale of Natsu vs Ace has Natsu's theme kick in as Natsu lands the killing blow.
  • "Sub-Zero vs. Glacius" is set to "Shatterhail", Glacius' theme from the 2013 Killer Instinct reboot.
  • "Metal Sonic vs Zero" had the fast paced "Mega Man X5 'Duality' X vs Zero" just to drive home how epic it is seeing two machines, built to surpass their creators' worst nightmares, duke it out in a no holds barred match to the death.
  • The teasers and the battle itself of "Balrog vs. TJ Combo" featured "I'm Back (to Rise)", TJ's theme from the 2013 Killer Instinct game.
  • Bucky O'Hare's theme song. Even Boomstick gets into it.
  • The music played during Taizo Hori's character overview is super catchy as well.
  • The music from the Mega Man Battle Royale reveal, Data Charge, is a pulse-pounder of a song that combines speedy guitar riffs with chiptunes to get you in the mood to watch gaming's greatest robot legacy take center stage.
  • "King of the Jungle", used in the initial reveal of Black Panther vs. Batman, is a rap number laden with intense guitar riffs and smoothly-delivered lyrics that suggests the fight is just a taste of what the fifth season has to offer.
  • During the second half of Ghost Rider's rundown in "Ghost Rider VS Lobo", the instrumental version of Black Waters 2 is played over it, perfectly setting up the Ghost Rider as an ominous and powerful individual with heavy guitar and drum solos.
  • The reveal of "Genos VS War Machine" has one of the most triumphant tracks yet to go along with it; This Is The Planet Earth can only imply the fight will be epic on release.

Music specially made for Death Battle.

  • The theme for Goku vs. Superman and The Rematch are suitably epic pieces that draw clear reference from both combatants' themes over the years, specifically highlighting Robert J. Kral's theme from Superman: Doomsday.
  • The fanmade songs created specifically for Death Battle. These include "The Book of Ivy" and "Chemical Bath" both created by classic-black-and-green for "Ivy vs Orchid" and "Luigi vs Tails", respectively.
  • "Exo", a theme made for the Wolverine vs Raiden battle. A badass theme in the style of Metal Gear Rising's soundtrack with lyrics that perfectly capture the characters of Raiden and Wolverine.
  • "Alive", a similar theme made for the Rematch of Goku vs. Superman. A rap-style boast that perfectly encapsulates the feel of two ultimate heroes clashing to see who's number one.
  • Charizard vs. Greymon has an original theme that's created by mashing the Pokemon and Digimon themes.
  • The battle between Bowser and Ganondorf had two songs created to fit it, Blood On Broken Glass and Olympus Mons. While it wasn't used in the fight, the vocal version of Olympus Mons is just as awesome.
  • There's an awesome rock-and-choir song that plays during Carolina vs. Meta, changing in tone as one combatant or the other gets the upper hand. It has been identified as "Slingshot" by Trocadero.
  • The Power Rangers vs. Voltron battle was set to Stronger Together, a blood-pumping mash-up of both teams' main themes with a dueling sound between the Rangers' electric guitar and Voltron's techno orchestra.
  • The successor theme of "Invader", simply named "Wiz and Boomstick" by Brandon Yates, which debuted alongside the track "Shredding Silver", doesn't have to hide itself from the old theme - it's a worthy follow-up to the original theme. Even better, it includes homages to the old version.
  • "Shredding Silver" is used for Shredder vs. Silver Samurai, mixing rock with Japanese string and wind instruments for a modern-day clash of an old rivalry between two warriors of Japan. When Shredder sets the forest on fire, the music grows faster with even harder percussion to signal the execution of his silver-clad opponent.
  • The track used in Thor vs Wonder Woman, "Thunder of Wonder" by Werewolf Therewolf, is the perfect rock theme for a battle between gods. Also, it includes part of Wonder Woman's theme from the movie. the rock gets heavier with the appearance of Berserk Thor and the climax of the battle.
  • Shonen Showdown, the soundtrack for "Naruto vs Ichigo". A fast paced rock theme with the occasional wind instruments, mixing elements from both series soundtracks, making it sound like not only a battle theme, but a true crossover. And the end of the song is all wind instruments and chorus chanting, in pure homage to the Naruto soundtrack. Fitting as Naruto is delivering the final blow to Ichigo.
  • One-Winged Devil, the soundtrack for "Sephiroth vs. Vergil", is a suitably grand piece for Season 4's finale, packed with dramatic violin chords and dark guitar riffs. Special mention goes to the guitar solo at the end, which plays as Sephiroth brings down the Supernova on Vergil.
  • "Batman vs. Black Panther" featured "Battle at the Zoo", a no-nonsense number perfect for wanting us to see which characters will be crowned king.
  • "Raven vs. Twilight Sparkle" featured "Titans of Magic", a haunting, slow, guitar-heavy punctuated by the peal of bells, fitting for a showdown between mages. It comes complete with a final, echoing, solemn peal that rings out at the moment when Raven's Soul-Self lands the final blow.
  • The song featured for "Jotaro vs. Kenshiro" was "Bizarre Stars", a rock song that also features riffs from "Stardust Crusaders" (Jotaro's theme in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) and "Ai wo Torimodose" (Kenshiro's theme song from Fist of the North Star. YOU WA SHOCK!). It fades at two points. The first is when Jotaro stops time, and the second is when Kenshiro utters his catch phrase towards Jotaro, revealing that Jotaro was about to explode into Ludicrous Gibs.
  • Brandon Yates's "Crash and Burn" from "Crash vs. Spyro" sounds like it'll be a darker take on Crash Bandicoot's xylophone-heavy pieces at first, but around 0:28, the gnarly guitar riffs kick in. Those, combined with the playful xylophone beats and the triumphant brass blasts, form a uniquely compelling piece of music suitable for a long-anticipated fight between two fun and nostalgic video game heroes.
  • "Sora vs. Pit" features "Unlocking Heaven", which starts out a bit wonky, but then catches up and mixes Yates' guitar riffs with wind instruments, bells, and synth beats for an angelic theme that sounds like it came straight out of Kingdom Hearts or Uprising, including a sped up excerpt from "Dearly Beloved" from Kingdom Hearts.
  • "Leon Kennedy vs. Frank West" has "Resident Rising". It starts out with the typical ambient themes found in zombie survival games before breaking out into the guitar as the fight starts. The guitar ramps up with the dark tone as a piano slowly builds up in the background to pay homage to the soundtracks of both Resident Evil (piano) and Dead Rising (guitar) before the killing blow, where the guitar slows down to make way for the piano and by extension, Leon's win.
  • "A Strange Fate" is a fittingly majestic piece for two of the most insanely powerful sorcerers in comic book history, with Brandon Yates's signature electric guitar accompanied by sharp sitar strums and otherworldly theremin calls.
  • "Fight Like a Devil" is a killer rock theme made for Ryu vs. Jin, made even better with Omega Sparx’s rap track in the style of a fighting game that feels like a rap battle between two of video game history’s best known fighters. It gets at its most intense moments when Ryu goes into the Satsui No Hadou with Omega Sparx going into dark chanting and more violent lyrics, and goes into blasting guitar riffs with Sparx chanting "Let's fight!" as Ryu goes into Mu no Ken to end Jin with the Shinku Hadouken.
  • "Watch out, Samurai!" perfectly fits a duel between samurai with elegant string instruments mixed with a bit of hip-hop, and thus DEFINITELY fits for Samurai Jack vs Afro Samurai. The theme steadily escalates as the two swordsmen continue to do battle, reaching its climax right before the final blow is dealt. Afterwards, it plays a short segment of Samurai Jack's theme ("Gotta get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack!") preceded by the "Watch out!". This comes AFTER Jack has reduced Afro to Ludicrous Gibs.
  • "Chorus of Carnage" goes excellently with the setting and tone of the Carnage vs Lucy battle. Dark, disturbing, and creepy, while having an excellent rhythm and haunting melody. Even listening to it without context of the battle, you know that this is a battle between monsters that could be compared to the worst demons of hell.
  • "Wings of Iron" is an 80's-style rock track bound to bring out nostalgia in any old fan of Transformers or Gundam, with lyrics that wouldn't be too out of place as an old cartoon opening or a song to play on full blast during a road trip on the radio.
  • "Devil of the Night" sets the tone perfectly for the long-awaited Nightwing vs. Daredevil fight. The song itself is carried by the combination of intense drums and strings that sell the series' first live-action battle as being grounded and gritty as is expected by these street-level vigilantes. The recurring piano melody from Daredevil's Netflix series is just the clincher, as it becomes increasingly prominent throughout the battle, coming to a head when the lights in the garage die out and Matt (seemingly) has Dick on the ropes. It's only fitting that the four notes are played until fade out, the song's signature element ending alongside Matt.
  • "Retro Rivals", a fitting piece for Death Battle's 100th episode, mashes together a few of the greatest retro hits from both Mario's and Sonic's home series into a medley that starts with a playful tropical theme, before switching to jazzy rock when the fight proper starts. As the battle escalates, the track gets slower and heavier, culminating in heavy electric guitar as both combatants fall from orbit, fighting all the while.
  • "Infection Perfection" fits both mechanical combatants with its industrial rock mixed with synthesizers and chiptunes for a futuristic track with lyrics bringing to mind the bloodlust and ego of both Ultron and Sigma. The track comes to a slower beat as Sigma and Ultron duke it out within their digital cores, with it speeding back up as Sigma learns too late that Ultron is barely fazed and his superior in every way.
  • "Turtle and Toad" starts with peaceful lounge music... until the Record Needle Scratch before Roshi and Jiraiya come to blows, whereupon the real fight track breaks out, blending together electric guitar, drums, piano and shamisen into a melody worthy of two of Shonen's most famous mentor figures.
  • "Kings of Infinity" goes for a different approach for the finale of Season 5, creating a suitably grand and powerful track with both Omega Sparx and Yates at the helm. Omega Sparx delivers hard-hitting lyrics boasting of the sheer might of Thanos and Darkseid, with Yates trading his usual fast-paced rock for ominous synth beats and chilling organ notes mixed with slow yet strong percussion selling everything behind two villains with the power of gods.
  • "Kings of the Sea" is used for Aquaman vs. Namor, a theme with grand violins mixed with ambient rock to fit two rulers of Atlantis in and out of the water. The end switches to violent Jaws-style violin chords as Namor is eaten alive by anglerfish.
  • "MegaMania" is a mix of rock and electronic beats in the style of the Mega Man X soundtracks that starts off strong, fitting for a battle between 5 super fighting robots, then around the half way mark, Sithu Aye goes into an exciting and pulse-pounding guitar solo as a sign that the fight's getting real and the blue bombers aren't going down easily.
  • "Widow's Kiss" starts off with spaced, echoing notes during the lead-in of Natasha's mission, and maintains the melody even as heavier instrumentals join in once Amélie has her opponent's attention. At the end of the battle, the track goes quiet for a moment during Widowmaker's decapitation, and then a light piano melody plays over Black Widow's Bond One-Liner.
  • "Marvelous" is a heroic theme fitting both Captain Marvels. It even has bits from the main Avengers theme, as well as the main theme from Justice League Unlimited.
  • "Appetite for Greed" is a fusion of jazz and rock that sounds like it could have been plucked straight from the Wario Land series for Wario's fight with Dedede. With a music box interlude partway through keeping up the tempo, the song takes a fight between a obese treasure hunter and a royal penguin with a hammer and makes it as exciting as any straight-laced match the series has done before.
  • "Emerald Heroes" is a number that combines pianos, electric guitar, and plenty of synth to convey the vastness and wonders of space, with some vaguely incomprehensible chanting for an extra touch. In the violin segment near the end, Hal recites the Green Lantern mantra to give himself a second wind against Alien X.
  • "Winter Sonata" is an elegant orchestral theme that suits both heiresses of ice, with dominant violins and piano themes that convey the grace and technique of Weiss and Mitsuru. The theme goes into heavier beats of rock in a few moments, most notably when Weiss summons the Arma Gigas and to fade out when Weiss is frozen and shattered by Mitsuru.
  • "Falcon Uncaged" is a high speed techno rock theme that gets you pumped up for these two action stars to duke it out. Kudos to RichaadEB with the guitar solo finale, which kicks in as Captain Falcon summons the Blue Falcon to finish Johnny off.
  • "Elements of Alchemy", a blend of eastern and classical strings, is the perfect track for a fight between Aang and Edward Elric. With an otherworldly allure to its melody, its presence makes the match itself just as memorable. Special mention goes to the ending, a triumphant remix of the Avatar theme as Aang unleashes the full might of the Avatar State against Ed.
  • A fight between badass bikers only deserves the gnarliest metal there is, and "Ride into Hell" certainly delivers on that front. The wild riffs just keep on coming and the track ends with an intense guitar solo as each roguish murder machine pulls out their coups de grâce, courtesy of Jonny Atma.
  • "Draconic Robotics" is a theme fitting for two giant dragon mechs to face off with each other, blaring with guitar riffs, drum solos and techno. Special mention goes to the part coinciding with the Dragonzord transforming into Dragonzord Fighting Mode to begin the final phase of the fight.
  • "Dangerous Gaze" somehow manages to take an exuberant amount of electric guitar and understate it for the majority of the track, creating a melody for a match between two anti-heroic figures that manages to be suitably subdued for the majority of the battle and wonderfully epic for the finale of one of the biggest Single Stroke Battles in the series.
  • "The Dark Lords" is a theme fitting for two of gaming's biggest villains going head to head. The organs that play throughout are a perfect glue to a track that's already destined to be one of Death Battle's greatest.
  • "One Hundred Percent" is a unique piece. It starts with a foreboding drone at the start culminating in a strong guitar segment to coincide with the first showcase of power between two powerful espers, then moves to an orchestral segment for when Mob goes 100%, and shifts to a menacing static when ???% comes into play in the climax of the fight, perfectly showcasing the supernatural nature of ONE's most iconic psychics.
  • "Goodbye, Chimichanga" is a crazy and chaotic mix of styles, fitting for the most insane combatants yet. First, they begin with a fast jazzy track reminiscent of "Hey Pachuco" from The Mask's movie, perfect for the first fight scene. Then they include acoustic guitar, wild west and orchestra, associating them with different moments in the "fight". In the end, the track changes to conga music with bits of "Cuban Pete", fitting for the final showdown and the Mask winning.
  • With the season six finale, Brandon and Therewolf team up for "Mighty", a heroic and uplifting theme that oozes the excitement and positivity of both combatants, with lyrics representing their unwavering determination to keep smiling and fight on no matter what. Special mention goes to the ending guitar solo that incorporates part of “You Say Run” when Guy finally goes all out in the 8th Gate to finish off All Might.
  • The opener of Season 7, Miles Morales VS Static, starts off with an impressive triple threat of Omega Sparx, SWATS, and JT Music known as "Watts Up Danger". The track takes the form of a rap battle, with SWATS portraying the Ultimate Spider-Man and Omega Sparx voicing the Bang Baby. Both Miles and Virgil give sharp digs against each other during the fight, the ferocity of the lyrics perfectly matching the intensity of the battle.
  • "Sirens of Combat" is heavy metal theme befitting a fight between two of fiction's greatest scream queens with violins and soft choirs mixed in certain parts to set up Dinah finishing off Sindel with a brutal fatality.
  • "Teenage Morphin' Ninja Power" is a fantastic retro-style piece, fitting for these two teenage leaders, complete with hints from both theme songs.
  • "K.O. Computer" is fittingly a heavy metal and rock theme, for these two heavy weapon heroes.
  • "Lost Ice Storms", which combines the work of Brandon Yates, Myriani, and Jun Mitsui, is a rock duet with Celtic touches befitting of both series' styles. The lyrics reflect the fight between Gray and Esdeath with Brandon as the ice mage and Myriani as the imperial general. It also matches the outcome of the fight with Myriani getting the last line in ("Hell's more likely to freeze") as Esdeath impales Gray with her ice sword arm and freezes him completely.
  • "Four Fist Death Punch", a quick-paced and intense track, made mostly of 8-bit sound font, which perfectly represents the two fighters' origins, with a good dose of Pokémon-inspired melody to top it off. It even has bits of both the Mortal Kombat main theme and the battle theme against Lance and Red.
  • "Days of Booster Past" is a great techno-rock piece that perfectly encapsulates the two futuristic combatants.
  • The music for the fight between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Kakashi Hatake, "Force and Lightning", blends the sweeping orchestra of a Star Wars film with the shamisen and rock guitars featured in the Naruto anime. As soon as the tempo picks up, the instruments combine to make for a track as exciting as the battle itself.
  • "American Phantom" is a hip-hop theme that jumps from subdued quiet to energetic beats flawlessly, all while incorporating pieces from both the Danny Phantom and American Dragon theme songs.
  • "Princesses of Wonder", the theme of She-Ra vs Wonder Woman, is an orchestral piece with a little choir, centering mainly on strings and brass instruments, emphasizing the epic, warrior nature of both combatants.
  • "Gods of Destruction", the theme of Beerus vs Galaxia, is a grandiose mix of ominous chorals and rock, very much befitting both fighters' sheer destructive power and godhood.
  • "Frozen Fire", the theme of Zuko vs Shoto Todoroki, is an eastern style piece with a heavy emphasis on violins, the Japanese shamisen, and flutes, referencing both combatants' eastern influenced backgrounds. The beginning of the track features a remix of the Avatar: The Last Airbender theme, while the ending of the track features a remix of "You Say Run" from My Hero Academia.
  • "Way Past Flash", the theme of Flash VS Sonic, a fast-paced techno rock theme that also contains riffs based on Justice League Unlimited's main theme as well as "Live and Learn", main theme of Sonic Adventure 2. Special mention goes to the finale, as the song goes to a critically intense rhythm as Flash finally manages to turn the tables and land the Infinite Mass Punch on a vulnerable Sonic to finish the battle.
  • "Red Winter", the theme of Winter Soldier VS Red Hood, an orchestral piece with a more tense and serious nature with an emphasis on low brass similar to the Dark Knight trilogy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It also remixes the Winter Soldier's theme from the film of the same name.
  • "Madness Envenom", the theme of Venom VS Crona, a dark, techno track that represents the dark and creepy natures of both combatants AND incorporates Ludwig Göransson's Venom theme at certain points.
  • "Blood Moon", the theme of Sabrewulf VS John Talbain, a heavy metal piece with vocals by both Brandon Yates and Tre Watson that emphasizes both combatants' ferocious, feral natures and also fits the brutality of the fight.
  • The theme of Red vs. Blue is called "Blood Gulch Bedlam". It's a fairly standard rock piece, though some may note similarities in its composition to a certain other work that features reds and blues fighting each other. This on top of some riffs from the Red vs. Blue soundtracknote  accurately captures the wacky and chaotic nature of both the series the fighters are from and the title of the song itself (bedlam means 'a scene of uproar and confusion').
  • "Webbed Wings", the theme of Batgirl VS Gwen Stacy, a synth orchestral piece that incorporates elements from Danny Elfman's Batman theme and Daniel Pemberton's Spider-Man theme.
  • "Full Course Will", the theme of Sanji VS Rock lee, combines piano and strings with a jazz tone, with references to another song of Yates' ("Lady Killer") for the same match-up.
  • "Ikari", the theme for Hulk Vs. Broly, starts off understated with some tribal drums and Japanese chanting, then transitions into a bumping hard rock piece, complete with blazing guitars and heavy beats. As it approaches the climax of the fight, the pace grows steadily as the universe is breaking beneath the weight of the blows landed. It ends with a smooth fading out of the chorus, just as the Hulk slowly fades away. It's an exceptional piece worthy of the heaviest hitters the series has ever seen. And major props to it being the first song of Death Battle go bilingual with greatly sung Japanese lyrics too!
  • "Hearts of Light", the theme for Yoda vs King Mickey, is a fantastic orchestral piece, befitting both the Jedi Master and the king of Disney Castle, with both of their series using orchestra to its fullest. Using leitmotifs from both series, it comes to a head near the end of the song when a beautiful variation of "Simple and Clean" can be heard as Mickey deals the final blow to Yoda with Ultima. It's a beautiful piece that wouldn't feel out of place in either series.
  • "Chaos Unraveled" from Shadow vs. Ryuko is a rather fitting metalcore piece that complements the brooding anti-hero natures of both its combatants, taking inspiration from both "I Am... All of Me" and "Before My Body is Dry," with lyrics that appropriately highlight how both of them are in the end not that different.
  • "Apex Of Doom" from Lex Luthor vs. Doctor Doom is an epic orchestral piece accompanied by glitchy percussion. The electronic music provides a perfect tune for two evil masterminds with technological weaponry and armours.
  • "Kings of Iron" is a heavy electronic score that takes a lot after "Heat Haze Shadow" from Tekken 7, while also sampling Geese's signature Leitmotif "Soy Sauce for Geese" at a couple of points, creating a sound that harkens back to each man's arcade roots with a modern flair - perfect for a battle between two fighting game titans.
  • "Thunder Shroud" is a foreboding yet heart-pounding score with elements from "This Time" and "My War" that sounds like it could have come straight out of either combatant's soundtrack.
  • "Dragons & Dumplings" is an eastern-inspired orchestral piece that has a mixture of whimsical rests and powerful pieces, much like Hans Zimmer and John Powell's music in the Kung Fu Panda series.
  • "Stars of the Universe" is a light-hearted track that highlights both Steven and Star's childlike natures and mystical qualities before it ramps up in intensity as their battle grows deadlier with a magical synthesizer sound effect at the end, implying Star's triumph over Steven. There are also hints of the Steven Universe theme song in the beginning of the track.
  • "Final Breath", the music for Cloud vs. Link (2021), is a heavy action-oriented piece that takes inspiration from both series, specifically having similarities to "Let the Battles Begin!" from Final Fantasy VII, as well as a portion where the music cuts out to the Song of Storms from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time referencing where Link plays the mentioned Song to set up a Skyward Strike. The instruments also represent the characters, with electric guitar representing Cloud and chorus chanting representing Link. The finale of the song is also quite spectacular, with a Final Fantasy VII styled remix kicking in at the reveal of Cloud having the Omnislash V5 set up as he performs the killing blow on Fierce Deity Link.
  • "Suit Yourself", the music for Batman vs. Iron Man, is a rocking AC/DC-style song interlaced with clips of more orchestral pieces that sound like they were ripped from the soundtrack of a Batman production.

Tracks used in DBX

  • "This Heartless Empire", originally a fan commissioned track by Brandon Yates for Palpatine vs. Xehanort, ended up as the official song for the titular battle when it was used in DBX. It's a booming piece that combines elements from both the Imperial March and all of Xehanort's many themes. Perfect for these two series spanning Big Bads. It's also the longest original track used for the series, spanning eleven and a half minutes, even if the actual fight only uses about 2 minutes of it.

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