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A web series where the premise is "two or more characters from different franchises come together and fight to the death" is bound to be chock-full of these moments. So much so, in fact, that they had to be split up by season.

Do not add details about the actual battles to this page before the corresponding battle is able for view by the general public. While it is admirable you are supporting the show, it spoils the surprise for those who don't and have this page on their watchlist.



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    Season 1 
  • Master Chief vs. Jango Fett:
    • Jango uses his jetpack to pull off an eye-opening combo, uppercutting Master Chief several feet into the air, stomping him so hard he leaves a dent in the floor, and dragging his prone body along the ground into volatile machinery.
    • Lightsaber vs. dual-wielded Energy Swords. Lightsaber wins.
    • Jango had been getting the upper hand during a good amount of the fight, even beating Master Chief at an energy sword Duel. Master Chief turns this around and pulls the win by using his Armor Lock to block a deathblow, before planting a Plasma Grenade on Jango's helmet, One Hit Killing him.
  • Sakura vs. Rin Tohsaka: After an evenly matched brawl that showcases both combatants' abilities and combat skills quite well, once Sakura activates her Strength of a Hundred Seal, she quickly overpowers Rin and sends her flying through the ceiling with a well-placed uppercut.
  • Bruce Lee vs multiple characters inspired by him; Bruce flattens them with no real effort. There's nothing like the original!
  • Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: Captain America telling off America for choosing horrible candidates to run for office, before being declared president over either of these two.
  • Predator vs. Prophet:
    • After getting cut up by the Predator's claws, Prophet diverts all his armor's energy to his defenses. The upgrade is so effective, it shatters the Predator's claws like porcelain. He then uppercuts the Predator into the air, kicks him into a pillar, and charges into him so hard, he breaks the column.
    • After Prophet cloaks, the Predator mounts his shoulder cannon on his wrist, waits for Prophet to make a move, and lays a plasma-enhanced beatdown on him when he tries to attack.
    • The final showdown, where Prophet and the Predator swing out against each other. Prophet's fist meets the Predator's face, cracks his mask, and lays him out, leaving Prophet free to lift the destroyed pillar and squash his enemy for the win.
    Season 2 
  • Link vs. Meta Knight:
  • Genji vs Raiden: An intense and surprisingly-even sword fight between two cyborg ninjas ending in a Single-Stroke Battle that makes it appear that Raiden lost before he lands the killing blow on Genji.
  • Raphael vs Wolverine
  • Broly vs. Doomsday:
    • It's Broly vs. Doomsday. Of course it's going to be rad as hell, with building-exploding energy blasts flying around and the two headliners beating the absolute piss out of each other with their bare hands. Eventually, Broly leaves a massive crater in the ruined city they're fighting in, with his opponent smack-dab at Ground Zero, but that's not enough to stop Doomsday— who gets up, swats a ki blast away, drives the Legendary Super Saiyan to the ground, and pummels him before tearing him clean in half.
    • This was also the first DBX to be animated by the One Minute Melee group, so the quality of DBX has jumped.
  • Guts vs. Cloud: This fast-paced brawl sees a lot of awesome moments, but the final clash stands out: Guts with the Berserker Armor taking on a Mako-powered Cloud in a flurry of strikes that culminates with Guts decapitating Cloud...'s after-image, before the real one shows up to bisect the Black Swordsman for the win.
  • Bomberman vs. Mega Man:
    • With how simple Bomberman's games are, how much could he possibly do? The answer is in fact, a whole lot— with how much he's able to control the battlefield and force Mega Man on the run near-constantly. Special mention must go to when— after narrowly avoiding being decapitated by the Metal Blade— he flies into a rage and rapidly hurls an entire barrage of explosives at a panicking Mega Man.
    • This, of course, makes it all the more awesome when Mega Man turns things around to beat him at his own game. After using the Rush Coil to dodge the Skull Bombs, he drops down behind Bomberman— not revealing himself until he has his Mega Buster at point-blank range to prompt a massive look of "Oh, Crap!" from his opponent. Rock sticks a Crash Bomber onto Bomberman's back, leaps up as it explodes, and goomba-stomps him to ash for the win.
  • Samus Aran vs. Master Chief:
    • After 7 long years, we finally get to see Samus Aran and Master Chief duke it out in a ScrewAttack production. Granted, it's not a full-fledged Death Battle, but it's an awesome episode of DBX nonetheless. Here are some of the highlights:
    • MC gets Samus in an armlock and shoots her in the face point-blank with his pistol. All it does is make Samus's helmet shake a bit, after which she pistol whips him with his own gun.
    • After Chief knocks Samus down and holds down her arm with his foot, Samus donkey kicks him several feet in the air and pulls off a blistering assault that ends with Chief getting blasted through a tree.
    • MC gets his Banshee blown up from underneath him, which proves to be a minor setback as he simply lets the force of the explosion propel him forward for a blow from the Gravity Hammer that leaves a explosive crater in the ground.
    • John gets the Gravity Hammer knocked out of his hands, but punches Samus hard enough to give him time to catch the Hammer and hit Samus so hard she flies through the air.
    • The fight ends when Samus blows up John with a Power Bomb, catches him mid-air with the grapple beam, bounces him off a nearby tree, and blasts him with a fully charged shot that leaves him in critical condition. Samus ends the fight by nonchalantly walking up to him, coldly cocking her arm cannon and blowing Chief's head right off his shoulders.
  • Wii Fit Trainer vs. Dhalsim
  • Darth Vader vs. Magneto
    • The animated fight looks pretty good with both men using magnetism and The Force to fly around the battlefield trying to defeat each other.
    • The intro. Vader is about to have the Death Star fire on Earth... when Magneto tears apart the control room the Death Star, claiming that "insignificant planet" just so happens to be his home.
    • Vader and Magneto stop trying to crush each other directly because they're not interested in a Mutual Kill.
    • The final blow. Magneto has Vader trapped in steel and is about to stab him with his own lightsaber. Vader is able to hold back the lightsaber long enough to use the Force on Magneto's cape, distracting him long enough for the Sith Lord to send his saber through the Master of Magnetism's head.
  • Vegeta vs. General Zod
    • Zod tanking Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta's Final Flash, before countering with some well-timed Heat Vision Beam Spam. The Badass Boast he gets in as he sends his opponent reeling only makes it better:
      Vegeta: Who was that clown...?
      Zod: I am Zod. I win! (his eyes shoot open and glow red)
      Vegeta: WHAT?! (gets blasted by Zod's heat vision repeatedly, before being blown through a wall)
    Zod: I always win.
  • Alucard vs. Demitri:
    Demitri: Let's play.
    • The animation is very fast and fluid, especially for a 2D-animated battle — really giving a sense of how powerful both vampires are during their battle. Especially with regard to many of Alucard's most well-known spells and weapons coming into play against Demitri's Chaos Flares and demonic transformation.
    • Demitri slams Alucard through the castle floor with a Spinning Piledriver, and needless to say, Alucard's feeling pretty woozy after that one. What's a dhampyr to do in this situation? Simple — wait for your vampire enemy to go for a bite, and shove a crucifix down his throat. Alucard then stops time, slashes through Demitri, and seals him inside a coffin before imploding it; sending the vampire's remains into a yawning void.
  • Goku Black vs. Black Adam
    • If you thought the battle between Vegeta and Zod was impressive, this Battle of Gods takes it up a notch with an amazing, fast-paced slugfest that makes both sides look equal!
    Season 3 
  • Krillin vs. Tien vs. Yamcha
  • Alucard vs. Dio Brando
    • What sealed Alucard’s win was when his bullet managed to pierce through The World and in turn hurt Dio. That’s right, Alucard did the impossible and hurt a Stand, something that should be impossible for non stand users.
    • Even pixilated, Alucard is so beautifully creepy in this video.
  • Ryu vs. Liu Kang
    • The fight starts off pretty jarring, with the sprite animation using the Street Fighter: The Movie sprites of Ryu to match the original digitised sprites of Liu Kang, but even then the fight was pretty epic, given the effort put into it. Then the second part begins, and there's the transition from the life-like sprites to a more recognizable Ryu sprite, with Liu Kang's sprite being on par as well. It gets especially impressive when they turn into their respective Superpowered Evil Sides: with Evil Ryu ultimately destroying Revenant Liu Kang with the Raging Demon.
  • Cuphead vs. Bendy
    • The animation alone is jawdropping, the two look and move just like proper vintage cartoons.
    Season 4 
  • Gohan vs. Superboy
    • After a thrilling bout where the boys don't give each other a single second to breathe, they finally Cross Counter each other in outer space and settle things with one last Beam-O-War over Earth's stratosphere. Naturally, this can only end one way: and it's Gohan who ultimately gets the upper hand, with help from Goku's spirit teleporting in for his Father-Son Kamehameha, vaporising Superboy entirely ala Perfect Cell. Still, Superboy should be given props for nearly killing Gohan with his Heat Vision before then.
  • Mega Man vs. Metal Sonic
  • D.Va vs. Tron Bonne
    • In the climax of this intense brawl between Mini Mechas, Hana seals Tron's fate by trapping her Gustaff in a bear hug, rocketing into the sky, and ejecting from the self-destructing MEKA before it and her opponent go boom.
    • How Tron wins in the alternate version is especially satisfying on the Rooting for the Empire end, as well; she gets the upper hand with the Gustaff and traps D.Va inside her MEKA, smashing them repeatedly against the ground by one leg with enough force to gouge huge holes in the concrete — ala the Hulk doing the same to Loki — before hurling what's left of the pair into the lower stratosphere.
  • Link vs. Trunks:
  • Blake vs. Inuyasha
    • The use of the environment in the fight is nothing short of astounding, with both combatants being Combat Pragmatists, using any opportunity their surroundings can give to get a leg up.
      • Highlights include Inuyasha cutting a pillar Blake is standing on in half, before swinging his blade so hard, it knocks one half of the pillar into the other, and Blake strapping Inuyasha to a pillar, before cutting the chains on a platform and slamming the platform right into Inuyasha.
    • The finishing blow is a combination of this and Nightmare Fuel. After the above-mentioned platform smashing into Inuyasha, Inuyasha transforms into his demon form. Before Blake can even properly defend herself, Inuyasha bursts out of the rubble and tackles her out of the air, sending them both crashing into the ground. Inuyasha then proceeds to ravage Blake, slashing and gnawing at her without mercy until nothing remains of the Faunus but a huge splatter of blood.
    Season 5 
  • A case for the season itself: Before Season 4's finale of Batman vs. Iron Man, the alternate endings of previous DBX's were exclusive to Rooster Teeth First members. For Season 5, both the main and alternate endings are available on the Rooster Teeth website for everyone to watch not just Rooster Teeth First members.
  • Mulan vs Lucina being a massive Win Back the Crowd. The previous fight, Thor Vs Vegeta was criticized for being only around 30 seconds long(more time being spent on the Ringmaster) and having one of the tamest deaths ever seen on the show. This time, despite being mostly a sword duel, the fight is much longer, very fast paced and having one of the most grisly deaths ever seen on any of the Death Battle episodes. And the fight ends with the reveal that the next fight was going to be one of the most requested fights in all DB media, Shantae vs Shovel Knight!
  • Speaking of Shantae vs Shovel Knight, the match lived up to the hype. Both fighters are putting their all into their attacks and using tricks the games would never let them pull. And to end the fight, Shovel Knight redeems himself from his loss in Death Battle.
  • Following Shantae vs Shovel Knight is Lucario vs Blaziken. The last time a fight between combatants of the same franchise was Krillin vs Tien vs Yamcha back in Season 3; and just like that, this battle does not disappoint. The battle starts because Serena plans to capture Lucario for his Fightinium Z Crystal, so she sends out both Blaziken and Weavile out to fight him. Lucario tells the Butterfree next to him to stay out of the fight, leading to a 2 v 1 against Serena's pokémon with Lucario staying on top for the most part. Only when Weavile pins Lucario's foot down with Ice Beam and Blaziken actually gaining ground does Butterfree step in, evening the playing field as both sides remain on even ground. Undeterred, Serena brings a third Pokéball out, revealing Nidoking who starts to assist his teammates in defeating Lucario and Butterfree, leading to Lucario being pinned to the ground by Nidoking. Serena attempts to catch Lucario with an Ultra Ball, only for Butterfree to take the hit, at the cost of being caught. Lucario struggles some more before pulling out his Fightinium Z and activating it, gaining a tremendous boost in power as he blasts everyone away. He systematically two-shots Nidoking with Close Combat and Aura Sphere before overpowering Weavile while it was using Double Team as he gets back to his original opponent, Blaziken, who after losing ground due to Lucario's enhanced speed, is finished off by a supercharged Aura Sphere so powerful it blasts Serena out of the arena. Finally, Lucario breaks open the Ultra Ball left behind to free Butterfree.
    • The alternate ending is no slouch either, as even when Lucario is enhanced by his Heroic Second Wind, Blaziken still wins out as he slams Lucario into the ground, knocking him out of his powered up state before finishing the Aura Pokémon off with his trademark Fire Punch, knocking Lucario out and allowing Serena to capture him uninterrupted.
    • Regardless of either winner, it's a minor moment of awesome for the loser in how, due to there being no outright signs of death — blood, dismemberment, etc. — and how they're still seen slightly moving but unconscious in the background (and caught afterwards with no issue in Lucario's case), both Lucario and Blaziken are tied for being the first two DBX combatants to lose a match, but not die.
  • Following up Lucario vs Blaziken is a battle involving a combatant no one had seen since his assistance for Gohan last season, Kid Goku vs Gon Freecss.
  • For the first time in any Death Battle series, we get to see a dogfight in Arwing vs X-Wing. Even better, it's a space dogfight.
  • To wrap up DBX's 5th season, we have a match up that we last saw in 1 Minute Melee's 3rd season finale, and this time we get a proper outcome, Superman vs Saitama.
    • And the match does not disappoint; To start off, Saitama ends up having to deal with Doomsday, The Monster Who Killed Superman roars the Caped Baldy's face before Saitama does his usual schtick of one-shotting Doomsday with a single punch before Superman shows up to berate him for the sloppy job of dealing with Doomsday, only to be decked by Saitama which sent him flying. Once the Man of Steel recovered he proceeded to meet Saitama with a Punch Parry which causes a massive explosion in the city they're in, causing Superman to fly up before getting hit again by Saitama, only this time he barely budged before responding in kind with a punch of his own and spiking Saitama back into the city. After Saitama recovered, he and Superman engaged in a Pummel Duel which the Man of Steel wins, only to get a snarky comment from the Caped Baldy before he engaged in Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs which Superman barely was able to block before being sent back. After being complemented by Saitama for surviving all his punches, Superman tried to finish the B Class Hero off with his full power Heat Vision, only for Saitama to counter the attack with a Serious Punch, destroying the beam along with Superman's lower body, ending the Man of Steel's near perfect track record in Death Battle and One Minute Melee.
    Season 6 
  • When revealing some of the combatants for the Season we saw quite a few faces, both old and new, being revealed including Ryu Hayabusa, Emperor Palpatine, Roy Mustang, and Vegito. Later on the first matchup was revealed to be a fight between Fusion Dance and the Potara, Gogeta vs Vegito.
  • Gogeta vs. Vegito hits the ground running as the two Fusion Saiyans go at it. Things go crazy when Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta battles Super Saiyan Blue Vegito in a Beam-O-War between the 100x Big Bang Kamehameha and the Final Kamehameha ending with another reality-breaking explosion… revealing that Gogeta went Blue!
  • Black Adam vs. Apocalypse:
    • Apocalypse surprises Adam by holding him tight with one fist, revealing that he's grown to a colossal size. However, Adam blasts free of Apocalypse's grip, picks up an entire pyramid, and starts spinning it around, turning it into a gigantic drill that leaves a bloody gash in the Eternal Pharaoh's chest!
    • Adam's win is just as brutal as you'd expect from the King of Kahndaq: he rockets Apocalypse into the sky and repeatedly summons lightning bolts that leave a flaming crater in his chest, and with his opponent too stunned to react, he tears him in half, rips off an arm, tosses him towards the ground, and summons one last lightning bolt that obliterates a pyramid and leaves Apocalypse as a smoking husk. As En Sabah Nur lays lifeless, Adam stomps on his head and splatters it, ending the fight with one last show of disrespect towards his enemy.
    • The alternate ending is no slouch either and perfectly shows Apocalypse's ingenuity: When being barraged with lightning bolts, the Eternal Pharaoh uses his molecular manipulation to create a hole in his chest, causing one of Adam's own lightning bolts to go through it and hit him instead and as the ex-student of Shazam is in shock of the tables being turned against him, Apocalypse grabs him by the face to keep him from turning back before viciously tearing Adam apart piece by piece.
  • Donald Duck vs. Daffy Duck has an amazing one with voices as Billy Burton (who also voices Ringmaster), Nick Cramer and Kdin Jenson voicing Donald, Daffy and Bugs, the three of them doing amazing jobs mimicking these iconic voices.
  • Zuko vs. Roy Mustang: Zuko actually managing to lightning bend, which is the first attack he throws out that truly catches Roy off guard.
  • Sailor Mercury vs. Billy Cranston:
    • You have to give props to Ami Mizuno: despite being usually the "weaker" of the Sailor Guardians, she holds her own quite well against the original Blue Ranger, forcing Billy on the defensive through most of the fight.
    • Billy's final blow: lunging at Ami in the air while he's being followed by her attack, spearing her on the Power Lance, then using her body to block the whirlpool. All capped off with Billy throwing Ami's body behind him before it explodes and striking a pose, cause how else would an OG Power Ranger end a fight?
    • The credits give us a frightening Wham Line as Ringmaster calls up someone who has a bigger It's All About Me attitude than he has:
    (laughs) "You came to the right Android"
  • Emperor Palpatine vs. Master Xehanort:
    • Palpatine's first reaction to Xehanort's power? Offer to rule with him. Xehanort notes that it does sound interesting, but he doesn't need Palpatine.
    • Palpatine's final blow. Stuck in a Blade Lock with Xehanort, Palpatine proceeds to summon his dropped saber from before, impales Xehanort with it, then slashes Xehanort with his other lightsaber, before spacing him, causing his body to split in two.
      Palpatine: A pity. It seems you didn't have... the heart.
    • Xehanort's final blow in the alternate ending. He transports Palpatine to his Dive to the Heart station, and with the χ-Blade in hand, he summons Kingdom Hearts, and uses it's power to make a massive beam of energy that disintegrates Palpatine and splits Palpatine's Dive to the Heart in half.
      Xehanort: Descend into darkness and begone, old fool!
  • Goomba vs. Koopa 2:
    • Similarly to how the fight in the main show was ludicrous to a comically awesome degree, the matchup now takes that same absurdity and pumps it up with steroids, with the fight rapidly escalating from a spat caused by the Koopa Troopa accidentally knocking over Goomba's coffee to culminating in a back and forth pinball match between the Koopa bouncing off of the moon with it's shell so hard the moon cracks and the Goomba kicking it back with the Green Shoe!
    • And not only that but a member of the main team returns after her series faded into obscurity as Ringmaster's latest co-host, Jocelyn.
    • One cannot forget the main ending even if they try, after the above mentioned back and forth, Koopa ends up moving so fast that it ends up travelling through time while passing combatants from the main show during their respective fights; Wally West and Archie Sonic, Hal Jordan and Booster Gold. Culminating in Koopa travelling to the beginning of the fight and splattering Goomba before the fight begins, in a Call-Back to Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern complete with telling his past self not to ask.


Death Race

     Season 1 
  • Batmobile Battle!
    • There's a post-mortem moment of awesome for the Adam West Batmobile. At the start of the race, Wiz points out that whoever makes it across first wins, no rules on how they get there. When the Burton Batmobile drops a bomb that detonates beneath it, guess which direction he ends up flying?
  • Optimus Prime VS Thomas the Tank Engine?
    • Credit must be given to Lighting McQueen, who tied with Thomas the Tank Engine in 2nd place. What made this impressive is that everyone in the race has some sort of specialty that basically helped them cheat. Lightning had nothing but his pure racing skills, but he effortlessly made short work of the obstacles and kept a decent spot on the race. Had this been a fair race, he would have won; hell, he could have won even under the Death Race rules if Thomas hadn't crash-landed directly onto him.
      • Special note is the loop-de-loop, which every other racer bypasses. Lightning goes through it fair, and comes out ahead of Optimus no less.
      • Credit for his move in the tunnel as well. Even in vehicle form, Optimus was too big for him to just go around normally, as he risked getting crushed against the wall. His solution? Drive onto the wall of the tunnel and go around Optimus.
    • Thomas the Tank Engine's Skyrim mod. Although it makes absolutely no sense if you're not familiar with Skyrim's mod community, it doesn't change the fact that Thomas, who otherwise would have been out of the race for good when the first turn came up, is soaring through the air, breathing fire and putting pressure on the rest of the contestants.
      • Special mention as well goes to Thomas, possibly the most unexpected of unexpected characters in the show's history, taking out half the field; burning the Flying Ford Anglia to death, and then blowing up Lightning McQueen in a Mutual Kill after being fatally wounded by Optimus's Energon axe.
  • Battle Cars!
    • A definite case for all the racers cause all four racers managed to make it through all the obstacles with minimal problem, to the point where Boomstick actively tried to take them out by affecting the track himself. KITT even managed to avoid his demise alongside Spy Hunter and Bond by transmitting his AI to Wiz's brain.
    • But the most impressive case was the Warthog's victory as despite being knocked off the track in a typical way to the Halo games, the driver wasn't even fazed as he was reading a book (The Art Of T-Bag Vol 1) before they landed back on the track across the finish line after everyone else was down, complete with the gunner leaving to teabag in victory.
  • Sonic VS Mario VS Star Wars VS Initial D
    • First off is the fact that despite there being no theme between any of the racers, the episode was done anyway for the sake of it.
    • Most of the racers manage to do significantly well in the race; The DeLorean travelled through time right off the bat to try and win before the race even started, only to have its pizza ruined due to that, Captain Falcon pulls off a totally in character act by saving Mario, despite the show's premise even if Mario wasn't thankful for it, Sonic and Mario both inadvertently took themselves out with their items (a Blue Shell and a Bob-Omb respectively) and the Toyota AE86 manages to win despite being a normal car in comparison with sheer driving skill alone.