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"Give him covering fire!"
"With what?!"


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    Lara Croft vs. Nathan Drake 
  • First battle of Season 4, and like the previous season, the reveal was awesome. What was the highly requested match-up the Screwattack team said? Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake. Add some awesome 3D by Torrian and this season opener is likely to become incredible.
    Lara: Either walk away, or die right here.
    Nathan: First rule about me— I don't walk away.
  • Remember that time Lara blew up a helicopter by throwing a climbing pick into it? That's exactly how she finishes off Nate. It's as hilariously amazing as it sounds. As for said explosion? Nate survived it. What killed him? A rogue helicopter blade after the fact. That's right: Nate only died because of a bout of bad luck at the worst time.
  • Nathan thinks he got away with the treasure only for Lara escaping the destruction of the castle by using her climbing axe. She got in her motocycle and caught up Nathan's jeep. She got in the car, began a melee fight and won.
  • Let's talk about the fact that Lara and Nate's fight destroys the temple they were in. No matter where these two go, it'll collapse on itself before they're finished.

    Scrooge McDuck vs. Shovel Knight 
  • The fight manages to have amazing special effects despite being completely made with 8-Bit sprites.
  • At one point, Scrooge fires one of his cannons at Shovel Knight, only for the latter to use his fishing pole to swing the canon ball right back at him.
  • Scrooge kills Shovel Knight with his own primary weapon. While his own theme music plays over the execution, no less.
  • What's also awesome is the come-behind victory. The entire fight, Shovel Knight dominated the battle, and not a single hit was landed on him. Then, just when it looked like Scrooge was finished, the miserly mallard completely turns the tables by getting rid of Shovel Knight's inertia and friction— making him totally helpless to being decapitated by his own Shovel Blade. Well played, Scrooge.
  • To top everything off, Scrooge sticks Shovel Knight's blood-splattered head on a post outside his money bin, as a warning to any other would-be thieves. The lesson? Don't fuck with McDuck.
  • In spite of his loss, Shovel Knight was the first ever loser who managed to draw blood.

    Venom vs. Bane 
  • The fight is a beautifully choreographed fight with both men slugging it out and delivering painfully crushing blows. One particular moment that stands out is Bane ramming Venom through several stacked crates, at one point even slamming his head into a wall and grinding his face against it as he continues to beat the hell out of him.
  • Venom opening the fight by stealthily taking out Bane's mooks from the shadows.
  • Bane's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Venom when he attempts to turn invisible, catching him when he attempts a sneak attack and smashing him into a truck, before pulling out a rocket-propelled grenade and blasting him, setting him up for a back-breaker.
    Bane: So, you fall back on cheap magic tricks... trying to disappear, yet you don't know how to be truly invisible. (Grabs Venom from the shadows by his tongue) Now, I give you permission to die. (throws Venom away, shoots him with a rocket launcher, Venoms up more, grabs Venom out of the wreckage, and lifts him above his head) You are just like all the others— broken!
  • Just when it looks like Bane has won, Venom replies "We're...unbreakable!", gets right back up and reveals that not only has the epic beating Bane gave him done no lasting damage, but also that he wasn't really even trying and immediately turns the fight around, before killing Bane by blowing up his head with the Symbiote and eating his brain.
  • Just when it seems like the awesome is over, there comes the reveal of the next episode. Some thunder. A lightning bolt fading in. And six synthesized guitar notes every child from the 90's knows by heart...

    Power Rangers vs. Voltron 
  • Another long-requested match-up cut from the same cloth as Goku vs. Superman and Pokemon vs. Digimon, two of the 90s' biggest Combining Mecha teams enter the Death Battle arena but only one of them can exit alive: the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and their Megazord will face off against the Voltron Paladins and their namesake mech! Fittingly, both teams are voiced by an all-star roster of voice talent, ten actors in all, not including the hosts. In the Death Battle Cast preceding the announcement of Voltron entering the arena, Ben mentioned that this fight was easily the most expensive to produce yet, and it's not hard to see why. It's also the 75th episode, and it's clear that everyone involved pulled out ALL the stops to do this fight justice.
  • The battle itself is insanely fierce and very, very close with both machines beating each other senseless. The match even starts off this way with the Megazord looming over Voltron, grabbing it and body slamming it into the ground!
    • How does Voltron get the win? Pidge loses his shit when one of the arms is cut off, breaks free of the ice blast that pinned his lion to the wall and is able to launch his head off to retrieve the Blazing Sword. What does the rest of the team do to buy Pidge time?
    Keith: Give him covering fire!
    Allura: With what?!
    • The reason Voltron's right arm was cut off? The Megazord was about to slice off the left arm. Lance saw the attack coming and moved his lion to protect Pidge, taking the blow in his place.
  • Despite the Verdict showing how outclassed they really were, the Megazord manages to put up a really good fight, even cutting off one of Voltrons arms; something that's rarely happened in Voltron's fights. They were even able to effectively destroy the Red Lion, having decapitated it. It also managed to block the Blazing Sword, something very few Robeasts can claim to have done.
  • The Dynamic Entry of the Power Sword. It doesn't just come out of orbit, it hits Voltron on the way down!

     Natsu vs. Ace 
  • Let's just say that as this is an all-out firefight in the most literal sense, the visuals look awesome even in just 2D. And that's not even counting the times the graphics imitate their respective anime; somebody give these guys a medal!
  • Upon seeing Natsu start consuming flames, Ace unleashes his Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor, yelling at him to try and eat this one. Natsu doesn't... he just plows right through it so he can attack Ace directly.
  • Natsu finally gets the upper hand...
    Ace: (having just been gut punched but turned into fire to avoid it.) Like I said, you can't touch me.
    Natsu: (smiles) I'm not trying to! Lightning Dragon Fire Mode!(unleashes point-blank lightning attack.)

     Sub-Zero vs. Glacius 
  • A mutual one for both combatants: Glacius melts off Sub-Zero's hand, making him one of the few Death Battle losers who has permanently maimed his victorious opponent. Sub-Zero, on the other hand, is one of the only combatants to lose a limb and still win the fight, let alone being a combatant without any form of a Healing Factor.
  • The fight itself is a real back-and-forth brawl, with both combatants reacting to an impressive feat with one of their own:
    • After an even opening volley of punches, Sub-Zero gets the first good hit in, resulting in a short combo. Glacius successfully breaks free with a Combo Breaker— an uppercut that sends Sub-Zero flying.
    • Glacius opens up a vicious ranged combo that ends with several uppercuts, knocking Sub-Zero several dozen feet in the air, then splits a tree in half, vertically, to try to impale him. Sub-Zero evades the attack and lands on his feet, no worse for wear.
    • Glacius traps Sub-Zero in a hail of projectiles. Sub-Zero cuts all of them but one out of the air without a scratch, then catches the last one and hits Glacius with it.
    • Sub-Zero tries to freeze Glacius with his fist to set up a Fatality. The resulting Punch Parry ends with Glacius melting off Subby's hand.
    • Glacius liquefies himself to absorb the now-stunned Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero creates an Ice Clone at the last possible second, teleports to safety, then ambushes Glacius, who thought he had won, cracking his armour and tearing out his spine for the kill!

     Android 18 vs. Captain Marvel 
  • The animation for the fight is amazing, providing a real sense of speed and depth despite being 2d.
    • After 18 uses "Infinity Bullet", she decides to send out a huge blast of energy at Captain Marvel... who completely absorbs it, turns into Binary and blows up a mountain.
    • After which Carol is on the giving end of a Curbstomp Battle before attempting to finish 18 off with a massive energy blasts which turns the battlefield into a crater.
    • Android 18 gets one of her own when she completely no sells said energy blast before kneeing Captain Marvel into the air and breaking both of her arms. 18 then finishes the fight by killing Carol mid-sentence by stomping her head into the ground.
  • A meta one but Ben Singer himself continued to answer peoples questions on Twitter about the episode's research even after the episode was released. It got to a point where he "got back in the research trenches" and actually looked into the matter himself. This led to him finding and admitting that the episode had "faulty research" in regards to Android 18's energy absorption ability and even apologizing for the Critical Research Failure of the episode. Also an awesome and a heartwaming moment for the fanbase: while there's a Vocal Minority who're upset by this, the majority of response in Ben's twitter and Death Battle Wiki have been supportive.

    Metal Sonic vs. Zero 
  • The episode continues the trend of increasing the animation values of the matches with the introduction of pseudo-3D 16-bit styling, not unlike that of Sonic 3D Blast or Mega Man X5.
  • After Zero uses his Charge Shot, Metal Sonic then proceeds to use his copy ability and throw it back at Zero. Zero narrowly avoids this attack, which turns out to be a huge relief as Metal's Charge Shot collapses a nearby skyscraper. Metal capitalizes on the fleeing Zero and proceeds to lay a beatdown on him, but after winding up a bit too much on one attack, Zero answers back with a Rekkouha, forcing Metal to put up his Black Shield to avoid major damage.
  • At least a few fans were anticipating Metal Sonic turning into Metal Overlord after its showstopping appearance in Eggman vs. Wily, and it doesn't disappoint. Overlord's advent instantly turns the fight into a David vs. Goliath conflict of proportions unmatched by any previous Death Battle, and it is a thrill to watch as Zero is pushed to his limits in trying to take down a foe so much more massive than he is.
  • Towards the end of the fight, it seems Metal Overlord's victory is certain. He's got Zero trapped mid-slash with Chaos Control and the Maverick Hunter appears doomed... until we find out he activated Dark Hold beforehand and slashes through Metal Overlord anyway, not even bothering to look back as his gargantuan enemy splits in half and explodes.
    Zero: This'll be over in a nanosecond!
  • More of a Fridge Moment of Awesome but knowing that Metal Sonic was the Dark Horse winner of Eggman vs. Wily, Zero didn't just win against Metal Sonic, but also would've annihilated both mad scientists' robot armies. By himself.
  • Another Fridge Awesome bit is that Zero defeated Metal Sonic without going Maverick or otherwise tapping into his Superpowered Evil Side.
  • How about the fact Zero is judged as being faster than Metal Sonic? That was supposed to be Metal's one unbeatable trait, yet Zero could outspeed the machine made to be faster than the fastest thing alive. Ben later said in the comment section "Well, we never said that Zero was faster than Metal Sonic. Just that he should be able to handle those types of speeds!" but the mere fact that Zero was able to react to Metal Sonic's speed is awesome in itself.

    Lucario vs. Renamon 
  • The final part of the battle. Lucario, already visibly exhausted, charges right through Renamon's Diamond Storm, getting speared several times to get near and use Bone Rush on the Digimon, who was taken off guard by the stunt. One powerful combo of attacks later, Lucario ends it by impaling Renamon's neck on its energy bone staff.

    Balrog vs. TJ Combo 
  • Just the preview of the fight is extremely hype inducing. Seeing these two boxers fighting to the extreme with the awesome theme of Combo in the background and animated by Torrian (who is treating this fight as his child), will give longings of seeing the match right now.
  • The actual battle is beautifully choreographed with a bunch of well-executed punching sequences between the two, with a few signature highlights sprinkled in.
  • For starters, the fact that the show went all out in promoting it as a true pay-per-view fight, with both men receiving entrances and a poster advertising the battle.
  • How exactly does the show explain how both fighters can go all out? Simple: have Balrog use illegal moves to fight TJ and knock out if not outright kill the ref for trying to disqualify him. Now both TJ and Balrog have no reason to hold back.
    Balrog: "Come on, tiny! Just you and me!"
    TJ Combo: "Bring it on, asshole!"
    • What follows is a flurry of attacks which look straight out of their home games: Balrog goes for a Dash Straight, only for TJ to intercept him with a Shoot Toss and Tremor to set him up for a combo. Balrog retaliates with a Buffalo Headbuttnote  and goes into his Violent Buffalo, but before he can finish it, TJ breaks with with his own Combo Breaker!
    • A beautiful Punch Parry sequence emerges between the two, resulting in the impact of their fists breaking the ring apart.
  • Balrog might be Dumb Muscle, but the few times he uses his head in the fight nearly lead to instant KOs. After TJ dodges a few dozen of his predictable 'slugger' punches, TJ prepares a powerful counter, only for Balrog to take him by surprise by swinging at his legs instead of his face/torso. And when both fighters resort to their most powerful attacks and charge towards each other, Balrog uses his KKB V-Skill to dodge out of the way at the last second and launch a devastating attack from behind instead.
    Balrog: "You won't hear the full ten-count! Why don't you go to hell?!"
  • In a sequence paying tribute to other boxing media like Rocky, TJ is able to mount a successful comeback for the win; after being knocked down by a Gigaton Blow, TJ's Last Breath kicks in, delivering a brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown by breaking Balrog's right arm, dealing a fair dose of Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs and putting Balrog down for the count permanently with an uppercut that sends his head flying off clean. Just the build-up to that final exchange - Combo's down, and it looks like Balrog's about to land the last blow. The music drops down, and all other sound dies down...and then, at the last second, the Theme Song Power Up kicks in, and...!
    TJ Combo: I AIN'T DONE!!!
    Balrog: Wait, what?
  • A minor moment compared to all the others, but just the fact that nine-tenths of the entire fight is backed by TJ Combo's theme I'm Back (to Rise).
  • The fact that TJ Combo won thanks not due to his powers (though it was a major contributor) but due to an actual boxing theory/tactic where certain fighting styles of boxers end up in a sort of Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors. TJ's style, the Out-Boxer, revolves around maneuvering around the opponent and striking when an opportunity hits. This style ends up beating Balrog's style, the Slugger, which involves heavy, albeit slow punches.
  • Near the end we get treated to a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from TJ to Balrog, and the animation is absolutely superb, and only helped by the perspective; We get to see it from both the point of view of TJ, and Balrog - though seeing TJ's Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs from the perspective of the one being pummeled might cross over into Nightmare Fuel.
  • The final punch of the fight is wound up in an absolutely spectacular way; You know who is going to win even before it connects.
  • Before the fighting officially begins, the animation recreates Balrog and TJ's fight intros from Street Fighter V and Killer Instinct 2013, respectively; shot-for-shot, motion-for-motion.

    The Shredder vs. Silver Samurai 
  • The fact that Shredder, despite using a version of his character model from Turtles in Time, is not the bumbling Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain from the 1987 show. Oh,, the Shredder takes after his more competent incarnations from the comics and more recent cartoons.
  • After the Shredder lays down a smoke bomb, he and the Silver Samurai get into an intense exchange of sword strikes that ends with Shredder disengaging and going for a sneak attack on his opponent. However, the Silver Samurai sees him in the reflection of his blade and stabs him through the shoulder, not even bothering to look back. Harada might have won if he'd taken the time to slice Shredder's head off instead of prematurely celebrating.
  • After turning into Super Shredder, Oroku beats the snot out of Harada with his bare hands and summons a bolt of lightning. Undaunted, Harada uses his tachyon blade to reflect the lightning into a nearby tree, turning the fight into a Battle Amongst the Flames. Harada doesn't just reflect the lightning, he splits the bolt in goddamn half.
  • It's gory even by Death Battle standards, but Super Shredder karate chops the Silver Samurai's arm right off his torso and launches Ken's own sword with his fist right into his eye socket, killing him instantly. He then tears his head off by punching the hilt of the sword and crushes it in his hand, boasting of his victory.
    Shredder: OVER.

    Smokey the Bear vs. McGruff the Crime Dog 
  • The hosts are incredibly impressed at Smokey's longevity and popularity, lasting seventy years and that includes the 90s!
  • This is their first hand-drawn animated battle and the preview of the fight shows a excellent work by the animation team behind it.
  • Wiz and Boomstick get caught up in a bear pun contest. They're evenly matched by the time Smokey's introduction is over. But after the fight, Boomstick sneaks in one last pun and wins.
  • After Smokey sends McGruff flying off into a lake, he's content to just put on his hat and call his opponent a stupid dog...right before that stupid dog comes back in a goddamn monster truck. Too bad for McGruff that Smokey doesn't give a crap and grows to the size of a mountain before crushing McGruff's ride like a grape, with the police dog still stuck inside.

     Thor vs. Wonder Woman 
  • Is there something better than gods fighting? Yes, gods fighting inside a TORNADO.
  • Thor manages to punch Wonder Woman with Mjolnir and sent her to the moon. Not done with that, he throws the hammer at her. So, she uses his bracelets to stop the impact. The final results: their battle completely DESTROYS THE MOON. The aftermath of that explosion. Thor thought that all is done and he sees the remains of the moon falling to the earth. Then Wonder Woman appears from all that debris like nothing.
  • Remember the scene of Hulk punching Thor with his own hammer by holding his arm?. Well, Wonder Woman does the same, using the lasso of truth.
  • The final scene from unrestrained Wonder Woman: "You're not worthy". Then, she pulled her sword from Thor's head.

     Naruto Uzumaki vs. Ichigo Kurosaki 
  • Getting Johnny Yong Bosch, Ichigo's official voice actor for the English dub of Bleach, to reprise his role for the battle — though they had to go through some hurdles in crediting him for it by listing him as Adam Park and having his name linked to a wikipedia page about frogs. Given that the only two other official combatants who had their official voice actors reprise their roles (Yang and Carolina) were Rooster Teeth-affiliated and thus easier to acquire, getting this big name talent to do the same despite legal restrictions make this all the more impressive.
  • The beam from the killing blow is so epic, Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro pause for a moment to look at it, before they continue their eternal deadlock. By extension, just the fact that Chuck and Segata are still continuing their fight two years after they destroyed the universe is awesome in itself.
  • Despite the length of the fight, it's still largely a Curbstomp Battle in Naruto's favor. Naruto either tanks all of Ichigo's attacks or evades them with clones and the substitution jutsu while overwhelming him with his own. By the end of it, Ichigo has exhausted all of his powers which leads to the aforementioned massive beam from Naruto.
  • Ichigo, for his power, is still ready to continue the fight, even after being Brought Down to Normal as a result of losing Mugetsu. His Famous Last Words, telling Naruto off as he arms himself with a stick, cement this.
  • The fact that the sprites used toward the end of the battle — particularly those used for Ichigo — were made from scratch for this animation since they've never been seen in games... or even the anime, since it had been cancelled before it reached them.
  • While the folks at Screwattack weren't able to pull a twofer and get Maile Flanagan to return as Naruto, Dawn M. Bennett's performance as the future Hokage is solid enough that one could easily mistake her for Ms. Flanagan if not for the credits saying otherwise.

     Batman Beyond vs. Spider-Man 2099 
  • While it's Played for Laughs, Boomstick admitting to stealing 3% of the world's whiskey at the end of Spider-Man 2099's preview is impressive in its own right. A fan even calculated the amount of whiskey Boomstick stole, estimating it to be about 9,500,000 cases of whiskey. Overlapping with heartwarming, this comment was noticed by both Ben and Chad, thanking him for the effort they put into what was just another Boomstick joke.
  • How do they close out Terry/Batman Beyond's intro blurb? The classic exchange from the series' pilot:
    Mr. Fixx: You're pretty strong...for some clown who thinks he's Batman!
    Terry: I am Batman! (Cue Heroic Second Wind)
  • Just the fact that by defeating Miguel, Terry managed to accomplish what Bruce couldn't: get the better of Spider-Man, even if it wasn't the same Spidey who did Bruce in the first time around.
  • The end of the episode drops one hell of an announcement for the season finale: Vergil vs. Sephiroth.

     Vergil vs. Sephiroth 
  • Hot damn, Sephiroth is bleeding! Yes, you heard that right; Advent Children Complete wasn't afraid to avert Bloodless Carnage, but Vergil is the first person to ever make Sephiroth bleed, inflicting a very nasty-looking wound that lasts for a good part of the battle. Even Sephiroth himself seems quite impressed by it.
  • Vergil's Badass Boast after taking a few hits from Sephiroth.
    Vergil: Okay, you're strong... but are you fast enough?
  • When Sephiroth enters Reunion and launches his army of illusions to attack, Vergil retaliates by entering Devil Trigger to handily beat down the whole pack, ending with a quick Dimension Slash to destroy all of them. Granted, this was all a set-up for Sephiroth to heal and cast Supernova, but Vergil nearly dominating that section of the fight was awesome nonetheless.
  • You all knew it was coming, but Sephiroth pulling back the curtain to reveal that, surprise, he's dropping a goddamn Sun on Vergil is still incredibly rad. In fact, Vergil is basically done for the moment that Sun touches down on Earth, leaving him so scorched and bloody that Sephiroth is free to finish him off.
    Vergil: (staggering to his feet after barely escaping Sephiroth's Supernova) I'm... free.
    (Sephiroth reappears, stabs Vergil from behind and lifts him up into the air, causing him to drop Yamato)
    Sephiroth: Hmm... so you are.
    (Sephiroth slashes Vergil in half with a flick of his wrist)
    • How does Sephiroth get around Super Nova's Overly Long Fighting Animation? He uses an illusion to hide it and to keep Vergil busy; so that when Vergil realizes what's going on, it's already in its final seconds before the damage starts in.
    • It also bears repeating that Vergil actually survived Supernova, a blast which obliterated planets, if only barely, and even had enough strength to cut his way out of the alternate dimension with Yamato. Vergil may not have survived the fight, but as far as last acts go, he certainly picked an impressive one.
    • Another bit of awesomeness for Vergil: When the Final Fantasy-style info box for Vergil appears (while Sephiroth reveals Supernova), his HP is listed as 9999/9999. Meaning that, for all the damage Sephiroth has inflicted on him over the course of their battle, Vergil's Healing Factor is so efficient that it's all amounted to nothing; Vergil's still in peak condition by the time his foe uses his ultimate attack!
  • One thing that's worth saying about the result is that Sephiroth officially scored Final Fantasy's FIRST EVER VICTORY!

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