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    Black Panther vs. Batman 
  • Considering that the fight takes place in a zoo, it was only a matter of time before Batman and Black Panther ran into the local wildlife. For a moment, the two proceed to beat up two lions inside their sanctuary while holding each other off. This is quickly followed up by Black Panther stopping a rhino charging at him, suplexing it and knocking it out with an uppercut.
  • The entire fight is more or less portrayed as Black Panther hunting Batman throughout the makeshift jungle that is the zoo. Fittingly enough, it's a huge Curb-Stomp Battle in T'Challa's favor: Bruce has not only met his equal in hand-to-hand combat and smarts, but nothing he could do with his gadgets could get past the Vibranium armor. Batarangs are simply no-sold, and a last ditch attempt to kill T'Challa by feeding him to the orcas in the aquarium fails horribly. Black Panther's superhuman prowess allowed him to jump across the falling debris to meet Batman face-to-face, and deliver a brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown while boasting of his victory; finishing off Bruce by Shoryuken-ing his head off and kicking his body into the water, where a whale scoops it up.
  • Despite the fact that it uses recycled voice lines, some of them actually work really well.
    • Before the fight starts;
    Black Panther: To challenge a king is to face the might of his people!
    Batman: I'll give them something to fear.
    • And during the climax
    Black Panther: Prepare yourself!
    Batman: I'm prepared for anything.

    Raven vs. Twilight Sparkle 
  • The final minute of the fight is one big back-and-forth, with the two fighters repeatedly stealing the advantage from each other and leaving the viewer guessing about who's going to win.
    • Twilight uses her "Want It Need It" spell to stop Raven's assault completely by making her fall in love with a rock. The battle only resumes because Raven thought Twilight wanted to take the rock from her.
    • Raven goes Dark and envelops Twilight with her soul-self, draining her of her magic and literally turning her into her depowered gray and depressed form.
    • Twilight gets one last spell out before she's drained, turning Raven into a potted plant before preparing to stomp her.
    • And right before that comes to pass, Raven's soul-self ends the fight by coming down from the sky like a bombshell — crashing into Twilight at Mach 36 and pancaking her into the earth with an Impact Silhouette.
  • Even though Twilight lost, she did have one victory: convincing Boomstick that ponies can be awesome.
    Boomstick: When did it become Dragon Ball Z with baby girl horse toys?!
    • That, and becoming the first organic beingnote  on Death Battle to get an intentional Ambiguous Ending — Lance's Inferred Survival during Power Rangers vs. Voltron was supposed to be confirmed in the post-fight animation but was cut due to time restraints — as opposed to an outright death on the show. Despite evidently being defeated, it was intentionally left vague whether she actually died from being dive-bombed by the Soul-Self, leaving only a comical Twilight-shaped Impact Silhouette and no blood or other gibs, so it's entirely possible to imagine Twilight surviving the attack, albeit with Feeling Pinkie Keen-style Amusing Injuries.
    • The fact that Wiz outright admits that determining whether Raven or Twilight would win was tricky due to them each having a number of ways they could potentially end the fight, and had to resort to determining their overall strength. In other words, despite the loss, Twilight's magical expertise is equal to Raven's!
  • One for Raven: the ponies that have shown up on the show so far have proven to be more than capable fighters, capable of breaking reality/logic (Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom, for example, or Pinkie Pie's... actually, just Pinkie Pie). Raven went up against the one most likely to actually come out guns blazing and won, thus making her the first combatant to win against a pony. Ambiguous Situation or not, that alone is a worthy feat, and it means she succeeded in accomplishing something not even Starscream, Deadpool or even Wiz and Boomstick were able to do, and against one of the strongest of the Mane 6 to boot.
  • While the post-fight analysis proved that the match was a Curb-Stomp Battle in Raven's favour (with the exception of their magical capabilities as stated above), Twilight deserves serious props for how she fared in the fight itself. Despite being seriously outclassed in terms of durability, telekinetic ability, and speed, Twilight was able to keep pace with Raven for the entire fight, and even came within a fraction of a second of winning, having Raven at her mercy until the Soul-Self smashed her into the dirt. There have been other combatants who have been less outclassed than Twilight yet put up much less of a fight in their battles. Goes to show that, even if a pony loses, they still leave an impression (no pun intended).
  • The fight music! The entire battle was accompanied by a track that combined heavy metal guitar with catchy melodies, some "magic sparkle" like sound effects, and church bells. All of this came together to create a catchy, energetic, haunting tune that elevated the showdown to one of Death Battle's best.

    Jotaro Kujo vs. Kenshiro 
  • The fact that two of shōnen's biggest Rated M for Manly protagonists are going to be fighting it out was one for several fans... and rightfully so.
  • Just like in the 1 Minute Melee, we got a scene of ORAORAORA! versus ATATATATA! After several seconds with dozens of punches from both combatants, Star Platinum gets the upper hand.
  • At one point, Kenshiro fires a massive ki-based beam from his hands... and much like Superman did to Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku in their rematch nearly three seasons prior, Jotaro walks effortlessly right through it; with Star Platinum leading the way as a shield.
  • Later, Kenshiro activates his Tenha Kassatsu, creating a wave of ki-based lasers that even Star Platinum can't block all of, forcing Jotaro to activate The World a second time to avoid getting vapourized.
  • While time is stopped, Jotaro nonchalantly sidesteps between two of the aforementioned Tenha Kassatsu lasers, walks up to Kenshiro, and prepares to crush his heart with Star Platinum once time starts moving again. It might have worked, too, except...
  • ...the moment The World's effect ends, Kenshiro phases through Jotaro's killing blow with his Musou Tensei, and reveals that this fight has been over for a while with dialogue that is a complete homage to both series.
  • Most people will miss what ends up being the killing blow the first time around. After Kenshiro creates a small army of illusory clones of himself to distract and fight Star Platinum, the real Kenshiro takes a running shot at Jotaro. At first glance, it looks like Jotaro manages to dodge him, and Star Platinum throws Kenshiro away before he gets a second chance. After announcing that Jotaro is already dead, we see the truth in a flashback; Kenshiro actually, just barely, tagged him. And well over thirty seconds after the audience thought that Ken missed... basically, pop goes the JoJo.
  • The fact that the winner only needed a single, seemingly-insignificant touch to win the fight. Only a total badass like Kenshiro could pull off a feat such as that.
  • To the loser's credit though, Jotaro holds the Advantage Ball for the majority of the fight. Kenshiro was hard-pressed to get even that single touch — and had he not been an active user of the Hokuto Shinken, it is possible that the fight could have been even closer.

    Crash Bandicoot vs. Spyro the Dragon 
  • The idea of two of the PlayStation's Killer Apps duking it out was one that a lot of fans had been clamoring for.
  • Spyro takes control of the battle from near the beginning by herding Crash towards a cliff with fireballs from the air. Even when Crash finds his Powered Armor waiting for him, Spyro dodges its fire, forces him back with a salvo of elemental breath, and ultimately freezes the thing. Then he knocks the bandicoot right off a cliff by turning into a giant, spikey, ball of earth.
    • Spyro's use of his Ice and Earth Breath wasn't his first choice, however. To Crash's (and Coco's) credit, the Mech Suit holds its own against Spyro's initial salvo, tanking the Lightning Breath and shooting down Spyro's Fire Breath fireballs. Yes, you read that right— Crash was able to destroy fireballs with Wumpa Fruit. It isn't until the Mech Suit is knocked off balance by veering too close to a cliff that Spyro manages to land his Ice and Earth Breath and destroy it.
    • Crash gets another one by coming right back up in his Copter-Pak and delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on the flying dragon immediately after his Mech Suit is destroyed.
    • However, once Spyro gets angry and succumbs to Dark Aether, he destroys Crash's source of flight in one shot, leaving the bandicoot virtually helpless. It becomes immediately clear just how powerful Dark Spyro really is.
  • The finishing blow. Not only does Dark Spyro easily reduce Crash to individual particles with his atom-smashing Aether breath after destroying his gadgets, but Aku Aku as well — easily countering his magic doing so. Spyro's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner, as well as how Crash had killed Spyro's adoptive brother Sparx, makes it even better.
    Dark Spyro: I'M DONE WITH THIS! (destroys Crash's helicopter, before vaporising him and Aku Aku as they fall) Nobody messes with me, pal.
  • A meta example: some people expected Spyro to thoroughly thrash Crash in this bout, and were surprised at how much it ultimately took to bring the bandicoot down. He had to be completely atomized to be defeated!
    • The fact that Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind Over Mutant — considered to be two of the series' weakest entries — were the games that gave Crash such an edge in the first place is nothing short of impressive.
    • The hosts even admitted that "this wasn't nearly as one-sided as it looked on paper".

    Sora vs. Pit 

    Leon Kennedy vs. Frank West 
  • It's a battle of two Badass Normal Action Survivor guys who have battled through zombie apocalypses in their own ways. Leon is a trained professional while the other is just an average yet highly resourceful Intrepid Reporter who also covered wars.
  • Leon manages to tank Frank's baseball bat like a champ, blocking the attack that he can't outright dodge with his forearms without even flinching. He then cuts through the bat with a single swing of his knife.
  • Frank manages to weaponize a camera flash in this fight, using it as a makeshift flashbang grenade to disorient Leon. It ends up being surprisingly effective.
  • Leon and Frank holding off a zombie horde while still continuing their fight. It's worth noting that during that entire sequence, their main focus seemed to be on killing each other and they manage to rack up a respectable kill count among the zombies without landing a single major hit on each other.
  • Despite Leon's amazing knife skills, Frank manages to dodge his swings for nearly the entire fight.
  • Leon gets to put these aforementioned skills to good use, however, by cutting the Reaper in half in midair when Frank throws it at him.
  • This exchange:
    Leon: Give it up, man! You can't keep up with me.
    Frank: Wanna bet? I've covered wars, you know!
    Leon: That's nice, but... I've fought in them.
  • When Frank uses a charged shot from his X-Buster, Leon uses a nearby zombie as a human shield. While it only barely works, it goes to show that Frank is not the only zombie hunter in this fight who can use his surroundings to his advantage.
  • When Frank realizes that a grenade has landed at his feet and it's too late to get out of the blast radius, he uses a Servbot head to dampen the blast enough to survive the explosion.
  • The final blow has Leon, who is slowly being frozen solid from the legs up by Frank's Exo Suit, using his momentum (similar to his fight with Glenn Arias) and a frozen zombie as a platform to escape the Exo Suit's blizzard tornado, breaking out of the ice, shooting Frank with his Rocket Launcher (Special) in midair, and blowing him to pieces before he lands.
    Leon: Game over.
  • There's the simple fact that barring the ice tornado (which he still found a way to work around), Leon's Seen It All attitude means that he's barely fazed by any of Frank's weapons, equipping his Mega Man X armour, and donning the Exo Suit — given that his massive experience advantage helped solidify his win.
  • Like most of the fights on this page, Frank manages to put up one hell of a fight despite being outclassed in almost every way, with just his creativity, experience in zombie-killing, and sheer unpredictability.

    Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Fate 
  • Another highly requested battle, this time of Marvel Comics' own Sorcerer Supreme and his counterpart from their distinguished competition.
  • Let it be known that Doctor Fate knows how to make an entrance. He appears from a portal, calls out his opponent's full name (while causing rubble to fall for dramatic effect), and gives a seriously bold Pre Ass Kicking One Liner. Strange, for his part, isn't intimidated in the least.
    Fate: Steven Strange! It has come to my attention that there are two Sorcerer Supremes in this existence. I am here to resolve this embarrassment.
    Strange: ...I see somebody needs a lesson in manners.
  • The fight itself starts out tame, but once Dr. Strange decides to take it out of the Sanctumm Sanctorum and starts bouncing from the New York of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Mos Eisley to the Bifrost Bridge and beyond... wow!
  • After warping throughout dimensions and worlds, Strange's Eye of Agamatto manages to find Fate's weakness of removing his helmet to rob him of his power. Just as Strange proceeds to mock Nelson for being a simple man, Nelson shuts him up with a punch to the face.
  • Undeterred, Strange binds Fate with Crimson Bands, which he quickly breaks out of by donning the helm that flies back.
    Fate: A good friend once told me that the helmet doesn't make the man. But I will use it!
  • This is then immediately followed up by Fate shattering the Crimson Bands, at which his rising voice and four word Pre Ass Kicking One Liner make clear that he has decided the Godzilla Threshold has been well and truly crossed, and it's time to risk self-annihilation to take out Strange.
    Fate: Witness your TRUE FATE!!
  • Fate then becomes the ultimate god by fusing together the souls of man, woman, and god, overwhelming Strange with his godly power that not even he can hope to match, with Strange resorting to going into his mind to kill him. As Fate informs him, it was a rather unwise move.
    Strange: By Hoary Hosts of Hoggath...Where am I?
    Nabu: Doctor Strange... Welcome to our home.
    Kent, Inza, and Nabu appear before Strange
  • With how he finishes off Strange, Fate manages to do something that only one other combatant in Death Battle history — Akuma, way back in Season 1 against Shang Tsung — has ever done; utterly obliterate the soul of his opponent. And unlike Akuma's Raging Demon, we actually get to watch it happen onscreen as Inza, Kent, and Nabu blast his soul into oblivion.

    Ryu vs. Jin Kazama 
  • Another highly-requested fight, Ryu is brought back to fight Jin, to settle the feud between Street Fighter and Tekken.
  • Even before the fight starts, both characters get to show how strong they are. Ryu breaks a large and heavy training apparatus with his bare feet and launches it across the room as part of his training regimen, which Jin nonchalantly catches with one-hand, before throwing it back with enough force to embed it into the wall of the dojo.
    Jin: There's no way I can lose.
    Ryu: Talk is cheap! The answer lies... (assumes his fighting stance) the heart of battle.
  • The opening moments of the fight are a very slick, well-choreographed homage to kung-fu movies, with neither fighter breaking out any of their more superhuman moves until Jin tries to finish off a downed Ryu with a massive dive punch.
  • Ryu parries his way through of Jin's Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs and opens up a wicked combo with his Shinku Hadouken, Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, and Metsu Shoryuken, sending Jin careening into a nearby wall and forcing him into his Devil Form.
  • Devil Jin absolutely thrashes Ryu, throwing him around like a ragdoll and eventually smashing him into the floor hard enough to plow right through it, sending both fighters into the cavern below.
    Devil Jin: I shall show you fear! GET OUT OF MY WAY! (...) YOU INSECT!
  • Evil Ryu makes one hell of an entrance after Devil Jin tries to finish the fight with a couple of deadly stomps, with the sheer intensity of his Killing Intent forcing Devil Jin to back off for a moment. In his rage, he nearly brings the entire cavern down by blasting the wall with a flurry of Metsu Hadoukens.
  • In case the viewer was thinking that repurposing the Haven Vault was just for show, both Evil Ryu and Devil Jin take their fight to the top of a falling stalactite (in an intentional reference to the Raven vs. Cinder fight during "Downfall") in a climactic, no-holds-barred showdown that ends with Ryu bicycle-kicking Jin through a large falling boulder.
  • Jin and Ryu share a Punch Parry so strong that the resulting shockwave blasts all of the falling stalactites around them to rubble, with Jin getting the upper hand.
  • Devil Jin grabs an utterly-exhausted, weakened-down-to-normal Ryu with a Facepalm of Doom and blasts him in the head with a prolonged point-blank Hellfire Blast... only for Ryu to fully embrace the Power of Nothingness, which nullifies the attack and sends Jin reeling backwards. Then with a single, massive, Mu No Ken-fueled Shinku Hadouken — a reference to the one with which he destroyed Bison in Street Fighter V — Ryu blasts a hole straight through Devil Jin's chest, killing him instantly.
  • The last time Ryu mentioned that he walks the path of a true warrior in a Death Battle, it ended up being his Famous Last Words when Scorpion incinerated him. This time, it doubles as a powerful Bond One-Liner.
    Ryu: I walk the path of the true warrior.
  • Despite being massively outclassed in terms of strength, self-control and durability, Jin holds his own to a far more impressive degree than usual, essentially controlling the flow of the battle from the start of the fight until right before the killing blow.
  • Ryu's victory over Jin ends a nearly five year long losing streak for the Street Fighter franchise in decisive, flashy fashion. Keeping in mind that this is the first main Death Battle victory since Season One for the franchise after a whole load of curb-stomp losses makes it even more brilliant to see!
  • This episode is easily in the running for the best animated episode yet. Brilliant choreography, dynamic camera angles, lip sync rather than lip flap, and liberal use of amazing special effects — ki, smoke, explosions, etc. — that all come together gorgeously.


    Samurai Jack vs. Afro Samurai 
  • Like so many in a row before it, it's a highly requested match-up, and for good reason. On top of that, it's confirmed by Word of God to be animated neither with sprites nor in 3D, as like Smokey vs. McGruff, it’s all hand-animated by Luis. Even better is that while they were planning out the season, Luis specifically requested to hand-animate the fight. He knew the challenge and decided to take upon it for one of the most requested fights.
  • Made even more awesome with some information from the commentary. Apparently, Luis was tipsy when discussing this episode with Ben at a Rooster Teeth party, and made the request to hand-animate the fight while drunk. The next day he woke up and realized what he did, and understandably panicked. Despite this, the fight animation turned out amazingly well, as anyone who's seen the fight can attest to. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • During the beginning of the fight, Afro throws a cigarette into Jack's face. Anyone who's watched Samurai Jack already knows that Jack isn't slowed down one bit, even when blinded.
  • When one of the bridge's supporting ropes is cut, Afro stays alive by holding onto the remaining rope. Jack on the other hand just jumps back up there with ease. He didn't even need to hold onto the bridge. Even Afro is impressed by that and compliments him before resuming the fight.
    Afro: (blinks twice in shock, before smiling) Huh. You jump good!
    Jack: Oh, uh... thank you? (dodges Afro trying to stab him immediately after)
  • After one of the bridge's supporting ropes is cut down in the clash, the two continue fighting while standing on the remaining rope as if it were a tightrope, seemingly completely unhindered by their reduced standing room. It's every bit as awesome as it sounds.
  • The finishing clash ends up being like something out of a samurai flick, which is fitting. Afro dives down from above to strike down Jack, with Jack grabbing his own sword to counter at the last second. The two clash one final time... and we see Jack's arm fall off of his body. It seems like Afro has finally won, but then the camera pans back to show that while Afro cut off one of Jack's arms, Jack sliced off both of his hands. As Afro screams in pain, Jack turns around and slices him to mincemeat, before sheathing his blade and walking off with the Number One Headband on his head.
    • Nothing says a complete victory over your opponent like your end card flashing across the screen and your theme music playing, as if this was just another episode in Jack's journey home.
    • Kudos to Afro for joining Glacius in being a DB loser to irreparably maim their opponent before death. He may not have won, but he went out like a BAMF. Considering that Afro cut off Jack's arm and permanently crippled him, he basically did far more physical damage to Jack than the Daughters of Aku or even Aku himself were ever able to accomplish.

    Carnage vs. Lucy 
  • A surprising match-up, but one that was not unwelcome, the psychopathic spawn of Venom against the equally psychopathic Queen Diclonius, in one of the most brutal fights in Death Battle history.
  • Although the fight isn't entirely hand-animated, there are enough portions that are, to the point that it's easy to miss that there are any sprites in the battle at all. Needless to say, the fight looks amazing thanks to it.
  • Despite Carnage trying to ambush her before the start of the fight, Lucy snatches him out of the air and rips him to pieces within seconds. This barely counts as a speedbump to Carnage, however, and he pulls himself back together just as quickly. Props to Carnage for surviving and shrugging off the same fate as the multitude of Lucy's victims in Elfen Lied — the battle would have ended right there and then for most other people.
  • Halfway through the fight, Lucy creates a giant hand out of her Vectors which she uses to crush Carnage and smash him into a train car, only for him to emerge as a hulking mass of tentacles and claws.
  • Lucy swats away most of the claws, only for Carnage to overwhelm her and force her to hoist herself into the air with her Vectors. Carnage then shows his tenacity by slithering up the Vectors that are holding her up in a snake-like fashion. Even Lucy is taken aback by this.
  • At the climax, Lucy stops holding back and obliterates the mass of tentacles in seconds by vibrating her Vectors. Then she pins Carnage to the ground, pulls back the rest of her Vector arms into one big punch, and vaporizes him, complete with a mushroom cloud.
  • Lucy spends most of the fight as an Implacable Woman, as her Diclonius powers keep Carnage at bay to the point where she barely has to move. Even then, it takes Carnage almost a full minute to land as much as a single good hit on her, and while he's able to draw blood with a Flechette Storm attack, it's the only time he manages to get past Lucy's Vectors and hit her directly. While almost every Curbstomp Battle in Season 5 has the eventual loser put up a good fight in the fight animation, Lucy's dominance in this matchup is made perfectly clear. Carnage's never quit attitude is honorable though. As well as his quiet acceptance of his defeat, simply giving an annoyed "I hate you".
  • One for Carnage. After his creepy line "It's raining, your bleeding, Carnage is STARVING!", he than has all those long claws he used to find the missing woman all reach out. It doesn't work in the end, but damn if it doesn't look cool. He even manages to grab onto two of Lucy's invisable tenticles, saying "I'm gonna paint you red!" What's more, this is what finally shakes Lucy's stoic nature and makes her realize she has to pull out all the stops to take down Carnage.
  • A meta example: whereas most of Season 5 was focused on answering some of the most popular fan requests that the show had ever received, Carnage vs. Lucy was one of the few exceptions. Between the relative obscurity of Elfen Lied compared to most franchises featured in Death Battle and an increasing suppression of non-"advertiser friendly" content on YouTube's algorithms in the months leading up to the episode's release, the entire episode was considered to be a gamble by the show's creators. The risk ended up paying off— in just the first week, Carnage vs. Lucy had eclipsed the total views of highly requested, months old episodes like Crash vs. Spyro and Jotaro vs. Kenshiro, and even approached the view totals of several episodes the previous season (most of which were at least a year old at the time).

    Optimus Prime vs. RX-78- 2 Gundam 
  • Once again, it's an often requested fight, with two incredibly famous giant robots duking it out for supremacy. The leader of the Autobots facing off against the White Devil.
  • Optimus gets right to the point with the Gundam, kicking it out of the base into an asteroid belt and blasting it with his ray gun.
  • While most fighters would have them being small as a disadvantage, it lets Prime dash through the asteroids without Ray being able to hit him for a good while until his Newtype abilities let him find Optimus within the asteroids. And then when Ray charges him head on, he stops the charge cold.
  • Optimus and Amuro's close-quarters duel is incredibly intense, with both Transformer and Gundam getting awesome moments between the two of them. Their initial Blade Lock creates an absolutely massive shockwave, before the clash is broken off by Optimus striking out with a dropkick, knocking the RX-78-2 away. As Amuro is left dazed, Optimus charges in with his truck form, smacking the Gundam around for a while. Not to be outdone, Amuro manages to raise his shield to block a strike from the Energon Axe, only for it to cut clean through the shield. Undeterred, Amuro pulls out his other Beam Saber, and throws it through Optimus's body. Only for Optimus to merely shrug it off after a few seconds and send Amuro flying with a shot from his Ion Blaster and smack him off of the ship.
  • During the Blade Lock itself, Optimus gets one hell of a Badass Boast.
    Optimus: Vile Decepticon! I have been in battle for countless eons!
  • As Amuro is left drifting thanks to the punch from Optimus, he bumps into his Beam Rifle, and grabs it. Despite having only one shot left, he manages to blast the Autobot Ark with it, causing a massive explosion. The ensuing explosion proceeds to send both Optimus and RX-78-2 down to planet Earth, where the final battle begins.
  • Once the fight hits earth, the two robots waste no time before engaging in combat once again. Optimus opens fire with his Ion Blaster, striking Amuro despite his Newtype abilities, only for the Gundam to slice cleanly through the barrel. Not hindered for a mere moment, Optimus decides to outright wail on RX-78-2 with his bare fists. What follows can only be described as a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown as the Transformer unleashes his full fury upon Amuro. Optimus stuns the Gundam with a series of quick and nimble blows, before tossing him aside. As Amuro tries to get the Gundam to its feet, Optimus suddenly grabs it by the head before smashing it into the ground and grinding it into the dirt. To finish off this brutal series of blows, Optimus pulls off a bicycle kick, grinding one of his wheels against the Gundam's face, smashing it into the ground. Made even more impressive when the Gundam backflips out of the cloud of dust that is formed, damaged but still willing to go.
  • The finishing blow is nothing short of godly. Optimus attempts to cut down the Gundam with his Energon Axe, only for Amuro's Newtype powers to allow him to dodge it at the last second, before impaling Optimus through his arm. Amuro then proceeds to grab Optimus by his head and lift him up. As Amuro taunts Optimus and prepares to finish him off, Optimus fires back with a variation of one of his most famous lines, before blasting Amuro with the full force of the Matrix of Leadership, utterly annihilating Amuro as he screams in pain, before the Gundam explodes in a massive fireball. As the dust settles, it shows Optimus standing over the decapitated head of the Gundam.
    Amuro: Not bad... I'm just better.
  • Despite being totally outclassed in the long run, the Gundam puts up one hell of a fight regardless. Amuro and his piloting skills were able to keep pace with the vastly superior Optimus for most of the fight, and he even came close to killing him near the end!
  • One for Optimus: the amount of power the Matrix can output is measured as being 40 yottatons. A yottaton is a measurement for septillions of tons (which would make it 40 quintillion megatons). For reference, that dwarfs the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs, which was 'only' 100 teratons (or 100 million megatons).

    Nightwing vs. Daredevil 
  • The matchup also contains two highly requested characters. The original Boy Wonder is finally making his Death Battle debut, and he’s facing off against the Man Without Fear.
  • The announcement of this Death Battle drops a bombshell: for the first time in DB history, the fight's going to be live-action instead of any sort of animation. And a bonus, the crew is collaborating with ismahawk, so the star of their popular Nightwing series is reprising his role.
  • With both having the martial art skills to match each punch and kick they dole out, neither can land a good hit on each other. That is until Nightwing ends up in a headlock that he gets out of by dislocating Daredevil’s arm. Matt isn’t even dazed. He just casually puts it back in place.
    Nightwing: What are you?
    Daredevil: Better.
  • Both combatants then get out their sticks to match each other blow for blow. Nightwing gets a shock in with both sticks, with Daredevil getting out by ricocheting his billy club off a car into Nightwing’s head.
  • Realizing fighting him one on one isn’t working out, Nightwing throws a stick into the fuse box to turn out the lights. Matt easily deflects his wingdings away, and hits him in the face when he tries to mount a surprise attack.
  • In Nightwing's rundown, it's stated that he's successfully avoided detection from Batman, Superman, and Batman with Superman's powers. And he still can't hide from Daredevil.
  • Standing over Dick, Matt makes it clear who’s better of the two, only for Grayson to prove him wrong.
    Daredevil: I wish I could see the look on your face.
    Nightwing: Me too. *Activates sonic wingdings*
  • For what it’s worth, Daredevil and Nightwing were matched in physicality with the only advantages being minimal for both combatants. If Dick hadn’t been armed with the precise arsenal to disrupt Matt’s super-senses, it easily could’ve gone to Daredevil, and even then, the hosts note that Daredevil had a chance at winning in multiple different scenarios.

    Mario vs. Sonic 
  • After four and a half seasons of being offscreen, Wiz and Boomstick finally being shown onscreen can be considered this to a long time, true fan.
  • A matchup so classic it's the example matchup for Death Battle's suggestion form, and even though it's been decided once before, it's getting a rematch— the first intentional rematch note  in Death Battle history. Little more needs to be said... except for one thing: HAND-DRAWN ANIMATION. It's Episode 100, and the Death Battle crew went and broke out the highest-effort animation medium they could for the occasion.
  • Mario uses a Super Bell to don a Cat Suit and claws a Wisp-merged Sonic with so much force that he gets the Wisp knocked out of him, bounces off several palm trees, hits a rock, and skips on the water twice before going under.
  • Shortly after that, Mario uses several Double Cherries to form a STAMPEDE of Cat Marios to rush at Sonic. The sneak peek ends on the Marios pouncing at Sonic from every angle, and it's a powerful cliffhanger.
  • The Marios beat down Sonic in a sequence reminiscent of the Agent Smith clones beating down Neo, which gets interrupted by Sonic going Hyper and proceeding to start killing the clones.
  • Once again, we see Invincible Mario, this time against Hyper Sonic. What adds to it is how it happens, Mario desperately pulls out a Star before dodging Hyper Sonic. Then, Hyper Sonic attacks Mario head on... which results in the Cat Suit being left behind as Sonic and Mario blast off towards the ocean, with the background music now being accompanied by the Invincibility theme.
  • We get as a beautiful shot of Mario holding Sonic back as he tries to punch him... as they soar out across the ocean, Mario quite literally gliding across the water as he stands in place.
  • Once they're far enough away from land, Mario dons the Wing Cap with one hell of a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner, taking the battle to space. The ensuing fist fight results in the moon exploding behind them. The pose Mario and Sonic take during the clash that breaks the moon is a direct Shout-Out to Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.
  • The final act of the battle is a nice little call back to how the original battle ended: while in freefall, Sonic opts to just grind Mario to death with a spin-dash. This time, however, Mario holds Sonic back, and while it looks like this won't work (as Mario's hands start getting flayed), we see Sonic catch on fire (whether from the fall from re-entry, Mario's Firebrand, the sheer friction, or a combination of the above is up to the viewer to guess), followed by Mario spiking Sonic into the ocean, where he dies in a nuclear-level explosion caused by the force of the impact, complete with actual mushroom cloud (and yes, because this is the Mushroom Kingdom, the mushroom cloud has eyes). And in the post-fight animation, Mario kicks back in his beach chair and watches the mushroom cloud with a grin, with Sonic's Sunglasses no less.
  • Meta: the reason why Sonic won in the previous battle was because Wiz and Boomstick determined that Sonic had the speed advantage. When redoing the analysis for this video, they determined that while Sonic still held the advantage in travel speed, Mario was actually on par with Sonic in terms of reaction speed. That's right— the portly plumber can react fast enough to catch the self-proclaimed "Fastest Thing Alive". Also in a Meta sense, Mario's newfound reaction time and greater arsenal came from games released after their first fight. So in a way, Mario Took a Level in Badass and became the more likely victor.
  • Mario isn't the first combatant to notch up a win after a prior loss, but he is the first to claim victory over the same opponent that previously defeated him. It's especially impressive considering that the original Mario vs. Sonic was depicted as a Curbstomp Battle in Sonic's favour.

    Ultron vs. Sigma 
  • The fight starts with Sigma leading his Maverick army to take over the world once again. Ultron arrives to stop him, but only because he feels he deserves to do so with his own Ultron army to match. All-out robot war ensues.
    Sigma: At the risk of sounding cliché... (tosses his cape off) You and what army?
  • The battle between the two villainous machines starts off incredibly even, with both sides trading blow after blow between each other. The stalemate is finally broken when Ultron reappears behind Sigma after blasting him through one of his troops and fires off his Encephalo-Ray, sending Sigma flying miles away into a building, severely damaging him. Ultron takes the time to dispose of Sigma, referencing the movie he starred in as a Pre-Mortem One-Liner before decapitating Sigma with a single kick.
    Ultron: Your reign is a delusion... you're all just puppets on strings... DIE!
  • ...only for Sigma, in a massive new body to boot, to appear behind Ultron. The giant Sigma proceeds to smack Ultron around like a toy, smashing him into a wall and blasting him with several laser beams, severely damaging the Adamantium AI with his assault.
    Sigma: I'll tear out your circuits... and bathe in your oil!
  • Not to be outdone, Ultron transfers his own consciousness to the massive Ultron-7, who makes an awesome Dynamic Entry by smashing down the side of the building. Sigma retaliates by firing off his rocket hands at the war robot, only for Ultron-7 to deflect the fists while syncing beautifully to the music. The rampant AI then blasts the giant Sigma point-blank with an energy blast, reverting its face to that of Hell Sigma's, only for the rocket hands from earlier to smack him in the back. The two titanic machines then charge up their respective Breath Weapons and blast each other full force, creating a blinding explosion.
    Background Music: Product of a digital mind!/I build a future that I'll catalyze!/Into a world in my image, perfected!/I won't stop until you're all infected!
  • The battle's finale plays out the only way it could given the two fighters. After the Beam-O-War between Hell Sigma and Ultron-7, the fight goes digital, with the Sigma Virus infecting Ultron's AI. It seems Sigma has finally taken the win, with the virus infecting nearly all of Ultron... only for Ultron to casually disperse the virus with a single movement, before counter-infecting Sigma with his own virus.
    Sigma: My infection is complete! You belong to me!
    Ultron: Hehehe... Oh please...
    Sigma: What?! What's this?! No! NO!
    Ultron: Everything belongs to me...
  • After defeating Sigma, Ultron leaves the building to look over his new army, now with several Mavericks added to his forces. They all cheer for their new master, as Ultron raises his arms in victory.
    Army: Hail Ultron! Hail Ultron! Hail Ultron! Hail Ultron! Hail Ultron!
  • Every Maverick who was present in the fight (excluding Vile and Volt Kraken, who were both killed by Ultron before the fight started) managed to survive the battle against the Ultron Drones, which is impressive despite the drones being weaker than their master.
  • Just like with Ichigo back in Season 4, they managed to get Chris Tergliafera, Sigma's current official voice actor, for the fight.

    Roshi vs. Jiraiya 
  • Being the last 2D fight of the season, the animation is absolutely beautiful. It's even over 4 minutes long, making it one of the longest fights so far.
  • Jiraiya traps Roshi using the Toad Mouth Bind, eventually causing him to sink into the toad's innards. Roshi manages to brute force his way out with the Kamehameha. Jiraiya also manages to get a Moment of Awesome of his own, as he manages to tank the virtually point-blank Kamehameha with his Needle Jizō technique.
  • When Jiraiya spawns his Shadow Clones, Roshi has little trouble fighting them off, even before activating his "Buff Mode". It isn't until Jiraiya switches things up with the Toad Oil and Flame Bullet Jutsu to turn the beach into a firestorm that he manages to turn the fight's momentum back in his favour.
  • Jiraiya eventually kicks Roshi through a wall of flame, then uses the Rasengan to drag him across the ocean as he pushes the fight to Kame House, eventually launching Roshi headfirst into his own house. And, for those paying close enough attention, you can see two Jiraiyas still on the beach as he launches Roshi into the ocean. That might end up being important later...
  • Jiraiya, needing to buy some time to access Sage Mode, summons Gamabunta to aid him. The giant toad makes one hell of a Dynamic Entry by falling out of the sky and crushing Kame House. In response, Roshi, now in his muscular form, lifts up Gamabunta and throws the toad into the sky. He then proceeds to defeat Gamabunta in under a minute, dodging the Great Toad's Liquid Bullet and sealing him away with the Evil Containment Wave. Even Jiraiya himself is left shocked after the whole affair!
    Roshi: Get... off... my... LAWN!
  • Roshi then sets his sights on Jiraiya himself, landing a powerful blow on Jiraiya... or so he thinks. Everything that's happened since the fight left the beach? That was actually a Shadow Clone fighting Roshi. The real Jiraiya was actually back on the beach the entire time, performing the necessary ritual to enter Sage Mode, and the distraction worked long enough to let him do so.
  • Six words. Ultra Big Ball Rasengan VS Kamehameha. The Rasengan actually winsnote , with Jiraiya managing to plow through the Kamehameha using it as a shield.
  • In the climax, everything seems set for Jiraiya to take the win. Despite Roshi using his immense speed to avoid the Big Ball Rasengan and try to flank him, Jiraiya hits him with the Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant, trapping his soul. Jiraiya has his blade at the ready, and is about to slash Roshi into turtle soup. However Jiraiya neglected to account for Roshi's still-moving body. Still flying forward at high speeds, Roshi's unconscious body punches Jiraiya in half, taking a victory for him and the Turtle School. Let that be repeated. Roshi's signature moves like the Kamehameha or Thunder Shock Surprise didn't take out the Toad Sage. Basic physics did.
  • The next time drops a huge bombshell for a season finale. THANOS VERSUS DARKSEID.

    Thanos vs. Darkseid 
  • The battle does both Thanos and Darkseid justice, with them going from fighting on the planet attacking with skyscrapers to going to space and attacking with planets.
  • Right as the battle starts, Darkseid blocks a Megaton Punch with his face.
  • This is a battle where New York City gets leveled as the opening act. Thanos and Darkseid don't even give a single shit about demolishing one of the biggest cities on Earth: to them, it's just an anthill that just happens to get stomped on during their titanic bout, and the sequence ends with Thanos punching Darkseid into space. Darkseid displays just how few shits he gives by doing his part of the destruction while fighting Thanos with his hands behind his back. It's only when the fight escalates to tossing cars and skyscrapers that Darkseid starts to move his hands. Thanos goes in for a punch to start the fight with the Infinity Gauntlet. Darkseid answers by headbutting said Infinity Gauntlet like it's nothing.
  • The first indicator to the viewer of how crazy this fight's going to get? Thanos reaching out his Gauntlet hand, twisting it and turning the entire universe on its side.
    Darkseid: You dare strike me? Beg for the sweet release of death!
    Thanos: You first. (Activates Gauntlet)
  • Thanos tries to teleport behind Darkseid for a rabbit punch, but the New God sees him coming and blasts him light-minutesnote  away with his Omega Beams. Of course, he doesn't get vaporized that easily, and happens to stop at a moon that he just hurls at Darkseid like a bowling ball, which sends him crashing through several planets and into the sun, which, by the way, Thanos turns into a black hole.
    Thanos: I am Thanos. Thanos is supreme. Thanos is God.
  • Too bad something as pedestrian as a void from which nothing escapes can't put a god down that easily, as Darkseid simply crawls out of the hole in his absolutely colossal true form and casually squeezes it shut. Thanos enlarges himself to Darkseid's stature to even out the fight and they then proceed to completely remodel the galaxy in the ensuing Behemoth Battle to end all Behemoth Battles, culminating in them resetting the universe with a Punch Parry.
  • After waking up on an asteroid at his normal size, Thanos decides he's grown tired of this and just snaps his opponent out of existence...but Darkseid just shows up behind him to taunt him. No matter how many times he snaps his fingers, the Eternal cannot permanently put the ruler of Apokolips down for good, and Darkseid invites him to see his true form... in another dimension, where the Infinity Gauntlet cannot be used, leaving him vulnerable to the god of tyranny sentencing him to one humiliating demise after another. This seals Thanos's fate, and brings an end to one of the most spectacular Death Battles in history.
    Darkseid: This is who I am.
    (Thanos tries to snap away Darkseid, but all efforts are in vain)
    Darkseid: Your reality is far from my own. You have no power here.
    Thanos: I am Thanos! I am all things! This is who I am!
    (Thanos fires a beam at Darkseid)
    Darkseid: Pitiful. (fires his Omega Beams at Thanos)
  • Most Curb Stomp Death Battles give the loser the dignity of putting up a decent fight. This one? It takes Thanos throwing entire planets, detonating the sun, and growing to the size of a star just to get even close to equal with Darkseid, who barely even has to move his arms until a moon gets thrown at him. And by the end, Darkseid makes it clear Thanos is nowhere near his equal, with his attempts to destroy Darkseid's true form all rendered fruitless endeavors with just a shot from his Omega Beams.
  • Rather than cower or beg for mercy before Darkseid finishes him off, Thanos defiantly screams a final boast at the tyrant before firing one more blast.
  • After four seasons of Marvel Comics having an uncontested killstreak of three victories, Darkseid seals the victory needed to put DC over the top and bumps it up to a streak of four. Even better, Marvel has had the lead in the series' entire run for matchups between their characters and DC's. Nightwing vs. Daredevil gave DC enough wins for the two companies to tie, and with Darkseid's victory, DC has finally overtaken Marvel.
  • A meta example. In only two weeks, Thanos vs. Darkseid managed to become the second most viewed episode in season 5, even eclipsing Carnage vs. Lucy which as we previously mentioned had done the same thing to more popular episodes. The only episode that currently has more views is Black Panther vs. Batman, which was the season premiere and currently 10 months old.
  • Another Meta example. Thanos vs Darkseid will be part of pre-shows for Avengers: Endgame all over the US. This is a HUGE accomplishment for everyone involved in creating the episode, to be on the big screen before the Grand Finale of the MCU.

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