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    Dante vs. Bayonetta 
  • First battle of Season 3, and even before the fight itself, the reveal was incredible. The 3D animation looks gorgeous, and then there's the reveal of Bayonetta's opponent- none other than the one and only Dante.
    Bayonetta: Another wandering lost soul, I see.
    Dante: Lost? Nah. I'm looking for something called the Left Eye. Care to give me a hand? Could be fun.
    Bayonetta: Hmph. I see. But if you're looking for the Left Eye, that would either make you an angel... *opens fire on Dante and removes her nun disguise* or a demon.
  • -and as soon as the fight itself begins, it's incredibly fast-paced and exciting with crazy feats from both combatants- including Dante catching one of Bayonetta's bullets in his teeth, Bayonetta using Witch Time to gain an edge, and Dante not even flinching as Gomorrah appears behind him to attack.
  • As with previous giant demons he's faced, Dante shrugs off being eaten by Gomorrah and brings the beast down to size with a few swipes.
  • Dante and Bayonetta answer the question of "How long can you move in the frozen time?" when the former activates Quicksilver DURING Witch Time.
  • The surprise appearance of Trish and Jeanne fighting alongside their respective allies in a short bout of tag team action.
  • The finale, which is one big Shout-Out to the falling clock tower introduction from the original Bayonetta. Dante and Bayonetta power up with Devil Trigger and Umbran Climax respectively before engaging each other for the last time:
  • Dante uses Gilgamesh to block Bayonetta's Wicked Weaves, forcing Bayonetta to summon Madama Butterfly. Madama charges a punch capable of destroying a meteor (and clocked in at 10000 Gigatons of force) and attempts to finish Dante off, only for him to block it, stop time with Quicksilver, clone himself with Doppelganger and stun her before taking out Yamato and beheading her in a Single-Stroke Battle. Even Bayonetta cannot contain her surprise!
  • The two then clash in a katana duel which ends in a Cross Counter when both sides stab each other in the gut. They each pause and exit their powered-up forms, leaving the fight up in the air... before Bayonetta drops Love is Blue and recoils as Yamato is embedded in her stomach. On the other hand, a relatively healthy Dante takes out Lucifer with Shuraba still stuck in his body and repeatedly impales her before tossing a rose at Yamato's hilt to set off the swords and blow Bayonetta up. Game, set and match.
  • The third season opener has Dante make history in Death Battle by being the first official male combatant to defeat a female one (if you exclude Yoshi vs Riptor (they aren't humanoid, plus Riptor's gender wasn't released until years after the fight; Death Battle also believed she was male) and Otacon vs Grimm (they weren't the official combatants).
  • As always, the 3D animation continues to improve with each fight. This is easily the best looking fight the show has produced thus far; a good way to kick the new season off.

     Bowser vs Ganon 
  • Right from the get go, the fact that this fight is a showdown between two of the most well-known villains in video game history and arguably the two most iconic Big Bads of Nintendo who have both been long-requested to appear on the show is awesome by itself.
  • Ganondorf's method of getting into Bowser's castle deserves mention: he hid inside the Triforce of Power and let Bowser's minions bring it to him, manifesting once he was in front of the Koopa King.
  • Ganon killing Bowser in his giant form by seemingly letting Bowser swallow his magic, which proceeds to decay the Koopa King's body, ultimately causing it to shatter and leave beind only his skeleton which Ganon explodes shortly after is as brutal as one would expect from the Demon King.
  • And even though he didn't win, the fact that Bowser doesn't lose any spark or ferocity after having his eye impaled by a freaking trident and is even seen celebrating normally afterwards when he thinks he ate Ganon in spite of it is definitely pretty impressive.
  • The scene where Ganondorf tries to use his famous Dead Man's Volley technique against Bowser, which results in Bowser picking up his tennis racket and reflecting them like Link does using his sword, and ultimately spinning in his shell to send four of them back at the Demon King when he starts to hurl more at him. The fact they managed to make Bowser's skill with sports awesome AND have it correspond with one of Ganon's famous techniques to create a badass fight scene is really cool.

     Ratchet and Clank vs Jak and Daxter 
  • Props again to the show for tackling this long-requested match between these two Playstation rivals!
  • Jak launches Ratchet in the air with his Mass Inverter, juggles him further and attempts to finish him off with the Supernova... which Ratchet blocks with one of his forcefields.
  • Not to be outdone, Ratchet and Clank fly towards a Vulcan Fury-toting Jak, dodging all his gunfire before surrounding him with a group of mini-turrets.
    Jak: Any more weapons you want to throw at me?
    *The turrets open fire on Jak until he transforms into Dark Jak and destroys all of them with Dark Bomb*
    Ratchet: Hmmm... maybe just one more. *Takes out the RYNO V*
  • Clank kicking The RYNO V in Giant Dark Jak's face, putting an end to that Super Mode quickly. To quote the research team for this episode, "RYNO to the face" indeed.
  • The final part of the battle as both sides going all out to the tune of the 1812 overture blaring in the background.
  • Clank No Selling Jak's Flash Freeze.
  • How Ratchet killed Jak? Jak used his Light Jak form to slow down time in order to leave Ratchet open to a lazer attack... only Clank wasn't affected. Clank then gave Ratchet the ability to move normally where he brought up a shield to deflect the attack and used the Liquid Nitrogen gun to freeze him alive before smashing both Jak and Daxter to pieces.

     Flash vs. Quicksilver 
  • Just to drive home how insanely fast these two combatants are, the fight only takes a matter of seconds in-universe, enough time for Quicksilver and Flash to meet while a woman falls from a burning building, race across the United States while fighting each other, cross the Pacific Ocean to reach Japan, and for the winner to run ALL the way back in time to catch the falling woman. No time travel, no slowing the flow of time, just PURE speed.
  • Flash countering Quicksilver's tornado. Extra points to the fact he turns it from blue to red.
  • Flash revealing just how much he's been holding back before dragging Quicksilver into the Speed Force and finishing the job in a matter of real-world seconds. Not to mention Flash's Badass Boast before he owns Quicksilver.
    Flash: You're in the Speed Force. My Speed Force. I'm sure you feel it, the raw energy coursing all around you. This is the source of my power. And here... I... am.... KING!

     The Joker vs. Sweet Tooth 
  • Joker makes Death Battle history by being the first combatant to pull a two-win streak for his franchise two episodes in a ROW. While other franchises have had consecutive wins in their featured episodes, like Killer Instinct with Orchid and Fulgore, Joker's episode debuted back to back with Flash Vs Quicksilver, making the DCU the first time in death battle history to have the same franchise win twice in two consecutive episodes.
  • The first thing we see Joker do in this fight is successfully steal the Batmobile. Usually when villains steal Batman's ride, some sort of countermeasures end up stopping them— not this time.
  • The "Jokermobile", completely WRECKED by the Sweet Tooth. In fact the only time the Sweet Tooth is even slowed down during the entire fight is when Joker manages to shoot out one of its tires, and even then the Sweet Bot form was completely unaffected.
  • Joker managing to convince Needles to come out of his Sweet Bot and match him face-to-face when, otherwise, Joker would've been turned into paste. Instead, he completely lopsides the battle in his favor and kills Sweet Tooth a la Joker Venom. Making this more impressive? Up until this moment, the fight had been a Curbstomp Battle in Needles' favour. Joker completely turned a losing fight around with only ONE Magnificent Bastard moment. For added awesome? The Joker does the above after being impaled and more or less shrugging it off.
  • The fact that Needles held out as long as he did against the Joker Venom. Usually its effects are instantaneous, but Needles manages to make the attempt to strangle the Joker to death before he winds up succumbing to the gas.
  • Joker was the first DC villain to have won his Death Battle. Over the likes of Deathstroke and Lex Luthor. Who would've seen that coming?
  • Most Death Battles are settled through brute force or just by out gambling the opponent while fighting them, Joker won solely because he used psychology to his advantage! And it's not like Joker fought Sweet Tooth and then tricked him, no. Joker was having his ass handed to him throughout the fight, but managed to turn things around by appealing, instead of resisting, his opponent's ideals and then using it against him. No wonder he's Batman's arch-nemesis.

     Mewtwo vs. Shadow 

     The Meta vs. Agent Carolina 
  • Carolina's attempt to use all of her armor enhancements at once is stopped cold by the Meta. She uses her Super Speed to take off towards him fist first, and he doesn't even flinch, using Wyoming's temporal distortion unit to pause her mere inches before she hits him, all with a One-Woman Wail in the background. Church's dawning horror on what is about to happen next really sells how unstoppable the Meta is known to be.
  • After spending most of the fight being mercilessly beaten, Carolina manages to kill the Meta by blowing his head off with his own Brute Shot after he is distracted by Epsilon.
    Epsilon: "Uh, hey, I know you're about to pummel her ginger face in and all, but you also only talk in grunts. So, I'm just going to say this one line for you. Just this one time. 'Ooh... son of a bitch!'"

     Cammy White vs. Sonya Blade 
  • The whole reason the fight starts is because Sonya kills Kano, who Cammy was trying to capture, by crushing his entire head under her foot.
  • Sonya gets to drop this Pre-Asskicking One-Liner before starting the fight:
    Sonya: Spoiler Alert: You lose, from my foot to your ass.
  • At one point during the fight, Sonya picks up Kano's dead body and hurls it at Cammy.
  • The ending, where Sonya performs an X-ray on the wounded Cammy before using her legs to rip her in half. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel due to Cammy struggling and failing to resist it.

     Tracer vs. Scout 
  • Tracer showing off her Blink ability by repeatedly warping around Scout while he's trying to shoot her with his Scattergun, even striking silly dramatic poses each time she does it to annoy him. It takes major gusto to basically say "you're too slow!" to someone as fast and profound in the ways of killing as Scout.
  • After neutralising Tracer's first Pulse Bomb using his Bonk! Atomic Punch, the Scout gets a particularly cool Pre Ass Kicking One Liner in to the very-much surprised Tracer;
    Scout: (emerges from the smoke unharmed) Supposedly, this stuff'll liquefy your oesophagus after just one can. But, y'know — it's also very handy when you feel like... not getting blown up.
    Tracer: That's not very fair!
    Scout: Yeah... well listen, sweetheart. (takes out his Bat) I... never play fair.
  • Then later on, after being badly-injured from being launched by the Home Run kill taunt and finding herself being taunted by Scout as he prepares to kill her with his Pistol, Tracer turns the tables on the Boston merc in a similarly-awesome fashion using her Recall ability;
    Tracer: Not yet, mate. The Cavalry's here! (Rewinds time for herself using Recall, avoiding Scout's bullet)
    Scout: (Astonished) Shit!
  • Finally, there's how Tracer finishes off Scout. After launching him into the air using a series of fast teleporting kicks from her Chronal Accelerator, Tracer dive-kicks Scout into a nearby pile of debris. He gets up and goes for his Bonk! Atomic Punch to become invincible again, but Tracer catches on and literally steals it out of his hand — finishing Scout off by warping behind him and slapping a Pulse Bomb onto his back whilst he's distracted, completely atomizing him (except for his hat) in the resulting explosion. Boom, that's all she wrote.
    Tracer: Not this time, yankee! (sticks a Pulse Bomb onto Scout's back and blinks away)
    Scout: (annoyed) Aw, come on! Gimme a brea— (BOOM)
  • After the likes of Harry Potter, Ivy Valentine and Cammy White all previously failed at doing so, Tracer becoming the first British character to win a Death Battle definitely has to count.
  • Whilst he lost the fight granted, Scout earns one in the sheer fact that he put up a decent fight against an opponent who was at the very least a hundred years ahead of him in terms of technological prowess, and had time-manipulation powers to boot. He even comes close to outright killing Tracer at one point, which speaks volumes about what he's capable of despite being relatively outclassed for the most part.

     Ken Masters vs. Terry Bogard 
  • Just the animation. One of the best in the history of the show. Shows how much Jetz (the animator) have improved since Cammy vs Sonya— which is doubly impressive, since Cammy vs. Sonya was already considered one of the best looking 2D Death Battles at the time.
  • Ken gets one for having the cockiness to execute a flaming-fist Groin Attack on Terry, who in return gets one for having the balls to continue the fight after being inconvenienced for a moment.
  • Both Ken and Terry clashing punches in an Pummel Duel that started destroying the dojo they were fighting in. Terry gets the upper hand by kicking Ken into the ground, leaving him spitting up blood. While Ken is dazed and exhausted, Terry goes in for the kill and Ken pulls off a perfectly-timed Shoryuken.
  • When Terry finally gets serious, he fires a Hakkyokuseiken-charged Power Geyser across the floor. It goes straight through Ken's Shinku Hadouken and immobilizes him for the rest of the fight. Which leads to Ken's final moment of awesome before his death. He's still standing. The Power Geyser has enough power to demolish a skyscraper, and while he's clearly severely wounded by it, Ken remains on his feet, albeit unsteadily, until Terry finishes him off.

     Amy Rose vs. Ramona Flowers 
  • Ramona pulling Amy into her Subspace Suitcase is one of the coolest Death Battle fight sequences of season 3. Amy gets sucked into Ramona's mind, which basically guarantees the home field advantage for her opponent, but after her initial shock, all she does is point her hammer at Ramona past all of her emotional duplicates. It reaches a high point when Ramona casually walks off to let her clones handle things, only to hear a loud crash and see Amy still standing, with all of her clones falling down to earth.
  • Given all the hype Boomstick builds for Amy creating tornadoes by swinging her hammer, it's only natural for it to get special attention during the fight. In fact, when it finally comes out, Amy basically wins the fight with it, battering Ramona with arcade machines within its vacuum and tossing her into a wall, leaving her dazed enough for Amy to squash her with a cabinet.
  • A meta example: after Amy's shoddy performance against King Dedede back on DBX, you'd expect her to get the same treatment as either Knuckles or Shadow. But nope: not only does she hold her own against Ramona, but even though Ramona controls the fight when she uses her bag, Amy takes control back from her and delivers the coup de grace. In other words, Amy Took a Level in Badass!

    Hulk vs. Doomsday 
  • Doomsday picking up and throwing an entire bus at the Hulk with little effort. Hulk catches it with ease... followed by Doomsday performing a Diving Kick to strike through the bus and hit the Hulk.
  • At one point, Hulk rips a police car in half and uses the pieces as makeshift boxing gloves to smack Doomsday around.
  • Hulk's Thunderclap is strong enough to stun Doomsday into place for a few seconds, until Doomsday breaks his hand.
  • Hulk goes full Worldbreaker and crushes Doomsday's arm! Sure, Doomsday's Healing Factor fixes him up again, but for anyone to inflict that kind of injury on the monster that killed Superman is impressive. Worldbreaker Hulk is also powerful enough to No-Sell Doomsday's punches, at least until he uses his spikes.
    Hulk: You break buildings good. But Hulk break WORLDS!
  • Finally, Doomsday takes the win by impaling Worldbreaker Hulk several times with his detachable, poisonous bone claws, overtaxing his Healing Factor further with a flurry of punches, and then rips the head off of (possibly) the most powerful being in the entire Marvel Universe. Wow. This also means that Death Battle finally broke a long standing tradition by being the first time a definitive villain manages to kill the hero note . This leads to yet another revelation. Every other Marvel VS DC episode featuring a DC villain has ended with said villain losing. This means that, on top of being the second DC villain to win his Death Battle (behind The Joker), Doomsday is now the very first DC villain to win against a Marvel character.
  • For those who sometimes find the explanation behind the outcome a little lacking, this episode explains in detail multiple reasons why Doomsday wins. It's such a close match that Wiz and Boomstick spend much longer than they normally do (with the exception of Goku VS Superman) citing multiple instances from both home series which explain how they reached the decision. It also defies the much mocked "No-Limits Fallacy" that some fans declare when the reason for the victory amounts to "They have no limits so they win". Instead they give detailed and logical reasoning why Doomsday would be able to overpower and kill Hulk despite Hulk's ever increasing strength.

     Zoro vs Erza 
  • One for Erza before the battle even starts:Boomstick calls her "damn near perfect" without a hint of perversion. Mind you, Erza is one of the most perverted people in Fairy Tail (evidence: The Seduction Armor) so it would have been easy to make a perverted joke or something. But, Erza is so amazing that Boomstick didn't perv on her.
  • Erza showing Zoro her true power and blasting him with it, only for Zoro to show "true power" still isn't enough to kill him. Just to drive home how powerful Erza is and how damn tough Zoro is, her attack LEVELS the village they're fighting in. We're talking buildings being torn apart, here. Yet, while Zoro is bloodied by the blow and needs a moment to get back to his feet, he's still more than capable of clawing his way back into the fight and taking the win.
  • Zoro swatting away dozens of swords, before cutting Erza in two with the nine sword style. He leapt after Erza by climbing across her Storm of Blades, before hitting her with a blow so powerful it split Erza in half as well as the mountain behind her! Talking about a Single-Stroke Battle...
  • Erza herself gets some awesome moments, being able to fight on par, and wound Zoro herself so badly that he falls back and appears deadeven forcing him to use his nine sword style.
  • Both fighters get to drop some pretty badass quips as the fight progresses:
    Erza: You ARE strong, pirate... but this is TRUE strength!
    Zoro (after Erza thinks she's killed him): Don't start crying, woman... so much for all that "true strength" bullshit, huh?
  • Most Death Battle victors take a moment to gloat, rest, or taunt after landing the killing blow, which is understandable given the circumstances. Zoro nonchalantly goes back to trying to find the shipyard, completely nonplussed. It's like the fight never even happened. Credit must be given to the loser as well. When Erza thought she won, she didn't gloat about the victory but simply showed disappointment that the fight had to go where it did. A surprisingly human action that hasn't been seen since He-Man decided to let Lion-O live and fits well with the fighter's actual character.

    Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie 
  • Deadpool insists on the hosts running through his backstory again because his movie aired between the two episodes so there's a lot of spiffy new footage to use. Also, he pencils in how successful it was at the box office on his "feats" page.
  • Wiz erases Deadpool with a pencil.
  • The rarity of two fourth wall breakers fighting each other provides a special treat: Fourth Wall Combat! Deadpool grabs the Youtube views bar for use as a lightsaber and Pinkie Pie grabs a pop up in response to use as a shield.
  • Deadpool and Pinkie Pie manage to do something no other combatant has ever done: call a truce and become friends due to their combined fourth wall breaking power. Wiz and Boomstick have no choice but to decide they themselves are the losers this time. Let's be real, this was the ONLY way this battle was going to end. Deadpool and Pinkie Pie confront Ben and Chad about Death Battle. Not Wiz and Boomstick, BEN and CHAD. The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You, indeed.
  • The Desk of Death Battle following this one reveals something else: Deadpool's Healing Factor and Pinkie Pie's Toon Physics literally made it easier for them to break out of the video and destroy the very rules of Death Battle itself than to actually kill each other.

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