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So much for the "Death" in "Death Battle".

From a show called "Death Battle", most wouldn't be blamed for thinking this show having heartfelt moments is like finding a needle in a haystack given its nature. However, when it does happen, it's nothing short of sweet.

Death Battle

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  • A meta one. In many Death Battle Cast episodes, Ben has always expressed his gratitude towards all the people who made Death Battle possible, including the Screwattack team, the research team, and the animators. For the way he says it, you know that he values all his working partners.
  • Any scenario where the combatant can come back to life even when they lose is always a heartwarming scenario, the likes of Goku, Mega Man, Scout, Pit, and Miles Morales all have the means to be revived or repaired respectively, so even when they lose, they still have the best-case scenario waiting for them.

    Season 1 
  • Goku vs Superman:
    • Despite doing it mainly for the challenge, Goku goes after Superman because he thinks that Supes, being a powerful alien, will eventually destroy the planet; he's still defending the planet from threats during this.
    • Superman is exposed to Kryptonite, Goku charges up an energy blast and destroys the Kryptonite. If he wants to beat Superman, he wants to do it fair and square. He also offers Superman a Senzu bean after taking one himself.
    • Superman attempting to resolve the battle in a non-violent manner using pressure points. It's clear he doesn't want to hurt Goku, and he wants to try and cause as little damage to Metropolis as possible.
    • During the post-match analysis, the music becomes Lighter and Softer as Wiz goes on to talk about how heroic both combatants are.
    • At the episode's conclusion, the last image of Son Goku shown is of him smiling and saluting… Almost as if he is showing Superman respect and congratulating him on his victory.
    • If you're in the part of the Dragon Ball Z club that isn't raging, this one should be extra heartwarming: The image that is being shown is Goku just before blowing up Majin Buu, having just wished for Buu to be reincarnated so that they could have a fight without putting the universe at risk. In short, by using this clip, Wiz and Boomstick once again play up Goku's 'never give up' attitude by essentially having him say, "Thanks for the fight! Once the Namekians restore the Earth and everyone on it, I'll keep training until I'm ready to face you again. Then let's have a rematch." This ends up being extra Heartwarming in Hindsight thanks to the rematch three years later. Not only did Goku go straight to Superman for a rematch upon Superman restoring the Earth with its Dragon Balls, but his newfound ability to reach Super Saiyan God and his conversation with King Kai after dying a second time all but confirms that this was the case.
    • The episode of SideScrollers (the ScrewAttack podcast) that aired the following week. Ben (Wiz) and Chad (Boomstick) discuss the recent Superman vs Goku and are totally a class act talking about their work on Death Battle. It's really sweet how Chad (a noted anime fan to g1's who follow other ScrewAttack content) mentions that he's a Goku fan, and how they do their best at working on an objective look at their fights. Funny enough, they even mention a fan who says it makes sense despite the result. It's just so sweet how serious they take their work, and how serious they made the fight.

    Season 2 
  • The alternate ending to Shao Kahn vs M. Bison. As evil and Nightmare Fuelish enough that the both of them can be, somehow it's sort of humorously warm to see the both of them actually become allies, having fun all over the world together, and then teaming up against their arch-enemies, all of which unfortunately might not happen again for other combatants. At the end of the 'DEATH BATTLE! Panel' at SGC 2013, Ben/Wiz, Chad/Boomstick, and Jordan Lange extend their thanks and love for their fans and also apologize for all the beloved combatants that they have killed in the series. Soon after, however, Jordan adds "It's only going to get better from here."
  • At the end of Strider Vs Ryu, Strider blows up Ryu's corpse with an Option C carrying a bomb. This may seem like an "in your face" kind of thing sort of how when Shao Kahn did the same thing to Bison, but keep in mind ninjas are supposed to die that way. Strider was showing his opponent the respect he deserved, for giving him a run for his money. For Ryu fans that understand this, it may at least soften the blow.
  • In He-Man vs Lion-O, after He-Man destroys the Sword of Omens and delivers his final physical blow to Lion-O, despite the two trying to kill each other in various ways earlier, he leaves Lion-O severely injured, but still alive on the ground and walks away, implying he was still willing to spare the life of his Worthy Opponent.
  • It can be interpreted given he used a smart bomb to blow up the Righteous Indignation and choked Bucky before finishing him off that Fox was significantly pissed off from Bucky shooting down Slippy's Arwing at the start. For those who have never considered Slippy to be The Scrappy, seeing Fox go to bat to avenge a comrade of his is a bit touching.
    • When one remembers that almost all of the equipment the team has used over the years, including the ones used in this very fight, from the Arwing to the Reflector and Blaster, were all of Slippy Toad's genius creations, it only multiplies the heartwarming potential. Fox and Slippy have been friends since childhood; it's almost as if Slippy was, in spirit, fighting alongside Fox in every fight he's been in. It's played even more literally with "in spirit" when Fox is avenging him while fighting Bucky.
    • It's humorously heartwarming to see Fox taking his old friend and co-pilot's amputated legs and Arwing after the fight is over.
  • Vegeta and Mewtwo team up to destroy Silvermania and go out for a beer together.
  • Kind of a fridge moment, but it's one for the hosts since they never wrote Superman or He-Man as actively trying to kill their opponents. Superman was trying to make Goku surrender until there was just too much power being thrown around. Even when the Eye of Thundera attacked him, He-Man only destroyed it out of self-defense and had no way of knowing doing so would kill Lion-O.
  • At one point during Gamera's analysis, Boomstick misinterprets Gamera's "fondness for children" and starts making pedophile jokes. Wizard defends Gamera by mentioning how he's made Heroic Sacrifices to protect innocent children. Boomstick's response? A surprisingly genuine "Oh... That's pretty cool".
  • Zechs' motivations for fighting Tommy in Tigerzord vs. Epyon are pretty heartwarming since Tommy accidentally killed Noin. This is all based off revenge from a loved one being killed.
  • When going over Deadpool's life, Wiz notes that Deadpool, despite all the things that happened to him, did fulfill his wish to become a hero. Deadpool's response?
    Deadpool: Awww, that's sweet of you guys... wanna see me naked?
  • While many could consider it a break of Death Battle's rules, Knuckle Joe seems almost willing to give up his life to help Kirby defeat Buu. Granted, it could be considered as just a way for Kirby to use the Fighter ability, but Kirby could have also called upon the powers of any of the other enemies he's consumed that give him the fighter powers as he did to use the Hypernova Powers. R.I.P. little guy. The fact that Kirby actually beat Buu can be rather heartwarming, really. Morally-ambiguous mass-murdering aside, Kirby is more or less a young and cheery Kid Hero who always does his best to save the world from any threat. Buu clearly pushed him more than most villains have, going so far as to break his spirit. And yet, despite all the physical and emotional trauma, Kirby still managed to (just barely) defeat Buu and prevent his home from being destroyed.
  • Boba vs Samus Remastered was a big tribute to Monty Oum, whom Ben says inspired the show in the first place, including some of Monty's concepts from Haloid like using Samus's whip as a blade, shedding her power armor in the fight, and an animated dance-off between Samus and Boba in the post-episode stinger. Also including a quote from Monty and a tribute to his work. note 
    • Fridge Heartwarming for many a Metroid fan, when talking about the infamous "Hell Run" from ''Other M'', Wiz speaks of the permission part with disdain and Boomstick outright doesn't want to talk about it. Even though he perved on Samus earlier, Boomstick still respects Samus so much that he wants to ignore one of the lowest points in her game's history.
    • A bit of a meta example, but during the tribute to Monty at the end, we see a dance party with several previous Death Battle contestants and others from their worlds all dancing and enjoying themselves, including villains like Boba and Deathstroke. It gives you the idea that in the end when all is said and done the contestants all get to enjoy themselves after their battles and just have a big party and fun with each other, no matter who wins or loses.
  • Chuck and Segata:
    • They focused purely on who the character of Chuck is in myth, and not the real person. The fact that they wanted to focus on Death of the Author was a nice touch.
    • They also made a point of showing the evidence which proves that Segata Sanshiro survived his Heroic Sacrifice to protect the Dreamcast, giving props to obscure and popular Sega games in the process.
    • What happens during the battle's endgame? A nostalgic Call-Back to previous Death Battles, and what may be one cleverly-hinted Author's Saving Throw: could we have seen the promise of Goku having a re-match with Superman?
    • It was ultimately concluded that both Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro are so badass that one isn't superior to the other. This is especially heartwarming when you consider that few Westerners are likely to have heard of Segata, yet Death Battle treated him with equal respect to Chuck.
  • Goku vs. Superman 2:
    • Because this is a rematch, the introductory discussion isn't about Superman and Goku's powers, but rather the motivations of Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, and Akira Toriyama in making Superman and Goku. It's a very respectful tribute to the creators of two of the most well-known characters in all of fiction.
    • Superman shows a lot more respect for Goku this time around, compared to his dismissive attitude in the first fight. In their first encounter, Superman treated Goku like some brash, cocky maniac: his usual fare. Now, he understands that Goku is earnest and well-meaning...but Goku is also, as Superman says at one point, "too strong for his own good". Case in point, he had to wish back the Earth with the space-drifting Dragonballs once already. He's aiming to take him down purely out of a perceived necessity, this time. This extends even to the end as, before killing Goku, Superman utters a very heartfelt "I'm sorry" and refuses to let Goku's body fall to the ground.
      • Also worth noting is that this is the least brutal death in the history of the show. Sure, death by instant surgical lobotomy isn't a pleasant thought, but it was apparently quick, painless, relatively non-violent, and it preserves Goku's body out of respect. And that's on top of the Apologetic Attacker and Cradling Your Kill. Gotta give 'em credit for handling it the way they did.
      • To capitalize on this even further, one of the things he says during the fight is "I felt that" when Goku hits him, making it clear Goku's clearly doing some level of damage.
    • After the fight, Goku realizes in the afterlife while talking with King Kai that being strong enough to beat Superman wouldn't be satisfying for him anyway because there would be nothing left for him to strive for. The post-battle analysis also goes over the positive reasons about why these characters are loved by millions of people and are shining examples of heroism, bravery, and the ability to overcome any challenge.
    • Think about this for a second: after Superman accidentally destroyed the Earth in the first battle, he gathered the Dragon Balls to restore Earth. Due to the explosion the Balls were probably sent to the far reaches of outer space, and Superman still found them and retrieved them to bring back his planet after what happened before. Truly, he's a superhero.
    • Goku might have died again, but his conversation with King Kai confirms that death is little more than a setback to him. He might have been talked out of fighting Superman a third time, but his training is far from over, and that he'll likely be revived again someday when someone gathers the Dragon Balls again to wish him back. As sad as it is for Dragon Ball fans to watch Goku lose a second time, this is quite possibly the best possible ending for both combatants.
  • Wolverine vs Raiden is one for meta reasons.
  • Hercule Satan vs Dan Hibiki: Wiz ordering Boomstick to show some respect when Boomstick makes light of the fact Hercule's wife/Videl's mother Miguel died.
    • As sad as it is to see that his father is incredibly disappointed in him when they're reunited after his death, Dan is one of the few characters that we see in the afterlife, and by all accounts, he made it to Heaven. After a life of failure, he at least has that going for him.
  • After Wiz brings up Aerith's death in "Yang vs. Tifa", Boomstick (with a noticeable sniffle), rebukes him for bringing it up.
  • During the Yang vs. Tifa live post-show, Chad read a tweet to Death Battle saying that Monty Oum (who was a huge inspiration to Torrian) would be really happy with the fight. Right after that, Chad thanked Torrian for his hard work while Barbara and Tia gave him a round of applause.
  • It's subtle, but in the post-fight animation for Mega Man vs. Astro Boy, Mega Man's head is still completely intact and functional, much like Astro Boy's was before he pulled himself back together. With that in mind, it's highly likely that Rock can be rebuilt with his consciousness still intact despite the destruction of his body, which fulfills the requirements of a Death Battle—much like Starscream's defeat to Rainbow Dash— and means that the Blue Bomber receives one of the most gentle send-offs anyone who loses a Death Battle could ever hope to get. How Astro Boy was willing to spare Mega Man's still-functioning head after doing what was necessary to defeat him, evidently recognizing him as both a fellow robot and Worthy Opponent. It gets better when as he returns Mega Man's head and other assorted parts to Rush and Doctor Light so that he can be repaired, Astro takes a shine to the robot dog and is seen petting him with a big smile on his face.
  • In Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye, Boomstick gives a short but serious PSA on DWI. Given how he usually treats alcohol, this is saying something. It's also worth mentioning that he feels sympathy for Clint and his brother, Barney, who were victims of beatings from both their first and second fathers.
  • Digimon vs Pokémon:
    • Both Pokemon and Digimon run on The Power of Friendship with both Red and Charizard and Tai and Agumon growing more powerful as their bond grew stronger. The fact that Wiz and Boomstick, of all people, really stress this shows just how strong friendship is synonymous with both series.
    • While Tai punching Red in the face and kicking him in the shin is both awesome and hilarious, it's what he said beforehand that makes it heartwarming.
      Tai: Stop hurting my friend!
    • When Charizard falls on Red and breaks his legs, Red simply says, "Charizard, are you okay?" instead of reacting to his own injury. His relationship with Charizard may be different from Tai's bond with Agumon, but there's absolutely no doubt that he loves Charizard. One of the original ideas for the ending easily crosses further into Tear Jerker, but it further shows just how much Red loves Charizard. Red hugs Charizard while Wargreymon charges Terra Force, saying "I'm sorry" before sharing his Pokemon's fate.
    • The reason why Pokémon VS Digimon was the season 2 finale? The show's 3D animator, Torrian, was working himself to exhaustion so Ben and Chad ended the season to give him a break.

    Season 3 
  • In Ratchet & Clank VS Jak & Daxter, the losers both die at the same time, rather than separately, so one friend doesn't have to grieve over losing the other. And since Jak and Daxter were frozen solid and then instantly shattered, it's unlikely they were even conscious when they met their mutual end.
    • The friendship both duos have with each other is in full show:
      • When Jak launches Ratchet into the air, Clank activates his jetpack form and flies towards Ratchet to save him.
      • Daxter rides on one of Ratchet's missiles and redirects it to save Dark Jak.
      • The final shot before the death blow: Ratchet and Clank give a quick glance and nod to each other before fighting Light Jak, with Daxter on his shoulder.
    • Maxoffewtrades, one of their researchers, played a large role in helping them research the outcome. So it's very nice to see that they used his personal favorite weapon, the Liquid Nitrogen gun, for the killing blow.
  • Flash Vs Quicksilver: The Flash saving Lilly Kane from falling to her death after the fight ends, especially since Quicksilver's fate in this fight was accidental. Likewise, the tone of his Bond One-Liner afterward even had some shades of considering Quicksilver to be a Worthy Opponent despite the evident power difference—
    The Flash: Well, at least you got here first!
  • Mewtwo VS Shadow:
  • Carolina vs Meta:
    • Carolina and Church's interactions. They act like siblings, bickering a little about movies. Even Church's panicked reactions are heartwarming since they are all in concern for her. Made even better when that bond is the deciding factor of their victory.
    • On a sadder but still heartwarming note, given Agent Main's mental state, Carolina putting down her former comrade could be seen as an act of mercy, as somewhat supported by the lyrics of the music for the fight, which includes: "Grant the souls I send your way final peace and rest at last".
  • Tracer vs Scout:
    • During Tracer's rundown, Boomstick is genuinely saddened when Mondatta's death is brought up.
      Boomstick: Rest in peace, robot Gandhi.
    • While it's clearly meant as a joke about Scout's Casanova Wannabe tendencies, he genuinely compliments Tracer at the start and offers to let her go without a fight if she gives back the briefcase, inviting her to come around some other time. It's not often the participants of a battle aren't hostile toward each other from the very beginning.
    • Since respawning is a canon thing in Team Fortress 2, we got the best possible outcome of this fight: Scout's dead now, but he won't remain that way for too long. Given how often the mercs die and come back anyway, and his own cavalier attitude toward the entire thing (his own death included), he might not even be mad.
  • Hulk vs Doomsday:
    • The hosts mention in Hulk's rundown that despite his uncontrollable rage, Bruce Banner succeeded in doing good with his powers by joining the Avengers, Defenders, and more, and saved the world on multiple occasions. It's a nice contrast to his opponent.
    • While talking about Doomsday's origin, even our resident Mad Scientist Wiz seems disgusted at his creator's actions.
    • Hulk was impressed with Doomsday's smashing ability enough to compliment him on it.
  • Zoro vs Erza:
    • Both fighters declare their undying loyalty and devotion to their friends, before continuing their fight.
    • It's small, but it's clear Erza takes no pleasure in this fight and would rather that Zoro just surrender peacefully. When she thinks she's killed him (though not really), she even muses on What a Senseless Waste of Human Life the fight turned into. It's very in-character to how she would have treated the fight in Fairy Tail canon.
  • Deadpool vs. Pinkie Pie
    • A dual meta one: There was quite the broken base surrounding Deadpool Vs. Pinkie Pie, seeing as it's the Season 3 finale. Ben explained this as helping decrease Torrian's workload. The other heartwarming one? The people on the forum actually understood and gave Ben a break. These are the same people who will constantly deride an episode if they don't like the result and even gave very valid and accurate criticisms.
    • The outcome of the fight: Pinkie and Deadpool's combined ability to break the fourth wall allows them to break the rules of Death Battle itself. Deadpool and Pinkie become friends over their shared fourth wall awareness and Pinkie introducing Deadpool to cherrychangas, resulting in the two deciding 'screw it' and going out to have fun. This ends with the two breaking into the real world to confront the hosts...then Pinkie realizing it's Deadpool's birthday and throwing him a party. That's right: a Death Battle ended with a Friendship rather than a Fatality.

    Season 4 
  • Scrooge McDuck vs Shovel Knight
    • Boomstick complements Wiz's mathematics ability, after having him calculate the force behind one of Shovel Knight's primary attacks in about a minute on short notice.
    • Even more surprisingly, when Wiz criticizes Shovel Knight for going into retirement for a year, after thinking that Shield Knight has died and giving the villains the opportunity they needed to take over, Boomstick actually sticks up for the little guy, saying plainly "A man's got to grieve."
  • Megazord vs Voltron: When the Megazord has Voltron pinned against a wall, with Pidge's lion frozen in place, the Megazord tries to attack Pidge. Lance yells out as he takes the hit for Pidge, getting his lion destroyed in process. That right there is true friendship. Crossing over with Tear Jerker, Pidge is well and truly PISSED after Lance takes the hit for him. It really drives home that both teams aren't just teammates, they're True Companions.
  • Portgas D. Ace vs. Natsu Dragneel:
    • During Natsu's preview video, Boomstick gives him his sympathy as a fellow man with a Disappeared Dad, after Natsu's adopted father has left him alone without telling him why.
    • During the aftermath on why Natsu would win, Wiz managed to come up with a nice Pun that Boomstick, who is naturally the one who comes up with the puns, gives him credit for it with Wiz sounding pretty proud of himself. Remember, the last time Wiz made a pun, "Wolverine vs Raiden" it fell horribly flat and Boomstick didn't give him any appreciation.
  • Sub-Zero VS Glacius: A meta one but the entire reason this episode exists is not because it was heavily requested or because of its thematic connections but because Ben thought Nick would enjoy writing and researching a Killer Instinct character.
  • Android 18 vs. Captain Marvel
    • Boomstick giving Krillin of all people some props: not just for going up against baddies leagues above him, but for having a successful relationship with someone just as far.
    • Boomstick giving respect to the original Captain Marvel the only way he knows how.
      (sound of a beer can opening)
      Boomstick: Here's to you, Mar-Vell.
    • On a meta level, many fans accepted Ben's apology over the fact that the team suffered a major Critical Research Failure with Android #18 since she wins anyway.
  • Metal Sonic VS Zero: A minor one but instead of Metal Sonic's preview ending with either Wiz or Boomstick causing emotional or bodily harm to another, they simply leave to go watch The Terminator together.
  • Balrog VS TJ Combo
    • A meta example, revealed during a Death Battle Cast leading up to the fight. When Nick, who wrote the episode, first joined Screwattack, Chad introduced him to fighting games with Street Fighter: 3rd Strike. Nick paid it forward when Torrian, who animated the fight, joined the team, teaching him how to play Killer Instinct. Directly or indirectly, both franchises played a huge role in introducing the creative team to fighting games, and when, for the first time in DB history, the two franchises collided in battle, both Nick and Torrian treated the fight as a passion project— and boy, does the final product show it. One could even say that, while one character inevitably had to die, it was fitting that it ended up being one of the closest fights to date.
    • Also, considering that T.J. Combo was a lot like Balrog in his early days, before finally deciding to pull a Heel–Face Turn and take his title back legitimately, this fight basically validates his newfound world-view - T.J.'s back, and doing it right this time!
      • Even the music agrees; The final punch is delivered to the following words:
        I'm back to RISE!
      • And to drive it home, T.J. gets the final word in the post-fight analysis, after Boomstick's Bond One-Liner and Wiz formally announcing the winner, as if giving the once disgraced champ one more moment of pride after a hard-fought, legitimate victory before the episode ends.
        T.J. (after doing a few practice swings, with a boxing ring bell ringing in the background): YEAH!
        (episode doors close on a freeze-frame of TJ shouting happily with his arms raised in triumph)
  • Shredder vs. Silver Samurai
    • Though not quite clear, the Shredder leaving the Silver Samurai's sword+helmet as a Weapon Tombstone embedded in the ground as he leaves could be a very rare show of respect he's giving to a Worthy Opponent.
    • Though it's minor, Wiz and Boomstick do share a moment of genuine friendship during Shredder's analysis and Wiz congratulates Boomstick for explaining the unpredictable nature of Mutagen and even going so far as to call him "buddy".
  • Smokey vs McGruff
    • During Smokey Bear's Preview, Boomstick admitted that it was because of Smokey's 70 year-long campaign on how to prevent forest fire (To which he praises Smokey for doing a damn good job), he hasn't even started one himself (That he knows of) and downright stated he had plenty of opportunities to do so, even Wizard was impressed of Boomstick's resolves.
    • The hosts also commend Smokey for managing to keep his dignity in The '90s, by refusing to go through with teaching his message through rap music and instead, giving it to his audience straight.
    • After killing McGruff, Smokey instantly begins putting out the forest fire that instigated the battle to begin with.
    • At the end of the video, Smokey gives his classic "Only you can prevent forest fires" line, then directs viewers to click a link to the American Red Cross, made a lot more poignant due to the major beating North America took throughout September.
  • During the Rundown for Wonder Woman in her fight with Thor, after hearing that she could literally move the Earth, Boomstick mocked "Grandpappy Boomstick" for saying that women were the weaker sex. While he has seen other Female Combatants in the show who also achieved impressive feats of strength in their own right, it's here that we definitely know that Boomstick, while sometimes gushing over looks, will always give respect to the Women who are utter badasses.
  • When the fight between Naruto and Ichigo ends, the very first thing out of Boomstick's mouth is sincere praise for the loser, commending his willingness to continue fighting even after he had run out of options and outright calling him a "badass". Wizard then takes time to formally apologize to and sympathize with any disappointed Bleach fans.
    • In the Death Battle Cast on this episode, Ben even noted that in the end, this is just their interpretation and not the end-all explanation for who'd win, and even then, it's a contest of two combatants to see who'd win, and not saying one franchise or character is better than the other.
    • Ben also throws the Bleach fans another bone, saying how it's great that they've stuck around with the series even with how much crap both the series and Tite Kubo have been through.

    Season 5 
  • After the fight between Raven and Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash can be seen putting out the Golden Oak's fire. Bonus points if you choose to interpret the fight's Ambiguous Ending as Twilight surviving her loss against Raven, meaning she'll be around to see the tree not totally burning to the ground like it did against Tirek.
    • Hell, the fact that both the Golden Oak and Twilight's castle can exist in the same frame is one.
    • The fact that there's an Ambiguous Ending at all; this is the first time ever in Death Battle that the losing character was left with the possibility of surviving — besides robot characters who could simply be rebuilt, or gods simply left with no mortal avatar to fight with. It helps lessen the sting for those who might feel uncomfortable watching the brutal death of a cute innocent ponynote ; especially heartwarming if Twilight Sparkle happens to be their favorite.
    • The episode also helps Boomstick take a level in kindness. He starts the episode with the same disdain he did for the previous two episodes that had pony fighters, but partway through Twilight's analysis he decides that The Power of Friendship is awesome since it is on the same level as attacks from Dragon Ball Z. He even tries to use it himself by giving his fellow co-host Wizard a big hug.
  • What is the reason the fight Crash and Spyro starts? Crash smashes Sparx, which gets Spyro mad.
  • Sora vs. Pit
    • Boomstick's ultimate reaction to a setting where Final Fantasy characters are kids that don't judge your fashion choices and Disney characters are world-hopping warriors? "This is the best thing ever!"
    • What's the only Keychain that gets specifically highlighted in Sora's rundown? By Boomstick, no less? Oathkeeper.
    • Unlike some past battles, they managed to give the fight a bare-minimum reason to happen that actually fits both characters' personalities: Olympus Coliseum.
    • The fight outcome is probably the best-case scenario given the circumstances. While Pit might have been killed, he's died several times before and bounced back from worse. Since Palutena can revive him, as she's done so many times before, his adventures are not over yet, which is more than could have been said if the tables were turned.
  • Leon vs. Frank: Whether he meant it or not, Leon throwing a knife at Frank's severed head was a Mercy Kill as it seemed like he was still alive. Zombified, but still alive.
  • Ryu vs. Jin Kazama
    • After going through one of the longest losing streaks in Death Battle's history, Street Fighter finally manages to pick up a win, and against their rival to boot.
    • Boomstick has nice memories of training with Mama Boomstick.
  • Samurai Jack VS Afro Samurai: Crosses over with Crowning Moment of Funny, but Afro compliments Jack on his jumping ability when he uses it to make it back onto the bridge, and judging by his expression after seeing said jump, it seems that he was genuinely impressed with Jack's moves.
  • Carnage vs. Lucy
  • Nightwing vs. Daredevil
    • At the end of Nightwing's preview, instead of Wiz making fun of Boomstick mistaking Nighting's Wingdings for the computer font, he sounds genuinely excited to help Boomstick decode the font's supposed secrets.
    • After hearing how devoted Daredevil's father was trying his best to give him a better life, Boomstick got choked up and gave massive props to him, continuing his respect to fathers he wished he had.
  • Ultron vs. Sigma
    • The fact that Wiz and Boomstick go over Hank Pym's other accomplishments like being a founding member of the Avengers, creating the Pym particle, becoming "Scientist Supreme" and view his creation of the iconic genocidal killing-machine that has wiped out countless innocents since its creation as his greatest blunder. Like Raiden above, it's rather touching with how respectfully they treat his character.
    • For a more villainous example than usual, Ultron offers all of Sigma's Mavericks — with the exception of Vile and Volt Kraken, who were likely killed by him crashing into them in the fight's introduction — the chance to join him after he finishes defeating and assimilating their former leader. They immediately do so, cheering on his victory with a rousing chorus reminiscent of the Decepticons accepting Galvatron as their new leader after he'd killed Starscream only moments prior.
      Mavericks: Hail Ultron! Hail Ultron! Hail Ultron!
  • Roshi vs. Jiraiya: At the end of Jiraiya's rundown, the hosts go into detail about his in-canon demise. Despite cracking several jokes at his expense over the course of the analysis, especially in regards to his nickname, "the Gallant", Boomstick solemnly concedes that Jiraiya "was a pretty Gallant guy after all" after learning about how he was able to send a warning to Naruto despite being in the process of dying a Cruel and Unusual Death. Even Wiz seems genuinely saddened when mentioning how doing so before he was eventually finished off ended up paving the path for the next generation of heroes.
  • Thanos vs. Darkseid: Despite Thanos being one of the biggest villains in Marvel history, Wiz and Boomstick show admiration for the fact that the Eternals (save his mother) never judged him for looking like a "wrinkly Grimace"; he was born into a life of luxury, went to one of the best schools in Saturn's orbit, and was admired for his intellect.

    Season 6 
  • Aquaman vs Namor: When it's mentioned that Arthur's mom did come back to him, Boomstick gets teary-eyed and admits he wishes all parents come back in stories like these.
  • Mega Man Battle Royale:
    • Wiz makes sure to bring up the Star Force incarnation's greatest feat, one that none of the other Megas could match: achieving an unambiguously happy ending for the series and timeline.
    • Poor Mega Man Volnutt is so outclassed that, like Michelangelo, they don't try to hide his fate even during his introduction. However, unlike Mikey, when Boomstick derogatorily calls Volnutt names like "Diet Mega Man" and "Cherry Vanilla Mega Man", Wiz is quick to jump to his defence; showing that he is still objectively quite powerful and has pulled off his fair share of heroic, near-impossible feats. Afterward, he goes on to say that while yes, he may be the weakest of the group; he's still very much a worthy member of it and of the name of Mega Man.
      • Boomstick's tune changes post-fight as well when he is also happy to acknowledge that despite all the others outclassing him, Volnutt's manual weapons gave him one advantage over the rest: namely, that said manual weapons couldn't be erased, rewritten, or otherwise used against him by EXE.'s Reprogramming or Geo's Noise Manipulation like all the others' software-based ones could be.
        Boomstick: (compassionately) Ya got one, buddy!
  • Black Widow vs. Widowmaker: Despite the fight at first glance seeming to be a straight-up case of heroic assassin vs. villainous assassin, Wiz and Boomstick make sure to point out that both of them were molded into who they were involuntarily. Natasha has plenty of red in her ledger that the hosts make no effort to hide, and they point out that Amélie is still there somewhere under Widowmaker's brainwashing.
  • Captain Marvel vs Shazam:
    • During the rundown for Shazam, Wiz mentions that Billy could share his powers with anyone he considers family, like his adoptive sister and siblings. This was after he mentions that Billy was an orphan and always longed for a place to call home, Wiz even suggests that Billy eventually did find a home afterall, with Boomstick awwing at the thought of it.
    • When Marvel manages to briefly knock Shazam out of his super form, she suddenly looks horrified when she realizes she's been fighting a fifteen-year-old boy this whole time and is stunned still for a moment rather than chasing after him to finish him off in his weakened state.
  • Wario vs King Dedede:
    • Before the match begins, one of Dedede's Waddle Dees can be seen in the audience eagerly cheering for him. Dedede notices and gives the Waddle Dee a wave.
    • Not even Boomstick can resist the Cuteness Proximity of the Waddle Dees.
    • While it is pretty disgusting, Boomstick's Windbreaker is oddly heartwarming in a way. It's pretty obvious that Boomstick is proud of having invented something of his own without Wiz's help, and is actually slightly upset when Wiz tries to brush it off. The way his face lights up when it 'speaks' is weirdly endearing in its own way.
    • Near the end of King Dedede's rundown, Wiz acknowledges that, while some of his actions aren't always great, most are always for what's best for Dream Land and will always put aside any jealousy against Kirby to protect it, signifying that he truly earned the title of King afterall.
  • Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern:
    • During Hal's rundown they mention the time he used his own willpower to overpower the living embodiment of willpower while battling Krona. Boomstick mentions it sounds impressive, Wiz says it's impossible, then they look at each other, say in unison "impressible", smile, and share a fist bump.
    • While Ben does lose, he gets a Consolation Prize of sorts when Wiz mentions that Alien X was easily one of the most powerful combatants on the show. Remember, this season alone has featured combatants that have easily created and survived black holes, dimensions, and even a universe as well as the combatants present in the season 5 finale, yet Wiz makes sure to give Alien X his due.
  • Weiss Schnee vs. Mitsuru Kirijo: Artemisia gives one final bow towards the fallen Weiss, being Mitsuru's final show of respect towards a Worthy Opponent.
  • Johnny Cage vs. Captain Falcon:
    • The episode brings up Captain Falcon's Legacy Character status from F-Zero: Legend of Falcon, and even implies that it is indeed Ryu Suzaku under the helmet during the fight proper.
    • When Boomstick hears about this, he makes it his new life goal to succeed Ryu. Wiz doesn't mock him; in fact, he actually smiles at the idea of Boomstick taking up that mantle.
    • Captain Falcon starts the fight because Johnny Cage proclaims himself "the next Captain Falcon", in reference to his upcoming gig in an F-Zero movie. Cap takes the proclamation at face value, and means to defend the title against slander... and is willing to give up the title if Cage should prove his better.
  • Aang vs Edward Elric
  • Dragonzord vs Mechagodzilla
    • At the end of Mechagodzilla's preview, Wiz gets inspired to try to resurrect his father with cyber-necromancy. Boomstick calmly tells him to stop, gently telling him that it never goes well, and to let him rest in peace. While he cracks a joke about Wiz's father issues after he's seemingly left (and that Wiz will likely have a breakdown by the time that the full episode airs the following week), Boomstick seemingly drops the Vitriolic Best Buds act to try to prevent Wiz from doing something he'll regret.
    • During the fight, when Kiryu is pinned down, Akane jumps in to try and fight off the Dragonzord. Even when she gets shot down, she begs Kiryu to keep going. As for Kiryu, when Akane goes down, he goes berserk. Becomes extra heartwarming when you consider the fact Akane could have survived her crash.
    • It's very clear that once she was shot down the ghost of Godzilla was now in control of Kiryu. So that means that Godzilla's reaction to probably thinking she's dead is that of, "You killed my friend, you bastard!". And this is the same guy who wanted nothing more than to destroy all of Japan.
    • As stated in the ''Q&A Dragonzord VS Mechagodzilla" Death Battle Cast, The original script had an epilogue showing the Dragonzord ejecting Tommy moments before the Absolute Zero Cannon hits them, also the act that Akane did survive her plane crash, but these scenes were cut due to budgeting reasons. However, Ben does say that both Tommy and Akane survived in the script, so while Dragonzord still perishes, Tommy lives to fight another day, and Kiryu still has his friend.
  • Sasuke vs. Hiei: After killing Sasuke, Hiei praises his fallen adversary, saying that their battle was "fit for a demon" in a tone that suggests that it's completely genuine.
  • Mob vs Tatsumaki
    • While going over how Mob's psychic abilities are powered by his emotions, Boomstick tells Wiz to hit him so that he can do psychic things. Despite their normal relationship, Wiz is reluctant to do so, and his first two hits are weak slaps. Only after Boomstick starts insulting him does he go for a strong hit with his robot arm, and he immediately looks shocked and worried for Boomstick.
    • Boomstick gets irked when he learns Tatsumaki tries to keep her younger sister from making friends. As he says, "Friends are important!" (The moment is ruined a little when Wiz apparently wasn't paying attention.)
    • When going over Tatsumaki, Boomstick notes that she can "take control of television". He then attempts to make the screen in back change with his mind. Wiz keeps talking for a bit, then, noticing Boomstick isn't giving up, changes to another channel and just silently smiles as Boomstick celebrates.
  • Deadpool vs. The Mask:
    • Despite being two sadistic killers out for each other's blood, Deadpool and the Mask surprisingly work together really well when trying to raise money to get their animation finished.
    • In the letter he sends to Wiz and Boomstick, Deadpool takes the time to thank them for helping him return to his roots — not as a glorified meme, but as a badass mercenary best known for all the killing he's done — all of which was done despite the fact that they had this fight set up ultimately to find a way to kill him off for good. Coupled with the admission from Wiz himself that they had let their bias get the better of them and Boomstick adding that they didn't get the feeling of catharsis they wanted from Deadpool's death, it actually made both of them admit that they wished he was back... which causes them to activate the Continuity Gem Deadpool hid in the envelope, bringing him Back from the Dead.
      • Even better is that the hand that delivers the letter to the hosts was that of the Mask himself! Despite having fought and beaten Deadpool in a battle to the death, he ended up aiding Wade's plan in the end. Perhaps Pinkie Pie isn't the only friend Deadpool made during a Death Battle.
  • All Might vs Might Guy:
    • How does the fight start? With Might Guy challenging All Might to an arm-wrestling contest. That's right, no violent Excuse Plot, just two manly heroes that clearly respect each other in a simple contest.
    • Throughout it, they continue to complement each other, Might Guy complimenting All Might on his costume, and All Might calling Guy inspiring.
    • Even at the end, Guy says, "Good fight. Let's do it again." as he collapses next to his fallen opponent.
    • As noted on the Funny page for Season 6, this battle only became a fight to the death unintentionally. It started as an arm wrestle, their table broke, and they stepped it up to proper hand-to-hand combat because they didn't have a surface to arm wrestle on. These two are simply so insanely powerful that it escalated into a Death Battle by accident, and all throughout it, neither of the combatants looks down on or thinks less of his opponent.
    • Even the song for the fight, "Mighty", is heartwarming on its own. It combines uplifting music with words of encouragement and reassurance, matching the combatants' ideologies perfectly.
      Doesn't matter time or place
      If I hear you call my name
      Know that everything will be okay

    Season 7 
  • Miles Morales vs. Static:
    • In a sidebar during the post-fight analysis, it's mentioned that the Oz Serum that gave Miles his powers has a slow-acting form of Resurrective Immortality and that Peter Parker was eventually revived this way. It might take a few years, but the Ultimate Spider-Man will almost certainly be back, meaning that the world won't be down a hero for long and making this the best possible ending given the circumstances.
    • What little we see of the alternate Universe Wiz and Boomstick paints them as good friends excited about the newest Fatality Kerfuffle, as opposed to Wiz and Boomstick's usual relationship.
  • Black Canary vs. Sindel
    • Turns out, Boomstick and Wiz have kept the cyborg goose hydra from Dragonzord vs Mechagodzilla last season, with Boomstick even having given it a name. Mad Scientist though he may be, it's telling that Wiz didn't scrap the poor thing after it previously maser-ed their lights.
  • Gray vs. Esdeath
    • Esdeath showing genuine respect to Gray's efforts against her, viewing him as a Worthy Opponent. What's more, she does so without any allusion to her Survival of the Strongest mentality, showing that like Susanoo, she simply views Gray as a bold warrior rather than as an example of her social Darwinism.
  • Goro vs. Machamp:
  • Cable vs. Booster Gold
    • For as much flak as Booster Gold gets, deservedly or not, Wiz makes it a point to Booster's journey is that of humility. Eventually, Booster did the most heroic thing he could do, he chose the life he could never publicize, repairing and keeping the timeline in check. Never earning the fame and fortune he initially planned, Booster was okay with that, truly becoming one of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe (who you've never heard of). Not bad for an arrogant Heroic Wannabe. Though they state that his mother knows, and is proud of him.
      • Wiz and Boomstick speak of Booster's friendship with Ted Kord in superlatives, even theorizing Ted's been a significant positive influence on Booster.
    • To his credit, when Booster thinks Cable is trying to steal his spotlight he offers to help boost his rep by staging a fight.
    • A small one, but after Boomstick gives his final Pun in the end, Wiz rolls his eyes, but gives a small smile in the end, as if he said "wouldn't change this" type of way.
    • Meta Example: Booster Gold's title may be "The Greatest Hero You've Never Heard Of" In-Universe, but not for the fans. There are lots of YouTube commenters talking about memories they've had growing up, watching Booster Gold in Justice League and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Booster Gold may be unheard of to the crowds in his world, but in the real world, he's a name many recognize from their childhoods.
  • Obi-Wan vs. Kakashi: For what it's worth, the animation starts off in relative peace. When Obi-Wan's ship crashes down in Konoha territory, Kakashi politely asks the Jedi to come with him for questioning; Obi-Wan, for his part, doesn't want to fight if he doesn't have to and tries to Jedi Mind Trick the ninja into parting ways. It's only because the mind trick doesn't work (and Kakashi realizes what Obi-Wan was trying to do) that the fight begins properly.
  • Danny Phantom vs. American Dragon Jake Long: For as controversial as Butch Hartman has been lately, it's pretty heartwarming to see someone gush over their own character being in a Death Battle, going on Twitter anticipating, making fanart, and making a video about Danny being in a fight, to begin with, going as far as saying he's been hoping for this moment for a while too. After the episode was posted on Youtube, he made a reaction video about it.
  • Beerus vs. Sailor Galaxia:
    • To round off Sailor Galaxia's preview, Boomstick decides to buy a bunch of flowers and a fifth of Kentucky Delight and apologize to his ex-wife for being so rude about her. Somewhat undermined by Wiz complaining about Boomstick never apologizing for the way he's treated Wiz himself, but still, shows that Boomstick's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
    • In the episode itself, when demonstrating Hakai, Wiz unveils DUMMI, a robot to use as a test subject. Considering that past episodes have seen him use Boomstick as his testing Butt-Monkey, Boomstick rightly assumes that DUMMI is a Job-Stealing Robot... until Wiz opens a bottle of ki and DUMMI disappears. Slapstick humor might be fun, but Wiz doesn't want his co-host dead just to show off attack effects.
  • Zuko vs. Todoroki:
    • After initially scolding Boomstick for rounding off Todoroki's preview with his normal Hurricane of Puns, Wiz then lightens up and makes a pun himself. Yet another reminder that these co-hosts are True Companions, however vitriolic.
    • Boomstick shouting "SCREW YOU, DAD!" when watching Zuko blowing Fire Lord Ozai into a wall with redirected lightning indicates he's finding Zuko's Calling the Old Man Out pretty cathartic.
    • Boomstick noting Wiz appears to have a crush on Zuko, and doesn't mock him for it, because everyone loves Zuko.
    • When reading how Todoroki eventually reconciled with his mother and inspired his Archnemesis Dad to be more conventionally heroic, Boomstick starts crying about how he wishes he could inspire his own Disappeared Dad. "Not Mama, though. She's already perfect."
    • Given all his grievances towards his own dad, you can't help but feel Boomstick is finding vicarious catharsis in watching Zuko and Todoroki stand up to their own fathers.
    • Funnily enough, the fact that Wiz doesn't use elemental attacks on DUMMI this episode, instead of using Boomstick as the Butt-Monkey. A rather touching moment for those viewers who found themselves endeared to DUMMI. It also alleviates some of Boomstick's concerns about the Job-Stealing Robot, given that the attacks aren't lethal (although Boomstick seems a bit miffed about it after the ice shot).
    • Zuko and Todoroki realizing that they're both not so different during the fight. Compared to Todoroki's aggressive introduction, seeing Zuko as a villain, he ends the fight with an apology, perhaps seeing Zuko as a Worthy Opponent.
    • In a way, Wiz showing sadness for Zuko after he dies at Todoroki's hands adds some sympathetic qualities to the Villain Protagonist co-host.
  • Wally West vs. Archie Sonic
    • In a darkly humorous way, Boomstick letting DUMMI hold Wiz's Black Hole Generator because the robot seemed sad, and according to Boomstick, "Holding a weapon that can destroy the world always cheers him [Boomstick] up."
    • Wiz is married, apparently! Given he doesn't seem to hold nearly as much of a chip on his shoulder as his co-host, it's likely that he actually likes the partner that he ended up with, unlike Boomstick. Doubly heartwarming considering that in the earlier seasons, Boomstick ribbed Wiz about his failures to get with anyone.
    • Ultra Sonic fires off an attack of pure Chaos Energy, intent on erasing his foe from existence for good. Wally charges in head-on, and manages to pull through? How? By using his family to tether him to this reality. Speed Force ain't nothing to the Power of Love.
      Wally: Linda! Jai! Iris! HELP ME, NOW!
    • Near the end, Wiz gives us all a friendly reminder about these characters. While they may seem ludicrous and overpowered from a VS perspective, he reminds us that in their own worlds, what matters isn't how powerful the characters are or how much hax they have, but the story arcs that they go through. It's a nice little pull back into reality for those who obsess simply over a character's strengths and weaknesses.
      Wiz: Both these characters understandably seem overpowered to an extreme fault. But it's important to remember that in their respective worlds, the story comes first.
  • Venom vs. Crona
    • In a way, the fact that DUMMI doesn't appear in this episode possibly implies that Wiz decided to give him a break from being used as an Iron Butt Monkey. A pretty nice turn-up for the unhappy little robot.
    • Wiz makes sure to point out during Venom's run-down that Eddie mostly lets the symbiote eat the brains of criminals rather than civilians, keeping it sated with chocolate otherwise. At the start of the fight, Eddie doesn't invoke the symbiote to attack Crona until after Ragnarok appears, strikes them, and insults them. It's clear that Eddie was content to let them be until they showed signs of being malevolent; then they were fair game.
    • A small meta-example: Neither of the hosts poked fun at or made any jokes towards Crona's Ambiguous Gender. The only reference to their gender was in a popup that lacked any humor in it.
  • Sabrewulf vs. Jon Talbain
  • Red vs. Blue: No one wanted Caboose to die, and it turns out he's the Sole Survivor of the episode.
  • Batgirl vs. Spider-Gwen
  • Sanji vs. Rock Lee
    • At the start of the episode, Wiz and Boomstick do yet more martial arts poses together, then bump fists afterwards.
    • During Rock Lee's rundown, Boomstick observes that despite never getting to fight Neji and prove himself, "one's dead and the other's not", so he claims Lee to be superior; Wiz tells him off for his lack of tact. After Sanji wins the battle, Boomstick observes that they'll be able to settle it in the afterlife.
  • Hulk vs. Broly
    • The battle, featuring a Marvel character, is sponsored by Wonder Woman 1984, a DC property, in a gigantic Take That, Audience! to the Fandom Rivalry between Marvel and DC's fanbases. No matter how many fans argue about them or how many people pit a Marvel character against a DC character (Rooster Teeth included), the two companies have a Friendly Rivalry at most; the success of one's productions will be congratulated by those involved in the other, and that extends to Fandom VIP productions like Death Battle.
    • To round off Hulk's rundown, Boomstick notes how Hulk managed to defeat his Archnemesis Dad Brian Banner, and cheerfully says, "From one man with crippling Daddy Issues to another, well done, sir!" You can tell Boomstick finds vicarious catharsis in Hulk's triumph over his father, just like he did with Zuko and Todoroki.
    • Wiz and Boomstick noting that the current version of Broly introduced in the Dragon Ball Super film is a Gentle Giant who'd prefer to play with his Big Friendly Dog than fight people, in contrast to the evil berserker of the original Dragon Ball Z series.
    • Wiz notes that although Broly lost fair and square in a fight against Gogeta, he ended up with the loving family his abusive father could never give him — in his close friends, Cheelai and Lemo — and a rival to teach him to temper his fury, with Goku.
    • The battle begins and ends with Broly just peacefully relaxing with some deer. After his Post-Victory Collapse, one of the deer comes back up to the exhausted Saiyan and licks his face; to whom Broly gives a slight smile as if reassuring it and its brethren that he's okay.

    Season 8 
  • Yoda Vs. King Mickey
    • As it turns out, Boomstick has a best friend in Ringmaster, even referring him by his real name, Marshall, due to the fact that they were roommates in college and that Marshall even helped Boomstick track down his dad.
      • Mixes with Tearjerker, but Wiz himself is particularly heartbroken that he's not considered Boomstick's best friend. Despite all the bickering, he truly thought that he and Boomstick were best buds.
    • Throughout the fight, both fighters treat each other with respect, seeing the other as a Worthy Opponent.
      Yoda: Proof you are, that size matters not.
      Mickey: Right back at ya, pal!
    • In a very rare case for Death Battle, this continues even after the death. Mickey laments having to destroy Yoda, only for the Jedi's Force Ghost to appear and reassure him after a bit of lighthearted mischief, seemingly not bothered at all by his death.
      Mickey: Hmm, what a shame.
      Yoda: Worry, do not. One with the Force, I am.
  • Shadow Vs. Ryūko
    • In Shadow's rundown, Boomstick notices a ring on Wiz' robot hand, which Wiz describes as a gift. note  Boomstick says to his friend, "Well, good luck with that! All the rings I've given out to people always get sent back eventually!" Boomstick's sincere wishing his friend well in his marriage is pretty compassionate, despite his own poor track record of marriages.
    • After the Scissor Blade is shattered and Ryūko is sent plummeting to earth, Senketsu lets out a panicked cry of "Ryūko!", showing how much he cares for her... which makes it all the more saddening when both he and his wearer are vaporized seconds later.
    • On a meta example, Shadow, one of the series' biggest jokes as a Memetic Loser, finally taking home a win. The third time really was the charm. It helps that after his first fight aged poorly due to being done so early into Death Battle's history and his second one was hurt by a very mediocre and short-changed animation, his clash with Ryūko became a quick contender for being one of the best fight animations in the show's history.
    • Boomstick's theory that despite how much of an accomplishment this is for Shadow as mentioned above, it may not have been the victory he was hoping for, since he revealed in an offical Twitter post that he was actually a fan of Ryūko himself, so he would probably understand how upset her other fans would be.
  • Lex Luthor vs. Doctor Doom
    Boomstick: Haha! Take that, asshole!
  • Heihachi Mishima vs. Geese Howard
    • In Geese Howard's rundown, Mecha-Goose Howard (who else?) pops up yet again, and Wiz seems actually proud of him, in spite of Boomstick's heckling. And then Boomstick joins him in appreciating the cyborg goose after Howard scares off DUMMI with his mouth lasers.
  • Blake vs. Mikasa
    Boomstick: I don't buy it, Wiz. She doesn't love him because of her DNA, (starts tearing up) she loves him because he's the only one who stood up for her when she couldn't stand up for herself! When she looks at him and the rest of her friends, she sees a hope for a brighter tomorrow!
    Wiz: Wow, Boomstick. That was... that was touching.
    • Although Blake losing her arm is painful, it can also be considered something she now shares with Yang, who would no doubt be just as supportive as Blake was to her.
  • Iron Fist vs. Po
    • Much like Might Guy vs. All Might and Yoda vs. King Mickey, the premise of this episode is a friendly sparring match between the two. Even before the battle begins, Po is already gushing over his opponent's fighting style and is very impressed when he realizes that Iron Fist is a fellow Dragon Warrior, leading to him requesting a spar. Danny enthusiastically agrees, making it heartwarming in how no matter who wins or loses, it's a bout born out of the spirit of comradery and mutual respect.
    • A meta example: it was revealed in a Death Battle Cast episode that Po's voice actor, Austin Lee Matthews, not only does a spot-on impression of Jack Black — to the point that many people thought it was him — but considers Po his favorite character and had always wanted to voice him.
    • At the end of Po's rundown, Boomstick considers the fact that the former managed to reconnect with his biological father a happy ending.
  • Steven Universe vs. Star Butterfly
    • The fact that Steven's analysis ends with a clip of him and the Crystal Gems singing the theme song of their series together. Awww... Makes you sad that he still lost.
    • At the end of both character's analyses, Wiz delivers some pretty sincere compliments about why they're such inspiring heroes. For Steven, he says "Of course, if it was up to Steven Universe, everyone would just be friends." For Star, he says, "Now, she's truly grown from her chrysalis into a butterfly." Pretty deep, coming from a man with a Lack of Empathy like Wiz.
    • The actual premise of the fight starts because Star simply wanted to apologize and cheer Steven up after accidentally destroying his sand castle. I mean, sure, it did lead to a tragic end, but points for trying.
    • It wouldn't be Steven Universe without these. Until Star unintentionally invokes his trauma leading to his Pink State coming out, Steven's mostly on the pacifist side, trying to talk down Star from fighting him throughout it until said turning point. He even stops in the middle of the fight to console his growing Watermelon Stevens, gently telling them to take their time in growing.
    • Right when Pink Steven has Star in a barrier room, slowly aiming to crush her, not to mention removing her wand from the equation, Star is on the brink of tears. Her summon, Spider With a Top Hat, encourages her to "Never Surrender!", which was all the push she needed to dip down and finish the fight. Truly Star's best summon.
  • Link Vs Cloud (2021)
    • During the fight, once Link lands in the Sector 5 Church, he immediately starts smashing pots to gather resources… which quickly irritates Cloud who tries his best to protect the items there. Seems like a Funny Moment, but if one recalls, the church was the late Aerith’s favorite place to visit, and where Cloud properly met her. Seems like he’s more than willing to fight to preserve her memory.
    • Link has seemingly been killed from Cloud turning his Skyward Strike against him in the fight’s climax. However, when it seems Cloud has won, a voice could be heard urging Link to keep fighting, as he rises up from the rubble, fully healed and donning the Fierce Deity Mask. It seems that Mipha truly hasn’t forgotten her promise to always be there to heal Link, even if he ended up dying at the fight’s end.
      Mipha: Now’s your chance…! (Cue Link’s Heroic Second Wind)
  • Macho Man VS Kool-Aid Man
    • After his death, Kool-Aid Man, without a second thought after repairing himself, brings Macho Man back to life with his Kool-Aid. Macho Man is very thankful and even ask Kool-Aid Man for a rematch next week, to which he agrees. For one of the only times in Death Battle History, a fight ends with a legitimate Friendship ending.
    • Boomstick coming to terms he might never see his father, but his Mom made him realize he is fortunate to have a friendship in Wiz and Ringmaster.
    • Boomstick leaves running with his friends as Mama Boomstick starts affectionally shooting at them.

Spin-Off Series

  • In the DBX between Vegeta and Zod, the reason why Vegeta came to fight Zod is to release the prisoner from Zod's clutches. Once he finds out who it was, there is no saving the Kryptonian. Vegeta even turns the deathblow into a heartwarming moment, letting Trunks initiate the Father-Son Galick Gun that turns Zod to ash.
  • Batman vs. Iron Man has Ringmaster hosting the auction of... a parent. Just a daddy. He's offering the chance for any of a plethora of characters who have had abusive, absent, or dead parents to enjoy the comfort of a Parental Substitute.
  • Lucario vs. Blaziken turned out to actually be Lucario and Butterfree vs. Blaziken, Weavile, and Nidoking. Lucario has his Heroic Second Wind when Butterfree saves him from being captured by flying in front of the Ultra Ball and getting captured instead. After Lucario defeats Nidoking, Weavile, and Blaziken while knocking away Serena in the process, he snaps open the Ultra Ball containing Butterfree to release it, and the two friends share a big hug together.
  • After multiple episodes of Ringmaster slowly losing his mind trying and failing to find a co-host with Boomstick, Wiz, DUMMI, cardboard cutouts of Wiz and Boomstick, and Perfect Cell, he finally finds someone perfect for the job: Jocelyn the Intern. In fact, he's so happy that they work together successfully he even (begrudgingly) agrees to her terms: she gets a floating platform like his.

    Death Race 
  • Optimus Prime vs. Thomas the Tank Engine? is this by its premise, rather than its content. The racers are Lightning McQueen, Optimus Prime, Thomas the Tank Engine (who semi-inexplicably finds himself flying and breathing fire), and Harry Potter and Ron Weasley flying the Weasleys' Ford Anglia. Or, as the comments point out, a child's playtime on steroids.
    GhengisJohn: This is just every kid playing with their toys, but then 3d animated and presented for Youtube.
  • Sonic VS Mario VS Star Wars VS Initial D
    • Just as Captain Falcon and Mario enter the Pinball stage, a giant spike ball was about to crush Mario. Captain Falcon sees this, jumps out and Falcon Punches the spike ball into oblivion, saving Mario's life. Sure Mario turned out to be an ass about it and Sonic runs him over, but the fact that in a Death Race, Captain Falcon was too much of a good guy to watch someone die on his watch.
    • Ringmaster adamantly defends Takumi Fujiwara's presence in the Death Race; despite being unable to come up with much to describe his Toyota Sprinter beyond "It's a car", he still insists that "It's awesome! Screw you!" Sure enough, the Badass Normal is the victor of this race.


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