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  • The intro before the fight between Bowser and Dr. Eggman is more or less a fanfic for the now-defunct Super Mario Bros. Z series. SMBZ is what inspired One Minute Melee in the first place. They even give a shoutout to Alvin-Earthworm, the series creator. The same could be said for Bowser Jr. VS Metal Sonic. It even has SMBZ's Big Bad Mecha Sonic facing off against Bowser Jr. in a Shocking Swerve as Mecha rips Metal to pieces before the fight begins. On that note, Bowser showing up to rescue his son in the middle of Mecha Sonic's rampage. Come the sequel, it's revealed that he actually WINS against Mecha Sonic. It was nice to see Bowser Jr back in high spirits in Goomba VS Waddledee, especially after the absolutely brutal beatdown he received from Mecha Sonic.
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  • Just before the Renamon vs Lucario battle, Lucario visits Sir Aaron's grave and the battle starts due to him considering the graveyard a sacred place and wanting Renamon to leave him be.
  • Samus Aran vs Mega Man has quite a few of them after Mega Man wins. As it turns out, the Samus that Mega Man defeated was actually SA-X, who goes One-Winged Angel on the already drained Mega Man... but before he is defeated, the real Samus strafes SA-X with her gunship and saves Mega Man, following by both combatants teaming up and finishing it off, giving each other a knowing nod before they bring out their Final Smash attacks in unison. Samus then leaves on her ship without taking advantage of Mega Man's weakened state, and both of them of them give each other a look that suggests that they both highly respect each other.
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  • Scorpion vs Ghost Rider: Ghost Rider succeeds at saving Ken from becoming Scorpion's next victim after the hellfire ninja had previously killed Ryu. The fact that Ken is in the Netherrealm in the first place implies he tried to hunt down and defeat Scorpion to get revenge for Ryu's death at his hands.
    "Your time has not yet come, fighter."
  • Link vs. Sora:
  • Guile vs. Captain America:
    Guile: Damn, couldn't have expected more from you! You're as good as they say, then.
    Captain America: You're pretty good on your feet as well, soldier. I admire that type of skill.
    • One particular moment in the fight stands out: When Guile accidentally sends Captain America over the railing, his immediate reaction is to run and try to help him up. Granted, Cap was fine and took the opportunity to hit Guile on the way up, but the thought was there.
  • The very fact that Bowser's reason for fighting Mecha Sonic is because Metal hurt his son.
  • In the Superman vs. Saitama fight, it's implied that Superman went out of his way to bring Goku back to life again after their Second Death Battle. The reason he's fighting Saitama here is because he believes Saitama killed Goku in cold blood.
  • In Meta Knight vs. Shovel Knight, the real Meta Knight appearing from nowhere to protect Shovel Knight from being murdered by the disguised Dark Meta Knight, in a Call-Back to the ending of Mega Man vs. Samus. It's followed by Meta Knight silently giving Shovel Knight a look that suggests he respects him as a fellow knight, before teleporting away — showing that despite him losing the battle, he was still impressed with the Blue Burrower's skills.
  • The story bookending the battle segment of Shantae vs Filia. Shantae spots Filia searching for the Skullheart, and offers to help her, the two girls being nothing but friendly. It's only Samson's recklessness that causes them to end up fighting. At the end, Shantae wins, but stays over Filia until she awakens, accepts Samson's apology before he even finishes it, and repeats her offer to help, which Filia is implied to happily accept.
  • In the bonus fight between Link vs Cloud After Link defeats Cloud and is about to leave him unconscious, he can't bring himself to do so without leaving him some potions to heal himself when he wakes up. Cloud was the one who instigated the fight for a suppose bounty on Link to begin with, but he still felt the need to help him.
  • Undyne vs. Pearl:
    • It ends with Steven and Frisk stepping in to stop the fight and help the two put aside their differences, before they all go for lunch together. The result screen even has both Undyne and Pearl hugging each other!
    • The prelude to the fight has Frisk and Steven happily playing soccer with each other (and some MapleStory mushrooms).


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