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In-universe reasons as to why some Death Battles were as they were
  • Doomguy VS Master Chief: Why is Doomguy sluggish and tanking every hit? Why is Master Chief able to deflect all of the chaingun's bullets like that? They aren't the real Doomguy and Master Chief, just two other awesome (at least one of them) Space Marines with the same appearance, but different strategies.
    • It could also be representative of their own intelligence levels. Master Chief is a Genius Bruiser and would use terain to his advantage, Doomguy is probably too busy shouting things and claiming he'll RIP AND TEAR Master Chief's guts to do much.
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    • Master Chief wasn't deflecting the Chainguns bullets - he didn't need to. Those were standard 9mm pistol rounds, and he was wearing the Mjolnir Powered Assault armor - the chaingun simply did absolutely no damage.
  • Starscream VS Rainbow Dash: Reasons why the Null Ray doesn't work.
    • In-universe, prior to the battle, Rainbow has been given a one-time protection something that saves her from death. Whether it's from a potion or spell (from Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, or somepony else entirely).
    • There is more to a pony than meets the eye. For all we know, for all the damage they can take, they probably have something in their physiology that equines in our world don't have that can protect from the Null Ray's effects.
    • As they mentioned, she's Ponyville's weather manager, so she obviously has dealt with lightning before. In fact, fan favorite Derpy Hooves got hit with a blast of lightning and outside of being slightly charred and shaken, she was fine after a few seconds, which is pretty much what happened when Starscream used the Null Ray.
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    • Starscream has shot humans with his null ray and it doesn't inflict any serious harm to them, so why would it bother something with magic powers that can take G-forces that would kill a human 10 times over.
      • More or less confirmed. They note that the Null Ray is specifically designed for destroying machinery, and thus has no effect on living organisms.
  • Terminator vs. RoboCop:
    • The Terminator somehow brought along a weapon from the future into the past, despite that being impossible in his universe. Skynet must have made some sort of dramatic advancement in time travel technology after John Connor proved more difficult to destroy than calculated.
    • If you look closely, the weapon was stored in his chest. The rules of the Terminator universe say that only things covered in flesh can travel back in time. The Terminator was covered in flesh, and since the gun was inside him, that fits into the rules. However, what would make it impossible is the fact that no Terminator in the films has been shown to have a chest cavity large enough to hold such a large weapon.
  • Luigi vs. Tails:
    • For the strength difference: Tails is holding back and meeting his opponent with equivalent force. After all, many of the fights escalate once started; it is possible that both opponents don't intend to kill at first; if that was the case, one character would just use their most powerful attack and finish the enemy that way. It is possible that whatever force makes the meeting of two characters possible also eliminates things like mercy, unwillingness to kill, and the concepts of surrendering or retreating. That way, an escalating fight is the only option. As for why Tails didn't kill Luigi that way, it's simple: there were other ways.
    • For the Lightning thing: Tails has psychological weakness to lightning; using it wouldn't guarantee victory by itself. Luigi also didn't know that Tails was afraid of lightning. He could have spammed lightning to send Tails cowering in fear so allow an opening for an easy kill, but he just simply didn't know how it would affect his opponent. The rules of Death Battle forbid such prior knowledge. It was only one of the many attacks he used, and he probably didn't see anything happen to Tails that would make it an obviously better choice than say, an extremely powerful vacuum cleaner or huge hammer or an zone that breaks logic and physics. Yes, he saw Tails blasted into the distance with lightning, but if your opponent simply comes back ready for more, are you really gonna try again?
  • Batman Vs. Captain America: Batman actually was Dick Grayson. In addition to explaining why he's still alive, it explains how he was able to beat Cap so easily. Dick regularly kicks the crap out of Deathstroke, who is a more deadly version of Captain America with an indestructible sword instead of a shield.

Guessing theme song titles for fights
  • Samurai Jack vs. Afro Samurai:
    • Jacking My Afro
    • Samurai Special
    • Don't Got Jack
    • All jossed, it's Watch Out, Samurai.
  • Carnage vs. Lucy:
    • Carnage Song
    • Bloody Beatdown
    • Maniac Minds
    • Vectors of Carnage
    • All jossed, but the last guess was close, it's Chorus of Carnage.
  • Optimus Prime vs. Gundam
    • Nobody made any guesses before it was revealed, it's Wings of Iron.
  • Nightwing vs. Daredevil
    • Devil in the Night
      • It's Devil of the Night, so it's close enough to be the winner.
    • Daring Wings
    • Fearless Devil
    • A Night in Hell
  • Mario vs. Sonic REVISITED
    • Level 2
    • New Game +
    • Ultimate Rematch
    • Retro Rivalry
      • So close it may as well be confirmed, it's Retro Rivals.
    • Digital Grudge
  • Ultron vs. Sigma
    • Cyber Clash
    • Annihilating Intelligence
    • Age of Sigma
    • Digital Destruction
    • All jossed, it's Infection Perfection.
  • Thanos vs. Darkseid
    • Dark Infinity
    • Of Titans and Gods
    • Mad Apocalypse
    • Infinite and Omega
    • All jossed, it's Kings of Infinity.
  • Aquaman vs. Namor
    • Aqua-Marine
    • Warriors of Water
    • Soaked Showdown
    • All jossed, it's Kings of the Sea
  • Mega Man Battle Royale
    • Mega Legends
    • Robot Master
    • Mega Mashup
    • Master of Megamen
    • The Megamen
    • Fight! For Everlasting Peace!
    • Mega Mania
      • Drop the space and we have our winner.
    • Mega Master
  • Black Widow vs. Widowmaker
    • Weeping Widows
    • Arachnophobia
    • Widow Talons
    • Spider Shot
    • Along Came A Sniper
      • All jossed, it's Widow's Kiss
  • Captain Marvel vs. Shazam
    • Marvel at the Captain
    • Marvelous Shock
    • Captains of Marvel
    • Mighty Marvels
    • Captain Shazam
    • All jossed. It's Marvelous
  • Wario vs. King Dedede
    • Guts and Glory
    • Pudgy and Penguin
    • GreeDedede
    • Royal Pains
    • All jossed. It's Appetite for Greed
  • Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern
    • Green LanTen
    • Forces of Light
    • To the Tenth Power
    • Alien Ring
    • Lantern Matrix
    • Alien Encounter
    • Hero’s Light
    • Will of Ten
    • Omni Light
    • All Jossed. It's Emerald Heroes.
  • Weiss Schnee vs. Mitsuru Kirijo
    • Ice Queens
    • White Ice
    • Knight of White
    • Queen Takes Knight
    • Empress of Mirror
    • Empress and Queen
    • Cold Queens
    • All jossed, it's Winter Sonata.
  • Johnny Cage vs. Captain Falcon
    • Caged Falcon
    • Shadow Falcon
    • Mortal Captain
    • Race to the Action
    • Hotshot Hitters
    • Racing Star
    • Birdcage
    • All jossed, but the closest was the first. It was “Falcon Uncaged”.
  • Aang vs. Edward Elric
    • Alchemy Elements
    • Elements of Alchemy
      • Right on the money.
    • Avatar Alchemist
    • Fullmetal Avatar
    • Arrow to the Knee
    • Bending Brotherhood
    • Air Metal
    • Fullmetal Sky
  • Ghost Rider vs. Lobo
    • Hell Hogs
    • Ride to Hell
      • It's Ride into Hell, so it may as well be correct.
    • Road to Hell
    • Man of Vengeance
    • Burning Bastitch
  • Mechagodzilla vs. Dragonzord
    • Mecha Power
    • Soul of the Dragon
    • MechaDragons
    • March of the Mecha
    • All Jossed. It’s Draconic Robotics.
  • Sasuke vs. Hiei
    • Over the Edge
    • An Eye For An Eye
    • Both Jossed. It’s Dangerous Gaze
  • Ganondorf vs. Dracula
    • Symphony of Power
    • Power of the Night
    • Demon’s Demise
      • All Jossed. It's The Dark Lords
  • Mob vs. Tatsumaki
    • Use Your Head
    • Psychic Psycho
    • Meeting of the Minds
    • Mob Mentality
    • Psycho Punch
    • Telekinetic Terrors
    • Super Psychos
    • Brain Storm
    • 100% Terror
      • All Jossed, though the last was the closest. The title is One Hundred Percent.
  • Deadpool vs. The Mask
    • Mask with a Mouth
    • What 4th Wall?
    • Smoking Dead
    • Somebody Stop Him
    • Merc with a Mask
    • Head for Dead
      • All Jossed. It’s Goodbye Chimichanga
  • All Might vs. Might Guy
    • Might Makes Right
    • The Mightiest Masters
    • Hidden States of Might
    • Symbols of Youth
    • Youthful Justice
    • All Mighty Guys
    • Gates of Justice
    • Mightiest Heroes
      • All Jossed. It’s simply ‘Mighty’.
  • Miles Morales vs. Static Shock
    • Powering the Web
    • Spider Shock
    • Shock and Awe
    • A New Spark
      • All jossed. It's "Watts Up Danger"
  • Sindel vs. Black Canary
    • Scream Queens
    • The Queen and the Drake
      • Both jossed, it's "Sirens of Combat".
  • Leonardo vs Jason
    • Turtle Power Rangers
    • Go Go Ninja Turtles
    • Teenage Attitude
    • Morphing Mutants
    • Leaders with Attitude
    • Teenage Mighty Morphing Leaders
      • All Jossed, but this one was the closest. It's "Teenage Morphin' Ninja Power"
    • Turtle Power
  • Genos vs. War Machine
    • Mechanical Destruction
    • Demon Machine
    • Armed For War
    • Heroic Machines
      • All jossed, it's "K.O. Computer".
  • Gray vs. Esdeath
    • Cold Blooded Triumph
    • Ice Cold Kill
    • Fully Frozen Kill
      • All jossed, it's "Lost Ice Storms"
  • Goro vs Machamp
    • Arm Wrestling
      • Jossed, it's "Four Fist Death Punch".
  • Cable vs. Booster Gold
    • Forces from the Future
    • Boost to the Future
    • Boosted Force
    • Out of Time
      • All jossed, it's "Days of Booster Past".
  • Obi-Wan vs. Kakashi
    • Sight of Force
    • Forceful Gaze
    • Hidden Force
    • Hidden High Ground
    • Hello there, Hokage
      • All jossed, it's "Force and Lightning".
  • Danny Phantom vs. Jake Long
    • Phantom Dragon
    • American Phantom
      • Confirmed.
    • Spirit of the Dragon
  • She-Ra vs. Wonder Woman
    • Princesses of Wonder
      • Confirmed
    • Wondrous Power
    • Eternal Wonder
    • Power and Wonder
  • Beerus vs. Sailor Galaxia
    • No guesses were made before the track was released; it's titled Gods of Destruction.
  • Zuko vs. Todoroki
    • Heated Hero's Honor
    • Fire and Frost
    • Flashfreeze Fire
      • The closest we got so far; it's titled Frozen Fire.
  • Wally West vs. Archie Sonic
    • Ludicrous Speed
    • Cosmic Highway
    • Chaotic Speedsters
    • A Blur and a Flash
      • All jossed, it's "Way Past Flash".
  • Winter Soldier vs. Red Hood
    • In the Red of Winter
    • Red Winter
      • Confirmed.
    • Red Soldiers
    • Soldiers in the Hood
    • Snow Stained Red
  • Venom vs. Crona
    • Blood Parasites
    • Venomous Blood
    • Symbiotic Souls
    • Stronger Together
      • All jossed, it's "Madness Envenom".
  • Red vs. Blue
    • Why We're Here
    • Best Fight Ever. Of All Time.
      • Both Jossed. It's "Bloodgulch Bedlam".
  • Sabrewulf vs Jon Talbain
    • Wulfsbain
    • Werewolf Therewolf
      • Both jossed, it's "Blood Moon".
  • Batgirl vs Spider-Gwen
    • Ladies Night
    • Ghostly Oracle
      • Both Jossed. It's "Webbed Wings".
  • Rock Lee vs Sanji
    • Weaponless Warriors
    • Got revealed early. It's "Full Course Will".
  • Hulk vs Broly
    • The Strongest Legends
    • Super Smash
    • Malachite Madness
    • The Devil in Green
    • Chikara no Ikari
      • The last one was the closest. The track is just "Ikari".
  • Yoda vs King Mickey
    • Heart of the Force
    • King of Masters
    • Kingdom Force
      • It's "Hearts of Light".
  • Shadow vs Ryūko
    • The Ultimates
    • Red and Black
    • Ow, The Edge
    • The Edge of Chaos
      • Revealed early, it's "Chaos Unravelled".
  • Lex Luthor vs Doctor Doom
    • Legionaires of Doom
      • This was the closest. It's "Apex Of Doom".
    • Emerald Egomaniacs
    • Gods Among Men
  • Heihachi Mishima vs. Geese Howard
    • Warriors of Evil
    • Kings of the Iron Fist
      • Second one was closest. The name is "Kings of Iron".
  • Blake Belladonna vs. Mikasa Ackerman
    • Titanic Shadows
      • Jossed. The name is "Thunder Shroud".
  • Po vs. Iron Fist
    • Legends of the Iron Fist
    • Fists of Awesome
      • Both jossed. The name is "Dragons & Dumplings".
  • Steven Universe vs. Star Butterfly
    • Magical Gems
    • Crystal Butterflies
      • Both jossed. The name is "Stars of the Universe".
  • Link vs. Cloud Strife (2021)
    • Breath of the Lifestream
    • Buster of Evil's Bane
    • Legends of Fantasy/Legendary Fantasy (one of the two)
      • All josssed. The name is "Final Breath"
  • Batman vs Iron Man
    • Wonderful Toys
    • Genius Billionaire Battle
    • Bat Versus Man
    • Men of Money
    • A Matter of Wealth
      • All jossed, it's "Suit Yourself".
  • Reverse Flash vs Goku Black
    • Blackened Timeline
    • Flashpoint Future

Goku vs Superman will be the season finale
  • Confirmed.
    • And, in keeping with the pattern of "If a character wins a Death Battle, the next character from that series will lose and vice-versa", Superman will win because Vegeta won his last Death Battle and Batman lost his. Goku's loss will be due to his Cloud Cuckoolander mentality and a possible appearance of the Muffin Button.
    • Confirmed on Superman winning the battle. Jossed about the Muffin Button.
  • Because ItsJustSomeRandomGuy is voicing Superman, there may be a segment where Superman and Goku are represented by action figures. Or the other superheroes are watching from the Hero Bar...
    • Jossed
  • Jokes and Memes from Dragon Ball Abridged will show up. "Kaio-WHAT?" has been confirmed.
  • Because of the talent involved, this is really going to be more of a "I'm A Marvel and I'm a DC" VS. "Team ~~Three~~ Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged" fight than a "REAL" Superman vs. Goku.
    • As far as the animation is concerned anyway, which has no bearing on the research.

The past winners and losers (or their graves/corpses per say) of Death Battle will appear in Goku vs Superman...
Just to get killed during the battle or when the Earth is (eventually) destroyed. and or the Spirit Bomb is used.
  • Jossed. The only previous combatant to show up is Vegeta in the intro.

The next fight isn't actually Goku VS Superman.
They're just tricking us with the preview.
  • Jossed. They confirmed it's release, and released an analysis.

Since MasakoX is voicing Goku in this,
There will be a reference to the Muffin Button from Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
  • Jossed, unfortunately.

Superman will use the Dragon Balls on Namek to revive the Earth
  • Well he has to do something with all his friends and family dead after the Earth blew up due to his Infinite Mass Punch.
    • It helps that Goku, being Goku, is almost certainly OK with having died in such a fun fight, and, not holding any grudges and wanting the Earth back, will probably let Superman know about the Namek Balls via King Kai telepathy messaging.
    • It's also possible that Superman will charge up in the sun for 15,000 years and become Superman Prime, then travel back to the past and resurrect the Earth and it's inhabitants. How? Because he's now God.
    • Confirmed in Goku vs Superman 2, he uses the Dragon Balls to revive Earth and Goku for round two.

Vegeta was right and he COULD have defeated Superman.
  • At least in the scenario. Because when the Kryptonite came into play, he wouldn't destroy it and let Supes back up. He'd mock Superman for being weak to a green rock and keep beating him, likely with the Kryptonite. Because Vegeta is a dick like that.
    • Some people argue that his Saiyan pride would get the better of him since he himself was cool with letting Cell reach his Perfect form in spite of the huge advantage he had (Regardless, he was still a huge dick the whole time).
      • He only let Cell reach his Perfect form because Cell played on the aforementioned Saiyan pride by promising him a much better fight if he allowed him to do so. Before that, Vegeta was seen to be perfectly content on beating down Cell and mocking him for his weakness. So, unless Superman did the same by promising a better fight if Vegeta destroyed the Kryptonite, then Vegeta would likely do as stated above.
      • On the other hand, the kryptonite came into play because Goku just happened to blow Superman down into the ONE building in metropolis that one can reliably find Kryptonite in. Vegeta would simply be unlikely to do the same actions that Goku did during the fight, do to different combat styles and slightly different powers. So, in 99 potential fights out of 100, Vegata, without knowing about Kryptonite, where to get Kryptonite, or that Superman is weak to the green rock, would just of lost faster than Goku did.
      • Wiz said that the kryptonite could fall from the sky for all he cared, it wouldn't matter but for context. But as stated above, if Vegeta even came across it in any scenario, we all know what he would do if he saw it was Supes' weakness. But also as stated above, a fight between Vegeta and Superman, and any other character for that matter, could happen any other way. But in the end, whoever would truly win will depend on the truth and facts. Especially, here in Death Battle.
      • It should also be noted that Superman's reaction to Kryptonite during the battle was HEAVILY exaggerated. It's rare for it to be an instant 'Superman off-button' and usually takes a longer period of exposure for it to actually fully depower him.

At some point in He-Man vs Lion-O, the "HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA"/"What's Going On" song will be heard or referenced.
  • It's possible since we already saw a clear reference to it in the preview analysis rundown for He-Man. Maybe an instrumental of it could even show up as the background music for whatever advertisement they'll plug into the episode right before the fight in the YouTube version.
    • Confirmed. He-Man's stats list him as "An Excellent Singer?" as stated above, and at the end of the fight, He-Man's victory profile is that of his infamous "HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA" face while inaudibly singing said song to a rainbow background.

Outcome guesses for He-Man vs Lion-O
  • Lion-O will use his power over cats to sway Cringer to his side... if Cringer is even allowed to take part.
    • Confirmed. It doesn't really help him much in the end however.

Goku vs Superman will need to be done over
With the release of "Battle of the Gods", Goku now possesses a new transformation in the form of Super Saiyan God, which is several magnitude more powerful than any other transformation, canon or otherwise. It is either that or doings Bills vs Superman or Bills vs Doomsday.
  • Jossed. In an interview Wiz and Boomstick mentioned that Super Saiyan God form, even if it had been usable note , would not have impacted the episode's ending significantly.
    • Maybe not as jossed as originally thought. The fight of Chuck Norris vs Segata Sanshiro held a possible teaser near the end of the battle when the space time continuum was being destroyed. A picture of two sprites that looked like Superman and Goku.... in his Super Saiyan God form. Whether its a jab at the fans or a sign of things to come is up for debate but this WMG maybe back into the questionable territory for now.
    • Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ established that Goku and Vegeta are now able to enter Super Saiyan God form and beyond without outside help, so it is still possible.
  • Confirmed, a rematch is in the works and will explicitly contain the Super Saiyan God form.

Regardless of who wins in Shao Kahn vs M. Bison...
The winner will end the battle in the goriest possible fashion, and then yell FATALITY at the top of their lungs.
  • All confirmed. Interestingly, the fight isn't even over yet after Shao Kahn's finishing blow on Bison.

Shao Khan shall break Mortal Kombat's losing streak
As noted in the trivia section for this show, when a character from a series wins/loses, then another character from that series who appears later on is far more likely to have the opposite result, this is made several times more likely if it subverts this trend and gives us two wins/losses in a row, as evident with DC comics (2 loses then 1 win) and Street Fighter (2 wins then a loss... then a win...). If Shao Khan loses the battle, Mortal Kombat will hold the record for most losses in a series for Death Battle, inversely, Street fighter will surpass Marvel Comics as the record holder for most number of wins in a series for Death Battle.
  • Confirmed on Shao Khan winning the fight.

Goku vs. Superman was the reason the new Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods movie was made.
  • Both Toei animation and Akira Toriyama where pissed about the result (hence this being the first Dragonball related thing Toriyama's done in years), so they made a new movie in which Goku gains a new an even more uber Super Mode (Super Saiyin God) to give him the edge in any later rematch. Yes, this makes no sense given that the movie was still being made when the episode in question aired, but it's an amusing thought none the less.
    • Jossed. Battle of the Gods was in development way before Goku vs Superman was even announced.

Samus Aran vs. Master Chief will be the second season finale.
Not only is it one of the biggest dream matches among fans, but it would also be the first battle to involve two previous Death Battle winners (Leonardo fought in two Battles, but he's just one competitor), unless another fight reached that milestone, like Spawn vs. Thor.
  • Jossed, it's Charizard vs. Greymon
Episode 27 In-Universe...
...Was the day that Shao Kahn challenged M. Bison to Mortal Kombat. But for was Tuesday. Considering how it ended, it was Bison's last Tuesday...

Episode 29 will have Boomstick make a Shout Out To Shakespeare.
Specifically, it'll be something like "A flower by any other name would kick just as much ass!" Because someone as rough as Boomstick making reference to the most celebrated playwright of all time is just hilariously inappropriate.
  • Jossed, unfortunately; brilliant as the idea is, the episode was more Boomstick's traditional antics.

Boomstick's father is/was a zombie pirate.
Because it was the first thing that popped into my mind when he mentioned that zombie pirates don't make good fathers.

Death Battle Has a Dark Purpose Behind It
Wiz and Boomstick are actually Those Two Bad Guys employed by some sort of multiversal Big Bad, who has gathered the greatest warriors in the multiverse together for two purposes-
  • First, to eliminate as many of those warriors as possible in preparation for his eventual plan.
    • Secondly, to gather up the remains of the losers, and using a fusion of arcane science and sorcery, combine them into a necromantic, bio-mechanical demigod possessing the combined abilities of every Death Battle loser, to act as the vanguard of his eventual invasion, traveling to every universe in turn to destroy it's heroes before his Dark Master annexes those universes to his own. Of course, this is assuming an entity of such power could be controlled...
    • By reference or coincidence, this is the exact plot of an episode of the Teen Titans:

Death Battle Has a Bright Purpose Behind It
Wiz and Boomstick were chosen by a multiversal Big Good, to gather the greatest warriors in the multiverse together for two purposes-
  • First, to determine which warriors are the strongest and more capable over the other, so that many of the superior ones may be gathered together in preparation for his eventual plan.
    • Secondly, to battle a major Big Bad that plans to travel to every universe in turn to destroy it's heroes before his Dark Master annexes those universes to his own. Also, exactly as above, it will also gather up the remains of the losers, and using a fusion of arcane science and sorcery, combine them into a necromantic, bio-mechanical demigod possessing the combined abilities of every Death Battle loser, to act as a sentinel against his eventual invasion. As well as the above, this is assuming an entity of such power can be controlled...

Most of the battles are just a simulation.
With the exception of the ones containing truly villainous characters, or the ones that have a story behind them [Goku vs Superman, He-Man vs Lion-O, Fox vs Bucky, Robocop vs Terminator], the other battles came into being by the characters meeting up with each other one day, striking up a conversation, and realizing how much in common they have with one another. They get curious as to who would win in a no-holds barred fight, but they know better than to act on it and refuse to even try...until Wiz and Boomstick show up with their simulation machine, allowing them to settle their match without causing either of them any lasting harm. As for the ones involving villainous characters and the ones with stories behind them, Wiz and Boomstick have a satellite out there to record those ones so they can show them to the public.
  • The simulation machine was explicitly confirmed to exist in Meta vs. Carolina. Meanwhile, statements in Eggman vs. Wily and Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro imply that they're actually observing and affecting alternate universes. This may be how the simulation actually functions, or it may be a separate technology. Either way, it's likely they often perform these simulations as services for the combatants or others close to them, hence why they sometimes host matches they seem initially uninterested in (as with Boomstick questioning if "we're really doing this again" with each appearance of My Little Pony characters, for instance). It's all about the money.

Wiz is a Troll
It's not an accident he has knack for saying things that piss off or baffle Boomstick (such as piece of Justin Bieber's hair selling for over $40000 and Rainbow Dash being karate blackbelt respectively), he does it on purpose to get a reaction out of him.

The climax of Luigi vs. Tails will involve the Negative Zone.
The Negative Zone's slowdown effect is one of the only things in Luigi's arsenal that can provide any sort of counter to Tails' speed, which is enough to keep up with Sonic when he's in a full run. It's ripe for a dramatic moment after which both combatants look like they're going to die at any moment.
  • It happened, but Luigi still lost; Tails was able to beat the Negative Zone by attaching a bomb to Luigi's vaccuum.

The Starter Pokémon Battle Royale will use ALL the starter Pokémon.
Every region's trio will appear, leading to a battle with dozens of combatants.
  • Jossed, previews indicate it's only a battle royal of the first gen starters.

The next Death Battle isn't a Starter Pokemon Battle Royal, but rather, Charamander or Charizard vs Agumon or Greymon.
The Death Battle Twitter mentioned these choices as a possible matchup, plus there are three Pokéballs, so maybe it is next?
  • To clarify for the latter statement, during the "Next Time" preview, three Pokéballs roll onto the screen. In the beginning of Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, Fire Red, and Leaf Green, Charmander is always contained within one of three balls present on the table at Professor Oak's laboratory for the main protagonist to possibly choose as their partner. This may only further enforce Charmander/Charizard's possible appearance.
    • Jossed. It's a battle royal of the fully evolved Generation 1 starters.

The Next death battle will mention or reference Twitch Plays Pokémon in some way
  • JOSSED from what I can tell.
Shao Kahn worked for Death Battle
His job was to shout "Fight!" at the start of each battle. But then Khan decided to quit and demanded Wiz and Boomstick to find him an opponent (under the threat of having thier souls devoured) so he can participate in a Death Battle himself. Wiz and Boomstick promised him they would sent him a challenger to his castle one day and it came.

Wiz and Boomstick will have the final season of the show (however long it lasts) consist entirely of battles between previous winners.
  • I know it's kind of a long distance prediction, but it just seems so weird to have someone as powerful and/or iconic as He-Man or Shao Kahn just be in one battle and never be used again.
    • Some possible matchups for "Death Battle All-Stars: Rumble In the Jungle":

      *** Master Chief vs, Samus Aran (badass super soldiers in powered armor)
      • Fox vs. Tails (they are both foxes)
      • Vegeta vs. Thor (they're both pretty powerful Lightning Bruiser-type fighters)
      • Akuma vs. Shao Kahn (The most powerful street fighter and the most powerful kombatant. Let's settle this rivalry once and for all!)
      • Orchid vs. Mai (big breasted fighters that fight hand-to-hand)
      • Superman vs. Spawn
      • Spider-Man vs. Blanka (brute force and speed vs. tactics and powers)
      • Zangief vs. Princess Peach (can the famous bear wrestler's strength defeat the petite damsel's magic?)
      • Sonic vs. Rainbow Dash (they're both pretty fast)
      • Link vs. Leonardo (a good old sword fight is always nice)
      • Ragna the Bloodedge vs Dante (white hair, red coats, giant swords, and dark powers)

In the Pokemon Battle Royal Mega Evolution's will be mentioned but will be unusable for the battle
  • Confirmed on the unusable part, since the three will be treated as level 100 wild Pokemon, as such they will have no trainer to have a strong bond with and no way to achieve mega form as a result.

Fulgore will face Iron Man in the next battle
  • Knowing that Death Battle likes to use similar combatants (Fett and Samus are bounty hunters, Zangief and Haggar are wrestlers, etc.),who is appropriate? Robocop and Terminator seemed unlikely, considering they've had their own battle, but that image of Fulgore's chest laser created an idea. "Hey, Iron Man! He has a chest laser too!" It's kind of a stupid reason to think so, but the possibility of a Beam-O-War between chest lasers seems strangely appealing to me.
    • JOSSED. It's Sektor.

There is a loose continuity among all the episodes
  • P.S. This will be updated as new episodes come out. This was inspired by a Crack Fic continuity between all the Deadliest Warrior episodes.
    • In the beginning, there was Chuck Norris. Longing for a worthy fight, he was challenged by a martial artist named Segata Sanshiro, and their battle created a new universe in which all warriors exist together.

      A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Samus had accidentally destroyed an important planet belonging to the Empire after a mission went awry. Boba Fett was hired to take her down in retaliation. He failed, and soon word spread that a powerful warrior had killed the legendary Fett. Luke Skywalker set off to find and recruit this warrior, but ran into Harry, who was scared and alone in the aftermath of a disastrous combination of teleportation and time travel magic. A fight ensues as Harry tried to protect himself from a perceived attacker, which he lost. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom also travelled through time and found himself on the Executor. He battled the ship's commander, one Darth Vader and, after taking him to prehistoric Earth, killed him. While exploring the galaxy, Ratchet and Clank came across an undocumented planet. A maintenance accident caused him to crash land into the home of Jak and Daxter, triggering the inevitable fight the two deadly duos.

      During ancient times, Kratos' killing of the gods had attracted Spawn's attention, and they fought. Nightmare began laying siege on the Kingdom of Midland, but crossed a lone mercenary by the name of Guts who killed him before his invasion could even begin. Shortly after the war with the Fire Nation, Toph Bei Fong travelled east and found herself on the outskirts of a desert village. There, she was attacked by the village's leader for standing on holy ground and killed him, causing the Village Hidden in the Sand to declare war on the Earth Kingdom.

      During the Cold War, the Mortal Kombat tournament commenced. Haggar vs. Zangief, Chun-Li vs. Mai, Raiden vs. Thor, Pikachu vs. Blanka, and Fulgor vs Sektor were some of the matches used to determine Team Earthrealm. Thor could have easily won the tournament with his million-ton hammer, but fell prey to Shang Tsung's trickery and was falsely disqualified by the Elder Gods. Ryu was pit against Scorpion and was killed. Mai, Zangief, and Fulgor were killed, while Akuma faced off against Shang Tsung and won the tournament. M. Bison, angry that he wasn't allowed to enter the tournament (Akuma, having brutally beat him in the past, was a much wiser choice to be on the team), decided to prove everyone wrong and tangos with Shao Kahn right in his palace. It doesn't work out so well, and Shao Kahn is now god-like. However, since his warriors lost the tournament, he can't invade Earth. Goku and Superman do not participate as they were busy dealing with other threats.

      A Decepticon invasion of Earth had been repulsed by the Autobots, with heavy losses for the former, and Megatron set his sights on a seemingly weaker land. Starscream performed an aggressive recon mission but got into a fight with Rainbow Dash. Felicia and Taokaka got into a fight as well. After receiving information that a terrorist named Ragna the Bloodedge was the vessel for the ancient Black Beast, Sol Badguy set his sights on Ragna and, after a brutal fight, killed him and destroyed the Black Beast.

      An argument over the last slice of pizza escalated until three ninja turtles were dead, and Leonardo set off to redeem himself by killing the reckless and dishonorable Zitz. Meanwhile, Eggman and Wily decided to determine who's the best scientist. Their fight ended up with Metal Sonic gaining power, but he was mere practice for a young Superman. But in Japan, Godzilla and Gamera had a showdown with Tokyo as their playground, until Gamera was killed and Godzilla went on a rampage, which fortunately was also child's play for Superman. A time trvel incident left Zechs Merquise and Lucrezia Noin on 1990's Earth, where Tommy Oliver accidentally killed Noin. Enraged, Zechs manned his Epyon and tracked down and killed Tommy. Dante was hired by the remaining Lumen Sages to track down the "Left Eye," leading him to meet and fight Bayonetta, who he killed without realizing that she was the Left Eye.

      A time-traveling Terminator sought to kill John Connor, but his mission failed when Robocop confronted him. Mario and Sonic got fed up with everyone arguing about who would win in a fight, and settled it. With Mario dead, Luigi decided to take revenge by killing Sonic's friends, starting with Tails. With Luigi and Mario dead, Bowser was uninterrupted in his conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom. War refugees fleeing Bowser's army were lead by Peach to seek refuge in the land of Hyrule. However Zelda won't hear of any refugees in her kingdom, and thus fought Peach. Meanwhile, Donkey Kong somehow found himself on Angel Island and was attacked by a red echidna named Knuckles, who he brutally killed. Strider and Ryu sought worthy opponents, and hear of each other, while He-Man got all up in Lion-O during a patrol in the woods.

      Bowser's empire was firmly established, but now his minions begin to turn on each other. Fantastic Racism and power struggles in dividing up the conquered spoils led to a civil war among the Goombas and Koopas. Before the invasion, Yoshi had to deal with Riptor, who time traveled and teleported to the Mushroom Kingdom because plot convenience. With Bowser encroaching on Hyrule borders, Peach formed a desperate alliance with a thief named Ganon, who led a one-man assault on Bowser's castle and killed the Koopa King. He then returned to the kingdom to await the return of his enemy, Link.

      In the present time, Batman had decided to test out Spider-Man's skills in order to evaluate him as a potential member of the Justice League. The fight got a little too far, and shocks were sent down everyone's spines as dawn revealed the dark knight's dead body; if the goddamned Batman wasn't invincible, then what does that say about everyone else? A manhunt by the JLA falsely landed their sights on Rogue, who Wonder Woman failed to apprehend. Green Arrow was dispatched to capture Hawkeye, but died in the process as well. Desperate to defeat these new heroes, the remaining Justice League members hired Deathstroke, who set his sights on fellow mercenary Deadpool, but he was killed after a lengthy battle. Knowing these new heroes power, Lex Luthor attempted to steal technology to find out how the Avengers could defeat such prominent League members, but he robbed Iron Man's warehouse and died during the robbery. Talia restored Batman to life using the Lazarus Pits. Batman, enraged over the deaths of his compatriots, tracked down and killed Avengers leader Captain America, and led the Justice League in it's war with the Avengers. Beast hid in New York City, but he found himself on the Manhattan Clan's clock tower and was killed by Goliath. Meanwhile, two FOXHOUND and Third Echelon operatives named Snake and Sam Fisher respectively crossed paths and, unaware of the other's affiliations, attacked each other, culminating in the death of Sam Fisher and Anna Grimmsdottir. Wolverine was hired by the U.S. Military to track Snake down for committing treason, but he ran into Raiden instead. Wolverine's failed attempt to apprehend him led to his death. Shadow and Vegeta fought, with the latter emerging victorious. Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black got into a brawl, Vegeta makes his way home, and eventually Goku fought Superman. The Earth was destroyed, but a quick roundup of the Dragon Balls and a wish erased all of that. Goku challenged Superman again and was defeated once again. Accepting that he could not defeat Superman, he became good friends with Superman after being brought back by the Dragon Balls. In honor of Earth's restoration, a fighting tournament was held. World Champ Hercule Satan was challenged by one Dan Hibiki, and after an awkward fight, Dan was accidentally killed. Meanwhile, Buu travelled to Pop Star and found Kirby. Believing Kirby was a piece of candy, Buu tried to eat him, and was thrown into the Sun for his troubles.

      In the future, Doomguy is on the run after assassinating a superior officer and defying orders (as well as just being a lunatic), and Master Chief is sent in to pacify him. Meanwhile, another Mortal Kombat tournament sees Cloud and Link fight to be Earthrealm's protector, resulting in Cloud's death. Heartbroken over her friend's death, Tifa left AVALANCE and became a bartender in a land called Remnant. Tifa's job was interrupted when an irritable patron named Yang Xiao Long attacked a bouncer and Tifa was killed defending her business and customers. Bucky and Fox clash in space near the Random Ass Planet. Bomberman is sent in to help Earth fight a villain, but his reckless collateral damage leads to a heated confrontation with Dig Dug. With robots becoming increasingly commonplace, riots for robot rights began to occur. Mega Man was sent by Dr. Light to settle the riots, but things got violent and Astro Boy stepped in to protect the rioters, leading to Mega Man's destruction. Scientists also test out which Pokemon is the best. Orchid fights Ivy after a magical incident for the latter results in teleportation and time travel. Red came across Agumon and, believing he was a Pokemon, attempted to capture him, leading to a fight with Agumon's friend Tai Kamiya. Ultimately, Red and his prized Pokemon Charizard were killed in the fight.

      Two mercenaries, Deadpool and Deathstroke, battle it out for each others bounty. Deadpool wins, then gets teleported to Equestria for reasons. He meets fellow fourth-wall observer Pinkie Pie, and after a brief scuffle, became besties, trolled Wiz and Boomstick's puppet masters, and threw Deadpool a birthday Party. He is now Equestria's ambassador and minister of Mexican foods. He runs his stand need Sugar cube corner, to hang out with his new best buddy. They play poker on Wednesdays.

Fulgore will lose because he seems more robot-like than a human
  • In Terminator vs. Robocop, the other fight between mechanized combatants, had the cyborg Robocop prevail over the wholly robot Terminator due to human creativity. Fulgore seems less human than Sektor, and seeing as they have similar abilities, human creativity, unpredictability, and genius tactics will be on Sektor's side and allow him to win.
    • Jossed. Fulgore wins.

We're going to have to wait another 5 months for Death Battle 35 to come out.
  • On one hand
    • Godzilla is a very old character with tons of appearances to sift through. Depending on how Ben and Chad want to approach this, we could be waiting a very long time for them to complete their research on the King of All Monsters alone, to say nothing of the research on his opponent or the animation of the fight.
  • On the other hand
    • They have other people to do research for them, such as the folks at The Official DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog, and even though there's a lot of mythology behind 'Zilla, a quick google search of his abilities, then tracking down in which works he displayed them in (so they can then quantify and analyze them) should suffice. Failing that, they don't always cite their sources, so it's not like the pressure's on to be super-meticulous.
      • JOSSED. Death Battle 35 will be shown at SDC, July 11, 12, or 13.

Godzilla will lose.
He's an old character with a lot of victories under his belt, and giving him yet another win would simply be cliche. The final step of his journey as the King of Monsters would be to be dethroned; going down fighting to the end. The point is this: we don't want the story of Godzilla to end of him dying of old age, do we? No, we want a warrior's death to mark an honorable end to one of DB's most prolific and famous combatants.
  • Alas, this is jossed; Godzilla had this one in the bag quite easily.

Godzilla will face the The Iron Giant
They're both nigh-indestructible giant things. In addition, one is more villain-like while the other is more of a hero.
  • JOSSED. The opponent is Gamera.

Godzilla's opponent is Gipsy Danger
A mech made for battling Kaiju like Godzilla would be a challenge for either one!
  • JOSSED. The opponent is Gamera.

Godzilla's opponent will be Cthulhu
Both are known for being insanely powerful juggernauts, both have memetic popularity, both will rake in views.
  • JOSSED. The opponent is Gamera.

Characters don't stay dead
While Wiz and Boomstick have said that they CAN bring back characters who have been killed off, this is unnecessary as the characters don't actually stay dead either way. Most combatants thus far have had some means of Video-Game Lives (including Continues for fighting game characters), Resurrective Immortality, or some other way to come back from death unharmed. This would also explain why Sonic was so casual about settling his rivalry with Mario with a brutal fight to the death despite knowing that it would mean the main villains from their series would be able to conquer the world unopposed; he knew that regardless of the outcome, the loser would be Back from the Dead very shortly since both have steady access to extra lives. Not to mention it'd explain away how the destruction of the world in both Wily vs. Eggman and Goku vs. Superman was given a Retcon; one of the fallen characters would just have to pop a 1-Up or use a continue and the world would be set back to before their death. And as an added, final bonus, it'd also explain the removal of Thou Shalt Not Kill tendencies from characters that'd normally have them: When Death Is Cheap, why bother holding back?
  • Confirmed it seems, Batman will be returning to the Season 2 ring after dying in Season 1. The same goes with Goku and Charizard

The Batman fighting against Cap is actually Dick Grayson.
  • Jossed. It was once again Bruce Wayne, in the flesh.

The Goomba vs. Koopa fight was rigged
Specifically, Wiz and Boomstick knew that a simple straight fight between individuals belonging to the weakest and most vanilla Mario enemy types would make for an incredibly boring fight. Thus, the littered the surrounding area with all sorts of death traps and hazards for the sake of making the fight more exciting and presumably dragging it out.

Related to the Batman vs Cap fight...
Batman's fight with Captain America is actually before his fight and death at the hands of Spider-Man. This allows the team to cheat a bit by having previous losers on again by having Anachronic Order in effect.

Related to the Tigerzord VS Gundam Epyon fight...
Zechs has to take responsibility and take over the White Power Ranger's job, so the planet is still safe... Sorta. As long as Zechs stays on the right side this time.

Battles that happen with no in-universe reason
Are caused by some sort of Hate Plague that has infected one or all combatants, making them attack each other.

This is set in the same universe as Super Smash Brothers
Not only does this explain how certain characters come back to life after diying in the ring, but think about it. In the Smash Bothers world, the heroes fight each other with little reasoning, no one really dies, and it feels like it is all caused by a massive hand. Heck, Wizz and Boomstick are in fact, Master hand and Crazy Hand.

Kirby will land the Hypernova...and still lose.
The preview for Kirby's profile states that Kirby's insides are actually a portal to some kind of weird alternate reality, so if Buu is swallowed, he will technically still live. This is a Death Battle, so incapacitation won't do the trick here. Besides, Buu once tore a hole in reality after being trapped in a supposedly inescapable dimension. If he could make it out of there, it's very possible he could make it out of Kirby's "stomach". With few means to get past Buu's defenses, it's distressingly likely Kirby will be stonewalled to death.
  • On the other hand, Kirby could still copy Buu's power before he escaped, giving him regeneration as well. It is possible that the fight will end up going the "let's see who can make the biggest boom and vaporize the other first" route.
    • Jossed. It was used to reflect Majin Buu's deadly energy ball instead. Also, Kirby won.

Deadpool is going to verbally abuse Wiz and Boomstick (mainly Wiz)
Deadpool breaking the 4th wall is guaranteed here, considering who were talking about. In addition, since he'll be voiced by Takahata 101 who has had heated conflicts with Wiz beforehand. During the fight, he'll probably direct his attention to the camera, and bring upon a slew of self-deprecating humor regarding Wiz, the show, and the fans, perhaps with a "Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • He does talk to the camera during the fight, but he doesn't directly reference the show while in battle, the exception being him announcing the "FIGHT!". During the analysis however, he does fool around with the hosts and even lampshades on getting it on with Boomstick's wife and the results of Goku vs Superman, among other things.

Deadpool will intrude on the analysis and become a third host
His Medium Awareness means he will notice Wiz and Boomstick talking about him and thus he will comment on it and start his own talking points.
  • Confirmed. He's present for the just about the entire analysis of both combatants, and even the aftermath results. He even adds his own statistics that Wiz "forgot to add".

Every Season Finale will be a Superman fight
After Goku vs. Superman, we will have fights against other heavy weights like Superman vs Godzilla or Superman vs Phoenix or Superman vs Neo (in the Matrix of course).
  • Jossed, Season 2's Finale is Charizard vs. Greymon.
In the series finale, all the previous losers will return as Black Lanterns
and have their revenge on Wiz and Boomstick by having them fight to the death!

Segata Sanshiro will be killed in his battle with Chuck Norris, with his canonical death being the main reason
Canonically, Sanshiro died in a nuclear explosion while saving Sega HQ. While this is something very few characters and even fewer human beings can survive, Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick has the power of the Big Bang. If a nuclear blast can kill him, the force of the Big Bang should obliterate him. Whether there will be another factor leading to a draw is another matter, but regardless, Segata will die.
  • Jossed! It's been proven he's still alive. Probably.

Guts' analysis is going to be incredibly dark and full of black comedy.
  • A series with the amount of rape and horrific violence Berserk has, it's the only way they can do it.
    • Confirmed to an extent, they're quick to point out that Guts' origins are very dark, and there's a few jokes made at his expense.

The Ending of Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro is the creation of a whole new universe.
After all one CNRK, like the one then used, is equal to a big bang. The images we see are space-time being ripped asunder, with the final one being a future fight in the new universe.

The climax of Nightmare vs. Guts will come after Guts destroys Nightmare's physical body.
If Ben and Chad decide that Guts has to destroy the sword in order to kill Nightmare, we may end up seeing a Battle in the Center of the Mind as Soul Edge tries to possess Guts, which could get even more interesting with the Beast of Darkness joining in. Guts has managed to resist one bloodthirsty spirit trying to corrupt him, but can he resist two?
  • Partially confirmed. After destroying Night Terror, Inferno comes out to try to kill Guts, however Guts destroys Soul Edge with a single sword swing. It was later talked about in the post-match commentary that Guts has dealt with enough demonic stuff to know not to touch it.

There will be Death Battle Superman vs Super Saiyan God Goku
Goku will still lose. Boomstick will again say they will never have to hear about it again... Only for Revival of F or another movie to give Goku an even more powerful form, starting everything all over again.
  • Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro strongly implies that there will be a rematch in a Freeze-Frame Bonus, not to mention all of the jokes that the creators have made about the outcome of the battle since Season 2 started. A rematch may very well come.
    • Confirmed

Iron Man's opponent will be Lex Luthor.
When asked what upcoming fights they were looking forward to, Ben and Chad replied by stating they were looking forward to "____ ___ vs. ___ ______," the hyphens clearly meaning the amount of letters in the combatants' names. In addition, the similarties between the two are obvious enough; a Marvel vs. DC fight, this one starring two genius businessmen who fight using Powered Armor. Lastly, in accordance with Ben and Chad's response, an image of an in-progress fight were revealed; in particular, a tall model of a character attacking a smaller one, all of which was set in 3D. Both fighters have fighting games set in 3D that the animators could reasonably use as models for the fight.
  • Confirmed!

Beast will lose his battle with Goliath to prove there is no Marvel Bias
While they may have a sound explanation for it, there will also be a second, hidden reason: to avoid accusations of a Marvel bias. As of Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor, Marvel as a company has only lost one battle (that being Batman vs. Captain America) out of six, and as Beast vs. Goliath is the episode scheduled to air right after Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor, having Marvel win two consecutive fights may look fairly suspicious. Plus, the series has been known to downplay/exaggerate its combatants' feats and abilities or otherwise fail to do research, which the fans have called the series out on, Ragna vs. Sol and Gaara vs. Toph being prime examples. Thus end, the hosts will arrange for Beast to lose the fight, and the fans would assume it to be Death Battle's neglecting to fully research the source material when in reality, they would do so to avoid claims of favoritism towards Marvel.

Goliath vs Beast will be anti-climatic
Goliath will absolutely dominate the fight the whole time, and then the sun will come up, turning him to stone and allowing Beast to take the victory in hilarious anti-climax.
  • Jossed, as the sun did not come up by the end of the battle. Also, Beast lost.

Solid Snake will fight Sam Fisher
They've got the same job and same skillsets.

The Season 2 Finale/SGC episode will be...
NOTE: It's gotta be something that would receive a lot of requests, as it was advertised as such just before the Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor fight.

A character from Kingdom Hearts will be in
In Iron Man v.s. Lex Luthor the items in that scene came from franchises represented (or to be represented) in Death Battle. There was a Metal Gear, and two episodes later we had Solid Snake. The Keyblade therefore foreshadows a KH character being in it.

Goku vs. Superman 2 will be the ultimate troll battle
  • Superman will bring out EVERYTHING he has, but, regardless if it makes any sense for both series, Goku will be unharmed.
  • Both of them will die, and then continue fighting on Grand Kai's planet. This battle will never end. Like Chuck Norris vs Segata Sanshiro, it will be a draw. As a final touch, specators on Grand Kai's planet will argue about who would win just like real life viewers.
  • Superman squashes Goku in 2 seconds.
  • A third party will come out of nowhere and kill both of them.
  • All jossed.

EVERY fighter is a clone
Wiz and Boomstick are two scientists who regularly spy on the multiverse's greatest fighters and take notes. Eventually, they manage to create perfect clones of said fighters and, should they find an equal, put them to use on the hugely popular TV show Death Battle. None of the characters are the "real" people, just clones made solely for entertainment.

Superman still wins against Goku
But unlike all the other Death Battles Goku isn't killed and they acknowledge each other as worthy Opponents
  • Partly confirmed. Superman won, via killing the enemy as normal, while acknowledging and respecting Goku as a fighter.

There will eventually be a Goku vs. Superman 3... where Goku wins
While Superman's power is unlimited, he has a number of weaknesses that Goku lacks. Goku's only Achilles' Heel was freezing up when someone grabbed his tail, and not only did he outgrow that weakness in Dragon Ball but he doesn't even have his tail anymore. In this third fight, there will be a scenario where Goku throws out all notions of Let's Fight Like Gentlemen and exploits Superman's weaknesses. These include: a new power pole that Superman can't remove, green and/or yellow kryptonite, and the light of a red star. In other words, Goku can only win this fight by cheating, which is why it will never happen.

Knuckles vs. Donkey Kong will play out exactly like Mario vs. Sonic
Their respective power-ups will cancel each other's out (DK's Strong Kong form will be able to counter Super Knuckles, etc.), but once those are used up Knuckles' greatly superior speed will win him the match. (Technically unlike Mario vs. Sonic they both have Super Strength, a category that DK is superior at, but all the power in the world doesn't matter if you can't HIT the target)
  • Jossed. As Mario vs. Sonic established that Mario and Sonic powerups effectively counter each other, including those exclusive to the Donkey Kong Country series, the fight instead focused on their non-powerup based abilities. Additionally, it was deemed that Knuckles' speed was hardly a factor as he needed to get within punching range of DK to harm him anyway, and ultimately DK was determined to be the winner.

Donkey Kong will dominate Knuckles in a complete squash.
DK is more intelligent than he looks, being able to pilot vehicles and work machinery, while Knuckles's intelligence has been fairly nonexistent since the Sonic Adventure series. He's cosmically strong, as the endings to Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will attest to. Even his banana juice powerup is more powerful than anything in Knuckles's arsenal.
  • Somewhat confirmed. It wasn't a complete squash although it literally ENDED that way, as Knuckles' superior mobility did give DK a run for his money, but overall DK took the win.

If Raiden defeats Wolverine, it will be due to the use of Sam's Muramasa blade.
The weapon is capable of cutting through molecules, so perhaps it would be able to slice right through Wolverine's adamantium skeleton.
  • Confirmed. It has the exact properties needed to cut through adamantium, specifically the weakening of molecular bonds.

Hercule vs Dan will be pretend to be serious.
There's going to be this elaborate lead-in with emotionally charged dialogue and a dramatic setting, and it will be extremely funny by virtue of involving Hercule and Dan. Not too likely, but it would fit Hercule's reputation and Dan's inflated image of himself.

Dan is gonna get Indiana Jonesed.
A lot of analyzers have noticed that Hercule has used a gun, which raises the possibility of the fight ending like this.
  • Jossed, Hercule doesn't use his gun in the fight. He never needed one.
Hercule vs. Dan will end in a tie.
Given that the battles mostly Played for Laughs Goomba vs. Koopa, Justin Beiber vs. Rebecca Black, and Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro ended in a tie, the same result will happen again, resulting in a Double K.O.
  • Jossed, there is a winner. Its Hercule. Dan accidentally swallows a capsule, it turns into a jukebox, and the "Streetest Fighter" explodes.

Yang will win as a tribute to Monty Oum.
There is no way they would kill a RWBY character after the tragic passing of its creator Monty Oum. This fight will be an homage from the DEATH BATTLE team to the late animator who inspired them. That doesn't mean it will a bad fight or that Yang will not be hurt by any means, just that the result is pretty obvious.
  • Jossed. Yang's confirmed opponent is Tifa Lockheart. Monty also animated Dead Fantasy which featured Tifa prominently, so either one could be a tribute to Monty.

Mega Man will be in as a future combatant
One of the capsules released a Mega Man (Classic) character in Rush. Since Death Battle likes putting cameos from the series of future combatants, this could mean that Mega Man could be in. We can probably expect Classic or X to show up first, since they're the most well-known of the franchise.

Ryuko Matoi will be in as a future combatant
Going off of the above, the Scissor Blade makes a "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" cameo as one of the weapons Hercule smuggled into a capsule. It's possible that it may have just been an easter egg by the animator and nothing more, though considering Death Battle has inserted references to future fights before (such as the warehouse in Iron Man vs Lex Luthor and SSG Goku & Superman fighting in Chuck vs Segata to name a few), Ryuko showing up wouldn't be out of left field.
  • Perhaps her opponnent would be none other than her spiritual predecessor, Simon the Digger?
  • Gentaro Kisaragi could be her rival. There are both school based heroes.
    • Partly confirmed. She will appear after Yoda vs. King Mickey but her opponent is Shadow, not Simon or Gentaro Kisaragi. (Though they could still appear in the far future.)

Yang will win, because her pre-series finale skills overpass Tifa's post-game skills
The reason the crew won't do characters from shows like Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are because the characters are still growing in power and ability, which is why they waited until the end of Naruto to do Gaara vs. Toph. Although Rainbow Dash was brought into Death Battle at the very start of Season 2 of Friendship is Magic, she had already proven that she could beat Starscream with her current abilities. Yang's abilities in Volumes 1 and 2 could already be enough to kill final battle level Tifa.
  • Confirmed. Yang defeats Tifa.

The Match Yang vs. Tifa will be referencing Dead Fantasy
Since Tifa was also a Character in Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy it would be natural to include a Reference to that Series as well.

Possible Shout-Out are:

  • They Fight at a Dead Fantasy Location
  • A Scene from Tifa's Fight against Hitomi is reenacted
  • At the end of the fight, where Boomstick will refer to the loser's chances at victory as a 'Dead Fantasy'

There will be a Death Battle between a Soul Caliber character and a Final Fantasy character early in Season 3.
Soul Caliber and Final Fantasy are, at time of writing, the only two series with multiple fighters who are yet to score a win. A battle between these two series would end the drought for one or the other. Additionally, both series are known primarily for their sword-wielding characters and take place in reasonably similar universes, giving most characters from either series a solid chance at a good fight.
Deadpool vs. Phineas Flynn will be an Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX-esque Special Death Battle episode
With Disney know owning Fox, why not? Also, it will be a big Take That! to the Broken streak of Undertaker at WrestleMania for 20+ years.
  • Also, why not the Deadpool version of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast (a mixture of the 1991 and 2017 versions) but sung by everyone who showed up in Death Battle, with Crash Bandicoot singing the part of Le Fou.
Yang was holding back in the first half of the fight.
Yang's hair was lighter than is usual. This is perplexing since later on in the fight her hair turns into it's regular color about halfway. Why couldn't they have just kept it normal in that case? Because Yang's semblance is absorbing her opponents attacks and using their strength against them. Semblances is a unique ability that a person has which is used with aura.

Some people claim she should have depleted her aura by the time Final Heaven was executed, but when it comes to her semblance Yang's aura is proportional to how brightly glowing her hair is. Which means that she must have been really storing up her aura for this fight due to the areforementioned lighter-than-usual hair color.

The loser of Mega Man vs. Astro boy won't be permanently dead.
These robot fighters can't exactly die, and even if they do, isn't it possible that Mega Man can just be rebuilt?

The season finale will be Smokey vs. Mc Gruff
  • Jossed. Charizard vs. Greymon, and by extension their respective other forms by the looks of it However, Smokey vs. McGruff did eventually become a battle in Season 4.

Charizard vs Greymon will be a Curb-Stomp Battle...
...In Greymon's favor.
  • Confirmed.

ScrewAttack has run into some technical difficulties regarding the show.
(Written on December 8th, 2015)Contrary to popular belief, Goku vs. Superman didn't cap off Season 1 because it was a highly requested and popular fight. As they said during their Goku vs Superman 2 panel, they ended Season 1 on that fight because they had run into some technical difficulties, which implies the same of Season 2's finale.

There will be a Remastered fight between Season 2 and Season 3.

Everyone who goes into a Death Battle is either directly given a 1UP or discreetly given one, subconsciously letting them know they can go farther than usual.
  • It's a pretty easy explanation. For those who are going directly into a Death Battle, they're given a 1UP by Boomstick and Wiz, the two of them explaining to each contestant what it does. This allows the more heroic characters to go into a fight to the death more comfortably, knowing that their opponent will come back to life if they cut loose. (It also conveniently explains how Batman came back from the dead.) For those that go into a fight to the death scenario without knowing who their opponent is (for example, Yang vs. Tifa), Boomstick and/or Wiz discreetly slips them a 1UP, which subconsciously influences them into not holding back against someone who has an extra life.

Wolverine was originally going to die by drowning.
The hosts mentioned that drowning is one of the very few ways Wolverine can die for good. Given that the first shot of the fight scene is panning over a pier, one could make a fairly reasonable guess that this tidbit of information would be relevant to Raiden's victory. However, the water never became relevant, possibly because the death by drowning was anticlimactic, and/or because the circumstances behind the loser's death would raise the question of what would happen in a drier area.

Polygon Man and his Co-Dragons are behind it all, with the host as their pawns
Originally Death battle was a simulation, but after the first or second death battle Polygon Man took interest, after promising either wiz or boomstick actual fights between characters, Polygon Man instantly began looking for someone to arrange the battles through manipulation and transformation, and one to make characters more willing to kill and fight. Minion 1 would do things like, assign sam and snake the same mission, Get Toph separated from the Gaang and then make a messenger tell her the gang will meet her at the sacred grounds gaara was guarding, which by transforming into someone agar knows and trust, would tell him someone was going to try and desecrate the place, Convince Doom to conquer the empire, Trick scorpion into attacking rye with lies about his clans death, put bounties on deadpan and deathstroke, send buu to popstar and get Dan to enter the World Martial Arts Tournament or put to many weapons in megaman so he will go crazy. The second one will try to instigate the fight and remove a characters remorse but has problems as Superman, He-Man, Hercule, Astroboy, Rainbowdash and Red did not initially mean to fight to the death, with he-man and hercule it was an accident, superman did it reluctantly,Astroboy spared megamans head, and red did not realize till he was already dead who these 2 could be i don't know. Polygon Man comes up with the scenarios and plans the other 2 carry out. Polygon Man wants to 1. have Denied fighters for smash, capcom vs whatever and the like 2. get more rivalries started for a new Media Allstars battle Royale Like the Naruto cast and the Gaang having a small feud over Gaara's Death, or the X-Men hating the Manhattan Clan, Foxhound, and the Justice League 3. Create enough distress and fear that he can rule the multiple verses after MABR kills the remaining heroes and villains. What his Dragons Mindcountrolley and Manipulate/Morphy want i can't say (Negative feelings, the chance to destroy a rival?) but if the recent one minute melee is anything to go by the boss just snapped, seeing that Astro Boy Spared Megaman's head, Hercule going for a knockout and only killing dan by bad luck, unregulated OMM battles happening (several of which involved him having to barter with death gods for the loser's resurrection) and Master hand desperate for fighters resurrected Ryu, Polygon Man Snapped, after rekilling ryu, Polygon Man decides that there is no room for Master Hand in his new universe and tries to kill him fails and dies with that being thee real reason season 2 ended forcing his dragons to find a new brain for the group.

The Shredder will be a combatant in Season 3.
Because Nick posted this on his Twitter. The TMNT series has also been updated since 2011's TMNT battle royal, with the Nickelodeon cartoon, the movies and the IDW comic series, so why not?
  • Somewhat Confirmed. He's a combatant in Season 4.

Dante is going to get impaled during the battle...
But not killed, seeing as he gets impaled every other day, he'll shrug it off.
  • Confirmed. Him being able to shrug off impalement is why he wins.

Bayonetta will win against Dante
Aside from Kamiya stating that Bayonetta is more powerful than Dante, given Death Battle's habit of Power Creep, Power Seep, they'd still give the win to Bayonetta due to their history with Man vs Woman deathbattles.
  • Jossed. Dante wins due to Bayonetta being unable to counter his Healing Factor.

Bayonetta and Jeanne rescue fallen characters from Inferno and Paradiso, hence the possibility for Unexplained Recovery
Bayonetta needing to kill angels means an assault on Paradiso is well within her job description, and while doing so she could very easily bring back good-aligned characters from their final rest. Likewise, her being doomed to torment in Inferno for eternity upon death which happens to her in Death Battle canon would probably soften any hesitation she would have about bringing back characters sentenced there.

Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro bring the deceased characters back from their fates
After fighting for a few eons, the two of them stumble upon Dante and Bayonetta's battle. Watching from above, they witness Bayonetta's death and her soul getting dragged into hell. The two men may be the epitome of badassery, but they are good men at heart. And so, using their combined unlimited power, not only do they rebuild Bayonetta's body from scratch, they also travel down to Inferno and effortlessly plow through all demons in their path, restored Madama Butterfly to normal, and find Bayonetta's soul to revive her. However, while down in hell, they also stumble across the souls of some other deceased warriors: Shang Tsung, M. Bison, Kratos, Lex Luthor, etc. Taking pity on the tortured souls, they bring them back safely to the surface as well. However, now they are suspicious of what fallen warriors could be waiting up in heaven. And so when they go there, they discover the likes of Goku, Tifa, Felicia and Haggar, amongst others, and they use their overwhelming awesomeness to bring them back as well. And from that moment on, they form a truce: they watch over the multiverse, searching for the deceased opponents, so they can bring them back, thus becoming the guardian angels of all the Death Battle losers.

There is no actual universe or continuity, fights are pure simulation or theatrics
This would explain how fighters like Batman and Charizard are able to make repeat appearances, as well as other things.

If there IS a canon, DBX and OMM are not part of it.
Boomstick says that Trish vs Jeanne is how he THINKS it would go down, after all.

Death Battle will end after Season 3.

PRO: By this point it's becoming increasingly more noticeable that people aren't happy about most of the happenings on the show, whether the show is right or wrong, and the fans that are still left are slowly whittling away. It also doesn't seem likely that Ben and Chad are actually enjoying hosting the show any more, regardless of what they say otherwise - what with them being the targets of some pretty nasty hatred by both their own community and others alike, who wouldn't be uncomfortable if they were in that position?CON: If Chad and Ben weren't bothered by the backlash to Superman vs Goku happening on two instances, it doesn't seem likely that a Vocal Minority of angry Bayonetta fans could deter them. However, if season 2 was any indication then it seems like Torrian is getting very stressed by the workload, so it could go either way.

The introduction of DBX is going to become a meta example of Death Battle outliving its usefulness.

DBX could become the successor to Death Battle, what with it being a spin-off first - definitely a good position for it. And after all the backlash the main series is getting, Death Battle would need SOME way to at least keep some people happy without the need of getting anything wrong. It wouldn't be that surprising if the show ended up outright replacing Death Battle overall. Also, if One Minute Melee serves almost an identical purpose to DBX, what else would DBX be able to do to be unique other than being a new phase of Death Battle itself?

  • One Minute Melee split off from ScrewAttack, so DBX most likely exists as a replacement for that rather than Death Battle itself. people would accuse them of Jumping the Shark and forgetting what Death Battle was intended to be from the start. They'd probably just end up losing a lot of their viewers anyway.

The next Star Wars character to appear in a Death Battle will be Rey or Kylo Ren.
Considering their past history for trying to cash in on popular debates and putting well-known pop culture characters in Death Battles, the next Star Wars character to appear on the show will very likely be Rey or Kylo Ren to add The Force Awakens crowd to their growing subscriber count.

Death Battle will feature Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump before the year is over.
Because it's an election year, Death Battle could very well pit Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump in a Death Battle with the loser from the election beating the winner.

The first Dragon Ball Super character to appear on Death Battle will be Beerus.

Considering his massively growing popularity among the Dragon Ball Z fanbase and the feat from Episode 12 that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there really are universe busters in the Dragon Ball franchise, Ben and Chad will probably put Beerus in a Death Battle at some point in the distant future, where their past history suggests they will either deny the universal feat or side with the now-debunked four-galaxy argument. Alternatively, they could just admit that he is a universal character without resorting to the long-since disproven claim that there are only four galaxies in the Dragon Ball Z universe.

  • Confirmed. He fought Sailor Galaxia.

The next anime character to appear in a Death Battle will be Saitama.
They will claim he has limitless power like Superman because he beats everyone with one punch.

There will be a Red vs. Blue-related Death Battle
During the list of credits for RvB's 14th season, they list Death Battle as one of those contributing to the season, thus its episode will be dual wielded as a Death Battle and an RvB episode.
  • Confirmed! The fight will be between Agent Carolina and The Meta.

Ratchet and Clank's arsenal.
In order for them to be at their maximum potential, they will use everything they've ever been equipped with, much like Dante and Snake. Given the sheer number of weapons, and the amount of overlap between weapon types (sniper rifle, SMG, explosive, etc.), it'll be more like Mega Man and Link, in that they'll give Ratchet a selection of weapons based most iconic and most powerful of type.

There will be a Goku vs. Superman 3.
When they get around to making Episode 75 or Episode 100, it will feature Goku vs. Superman 3, and Goku will lose once again, or possibly win through very cheap methods such as having him win through cheating, just to give the fans what they want by technicality without giving Goku the fair win. Alternatively, they could deny the universe-busting feat in Dragon Ball Super Episode 12 and claim only Beerus was capable of doing that to help justify Superman's win.
  • Jossed. The hosts specifically said no Dragon Ball vs Superman fights period
    • Not jossed. [[[user]=61224498&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 They said the same thing after the first Goku vs. Superman.]] It will be jossed if they make it past Episode 75 and Episode 100, however, and there is no Goku vs. Superman 3.
    • Actually, kinda jossed, kinda not. While we've passed Episode 75 and Episode 100 is unlikely to be Goku vs. Superman 3, Ben has admitted he kind of wants to remaster the battle and reexamine it the way the fans wanted, which wasn't how they did it with Goku vs. Superman 2, as it was always a continuation of the first battle, though the fans didn't seem to understand that, and he admits he didn't help matters by encouraging such misperceptions. So while Goku vs. Superman 3 is not going to happen, a remastered Goku vs. Superman might be on the table.

No prominent Dragon Ball Z character will ever win a Death Battle again.
If one is to examine the last time a beloved main Dragon Ball Z character won a Death Battle outside Mr. Satan, who is the Butt-Monkey, one would find that the last victor was Vegeta during his fight against Shadow over four years ago; Goku lost to Superman twice, and Kirby beat Majin Buu. Given their past history and how they seem to keep constantly underestimating DBZ, it is fairly safe to assume that no DBZ character apart from comedy relief or secondary characters will ever win a Death Battle again.
  • Jossed. Android 18 won her fight against Captain Marvel, Beerus won against Sailor Galaxia and Broly won against The Hulk.

Funimation was responsible for the outcome of Goku vs. Superman 2.
It is rumored that creator bids at FUNimation determine who wins a Death Battle and that the research comes afterwards to justify the result. If so, then very likely FUNimation wanted Goku to lose knowing that he would grow stronger in Dragon Ball Super so that it leaves the door open for Goku vs. Superman 3, which is always an attention-grabber in online debates and means they get to make more money for the second rematch.

Sephiroth will be introduced only to be disrespected
  • The hosts will explain why his 'Supernova' isn't as impressive as it seems.
    • Jossed. Sephiroth is said not to be able to create the Supernova from his own power, but they give an explanation as to why it's just as impressive as it seems. Just ask poor Vergil.

If Ratchet wins, he'll do it with a Transformation Ray
Because it's way too funny not to mention.
  • Jossed, The killing blow was due to the Liquid Nitrogen Gun, followed by the OmniWrench

DBX Ep 02 will be Clank vs. Daxter
Like the previous one, it will probably be the loser's sidekick who will win.
  • Jossed. Since both Clank and Daxter were parts of the Death Battle with Daxter dying alongside Jak, this can't happen.

Green Lantern, Aquaman or Martian Manhunter. will be a combatant in season 3.
Now that we have The Flash fighting, we've had just about all of the mainstream members of the Justice League appear in Death Battle. If Aquaman appears he will most likely fight Namor obviously, but what about the other two?
  • If Green Lantern appears, he will most likely fight Nova, as they are both space-faring superheroes and members of a larger Corps. If Martian Manhunter appears, he will fight either Piccolo (both are green aliens) or Super-Skrull (both are shapeshifting green aliens)

The fight between Flash and Quicksilver will reference both their modern media appearances.
Quicksilver, for example, would be seen prior to the fight humming Time in a Bottle or land a surprise attack on Flash, saying "You didn't see that coming?" afterwards. Flash, meanwhile, would use his superspeed to rush through an army of time-displaced Quicksilvers.
  • Alternatively, the fight will feature a slo-mo scene where Quicksilver hums Time in a Bottle as both combatants duke it out.

The Hulk will be a season 3 combatant.
Possibly taking on Solomon Grundy or Doomsday.

At some point in the Flash vs Quicksilver battle there were be a reference to The Flash making pants out of "goes fast"
A reference to this rant

Batman vs. Iron Man will happen, either as a full episode or as an early episode of DBX, early in Season 3.
At time of writing, Batman v. Superman is in theatres and Civil War is coming out in a few days. Both movies were originally intended to premiere on the same day, but DC blinked first. While Batman vs. Captain America might have been an allusion to that fight, it makes perfect sense for this highly requested Battle of the Billionaires to take place while both franchises are duking it out at the box office.

Batman vs. Captain America took place in the same universe as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.
One of the more infamous elements of that movie was that Batman's normal restriction on killing was completely and utterly removed. It would explain why Batman had no hesitation of killing the Captain by hanging, then bisecting his body and leaving him on display as a warning to anyone else who would dare stand against him.

Magneto is going to star in a sequel to Flash vs. Quicksilver.
His appearance at the end of FvQS looking at the corpse of his dead son wasn't funny. It was almost a bit ominous, even. He might be looking for revenge, or at least for answers as to how Quicksilver died.

Joker will make references to the Dark Knight trillogy and Arkham game series appearances
Such as spraying Sweet Tooth with his Joker Venom while saying Let's put a smile on that face! or Joker getting immediately killed, only for it to be Clayface.
  • Confirmed, though not with the either of the above ideas. Joker tempts Needles out of the Sweet Bot with his "all the little emotions" and "who they really are" speeches from The Dark Knight.

Joker and Needles were set up.
  • With two psychotic clowns on the run, Batman and the police needed a way to incapacitate both. So, they tricked Joker into jacking the Batmobile while also secretly giving Needles information on where to find the best ice cream in the city. Knowing Joker, in all his pettiness would swipe it, a fight between the two was inevitable. When the dust settles, Needles is dead and Joker is severely injured, so neither will put up a fight while being apprehended by the police. Just like that, hundreds, maybe even thousands of innocent lives are spared, and one of the two won't come back. In regards to the collateral damage, with the sheer amount of bodies they leave in their wake on their own, the Godzilla Threshold had long been reached.

If Mewtwo wins against Shadow, it will be because of Psych Up, Power Swap, and/or Guard Swap.
The often-overlooked moves (which Mewtwo learns naturally) give Mewtwo the ability to copy and steal stat changes from his opponent. When Shadow inevitably activates Super Shadow, Mewtwo will use one or more of these moves to snatch Super Shadow's buffs for himself and leave Shadow with nothing, giving him the opening for a kill shot.
  • Jossed. Mewtwo leaves Shadow with nothing, all right... his memories, and ultimately his life.

Death Battle is a collection of multiverses.
Which explains why none of the fights (except for Goku vs Superman) have a consistent plot or story. Each battle takes place in unknown timeframes and their origins don't quite match up. Even assuming all of them take place on different locations, it's still a stretch to say they never interact at all. Plus several combatants who die before (Batman, Captain America, and Shadow) are coming back or make a cameo for the next battle without any explanations. The only logical conclusion is that the series simply portray fights that happen in a different universe, hence, the entire show is a multiverse (or rather, omniverse) in where we see each and every possible battles between character. Wiz and Boomstick, who are opening the Death Battle business, record each fight happening in these universes and load them for the audience to see.

Shadow's Super Mode will be the reason he beats Mewtwo.
The reason Shadow lost to Vegeta is because the latter is too durable for the former to beat him, especially with Super Shadow's very small time limit. Mewtwo is nowhere near as durable as Vegeta (hell, he got stabbed by Deoxys, a far weaker character than Vegeta), hence, he'll be susceptible to Shadow's incredible speed and get overwhelmed by Super Shadow's power before a minute is up. Shadow has a history with wasting no time in killing his target, so it could happen.
  • Completely jossed, as Mewtwo won the fight due to his psychic abilities. In fact, Mewtwo won against Super Shadow thanks to Super Shadow not being invulnerable to mental attacks.

Carolina vs. The Meta is a training simulation.
In the original show, the Meta is dead long before Carolina is confirmed to be alive, and Project Freelancer would have reported if the two clashed sometime between Maine going rogue and his death (and if they did, neither one is in the mood to take prisoners, which would lead to a Continuity Snarl). However, Carolina ends Season 10 with Epsilon in her possession, and her desire to be the best has often led her to repeat training simulations over and over again to get closer to winning. With this in mind, the upcoming fight between Carolina and the Meta could be one such simulation created by Epsilon at Carolina's request, which she keeps drilling so she doesn't lose a second time.
  • More likely it's just out of continuity. Since Maine arrives from outside the simulation room, complete with multiple AI's.

Death Battle was indirectly responsible for some of the events in the Dragon Ball Super manga.
As anyone who has been following the Dragon Ball Super manga up to this point knows during his most recent fight with Hit Goku first used the Super Saiyan God transformation before changing to Super Saiyan Blue while in the anime he jumped straight from Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan Blue and then Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken with no stops in between for the regular red-haired Super Saiyan God form. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but this trend definitely follows the fight scene from the Goku vs. Superman 2 Death Battle where Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan God form and then later his Super Saiyan Blue form, thus it is probably safe to conclude that Toei Animation, Toyotaro, and perhaps even Akira Toriyama himself are aware of Death Battle and put that in the manga as a clear message to them that they disapprove of the lack of research for Goku in the rematch who in the manga was displaying his time-leaping feats in the Super Saiyan Blue form after using his Super Saiyan God form, again, similar to the Goku vs. Superman 2 battle. If this is the case, then we can most likely expect to see even greater feats in the future for Goku so that Ben and Chad will be forced to make Goku vs. Superman 3, though the outcome is unlikely to be changed.

Sonya will win due to her arsenal
  • Cammy may have the advantage in physical attributes, but it's likely that Sonya's deadlier arsenal from long range is going to net her the win.
    • Confirmed. While Cammy is good at dodging ranged attacks, Sonya's drone meant she was dodging from two fronts-it was only a matter of time before she was nailed.

Carolina vs Meta is Carolina's nightmare
  • Think about it. Epsilon-Theta mentioned to Church that Carolina has been having nightmares about "the bad guy" and right on cue, Epsilon-Sigma appears in the background. This fight might actually be Carolina's final nightmare of the Meta, who is now the personification of her mistake coming back to haunt her. Together with Church, who's part of the nightmare because he's literally inside Carolina's head, they finally end her guilt. That's why Church replied "Not exactly". when Carolina asked if that's Maine. Caboose is right. Meta was a ghost all along.

Scout will (very poorly) attempt to flirt with Tracer during their battle
It just fits his character too much. I also predict the Holy Mackerel showing up in a visual gag.
  • Confirmed! it was the first thing he did upon noticing her.

Scout will win just because of how much of a troll maneuver it seems
They have made unlikely characters win before, but it'd be even funnier if somehow Scout won through sheer luck, either that or actually being able to be a badass. Alternatively...
  • Jossed. Tracer wins due to her superior technology, and her reaction time makes it nearly impossible to actually hit her

Dan Hibiki is cursed to come back to life and die in humiliating ways.
His cameo in Ken Masters vs. Terry Bogard can be easily explained as the fight taking place before his own bout with Hercule, but the poor dude's a magnet for misfortune. At least he won't go to Hell...yet. Speaking of going to hell,

Ken went to Hell, fought Scorpion, and lost after dying against Terry.
The most significant piece of evidence against this is that Ken is a good guy, but who knows. Maybe he fought his way down to the Underworld just get his hands on the murderous spectre who killed his best bud. If this is true, then it's a very good thing Ghost Rider came to save his hide. Who knows what existentially terrifying thing would have happened to Ken had he not intervened.

Alternatively, Ken went to Hell, fought Scorpion, and lost before dying against Terry.
In the OMM episode, Ghost Rider tells Ken "Your time has not come yet, fighter." It's very possible that either Ken tracked down and engaged Scorpion to avenge Ryu before their fight escalated to the Netherrealm, or that Scorpion decided to pick a fight with another warrior; then afterwards, Ken's time would come after fighting Terry, as Ghost Rider might have foresaw.

Every Battle is its own self contained canon.
This explains things like characters appearing in more than one battle despite already losing such as Dan, Batman, Shadow and Charizard. In the instance of battles that are clearly sequels such as Luigi vs. Tails and Superman vs. Goku II, those battles' canon happen to be the same as prior ones, making them exceptions to the rule.

Sonic and Scott Pilgrim are going to be involved in Amy Rose vs. Ramona Flowers as comic relief.
One of the points of similarity between Amy and Ramona is their shared role as a parody of love interests, so it's only natural that their "other halves" be involved somehow, most likely as a source of humor.
  • Confirmed, but that's not the only way they're involved. Scott and Ramona were having a tender moment at an arcade when Sonic bolted through trying to escape Amy. The initial rush knocks Scott out, and he is left with a Thousand-Yard Stare after coming to when a speeding arcade machine smashes Ramona flat.

The Hulk will win the next fight.
Outside the obvious example, Death Battle does have a tendency to regularly abuse the no-limits fallacy when it comes to the research portion of their show, so the WMG is that Hulk will win the next fight because his anger "has no limits,". While Doomsday scales directly to Superman (also a victim of NLF abuse) Death Battle doesn't rely on direct power scaling for their research, so that won't be counted.
  • Jossed. Doomsday wins, because he has adapted to everything the Hulk could throw at him. Furthermore, the hosts point out that Hulk's strength is only theoretically unlimited and there is in fact a limit to it in certain situations.

Hiei will be a combatant on Season 3.
His opponent? Sasuke.
  • Jossed. As Season 3 is ending and Season 4 is just starting, Hiei and his opponent didn't appear in any battles of Season 3. Maybe he'll appear in Season 4 or future seasons?
  • Sasuke vs Hiei is confirmed af the 12th episode of Season 6.

Deadpool and Pinkie Pie are going to be a Bait-and-Switch for the true season finale- Galactus vs Unicron.
Think about it. Remember the long-awaited Galactus versus Unicron? That's a Marvel versus a Hasbro character. Now look at Deadpool and Pinkie- which companies are they from again? They could break the 4th wall as hosts for the episode- the true finale of Galactus vs Unicron.
  • Didn't turn out to be the case, but hey, maybe it could still be Foreshadowing for another season finale.

Deadpool and Pinkie Pie's fight will make reality give up and refuse to give us a conclusive result.
There's been speculation that Deadpool vs. Pinkie Pie will be a joke fight in the vein of Goomba vs. Koopa or Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro, and this seems like a logical (illogical?) conclusion of them coming to blows.
  • Confirmed. Wade and Pinkie bust down the 4th wall and tear up the rules of Death Battle into confetti. The fight ends in a tie.

Pinkie will be the Dark Horse Victor, heh heh
She'll kill Deadpool with his own carbonadium sword as an inversion of when he used it to nullify Deathstroke's healing factor.
  • Jossed. The fight ends in a friendly tie.

Indiana Jones will snatch the artifact while Lara and Nate are distracted.
Indy getting referenced during a battle between Adventurer Archaeologists is pretty much guaranteed, so may as well go whole hog and say he'll show up at the end after the exhausted winner starts their way back towards the treasure, not knowing Professor Jones has already gotten another museum piece.
  • Ben mentioned they considered Indiana Jones to fight Lara or Nate during an episode of the Death Battle Cast. Maybe they'll set up a Sequel Hook where he comes into conflict with the winner.
  • Jossed.

A future season of Death Battle will be comprised entirely of returning combatant fights
As opposed to rematches or isolated episodes where a previous participant returns to fight someone else, there will be a whole season dedicated to determining who's the best of those who've already fought, taking both the difference of fighters and developments in the time since the earlier episode into account.

If Shovel Knight wins against Scrooge McDuck, fire will be involved
Why? Because roast chickens are used as healing items in his home series. A roast duck would likely work the same, and make for some pristine Gallows Humor.
  • Jossed. We'll never know what might have happened if Shovel Knight won, as Scrooge has him licked by a country mile.

The fight between Shovel Knight and Scrooge will end with Shovel Knight digging Scrooge a nice grave to toss his corpse in.
Since he has a shovel and shovels dig graves and... you get the drift.
  • Jossed. Scrooge uses his shovel to decapitate him, then uses it to sort out the gold in the money bun. Furthermore the Bond One-Liner by Boomstick does say that "Shovel Knight dug his own grave".

Cloud vs Link was a test run by Master Hand, both to test Link's limits, and analyze the FF 7 Universe.
  • Master Hand pulled Cloud in with very limited supplies and pitted him against Link for a few reasons. Master Hand watched the events of the Final Fantasy series regularly, and like a lot of people he really liked the events of FF 7. Seeing that Cloud had done so much with just his Sword and no materia, Master Hand wanted to see how Link would fare against him. Ironically, Master Hand was actually rooting for Cloud; he genuinely thought that Cloud would win, and underestimated Link's skill. He brought Cloud back to life and put him back where came from. His apology/consolation to Cloud was letting him in Smash Bros, since MH felt that he deserved it after everything.

Bane will win the fight, but Venom will be declared winner.
The twist being that Bane will win the actual battle against Venom, but then the symbiote will quit its previous host and infect the stronger, more suitable host that is Bane by surprise.
  • Jossed. The symbiote stays with Eddie the entire time, and kills Bane.

If Megazord vs Voltron happens, Lewis Lovhaug, aka Linkara himself, will help with the research on the Power Rangers side of things.
It just sounds really awesome.

Regardless of the outcome of Power Rangers vs. Voltron, Boomstick will react to the outcome with "Ow... my childhood..."
This tends to be his response to characters from 90's shows dying, and Chad, his voice actor, has mentioned that he loved both series growing up. One of his childhood icons is about to die violently, which may carry over to Boomstick. Plus, it would be a throwback to his thoughts on Tommy and the Tigerzord dying against the Epyon.
  • Jossed. Instead, he gushes about how great the fight was.

There will be a fight between the PAYDAY Gang and the GTAV trio...
...which will end in a curbstomp in favour of the PAYDAY gang due to sheer numbers

The reason being that it would be between Michael, Trevor and Franklin on one side, and Dallas, Houston, Wolf, Chains, Hoxton, Clover, Dragan, John Wick, Bodhi, Jimmy, Jacket, Bonnie, Sokol, Jiro, Sydney, Rust and Scarface on the other. Plus, even if the optional heist NPCs from GTA V are permitted to help, most of them are not combat-oriented (being drivers or hackers), and some of those that are combat-capable are Red Shirts that are guaranteed to die when used in a heist.

  • Wouldn't the PAYDAY Gang vs the Saints Row Gang be a better duel, since the Saints Row gang has far more members than the GTAV trio?

Ace is going to lose a limb or two to Natsu.
One of Natsu's most well-known abilities is eating fire, which means the usual Logia tactic of turning oneself into an element to avoid damage will probably end poorly for Ace if he doesn't catch on to Natsu's ability before trying.
  • Jossed, he immediately returns back to his physical form as soon as he notices Natsu trying to eat him. It does make him more vulnerable since he'd need to avoid turning into fire, which Natsu is capable of taking advantage of.

If Judge Dredd is ever in Death Battle, the Lawgiver's failsafe will play a role in the fight
Whoever Dredd is fighting will take his gun from him near the end of the fight and try to kill him with it, only for the Lawgiver to explode and blow their arm off, allowing Dredd to close in for the finishing blow.

After the events of Sub-Zero vs. Glacius, Sub-Zero got a cyborg hand.
It's not like there hasn't been precedent for artificial limbs in his universe. Just look at Jax for an example. Plus, cyborg limbs are just one of those things that make things automatically cooler, even if the recipient is literally ice-cold.

The events of Eggman vs Willy are cannon in Metal Sonic vs Zero.
After Metal Sonic's victory and the murder of both Eggman and Willy, Metal Sonic went rogue and stayed undefeated during an entire century, until one of the maverick hunters, named Zero, was finally able to take him down.

If Mercury Black ever appears, Boomsticks' "gun-leg" will somehow be refferenced again
Probably Boomstick being jealous that Mercury has two.

The fights take place in the same universe as Happy Tree Friends
That is the reason why the fights are always to the death, even for the most petty of reasons: People are constantly dying and coming back from the dead, so no one really pays it any mind, since their victims will just respawn as good as new.

Balrog and TJ Combo's fight is going to spill out of the ring.
It just seems like a natural way to show that things are kicking into high gear. Maybe they'll even end up punching each other out of the building.
  • Nope, didn't happen. The ring itself took a lot of punishment, though.

During McGruff's rundown, the hosts will bring up that time he went to jail...kind of.
  • Jossed, on twitter one of the hosts explained they refrained from doing so out of respect for McGruff's recently departed voice actor to avoid confusion and disrespect.

Smokey and McGruff will stop fighting to give a PSA related to crime or fire safety.
  • Secondary guess: it'll come at the tail end of the fight, after which the loser will immediately die from his wounds.
  • Secondary guess partially confirmed when McGruff stops time to go "Remember kids... remember me." before getting squashed by a giant Smokey.

Naruto will use the Sexy Jutsu to confuse Ichigo long enough to get a sucker punch in.
  • Kind of, but not really. Ichigo just got annoyed and took a swipe at Naruto, although the very short pause he took gave Naruto the opportunity to set up his next attack.

Should there ever be a Joker vs Joker battle.
Xander Mobus, who already had a few roles in Death Battle, will reprise his role as Joker.
  • Unfortunately, this is unlikely. Chad and Ben have mentioned before that contractual obligations prevent this kind of thing from happening. Specifically, they wanted Chris Sabat (who voiced Snake in his battle with Sam Fisher) to reprise his role as Vegeta, but his contract with Funimation forbade it. This was also why they didn't get him to voice Zoro as well. They couldn't get Todd Haberkorn to reprise his role for Natsu either (Todd voiced Tai in Pokemon vs Digimon and Daxter in Ratchet and Clank vs Jak and Daxter, and would later move on to voice Spider-Man 2099 for Batman Beyond vs Spiderman 2099). They DID manage to get Johnny Yong Bosch to reprise his role as Ichigo, but they went through MANY hurdles to credit him.

The Mission Control for the loser of Batman Beyond vs. Spider-Man 2099 will also die.
The last time mission control was brought in, the loser's mission control died despite being nowhere near the actual fight. If you want to stretch the casualties to assist characters in general, Pokemon vs. Digimon and The Meta vs. Carolina also ended with the loser's partner(s) dying. Of course, Bruce isn't in a plane mid-flight, and he typically performs all his duties from the safety of the Batcave, so this might be proven wrong depending on who loses the fight.
  • Could be possible, since Terry manages to short out Lyla via his tasers before blowing a hole in Miguel. We're not sure if the short-circuit was temporary or permanent.

When Rainbow Dash dies, her body will have to be interred in a magnetically and magically sealed tomb.
Starscream is basically a Sealed Evil in a Can now.

Season 5 will feature a change in theme music
Every new season has had something about the show change so far. The second season changed the voice used for the start and end of the fights from voice files taken from Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter to an original voice provided by Chris Guerrero, season 3 made "FIGHT" and "KO" more animated and lively, and season 4 gave the show a complete overhaul on the overlay during the analysis. Thus for season 5, the theme music is likely going to be replaced with something original.
  • Completely confirmed

If the upcoming Raven vs Twilight battle has voice acting that goes beyond just voice clips from various sources...
They will both have the same voice actress. Because in the shows they're from, they're both voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Confirmed. Both characters will be voiced by Kira Buckland.
    • Amusingly enough, this won't be the first (or even second) time she voiced Twilight.

If Jotaro loses...
His head will split in two, just like in Thoth's prediction in Stardust Crusaders, and how he dies in Diamond is Unbreakable and Stone Ocean.
  • Jossed. Kenshiro strikes a pressure point and Jotaro explodes.

At one point in Jotaro vs Kenshiro...
Boomstick will imitate Jotaro's ORA ORA ORA or Kenshiro's ATATATA! Or maybe scream; "IS THAT A MOTHERFUCKING JOJO'S REFERENCE?!"
  • (Un)fortunately jossed.

A combined effort by many of the heroic characters that have made appearances make this possible (more to be added as the connections become apparent):
  • Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie takes place. From this episode, we learn that, thanks to the format of the show, both are capable of traveling to different points in time and space, as defined by the videos themselves. A close friendship is formed between the two as the rules of Death Battle are cheerfully broken.
    • Raven vs Twilight Sparkle takes place. With one of her best friends now dead, Pinkie Pie has incentive to either A) go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge (unlikely, since she doesn't have a malicious bone in her body) or B) use her Breaking the Fourth Wall abilities to influence the outcomes of the fights, creating alternate timelines where nobody has to die. She might have trouble coming up with this on her own, but fortunately, her new bestie Deadpool has done something like this at least once, and he would likely give her the idea and/or embark on a similar endeavour of his own.
    • While hopping through the videos, Pinkie Pie and/or Deadpool happen across Superman, who has found and used the Dragon Balls at least once. It takes some explaining, but they persuade him and/or Goku to allow them to use said Dragon Balls to bring back the characters they can't get to. Additionally, through them (more likely Deadpool), Superman will learn of Batman's deaths, causing him to set to work on this project, as well. As the video explains, Superman is basically a Game-Breaker and can put an end to any of the fights before a fatality occurs instantly, or rescue the loser in the inevitable confusion (and unlike Deadpool or Pinkie Pie, it's entirely within character for him to do so.) Superman rescues Batman from his fate this way, explaining his recurring appearances, and does this with Wonder Woman to avert her death at the hands of Rogue.
    • Speedsters like The Flash and Sonic present something of a problem for the above, since they can react within a certain order of magnitude to Superman's meddlings. It's not guaranteed that the Dragon Balls would work on them, either. Mario, at least, can return thanks to having extra lives tucked away, while Quicksilver... we'll have to come back to him. Shadow, however, was killed by Vegeta the first time around, so the Saiyan's actions can probably be undone with a wish (and Shadow does indeed have friends among the survivors who would want him back).
    • Bowser presents another problem here, since Ganon was inside him when he dealt the finishing blow. However, with Zelda dead, there's a spare Triforce piece floating around somewhere, and it's not inconceivable that Link or Ganon would assemble it. If Link manages it, it shouldn't take much to persuade him to use it as a Reset Button for all the fallen Nintendo characters (or potentially, instead, for all the people killed by Nintendo characters, if not both). If Ganon manages it, there's a convenient demon hunter in an adjacent point in space-time who has had a few Capcom and Marvel allies get killed in these fights and would have every reason to want to invoke the Reset Button himself.

If Crash dies in his fight, his last words would be "WOAH!"
That's pretty much what he says almost every time he dies in his source games.
  • Jossed. While he dies in his fight, he's vaporized so quickly by the Aether Breath that he doesn't even get time to say anything. In fact, not even a single "Woah!" is uttered throughout the fight.

The Sora Vs. Pit episode will break the fourth wall
Kid Icarus: Uprising had No Fourth Wall, so it's likely there will be numerous fourth wall jokes during the episode. It could feature gags like Pit asking Sora if he can join the next Super Smash Bros. or Palutena, the goddess Pit serves, talking to Wiz and Boomstick.
  • Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

If Saitama ever gets involved in a Death Battle, he'll go up against Yusuke Godai
Superman and Goku would be too obvious as choices for opponents for him, and choosing either would cause a massive Broken Base regardless of who won. Rising Ultimate Kuuga is stronger than Ultimate Kuuga (a form whose Rider Kick could supposedly destroy the entire world if used), so it would surely give Saitama a fair fight. Hell, if they wanted to, they could use his S.I.C Hero Saga Super Rising Ultimate form.

How a Kratos vs Asura match starts out
It begins with Atreus and Mithra meeting, it's just about love at first sight. He tries to give her some flowers, only for her to prick her finger and cry out. Asura gets mad at Atreus and is about to beat down on him just for making his daughter cry, until Kratos shows what happens to the last god that even looked funny at his son, turning into a world shattering slugfest.

How Leon vs. Frank will conclude
Considering zombies will likely be involved in the fight, the winner will knock the loser into a hoard where the loser is Eaten Alive, while the winner walks away.
  • Jossed. Frank and his Exo Suit get blown up by Leon's Rocket Launcher Special, with nothing but Frank's head left. His head starts showing signs of being zombified, but Leon stops it by throwing a knife into Frank's brain, ending his life for real.

Ryu vs Jin is canon to RWBY
  • The second part of the fight takes place in the Vault, where Cinder and Raven fought in Volume 5.

Samurai Jack vs. Afro Samurai will end in a Single-Stroke Battle.
  • Bonus points if the winner sustains a grievous injury, only for the loser to literally fall to pieces right after.
    • Jack and Afro did have their Single-Stroke Battle, and Jack got an arm chopped off. However, Afro barely survived and had to be finished off.

Lots of innocent people will die during Carnage vs Lucy.
  • They're two of the most insane and psychopathic killers in comic books and anime/manga. It's inevitable.
    • Confirmed. Carnage kills a train full of people before the battle starts proper.

Near the end of the battle, Lucy will freak out like she did in the manga.
  • And nearly destroy the planet in a similar manner to how Goku vs. Superman turned out.
    • Jossed. She didn't even need to get to that point in order to vaporize Carnage with a nuclear-level attack.

There will be lots of references to Lucy going naked in the anime.
  • And likewise, it's very possible Lucy will suffer horrible Clothing Damage and end up fighting Carnage completely naked - with censor bars or smudges over any of her "girl parts," of course, or perhaps even selectively obscured.
    • Jossed. Lucy was fully clothed during the entire fight, since the scenario started as a pretty normal day for Nyu until Carnage came along and also because her vectors' speed meant that Carnage couldn't get in any real hits that could tear her clothing off and could only give her small cuts on her arms and legs.

There will be a trademark Call-Back in the next Death Battle.
  • Namely, Optimus Prime will quote "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings!"
    • There is a trademark Call-Back, but it's a different and modified phrase in "I must stand. So you shall fall!"

The Number One Headband ended up being destroyed, the Number Two possibly as well
  • Namely, Jack eventually realizes the sheer amount of death and pain they've caused for nothing and, being Jack, destroys both to end the madness, just like he did with the cursed wishing well.

Going off the above WMG, there will be a remastered Goku vs. Superman.
  • Ben himself has now gone on record in admitting he feels the urge to redo this battle using what he terms their new methodologies, and seems receptive to the criticisms the fans originally had regarding the two battles. Given that Ben has also admitted that there are iterations of Superman Goku is definitely able to beat (like the 1990s animated Superman and probably all the live-action Superman), it is possible that they will eventually remaster the battle for some big special event like their 150th or 200th battle, where they will do a better job explaining the various complexities of this debate. However, given that Superman, barring cosmic entities and alternate versions, still has better high-end feats than Goku does, it is unlikely the outcome will change unless they do something new like present two battles, the one in which Goku wins, and the one in which Goku loses. Either way, it will result in a flame war just as bad as Goku vs. Superman 2, and no one wins.

Saitama will either face Goku or Superman in a battle.
  • And no matter who wins, we all lose from the ensuing flame wars.

Guesses for Episode 100.
  • Since it will be animated by Blind Ferret Studios, who did Smokey vs. McGruff, a likely choice would be Mickey Mouse vs. Bugs Bunny.
    • Jossed, it's Mario vs. Sonic

If Mega Man X makes it in as a combatant, there'd be a black comedy joke about him being an animal abuser.
  • Considering that Wiz and Boomstick did a bit of joking over the fact that the Mavericks were robot animals in Ultron vs. Sigma, and X fights and destroys said animal Mavericks...
    • Jossed, it's not brought up.

The Season 5 Finale
  • Ben confirmed it would be the most popular request in the forums for the season of requests.
    • Galactus vs. Unicron
    • Darkseid vs. Thanos
      • Darkseid vs. Thanos confirmed!

Thanos will lose his fight.
  • And the reason given will be that Thanos is ultimately self-sabotaging.
    • Confirmed. Darkseid is able to goad Thanos into following him into the 4th world, where the Infinity Gauntlet is powerless.

Ben and Chad don't believe that Goku and Beerus are universe busters.
  • Given how they said Roshi went up against "planet and galaxy busters" during the Tournament of Power (which is actually false given how Roshi was no match for the Dragon Ball Super high tiers), there are only two possible explanations, that they are including his feat in the manga where he dodged Jiren's punch, which seems unlikely given that they never brought it up, or that they've loosely scaled Roshi to Goku and Beerus and all the other god tiers after the Episode 12 feat, and were very conservative in their estimates in order to conclude they're not universe busters, but galaxy busters, similarly to how they were conservative with Android 18 and said she could "possibly" destroy a planet even though she has long surpassed planet busters by this time.
  • Definitely jossed considering they said Beerus and Goku would've destroyed the Dragon Ball macroverse in their clash, that they'd have to be tough enough to endure the resulting universal shockwaves, and that Goku later grew far beyond this afterwards.

Thanos vs. Darkseid will reference Thanos being in Fortnite.

The Season 6 Premiere
  • The end of Thanos vs. Darkseid said Death Battle would return "with a splash".
    • Aquaman vs. Namor
      • Confirmed.
    • Katara vs. Juvia
    • Inkling vs. Shadow Mario

The Wario vs King Dedede battle will have a short sequence similar to a WarioWare minigame.
  • If Crash vs. Spyro had a short Crash Bandicoot chase sequence thrown in, this also could be possible.

Captain Marvel vs. Shazam fight had a large chunk cut for time.
  • There’s no confirmation like with Mewtwo vs. Shadow, but the episode itself still seems to end a bit abruptly with the final blow just as it’s starting to build up. Add in the fact that the OST is nearly twice as long as the fight itself and the recent releases of both films, and this idea could hold some weight.

In Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern, Boomstick will try to sing the Ben 10 theme. Horribly.
  • Who wouldn't?
    • Confirmed in the very first preview!

If/when Vergil returns, he'll be back as V
Spoilers for Devil May Cry V. Vergil had split himself into two in DMC 5. The demon side Urizen and his weaker human half V who fights through summoning familiars. The Bloody Palace DLC shows even V is capable of taking his own powered up self on as well.

If Johnny wins, he'll kill Falcon by giving him the mother of all Groin Attacks.
  • Jossed. He dies after Falcon gives him the second-most-epic of all Falcon Punches.

Now that Captain Falcon's been in a Death Battle, the curse will FINALLY get us a new F-Zero game.

If Aang wins, the reasoning will be primarily due to the Avatar State.
The fight will be close, and possibly put in Edward's favor with base stats. But the Avatar State will give Aang a stat gap that Edward will not be able to make up.
  • Likely this. The closest that Ed could stack up to the Avatar State would be pulling off a similar feat to what he did to Pride, which only happened due to multiple factors (Ed being related to Pride because of their respective fathers, the latter being close to death, Ed turning himself into a philosopher's stone, the souls of his own stone lacking individuality, and Kimblee helping from within) that are not likely to be repeated ( even assuming the Avatar State works remotely similar to a philosopher's stone, the past avatars aren't going to help Ed kill Aang).

If Aang wins, it'll be by accident.
Aang's a pacifist, and even with those restraints turned off by Death Battle, the killing blow will be not be intentional on Aang's side.
  • Jossed, Aang's final blow was meant to kill Ed, albeit reluctantly.

Lobo somehow survived having his soul eaten by Zarathos.
The hosts did say he had a habit of doing the impossible, and his very nature as a comedic character means he could probably pop back up just because. More importantly, if Lobo is gone for good, that means he can't shriek like a terrified child and run away the next time he sees Ghost Rider.

Legends 3 will happen!
  • Like with Captain Falcon above, the Death Battle curse will FINNALY get us Mega Man Legends 3!! PLEASE!!!

The choking Sasuke meme will find its way into the analysis
  • Be it his rundown or the post-fight analysis, the image of Sasuke being choked by Itachi will be shown.
    • Confirmed. The footage shows up during Sasuke's backstory.

Deadpool will put on The Mask.

Season 6 and onwards takes place in an alternate Death Battle universe created by Thanos and Darkseid doing their punch parry where the guy who announces the FIGHT! sound effect does not exist.
They did it just to have a nice send off for the guy.

The Mask will continue to bother Wiz and Boomstick, both with and without Deadpool
Since it really seems like something he'd do.

Some of the Season 7 Matchups
The end of All Might vs. Might Guy showed off 6 characters, which are likely to be hints to future fights, rather than the season premiere.

Esdeath is going to flirt with Gray, leading to him giving her a firm rejection.
As mentioned on the Funny page, he just so happens to fit all five of the qualities she's looking for in a lover. It'll be surprising if she doesn't try to put the moves on him.
  • Jossed. She briefly looks at him as the infamous "WOW" effect plays, but is just pissed off for some reason.

We're going to get a lot of references to the prequel memes for Obi-Wan.
  • Bonus points if the final clash is a High Ground joke.
    • Gloriously confirmed. Except for the High Ground one-it's there, but it's not the final one.

After the events of Obi-Wan vs. Kakashi, Kakashi got robot legs like Darth Maul.
However, this is arguably even worse than just dying, because without Lil' Kakashi, he can't properly enjoy the Icha Icha Paradise series.

If Danny Phantom beats Jake Long, he'll use the Fenton Thermos to suck up Jake's ghost.
  • Because it would resemble the conclusion of another Danny Phantom episode.
    • Gloriously confirmed.

Opponents for Bucky Barnes
The end of this promo for the show and its spinoffs features Barnes in a Winter Soldier-esque outfit. Like the teaser at the end of season six, the other combatant wasn't announced, leaving it up in the air as to who might be facing him.

If any subsequent Avatar: The Last Airbender-series character make it in as a combatant, the Cabbage Merchant will appear in the animation.
...and of course, get his produce destroyed, causing him to scream his "MY CABBAGES!" line. Both Aang and Zuko had him appear in a one-time gag, which could very well start the trend of fights containing characters from said franchise to have him appear.

Wally West and Archie Sonic will do the impossible and get Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro to stop fighting for more than a second.
If a fight of such incomprehensible scale can't get those two to take notice and watch the carnage unfold, it's difficult to imagine one that could...besides Naruto vs. Ichigo, anyway.
  • Jossed. Chuck and Segata did not show up in the episode.

Homelander and Stormfront will get their own episode just before the TV show's season finale.
The Seven Battle Royale ends with Homelander and Stormfront getting ready to duke it out, with Homelander mentioning a sequel. Who's to say amazon didn't commission a battle between the two to be released just before the TV show's season finale?

Simmons's cyborg implants are going to be important one way or another.
Wiz specifically brought them up and said everybody forgets about them anyway, which is set-up for a Brick Joke if I've ever seen one.
  • Jossed. Simmons died without them ever being brought up.

There will be a battle that is done in one continuous shot.
Because it would be cool.

Hulk was trying to be a Stealth Mentor / Trickster Mentor to Broly
He could sense the overwhelming power within Broly and likely thought he has tons of untapped potential, which is why he kept provoking him to unleash it. Perhaps he's even looking for someone to help him fight The One Below All once Hulk presumably comes back later.

Boomstick's dad is The Mask
DUMMI mentions that the man who dropped off a letter to Boomstick was "a green guy in a Zoot suit". Who else do we know who's green and wears a Zoot suit?

Season 8 matches

Mickey Mouse vs. Bugs Bunny will finally become a real Death Battle come 2024
  • King Mickey's preview for his fight with Yoda was most likely foreshadowing this. Wiz says that 2024 really isn't that far off and he seemed to be suggesting to Boomstick to do a match in celebration of Mickey going into the public domain. Now, who's Mickey's most requested opponent for a Death Battle?

Mickey's feats from Kingdom Hearts won't be used in this fight though. Ben and Chad consider King Mickey a separate entity from his mainstream counterpart just like Game Sonic and Archie Sonic.

Shadow vs. Ryūko Matoi will have Shadow die once again, with his opponent saying Sayonara to mock him
  • Because if anything, it would be hilarious for Shadow to go down the same way as per norm.
  • Given a few factors, though; namely Shadow's speed/power, Chaos abilities and Golden Super Mode, as well as the fact a character who comes back after losing once (or even twice) tends to get at least one win in return — Wonder Woman winning two fights after losing her first being the prime example, likewise with Batman beating Captain America despite losing to Spider-Man and Black Panther — it's also entirely likely that Shadow will be the one who gets to say it. At the very least, it'd be great for him to break out of the Memetic Loser status for both himself (and the Sonic series as a whole in recent years, given that even a Purposefully Overpowered individual like Archie Sonic got curbstomped) on Death Battle.

Heihachi VS Geese will have these two theories
  1. Akuma will not be taken into account for Heihachi's feats. They didn't with Ryu VS Jin for Jin's and there's extreme doubts they would here either.
    • Played With: One of the feats mentioned for Heihachi is that he survived Akuma's Raging Demon. However, it hardly plays into the verdict since Geese has no soul destruction attacks like it.
  2. Heihachi will have a Japanese voice actor while Geese's voice actor will retain his Engrish accent.
    • Confirmed.

The loser of Blake vs Mikasa will be eaten by a titan
  • The fight seems to be taking place in an Attack On Titan styled arena, so it isn't unreasonable to assume that this will happen to whoever loses the fight, whether it's the method of death or something that happens after the fact.
    • Mikasa explicitly stating that the city was supposed to be evacuated hours ago implies that something very bad is on the horizon indeed.
    • Jossed although a Titan does show up after Blake has defeated Mikasa.

Blake had been hired to fight titans
  • It's why she didn't bother to respond after Mikasa told her to leave. She assumed that Mikasa would realize who she was and only told her to go away when she knocked away her book. It would also explain why she jumped into battle with one after winning.

If Po wins against Iron Fist, it would be by the Wuxi Finger Hold
  • Because what's a better way for Po to win than to send his opponent to the spirit realm? (Ok he didn't do it to Lord Shen in Kung Fu Panda 2 but there was no way Po could get close to him to do so safely.)
    • Jossed. Iron Fist could still fight within the spirit realm, which the Finger Hold sent the two to. However, they did give Iron Fist a better death by having Po kill him with Po's own Chi Dragon eating both Iron Fist's and Iron Fist himself.

Batman's coming back, and this time, he's bringing the Hellbat. Who's he fighting now?

At the conclusion of the very last Death Battle...
Wizz and Boomstick will start thanking the viewers and fans for all the support they've given (and a few snarks at the salt also given too), and leave to go someplace else.... only for a large explesion to happen. When the dust clears, who should be there but all the losing combatants of Death Battle bearing down on them, and who should be leading them but Boba Fett as he makes a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner about how they are going to pay for all the bloodshed they've caused. Cue them all charging at W&B as the two scream before cutting to black.

Iron Man's analysis ending quote...
...will be "I am Iron Man" from Avengers: Endgame.
  • Jossed, it's the "successfully privatized world peace" one from Iron Man 2.

Korra's feats will be taken from both before and after Harmonic Convergence.
There is no reason to believe that Korra couldn't do any of the post-convergence feats while still having the 10,000 years of previous avatars, since none of her own feats depended on past avatars.

Reverse-Flash's gonna say his signature "It was me!" line.
Because of course.


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