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Death Battle suggestions for one-on-one matches with a common link:

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Remember that they should have at least some common factor. Even the Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash had one; both being popular high flyers in their toylines in Hasbro. Also, no fanon interpretations of characters.
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  • No creepypasta. They have too many unknowns to be qualified combatants, and Death Battle is known for showing their research.
  • Characters who run on the Rule of Funny are generally frowned upon. With no established limits, any scientific limits would be random. However, this doesn't really apply if that is the entire point; if you have a "just for fun" type match up, put it in the Jokes Battles folder.
  • No Memetic Badasses after Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro (that match-up's enough, thanks!). The fun of the meme is kind of ruined when the show reveals and proves that they're not nearly as badass as all the jokes and facts say. And besides, the aforementioned match ended in an apocalyptic draw.
  • If you see several characters carrying the same consistent theme in this page, be sure to move them here.


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