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Have a joke matchup you like to see? Convinced that there's a matchup that's a terrible idea? Post them here.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Remember that they should have at least some common factor, even if they are jokes.
  • The other rules don't apply as much here, given that the joke battles are just that, though it would be nice if you could suggest one that's calculable.
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  • Usual rules of Death Battle apply here.

    Joke Battles 

    Bad ideas for a matchup 
The A-Team battle royale
  • While all members are former spec-ops, their specialties make the winner pretty clear. John "Hannibal" Smith is a strategist who's good at making a plan (and he loves it when they come together), B. A. Baracus is the tough guy who can take a punch and throw one as well, Templeton "Face" Peck's specialty (con artistry) is decidedly a non-combat skill, and "Howling Mad" Murdock is a pilot (a skill made useless by the fact that he'll probably have to fight with no vehicles, considering how characters fight alone even if vehicles are iconic to them I.e. Batman's Batmobile) who's possibly insane as well. It would end just like the TMNT battle royale; the tough guy and the strategist face off with the latter taking the cake due to good tactics and knowledge of everyone's strengths and weaknesses.
BlazBlue vs. RWBY match-ups.
  • While BlazBlue vs RWBY is one of the most requested franchise match-ups due to the similarities, almost ALL of the fights are unfair due to the fact that BlazBlue is an overpowered universe. Also, these fights would also be EXTREME backlash from Screwattack. For example, if Ragna vs Ruby were to happen, they either get a dead Ragna and a fanbase of BlazBlue fanatics telling them EVERYTHING about the lore and everything they got wrong, or we get a dead Ruby and TONS of hatred from RWBY's fanbase, saying "How could you do this to her? She's so young!" (same with matchups like Bullet vs. Yang, Jin vs. Weiss, Terumi vs. Cinder, and Blake vs. Hibiki). These match-ups are better off as a 1 Minute Melee.
Boba Fett VS Macbeth. Too easy.
Macbeth: Despair thy arms and armor, Master Fett/I bear a charméd life which must not yield/To one of woman born.
Boba: Despair thy charm/And learn that Boba Fett was grown in vats/By arts thou canst not comprehend at all. *shoots Macbeth*
  • Same with Boba Fett VS Macbeth. Beating whole planets is more Samus's thing, really.
Clicker/Idle Game characters in general
  • The damage numbers in Clicker/Idle games can get ludicrously huge thanks to an Absurdly High Level Cap, making fights against most other characters curbstomps several times over. Enemies also similarly scale in health while staying the same size, making it difficult to actually tell how powerful they are with regards to strength/power feats since a clicker game character could completely overkill a 50-foot monster that's low-leveled but fail to scratch a smaller one that's high-leveled. Finally, a good number these games don't even provide the characters with HP or durability, which means that their durability feats would be inconclusive — and not conducive for a Death Battle.
Sir Crocodile VS Gaara
  • At first glance, there seems to be nothing wrong for this death battle. Both Gaara and Crocodile manipulate sand, and fight with it in interesting ways. But you have to take into account that Crocodile can transform his body into sand to avoid most attacks. Since it's highly unlikely that Gaara knows how to use Haki, nor does he know any water style jutsu, he wouldn't even be able to hit Crocodile, making it incredibly one-sided.
The Doctornote  VS Nearly anyone
  • He's an utter Guile Hero, and a Technical Pacifist to boot. Second, the rules of Death Battle demand that the combatants show no mercy; The Doctor's most famous tool, the Sonic Screwdriver, would be an utter Game-Breaker if he decided to really cut loose, especially in the hands of a guy with his intellect - Wood and deadlock seals be damned. Even further, he's far too inconsistent, even within a single regeneration at times. Thus, the perfect combatant for the Doctor would be the Doctor. 12-way battle royale, every incarnation treated as a separate entity, regeneration off. It'd be interesting to see Wiz and Boomstick explore how he's changed over all the adventures and which one has the best skillset.
Elder God Demonbane/War God Demonbane vs. Anyone
  • Even more overpowered than pretty much all the characters mentioned here (with the possible exception of Chuck and Segata). Elder God Demonbane can summon infinite copies of itself from alternate universes (including universes that don't exist); these copies can have any trait EDG wishes, including whatever ability it needs to defeat its opponent. War God Demonbane is a Size Shifter with no limits; it can grow so massive that it can casually destroy whole universes by lightly bumping into them by accident.
Elements of Harmony Battle Royale
  • That's just asking for bronies to hate them, to say nothing about how ironic that would be. Especially considering that Twilight has always relied on the magic of friendship to defeat enemies, while Rainbow Dash and Rarity have had more experience dodging attacks and fighting with their hooves (even if it isn't proper training), and would be more willing to use them, quickly disabling Twilight.
Elmyra Duff VS Fluttershy
  • As interesting as this could be for the guys in the Pantheon, not only is there little info about Elmyra, I'm absolutely sure a magical pegasus pony still has an advantage over a regular (though running on Cartoon Physics) human being. Also, we all know pacifism is ignored in Death Battle, and pacifism is one of Fluttershy's defining traits.
Frieza VS Mewtwo
  • A very commonly requested battle no doubt, but grounded solely on the fact that their appearance/attacks merely look similar. It would probably the most one-sided battle in the shows history in Frieza's (the guy who can blow up planets with his finger in his weakest form) favor. One Minute Melee does have this matchup though, and it's a more fitting venue anyways. Ben himself demonstrated in a chart about why it won't work (nor Silver)
    • While Frieza is without a doubt stronger than Mewtwo and could kill him in a physical confrontation, there's more to fighting that physical power. The fight could also be one-sided in Mewtwo's favor if Mewtwo could attack Frieza's mind. The Shadow vs Mewtwo battle has proven that a fight doesn't solely rely on physical abilities and that mental attacks are just as dangerous. Due to the nature of Dragon Ball fights, we have no idea as to whether or not Frieza has any mental defenses or if his alien mind is too foreign for Mewtwo to attack, though Mewtwo's psychic powers have been used on extraterrestrial (Dexoys) and extra-dimensional (Ultra Beasts) beings before with no sign of difficulty. It's a Brains vs Brawns fight where both possess the power to effortless kill the other, with too many unknowns to factor in.
Pacifist!Frisk vs. Pacifist!Iji
  • This is Death Battle, where pacifism is thrown out of the window. Furthermore, it would also be a long, boring, drawn out fight as Pacifist!Iji obtains the very powerful Massacre as an end-game weapon, and while Pacifist!Frisk's Determination would keep him/her going at a fraction of a hit point after getting blasted, since he/she didn't kill any monsters and consequently did not level up, Frisk's attack would be too low to do much against Iji, who would No-Sell it via her nanofield.
  • On paper, it works, with both organizations being joint funded Badass Armies, but problems set in when one realizes that GDI has some truly massive resources, such as the Ion Cannon network, and much, much, much, heavier equipment (MEC suits are impressive, but would barely be comparable to a Titan, let alone a Mammoth; XCOM's attempts at either a decapitation strike or guerilla warfare wouldn't work as well given that GDI has regularly beaten Nod, and managed to out-fight both the Scrin and Nod after the loss of their entire command staff). In-lore, it takes a mere 3 minutes to build an entire Mammoth tank, and Tiberium-enhanced industry is something incomparable.
Goku VS Ryu
  • No doubt a common request based upon both utilizing powerful ki attacks, but closer examination of their abilities suggest it's not even close at base level, never mind Super Saiyan. Ryu wasn't shown to have the sort of speed or endurance of Goku, and even with the Power of Nothingness, Goku's ki is shown to be more powerful.
Goku VS Sonic the Hedgehog
  • The fight wouldn't be much different from Vegeta vs Shadow, apart from the fact that Goku would probably win even more easily.
Goku vs. Superman 3.
  • Unless they are going to give the fans a different outcome, there's absolutely no point in repeating this battle just to end with the same result as the last two times with the same explanation for why Goku lost. Besides, they don't want another flame war.
Peter Griffin VS Homer Simpson
  • Neither Homer or Peter have special powers or are Badass Normal aside from non-canon bits for gags.
Trent Hawkins VS The Raptor Mercenary
  • On paper, this sounds like an awesome fight between two Made of Iron Vertical Scrolling Shoot 'em Up ships from MS-DOS games. In practice, it would be a complete stomp in Trent's favour thanks to his strongest ship loadouts having the weapons advantagenote , defensive advantage note  and mobility advantage over the Raptor's strongest loadouts. Trent has also dealt with far more dangerous enemies than the Raptor Merc has. A better opponent for Trent would be the player from Jets'n'Guns.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Battle Royale
  • While this could be a fun and interesting battle, there lies some problems in it that makes it doubtful it could be pulled off well. The first one is the balance; ultimately, this fight is extremely one-sided in favor of Jotaro and, if allowed to use Gold Experience Requiem, Giorno. It is acknowledged from the very start of Stardust Crusaders that Jotaro's stand, Star Platinum, is extremely overpowered, having amazing stats in every category and average Stand range. Not to mention that he has a strategic mind that could potentially rival Joseph's, and later gains the ability to stop time. All of this combined means Jotaro would win extremely easily, unless Giorno is allowed to use his previously mentioned ability, in which case, there is no doubt about the fact that he would win. The second problem is the amount of combatants; it's obvious they already have enough trouble doing battles with more than two combatants, so eight would just be a nightmare. The final problem is the animation; while every combatant has readily available 3D models, it's obvious that they have a much harder time animating 3D battles than 2D ones. Overall, it would take an extremely long time, and the victor would be obvious no matter what. It would take a lot of work in order to make this battle good, so it's better to not waste time on it.
Just Shapes & Beats' square protagonist vs. other Rhythm Game protagonists
  • This would be a Curb-Stomp Battle in one side's favour, depending on whether the Square gets his 11th-Hour Superpower. If he doesn't, he's pretty much incapable of doing any harm and would eventually lose all his hit points. If he does, he becomes invulnerable to all damage and gains an Eldritch Abomination-killing Wave Motion Gun which will pretty much seal his victory.
Kimba/Leo VS Simba
  • While both can be dangerous (being lions and all), this isn't even worth an interest to Wiz and Boomstick. Who are we kidding?
Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright
  • Unless Phoenix's skills in Marvel vs Capcom 3 are taken into account, the fight would be one sided and easy on Layton's part due to him being skilled at fencing. The battle could work if it was a battle of wits however. A battle of wits could work for a Death Battle if Nick is involved. Mr. Wright (and almost any other Ace Attorney character, for that matter) kinda has Weapons-Grade Vocabulary, anyway.
Anything Involving Mickey Mouse
  • Ben has mentioned in Death Battle Cast that because of legal issues surrounding the character, ScrewAttack isn't going to risk putting Mickey Mouse into Death Battle over the possibility of getting sued by Disney themselves, so the chances of Mickey appearing in Death Battle are pretty much none. This means that commonly requested match-ups involving Mickey, like Mickey Mouse VS Bugs Bunny, will never happen, much to the dismay of fans.
Natsu VS (merely) any fire-user
  • Natsu can consume just about any fire that isn't his own. Find someone better, then let's consider.
    • Toa Tahu of BIONICLE fame might be a good candidate for a battle of this nature. He too can consume fire that's not his own, and he's got other skills besides slinging fire balls and manipulating the heat around him.
  • Let's see how his match with Portgas D. Ace will turn out. As predicted, Natsu won, but not just because of this. While Ace's fire was useless against him, he also couldn't touch Ace for the most part because of Logia Devil Fruit intangibility. Eating Ace was also out of the question since Ace could just turn back to his tangible self. It took Natsu a lightning attack to overpower the intangibility and kill Ace.
The Powerpuff Girls Battle Royale
  • They're pretty much identical as far as abilities (as well as the ways they use them) are concerned, but have different personalities, so it would be less of a "Who's the best warrior?" and more "Who has the best mindset?". To say nothing of the Unfortunate Implications of 3 little girls who love each other like family fighting to the death.
Saitama vs. Anyone
  • There is no way to accurately judge Saitama's power. He does have measurable feats, but all of these were accomplished with minimal effort on his part, meaning that they fail to represent how strong he actually is. If they used these feats, One Punch Man fans would complain that Saitama is being underestimated, and if they don't use feats, the whole point of the debate gets thrown out the window.
Team Fortress 2 Mercenaries Battle RoyaleAgent Texas VS Nearly anyone
  • Due to traits intrinsic to her character as the Beta AI, which is representative of Alpha's, or more accurately Dr. Leonard Church's, failures, as badass as she has shown herself to be, she's always doomed to fail during particularly critical points in her missions. The hosts will likely take notice of this, and in a setting like Death Battle, that will go a long way to ensuring victory... for anyone she would be likely to enter combat against on this show. Viable opponents would be other incredibly badass characters who also suffer varying degrees of Failure Is the Only Option, so that both have a fairly even chance of winning if the result isn't a Mutual Kill or a complete failure for either to kill the other for any reason at all.
Vega vs. Wolverine
  • At the livestream of the airing of Wolverine vs. Raiden, the hosts mentioned that this has been requested on the grounds that they both utilize metal claws in combat, but this is where similarities end, which would make this fight unfair in Wolverine's favor. Wolverine is a mutant who can regenerate from flesh wounds and even evisceration, not to mention having an adamantium skeleton and claws, while Vega has no such traits, merely being a competent human fighter with claws weaker than adamantium that can be knocked off of him due to him wearing it on his hand.
The Witch-king of Angmar vs. nearly anyone
  • This is an odd case where the fight would or could be a Foregone Conclusion in either direction because of the prophecy concerning the Witch-king: he cannot be killed by any living man (with the possible exception of Chuck and Segata). In-universe, he was eventually killed by Eowyn (who was a Man, but not a man) which opens up the idea that the Witch-king both can't be killed by any male character (or any male human character thanks to the ambiguous wording of the prophecy) but can be killed by any female character/female human or by the sun, the bottom of the ocean, or a black hole. Because of that, it would probably be hard to actually find a match-up that would both make sense and actually give either side a fair shake just by dint of the prophecy. Unless, of course, they simply decide to disregard the prophecy similarly to abandoning the no-killing rules of technical pacifist characters like Batman and Superman. There probably is at least one character who could qualify as a parallel to the Witch-king, a fair match for him, and not subjected to the prophecy all at once, but who could it be?
Goku vs. Saitama
  • Ignoring the fact that outside his magic plot device Saitama has precisely zero feats would put him anywhere near Goku's level after Episode 12, Episode 39, and all of the power boosts he got during the Goku Black Saga as well as his improvised mastery of Ultra Instinct during the Tournament of Power, this battle is completely pointless until we know the true extent Saitama's to strength (whether or not he truly can punch with half the force of a big bang like some of his more militant fanboys claim he can) and would just start a flame war worse than Goku vs. Superman 2. No one wins. And there are far more interesting match-ups.
Shinji Ikari vs. Eren Yaeger
  • At first glance, this seems like an amazing matchup between two teenagers that are fueled by their rage and trauma. Even ignoring the fact that Eren has no way of getting through Unit-01's AT field, Eren's titan form is only 15 meters tall (about 2 houses tall), whereas Shinji's EVA-01 is mostly inconsistent with it's size so that it could suit the opponent,note  but it's tallest height is about 200 meters (somewhere between the Great Pyramid and the Eiffel Tower). It would literally be a stomp.
Beerus vs. Mewtwo
  • While not as heavily requested as one might first think, and certainly not as much as some of the other matchups that have been listed up above on this page like Goku vs. Superman 3 or Goku vs. Saitama, every so often there has been a small but dedicated contingent of Death Battle fans who have asked to see Screwattack make Beerus vs. Mewtwo on more than on one occasion in the comment section, which is a horrendously bad idea given the immense, nigh-unfathomable power gap between the both of these characters - even more so than the aforementioned Frieza vs. Mewtwo. Besides that, the single similarity that they really share is being large and imposing dark-purple anthropomorphic cat people, which is hardly grounds to sufficiently justify creating this match-up. Other than a rather light thematic connection, Beerus is simply too overpowered, too fast, and with too many specialized techniques to his name as the seventh universe's God of Destruction for Mewtwo to even remotely stand a chance against. Even if one wants to argue that Mewtwo's mental abilities are far superior to Beerus and would be effective on him because Beerus has shown no sophisticated defense in shielding himself from mind powers, given his past, it's been made obvious that Beerus is not one to mess around with so clearly inferior opponents whom are beneath him. He would destroy him in less than a second. This is, after all, the same character who can tap a finger and shatter half a planet, fly through deep space, and erase you from existence with a single spoken word, and that Beerus can void out energy attacks means Mewtwo has no conventional means outside Mind Rape to challenge Beerus. If Beerus wants you dead, you're dead, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. This is a one-sided Curbstomp Battle of the highest degree, and even given some of the previous stomp battles Death Battle has done, nothing could compare to the sheer stupidity if this battle actually somehow made it to the show.
Yusuke vs. Aang
  • Yusuke stomps. Nuff said. And there are better opponents for Aang on his level with a lot better thematic connections.
  • While Goku vs. Superman 3 is off the table, Ben has said he feels the itch to remaster this battle and reexamine it using what he calls "their new methodologies." He also admitted that he is aware there are versions out there whom Goku beats (like the 1990s animated cartoon), but given that this is a remaster, it will likely include the Post-Crisis comic books continuity - or failing that, the Rebirth continuity. And even though they are not representative of his consistent strength level, depending on the writer, Superman still has crazier high-ends than Goku has shown, even with Mastered Ultra Instinct. The outcome is not likely to change, and unless they threw in a second battle where Goku fights and beats a known version of Superman that he can win against (like, say, Dragon Ball GT Goku vs. DCAU Superman), it's really pointless to redo a battle with an outcome that is not going to change simply to add that you know there are iterations of Superman Goku beats. The more vocal fanboys won't care about that. It will just seem like Goku losing to Superman a third time, which will just result in flame war worse than Goku vs. Superman 2 and more accusations that they are biased against anime, favor Superman because they hail from the United States, or hate Goku. It's just all-around a bad idea unless Goku gets some new feats - like perhaps surpassing Zeno-sama. Until then, it's just not worth it.
All Might vs. Pretty much anyone.
  • Seeing as All Might is constantly getting weaker as the series continues and eventually loses One For All, it would just open up a can of worms about which feats actually count. As of this writing, we have very few feats for how powerful he was in his prime.
Certain Rematches
  • Rematches can be entertaining and some might be justified, such as an eventual revisiting of Zoro vs. Erza once both series have been concluded or—possibly—a third Goku vs. Superman to account for some of Goku's new abilities like Ultra Instinct, but many would just be pointless mainly because nothing new and substantial has emerged for the fighters that would change the outcome. Yang vs. Tifa, for example, probably wouldn't change since little if anything has come up in Final Fantasy since then that would improve Tifa's chances while Yang, in contrast, has acquired some more feats in her own series that would probably only mean that she wins harder than before. It'd probably be easier to list out rematches that would be good rather than the ones that aren't.
Leon S. Kennedy vs. any Silent Hill protagonist
  • Leon is trained and equipped to handle monsters and often gets high-powered automatic and explosive weapons by the mid-game, while Silent Hill's protagonists have weaker weapons and less combat abilities and training. Seeing that Leon beat Frank West, who isn't properly trained, it would be an even bigger stomp against Silent Hill.
Dr. Manhattan vs anyone
  • Look at the list of potential Story-Breaker Powers. This character has most of them, making him more untouchable than anyone in the show (again, Chuck and Segata are possible exceptions)
Any Touhou character VS anyone
  • While the Touhou series is very well-known with a large cast of characters to select from, unfortunately the reality of its power scaling presents a large issue. Many of these characters are borderline overpowered to absurd levels despite not looking like much, with some ranging from being able to break planets to flat out manipulating reality. This has been confirmed by ZUN many times, so any character pitted against a Touhou character will unfortunately be on the receiving end of an unfair Curb-Stomp Battle. Yes, this means Sakuya Izayoi will destroy Dio Brando with little effort. The only reason why Touhou characters don't appear very strong is because of the Spell Card Rule in-universe, which heavily limits their true power to just non-lethal danmaku. Take them out of the Spell Card Rule to bring out their full potential (which Ben and Chad will likely do), and they'll be monsters that would make even most of the Marvel, DC, and Dragon Ball cast weep.
Kyubey VS anyone
  • This suggestion is bad for a number of reasons. Nevermind the fact that Kyubey can't do anything else outside of contracting Magical Girls, meaning he's not a fighter in the strictest sense, but he also can't die either since he's practically immortal and comes back to life in a different body the moment he's "killed". It's an odd case of a Curb-Stomp Battle and a Hopeless Boss Fight at the same time, so the fight literally has no conclusion.


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