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  • Gervas is actually the descendant of the Hound. The family trees and records he checked were falsified by his ancestors, who fled to Prussia after the Hound's execution. His Cold Reading is actually a downplayed Mind Reading, and his Heroic Build is not just a freak of Nature but his ancestry resurfacing after a few generations.

  • Niall really is a Heroic Bastard, fathered by prince Valentine. His mother was stated to be very promiscous, and they actually look similar.

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  • Cedric is infertile and he knows it. That's why he is doting on his baby brother so much, and that is why he is the best uncle ever; he tries to enjoy the feels he cannot get from his own offsprings. Maybe even the reason why he is a bachelor is this.

  • The Porcelain Doctor's limp. According to Chesney Le Tellier, there is nothing wrong with his leg, at least not with the bone. Sure there is a scar, but why exactly is he limping this badly?
    • Might be psychosomatic. That injury was caused by his brother.
      • Ditto this, when he has an "episode", he moves like there is nothing wrong.
    • Or it is just an Obfuscating Disability. Being as physically weak as he is, Niall needs every help he can get (he was stated to be a Combat Pragmatist when not in a honour duel), and the limp directly leads to everyone underestimating him. As a doctor, he might know how to consistently fake an injury like that.
    • Wasn't there something about the problem being with the "wiring"? I don't really know about anatomy, but there are quite a few things that can go wrong with healing crushed limbs. The problem was supposed to be with bending the knee, and according to Gervas, the doctor moves like that is painful. It is not like there was physicotherapy back then.
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    • He is also shown to use his Healing Hands on his knee right before every serious battle, and it only last an hour, tops. Kind of like supercharging himself. Otherwise he relies on his sword cane and others to move around. He also exercises really carefully.

  • Niall's obliviousness. There is no way he didn't notice how Gervas treats him. Does he think that it is just Big Brother Instinct, or he exactly knows what the situation is, he just chooses not to acknowledge it?
    • Well, he reacts pretty violently the first few instances Gervas does something out of the line (igniting his hair and sleeve comes into mind). He might know it, just accepting, but not reciprocating.
    • Gervas outright tells the Porcelain Doctor, several times, what he feels (though he never utters the exact words "I love you"), and pledges himself with a very old-fashioned Oath to the youngster. I do not think Niall is oblivious, he simply doesn't exactly understand the extent of Gervas' feelings. According to our narrator, everybody seems to like him, he is spoiled and approached with reverence and love, even by the soldiers and most strangers (excluding the few he handles with outright hostility). The doctor is used to be treated specially, and doesn't feel that Gervas means more than be his knight.

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