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I would say take a shot every time we say "Life Fiber", but you'd definitely die, Wiz. And DON'T try that at home!
Boomstick, Shadow vs. Ryuko

...So we'll provide alternative rules for you to pick and choose from. It's time for a DRINKING GAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!

In general:

  • In regards to Boomstick, take a shot for each of the following:
    • His ex-wife or Disappeared (Step-)Dad(s) gets mentioned. Be wary of Goro Vs Machamp, and Hulk Vs Broly where each one is brought up often respectively.
    • He mentions or drinks beer.
    • He cracks a crude joke.
      • Take another shot when the subject it refers to isn't female.
    • A jab he makes at Wiz's expense.
    • He references his degree in poultry science.
    • He pronounces the word "ghost" as "Ghooooost".
    • He acts as a test dummy for one of Wiz's experiments and/or a combatant's powers.
  • Take a shot for each time a character you like dies.
    • Down the bottle in sorrow if your preferred character is on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle.
      • Double down if the verdict calls them something along the lines of "Powerful in their own right"
    • Take two if you've favored said character to win over the opposing character.
      • Have a long, stiff drink if you expected your favored character to dish out a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Take a shot for each time a character you hate dies.
    • Down the bottle if said character is on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Take a shot for every horrific thing a villain does.
  • Take a shot for each "Next Time on Death Battle..."
    • Take two shots if it features a character you'd really like to see.
      • Three if it's a specific matchup you'd really like to see.
      • Take a scornful sip if they only mention one of the fighters.
  • Take a sip every time Wiz says the word, "technically".
  • Drink for as many seconds as the digits of whatever mathematical calculations are made in order to come up with a feasible number for a feat. (For example, Goku's power level is over 9000? Drink for four seconds.)
    • Warning, do not use this rule for the Mega Man Battle Royale. For reference, the number there? Three novemdecillion. 60 zeroes. This rule is also not advisable for Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern, where the number in question has 69 zeroes. Might as well be a suicide. And stay away from Hulk Vs Broly where the number hits duovigintillion! (71 zeroes for reference!)
  • Take a shot for each callback to Goku vs. Superman.
  • Take a sip for every ability, weapon, or weakness the hosts point out that doesn't get used in the battle. May require rewatching or keeping your own list.
    • Take a five second gulp if you think the hosts made an error in regards to a character's ability.
      • Down the bottle if the above factors led to your favored character to lose, while you bash out an angry comment on the keyboard.
      • Take a pull from the bottle if you see a comment mentioning that the battle is just a dramatization and doesn't decide the winner.
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  • Take a shot every time someone mentions something that's "so crazy, it just might work."
  • Take a shot when a character gets KO'ed. (Warning, don't use this rule during Robotnik Vs Wily, Leon S. Kennedy vs Frank West, or Red vs Blue, unless any of them is the only match you're watching tonight.)
  • Take a sip whenever Boomstick mentions a weapon that he'd like to have, whether it came up in the battle or not. (Ex: The baby Launcher from Yoshi vs Riptor.)
  • When a character is healing (Link v Cloud, Tails), drink until they stop healing.
  • Dismemberment/Causes of death:
  • Take a shot every time Wiz mentions a metal stronger and lighter than titanium.
    • Take another one if he gets annoyed by it.
  • Take a shot whenever a character's power has "no defined limit".
    • Take two if the limit is canonically defined.
      • Chug for five seconds if said limitless character wins.
      • Take three if the canonically defined limit is "limitless".
      • Take four if the fans themselves do the same thing.
      • Down the bottle if you see the term "No-Limits Fallacy"
  • Take a big sip every time Wiz says, "X may have had the advantage in Y, but Z had the advantage everywhere else."
    • Drink the whole bottle and smash it to pieces if that's not the case.
  • Take a shot whenever one of the hosts says "brute strength" or "brute force". Combined with the above, if Y in the above circumstance is "brute strength" or "brute force", finish your bottle.
  • Take a large drink if Wiz says some variation of "Common misconception" or "That's a myth".
  • Take a sip if Wiz says, at the end of a match, that both combatants had equal footing or were evenly matched before explaining what led to the winner's favor.
  • Take a quick sip if any of the combatants are stated to be faster/more agile than their opponents.
    • Take a drink if the faster character loses a Death Battle. One extra if it's against someone who focuses on strength or brute force.
    • Take a big sip if the faster character wins their Death Battle.
  • Take a shot when Wiz says in the aftermath that the matchup is a close fight.
  • Take a drink if the sturdier character wins.
    • Conversely, take a big sip if the sturdier character loses.
  • Take a drink whenever a character's weapon breaks.
  • Take a shot when Boomstick gets himself injured in any way.
  • Take a shot if a character who is dead in his or her original canon loses.
  • Take a shot if a villain loses to a hero. Note: Ryu vs Jin Kazama (straight-up hero kills a morally-gray antihero), Samurai Jack vs Afro Samurai (straight-up hero kills a sociopath), Wario vs King Dedede (the former is generally more antagonistic than the latter), and Beerus vs Sailor Galaxia (antihero kills a straight-up villain) are ambiguous examples.
    • Conversely, take three shots if a hero loses to a villain. Ryu vs Scorpion (the latter's alignment varies compared to the former being a straight-up hero), Godzilla vs Gamera (anti-hero kills a straight-up hero), and Sephiroth vs Vergil (the former being more antagonistic than the latter) are ambiguous examples.

For specific battles:

  • For any battle featuring Batman characters, take a shot every time Bruce Wayne is specifically referred to as the goddamn Batman.
  • Down the bottle in Felicia vs Taokaka when they get distracted by the butterfly. Stop drinking when they're no longer distracted, or your bottle is empty.
  • Take a sip whenever Link is called a fairy during Link Vs Cloud.
  • Take a shot every time one of the hosts belts out, "nobody knows!" during Ragna vs. Sol Badguy.
    • Take two shots if it turns out that Blazblue fans know the answer(s) in the comments.
      • Take three shots if someone lists a Blazblue wiki (or This Very Wiki) for the hosts to read.
  • Take as many sips as occurences, every time, when Deadpool interrupts either Wiz, Boomstick, or the battle to talk to the audience, (Example, first time, one sip, third time, three sips) in Deadpool Vs Deathstroke.
  • Take a shot every time Knuckles says "Oh no" or gets hit with a coconut in Knuckles vs Donkey Kong.
  • In Hercule Satan vs. Dan Hibiki, take a shot for each joke at either's expense or if they're shown getting beaten up in the analyses.
  • In Pokemon vs Digimon, take a drink every time you see either Charizard or Agumon and their evolved forms breathe fire.
  • Take a shot every time Dante or Bayonetta says something that could be taken out of context. As a warning, don't try this for both of them in the same sitting to avoid alcohol poisoning.
  • Take a shot for every comment claiming that the hosts forgot the feat of the Flash beating an instantaneous teleporter.
    • Take two when someone else points out that they're referring to the wrong Flash.
  • Take a shot each time the Joker laughs in the battle against Sweet Tooth.
    • Take another one for every pedestrian car that gets hit.
    • Take a quick drink for every Batman reference you can find.note 
  • Take a drink for every spoon-related joke in the comments section for Mewtwo vs Shadow.
  • Take a shot for every time Grif gets attacked by Boomstick in The Meta vs. Agent Carolina.
    • Take a shot every time you see someone complaining the episode was a waste of time in the comments.
    • Take another if someone else claims it was best the Death Battle ever.
    • Take a shot every time you see a person in the comments asking "What's the name of the song?" or some variation of that.
  • Take a shot every time the Power Rangers or the Voltron Lion Force Paladins are shown reeling from an attack in Megazord vs. Voltron.
  • In Natsu vs. Ace, take a shot for each time "fire" is mentioned.
  • In Smokey Bear vs. McGruff the Crime Dog, take a shot each time a bear pun is made.
  • In Jotaro vs Kenshiro, take a sip every time you hear ORA! or one of Kenshiro's Funny Bruce Lee Noises.
  • In Crash vs. Spyro, take a shot every time either of the hosts throws shade at Aku Aku.
    • Also, take a shot for every comment mentioning that Crash copied Ken's Guren Enjinkyaku.
  • In Leon vs Frank, take a sip every time it's mentioned that Frank has covered wars. This includes the comments.
  • Also in Leon vs Frank, take a sip every time a zombie is killed during the battle itself. One for each zombie.
  • In the comments for Ryu vs Jin, take a sip every comment mentioning how they reused the Vault from RWBY, or something related to RWBY.
  • In Carnage vs. Lucy, Take a sip whenever Lucy rips Carnage apart (any more and you will make yourself sick.)
  • In the comments for Optimus Prime vs Gundam, take a sip for every comment asking why they used the RX-78-2 over any other Gundam.
  • Take a sip whenever a robot gets destroyed in Ultron vs. Sigma. Hard mode: Take a sip for each robot that appears in the animation, including both combatants and their various bodies.
  • For the Mega Man Battle Royale, take a shot every time Volnutt is disrespected by Boomstick or the other Mega Men.
  • In the comments for either of Captain Marvel's episodes but moreso in Captain Marvel VS. Shazam, take a sip when either Captain Marvel or Brie Larson gets a Take That!, anymore and you will get alcohol poisoning
  • In the comments for Ben 10 vs Green Lantern, take a sip for every comment where Ben's fanbase rushes to his defense (any more and you will make yourself sick).
  • In Mob vs Tatsumaki, take a sip every time the fight shifts to hand drawn animation. Take two if they're both on-screen at the same time or if they're in a Super-Deformed state.
  • For Goro vs Machamp:
    • Take a shot every time Machamp says "Champ," even if he says "Ma" before it.
    • Take a shot every time the camera cuts to the combatants' feet.
  • For Obi-Wan vs Kakashi, take a shot for every prequel meme that gets referenced. When the meme is I Have the High Ground, take a sip instead.
  • Take a shot for each time a combatant Trash Talks the other in Danny Phantom vs. Jake Long.
  • During The Deep's rundown in The Seven Battle Royale, slowly drink until Boomstick says he sucks and Black Noir nods in agreement.
  • During Venom vs Crona, drink for every second Soul Eater's Weird Moon is on the screen.
  • For Heihachi vs Geese, take a shot every time Geese says one of his Engrish catchphrases. If that catchphrase is "predictabo!," take two.
  • For Blake vs Mikasa, take a shot every time Mikasa lands a hit on Blake, only to reveal it was one of her Semblance clones.
    • Take two if it was a clone that Blake infused Dust into.

In the comments section:

  • For matchup suggestions in the comments (Not suggested):
    • Take a shot for each badly-lopsided/random matchup suggestion in the comments (eg. Hulk vs Spongebob).
    • Take a shot for each Memetic Badass/creepypasta suggested as a combatant.
    • Take a shot for each suggestion made on a non-Death Battle video from Screwattack.
    • Take a shot for each time Saitama is suggested as a fighter.
      • Take another shot if Saitama's suggested opponent is Superman, Hulk, or Goku.
    • Take two shots for each suggestion with a previous combatant.
    • Take a shot for each time Jetstream Sam vs Adam Taurus is suggested.
    • Take a shot for each time Pit vs Sora is suggested.
    • Take two shots if the comment says a matchup you'd really like to see.
    • Take two shots each time someone complains that a FF character didn't get the best equipment possible.
    • Take a shot for each time the Predator is suggested as a fighter.
    • Take a half-shot each time someone complains about the hosts lying. (Just the comment, not the replies.)
    • Take a shot for every comment in Megazord vs Voltron mentioning MatPat
    • Take a shot for every comment suggesting the use of a relatively obscure character.
    • Take a shot every time Raphael vs. Elektra is suggested.
    • Take a shot for every comment suggesting a Kamen Rider as a fighter.
  • Take a very, very small sip for each video comment complaining about the results.
  • Take a shot for every comment that tries to correct/explain something regarding one of the characters used in the episode which the host may or may not have gotten wrong, exaggerated, or overlooked.
    • Take two shots if those comments happen to also be wrong, exaggerate abilities, or overlook others.
      • Take three shots if the comment insists that the hosts are downplaying to get the result they want.
      • Take four if that information turns out to be useless or unimportant anyways.
      • However, take three shots if that information turns out to actually be correct or accurate. This one might require doing some research of your own, if you aren't too drunk already.
      • Take two sips if the commenters claim Seth as their source.
      • Take three sips if they claim the battle to be wrong without providing any proof of their own.
  • Take a shot for every snarky remark at Cartoon Fight Club in the comments section.
  • Take a shot every time you see a comment saying "You should have gone for the head".
  • Take a shot every time someone tries to invoke the Death Battle Curse by requesting specific match-ups (as in, get specific new material for various franchises made).

Remember, take breaks between matches, or sit out on drinking for a match or two if need be. Keep water on hand. If you plan on doing a Death Battle drinking game marathon, don't go all out with the booze; keep it low so you can keep playing.

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