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Recap / Death Battle S 05 E 05 Sora Vs Pit

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If the fate of the universe is at stake, the last person you should trust to save it is a naive teenager with magical weapons they don't understand... but everybody does it anyways.

Like Sora, the Keyblade-wielding savior of Kingdom Hearts. And Pit, the angel warrior from Kid Icarus.

The fifth battle of season five pits two unassuming young warriors with light skin and brown messy hair, both of whom have slain countless dark forces alone and alongside friends, against each other. An expert bowman and swordsman versus a master of the Keyblade in all but title. Which child hero will prevail? Will the savior of Skyworld defeat the bearer of the Keyblade, or will the hero of Destiny Islands topple the captain of Palutena's guard? The answer will soon be made clear in a death battle.


The audience is first introduced to Sora, a child of promise who lived on the Destiny Islands alongside his friends, Riku and Kairi (and Final Fantasy characters for some reason). They lived a peaceful life until the island was invaded by a soulless evil known as the Heartless. Fortunately, their arrival coincided with the arrival of the magical Keyblade known as the Kingdom Key, which Sora's pure heart drew to him. Sadly, this new weapon was not enough to protect Sora's home, which was erased in the battle. Thankfully, Sora himself survived and ended up joining forces with Goofy and Donald Duck, who are apparently also dimension-hopping warriors (no, seriously!), in order to shut the Heartless out of every world they could.

The Kingdom Key is a magical weapon, capable of striking blows like a sword despite not having a visible edge. It can be used to cast magic spells, unlock any lock, and it can even act on the heart's desire of its wielder even when said wielder is out cold. The magic bears elaboration; he can cast fire, lightning, and ice, as well as heal himself and others, manipulate gravity, stop time, and fire off homing energy blasts with Ragnarok. He can even fly and teleport. The Key can transform into different forms by attaching appropriate Keychains, supplementing its attributes in different ways.


Sora is fast enough to run up a building, dodge both magical and non-magical lightning, and deflect hundreds of laser blasts from multiple angles in seconds. He's used his Keyblade to cut through giant building-like structures before launching the pieces as projectiles, which speaks volumes about his strength. But that's nothing compared to his endurance; he's taken hits from Hercules of all people, and that's a guy who's delivered a Star KO to a rock golem estimated to weigh over a thousand tons. Sora has also shrugged off bites from Cerberus, hits from ancient Chinese dragons, musket shots, and even the literal fires of Hades. He's not invincible, though; he relies heavily on his allies in combat, which means he has relatively little solo combat experience. Fortunately, Sora has often found that most locks only need one key.


Sora: (facing down Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness) The heart may be weak, and sometimes it may even give in. But I've learned that deep down, there's a light that never goes out!

With Sora covered, the focus shifts to his opponent, Pit. His story begins in the ancient, Olympian past, when gods and men lived in harmony... 25 years ago, to be more specific. The kingdom of Angel Land was ruled in tandem by Palutena, goddess of light, and Medusa, goddess of darkness. Medusa was a fairly malevolent ruler, turning people to stone and ravaging their crops, so Palutena turned her rival into a gruesome, one-eyed monster and exiled her to the dark Underworld. War ensued, and Palutena turned the tides by summoning the greatest hero Angel Land has ever known: Pit. (No, not THAT one!) Pit managed to defeat Medusa twice over, and Hades to boot, not to mention all the dark forces they brought along.

Pit's primary weapon of choice is a magical bow that fires guidable arrows of light and can split into two short blades for close combat. However, he is experienced with many other kinds of weapons, including staves, claws, palms, clubs, arms, hammers, orbitars, and cannons, all forged by Dyntos, the god of forge. Also made by Dyntos's hand were the Three Sacred Treasures, the mightiest weapons Angel Land has ever known: the Mirror Shield (which deflects projectiles), the Arrow of Light (which is incredibly powerful, but its strength depends on Pit's health, and only one can be in the air at the time), and the Wings of Pegasus (which grant unlimited flight and extra speed). Putting all three together grants Pit the legendary Silver Armor. (Which is actually gold, but let's not mince words.)

Appearances deceive in more than one way where Pit is concerned. Despite his youthful appearance, he is well older than the teenager he appears to be; his true age is unknown, but over 25 at least. He is the captain of the Icarus Army, Palutena's personal guard and peacekeepers. Although he has visible angel wings, Pit cannot fly without a regularly granted blessing from Palutena, and even then it only lasts five minutes before his wings dramatically burn up. That said, he is also capable of various feats of magic via divine powers. He's taken on alien pirates, space Krakens, and Thanatos, the God of Death. He once pulverized a boulder in mid-air, which would've taken a force equivalent to roughly 1,600 pounds of TNT, and flew to an orbital space station at a rate that would've required flying at Mach 28, dodging a laser that covered the distance in less than a second in the process. During his final battle with Hades, he fell over 2,000 feet onto solid stone, and shrugged off the landing. He's not perfect, though; he's been conned into losing fights on multiple occasions, and relies heavily on assistance from Palutena and others. That said, he can always be counted on to launch into a fight, even when his wings are burning.

Pit: (armed with the Three Sacred Treasures) In the name of the goddess Palutena, the defender of all that is good... those who hide in the darkness will be made to face the light!
Palutena: Fly, Pit!

The combatants are set, armed, and ready. One advertisement for Blue Apron later, it's time for a Death Battle!

Floating through the cloudy skies is the Olympus Coliseum, where Sora, the chosen wielder of the Keyblade, stands in anticipation of his next battle; in the stands are the sole members of the audience, Goofy and Donald Duck. The sound of his friends cheering is interrupted as Sora witnesses an ethereal door opening. Within a black void, Pit, captain of the Icarus Army, rushes towards the opening doorway and soars onto the sandy arena, apologizing for the wait. Eager for the fight, Pit splits apart the Palutena Bow and twirls their short swords; Sora, accepting the challenge, grips onto the Kingdom Key and takes a fighting stance.


The angel makes the first move of the fight, launching a volley of arrows towards Sora, who nimbly dodges the projectiles and, with a lengthy vault, brings the Keyblade down upon Pit. The twin blades intercept the skeleton key as Sora is pushed back. The Keyblade wielder is soon forced to go on the defensive himself, blocking all of Pit's slashes; and for his trouble, Sora scores the first clean hits, countering with a lengthy series of attacks that knock the angel upwards and down. Though an upper slash ends the combo, it also gives Pit space to recover, readying an arrow that Sora meets with Fire magic. Hastily, Pit cancels the attack and swaps to the Guardian Orbitars, the prismatic shield effortlessly reflecting the fireball. Sora watches his own projectile heading towards him, but fails to be daunted, instead channeling his magic into a more intense Firaga. The fireballs collide in a burst of smoke, but as it clears, Sora finds Pit charging at him, now bearing the Upperdash Arm. Not a second later does Sora find himself on the receiving end of an uppercut that launches him towards the clouds.

Pit gives chase with the Power of Flight and catches up to the Heartless slayer as he falls, sandaled feet planted firmly into Sora's back. The impact sends Sora rocketing even higher up, vanishing beyond the cloud cover and once again does Pit keep up the momentum, tackling into Sora with the Upperdash Arm and plowing through several pillars in the ensuing charge. As Sora continues to soar from the impact, an overhead hook slams him firmly into the floating ruins of the temples that populate Skyworld. Sora's crash landing gives Pit the opportunity to unveil the EZ Cannon, unleashing balls of energy at a frantic pace. Sora, to his credit, is quick to react, running up a remaining and evading every round. He leaps off, touching solid ground, and continues pushing past the barrage of shots, batting them away as he closes the distance between himself and Pit. An upper swing tosses Sora into the air, letting him follow up with a series of Fira blasts. As Pit dodges the fireballs, he also takes the time to unleash a charged shot from the EZ Cannon, launching Sora skyward as it explodes the bridge. Now caught in the air, the islander is caught by the cannon's aiming system, locked on and susceptible to a further charged shot, filling the sky in a blinding flash of light.

Luckily for Sora, his teleportation skill serve him well, depositing him safely away from the blast site. Pit's initial surprise wears off as Sora goes on the attack, unleashing a Ragnarok upon the angel. As Palutena's champion evades the shots, he dashes towards Sora, who meets the approach with a lunge of his own. Longsword and short swords collide in a midair struggle, ending in Sora touching down upon the ruins. The Keyblade wielder dodges another set of arrows before zipping past Pit at blinding speeds, leaving clean strikes with the Kingdom Key. A final overhead strike sends Pit careening towards the ground, though he flips past the way of a finishing stab. The match shifts back into Pit's favor as the Upperdash Arm sends Sora slamming into another pillar, prone to a series of arrows, all headed towards him.

At the last minute, Sora raises a hand, freezing the arrows in time; right after, a swing of the Keyblade sends the arrows back to their owner. Gliding past his own projectiles means Pit fails to notice Sora trapping him with a Gravity spell. Pit is then launched downward, straight to the coliseum floor, when at the last minute, the angel breaks free of the spell and unveils his trump card, the Three Sacred Treasures. Sora soon follows, falling straight towards Pit as he unleashes a ray of light from the tip of the Keyblade; Pit in turn, answers the challenge with a series of rays, chased by the colossal arrow of light. The beams collide as the Keyblade's faint humming grows more intense. The godly green glow of the Arrows bursts into nothingness as the beam of light continues downward, running through Pit's armored skull. A shower of blood precedes the Treasures' disappearance, which is itself followed by Pit losing his wings, and as he crashes upon the arena floor, his life. Silence fills the coliseum until Goofy cheers Sora on, seemingly paying no attention to the angel's death.


In the wake of Pit's demise, the hosts analyze the points leading up to it. Mobility and experience were fields that Pit had the advantage in, this the hosts admit; but more crucially, Sora was far too tough, quick, and durable for Pit to keep up with. While Pit could dodge a laser from the Lunar Sanctum moving at 90 million mph, Sora could easily avoid lightning attacks over twice that speed. Combined with his teleportation and the Stop line of magic, Sora would prove too fast for Pit to reliably land hits on. Sora's attack speed is likewise one that far exceeds his foe; the Keyhole of Halloween Town is located in the world's moon; Sora firing a beam from the Kingdom Key to seal it in a single second means the speed of its magic rays clocks in as just faster than light-speed. Their strength is a similar point of comparison; in the World that Never Was at the end of Kingdom Hearts II, Sora was confronted by seven skyscrapers, which he sliced through in a single move. Even assuming the composition of the stones to be granite, the feat proves Sora's offensive capabilities are equivalent to 78 tons of TNT, far greater than the boulder from Thanatos that Pit pulverized, which required less than even a ton of TNT. While Pit had a wide selection of weapons with their own advantages, Sora has a similarly extensive selection of magic skills and abilities to counter them, including a more reliable and replenishable way of restoring his health. Sora also outclassed him in terms of durability; Hercules' feat of throwing the Rock Titan into space comes out at equivalent to 24 megatons of TNT, well exceeding Hades' diamond-shattering blows of 30 tons of TNT at best. Finally, in contrast to Pit's varied weapons, Sora's Keyblade is reliable enough to serve him in every endeavour he has ever faced.

Boomstick: You might say it was the key to this fight - and when we Pit 'em together, one of them was bound to be a Sora loser.
Wiz: The winner is Sora!

Next time on Death Battle...

Sora vs. Pit contains examples of:

  • Beam-O-War: The finishing blow starts out as this, with Pit's arrows of light against Sora's Keyblade beam.
  • Beam Spam: Sora's Ragnarok forms a massive ray of light that splits up into small ones, while Pit can fire a series of light arrows for a similar effect.
  • Boom, Headshot!: How Sora finishes off Pit, courtesy of a beam of light from his Keyblade.
  • Bloodless Carnage: Narrowly averted; most of the attacks land without blood (given that Sora is using his blunt-shafted Kingdom Key and Pit only lands blows with his Upperdash Arm), but we do get a bit of a spray when Sora lands an overhead blow (in silhouette), and the finishing blow has quite the spill.
  • Duel Boss: As per the rules of Death Battle, but special mention goes to the fact that Donald and Goofy are right there in the stands when the fight starts.
  • Fan Discontinuity: For the sake of not using anything without solid figures, nothing from the Kingdom Hearts III trailers have been taken into account for Sora's rundown.
  • Foil
    • Sora and Pit are both youthful fighters with messy brown hair, but while Sora is young, Pit only looks young.
    • Both use a wide variety of weapons, but while Sora only uses different forms of the same weapon type, Pit uses multiple different classes of weapons.
    • Both have a blend of magical and physical abilities, but while Sora's magic is drawn from his own pool, Pit's powers are gifts from Palutena.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Both combatants are very friendly, generally nice guys, and capable of fighting off entire armies singlehandedly.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Donald and Goofy not getting involved in the fight mirrors Sora fighting Hercules alone in Kingdom Hearts I. The same game also featured several solo versions of the regular Coliseum cups, which might explain why Sora was fighting alone before Pit showed up.
    • At different points, Sora and Pit both attempt to return the others' attacks; rather than devolve into a Tennis Boss situation, the attacks are evaded and/or nullified after the first bounce. This is true to both fighters' home series; Kingdom Hearts bosses with deflectable attacks can't deflect their own attacks, and reflected attacks in Uprising actually become entirely different projectiles that cannot be reflected.
    • Sora lands a Sonic Blade sequence followed by an overhead blow, mirroring Riku's signature Dark Aura attack.
    • Pit seems to activate the Power of Flight without Palutena's assistance, but later breaks out the Three Sacred Treasures. In Chapter 9 of Uprising, if Pit goes with a weapon of choice instead of the Treasures, Palutena insists on bringing the Wings of Pegasus so they can use the Power of Flight without a time limit.
    • For a literal mythology gag, both Hercules and the Kid Icarus series take influence from Greek Mythology. Coincidentally, Hercules' damage output is one of the key factors in Sora's victory.
    • The equipment Pit uses in the match consist of the Palutena Bow, Upperdash Arm, Guardian Orbitars, EZ Cannon, Power of Flight, and Three Sacred Treasures; sans EZ Cannon, these are also the same items Pit uses as his special moves in the fourth Super Smash Bros.. The EZ Cannon was also used by Dark Pit in Uprising. Similarly, although the Mirror Shield is present with the Three Sacred Treasures, Pit doesn't actually use it, which mirrors its presence in Smash.
  • Shout-Out:
    • When Boomstick mentions Medusa had a habit of ruining peoples' crops, a memetic "MY CABBAGES!" clip immediately plays.
    • Wiz describes Medusa's transformation as parseltongued.
    • To make it clear what figures they're using when they calculate Pit's flight to the Lunar Sanctum, Wiz points out that that's no moon, it's a space station.
  • Theme Music Power-Up: Trace elements of the melody to "Dearly Beloved" play throughout the fight's theme, "Unlocking Heaven". Said melody blasts out in full force when Sora finishes Pit to win the match.
  • Walking Arsenal: Pit isn't lacking in weapons, having nine different types to pick from. Too bad Sora's magic proved versatile enough to match them.

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