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Cool And New Webcomic has spawned numerous music albums, and despite the soundtrack's regular use of Stylistic Suck, it has a surprisingly large amount of good songs.

    cool and new web comic voulem​.​ 1 
The comic's first music album consists largely of intentionally terrible songs, but there also are some really good ones; even the bad ones are also good, in a way.

  • justice must be a serve is Post-Apocalyptic Fedora put through the Wub Machine, and it actually sounds like a good dubstep remix.
  • licord nacrasty is a hilarious dissonant theme for the crudely made version of the Midnight Crew.
  • Among the good songs, there's Three in the Medley; as its name suggests, it's a medley of Homestuck songs based on Three in the Morning.
  • can you give me a HAND is a surprisingly good remix of both Showtime and the RCT theme.
  • upp word movmeant (Fanon Edit), a mashup of "Upward Movement" and "Descend" with various meme songs, actually sounds good near the end when it mixes all the memes referenced together.
  • you are a furry is a seamless Mario Paint blend of "Dogsong" from Undertale and "Sunslammer" and "Gardener" from Homestuck.
  • Doctoral Degree is a dance remix of "Doctor" that sounds very different from the song's many other remixes.
  • If you like the song titled "Homestuck", be sure to listen to a refined version of sorts, titled Before..
  • 25x SHOWDOWN COMBO is a great mashup of 25 different songs (mostly from Homestuck), as the name suggests. Near the end it includes the melody from "Wonderwall".
  • ~~~~ figting spirit ~~~~ is a collaborated cover of "Fighting Spirit" from Land of Fans and Music 2, which itself was used in the comic's first animation.
  • go down (Fanon Cut), the second last song, is another mashup of multiple songs that sounds like it could be in a real Homestuck flash that builds up to a grand moment.

    cool and new volume 2 
  • Lord Spanish is a remix of Lord English's theme in the style of stereotypical Spanish music, with heavy use of castanets.

    Cool and new Volume V 
This one contains as many Doctor remixes as you can take. It's all Doctor, all the time.
  • "Dr. Doctor, PhD" is an acapella version!

    Cool and new Homestuck 
This album consists of alternate music for the major animations in Homestuck from Acts 1-5, with the music team's trademark mix of bad music and amazing music. Highlights include:
  • Smackdown, Slamdown, and Contra are all great techno songs for the trilogy of Dave vs. Bro flashes.
  • go down (cool and new Mix) is an INCREDIBLE alternate song for Descend, with motifs that sync with the animation better than the original.
  • Same goes for Umbrella Tomato, the album's remix of "Umbral Ultimatum" for Jade: Enter.
  • Mayorlovania is a great remix of "Megalovania", one of the comic's most famous songs.
  • CANWCade, the penultimate series of four songs, starts with quality remixes of "Cascade" and "Flare", switches to hilarity with "Savior of the Screaming Dead", and then back to quality with "Black Yard, Green Fun".


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