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  • Burai Yamamoto sleeping through Terry Bogard's kicking Mook ass. And then one of them ends up waking him. Especially the guy yelling MY LEG!
  • Meta Knight panicking when Zero starts calling down lightning with the Rekkoha, particularly since he's usually the Comically Serious.
  • What do you get when you put Dan Hibiki and Mr. Satan into the same arena? A constant stream of utter hilarity, that's what! But here are some highlights:
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  • The dialogue exchange at the end of Lucario vs. Renamon battle after Lucario and Renamon suffer a Double KO:
    Lucario: (Grr!) I'm a jackal!
  • The ending of Samus vs. Mega Man. After the awesome climax of both fighters using giant beams to blast the alien monster. As it falls apart, what is it's dying noise? "Ech".
  • After the end of Catwoman Vs. Black Widow match, there is a a stinger where Catwoman is checking her stolen goods as we see that Kenpachi is STILL flying away from Akuma's beatdown, accompanied with a Goofy Holler. Also served as a appetiser for Kenpachi's and Akuma's rematch the following episode.
  • The scrapped Ben vs. Craig fight. ALL OF IT.
    • It starts with some random nerd watching Superman vs Goku and typing up a comment that's basically " DOES FUCKING SCREWATTACK HAVE ANY IDEA HOW POWERFUL GOKU IS? FUCKINGGG EUUGHHH". And when someone else comments back to disagree, he gets madder and tells his mom that someone was mean to him online... completely ignoring that he was just doing that!
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    • Then it shows Ben lounging in his office all snide, and when Craig comes in, he shouts "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?!?!?!??" and throws a cup, which flies out a window, with Craig responding with a Death Glare.
    • Craig just came to talk about all the rage from the fans... but then Ben forgets who he's talking to and tells Craig to get out before he fires him. Cue b*tchslap from Craig.
  • The opening to Knuckles vs Wario. Wario spots Knuckles sleeping against the Master Emerald, and being Wario, he tries to steal the Emerald. He sneaks through the bushes, and pops out in front of the jewel... and finds a very much awake Knuckles smirking at him. Wario's response? Punch him out the way.
  • It's subtle, but at the end of Ghost Rider vs. Scorpion, after dealing the finishing blow and giving some final words to Ken, it's heavily implied that Ghost Rider, after saving him, left Ken in Hell.
  • In Jotaro vs. Kenshiro, he's not even involved in the fight, but Dio managed to get knocked away by Kenshiro before the fight even started.
  • In Zoro vs. Kenshin, Zoro, in typical Zoro fashion, gets hopelessly lost. He actually starts the episode asking Kenshin for directions only to somehow come full circle and collide headlong with Kenshin and then blame him for the bad directions. At the end of the fight, Zoro realizes how much time he wasted on fighting Kenshin and tries to find his crew soon. He doesn't want them to know he got lost again.
  • BB Hood vs Peacock. All of it. Special mention goes to the extended version where Peacock decides to have a talk with B.B. But... since B.B. speaks Japanese and no English, Peacock has no idea what she's saying.
    • Translating B.B. Hood's text reveals that *she* has no idea what Peacock's saying either! For those curious, here's a rough translation of the conversationUser's Note 
    Peacock: You're making quite the mess here, Missy!
    B. B. Hood: Wow, it's a cartoon!
    Peacock: ...What?
    B. B. Hood: And you have ten times more [eyes?] than me!
    Peacock: Wait, wait, wait, you're speaking Jap, right?
    B. B. Hood: What?
    Peacock: I'll take that as a yes.
    Peacock: I so happen to be very familiar with one phrase your people say!
    Peacock: *Ahem*
    Peacock: ナニソレ!!!(phonetically "nanisore", though it's actually gibberish.)
    B. B. Hood: ...What is that?
    Peacock: ...No idea what you just said.
    Peacock: So I'm just gonna cut to the part where I beat you to a pulp so I can get back to watching my shows. Kay?
    B. B. Hood: I do not know what she is talking about! How did I get to this English place?
  • In Master Hand vs Polygon Man, Polygon Man tries to gloat with his "I consider this a role-playing game. Today, you'll be playing the part of the Piñata!" Badass Boast, but gets interrupted by Master Hand's Finger Gun for his troubles. He doesn't take it well to say the least-
    Polygon Man: You dare lay a hand on your master?!
  • From Ippo Makunouchi vs. Little Mac, Ippo punching Mac hard enough to completely tie him up in the ropes, referencing the same way his opponent defeated Aran Ryan in the Wii version of Punch-Out!!.
  • After Heihachi Mishima vs. Geese Howard, the winner decides to strap Geese to a rocket and launch him into space, in a reference to his Tekken 5 ending. Ah Heihachi, you lovable old jerk.
  • Goku vs. Sonic came out on April Fools' Day. Naturally, Hyper Gauge couldn't resist going nuts with this one.
    • Goku punches Sonic so hard that the timer briefly switches to some question marks when Sonic gets up and stumbles to the ground again.
    • After punching his way out of Godzilla, Goku's meat lands on Kirby's head, so Goku's head grows bigger than the car he lands in, screams really hard at Kirby, and makes him explode.
    • The Avengers show up to apprehend Goku for causing tons of havoc. Long story short, Hulk gets blasted into the Death Star. Also, Captain America demands that Goku "STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM!'
    Black Widow: Aw, hell to the fuck no!
    Hulk gets blasted into space. One Stormtrooper happens to see him coming.
    Unlucky Stormtrooper: HOLY F*CKING SHI-
    • And to top it all off: Goku gets bumped into by Saitama while trying to eat his meat at last. Naturally, it doesn't end well. For Goku, that is.
      • Then, there's the Stinger: Someone blasting Saitama in the back of the head and all Saitama does is annoyingly swat at it like its a fly and turn around to see Superman drop down before him!
  • Kirby vs. Pac-Man begins with the two characters strolling along devouring everyone in their path...and then the two cross paths and Pac-Man eats a Waddle Dee that Kirby was going for. Kirby's triggered rage faces are comic gold.
  • Trunks vs. Silver has Silver trying to trap Trunks underneath a boulder while constantly screaming "IT'S NO USE!" After finally shattering the boulder, only to be beaned with a smaller rock, Trunks gets so pissed that he briefly shifts out of sprite form just to show his frustration.
  • Saitama vs. Superman:
    • Saitama tries to talk his way out of fighting Superman, but ends up realizing the only other witness to his killing of Goku was... Goku himself. He doesn't take it too well.
    • Superman backhands Saitama, which makes his head bobble like...well, a bobblehead. His annoyed reaction after really sells it.
    • At the end of the fight, Superman charges up his most spectacular attack in a last-ditch effort to take down his opponent. How does Saitama react? Exactly the way you'd think.
      • After that, Saitama No Sells the attack, his cape is on fire, and he's completely oblivious to it.
    • After Black Widow defuses the situation by explaining what really happened ("Remember the guy you killed twice?") Superman asks her what his opponent's name is. All Natasha has for him is "Caped Baldy".
      • Superman's skeptic reaction really sold it.
  • Oni vs Kenpachi Round 3:
    • Zoro, Luffy and Ichigo getting lost in the forest thanks to Zoro of all people being the one leading the way.
    • Akuma is so badly injured at the end of the fight that during the victory screen, he falls off the podium.
  • Joseph Joestar vs. Edward Elric:
    • While attempting to ward off Edward from trying to get the Red Stone of Aja, Joseph makes the ill-advised decision of raising it up. Where a beam of light can hit it. Leaving a sizable crater in the ground.
    • Near the end of the fight, Joseph uses the Secret Joestar Technique: running away. It helps him win the match.
    • After the fight concludes, a crow snatches up the Stone, rendering Ed and Jojo's conflict all for naught. The last shot is of them chasing the bird and telling it to drop its cargo.
  • Waddle Dee vs. Goomba:
    • The animation begins with Kamek telling Bowser he can't just up and leave while a bunch of junk gets thrown his way. While he complains, a lucky Star grants him invincibility right before a cannonball bounces off his face.
      • Bowser reassures him by saying he'll leave Bowser Jr. in charge while he's on vacation. Junior is visibly thrilled at the idea of him being the head honcho.
      • What's Junior's first order to his beleaguered adviser? Get him a sundae so huge, he can swim in it. And Kamek actually carried out the order.
    • A dimwitted lookout somehow mistakes Waddle Dees frolicking in a field for "an invasion!!!"
    • This exchange:
    Goomba: KING KOOPA! (running in) Sire! I bring urgent news- (beat) Am I interrupting something?
    (everyone looks for a moment at the giant sundae Jr. is enjoying)
    Kamek: No.
    • When the fight starts, a Waddle Dee can be seen holding off a Goomba at arm's length with a bored look on his face...until the Goomba gets some friends to jump on his head and squash the Dee flat.
    • A Goomba prevents a Waddle Doo from attacking by poking it in its big ol' eye. Right after, we see a Chuboomba squash a whole pile of Waddle Dees flat.
    • During Bandana Dee's assault, he beats a charging Choomba by tripping it. Momentum's a fickle mistress.
      • He then blows up a tank by shoving a Goomba in the gun barrel...but ends up getting blown up because he stayed to admire his work.
    • When Bowser Jr. calls in his biggest Banzai Bill to take out Kabula, he clearly has the voice of an announcer from Modern Warfare 2. Also, the castle burps it out. Also also, the siren from MW2 can be heard as the Banzai Bill whizzes through the air.
  • Piccolo vs. Martian Manhunter:
    • Piccolo's on edge thanks to getting his ass kicked by Cell and thinks the Martian Manhunter is up to no good. Kami and Nail chime in and argue with him over his impulsive decisions, which leads to Piccolo getting pissed off at the two of them.
    Kami: Nail is right. Don't be a dumbass.
    • And then they keep bickering about what to do with the mysterious green man, with Kami and Nail interested at the prospect of having someone else to talk to (thanks to MM's telepathy) and excited about "MOVIE NIGHT!" Piccolo finally tells them to shut up and goes through with his completely unneeded decision.
    • In the pre-fight trash talk, Piccolo calls MM "Mucus Man".
    • Piccolo fires off the Special Beam Cannon. It completely misses. Even Piccolo seems dumbfounded by his failure.
    • After the fight, Jonn calmly explains that he and Piccolo are both trying to protect Earth. Piccolo, in exasperation, tells him he could have just lead with that, but Jonn says it wouldn't have been as fun.
  • Snake vs. Chris Redfield:
    • The first thing Chris sees after touching down is a conspicuous cardboard box. Chris kicks it away and finds...nothing.
  • Sasori vs Alice Margatroid
    • While the ending of Sasori vs Alive was pretty dark, Deidara's reaction to Alice showing up and seemingly Sasori lost, is hilarious. Alice's puppet body walks up and bumps into Deidara. Deidara freaks out and falls onto his butt. He then says "No way...Sasori lost?" Sasori shows up a few seconds later and calls him an idiot. Sasori then walks off to give his new puppet a 'test drive'. Deidara is still on the ground and blinks
  • Raiden vs. Genos
    • The episode begins with a serious reminiscence over the destruction that Saitama and Superman caused on the city that leads into an epic cyborg duel. How does one insert humor here? Raiden is briefed on a potential danger lurking in the city.
      Solid Snake-styled Codec call appears
      A map of the city titled "Big Kabooms" appears
      Four points, each labeled "Here" appear on the map
      A hand then appears to point at a spot on the map, where a fifth point, labeled "And here.", appears
      Raiden: I'm on it.
  • M. Bison vs. Rugal
    • The episode opens with Doctor Bosconovitch pacing through the laboratory walls before stopping by a monitor displaying the aftermath of the last episode. Oh, and Ibuki's twitter feed, where she posted a selfie with Peacock.
    • A subtle one, but at some point, both combatants repeatedly knock M. Bison's Psycho cannon towards each other before Bison gets sick of the whole Tennis Boss thing and just powers through it and Rugal in a surprisingly clever surprise attack.
  • Gohan vs. Superboy
    • It is very heavily implied that the Goku from "Goku vs. Sonic" and "Saitama vs. Superman"... was actually a clone.
    • When Superboy stops Gohan at the start, he has the most deadpan face you could imagine.
    • While Gohan tries to explain that he wasn't the orange karate gi-wearing, flying, ki energy-manipulating guy with black hair who destroyed the town, Superboy has none of it and stomps his foot mid-spiel. The resulting girly shriek is a thing to behold.
  • Luigi vs. Tails
    • At the end, Tails' winning move is him performing a fake-out on Luigi, resulting in him catching a dummy full of bombs underneath his hat. The funny part is what's written on the dummy's plane: "LOL it fake" and "Free iPhone".
    • After the fight, Just after Tails has beaten Luigi, Tails shoots an escaping Eggman out of the sky. Then Knuckles shows up and the two start beating Eggman up. Luigi decides it's just not worth it and walks away.
  • Shantae vs. Filia
    • The track that plays during this fight is called Drama Queens
    • Filia isn't even fighting half the time. It's just Samson dragging her along.
    • After the fight, Right as Filia rises out of unconsciousness, she asks Shantae in an alarmed tone if she's alright. Shantae, confused, asks if she should be the one asking that.
    • At the end of the episode, Samson goes on a lengthy spiel about how he's far too reckless for anyone's good, only to be interrupted by Shantae, saying that she forgives him.
    • The music tracks for one minute melee are uploaded by Hypergauge, and they show the fight in the background, although with no sound effects and blurred. These videos, however, take time to prepare, and if you pay attention, you may find some differences between the fight in the OST video and the episode proper. In this episode, the thing that originally was supposed to knock Filia out was the fact that she missed her final attack and hit the floor instead.
  • Mario vs. Sonic
    • Mario's increasingly offended expressions as Sonic tells him how to do his job are hilarious.
    • After Mario has defeated his rival, He takes a moment to celebrate... Before realizing that he still has a princess to save.
  • Mob vs. Tatsumaki
    • At the end of the fight, 100% Mob has Tatsumaki in a choke hold, ready to blast her with raw psychic energy... and then serious mode runs out. Even the music cuts out! One awkward silence later, Mob throws his opponent against the ground and wins anyway.
  • Sans vs. Bill Cipher is almost entirely a crowning moment of funny.
    • The video opens with classic Sans and Papyrus shenanigans.
    • Bill Cipher casually introducing himself as a cosmic tyrant, herald of chaos, and source of all things incomprehensible to the feeble mind.
      • And then hands Papyrus his business card, which is to say the dialogue box.
    • Bill Cipher is bored enough to start reading a newspaper when he is out of focus for five seconds.
    • When Bill reveals his psychopathic nature, Sans doesn't hesitate to get serious. Cue Megalovania. And then cue Bill grabbing a nearby radio to change the soundtrack, to Sans' confusion.
    • Right after Bill pulls himself out of a tree, he turns around... only to come face-to-face to another Gaster Blaster. His reaction is priceless.
      Bill: ...Dafuq?
      • After being unharmed by the ensuing explosion, he blows a raspberry out of his eye.
    • Bill gets sick of Gaster Blasters. So he rides one like a horse to obliterate the rest. Complete with a cowboy-ish "Yeehaw!"
    • Bill sticks a note behind Sans' back for some cruel irony. And then winds his foot so far back, his leg coils like a spring. One off-screen teleport by Sans later, Bill misses his target, causing his still-coiled leg to loop around the screen, kicking himself, causing him to fly across the looping screen several times.
    • And then Bill gets so pissed off, he grows to massive proportions and clearly smashes Sans with a massive fist. Then Sans steps out from behind the fist, completely unharmed. Offscreen Teleportation is his specialty.
    • Bill makes some attempts to approach him for another attack, only for Sans to constantly reset his position.
    • Bill finally manages to get a hit: he stops time, casually struts in front of his opponent while cracking his knuckles, and then backhand bitchslaps him.
    • This exchange:
      Bill: You look like you had a bad time. (chuckles) Get it? It's your stupid one-liner!
    • Bill, fed up with Sans' antics, decides to finish him. Cue interception via Annoying Dog
    • Sans drinking a bottle of Ketchup while Bill has an exchange with the Annoying Dog
      Bill: Who left this mutt here?
      Annoying Dog: Bark!
      Bill: Excuse me? I'm still having a good time!
      Annoying Dog: Bark!
      Bill: Oh, last I checked, you weren't the time police, so beat it.
      Annoying Dog: Bark! Bark!
      Bill: Oh, yeah? What're you gonna do about it?
      Annoying Dog: Bark! Bark!
      ''Annoying dog suddenly has a massive, odd-looking hammer on its head
      Bill: ...What is that...?
      Bill: Wait, the Hat of Discipline...?
      Hammer disappears, Annoying Dog runs off.
      Sans falls asleep
    • Then it reveals that Bill was also watching the video. After what appears to be a particularily angry glare, he then claims that Sans was to overrated anyways, and flips the table, causing all of his computer equipment to explode.
    • For reference, the odd-looking hammer that the annoying Dog used to smash Bill Cipher was the Hat of Discipline, from Ed, Edd n Eddy. The original scene featuring it can be watched here.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. Viewtiful Joe
  • Saitama vs. Goku:
    • Saitama's first move is to punch Goku in the face, sending him through three buildings before immediately Lampshading Goku's Super Mode.
    • The "Ok" face returns, but it has an added Aside Glance that makes it all the more hilarious.
    • When Saitama jumps behind Goku and delivers a karate chop to the back of his head, one can hear a voice saying "BOI IF YOU DON'T GET-".
    • After Goku's second defeat, Gohan attempts to avenge his father. After witnessing his attack harmlessly bounce off Saitama's head, he changes his mind.
      • Right after Gohan's reaction to the No-Sell, Saitama swings around with a Serious Mode face to the sound of a high-pitched monkey screech.
  • Bowser vs. Dedede:
    • Remember how in Waddle Dee vs. Goomba, Bowser ended up missing a shot because a giant background explosion distracted him? Well, apparently, there's been two more such explosions since.
    • When Dedede Super Jumps in the air, Escargoon is launched away.
    • Everything about Bowser returning to his castle at the end and finding out that junior accidentally started a war during his absence.
  • Kakashi vs. Aizawa:
    • The way Aizawa just curbstomps an overzealous Naruto.
    • Halfway through the fight, Kakashi buries Aizawa into the ground, before casually kicking dirt into his eyes and dropping explosive tags around him.
  • In Wolverine vs. Black Panther, when Black Panther grabs Wolverine, a sound byte plays, saying "WATCH OUT WATCH OUT WATCH OUT!" as a reference to Randy Orton. True enough, he slams Wolverine to the ground in a manner similar to a wrestling maneuver most associated with Randy Orton, that being the RKO.
  • The end of Cyborg vs. Genos: Being victorious, Cyborg walks back to the wrecked T-Car (which Genos caused) and when Genos tries to stop him, he finds out his right arm's missing - Cyborg took it, proclaiming that he needed the extra hand in fixing his car.
  • The end of Ruby Rose vs. Spider-Man: Spidey puts up a tough fight... only to find Frank West taking pictures and declaring that the Daily Bugle would pay top dollar for Spider-Man beating up a young girl. Oh, the Parker Luck...
  • Undyne vs. Pearl is, with hardly any exaggeration, a soccer mom fight. To clarify, Frisk and Steven are playing soccer when Frisk accidentally kicks the ball into Steven's head. This annoys Pearl, who starts criticizing Undyne's parenting methods. Undyne, being Undyne, responds with violence, not caring that she's proving Pearl's point.
    • One of her attacks is to suplex a boulder, as a hilarious reference to her source game.
    • The fight ends in a draw because Steven and Frisk were able to break it up. In place of a winner, the victory screen has Undyne give Pearl a noogie.
  • Yang vs. Bakugo:
    • Bakugo's extremely tense walk away from the camera after he lets go of Yang's hair.
    • Yang threatens Bakugo to show respect to women. Bakugo almost gets out the memetic "If she breathes, she's a thot" line before Yang punches him in the face.
    • Bakugo attempts a Last Ditch Move, but a simple sidestep from Yang sends him face-first into a tree offscreen.

Hyun's Dojo's ads:

  • The Videoblocks ad:
    • Videoblocks being represented on-screen as an extremely muscular figure lifting a stick figure in each hand: Hyun and One Minute Melee.
    • When explaining what "royalty-free" means, copyright claims are represented by a group of Terminator-style agents.
    • During a scene showing Hyun talking to Santa, Santa points at him accusingly, asking how he got in what is presumably his house.
    • Hyun is shown diving into a massive pile of stock video footage, only to flop face-first.
    • At the end, he gets close enough to the camera to reveal a face far more detailed that anyone would have wanted.
  • The first crunchyroll ad:
  • The first VRV advertisement:
    • The gradual closeup on Hyun's face, to the point where it's video footage of a moving mouth smoking a cigar.
    • His reaction to finding VRV is similar to an action hero finally getting the legendary relic he's been hunting for for years.
    • The way he pronounces "juh-PAAA-NEEZE animes"
    • Smart looking guy: "What the- (starts punching in numbers on a calculator) That's like 2 times more anime than before! (Calculator screen reads "2x more anime")
    • "*sob* Just take my money, dude..."
    • (when talking about horror shows) "I mean Ooga Booga, am I right? (on screen text: no)
    • "...all in 1080p! It's delicious... and it's crisp!
  • Hyun's Dollar Shave Club ad:
    • Hyun checking himself out in the mirror, wondering if he needs to shave as he spontaneously grows a thick beard and mustache.
    • He pays for it by sticking a dollar bill in the disk drive and he gets his razor kit thrown at his face from offscreen.
    • As he drags his razor across his face and legs, details like hair, band-aids, spiders, dimples and his nose are removed.
    • As he looks in the mirror, his reflection is Sexy Squidward
  • Hyun's second VRV advertisement, as a parody of Billy Mays ads:
    • "Here's some anime. One slap (exaggerated crashing noise), you got Attack on Titan season 2. Two slaps(another exaggerated crashing noise), you got My Hero Acadamia season 2."
    • "Invite your friends and lookit this! You're gonna have an exciting life, now!"
    • "...and we both know that the crunchirollians make good stuff!"
    • "That's why you're not living a happy life, ya don't have enough good content in your diet!"
    • "Guys, we're gonna make the world weeaboos again (cue air horns), one slap at a toime!"
    • Labelling Hyun as a "formerly sad grandma".
    • NutterButter, who was apparently a VRV user for 206 years.
  • The documentary styled ad:
    • The Vervicus appicus (VRV app) having descended from the Crunchirollian Weeabus (Crunchyroll, an anime streaming service).
    • When it's referred to as the alpha male of the streaming world, it dabs repeatedly.
    • Comparing Funimation to Yuri on Ice.
    • "The infant YouTube cubs, commonly known as "Plebs"..."
    • Near the end of the ad, it attacks the narrator, knocking off his hat and fake mustache.
  • The Christmas ad:
    • The fact that they did a Christmas ad on November 11th.
    • Hyun's Santa laughs followed by a coughing fit.
    • "Hello, children, it's me, Santa Claus sponsored by the vrv app"
    • Then he's suddenly muscular, appears nude, and says, "Oh! What's down there, Billy? There, in the description link below!"
    • "You'd better believe Santa's gonna be on that new episode of Narut- I mean Black Clover!"
    • "What's that? Your parents turned off the internet because you watch too much poooooorrrrrrrly timed shows?
  • The Krusty Krab Training Video-style ad:
    • Hyun being assaulted by adjectives used to describe VRV.
    • The "Hooplah" gag, except this time the heckler makes a realistic-sounding pain yell when the brick hits him.
  • The Swat & Zombies Ad.
    • "FBI, OPEN UP!!!" And they don't even wait for a response before breaking in with a hail of gunfire.
    • "Oh, I dunno, I need permission from my mo-" WHAP "OW-" "NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME, BILLY!"
    • "Fat zombies, Skateboarding Zombies, Bowling Zombies, Zombies wearing your mother's knickers, Billy.
    • "But how can I do this all by myseeeeelf??? FBI agent walks in with his arms full of guns.
  • The "Billy's Life" ad:


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