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Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog vs The Flash is actually from the British comic.
Sonic kills the Flash for messing with his friends, which could have easily been punished with a non-lethal KO. This isn't consistent with the video games, but Super Sonic from Sonic the Comic is a rampaging Enemy Without who relishes destruction. Super Sonic was absorbed back into Sonic at the end of the series, but some of his sadism may have come out when Sonic transformed, causing Sonic to take it too hard on the Flash. Also, it turns this fight into a clash between comic book speedsters, which is pretty neat.

Subsequent seasons of One Minute Melee will begin with Kenpachi and Akuma duking it out.
The first two seasons have begun with the two fighting, and if the stinger of Catwoman vs. Black Widow is any indication, it'll be a long time before one of them's put down for good. If not the very first fight of a season, Kenpachi vs. Akuma will be part of the first few; it'll be the series' answer to Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler.
  • Season 3 started with Sasuke Uchiha vs Ichigo Kurosaki instead.
    • And Season 4 will start with Kenpachi and Akuma duking it out for the very last time. Incidentally, Darth Vader and Adolf Hitler rapped for three rounds until the feud was put to rest.

A later melee will see a rematch between Sakuya and Dio.
There's only a handful of ways to kill a JoJo vampire; knives aren't one of them. Dio's also tanked far worse than that; suggesting Dio's planning his unholy revenge in a later episode. The fact that the match ends with a "To be continued" implies that the pair will fight again in the future.
  • Could be jossed considering the To be Continued could've just been leading up to Kenshiro Vs Jotaro Kujo of which Dio is alive and then sent flying off-screen before the newcomers duke it out. Plus at the end of the fight there is no To be continued message so...

Guessing the rest of Season 2, based on the character select screen in Lightning vs Wonder Woman

One Minute Melee suggestions
banter between the two- especially concerning the history of their respective game series.)
Sasuke Uchiha will appear in season 3.

Although it's only from the waist down, it looks like he's the one that appears and chastises Naruto at the end of "Roronoa Zoro vs Himura Kenshin".

  • Confirmed. His opponent is Ichigo from Bleach.

Sephiroth and Vergil will have a rematch like Kenpachi and Akuma did.

At the end of "Sephiroth vs. Vergil" Sephiroth tells Vergil he'll see him again. Considering Sephiroth hardly ever takes a fight seriously, it's likely he'll come at Vergil with much more vigor than their first encounter.

Samus Aran and Mega Man will have a rematch like Kenpachi and Akuma did.

After only having fought the SA-X last time, the real Samus Aran will appear at some point to challenge Mega Man to a sparring match with her actual self as opposed to an evil copy. Both combatants could use more of their tools from their own series, especially the weapons they didn't use in Smash 4.

Bowser Jr. and Metal Sonic will fight again for real, without interruptions this time...
... Assuming either of them will be in any condition to fight again after what Mecha put them through.

Master Hand vs. Polygon Man is an overly dramatic representation of a child hitting their Playstation 3 in frustration after it scratched their Street Fighter IV CD.
Polygon Man is said to represent the Playstation's power by Word of God, and it's implied Master Hand represents a child playing with their toys, so...

Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye was a prequel to the Death Battle.

Hawkeye lost through a non-fatal KO, which probably explains why he shot at Green Arrow out of nowhere in their Death Battle.

  • Alternatively, the Melee was actually a sequel, with a revived Green Arrow sneaking around and trying to get his revenge on Hawkeye, only for Hawkeye to see him coming and get the opening attack instead.

Meta Knight will come Back from the Dead to stop Zero permanently going Maverick.

  • This could be an idea for a sequel to Zero vs. Meta Knight playing on how massively Out of Character Zero was throughout in their fight (To the point of gleefully murdering his opponent despite normally being Three Laws-Compliant) being explained as him going maverick. After slaying Meta Knight and then teleporting away, the deceased Star Warrior could then be brought back to life either via extra lives, or by Kirby (Or some other allies, like Sword and Blade) using a wish from the Galactic Comet NOVA to resurrect him. Then once Meta Knight returns (And it then being established that Zero has gone maverick, which would accurately explain why he killed him in the first place when normally he would not), he could then find and challenge the now more-mavericked and less-sane Zero to a rematch which he takes more seriously, with his opponent likewise not holding back- not only to make up for his previous defeat, but also to save Zero from going completely insane and more-or-less kicking the world's head in.
    • So in effect, explaining out-of-character-ness, providing an actual opportunity for a rematch and resolution between the two that does both characters justice, and also providing a potentially interesting overarching storyline to the match-up, ala Akuma vs. Kenpachi or Naruto vs. Luffy.

Guile and Captain America are going to team up in a future OMM.
It's the logical conclusion of their admiration for each other. If it happens, it's probably going to be against another duo to make the intro easier to edit (2 Teams, 60 Seconds, 2 Victors).

Akuma will finally use the Shun Goku Satsu against Kenpachi in the Season 4 premiere.
It's the final round to OMM's longest-lasting feud, so might as well cap things off with Akuma's most famous attack, which has never been used before against Kenpachi. Akuma has previously finished off Kenpachi with the Demon Armageddon/Tenshou Kaireki Jin in Round One and the Misogi in Round Two, so it'd definitely make sense from a Serial Escalation point of view.
  • Confirmed. It actually happened at the end of the fight.

Since the two Superman vs. Goku matches are canon in OMM, then it's possible that Goku Came Back Wrong.
It could explain Goku's Took a Level in Jerkass behavior.

  • Jossed. Superboy vs. Gohan reveals that he's a faulty clone.

Hulk and Broly will fight again, becoming the spiritual successor to Akuma and Kenpachi.
Sure, the winner of the fight blew up the planet they were standing on, but the loser has shown he's more than capable of surviving such calamities.

With the above statement in mind, the next Hulk vs Broly match up...
...will be Worldbreaker Hulk vs Broly. And this time, they fight in Sakaar.

Bowser will return to the series, one final time.
Since Bowser is set up to fight King Dedede after Waddle Dee vs. Goomba, this looks to be the case. Whilst he'll presumably win for a third time— much like Little Mac vs. Ippo Makunouchi, it'd not only be climatic, but also very, very close.

  • Confirmed. Bowser vs. Dedede was the second fight of Season 6.

Guessing the rest of Season 5, based on the character select screen in Son Gohan vs. Superboy.

Vergil and Sephiroth's rematch will end in death.
Considering Sephiroth will go in now knowing about Vergil's Devil Trigger, the trick that ultimately won him the last match, he'll either fight his best right out of the gate and prove to be enough to put Vergil down, or Vergil will defeat him a second time, now knowing that Sephiroth, having proved himself a worthy opponent twice now, is too dangerous to be left alive.
  • Jossed. It ends in a Double Knockout with uncertain fate for both combatants.

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