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  • Regarding Metal Sonic vs. Bowser Jr. The episode appears to be another tribute to Super Mario Bros. Z... but in Z Mecha Sonic was Metal Sonic having assimilated all the other robot Sonics. So... is it a tribute, or did they not do research on Z either?
    • I assumed it was a copy of the orginal Metal Sonic, given Eggman teamed up with Bowser only after Mecha Sonic was created.
  • How did Ichigo win if his fight with Sasuke ended with him incapacitated by a genjutsu? Sasuke was hurt but still standing and more than capable of finishing him off, but he just decided to leave with Naruto.
    • Ichigo won the actual fight prior to the illusion we were shown; Sasuke used the Genjutsu as a sorta rage-quit button to bail with Naruto.
  • Meta Knight VS Zero: Zero's Out of Character depiction at least has precedent in the form of his original Maverick state, which he happens to re-attain for a short while in one path of Mega Man X5. What's Meta Knight's excuse?
    • Knowing Meta Knight, the desire to test his skills against a strong opponent. He *did* wish for Galacta Knight to be released so he could duel him, after all.
  • How was Ragna able to teleport/flash step? The games don't have him doing any such thing, and his moveset doesn't have anything close to that effect outside of Carnage Scissors doing a quick dash.
    • The animator was probably testing some animation tricks, that or he doesn't know Ragna or hates Dante.
  • Granted, while it was clearly done to make the GOKU VS SONIC? all the more zanier, Kirby exploding from the Goku clone yelling is weird given what he had to go through in the True Arena of Kirby Super Star's remake...
  • Enderman should technically have left Slender Man alone when Slendy "looked" at its face. If a pumpkin carving on one's head is enough to prevent them from attacking, why did Slenderman despite having no eyes still earn its ire?

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