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  • The meme[[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary[[/labelnote]]Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

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The Soldier

Official Videos
  • "It costs $400,000 to (insert inane action here)... for 12 seconds."Explanation 
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  • "...Unless it's a farm!"Explanation 
  • "And if that don't work? Use more gun."Explanation 
    • Being able to quote "Meet the Engineer" in its entirety is pretty much a requisite for most players. It's also popular as snowclone material.
  • "I'm a grim bloody fable, with an unhappy bloody end!"Explanation 
    • "Oh, they're gonna have ta glue you back together... IN HELL!"
  • "Professionals have standards: Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet."Explanation 
  • "And now he's here to f(BLEEP) us!"Explanation 
    • "No, that would be YOUR MOTHER!"Explanation 
  • "<verb> me." "Later."Explanation 
    • "Are you sure [X] will vork?!" "I have NO IDEA!"Explanation 
  • I believe in magic!Explanation 
    • Pyro's mind is full of [X]Explanation 
  • Now that the Source Filmmaker is released, remixing the Meet the Team videos to feature different characters or more characters is becoming popular. Usually Meet the Heavy and Meet the Soldier, as these two and Meet the Engineer are the only ones that come packaged with the program.
  • "My blood! H-he punched out all my blood!"Explanation 
  • "You would not believe how much this hurts."Explanation 
  • "I fear no [X]. But that... thing... it scares me."Explanation 
  • "SEDUCE ME!"Explanation 
    • "We both got buckets of chicken, wanna do it?"Explanation 
  • "So we're fine, as long as nobody [insert bad thing here]." "...Question." Explanation 
    • "I have done nothing but [action] [noun] for three days." Explanation 
      • "I TELEPORTED BREAD!"Explanation 
    • Soldier X Bucket OTP Explanation 
  • "Archimedes, no! It's filthy in there!" Explanation 

Comics and Other Supplemental Material

  • Poor and IrishExplanation 
  • Sitting Pyro from the Australian Christmas comic. (S)he came back for the Mann Vs. Machine update, and as of June 11, 2014, the Sitting Pyro animation has officially been returned to the game files in combination with the Bread... we mean, the Love & War Update.
  • The Jungle Inferno update page gives us a glorious gem in the form of an extremely exploitable picture of Saxton hale.

Community-Created Stuff

  • and hoovyExplanation 
  • DemopanExplanation 
    • STOUT SHAKO FOR 2 REFINEDExplanation 
  • Painis CupcakeExplanation 
  • "Vagineer"Explanation 
  • Oddscout. It Begins.Explanation 
  • DED!Explanation 
    • Now something of an Ascended Meme with Mann Vs Machine: Whenever a friendly player is killed, this will trigger specific voice responses from some of the game characters (note: only from Heavy, Medic, Engineer or Soldier, while the classes Sniper, Scout, Spy, Demoman and Pyro class lack these voice lines) who will yell, "[Class] is dead!!!" The Medic, who can't do jack shit on his own, is sounding especially desperate.
    • Soldier gets this as well, with his "You were loud and ugly, and now you're DEAD!" and "You're dead, that's good, Amen." lines, which are sometimes mashed into such lines as "I / was / loud and ugly, and now / I'm / DEAD! / A-men." and "Dead that's good amen."
  • (CLASS) IS (THING)Explanation 
  • "The Vicious Cycle of ____"Explanation 
  • "Gunshot Briiiide..." Explanation 
  • '''UNLIMITED POWER!!!!'''Explanation 
  • "____ in a Nutshell"Explanation 
  • The HWM models.Explanation 
  • nope.aviExplanation 
    • The Nope exclamation itself has become something of a meme even outside of Team Fortress 2, often used in gameplay videos where some sort of well-timed denial takes place, especially the No-Sell sort.
  • SmexualsExplanation 
  • POOT DIS POW!Explanation 
  • Making Team Fortress 2 versions of Nathan Vetterlein's videos, as he is the Scout's voice actor and provides videos frequently for animators to TF2-ize.
  • Tentaspy Explanation 
  • The Scout ArmyExplanation 
  • Pop it, don't drop itExplanation 
  • Fake weapons stats.Explanation 
  • "_____ or ______?"Explanation 
  • The StaregineerExplanation 
  • The Sewer MedicExplanation 
  • Christian Brutal SniperExplanation 
  • big slappyExplanation 
  • Food DebatesExplanation 
    • Heavy: SandvichExplanation 
    • Scout: PancakesExplanation 
    • Sniper: GravyExplanation 
    • Engineer: BaconExplanation 
    • Demoman: SoupExplanation 
    • Pyro: Jell-OExplanation 
    • Spy: Corn or PieExplanation 
  • Speaking of Spy: Suprise ButtsecksExplanation 
  • New Weapons Soldier Explanation 
  • The "Tiny Desk Engineer". There's even an addon for Garry's Mod that adds the actual Tiny Desk Engineer including the Tiny Desk Dispenser!
  • *square dance music* YEEEEEEEEEEEEE Explanation 
  • Joke maps are beginning to get traction. Explanation 
  • ZA HANDO note 
  • "Oopsie! I made a big stinky! >w<" note 
  • "MEH-LON!"note 
  • "Prepare your AINIS!" note 
  • Abandoned Hydro Facility Explanation 
  • Hey Medic I like [X] Explanation 
  • (GASP) The Heavy is Dead!
  • There are no words on God's green earth that can describe how spectacularly erect I am. Explanation 

The Game Itself

  • Most of the characters' Catch Phrases have attained memetic status, some of which have become Ascended Memes. Outside of that, nearly all of their lines are fodder for getting mashed up with each other and spat out in-game, thanks to an easily accessible library of all the audio clips and a couple tools that allow playing back clips over mic chat.
    • PootisExplanation 
    • GottamExplanation 
    • SPAHExplanation 
    • PainisExplanation 
    • MEEM!Explanation 
    • Piss!Explanation 
  • NEED A DISPENSAH HEAH!Explanation 
  • BONK!Explanation 
  • Rare Endangered SpycrabExplanation 
  • "Spy's sappin' mah sentry!" (and any "<SUBJECT> <VERB>in' mah <OBJECT>!" combination thereof)Explanation 
  • Scout's resemblance to Vince Offer. Became an Ascended Meme in the form of some of his domination/revenge lines.
    "If you order now, I'll throw in a second beating absolutely free!"
  • "Gentlemen"Explanation 
  • TONIGHT'S THE NIGHTExplanation 
  • "Can't crit, so it's balanced."Explanation 
  • Enjoy your AIDS!Explanation 
  • RAWKET LAWNCHAIRExplanation 
  • shoot jump crate, shoot jump crate, shoot jump spy crate.Explanation 
  • Shahanshshnsansanhsanhsansha.Explanation 
  • "This is Scout! Rainbows make me cry!"Explanation 
    • With Meet the Pyro and the introduction of the Rainblower, we have "This is Scout. Rainbows make me die!"
  • Those people? They were F2P.Explanation 
  • Hat Fortress 2.Explanation 
    It's pretty much better than TF2 in every possible way now. Except for the total lack of hats. Guess we know who the real pros are around here.
    • It has become such an Ascended Meme that, on certain pages of the offical TF2 website, the game is described as a "War-themed hat simulator".
    • And again in Poker Night at the Inventory, where other characters refer to the RED Team as a group of "Lame hat wearers" while the RED Heavy points out how much he loves receiving hats after killing his enemies.
  • "Slap my hand!"Explanation 
    • "Slap my ass!"Explanation 
  • "See? See!"Explanation 
    • Might be an ascended meme, because Demo now has a coat named "Mann of the Seven Sees"
  • "x is credit to team!"Explanation 
    • Has now reached Ascended Meme status, because one of the bots in the offline practice mode is named CreditToTeam.
  • "EVERYONE! Friendship is STUPID magic!"explanation 
  • The [x] is a Spy!explanation 
  • "Overtime! Overtime! Overtime! Overtime! Overtime! Overtime!"Explanation 
  • FREEEEEE MONEY!Explanation 
  • The Sniper's kangaroo wife.Explanation 
  • GET BEHIND ME DOCTOR!Explanation 
  • "Invokum Gigantus Inmypantus!"Explanation 
  • Bread Fortress 2 Explanation 
  • Conga Fortress 2 Explanation 
  • Kart Fortress 2 Explanation 
  • Duck Fortress 2 Explanation 
  • Pyro Fortress 2 Explanation 
  • The Gun Mettle update introduced reskins for many of the non-melee stock weapons, similar to the Arms Deal update from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This has led people to calling the game Team Fortress: Global Offensive, Team Strike: Global Fortress, or some other mashup of the two game titles.
  • How to (action) as (class). Explanation 
  • Random crits are fair and balanced/fun. Explanation 
  • BONUS DUCKS! Explanation 
  • I'm going to gut you like a cornish Gaben. Explanation 
  • Gibus Engineer Wildlife Protectors (G.E.W.P) Explanation 
  • Heavy Trump. Explanation 
    • Burnie Sanders.Explanation 
    • The POOTIS.Explanation 
  • "Fixed a bug where x could (task that x was intended to perform)." Explanation 
  • "You were good, son. Real good; maybe even the best." Explanation 
  • "Oh Soldier, who could they ever find to replace you? ...Nobody." Explanation 
Official Valve Statements
  • "After nine years in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait." Explanation 
  • "My favorite class is The Spy." Explanation 
  • "Too confusing for new players" Explanation 
  • "Neato" Explanation 
  • "Updated the localization files." Explanation 


  • (X) has been kicked/banned from the server for hacking due to (Y) Explanation 
  • Rolo Sage Explanation 
  • The potted plant and the janitor. Explanation 
  • The Crate Depression Explanation 
  • Off to hang myself Explanation 
  • [VALVE]N***rkiller / "RIP Casual" Explanation 
    • WARNING: Connection Problem Auto-disconnect in 17.6 seconds Explanation 
    • "Good shot mate/Nice shot!" Explanation 
  • The Great Code Crisis Explanation 
    • ALERT: im getting into ur acc rn bye tf2 *tf2 is dead Explanation 

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