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Tear Jerker / Team Fortress 2

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Behind all the silliness and fun and anger, there's some genuinely sad moments to be found in the Team Fortress 2 universe.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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    In Game Voice Clips 
  • In the regular game modes, Respawn has rendered the classes jaded and blase about death (though occasionally they will revel in sadistic glee during domination quotes), but in Mann Versus Machine mode, everybody's "[Class] is Dead!" vocalizations sound genuinely upset, like they're coming to terms with the idea that maybe, this time, those teammates might not come back, ever. Medic's in particular are especially heartbreaking, as each subsequent death makes him more and more hysterical and he has to face is own inevitable demise, alone and surrounded by robots.
    Comics and Other Supplemental Material 
  • The circumstances behind the War Update are pretty depressing. The Administrator discovers that a BLU Soldier and a RED Demoman befriended each other outside of work. Fearing that the men will discover that they work under the same person, she has Ms. Pauling secretly negotiate with the two mercenaries. The deal is simple: if they agree to kill the other, they are allowed some fancy new weaponry. In both cases, the deal doesn't initially work, as both mercenaries clearly value their friendship and are hesitant to agree to the terms... at least up until they are properly pushed.
  • The insights into the Pyro's demented mind in Meet the Pyro may be horrifying, but when one thinks about it, it's also a bit sad. Taking his own perspective into account, the Pyro is perhaps one of the only truly good-natured people in the series. All he wants to do is spread rainbows and happiness to his friends and enemies, but in reality he's only spreading horror and suffering, to the point where even his own team is terrified and/or disgusted with him. And he's completely unaware of any of this, and likely never will be.
  • Just seeing how disheartened Saxton Hale was in "Ring of Fired" to lose his company. He wanted to lose it kicking and screaming, trying to fight the robots on his way out. And he doesn't get that. He just has to leave.
  • Sniper getting shot in "Blood in the Water" is a shock. But somehow, it's the way that he's just found out his parents don't care about him or anybody or anything other than their own selfish selves that is worse - the helpless, disappointed look on his face that he realizes they're both a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk.
  • "Old Wounds": Classic Heavy demonstrating his lack of respect and patience with Medic by killing Archimedes. Of course, he's only dead for a moment, thanks to Medic, but many people reacted with the same look of shock and horror as Medic did when it happened.
  • From the same comic: Miss Pauling breaking down in tears as the team is about to be interrogated. And then Spy offers to share his Cyanide Pill...
  • Medic's death. You think Classic Heavy's about to shoot Heavy like a gutless coward but no, it's two to the chest and Heavy looks on in shock. Shoot the Medic First indeed.
  • Scout's death is the winner so far though. He's battled a small sea of robots, and he's just lying there... dying. And it fades to black as he dies in Spy's arms.
    "You're stronger than you'll ever know, Jeremy. I'm proud of you. I've always been proud of you... son."
    • What's even worse is that in his last moments, Scout is seeing his idol Tom Jones come up to him and deliver that speech. It seems like it's just a hallucination from the blood loss, but the next few panels after reveal the Spy un-disguising himself. No matter how proud he is of his son, he is uncomfortable with telling him who he is, likely out of professionalism, or that he knows that he and the Scout don't get along well. Your pick on which one is sadder.

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