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Nightmare Fuel / Team Fortress 2

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"I fear no man. But that... thing? It scares me."
The Heavy, "Meet the Pyro"

For such a cartoonish-looking first-person shooter/war-themed hat simulator, Team Fortress 2 does have its moments of horror.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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    Meet the Team Videos 

    Comics and Other Supplemental Material 
  • The online comics can be straight-up disturbing at times:
    Blutarch Mann: Every day I'm dead a little longer, Mr. Conagher. I have seen the other side. There is nothing there. FIX. THIS. MACHINE.
This is probably due to a side effect of using the immortality machine, since Medic made a deal with the devil... unless the punishment for particularly egregious sinners is eternal nothingness.

    The Game Itself 
  • The Syringe Gun is a Death of a Thousand Cuts that pierces flesh and bone. While in the game it's one of the least effective weapons, it seems like the most painful and sadistic out of the bunch.
    • This gets even worse with the Overdose, a prototype syringe gun which shoots out of a syringe disposal container. Just think of all the diseases that must be in that thing...
    • Gameplay wise, the Blutsauger can give a player that doesn't expect it quite a shock, followed by the split-second realization that unless they can take out the Medic's hit points in one chunk he can just regenerate lost health by keeping firing at you.
  • The Red-Tape Recorder is a sapper which slowly reverses the construction of your buildings instead of damaging them. There's something unnerving about watching your buildings slowly undo their upgrades and revert to a toolbox, especially with the "Building..." progress bar going down instead of up.
  • The Classic is a rifle for Sniper that functions identically to the Team Fortress Classic Sniper Rifle, right down to gibbing enemies killed with it. The nightmarish part of it is unlike his teammates more contemporary explosives which loudly blast people to pieces, a killing shot from the Classic comes completely without warning, leading to horrific scenarios where you're facing down the enemy team when suddenly you hear the agonizing scream of one of your team members, only to turn around to see a cloud of blood and a pile of their body parts where they used to exist. Getting to watch someone violently explode when killed by the Classic isn't any better, as gib kills with the Classic take High-Pressure Blood up to eleven with the aforementioned cloud of blood in addition to several streaming geysers of blood also erupting from where they were standing. It's enough to make you cower behind cover hoping someone else on your team deals with the Sniper before you're next.
  • Taking a close-up look at an ÜberCharged character can be disturbing because of the Glowing Eyes of Doom, the monotone aura, and the sheer Oh, Crap! factor of facing off with an Implacable Man.
    • Not to mention the dread it can fill you with if this happens to be a Heavy who's got you pinned down, or an ÜberCharged Pyro, period. Those horrible, glowing eyes staring you down as they laugh maniacally, slicing you to ribbons with a stream of crit bullets or catching you in a stream of unkillable fire so horrible it singes your very soul. Horrifying enough the first time, no less, and even worse when you've gotten to a thousand hours of total playtime and are all too familiar with the death that will soon take you.
    • Cranked up to eleven with Mann vs. Machine's giant robots. The sight of an invincible, colossal robot Heavy, or a whole army of Crocket Soldiers, or Demoknights is the stuff nightmares are made of.
  • You see the Eyelander that the enemy Demoman has? You may not realize it, but it's talking to him. And it wants your head.
    • Not only does it talk when it tastes blood, but when it's idle in your hands, it will make menacing whispers.
    • This also happens with the Headtaker and the Nessie's Nine Iron.
  • Going hand in hand with Fridge Horror, consider the phrases some of the characters say "I'm back!" and "killing you is full-time job" These guys know they're continuously dying and coming back to life... exploding into pieces, all the screams of agony, just for your entertainment...
    • In Poker Night at the Inventory, the Heavy claims that the respawn system puts him through a series of (seemingly) endless nightmares before spawning again.
      • Maybe it's because of the fact that he can't spend quality time with Sasha, killing enemy baby-men?
      • It could be taken to mean he doesn't believe he ever died at all. Just that after respawning, his death seems like a bad dream.
  • The Horseless Headless Horsemann, or Silas Mann's undead form. An Axe-Crazy undead juggernaut that is completely immune to all forms of knockback and slowdown, and is only outpaced by the Scout. Not only that, by the time a round is over, he's usually inside a very tight-spaced mansion where the usual maneuverability is incredibly difficult. Imagine turning a corner and seeing this guy screaming down the hall towards you, laughing like a maniac. Oh, and if you're unlucky enough to be his specific target, you have seconds to try and hit an enemy player with your melee weapon while dodging their gunfire at the same time. Have fun!
    • Made doubly worse on Hellstone. Often, you'll be in the middle of an incredibly bloody firefight with the other team at close range, near the middle points...when out of nowhere, the HHH appears. And within a few minutes, he'll have pretty much killed more players than anyone ever could in one go.
  • Whenever you backstab someone with a Your Eternal Reward, the body of your victim instantaneously fades away. The reason why this happens is even more horrific: the weapon's positive attribute ensures that no trace can be found of the victim, meaning that the kill will not appear in the killfeed to the victim's teammates; just like those who are unpersoned in Nineteen Eighty-Four or worse, someone mysteriously disappearing in a horror film or in real life. Even worse, the Spy who stabs with this knife disguises as his victim instantly, making the YER Spy a much more terrifying adversary.
  • MONOCULUS! In the 2011 Scream Fortress update. You have this disembodied giant floating eye, see, and it shoots critical rockets, and you need to kill it by shooting at it. It looks even worse from the behind...note 
    • Facing a killer eyeball that can deliberately focus on targets is bad enough. Facing up to two on Hellstone is even worse. Oh, and they've figured out how to spawn indoors. Have fun getting massacred!
  • The new voice lines added for Medic for Mann vs. Machine show that he's become a bit more... unhinged.
    • That video had a bit of Nightmare Fuel itself. Hearing him scream that his various teammates are dead, one after the other, is a bit more upsetting than would be expected from this game. The surprising amount of anguish in his voice doesn't help.
    • The Heavy sounds... off.
  • You'll find the roboticized voices of the robots either unnatural or just hard on the ears. The sound of the Tank's horn rivals the noise of the Tripods in ominousness.
  • The Mann Co. robots themselves. There's something very unnerving about seeing Medic with his legs replaced by a wheel or Demoman with only one eye in the center of his head.
  • The maps in Mann vs. Machine have been glitching so that no robots show up. Imagine being told of a robot invasion and being ready to defend, and then suddenly, no robots. Ominous.
  • The entire concept of Mann vs. Machine is chilling. A giant Carrier Tank rolls up, filled with an army of killer robots. They've brought with them an arsenal of bombs powerful enough to level your entire base. There are only two ways that this can end. Option number one, you destroy all the robots, and they come back some other time. Option number two, you fail, and they destroy your entire base. And then where will you run?!
  • The Halloween version of Lakeside (Ghost Fort) seems like a pretty normal map until you see the hellish pit of death that has a full medkit on a platform precariously hoisted over it. Plus your character appropriately screams when they fall into it. The pit also appears in Helltower and Carnival of Carnage.
    • Generally, at any rate. Sometimes they actually get bored, or make comments about the pit; it seems scary until the Spy dryly states, "Well, come on, I don't have all day". It is a bottomless pit, after all.
      Soldier: Damn you, Merasmus! You are the worst roommaaaaaaaaaaaaate...!
  • The Halloween version of Coal Town, which turns the robots into zombies, doesn't seem like much. And then you see that there are hundreds of zombies coming for you in a single wave...
    • The zombies' movements are also pretty unnerving, e.g. Pyros flail about randomly while always firing their flamethrower.
  • Among the games' files, there are a few unused animations that would have been intended for players killed by afterburn. Some of them are pretty disturbing.
    • In the one seen for the Medic, he checks his pulse before falling backwards, dead. Imagine feeling for your pulse in the last seconds of your life, only to feel nothing but... well, nothing.
      • The Sniper's Death. Imagine someone getting ready to attack someone, only for them to pause, noticing something off. Yet, they can hardly figure out that they are on fire. And by the time they do realize that, it's already too late...
  • A new addition in time for Halloween, The Second Opinion misc. for the Medic is bad enough on its own, considering that the item is half of Medic's head is sewn on. Then comes the new lines...
    • And most of the time Medic is agreeing with it, although most of his replies to it are pretty comical.
  • One of the Bombinomicon's lines in Scream Fortress 2013, when you get into Hell:
    "Okay, twist ending, guys. Here comes the big twist! I'm an angel, and we're in Heaven! This was a test all along! No, I'm pulling your leg, there is no Heaven. There is Hell in every direction."
  • Hats are usually funny little cosmetic items the mercenaries wear. However, some hats and miscellaneous items ("miscs") are a little disturbing, especially the Pyro's. Here we have the Pyro's head used as a drinking glass, Pyro as an undead astronaut, and finally, what happens when the Pyro isn't given the courtesy of Pretty Little Headshots, seen here.
  • The entire cp_cloak map. It's a Valve developed map, by the way.
    • To explain, it is described on the official wiki as "a small Control Point map with an unknown purpose." It's a square room with a control point held up on a pedestal that can be reached by two ramps on either side, but besides the uninteresting layout the rest of the map is pure Eldritch Location. There is no ambient sound, no resupply lockers, no health or ammo pickups, the spawn rooms automatically lock once you leave, the light comes from a control point on top of the room, and outside of the room are giant, breathing sprites of the nine classes with blank white eyes. And, if you view the map's data, the map is essentially brokennote . Oh, and did I mention that this map has never been used in map rotation, leading to the question of why it exists in the first place, much less is still in the game to this day?
  • Remember when Carrier tanks were added into certain skyboxes to tease Mann vs. Machine? It's happening again, in the exact same maps as last time. Except this time, they're flying saucers.
    • Even scarier? The saucers were only first seen in the previous maps the tanks appeared in, such as 2Fort, Badwater Basin, Double Cross and Granary. Then, all of sudden, they started appearing in locations like Dustbowl, Barnblitz, Lakeside, Gravel Pit, Doomsday and even Mann vs. Machine maps like Decoy.
    • The most ominous has to be the Saucer in Double Cross. The ship just sits there, in the dark, right above the factory in the background. And it knows when you're watching...
  • The Invasion Teaser features a remake of 2Fort with a quarantined BLU base, and a bombed-out RED base with a mothership hovering right between the whole thing. Flaming debris is everywhere, the sewers are even more menacing than usual, the intelligence rooms are filled with stolen alien tech and the whole map is darkened. Hell, the RED base has a crashed saucer right in the front of the main respawn gate. And the scariest thing is that, although we're given hints by the posters (one type of alien is over twelve feet tall, the other is a mini flying saucer), we never truly see the creatures that caused all this destruction or what they do actually look like in-game.
    • The many posters you can see around both bases are fridge horror at best. One poster features a Scout and Miss Pauling talking with a mysterious shady character sitting across them, with the words: LOOSE TALK COSTS LIVES.
    • Another one features an advert of a "Genuine Spacesuit", which is apparently a spacesuit that you can lock your child up with. Its tagline? "No one can hear your child scream!". The implication that the aliens have been attacking children (either because they view them as a food source, a form of energy or they're just that cruel) and that the spacesuits were designed as an extreme but necessary safety measure doesn't help matters.
    • The vibe of a conspiracy theory feel fills the atmosphere of the update. The fact that it's also come true doesn't help matters at all.
    • The situation's implied to have gotten so bad that outside of battling robots, both teams have actually united to start a new war against the aliens.
      • Well, Invasion could have actually taken place before MvM...
      • Actually, the fact that the flying saucers appeared in Decoy (an MvM map) prior to the update contradicts this idea.
    • Before the update was officially released, there was (and still is) a secret link on the KritzKast Meet Your Makers page. Clicking the link leads you to this ominous message.
  • The Mercenary Park map is infamous for not just the unnerving, bloodstained signs of the running battle between the yeti and the park security, but what it's like when it's empty. It's filled with ambient noise to the point of sensory overload, with the sounds of the jungle and unknown creatures echoing throughout the map, or the thudding of the giant ventilation system and the eerie hum of the off-map monorail. Players wandering an empty server playing this map have reported the constant feeling of being watched, or that they're not alone - and considering that this map is inspired by Jurassic Park, it's likely intentional.
    • The first control point is bordered directly by a lake full of man eating crocodiles. If you get pushed off the ledge you don't even get a chance to hit the water before a crocodile shoots out of the water, biting you so hard you explode.

    Community Stuff 
  • The achievement map "Achievement_Tunnels" made and hosted exclusively by achievement group Golden Machine Gun has a sewer that contains a ghost called "The Dystopian", who looks for players lost in the sewers and kills them with a earthquake/red static combo. Terrifying for the first time, but annoying after a while. Also, it's much creepier when he's targeting someone else and passes by you, causing a Mushroom Samba that makes you have a distorted view of the map.
  • The Achievement_turbo map also has a hidden room as an Easter Egg which only particularly agile classes can access. There is a large red button in it. Press it, and you get locked inside with a Scare Chord and are confronted by the infamous Painis Cupcake, who then lunges at you. We all know what happens next...
  • The now inactive Youtuber RubberFruit. His surreal Garry's Mod / Source Filmmaker videos will make you lose some sleep, such as these two.
  • Scouts Everywhere! The creepy grins the Scouts have, not to mention THAT ENDING.
    • To clarify, for the faint of heart, the video is like this: Heavy's in a corner and says "Scouts everywhere!", only for Scout to reply "Yeah, huh-ho!". Cue the room literally filled with Scouts sporting Slasher Smiles forced on their own character models, and then the camera cuts to the outside of the building with a Scream Discretion Shot (the scream is obviously Heavy's). As for the ending mentioned above, it's a relatively simple The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You moment. A lone scout suddenly appears on one side of the screen, waving his hand and saying "Hi, ma!", only to growl immediately afterwards and lunge at the viewer. Cue static. If you have annotations on, the video even pauses before the Scout lunges at the camera and tells you to click out immediately.
  • The Odd Scout.
  • Some of the items submitted for the fourth annual Halloween Update are disturbing, even for this game. Even more fun is the previews some people make for their items.
  • Tick tick, tick tick, tick tick-
  • The Deathrun mode. It's a heavily modified version of Arena where maps are full of Takeshi's Castle style death traps. Although much of the horror depends on the map's design and the presence of a "motivator"note , as otherwise the mode is full of Black Comedy. Some creepy maps include:
    • "dr_horror", that consists of scenarios based on popular horror movies like The Ring, Saw, The Shining and Evil Dead.
      • The Ring's first trap consists of a cage, in which Samara appears after some time with a creepy moan and goes straight to the players. Make sure that the server has a third-person mode.
      • The Shining stage contains the infamous creepy twins. Upon entering, everything goes dark, the twins appear, the lights go dark again and the twins disappear. Then, the second trap consists of the very twins chasing the players. Though there is a little chance of escaping them if someone has a wide knowledge of the map.
      • Evil Dead contains the worst jumpscares and the most disturbing noises, being centered around Nightmare House. Going into the vents makes a spooky ghost girl appear and disappear. Later into the map said girl traps players inside a pipe to kill them. And at the end she is in a corner sitting on a wheelchair. Anyone who gets close enough gets a wheelchair to the face.
    • "dr_aconian", a very weird map.
      • It starts with a nod to Cube where players have to choose the right cube to get outside.
      • Then the next part is a mine where players have to avoid an avalanche, and at the end there is a normal looking wooden room. Anyone who enters it and isn't fast enough is sent to another dimension, similar to the room but darker. Where's the catch? Well, an armless torso emerges from under the ground and goes straight towards the victims!
      • The next stage is a corridor made of concrete. Aside from deadly traps that crush players... or rather send them to a deepless void, there's a sewer that contains deadly gas and a voice heard saying gibberish and screaming.
      • Up next is a section with two doors where players have to guess the right exit. One is a dark hallway with rails. If the wrong one is the dark hallway, an incoming train approaches at high speed. What makes it scarier is that you can see the train at the beginning of the hallway waiting for victims.
      • Said trap can be only activated by the trap master. Pray that whoever's controlling the map is not an asshole and leaves the doors closed or else you and the whole team will get steamrolled.
      • Next comes a very narrow vent. Claustrophobic people can have it rough, and players can get lost in the way.
      • After a very uncomfortable voyage, how about a bit of fresh air? The next and final stage is outdoors with some walls, but waiting a bit after sorting out the deadly traps makes an unexpected screaming corpse/zombie appear to salute the survivors.
      • After finishing the map, players can choose between giving the trap master a fine good lesson for all the suffering the latter caused... or play Russian roulette.
      • As if all of that wasn't enough, the motivator of the map is the cherry on top. Once the timer reaches 3:00 or 4:00, players can hear a constantly approaching ding ding. And once it's close enough, players are subjected to the horror of an armless humanoid singing said ding ding! Who thought a funny song could create nightmares?
    • dr_psykopat, while normally a lighthearted map full of memes, contains three jumpscare-based death traps.
  • The Slender Fortress mod. As it says, it's a horror mod based on Slender's gameplay where you face the well-known faceless creature while you collect pages and avoid running out of battery. As the mod's development progressed, it added a great variety of creatures and hundreds of maps based on other horror games, memes and creepypastas alike, such as SCP – Containment Breach, Five Nights at Freddy's, a Memetic Molester version of Woody or Ben Drowned. Check here its own Nightmare Fuel page.
  • Numbers Stations are Paranoia Fuel enough on their own, but this video makes it so much worse. "два. девять. девять. девять. (2, 9, 9, 9)" note 
  • This... video. This would best count as Lightmare Fuel because on the one hand, the broken textures, the Giant Heavy flipping shit, and the Chicken/Raptor/Barney head are funny. The rest... well, the rest is not.
  • This video's ending. We see an Engineer come across a group of faceless Snipers. The Snipers then proceed to eat the Engineer's arms and legs.
    • It's somewhat less creepy when the Snipers are preparing to attack the Engineer and, in unison, emit the Sniper's memetic guttural groaning, interspersed with a few quiet, irate mutterings of "piss" and "crikey".
  • While it's largely meant to be Played for Laughs, the Palindrome Debate video series might scare some people:
  • We never knew anyone named kim
  • patryk1023PL's earrape collab entry (Sensory Abuse warning). It has a Soldier robot clipping through the ground, and a Sniper stretches its neck ridiculously long until it's face to face with the Soldier, at which point his face starts morphing horrifically into a mass of disturbing flesh.
  • There's a mod on Game Banana that replaces most of the 9 classes' dialogue with the dialogue heard in Red Orchestra 2 and its add-on, Rising Storm. It eliminates a portion of the humor in this otherwise rather silly game and makes gameplay a little more disturbing. The Engineer, of all people, is one of, if not, the worst offenders in this regard. His screams when he gets ignited are downright bone-chilling, and his responses to enemy sappers (spies) and his buildings getting destroyed give of an aura of desperation. If you feel inclined or, for some reason, want something more serious.
  • This mod for the Pyro, that turns every particle of flame they shoot into a huge swarm of BEES.
    • And crits? They're represented by surprisingly large shots of Japanese giant hornets. These things' venom can dissolve human flesh like acid, and you're spraying thousands of them at your enemies every time you get crits. Burning to death doesn't seem so bad now...
      • The real-life photos of said hornets are also pretty jarring, not at all looking like they belong alongside the game's cartoony graphics and propaganda poster art style.
  • This video, famous for pretty much discovering and connecting all the clues that lead up to Mann vs Machine, has quite a few scary moments:
    • First off, the music played in the video.
    • The Vitruvian Man Robot Scout is extremely freaky looking.
    • The blurred photo of the robot Demoman's eye suddenly glowing red.
    • The way "TOBOR" changes to "ROBOT" in the video is surprisingly unnerving.
    • The Jump Scare of the Robotic Heads.
  • Did you think Omega Flowey was terrifying? Well, WAIT TILL YOU SEE IT IN 3D.
  • This creepy Gmod video has sights such as Heavy inside of a gruesome monster's mouth, Heavy in a dark corridor while Creepy Circus Music from Secret of Mana plays and a sudden showing of Uboa. The video even ends saying "thats enough nightmare fuel for today!" [sic]
  • Turbine Maze — Turbine, except the only thing connecting both bases is the Air-Vent Passageway that has been modified into a colossal labyrinth. There are no landmarks, and all the vents look the same, invoking Empty Room Psych. Noclipping doesn't help — the maze is designed to have an opaque ceiling and floor, preventing anyone from trying to get a bird's eye view. Watch it in action here.
  • While Rise of the Epic Scout is mostly awesome, two characters suffer some particularly brutal deaths:
    • The eponymous Epic Scout grabs and uses the RED Medic as a meat shield to approach a RED Wrangled sentry. The Engineer takes aim and fires, despite his comrade pleading not to be shot. Slowly, the Medic is dismembered piece by piece until he's nothing more than a torso.
    • The succeeding casualty isn't much better. The Epic Scout knocks over the sentry atop the Engineer, who drops his Wrangler to lift the building off of him with both hands. The dropped Wrangler signals the sentry to fire its mini-rockets. The now-empty missile battery recedes into the sentry's body to reload, and it crushes its builder's head on the way.
    • The sheer sadism of the RED team in this video is worthy of mention, as well. Not content with simply beating the BLU team, they play around with the titular Scout a lot. Of note is the RED Heavy, who "wrestles" with the Scout (it's about as one-sided as you'd expect), the RED Sniper, who kneecaps him from a distance, and the RED Spy, who disguises as the BLU Medic to give the Scout some semblance of hope, only to pull it away. The Spy in particular pulls double duty for his torture of the Scout; he starts to go for a point-blank headshot with the Ambassador (which the Scout seems to be okay with taking), but then lowers his weapon and goes for a pair of stomach shots, instead, right before leaving him for dead. Needless to say, nobody's upset to see the RED team get their asses handed to them afterwards.
  • An entire thread full of creepy stuff from Team Fortress 2. There's a little bit of everything in here, from natural things in-game to community-created stuff to...this.
  • From the mind of Hellhounds04 comes The Late Ringer to summarise: The video starts off with most of RED team dead, each of them executed, the only ones remaining being the RED Spy and Pyro. Spy proceeds to give Pyro his Dead Ringer which revives them only to be face to face with the BLU Spy, while the Spy is taunting, Pyro attacks him, badly bruising him while stealing his gun. As the BLU Demoman and Scout converse, they hear the Spy's panicked cries until they see his headless corpse drop in front of them. Seeing Pyro, Demoman attempts to fight back only to get his hand blown off by Pyro's shotgun before his head soon followed, Pyro scares Scout off towards Sniper and Heavy, to which he proceeds to tell the pair of Pyro before he gets his brains blown out. Sniper attempts to headshot Pyro only to knock off their hat before missing entirely, as he and Heavy argue, Pyro blasts off one of Sniper's fingers causing him to run off to be healed, while Heavy is distracted, Pyro proceeded to knock over Heavy's Brass Beast, angering the Russian behemoth to the point of getting into melee range, only to be intercepted by an Axe to his lower jaw. While Pyro kills Heavy, Engineer and the BLU Pyro proceed to mock Sniper for his injury, only to be distracted by Heavy's corpse being thrown on top of Engie's Mini-Sentry before Heavy's head is thrown into Engineer's hands, the Texan screaming in absolute terror. BLU Pyro and Sniper turn to see RED Pyro walking up before tossing their Fire Axe at the pair, BLU Pyro avoids it while it meets Sniper's skull before the BLU Pyro tauntingly laughs before being downed by the RED Pyro via the Revolver they stole from Spy. RED Pyro, while distracted, is knocked down by Engineer before he attempts to kill them via the Gunslinger's Kill-Taunt only for Pyro to tear the mechanical hand off of the Texan before giving him a taste of his own medicine. While that happened, BLU Pyro rises back up before being snapped out of their rage by the RED Pyro, after being threatened with the possibility of joining their fallen allies, BLU Pyro apologises before RED Pyro asks if they can borrow their Flamethrower. Medic and Soldier wait near the exit waiting to blast the RED Pyro to gibs with a Crit-Rocket from the Soldier's Black Box until Pyro appears with their BLU counterpart's Flamethrower, in a hasty action, Soldier fired a rocket only for it to be airblasted back to them, with Soldier jumping out of the way while Medic was gibbed. After Soldier mulled about how the plan failed, he and Pyro procceded to fight hand to hand with Pyro winning. As Soldier tries holding off Pyro, he accidentally removes their mask, revealing RED Pyro to be a woman until she took advantage of Soldier's surprise and jammed her thumbs into his eyes. As Pyro gets up and looks at the very pocket watch that saved her life and started the whole video sadly, A door opens near her revealing a second BLU Spy.
  • bedtime doctor, a short Garry's Mod Surreal Horror machinima that looks like it could have been made by David Lynch. The ambience is dark with creepy droning sounds throughout the video. The RED Medic is washing his hands in his bathroom, when he turns around to leave, his reflect stays in place and has blood all over his face, then lifts his bonesaw as if it was about to get out of the mirror to murder him. The Medic then gets to bed and falls asleep. He later wakes up, and there's a BLU Engineer sitting right besides the Medic, back against him, and we are shown that the Engineer has no eyes nor mouth, and as the Medic lays his hand onto the Engineer's shoulder, there's blood starting to drip all over his face before the video abruptly ends.
  • Hide and Seek by Silvermace. The premise is a monster-like Pyro going through a dark corridor, looking for the other mercs who are hiding in a nearby room, scared shitless, and a F2P Engineer makes the mistake of building a dispenser, revealing their hiding spot to the Pyro who kills them. The last scene shows a Scout hiding in another room on the opposite side of the corridor, who looks outside in terror and turns around to the corner of his room, turns his flashlight off, revealing an entire group of F2P Engies, some of them holding toolboxes.
  • This... indescribable amalgamation of all the zombie mercs.
  • Voice actor Gianni Matragrano dubbed a shitpost where the Engineer is begging not to be turned into a robot with an AI-generated voice, managing not only to make a great impression of the Engineer, but also to transcribe all the fear in his voice, what really sells it however is the painful, echoing cry of agony with a vague, screeching mechanical sound, when his transformation occurs. The robot-turned Engineer says being an AI isn't so bad though, but again, he may not be himself anymore.
  • The tale of HoovyDundy, perhaps the scariest TF2 Freak to date due to the deliberate lack of information surrounding it. He is never shown in full, with his only recognizable traits being a disfigured face, broken fingers, and the dozens of butterfly knives embedded in his back. An ominous red light inexplicably appears wherever he walks, and his preferred method of killing is dismemberment followed by hanging the body parts on ropes that he creates himself out of unknown material. And while we never hear him, he can talk. Unlike the other freaks, there is nothing funny about him whatsoever, and his horror is played completely straight. Unlike the other freaks, we have no idea how HoovyDundy came to be. The only hint to his origin is the in-universe legend of a RED team that never respawned, and whose Heavy went missing...
  • The Road to Salvation, a series by Distasteful Night-Jaw. Don't let the use of static renders and ai voices fool you; this series takes the overused gag of Demoman finding out about the fetishes of his teammates and plays it for pitch-black drama. Here, he and Scout mock Spy for being part of the Furry Fandom and...well, let's just say it's not pretty when they gets sick of the abuse and fights back. Or when Soldier decides he's got nothing to lose anymore.
    Eyelander Demon: All this chaos, from a Furry drawing. How delightful...
  • Emesis Blue, a nearly two-hour-long animated and voice-acted Psychological Horror thriller by Fortress Films. The basic premise occurs when the BLU Spy & BLU Soldier's investigation into the kidnapping of a high-ranking BLU executive collides with BLU Medic's search for the BLU Scout (a patient of his who has also been kidnapped), as they slowly begin to unravel the Dark Secret behind the Respawn Machine. What follows is an absolutely harrowing horror story filled with copious amounts of Paranoia Fuel, Body Horror, Surreal Horror, and what can generally only be described as "what would happen if David Lynch discovered SFM." It is absolutely not for the faint of heart, and it will stick with you for a long, long time after it's over.

  • Have you visited the Rottenburg map lately? It's the Medic's home town. There's not many houses, so you might say that it's just part of Rottenburg, but it's possible that the Humboldts owned the whole area if they had been there long enough. My concern rises. There's a little hotel. There's a little brewery (owned by Mann Co). There's a little dairy. There's a cafe and a butcher's side by side. But never mind those...
    • Most surgeries don't have a morgue right next door, and coffins lying open and ready. The fire extinguisher has been used, but not replaced. And there's an AWFUL lot of corpse-grade quicklime lying around.
    • The butcher's is called Klintz Hocks. Hocks are most commonly found in horses. However, it could also be referring to pork hock, a popular dish in Bavaria.
    • The sign outside the pharmacy? ALL those treatments were real things - but they weren't real medicine! Humourism is the study of the four humours, and that's about 2000 years gone. Phrenology is the study of the shape of the skull, with regards to lumps and bumps, and was discredited in the 1840s. Putting Radium in just about everything (and yes, Radium suppositories were REAL) was extremely cool in the 1900s, up until people started dying in the 1920s, and was outlawed for shelf use in 1938. Hell, it's the reason we have cancer.
    • Humboldt Sauermilch Molkerei GMBH? 'Molkerei' is a place you can go to clean surgical tools - or it can be your local dairy. Sauermilch is sour milk. The place has milk churns and milk bottles outside. Unfortunately I can also see a syringe gun lying in the open. So the Humboldts also owned the local dairy, and that wouldn't be so worrying, were it not for the minor detail that in Germany a GMBH is a legal entity all to itself (like an inc).
      • Now you know where Mad Milk and Mutated Milk come from too - Humboldt's local dairy, which also supplies the entire neighbourhood and local cafe. You're still not any happier, are you?
    • Since Mann Co. sent you to defend it, one can assume that the area is still in business, and that they now own the place. Unfortunately they haven't closed any of it down or redecorated. That means that since the Medic ran off, it's now operated by whoever was next in the family of mad doctors, like a nephew or niece. Which is TERRIFYING.

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