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As a Headscratchers subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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    BLU Attacks and RED Defends 
  • If BLU is a construction company and RED is a demolitions company, why is BLU always the attacking team while RED is always the defending team? Note that this setup means RED is more likely to have Engineers building stuff and BLU is more likely to have Demomen tearing things down.
    • Because the "companies" are only fronts for intelligence agencies.
    • You're reading too much into it. It's just a front for fun and frantic team-based multiplayer.
      • Apparently, someone had the same thought on the fridge brilliance page. I think they had a decent answer.
    • Its because RED is always about to launch a doomsday weapon. Dustbowl, for example, has that nuke at the final point.
      • It's actually kind of clever when you think about it; BLU is destroying RED's toys to prevent further destruction, becoming what they hate in their quest to stop it. The nice thing about TF2's 'plot' is that it's full of subtle touches like this that don't interfere with the game but make things a bit more interesting.
      • Perhaps BLU is destroying things so they can make more money rebuilding them with their construction business.
      • Also the fact that according to the comic introducing the engineer update it's possible to infer that the BLU team attacked first, thus explaining why they're on the offensive. Plus the official backstory basically says that they're a front for organizations that each control half the world.
    • My guess is, Redmond was succeeding in the first years of the war, and now Blutarch is attempting to gain back territory he lost.

    Where's TF 1? 
  • Wait, I'm confused... was there a Team Fortress 1?
    • Yes, originally a mod for Quake, later re-released as Team Fortress Classic for Steam.
      • IIRC, neither were offered for standalone sale or advertised, that might be the source of the confusion.
      • Team Fortress Classic was a separate mod made for the original Half Life based on the Team Fortress mod for quake. It WAS sold and advertised as a standalone game, and was featured in pretty much all Half-Life 1 collections that were sold more than a full decade before Team Fortress 2 was released.
  • The new comics feature the Team Fortress 1 mercenaries, all of them are old geezers. Their ultra modern gear has something to do with Australia.
  • It's revealed in the "Catch-Up Comic" that the original Team Fortress team (known as Team Fortress Classic) was hired to fight for Redmond/Blutarch in 1930, so it's assumed that's when the original TF 1 took place.
  • Wait, so then where did the original TF game (Quake) take place?
    • The 30's, according to the catch-up comic.

    Professionals Have Standards 
  • Why is the Sniper's in-game voice nothing like his Meet the Sniper voice? I hate his in-game voice.
    • We have your sniper, and replaced him with one of our Skrull brothers. Give up all your control points, and have an unarmed scout deliver us two thousand units of metal. No disguised spies, or you can pick his gibs from the floor.
      • You can keep him.
      • *backstab*
      • SKRULL-CHECK *fwooooooooooooosh*
    • I hear no difference between the two.
      • Agreed. The sniper's a lot calmer in the video, and in combat his voice is rougher from all the shouting and war cries. It's the same voice, under different situations.
    • I noticed no difference until I checked the game files. the pre-update sounds have only 1 voiceclip where he sounds like he does in Meet the Sniper. Post-update, the "new" Sniper voice is added as achievement, taunt and voice menu sounds.

    The Control Point Is Being Contested!! 
  • Why does the Announcer sound more distressed when a point is being contested then when it's being outright captured?
    • My guess is that the announcer (if its an AI) is programmed to be loyal to whomever controls the point, so they are only distressed when its about to switch hands because once it does switch hands, she automatically becomes loyal to the new owner, so she wouldn't be distressed.
      • Jossed, but the actuality is pretty similar, seeing as the Announcer has partial control over both RED and BLU.
    • Another logical guess is that she just gives up, but the person above me has a good one.
      • Made better when you know that the Administrator is voiced by the same person as GLaDOS.
    • She could also be shouting at BOTH teams to get off their asses and get to the contested point, to either cap it or defend it. Either way, she's shouting.
      • ^yep

    In-ack-cue-rate Ack-sents 
  • Being Scottish, I get the urge to claw my own ears off every time I hear the Demoman speak. If they couldn't find a voice actor who could actually sound convincing, why make him Scottish at all?
    • He's probably a parody of the Scottish stereotype. Yeah. The black, Scottish cyclops stereotype that is so common nowadays.
      • You mean him being a drunk gung-ho lunatic like the azerothian dwarves?
    • All the accents are like this. On purpose, allegedly, to fit in with the pulp spy-fic/early 20th century advertisement feel.
      • So that's why the Medic fails at the plurals in his own language. Less bugged now.
      • Aye. Valve said in an interview that the Sniper "is about as Australian as the Demoman is Scottish". Stereotypes, not attempts at being accurate.
      • The Sniper isn't very Australian! Now it makes perfect sense as to why he has no mustache, the every other Australian (even the women), as seen in the Engie comic.
      • I, a Texan, can't figure out why people—including That Female Scottish Troper—get their underwear in such a wad over the non-American accents, when not even the Engineer is an authentic Texan. Grant Goodeve, his voice actor, is from Connecticut. You'd think that knowledge would tip people off that Valve did not care about getting the accents "right."

        And to be quite frank, I'm glad they didn't focus on geographically-correct accents. The voices of TF2 are a treat to listen to the way they are.
      • At the same time, though ... I'd like to see the people complaining about how awful the accents are put their money where their mouth is, and come up with their own "accent-ally correct" versions of the various classes. While matching the original voice actors in quality and ham.
      • Yeah... somewhat disturbed that people thought they were trying to be accurate there....
      • I am more bothered by the fact that six or seven of the characters are complete stereotypes while the Engineer and somewhat the Soldier are ambiguously American and the Spy is a complete enigma. GENTLEMEN.
      • Wouldn't you expect a Spy to be an enigma? More seriously, he's less a parody/stereotype of a specific country and more spies in general, I assume.
      • Dunno, murdering someone in secret rather confronting them head on sounds like it goes hand in hand with the negative cowardly French stereotype.
      • The Engineer and the Soldier aren't stereotypes. Yeah. Good luck with that.
      • Well, not regional stereotypes. They're still stereotypes, of the evil-contraption building genius and the Full Metal Jacket style insane military man.
      • Isn't the later how other nations view americans?
      • You really can say that it's not obvious where the Engineer is from?
      • Yeah... his bio lists him as being from Bee Caves, Texas. It's pretty obvious where he's from. And what makes it crazier? Bee Caves is a REAL PLACE.
      • Wow. I thought it was a Stealth Pun, between "a structurally superfluous new bee-hind" and "Bee Caves", implying he came from "the ass-end of Texas".
      • I am pretty sure all the cities mentioned in the various bios are real places.
      • Wow, we just went an entire section about the accuracy, or lack thereof, of the classes accents and not one person points out that the Bostonian Scout has a Brooklyn accent.
    • We have a trope for this: Reality Is Unrealistic. If their accents weren't obvious fakes and exaggerations, people wouldn't believe they're actually real and think they're faked. There was that Jamaican girl from Buffy the Vampire Slayer who people thought was faking - despite that the actress was Jamaican. I've seen people say that Siren 1 for the Playstation 2 had corny fake British accents despite that the voice actors are British - The publishers just took the already-English version and marketed that because voice actors cost money. (I hear several games that are released in America first just use the American English voice tracks to save money)
    • I think what's interesting about the accents is that they don't sound as stereotypical as I would expect them, like Valve just created a new spin on stereotypes. To me, Heavy doesn't sound like a Russian stereotype (think Yakov Smirnoff) because I thought he just has a rough voice. Also, I don't think he ever switches the 'w's with the 'v's except for the Sandvich thing.

  • In the game, the Heavy Weapons Guy is a Large Ham who apparently thinks the whole thing is a game, judging by his attitude. In the Meet the Heavy video, he talks rather quietly and takes the whole thing deadly seriously. Which one is the real Heavy Weapons Guy?
    • Looking at the video, he's not so much taking the fighting seriously as he is taking his gun seriously. About 90% of the time he's just talking about Sasha, as well as pausing for a big belly laugh for some reason.
      • No, he's not actually taking ANYTHING seriously (also, the belly laugh is for a specific reason, next). First he acts all serious with the enormous cost of the weapon, then laughs to show he doesn't give a dingo's kidney about how much it costs to kill his enemies. This is further strengthened by his attitude at the end where he laughs and taunts. He IS, however, very passionate about his gun, but still isn't serious about his job, just the actual gun.
    • It's actually pretty simple. In the video, Heavy is talking with someone in a calm, safe atmosphere. In the game, he's being shot at and spraying down waves of enemies with an enormous gun. There would obviously be a change in his emotional state.
    • Also, look at the Meet the Spy video. At the start, the Heavy comes charging down the hallway, screaming at the top of his lungs and busts through a door. Then, after he sees the briefcase is still there, he stops screaming and just goes "Oh, alright then." And a couple minutes later, he's sharing laughs along with the Soldier at the embarrassment of the Scout.
      • Same with Meet the Heavy, really. After the "interview", we see him in the heat of battle firing his minigun with a childish glee, exactly like his in-game personality.
    • The "Meet the Team" videos are made to make you laugh at stuff - Their characters are nothing like they are in the Excuse Plot.

     Who's your...Mommy? 
  • In "Meet the Spy," Blu Spy has photos of Red Spy in bed with Scout's mom. We are led to believe this is Blu Scout's mother...except, as revealed by the comics, Spy is Red Scout's father. Either all Scouts have the same mother, or Spy is two-timing. What's the deal here?

    "If you were from where I was from..." 
  • Am I the only one who thinks the Scout looks half-Asian?
    • Yes. Yes you are.
    • Y'know what, I thought the same the same thing watching the "Meet The Spy" Video. Scout does look vaguely Asian in it. Maybe one of his grandparents was half-Asian.
    • Actually I find Scout looks a lot more like moot from 4chan. Which leads to some interesting Team Fortress 2 theories...
    • "Here lies Scout. He ran fast, and died a /v/irgin..."
    • Judging by the occasional East Asian racebends I've seen of Scout, I don't think you're the only one. I personally agree.

    The Great Flame War of Pyro's Gender 
  • All this nonsense about the Pyro being a woman. Really, Valve only started planting evidence that he could be female after the speculation started flying concerning his gender. Am I the only one who sees that they are just trying to mess with our heads? And more importantly - why the hell does it matter whether the Pyro is a man or a woman anyway?
    • Because video game nerds are all horny bastards who have nothing better to do than ponder the sex lives of fictional characters. Besides, everyone knows Pyro's really a robot.
      • See, I'm just reading this and all of a sudden this comes up on my screen. I'm a video game nerd and I take great pride in not caring about the private things the characters do. I am offended. Although a robot would be cool.
      • It would make sense if Pyro was a robot, since the Filamental hat for the Pyro completely removes the head. If you're wondering why the Mv M Pyrobots look more robotic, it's because they're heavily mass-produced.
    • I'm more bothered by the immature jerks who are all "lol, Pryo can't be a wommen, womminfolk are icky/belong in the kitchen/would be gangraped faster than you can say Pyro" with varying degrees of seriousness.
      • Say, that reminds me. You know what else bugs me? People who comment about the purse in his locker saying, "Men can have purses too, way to gender stereotype!" And then turn around and say the Pyro can't be a woman because he's fat.
      • I always thought that Pyro couldn't be a woman because she was fat- the more weight you have the more visible your boobs are, whereas anatomically correct skinny girls would be nearly flat for the same reason. That is, if there aren't other factors messing with the proportions. Look at Heavy's stature, then at Pyro's, there should be a LOT more chest area if Pyro was a chick. And this is coming from a female troper, fyi.
      • If Pyro is a woman, she probably binds her breasts. Or maybe she removed them herself cause they got in the way, being that she's Pyro.
      • Well, when's the last time you've seen a fat female character in a video game?
    • Actually, the purse has been there since the beginning. They've added fuel to the fire with the new domination voiceclips for some classes though ("you fight like a woman").
    • And now Valve is just trollin us with the new UI. It will randomly give you a class, and say "Why not try him out? Beat XX points." With the pyro, it will randomly switch between "Try him out" and "Try her out."
    • You all know she's hot underneath
    • I think that the purse in his locker belonged to his wife, who had died previous to the events of the game, and he's simply keeping it as a memento.
      • Never forget that even taking Pyrovision and Pyroland into account, and even with the WMG that the Optical Mask makes Pyro see Pyroland, the Pyro is still clearly completely insane. Insanity explains everything.
    • If the Pyro was a "she" then "she" would have a few similarities to some of the supporting characters in these links...
  • The biggest problem I have with calling Pyro female is the way the suit falls. And even keeping in mind how loose that asbestos suit is, the proportions of the suit are very tough to deal with for a female figure. The broad shoulders are particuarly difficult to come to terms with.
    • Plenty of women have broad shoulders and/or a more masculine build than your typical female. And the suit could be made for a man and/or have a lot of padding both of which would help to obscure a female figure in addition to bagginess.

    Killing Nat-zees 
  • It's made clear in The Soldier's bio that he hates Nazis so much he went on a Nazi killing spree that didn't stop until 1949. That being the case, why the hell is he willing to work on the same team as the Medic, who is so very Nazi?
    • Medic's NOT a Nazi. Steam insisted that, pointing out that it's just too easy - plus nobody would want to play as Medic if he was. Medic is just your regular Mad Doctor. Which means he doesn't have any particular predjudice against anybody; he's doing it all For Science!!
    • The comic Shadow Boxers explains this. Soldier is under the impression that his teammates are American, despite their obvious accents.
      • Well there are plenty of German, Russian, Scottish, French, Australian, etc people who are also American it's the country of immigrants

    Meet the Scout at Mysterious Place 
  • In "Meet the Scout" where is the fight over Sandvich taking place? It looks like the central area in Granary, but at the end, when Scout is eating, it's clearly a port or dock of some kind (you can hear seagull, buoys, and see a ship in the background. [1:20]) is that an unreleased map or an early build of Granary?
    • It's just Granary. The ship is there and can be seen pretty well from the BLU side of the map. Go see for yourself.
      • Reminds me of how in Upward you can see a lake with a dock in the distance.

    Four Standard - Must Have Coffee 
  • The Sniper is probably drinking coffee to make Jarate, but wouldn't he be avoiding caffeine for the effect it'd have on his hands? Or is he just that used to it by now?
    • It's decaf. You can tell by the orange handle.
      • I'm much more worried about the quantity of Jarate he's capable of producing from ONE POT OF COFFEE than anything else here...
      • He's probably refilling it during the jump cuts. We never see him pour a new cup or fill up jars either.
      • Caffeine has a diuretic effect... but then he's drinking decaf coffee, which means it wouldn't affect him more than any other beverage, but yet he appears to have produced about 2 and half litres of urine in less than 8 hours, so how did he oh no I've gone cross-eyed.
      • In the Jarate comic, the Sniper gets pills that triple the size of his kidneys.

    Gawd Save The Queen of Australia! 
  • Why would an Australian say "Gawd save the Queen"?
    • Australia is part of the Commonwealth, you know. It has a little Union Jack on its flag.
    • The Sniper is as Australian as the Demoman is Scottish, so...
    • If I remember correctly, I think Australia didn't get its own national anthem til relatively recently.
      • Not until 1984, many years after Team Fortress 2 is set. Before then it was, of course, "God Save the Queen".
      • It's important to note we're referring to a hired killer here. That phrase may be less patriotism and more bragging that it's take God to save the queen from him.
    • Actually, judging by the whole Sniper's personality, Valve is intentionally annoying Australians, who hate little more than to be considered British. His voice actor is from the United States.
    • To this Australian history student it makes perfect sense. The game takes place in The '60s. God Save the Queen was still the national anthem, and Australia was still quite culturally, economically and politically heavily connected to and influenced by Britain, and thus an Australian from that time would likely be a lot more British-influenced than most Australians today.
    • You could argue that the Sniper is really just a British expat. There's a lot of them out there, there are more constantly arriving (and there was a massive surge in the Fifties and Sixties, the latter decade possibly being when the game is set) to the point that roughly half the people in Australia are either expats or the children of expats - and that's just the English. Many could easily end up with Australian accents, and certainly Australian cultural attitudes if they were raised there as children.
    • The account given of Australian history in the Loose Canon comic either explains this or makes it even more confusing - as of at least 1890, the Australians of TF2 apparently choose their King based on kangaroo-boxing. Therefore, the Sniper could actually be referring to Her Majesty the Queen of Australia, who in the TF2 timeline may be an entirely different person from the Queen of England.
    • Missing the point on being the commonwealth. In Canada (Also a Commonwealth nation) God save the queen! is still used, sometimes ironically, sometimes not. An Australian who is out in the world, trying to stick close to his roots would probably still use it as a battle cry. There's also that stuff with kangaroo boxing, but that would be for a king, so it might not be relevant.

    Is Respawning Canon? 
  • The BLU Soldier and the RED Demoman are supposedly friends in this, and the Announcer Lady is horrified at this fact, to the point where she orders this whole war thing... but this takes place during the Meet The Spy update, where the RED Spy kills the BLU Soldier. Wouldn't that solve the whole "friendship" thing? Or is this setting aware of the whole Respawn aspect, so once the BLU Soldier respawned, he'd be free to hang out with his buddy RED Demoman?
    • There are more than one BLU Soldier and RED Demoman. If you watch the videos, these "mook" classes die in droves, usually against the "main character" classes.
    • It's not unreasonable to assume that technology like Respawn exists. What better way is there for Blutarch and Redmond to ensure their mercenaries can keep fighting? The Administrator wanted the Soldier and Demoman to fight each other so they wouldn't be friends anymore, not that coming back to life later is an issue.
      • That, and you'll have to take into account that Redmond and Blutarch's Life Extenders have a short period, where they'll die to old age for a short period before coming back to life. What if the life extenders were just the same thing as the respawn mechanics?
  • You're all ignoring the obvious: Meet the Medic. LOOK AT ALL THE SOLDIERS HEAVY IS MOWING DOWN! Clearly there is more than one BLU soldier.

    The Female Class is Soldier 
  • ...the Soldier's name is Jane Doe?
    • John Doe is the name used when a male body can only be identified as American. Jane Doe is the female equivalent.
    • Knowing the Soldier's trains of logic, one can assume that he thought "Jane Doe" was a good name for a soldier because of the millions of soldiers called John and Jane Doe during WWII (because they went unidentified). When Soldier was in Europe, there were huge graveyards of soldiers. And this was post WW2, with millions of young men going unidentified, which means there are many gravestones with John and Jane Doe over there.
    • What bugs me about this is how everybody seems to accept "Jane Doe" as his real name without even considering that, gee, maybe the obviously fake name is a fake name.
    • And if it's not a cover name — i.e. the Soldier's name is Jane Doe — no wonder he insists people use "Mister" before it, hence the "MISTER JANE DOE" sign on his apartment window.
      • You know it's his real name because nobody would fake having a name like that. It's a name meaning, "Whoops, your father was drunk when he signed the birth certificate."

    One Announcer Only 
  • How come there are two of each class, but only ONE announcer?
    • Because she's on both sides.
    • Which raises the question as to why she owns both companies and makes them fight each other.
      • Where is it implied that she owns both companies? I thought that she was just an executive for both companies, and not the (only) one who pitted them against each other.
      • Actually, it's more implied that she's a contractor for both companies. RED and BLU both turned to her to wage war on the other, and it's in her interests to propagate it as long as possible. Hence why, in Loose Canon, she deliberately prolongs both of their lives.
      • It's been stated that she works for Saxton Hale. You know, the guy who's selling weapons to the mercs?
      • Read the comics to understand why the Administrator (aka the announcer) is playing both sides against each other.

    New Weapons and Balance 
  • The new weapons. The original classes/weapons (once they settled down) make for a good game, why risk messing that up? Why put the designers in the impossible position of coming up with something new that doesn't change a good thing? Let 'em loose on a new game using the engine rather than cramping their efforts, and/or get 'em working on some good maps. I can see it's a strategy for extending the games life but I don't buy it: the risk of pissing off existing fans is pretty high and the novelty value doesn't equal a new game.
    • The fact the game is still going strong should tell you everything: Valve aren't stupid, and do think things through before implementing them.
    • That's the entire point. Novelty value does not equal a new game because they aren't trying to make it new in the first place. They're trying to extend the life of the current one. And as noted above, it's working.
    • They even have a dedicated game for testing these weapons (TF2 Beta) and most of them have a rather noticable drawback for a situational return. They're more or less used to break stalemates and for customizing to player's tastes.
    • The game is more or less itself a beta for all of Valve. It was stated in a interview that they put stuff in TF2 to see how people will like it in other games they make.

    " 3 things: the hand, the grandfather, and a saw." 
  • As of the Engineer update, the Engineer has an unlock called the Gunslinger, a robotic hand. Instead of being a glove, the blog post outright says it's a replacement hand. It also says he sawed his own arm off for it. Also, the robotic arm blueprints were designed by his grandfather. Blutarch himself said he "spent a small fortune" trying to make sense of them. All this adds up to the biggest question: how the hell did the Engineer saw his hand off, build a robotic arm, surgically attach it, and manage to not kill himself, without any help? I'd say the Medic helped, but I doubt he'd be able to understand the blueprints, and I sure as hell wouldn't trust him to cut my arm off and replace it.
    • The man builds a dispenser that heals everything from gunshots, bone-saw slashes, explosives damage and removes glass bottle shards, and you ask how he survives cutting his hand off? Seriously though, he probably just stood next to his dispenser and took a deep breath. The guys don't even really flinch with an arrow through the skulls if they survive it, so cutting your hand off is kinda easy to shrug off.
    • Simple, he built another robotic hand, used that one to replace his original hand, and used it to attach the new hand.
    • He had it all along. After pulping his right hand with an oil drill in his youth, his then-alive and still taciturn grandpa installed a basic prosthetic without much explanation. He didn't understand what really made it tick and couldn't afford to take it apart without being able to put it back together, so it slowly fell into disrepair until it couldn't really do much except hold things and pull triggers. Discovering the blueprints let him fix it up and reveal it with battle modifications, since with his current mercenary career he didn't have to bother with things like "not freaking people out" anymore.
    • The Medic doesn't need to understand the blue prints. He could probably keep the wound healed with the same machine he used on the heavy. That would be more than enough time for the engineer to work, even sans hand.
    • Sometimes I suspect that Dell's grandfather cut it off himself when he was young.

  • Okay, for a few weeks, a number of places have listed the Engineer's name as Dell Conagher. Now, all of a sudden, it's Delmond. Can anybody tell me where this came from? It's not in the Loose Canon comic, which only confirms his surname and the shortened version of his first name. Was there some blog post on the official site I missed or something?
    • The name isn't as serious as you seem to expect it to be. They gave the Engineer, who builds the blocky, square, unsafe machinery, the name Dell right after releasing the comic for the Mac update, which gives the unnamed Dell line of weaponry that the Team uses a foil in the form of Mac. It's a joke.
    • Dell is also probably short for Delmond.
    • You guys missed my point. Everybody called him Dell the first few weeks after Loose Canon came out because the comic explicitly spelled it out. Now all of a sudden, his official name is Delmond instead, and I'm wondering where it (as in where the name "Delmond") came from because I cannot find an official source for this change. I get the joke and understand Dell is short for Delmond, it's that nobody explained where the name "Delmond" came from.
      • And to add to that, why is Valve's offical TF2 wiki still listing the Engineer as "Dell"? I think somebody got fooled by the old TF2Wiki.
      • Since when have people started referring to the Engineer as Delmond? I haven't seen that name used.

    Seeking The Wrangler Achievements 
  • If so many of The Engineer's achievements are based on using The Wrangler, why is it the last weapon the Engineer unlocks?
    • Because so many of its achievements are based on using it, and a few of those that aren't take time, like the ones for hauling buildings or picking up metal from dead buildings. So it makes sense for the Wrangler to be second rather than last, because doing all the non-Wrangler achievements to get the Frontier Justice and the Gunslinger would A: take time B: create the conundrum of having to do more achievements to get the Wrangler.... most of which involve the Wrangler.
      • Also, you can get the Wrangler before the achievement by a random drop or crafting.

    60s Earpieces 
  • Wait, I'm confused. This is set in the 50's-60's-ish timeframe? Where the hell did the Scout get his earpiece? ...Forgive me if those existed back then, I was born in the early '90s so I wouldn't really know... obviously.
    • The same place they got teleporters and invisibility watches. Which is to say, probably Australia...
    • By the late 60's transistors were already widely used in all kinds of electronics, making possible the existence of small portable intercom devices such as the earpiece, which is most likely a mere hands free walkie-talkie.

    The Wizard Hates Jarate And Loves Milk 
  • In Medieval Mode, you can use the Scout's Mad Milk, but not the Sniper's Jarate? What the hell?
    • Because it's only the tenth century. Jarate hasn't been invented yet!
      • Specifically, Saxton Hale hasn't invented the Jarate pills yet. Presumably, the Sniper's kidneys receded to their natural size.
      • What, and there was such a thing as radioactive cows then? I think not...
    • The Sniper has a melee weapon that crits on anyone who would normally take minicrits. They already have one of two ranged weapons in the mode, either anti-backstab or +25hp shields and a melee. They don't need to be even more powerful.
    • Ironically, Mad Milk is made in the Humboldt dairy in the town of Rottenburg, so you shouldn't really have that either.

    Handling Medigun Handles 
  • This doesn't really bug me, but I do find it a little odd that Medics have to push the handle of their mediguns away from themselves rather than towards themselves in order to heal people. Maybe I'm missing something here, but it seems like it might get a bit awkward.
    • It's somewhat reminiscent of a fire hose nozzle. I'm not sure why fire hoses are designed that way nor whether the reasons are applicable to a medigun but I'd hazard a guess that it was the original inspiration.
      • My guess regarding fire hoses: Those things fire a lot of water with the consequently large recoil, so you need to be stand and aim properly before firing. Forcing you to push forward means you can't accidentally open the valve by, say, tripping.
      • Also, the mediguns are modified fire hoses, so they'd have the same handles.
      • Actually, you pull back the handle when opening the stream of a fire hose. Maybe he disassembled a hose and then accidentally put it together backwards, but figured it was a waste of time because it is just as functional.

    Mediguns Can't Heal Eyes 
  • If the Medigun can heal Heavy's chest, Scout's tooth, Demoman's arm etc, as seen in Meet the Medic, why can't it heal Demoman's eye? Or the scar on Sniper's face? Or Medic's own vision problem (given that he wears glasses)?
    • It could have something to do with the Demoman's eye no longer belonging to him. Remember, it was possessed by the Bombinomicon when he was seven.
      • And having your eye removed from your head via magic might not actually count as an injury.
    • A simple explanation might be that the beam greatly enhances natural healing - mending bones, replenishing blood, creating new skin, etc - but cannot do anything about wounds that have already scarred on their own and thus are now considered "natural state" by the body.
    • On this video, someone posed a similar question; if the Medic's gun can heal people to the "peak of health", then why can't it make Heavy less fat? Someone else proposed the magical theory about Demoman's eye, and compared Heavy to Kingpin. He also suggested the MST3K Mantra.
    • Well, your immune system is not familiar with the protein in your eyes, so if your eye is injured, your immune cells will attack it.
    • Or Demo could just be too drunk to realize it's healed and take his eyepatch off
    • Finally answered by the comic in "The Naked and the Dead". It actually has been regrowing underneath Demo's eyepatch. However, around Halloween, it bursts out of his eyesocket and becomes a monster that the team has to kill, similar to MONOCULUS!. This has happened eight times thus far, and the Medic theorizes that the eyesocket itself is haunted. Medic has given Demoman Laser-Guided Amnesia (by way of scooping out the relevant parts of his brain) every time it happened so that he'd stop asking about it.
  • Another Headscratcher in regards to the Medic's primary weapon; if the Medigun can heal injuries, what makes it unable to heal the Demoman's leg when he has the Bootlegger equipped, or the Engineer's hand when he is using the Gunslinger? Some other Tropers have suggested the Medigun can only heal recent injuries, but the removal of a leg or hand is rather recent, if you switch from a weapon to one of the Bootlegger/Gunslinger.
    • Perhaps the gun can only heal if there's nothing too solid in the way. There's already a replacement foot or hand for those two items. Then again, how can canon explain equipping then removing the Bootlegger, assuming the Engineer can wear his glove over the Gunslinger?
    • It's viable that the gun reinforces a saved state. The Engineer and Demoman have two states, which the medic switches out as needed. Since the Demoman lost his eye as a child, the saved state has no eye. Ubercharging constantly reinforces the save, locking it. Also explains why ribs and teeth grow back. As for the sniper, he probably thinks it looks cool.
(Merasmus...?) Maybe that one isn't canon.

    The Pyro and Class Tiers 
  • What is the Pyro? I don't mean as in what gender, but in terms of gameplay, what are they supposed to be? Spy-checkers? Everyone can do that, the Pyro just makes it noticeable. Assassins? Spies and Scouts have them beat in every way, are much more inconspicuous, and Pyro doesn't even have a decent way of getting around the map. An ÜberCharge counter? Really too uncommon to base him entirely on that. A friendly Engineer's best friend, and an enemy Engineer's worst nightmare? Spies have the nightmare part down and other Engineers can handle their friend's stuff just fine. A self-sufficient walking fire-ball? Well that's what he really should be, but Valve has rarely released Pyro weapons that go towards that play style. Every single thing I just mentioned regarding the Pyro exists in the forms of many different weapons of varying quality. Every other class has their role down-pat. Their unlocks branch them off to playstyles that they are suitable for, but not ideal for with standard unlocks. But the Pyro feels like a novelty class that exists only for Valve to throw silly stuff at and seeing what happens. Because even they don't know what the Hell the Pyro is.
    • Short range combat specialist.
    • Well Heavy has that covered what with all of the buffs he's gotten.
      • he Heavy is deadly at short range, but his lack of speed makes it difficult to for him to do guerilla attacks and come out alive. Hence why I choose Pyro when I intend to do lone wolf attacks, and Heavy when the team is expected to be with me.
    • The Pyro is an ambusher. Someone that jumps out from around the corner, or out of some cover, and fills the area with flame. Doesn't need the level of stealth or the mind games of the Spy. Just hide somewhere, and surprise an enemy. Even if the Pyro dies, the flames will stick around for a bit unless some water, a source of health, another Pyro, a Sniper with Jarate, or a Scout with Mad Milk is nearby, and those flames can eat a significant chunk of health, potentially enough to kill someone that was caught unawares enough to get a couple seconds of flame burn.
    • The Pyro doesn't need to be anything, the Pyro merely is. On the other, more serious hand, maybe he's supposed to be the true Mario of the game- easy for beginning players to use with potential in all sorts of areas.
    • I play the Pyro to annoy the other team. Shooting rockets back and hurting them, dominating spies, making sure they are always on fire and maybe getting the drop on a medic/heavy combo for massive damage are a few of the ways to roll.
    • I support the above theory that Pyro is The Mario. Sure, other classes can do one or two of the things he can slightly better, but what other class can very effectively Spy-check (even the Dead Ringer stands no chance), destroy Sappers (Homewrecker), reflect projectiles like rockets and arrows, extinguish burning teammates and toss enemies around (compression blast), potentially Back Stab (quick one-two with the Axtinguisher), and pretty much cause a Total Party Kill with a stream of crits all by their lonesome self? It helps that he has the highest balance of Speed and Health of every class.
    • The compression blast is the very most important of his abilities. His fire can make the enemy run backwards to save themselves with water.
      • That's a very useful ability, too.
    • Pyro is quite a Mario, excluding long-range combat (long range harassment still works, flareguns can make snipers bugger off for 10-20 seconds a time). The flamethrower is pretty strong in close-range, and he has maneuverability over the heavy and his minigun, can be used as a makeshift smoke grenade (though I cannot confirm the effectiveness of this strategy), and it's the single best way to spycheck in the game. One puff and a spy is screwed. The shotgun fills out medium range combat. Some of the melee weapons (mostly the Axtinguisher) help with the role of an ambush class, but the most multi-functioned of all is the airblast. It's about the best counter to an ÜberCharge, can quickly kick out unwelcome visitors with ease, reflects most projectiles, and moves away sticky traps, and your mere presence on the battlefield may cause enemy soldiers to resort to shotguns, it also extinguishes burning teammates, and allows you to push a guy into a corner and kill him very quickly. Not to mention he also occasionally blasts people into huge ravines and off cliffs.
    • Speaking as someone who plays pyro the majority of the time, the pyro is a powerhouse when it comes to support defense. If paired with a good engineer, the pyro can expose any pesky spies, destroy sappers, reflect rockets at anyone trying to blow the turret, interrupt an uber, go around the attacking force, come back, and kill them all with the mighty backburner.

    Engy Also Built A Time Machine 
  • If I remember correctly, the Engineer built all his unlocks himself when the Engineer update rolled around. So why is he holding the Frontier Justice when the Heavy and Medic pass by him and sniper in Meet the Medic?
    • Obviously, the Medieval Mode time-travel screwup flung various objects from TF2's present into its past. Demoman also has a Scottish Resistance at one point in the video, and a couple Soldiers are wearing more recent hats.
      • None of the updates were necessarily released in in-game chronological order. The Engineer Update could very well have been before the events of "Meet the Medic", in the game universe.
      • Same goes for the order of the Meet the Team videos, considering that Medic's is all about the invention of the ÜberCharge (and shows his prototype medigun).

  • Why did the Soldier just get ANOTHER SOLO UPDATE?
    • There are still two rockets left, so there is a chance that some other classes will get some space-goodies too.
      • Also, the weapons were designed by WETA Workshop for the Soldier- basically they asked Valve "hey, we designed some cool weapons, wanna use them?" and Valve was all "gosharoonies, we sure do!"
    • And oh hey, Australian Christmas delivered a rocket just for Engineer and Pyro. Happy now?

    Silenced Revolver 
  • Why does the Spy use a revolver? Those things are far from silent — IIRC, there is exactly one kind of revolver that can even be silenced.
    • Probably because the spy relies on disguising, cloaking, and backstabbing more. The revolver is probably in case he gets discovered.
      • And it's entirely possible to get kills with the revolver and sneak away scot-free.
    • Revolvers are more reliable and less prone to jamming than semi-auto handguns, which would be valuable to a spy, who would be undercover for long times.
    • Revolvers retain casings, rather than ejecting them. That means no evidence of the shooting except the bullet itself gets left behind. And that is a very handy property for someone like the Spy.

    Invulnerable Train Tracks 
  • In Payload, why doesn't the defending team just destroy the train tracks to prevent the bomb cart from moving. Yes, I know its a game and if they wrecked the track there would be no game, but is there any attempt to lampshade this?
    • Because most of the time, the tracks are probably used to ship materials to and/or from the RED base. I think there actually is some lampshade and the level designs, like Goldrush I believe the starting area for BLU is a gold mine. If RED destroyed the tracks, it would stop the bomb, but it would also stop the flow of whatever resources were being moved along those tracks before BLU put their bomb on it.
    • So the tracks are vital to both sides, gotcha!
    • I think the tracks are made of Australium, thus are indestructible!
    • I was going to add 'why don't the RED guys destroy the wheels of the BLU cart then throw it from one of the convenient high places, then?' when it occurred to me that the RED team probably have it in their contract/orders to keep the cart intact- after all, the woman who issues their orders sent the cart to start with.
      • I always assumed that the entire cart was made of some sort of indestructible material, which would explain why it never explodes/gets permanently damaged no matter how much chaos happens around it.
      • Probably the same reason that they don't cover up the huge bomb hole in Mv M mode.

    Why Don't You Just Crit Him? 
  • Melee crits are accompanied by a special animation, right? Heavy's uppercut, Pyro's horizontal chop, Soldier's backhanded swing, etc. So why don't the classes always swing their weapons that way for guaranteed crits? Ranged weapons only crit when their projectiles are covered in lightning aura, but the melee weapons don't have this restriction; it's just a different motion on the user's part. The Heavy and Engie both have Ph.Ds, they should be able to figure this out.
    • It's alleviated somewhat by the fact that most of the melee weapons have very high crit rates compared to the others, hinting that they're aware different motions have some kind of unique, lethal effect.
    • Besides, the Heavy's degree is in Russian literature.
    • When crit-boosted (by for example a Kritzkrieg or winning a round), all weapons will have the user perform the special animation. However, the crit damage can still fail to apply, for example when hittin an enemy under the crit-negating effect of Battalion's Backup. Video game Critical Hits in general are meant to simulate a lucky hit, so just doing the motion may not be enough for the characters. A horizontal axe swing can get lodged in your ribcage and puncture your heart, or it can just graze your arm. So even if the Pyro always did horizontal swings, that would not guarantee him crit damage.
    • Do they crit because of the special animation? Or do they get the special animation because of the crit?
    • In-universe, they don't do that because they are smart. In a real fist-fight, you can't just throw the same punch over and over and hope that the opponent won't figure that out.

    Do Not Question The Fists Of Steel!! 
  • If the Heavy is capable of carrying and firing a minigun without any problem, why must he use his fists to fight? Where's his giant war hammer?
    • He likes using his fists to fight. He's good with them anyway, and a war hammer would add extra weight.
    • He's also got experience in boxing.
    • Because only babies need weapons to help with melee combat.
    • And hammers are left to the Pyro.
    • Can you imagine the amount of damage a giant war hammer swung by a hulking man like Heavy would do? even in a game with cartoonish physics, they have to set a limit somewhere.
    • The previous HWGuy was John Henry. Heavy has an entirely different persona, he needs different weapons!

    Wasted Education 
  • So why does a man with eleven PhDs (who is also skilled in building a variety of deadly contraptions) run around a battlefield with a wrench constructing the same four things over and over, while getting shot at? Seriously, he has eleven PhDs. Anyone who can say that should not choose a job with any sort of physical danger involved.
    • Exposure to Australium is known to mess up the brain.
    • He likes it? And many sources imply that these mercenaries are paid a LOT! Plus, remember that every person on the team is insane in one way or another. Perhaps this is the Engineer's insanity.
    • This job as a mercenary pays REALLY well. Cue one of the Halloween TF comics where Heavy gives a crying child half a dozen large wads of money to get him to stop crying.
    • My theory is that he does it because he HAS to do it. Saxton Hale suggests that these Merc take the Administrator's jobs because they seriously fouled up at some point and can't scout around like other Mercs - the Administrator has something on them, or they need something from her.

    Soldier And His Child Army 
  • Just what was the Soldier doing with all those kids in the Halloween comic?
    • Trying to keep them fed. Or taking them trick-or-treating.
    • Knowing the mental age of Soldier is about 8, I'd say he was out trick-or-treating with them, and he too wanted candy.
    "I have children! Give us candy! It is the law!"

    Crafting Tracers 
  • A Machina is crafted using a rifle and a righteous bison. It seems the only purpose of the righteous bison is to allow the Machina to fire tracer rounds. Why wouldn't the Sniper just leave that out?
    • The purpose of the Bison is to let the bullets go through multiple targets, not make tracer rounds.
    • By the logic of crafting, urine can be crafted into marble, soda can turn wood into aluminum, and food, wood, and animal hides can be smelted to make metal. Very few of the crafts make any logical sense.

    Only Sane Engineer 
  • Why does everyone say the Engineer is the Only Sane Man? To me, only the Soldier and Pyro seem to be truly insane. The others are just a bit casual about killing. That doesn't make them insane.
    • He's more like the Least Insane Man. I'd argue the Pyro may not be insane because we don't know what he's thinking, but the Administrator has stated in the comics that they're all psychopaths.
      • Now that Meet The Pyro has been released, the Pyro looks like it may be the most insane out of all of them.
      • Insanity has many meanings. Engineer only seems less crazy because he's friendly and soft-spoken in his video, but the guy's still an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist workaholic with a touch of paranoia. It's just that he's solidly a Defence class and doesn't usually kill with his hands.
    • Original Poster here: the Administrator is hardly a reliable source, and I guess the Medic could be viewed as insane, but I still don't see how the Scout or Spy are, for example.
      • Just because you aren't violently delusional (like Soldier) or deeply sadistic and lacking in any kind of ethics (like Medic) doesn't mean you aren't severely mentally unbalanced. You can still be polite and courteous. You can still appear like you could fit seamlessly into society. It's called sociopathy (of which there are many forms) and results in a total lack of empathy for anybody, and that's Spy. As for the Scout, he's a complete narcissist. And like all the other characters, he kills for money on a daily basis.
    • What bothers me is that people talk about the mercenaries as though being psycho keeps them from being likable characters. I love every single one of these characters, and I'm not psycho.

    Maybe Scout DOES Have Biceps 
  • How can the Scout push the cart twice as hard as anybody else, especially people like the Heavy or Soldier?
    • Otherwise he would have little role on offense for Payload.
    • I'm pretty sure the question asked how the Scout can push the cart with the strength of two people. The cart itself is a little confusing - all we see is a cart with explosives (or a vehicle with teeth), but it acts like a dispenser, providing ammo, metal, and health to the BLU team. It can also roll backward on its own, if unattended for a while. So it must be a magic cart that responds to Scouts better in the same way control points do.
    • You're assuming Scout is physically weaker than other classes because he's a Fragile Speedster. However, he can run and jump much faster and higher than the rest of the team, which by Newton's second law of motion F=ma suggests that his leg muscles are are actually very strong (although this is offset by the fact that Scout is the lightest class). With the right technique, he could actually be very good at pushing carts.
    • He's wearing cleats, and can get a better grip than Heavy or Soldier, with their flat-souled boots.

    Very Convincing Mask 
  • In the 2011 comic "A Smissmas Story", Scout thinks the child is the Spy, disguised. However, the Scout and Spy here are on the same team (BLU), meaning Scout should have seen the Spy, with a paper mask with the kid's face on it, if it were the Spy. However, he must've just saw the kid, no masks involved, because the kid wasn't the Spy, so he wouldn't have confused them. What's up with that?
    • The masks may be only for players to know if the Spy's on their team, while in universe his disguises are perfect to anyone. May or may not be a choice on the Spy's part.
    • Scout could also just be dumb, and think it's really Spy, even though he should've known he should be able to see the paper mask if it really was Spy.

    "You Are A Terrible Roommate!" 
  • In the Third Annual Scream Fortress comic, it's revealed that the RED Soldier lives with Merasmus, a wizard. Less than two months later, in the 'A Smissmas Story' comic, the BLU Spy mentions offhandedly that the BLU Soldier happens to live with a wizard. Does this mean that the RED and BLU Soldier are either the same person, or that the two Soldiers are so eerily alike that they even have similar roommates?
    • The comics were made by different artists so I'm pretty sure it was just a mistake by the artist of the Smissmas comic. Kind of like how "Meet the Director" had a lot of errors when it came to the mercenaries' uniforms.
    • They share the same appearance so them sharing the same type of roommate as well isn't so odd. Maybe Merasmus can split himself into two people or he has his own double.
    • I shrugged it off as Merasmus moved out of the place with RED Soldier and in with BLU. The Halloween Update has Soldier saying "I Need a Roommate" as one of his robot dialogue-bits. So one could ague that RED lost a roommate and BLU gained one.
    • It seems that some things in the universe aren't considered part of "BLU class" or "RED class". They're just considered part of the class as a whole. Take, for example, the Spy. In Meet the Spy, it's shown that the RED Spy is sleeping with the BLU Scout's mom. In game, however, both the RED Spy and the BLU Spy wield Ambassadors engraved with a picture of Scout's mother, and Spies on both teams will say "Well, off to visit your mother!" when dominating a Scout. From the looks of things, it's not "RED Spy is sleeping with BLU Scout's mom". It's "The Spy is sleeping with the enemy Scout's mom". The same could apply to Merasmus; He's not the BLU Soldier's roommate or the RED Soldier's roommate. He's just the Soldier's roommate.
      • One opinion is that Scout's mom is a slut.
    • In-Universe it's never explained if there are two of each class. In the Mann Co. No More storyline, the RED Scout mentions the time they killed Santa, referring to something the BLU team did.

    What Do You Say, Shovel? 
  • Why do (noticeably enough) fans posit that the Soldier talks to his shovel? Sure, he's used it for more than a decade, but it doesn't mean he must get that attached to it. I'm being pedantic about canon here, I know, but is there any source for this assumption?
    • As far as I can tell, it's that a) there's a predecent for this sort of thing by other characters in the game (read, Heavy and Sasha), b) Soldier once had a tea party with several cardboard cutouts and chatted to them and c) It's Soldier. He's crazy.

    Mrs. Medic's 2nd Opinion 
  • When Demoman claims to have shagged the Medic's wife, does that mean the Medic is actually married? Or does Demo just think he is for some strange reason? What sort of woman would want to marry an unlicensed Mad Doctor who's off being a mercenary all the time, anyway? Is she even a normal person? Or maybe she's The Baroness and way scarier than he is and he's totally whipped. Or is Demo just implicitly calling Heavy a woman, if you see what I mean? Although that would tend to backfire a bit; it would be a little odd for a 1960s mercenary to brag about shagging a man twice his size... or is he claiming to have committed unnatural acts upon Archimedes? Anyway, it seems most likely that Medic is in fact a bachelor, but Demo doesn't know that and figures that if he were married, that remark would offend him.
    • You seem to have answered your own question. We may never know whether or not the Medic is married, though this is a domination line, so it's meant to insult in a Your Mom sort of way. This will probably open another can of worms, but I remember reading a fanfic that said the Medic does have a wife, and they're in an open relationship. They don't see each other much anyway. There was also a statement along the lines of "but, he thought, of all people, she could've chosen someone better than the opposing Demoman". All fanon, but amusing to think about.
    • Your 'most likely' possibility seems to hit the nail on the head nicely. Alternately, Demoman is constantly drunk. He could just be sleeping with Scout's mother and got confused.
    • Adding to the Your Mom theory: Part of why "Meet The Spy" is so funny is because it's the one time out of maybe a couple hundred that the person has actually slept with the person. Most of the time, it's just a stock easy way to piss people off. They usually have never met the person's mother, or their mother turns out to be a kind of woman that person would never want to sleep with.
    • "What sort of woman would want to marry an unlicensed Mad Doctor who's off being a mercenary all the time, anyway?" This may be why she's cheating on him.
      • With another mercenary who's presumably only off the job at the same times her husband is...
    • Or she's just as crazy as he is.
      • From what we've seen of Mags, Helen, Zhanna, Yana, Bronislava, the mercs' moms, and even Pauling, "women aren't on the team because they're too sane" is no longer an excuse. The entire universe the game is set in is insane, and that includes the women.

    Airblast Jump 
  • Kinda had a moment of fridge logic here: if the Pyro's Airblast can knock people into the air and keep them there as long as he has ammo, whats stopping him as using it as a double or triple jump?
    • The magic, not quite understood system called game balance. If the Pyro could use the flamethrower's compression blast in a jump, players could theoretically get 10-11 jumps before landing.
    • I know that its obviously for game balance I'm simply point out the fridge logic involved. On another note the airblast seems to defy Newton's Third Law (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction), once again if it can knock back the Heavy of all people, shouldn't the Pyro suffer more recoil then what he seems, woo more fridge logic.
      • Well, there you go. There are a lot of game elements can't can't be explained.
      • Equal and opposite reaction doesn't necessarily mean the pyro has to be blasted backwards every time he uses it. It just means the pyro is hit by the same amount of force. By using the blast at a certain angle, or having boots with a very strong grip, or some other technique, the pyro can still blow away other people and not get blown back as well. Or supporting the robot theory, pyro is so heavy it can take that amount of force and still not be moved by it.
      • It could be that the Pyro's flamethrower uses vectored thrust (like plasguns do in Shlock Mercenary when not in Rocket Mode) so he feels no net force while firing, and this extends to the compression blast. Although that raises further questions about how he doesn't have any noticeable effect on people behind him...

    No Friendly Fireproof 
  • As seen in Meet the Spy where BLU Spy's head was blown off by BLU Soldier, friendly fire is turned on in-universe. How are they going to demonstrate the Pyro spy-checking in Meet the Pyro? Will Pyro just be that good at picking out a spy just by looking at them instead?
    • Negative Continuity? Or they could turn friendly fire off.
    • WMG: The BLU Spy was the RED Spy who used a Dead Ringer.
      • That would be physically impossible. And also incorrect; they clearly show you the BLU Soldier was wrong and that the Spy he killed was a BLU Spy.
    • Well, the answer's out: they decided to totally ignore the spy-checking feature and play up The Dreaded instead.
      • Fridge Brilliance: Perhaps that is why the Pyro's team is so afraid of it - he is constantly burning them in an attempt to find hidden spies!

    Time-Wimey TF 1 
  • Team Fortress 2 is set in the 60's, yet Team Fortress Classic seems a bit more modern-day. How could it be that the Engineer from Team Fortress Classic is the TF2 Engineer's father?
    • Maybe RED and BLU waged war until the technical advances in TFC became Lost Technology. Alternatively, they do know that wizard that likes to manipulate time...
    • I saw it as a simple Mythology Gag myself.
    • There is a simple answer to this. Australia.
    • It has been stated on the Catch up comic, that TFC takes place in the 1930's. RED and BLU have been on a stalemate since the XIX century. Fridge Brilliance: One would expect any of the teams to eventually beat the other at least by accident over such a long time, but it didn't happen, and this is due to the Administrator's actions. She controls both teams, and supplies them with equipment, keeping both teams carefully matched so none of them manages to fully defeat the other. The administrator might have eventually noticed that she could spend much less on supplies and still keep the teams on stalemate if she just gave less stuff to both teams equally, and get the same result she wanted by spending much less.

  • Hats that remove hats. How does that work exactly? Why can't you just have an option for the Sniper (for example), to just take it off?
    • You expect Valve to pass up an opportunity to have more hats?
      • To Valve, the concept of not wearing a hat when you own a hat is quite alien. It requires extra effort to go without your hat.
    • This is the world where High-fiving, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Conga Dancing, and Square Dancing all seem to have been invented around the time the mercs joined TF Industries.

    This Film Was Made On Pyro 
  • The Meet the team videos happened in universe and were filmed by a camera crew, right? So how did that trip into Pyro's mind happen in-universe? ...Is Pyro trolling us?
    • Only the ones before Meet the Director were filmed by the crew.
    • Miss Pauling did say that they filmed all of the RED team already, so the view in the Pyro's head is probably the Director's/some artist's best interpretation of what the Pyro sees.
    • Since Meet the Spy, they dropped the concept of interviewing. Meet the Sandvich was from BLU Spy's perspective, Meet the Spy was some action sequence paired with BLU team talking about him (camera angles are simply to impossible to be placed by crews) and Meet the Medic was just a private conversation. Though they brought back the interview style back in Meet the Pyro. But only for his fellow co-workers to talk about him. After Spy's comment the interview style ends.
    • You know those Pyrovision goggles? How they let you see as if you were looking through Pyro's eyes? Maybe a Pyrovision lens was put on the camera for certain shots of the recording.

    Meet The Pyro 
  • When the cherub version of Heavy trips on a lump in the path in Pyrovision when he's running toward the Pyro, did the actual Heavy trip for no particularly good reason too? Considering how tiny and disproportionate his legs are, it kind of makes sense he might be clumsy, but imagine the chaos it could cause on the battlefield if he was The Klutz. TIMBERRR! Maybe he fell over for an actual reason, but it didn't fit with the way Pyro sees things.
    • In real life, the Heavy had to stop for a second to turn around and rip apart a RED enemy with his minigun.

  • How the heck can the Pyro tell apart friend and enemy? Is he helping his team by scorning them in Pyroland? And how do you describe his friendship with the Engineer then, without burning him, his Australian Christmas story book and his house to cinders (a grocket did it already)?
    • I saw Pyroland as a way escapes the torment he is putting people through. I believe the Pyro completely and utterly understands everything he is doing but tries to put it all aside in Pyroland.
      • I have a theory (I'm not sure if this belongs here or in WMG, I've just started Troping,) on Pyro and Pyroland. Pyro is a Japanese man/woman who survived the Hiroshima bombing with severe burns all across their body. Pyro agreed to work for Mann Co. when they promised they could treat and cure his/her radiation poisoning from the fallout. Along with Respawn and the Medigun, they give Pyro pills to help in the treatment, and one of the side effects are severe hallucinations, e.g. ‘Pyroland’. This also makes him/her much more compliant and easily manipulated.
    • He tries to burn them too. It just doesn't work. Thus, spychecking.

  • Here's one thing that really really bugs me. In the TF2 Video; "Meet The Pyro", we see a Blue Cherub Engineer and a Blue Cherub Spy riding a Balloonicorn. When it switches from Pyrovision to Real Life, the Engineer and Spy go flying from where their Cherubs were... What the hell where they doing in Real life, that not only looked like they were riding something that actually moved, but in real life blew them into the sky? It can't be a Bomb On A Cart, because there are no train tracks! —[1]
    • Right after the Pyroland sequence there're a couple of exploding buildings. Presumably the explosion or an unseen compression blast from the Pyro sends them flying.
    • Better yet, in that same scene, you can see Scout and Sniper in amongst the group of BLU cherubs, but when it switches to reality, Scout and Sniper aren't even present in the reality shot. (Scout is seen running by 1-2 seconds later, while Sniper falls out of the building that Scout runs by)

  • So the Pyro is feared…even by his own team? I only watched the "Meet The Pyro" video, so I can only vouch for the Heavy, Scout, and Spy.
    • 'Ey, he is essentially a Psycho for Hire.
    • Possible Fridge Brilliance - a good Pyro can be particularly good at countering Scouts (since afterburn cuts the effectiveness of fleeing), Heavies (airblasting away the medic, as well as a Puff-And-Sting Pyro being able to kill them very effectively) and Spies. If you talked to, say, the RED Engineer or Sniper, they'd probably be at least a bit less terrified.
      • I think the real Fridge Brilliance is that any random Pyro is spending half his time running around the map flame-bursting his own team to Spy check. And we know from "Meet the Spy" that friendly fire is on. Of course they are scared of their own Pyro.

  • So if RED Pyro is insane...does this mean BLU Pyro is insane too? And why wasn't there a BLU Pyro in the "Meet the Pyro" video? Just wondering.
    • No one knows. And I'm sure the latter was answered somewhere around here, maybe the Fridge page or something, but the "Meet the Team" videos are about the each mercenary easily doing his job. Bringing in each merc's BLU counterpart complicates things.
      • Well, in the "Meet the Pyro" video, at the 0:23 mark, I saw what I initially thought was the BLU Pyro in the background, running away, implying that even he is afraid of his RED counterpart....but looking back, it was most likely the BLU Heavy. But it still makes me wonder. And now that I think of it, the Engineer and the Pyro live does he know the Pyro is insane? If so, why doesn't he tell his other teammates, who are clearly afraid of him (Pyro)?
      • We don't know when the short was made. During the Reply Update/first Saxxy Awards, it was mentioned before the Director was killed that he had already filmed all of the RED team films. "Meet the Pyro" therefore possibly doesn't demonstrate the Pyro's present state. It's an exercise left to the viewer.

  • In the end when he burns Sniper alive, what did the pyro think he/she was doing to him in pyroland?

    Fifty Names of Gray 
  • Why is the third son of the Manns called Gray? Blutarch and Redmond, while weird, at least try to sound like names. Couldn't they have called him Grayson or something similar?
    • Blutarch and Redmond aren't real names either (though Redmond is a last name). Gray works fine anyways, and sets him apart from his more comedic brothers.
    • Also, perhaps they thought of slightly better names for Redmond and Blutarch because they weren't creepy talking babies, nor were they kidnapped by an eagle.
    • This troper knows someone named Grey.
  • So they went with red and blue for the other sons, why not name the third son something akin to yellownote  to complete the primary colour trio, or something like purple since it's a mix? Why grey of all colours? It feels more than a bit arbitrary.
    • If you're talking about the Mann parents in-universe, they might not have thought about the colours angle—Redmond and Blutarch sound sufficiently like actual old-timey names that it's very possible the colour connection was just a coincidence. Out of universe, it's been suggested that Gray represents the spectating "team" in the actual game—someone who observes from afar but doesn't actually interfere in the affairs of either the Red or the Blu teams.

    Because Fwee Monee! 
  • If the mercenaries are aware the Mann brothers are dead and they've all been hired by the same guy, how are the regular RED vs BLU battles justified in universe?
    • They're mercenaries. The most likely current answer is Money, Dear Boy - motive was never high on the requirements for killing in Team Fortress. And anyway, with this new release I don't expect the regular RED vs BLU modes will be well-occupied while everybody teams up in a brand new frozen wasteland to try out fighting giant robots that drop money upon defeat. That sounds so freaking cool, I'm re-enlisting.
    • Mann Vs. Machine - 1972. Regular TF2 - 1968.
    • Plus, remember that the administrator just enjoys making people fight each other no matter what. Even during her one hour vacation, she makes pigeons fight each other in a park.

    Burning Money 
  • Yeah, I know it's a joke about the Money Spider enemies, but... why would Gray, who admonished his idiot brothers on thinking machines ran on gravel instead of gasoline, run his robots on MONEY instead of gasoline?
    • Not So Above It All?
    • Have you seen how much petrol costs lately? It's cheaper to just burn money.
    • Frankly I'd be more focused on the fact that Gray COULD actually produce functional money-powered robots. He's probably got a basis to be upset that Blutarch and Redmond were throwing this perfectly viable energy source away. Especially on, among other worthless things, proxy fights over a material that they didn't even bother to check if it was a fuelsource. Much less confusing it for an out of date one.
    • Perhaps Gray is egotistical enough to burn his money just for the sake of it. He apparently used quite a bit of processing power just to put in a hailing feature.

    No BLU In Mann Vs. Machine 
  • *Sigh* I know this question is going to be easily justified, but why couldn't you select BLU in Mann Vs. Machine? I mean, you can't go advertising both teams are joining forces in the trailers and comics when it isn't actually true at all. If it was complicated to add a different team color in the first place, then why advertise it?
    • Probably easier to program or something. Besides, the robots are a cool gray and given BLU-team visual effects to make enemies easy to identify. Assume that the RED mercenaries gave the BLUs their uniforms or something.
    • Game mechanics - there are two teams, humans (RED) and robots (bots, BLU). It simply the easiest way to add a CO-OP mode given the existing server infrastructure.
    • Gameplay and Story Segregation. In the context of the Team Fortress 2 universe, RED and BLU are joining forces. In the context of the graphical interface, it's RED mercenaries and blue robots because of what's already been stated.
    • Playtesting showed that players would get confused when both teams were on the same side. Hence, one team keeps the game straightforward.
    • Also worth noting: RED models of the robots have apparently been located in game files, meaning it's possible that future maps will have BLU as the defenders instead.
    • In Attack/Defend maps, Red has always defended. Making the defending human team Red in Mann Vs Machine seems a logical extension of that, especially if you believe that the game mode was inspired by popular large-team A/D servers where entrenched Red teams ground up wave after wave of hopeless and reluctant Blue players.
      • By typing !robot into the chat on some servers,players can look like ther robots(with thier human hats, of course.). Going back to normal means typing !human into the chat.
    • So that the RED Engineer's sentries wouldn't kill all the BLU mercenaries. Another theory is that RED defends the Mann Co. facilities while BLU tries to attack Gray's carrier tank. (RED defends, BLU attacks)
      • This is what I am going with. After all, it would make sense for BLU to attack Gray Mann's facilities.
      • Seconded. It also explains why the mission even ends, and why the tank sends more robots sometimes and less robots other times. On the advanced difficulty missions, BLU was doing a bad job. And the mission ends when the carrier tank is broken/destroyed by the BLU team. It also explains the Sorting Algorithm of Evil because in the beginning of the mission most of the robots are fighting BLU.

    Gray No Pay 
  • Why didn't Gray keep the Freakin' Mercenaries?! If he technically owns RED and BLU now, then he can technically own their Mercenaries! Everything that has been leading up to Mann vs. Machine has been pointing to Gray using Mercenaries (The Blood Brothers Comic) and Mann Co. using robots! (As of [2]) Why didn't Gray keep the Mercenaries, knowing they were probably cheaper, and that he had an endless supply of them!? —Dingo Walley
    • I doubt the Mercenaries are cheaper, given (for example) Heavy's insistence on custom-tooled cartridges, Engie's need for machine kits, Soldier's soup budget... the point is, they're mercenaries, and some of the best in the world. Mass-produced robots would almost certainly be cheaper, and Gray's genius would probably allow him to streamline the manufacturing process even further.
      • The Heavybots seem to use those same custom-tooled cartridges though...
      • In one of the maps, a notice is posted that the Government hired both mercenary teams to fight against the robots. Government pay > Gray pay perhaps?
    • Alternative explanation: Mann Vs. Machine is too catchy a pun to pass up.

    Gray Is The Spygineer 
  • Who's building the robots in the first place? After all, I highly doubt Gray's doing all the work himself, and the mercenaries have all been fired so I don't think he's using Engineers.
    • He has his own company, and the fact he fired the mercenarie, doesn't mean he fired everyone else who worked in RED and BLU.
      • Whoa whoa whoa! Whoever said he fired RED and BLU. The only reason they no longer had jobs before Saxton Hale hired them was because their contractors, Redmond and Blutarch Mann were dead.
    • There's a robot creation machine in the Carrier Tank.
      • "Shadow Boxers" implies that Gray does at least some of the work himself.

    Buy Token (for Drops) to Play! 
  • Regarding Mann vs. Machine, how come I see so many people saying they're not touching it because they have to buy a token to play it. As far as I know, you only have to buy a token to get the Hats or weapon drops, you can still play the mode. Did Valve not exactly specify what the tokens would be used for?
    • They did, but not very clearly. If they'd have said "buy token, get new drops," they wouldn't be having this problem, but instead they threw a bunch of verbiage about TOURS and CAMPAIGNS and TOKENS and MANN UP at everyone like they wanted it to be confusing. Also, some people might just not see the point of playing if they can't get the drops.

    Anti-Pyro Army 
  • The Pyrobots in Mann vs Machine are made of some sort of fireproof metal. But it somehow didn"t strike Gray that maybe it'd be advantageous to use the same metal to build the other robots, instead using some sort of flammable metal. Why?
    • Again, maybe they're not so different? Or perhaps that sort of metal is really, really expensive, more expensive than using money for fuel, so he could design only Pyro robots, since they'll need it the most.
    • If all the robots were made out of the same kind of metal as the pyrobots, would there be any point of having the Pyro in there? I'd chalk it up to Acceptable Breaks from Reality.
    • For the same reason every member of the team doesn't get their own flameproof suit, razorback, disguise kit, minigun, and medigun.
    • I'd assume the metal is a lot heavier than that of the other classes. A Heavy would probably be slowed down to permanent brass beast mode with that kind of weight, and the scout would just be brisk walking. Given that he's probably filling the robots with ammunition and mechanism, only the pyro functions better with the metal than without.

    Why Defend Decoy? 
  • What's the point of defending Decoy anyway? Isn't it supposed to be a trap for robots?
    • The trap being an ambush. That bottleneck at the start does give the defenders some advantages. Plus, it was Soldier's idea, so it wasn't going to make much sense from the start.
    • It's not much of a trap if the robots can just blow it up and leave without any trouble.

    Scout's Bandages 
  • What is with those bandages on Scout's hands anyway? Did something happen to his hands, or does he only wear them just because he thinks he looks cool in them?
    • You can come up with a bunch of reasons why he has them. Injury? Protection since he swings bats a lot? Bracing his wrists when he gets in fistfights? Well, there is a trope for awesome bandages on one's hands, so maybe he does think they're cool.
    • They probably help him grip his bat if his hands are sweaty, so that could be part of it.

    Scout's Gone Blond 
  • Why is there so much fanart that depicts Scout as blond?
    • Most likely Self-Fanservice.
    • Since hair tends to darken with age, blondness does correlate with youth. Therefore, it emphasises his youthfulness. Also, it's not a bad bet that he's really a virgin like Spy says, so that goes with Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold. Then the fandom tends to misperceive him as actually innocent, even though he's not, and blond hair goes with innocence, apparently. Plus, you can't really see his hair color much under that hat, and it's kind of a washed-out dishwatery color, so maybe people just can't figure out what color it is.
      But that reminds me: for equally vague reasons, when people draw a genderbent version of Heavy, she's usually blond for no good reason, despite the fact the canon male Heavy has dark eyebrows. Maybe people just tend to envision strong, zaftig Russian ladies as blondes? Or it's more self-fanservice, to go with the great big knockers they put on genderbent Hoovies too...
      • They probably make female Heavy a blonde because that is the stereotypical look of brawny Russian ladies, and the TF2 crew is visually based on stereotypes.

    Purple Love 
  • Aside from Heavy/Medic, why are TF2 slash pairings usually between members of RED and BLU rather than members of the same team?
    • The plotline of the WAR! Update and the comics that Valve published alongside it was probably what started the trend, by showing a friendship between the RED Demoman and the BLU Soldier.

  • So I heard about this $100 TF2 engagement ring, as well as people who have made over $300 selling items in Team Fortress 2. I have to ask this... do people seriously do this?
    • For whatever strange reason, people will spend hundreds of dollars that could go to important things on virtual hats. So to answer your question, unfortunately, yes.

  • Why is Tentaspy almost always portrayed as BLU instead of RED?
    • Probably aesthetics. Blue tentaspies look better in blue water. Plus some people portray BLU tentaspies with blue skin. A red-skinned RED tentaspy wouldn't look as good, since it'd just look sort of sunburned. Blue is just more of a fishy color.
      • Also it fits with the nature with the class. Since just about every other class is advertised in their RED clothes, the BLU fits with the classes constant backstabbing. "I never really was on your side..."

  • Okay, so the Scout sometimes carries a can of soda with him as he runs and jumps all over the place. That would shake it up a lot, right? So why doesn't it spray all over him when he pops it open to drink it?

    Harmless Rocket Spell! 

    Great Gray Grand Father 
  • Gray Mann is at least 200 years old. Just how the HECK did he managed to father a 5-year-old daughter?!
    • His immortality machine must have kept him virile. Even so, rather Squicky. That, or maybe she's adopted.
    • A combination of in-vitro and a [Uterine Replicator] .
      • That, and men can produce children quite late in life.
      • Knowing Gray, she's probably not adopted. He probably stole her from the orphanage and then burned it to the ground with his robot army.

    "There's Nothing on the Other Side!" ... Except there is... 
  • In The Engineer Comic, "Loose Canon", Blutarch Mann tells the Engineer to fix his life extender machine, saying that every time it stops, he dies, and that there is nothing on the other side (IE, no Heaven, no Hell, no Valhalla or anything like that, just blackness). But in the most recent Comic, "Grave Matters", which happens chronologically after Gray killed him and Redmond, both of them are shown to have come back... As Ghosts... Which means there is an afterlife after all. In fact, they're now trying to send each other to hell so that one of them can claim victory. So why wasn't their any afterlife for Blutarch when his Life extender machine kept dying?
    • Maybe their blackouts really couldn't see the other side because they were still alive, albeit barely. It's like that kid who claimed he had a vision of heaven when he passed out, until people pointed his vision included him dancing with his favorite rapper, who wasn't dead yet. Might be the reverse of that to suggest their blackouts just weren't the truth after all.
    • There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. With all dead, well, with all dead there's usually only one thing you can do.
    • It's halloween, things work different then because of all the spooky bullshit.
      • But scout went to heaven...
      • That could've just been Scout's brain having a mental hallucination as he was dying, basically in attempt to comfort itself. It happens.

    Buffalo Steak "Sandvich" 
  • A very minor detail, but why is the Buffalo Steak Sandvich item called the… well, the Buffalo Steak "Sandvich"? I could understand if it was a slab of steak stuck between two pieces of bread, but it's not. It's just a regular slab of ribeye steak, all by itself.
    • Most likely as a Rule of Funny. Its description is "Who needs bread?", implying that's how Heavy wants it eaten - pure meat!

    Spy's Still Masked 
  • Why did the Spy get to keep his mask while in jail?
    • He didn't want to take it off. No one was brave enough to make him.

     Feeling BLU 
  • What happened to the BLU team after Gray fired all the mercs in Ring of Fired?
    • They were like the RED team, only BLU.
    • The story's always been really ambiguous about whether two teams really exist and what their relationship is. Best guess is that the RED team is the "real" set of mercs and BLU a set of clones that stopped being produced after Gray fired them. Or vice versa.
    • I've always considered it a funny thought that maybe the BLU team retired, and are relaxing on a nice beach somewhere while the RED team has to deal with the hell of the events after Ring of Fired.

     Show Me The Money! 
  • Why is Soldier always seen as homeless when the entire team gets paid really well for what they do?
    • Soldier's not the best at handling money; the Robo-hats comic shows him eating money. But he's had his own home, seen in the WAR! comic, then he moved in with Merasmus at some point.
      • That was actually just part of the joke that they all had so much money, they didn't know what to do with it. Not to mention by the latest comic, he's homeless again.
    • Because he's the Soldier.

     Australium and You! 
  • How does Australium Work? I thought that it's effects were permanent, a la Saxton Hale, but then in the most recent comic Blood In The Water. there are Australians who used to be buff and crazy but they have since returned to normal because the Australium is running dry. If Australium isn't permanent, then how does Saxton Hale (Who isn't really seen with Any Australium) stay Australian? How long does Australium's effects last if those Australians that returned to normal had been exposed to Australium all of their lives? How does Australium work?
    • Rule of Funny and Rule of Cool aside The magnitude of exposure? I mean, Saxton Hale did have a motive to horde Australium [remember, he stole a large batch of the stuff from the 'failed' space program]. Perhaps being exposed to such a large amount is enough to make it permanent. It coulc also be that Saxton Hale is just that much of a Badass.
    • Maybe Hale was just born like that.
    • Hale never needed that Australium. He was buff as fuck and rad as hell of his own volition. If he was, say, American, he'd still be just as badass.

     Say That... Again! 
  • What exactly did the Scout have to say to the RED team in Expiration Date? That the Spy is better than him, or that the entire team is better than him?
    • That Spy is better than him.

     Ah, Piss 
  • Okay, so I totally believe that being hit by Jarate makes you lose your will to live, and that's why you take more damage. But why does it bother the Pyro? She's got that flame-retardant suit for protection, so why would the piss bother him?
    • That's never been the official reason for why Jarate causes more damage.
    • The power of tossing piss on people is so concentrated, it can disrupt even the Pyro's dreamland.

     Steam Workshop Policy 
  • The policy is no copyrighted items. So how did The Danger get in the game with no problem? TF2 didn't have a Breaking Bad promotion or is a Porkpie Hat and Mustache vague enough to slip pass the lawyers?
    • Possibly. They even got away with the Team Captain being a near-exact recreation of M. Bison's hat, with the description even lampshading how close this skirted to a copyright violation.
    • They also have the vita-saw, where IrrationalGames made it so that Valve couldn't sell it on the Mann Co. store due to copyright.

    Compression Blasting 
  • Judging how the Flamethrower works, some kind of flammable gas or Oxygen is blown out from the head of the Flamethrower, and when it hits the pilot light (the small flame on the end of the thing) the gas ignites. How, then, would the Compression Blast work? There are only two tanks on the Pyro - the tank on their back holds the fuel for the flame (judging how it doesn't disappear when Pyro is using the tank-less Phlog) while the Flamethrower has the Oxygen tank. If the blast was fed from either of those, it would cause ignited teammates to burst into flames more.
    • I'm pretty sure it's the other way around - tank on the flamer is a propane tank and one on the suit is an oxygen tank for the suit - exactly what they look like. Phlog is a raygun that doesn't need that much fuel. And it's possible to blow fire off with a big enough stream of fuel.
    • The airblast is just another in TF2's long line of Selectively Lethal Weapons. Jarate extinguishes fire on teammates, but makes fire more damaging on enemies. The Crusader's Crossbow heals teammates and damages enemies. The airblast extinguishes teammates but has no effect on the flames of a burning enemy.

    How is ammo that expensive? 
  • Sasha's bullets, 200 bucks per bullet. I understand the point of that scene (Heavy's pride in his weapon, his callous behavior towards his client because he can just bill the Announcer for all the costs, and a couple of other things) but the numbers seem a bit... exaggerated. $200 in 1968 dollars is over $1,300 in 2015, and even GAU-8 anti-material rounds aren't anywhere near that expensive. Is this just Rule of Funny at its finest, or is there something I'm not getting here?

    Son of a *beep* 
  • Why do they bother censoring the f-words in the shorts, such as in Meet the Spy ("And now he's here to *beep* US!")? This is an M-rated game with people being blown to bits from explosions. I mean, I'm not saying that the game should have gone THAT route, with f-words and s-words being shouted out left and right, but a few big swears not even included in the ACTUAL game wouldn't really hurt the game's cartoony atmosphere. Plus, it seems kind of moot to censor the Spy's swear when later in that very same cartoon, the Spy gets his head graphically blown off.

    Olivia Mann 
  • What's going to happen to Olivia now that Gray Mann is dead?
    • Maybe she'll be raised by his robots?

    Why are you figuring out how to revive the dead? My team just died! 
  • So Classic Heavy just saw Medic bring Sniper back to life. Multiple members of his team just recently died. How come he doesn't put two and two together?
    • Probably because Sniper's surgery set the classic team back by about 1.3 billion dollars.

    Mann Co. Challenge 
  • Shouldn't Saxton Hale have won the Mann Co. Challenge against Olivia, even if he was unable to attack her? The Mann Co. Challenge explicitly states that the challenging CEO must beat him in unarmed combat, and while Hale couldn't defeat Olivia, she didn't exactly do any damage to him either.
    • It's because Olivia attacks him (albeit not very effectively) and he refuses to fight back, making it an automatic forfeit on his part.

    Scout the virgin 
  • According to God, Scout died a virgin. But in Expiration Date, Scout once had sex with a girl because they both had buckets of chicken.
    • He probably actually has a very poor understanding of what "sex" is so he probably did something else that was equally lewd.
    • He had Zhanna literally demaning sex from him, and a mini mind-Pauling stopped him before he could do it. Any number of things could have happened between "Hey, you wanna do it?" and "You know what, never mind, let's not."

    Why didn't the Medic check somebody for tumors? 
  • The plot of Expiration Date revolves around the mercenaries' impending death from teleporter tumors. But despite Medic using that time to study the bread tumors, he never used the opportunity to cut somebody open and see how the tumors were affecting a human body? Most of them aren't even doing anything at the time besides moping about. The Engineer was even working alongside Medic on this.

     Apathy to Jarate 
  • Why does only the Spy has voice lines for having Jarate thrown at him? Does the rest of the team just...not care about a jar of piss drenching them?
    • The rest of the team doesn't wear custom-tailored suits worth several thousand dollars a piece.
    • They actually do respond to getting splashed by Jarate/Mad Milk/the Gas Passer. Spy's the most vocal (and actually unique), likely because of the aforementioned custom-tailored suit and also because it directly counters his cloak.