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First thing's first: His name is not related in any way to Japanese or Korean Honorifics. Or the Model U.N., for that matter.

Originally content to lurk around TV Tropes as an Unknown Troper, the only real reason he decided to make himself known was when he wanted to upload images for use in the Phantasy Star articles.

Edits at random, and is prone to making a series of minute edits either due to failing at spelling and grammar (despite all efforts to proofread his own writing), or forgetting something he wanted to add—which happens all the time. (Just look at the edit history! This is a Self-Demonstrating Article!)


Strongly dislikes Conversation In The Main Page, especially people who start off a natterish edit with "Actually ..." or "To be fair ..." or "This Troper ..." If he sees it happening, he goes out of his way to remove it and repair the example according to whatever the thoughtless Nattermongers were having an accuracy attack about (if possible). On the other hand, he'll avoid removing Natter or conversational edits that are Played for Laughs, unless they start attracting the Nattermongers.

For that matter, people who sweep article images under a rug with "Just A Face And A Caption" as their excuse also annoy him. He's finding more and more that people are taking that piece of Administrivia at face value, using its name as their sole rationale for removing images, rather than understanding the intention behind it.


People who snark excessively get on his nerves. Obviously not a fan of articles getting treated as Snark Bait, but will only act in defense of something if he knows for a fact that the snarky tropers are exaggerating something—or making things up for the purpose of mockery.

Was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, but has been in remission as of 2014.

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