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Here Posts In Honored Glory An Unknown Troper Known But To Their ISP
Could this be the Unknown Troper? We may never know...

The One Who Must Not Be Seen — who sweeps into You Know That Thing Where like a flash, makes contributions, and disappears into the night. Sometimes they sound like regular contributors, and sometimes they sound like a totally new one. All part of their mystery.

Others can be heard mumbling about them and such arcane things as "Resetting Cookies" by putting your username and password into the Get Known tool.

The mystique around this most elusive of editors will never truly fade, their contributions uncounted, their toils unknown. For those who are about to post, Unknown Tropers, we salute you.

Very little known fact: the Unknown Troper can change their form at will. Every time they make a contribution, they are somebody different. This is the reason why nobody knows the true identity of the Unknown Troper.

The Unknown Troper was sadly cut down in their prime in late October 2010. They shall trope no more. But their existing contributions live on, a testament to their life and works. Rest in peace, Unknown Troper.