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Awesome Music / Team Fortress 2

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For a War-themed Hat Simulator, Team Fortress 2 has some awesome music, either by Valve or by the Community.
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    Official Soundtrack 
  • The Main Theme. Short and simple, yet catchy, it sets the tone for the entire game. Of course, there's the iconic final eight seconds (referred to as the "ending flourish") which never seems to get less awesome to listen to, especially with its inclusion at the ending sting of every "Meet the Team" video.
  • "Playing with Danger", which played in the second trailer, is like an orchestral reprise of the theme song that still retains the original's excitement and energy, especially with the ending.
  • The Background Music for "Meet the Medic". "A Little Heart To Heart" and the appropriately titled MEDIC!, the song that plays when Medic Übercharges Heavy and they plow through all those soldiers, are now songs in the main menu when you start up the game. The Manniversary update added a gentle clarinet rendition of "A Little Heart To Heart", appropriately named Archimedes.
  • Engineer's theme, "More Gun", starts out as a calming guitar melody, but then takes a turn for the awesome when it changes into a dark western themed showdown song. The song's only instrument (for 53 seconds) is a guitar. After said 53 seconds, an electric guitar, a tuba, and a trumpet get added and turns the song into a sinister-but-awesome western song. It's as awesome as it sounds.
  • Right Behind You. This theme has been known to induce panic and horror if played in-game. It's chilling, quick-paced, and gets the message across that the class it represents (Spy) is not to be underestimated.
  • Drunken Pipebomb for the black Scottish cyclops. It deserves credit for actually making bagpipes sound awesome.
  • Scout's theme, Faster Than a Speeding Bullet, a fast-paced combination of a catchy piano riff and an almost inhumanly fast bongo solo. In can show you he's quite powerful, if you know how to use him.
  • The Soldier has "The Art of War", an incredibly badass drum song with periodic brass.
  • Pyro has the quite unnerving Dreams of Cruelty. Other than "Do You Believe in Magic", that is. And that little child's laugh at 0:47...
  • "ROBOTS!" An extremely catchy, rapidly-escalating theme that, with its off-key notes and high, whining, unnerving sound makes it distinctly inhuman. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and more and more insurmountable - this is the sound of a horde of robots, swarming you, more than you can ever count. "The Calm" is an unbelievably epic buildup to the above tune.
  • "Intruder Alert": It makes playing as a Spy that much better.
  • This muzak-esque tune that was intended to play at the upgrade stations. It's so catchy that some people have theorized that it was removed because players would just stand around and listen to it instead of fighting.
  • Sniper's Theme is quite funky - an exquisite cover of Lalo Schifrin's Magnum Force theme.
  • The Lovin' Spoonful's "Do You Believe In Magic" from "Meet the Pyro".
  • The 15-minute-long short "Expiration Date" gives us multiple gems:
  • "Rocket Jump Waltz"; never has blasting yourself into the sky been so graceful.
  • "RED Triumphs!" and "BLU Triumphs!", both teams' respective victory tracks for the official Competitive mode, which feature instruments that fit both teams' aesthetics pretty well, with RED getting a more orchestral mix while BLU features electric guitar riffs.
  • The Jungle Inferno update added only three tracks, but boy are they good:
  • "Soldier of Dance", which plays when you use the Kazotsky Kick taunt. There's a reason why it one of the most popular taunts in the game.
  • "Mannrobics", which plays during the Mannrobics taunt, is a catchy 80s-esque riff.
  • "Saluting the Fallen", added in 2020 In Memoriam of Rick May who tragically passed from COVID-19. It starts with a patriotic drum roll before transitioning to a rendition of Taps. A truly fitting song to send off such an amazing voice actor.

    Remixes and Covers 

The Main Theme

Rocket Jump Waltz

Playing with Danger

  • Chris Lohr made an excellent remix which sounds like it would fit right into the original soundtrack.
  • This electronic remix makes the track much more fast-paced, and is notable for being featured in the 2012 Saxxy Awards winner for Best Action.


  • This piano cover by Taioo, combining the upbeat tune with the ever-so-subtle strings in the background, makes it sound melancholic and nostalgic.

Drunken Pipebomb

  • This metal cover made by Metal Fortress, kicking it off with an epic bagpipe intro before leading into epic Doom-level metal music that sounds downright epic.