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Headscratchers / Tears to Tiara 2

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  • Not Izebel's fault because she's following orders and way too far gone, but surely it would've been better for everyone if Hasdrubal ordered her to join the rebellion that will take place instead of fight it. She might not be trusted at first, but her name will eventually be cleared with the release of memories from the Sword of Melqart. Why have her fight the rebellion and waste troops, however few, when she would've made a wonderful general for Hispania? She also has in her possession a Tartessos warships, which would've allowed them to wrestle control of the seas from the Krakens.
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  • How does the heal spell work the story? In game it's One-Hit-Point Wonder. But in-story attempts to heal are a bit all over the place. Attempts to heal Izebel are blocked by the Sword of Melqart, but Tanit and Simon gets their spells through to Hamil. Yet even then he spent considerable time out of action and required regular spells to speed up his healing. Comparing Hamil to Monomachus. Hamil was cursed by Abraxas and runs himself through with the Sword of Melqart. He bleeds out and loose consciousness. Yet Simon and Tanit saves him. Meanwhile Monomachus, though heavily wounded and took some spells and bleeding out was still conscious, yet no one cast any heals as if it's too late, and he then dies. So how does that work?
  • Just how dumb are the slavers who capture the party as well as Elissa and Daphnis ? They throw women outboard as a rule because they believe women onboard are bad luck, but... The only thing anyone needs to do to elude this is wrapping themselves in a cloak and lowering their voices. Do the slavers not at least check their prisoners for weapons ? Do they not find it suspicious that people who come onboard are clearly trying to hide themselves and their features ? It's made even worse when they all break out, and... Elissa still has her gigantic hammer. Hammerspace doesn't even begin to describe it.

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