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  • The bad ending is kind of confusing. So, why did Mama come back?
    • Maybe the Ritual in the bad ending failed/wasn't as effective? Then again, the Ritual looks the same in every ending, so...
    • According to a theory I listened to, the cassette tape hints at the reason. It says she found "every last one" of her children, and put them back to sleep. He guessed that Mama is programmed to see eggs as her babies, and that she couldn't rest until she found every. Last. One. So you missed one? Mama's back because she's missing a baby. You find all of them? Mama's satisfied. She can move on.
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    • Uhh... They had to sell the ritual because of budget cuts? I mean, the recession's hittin' everyone. But really, your guess is as good as mine.
  • Where are this kid's parents? Could it be that they are the dead bodies hidden in the trailer? Who are we playing as, anyway?
    • It's pretty clear the kid's mom is around, seeing as the last command before the good ending is to wake mother. As for the father... Not many are really sure yet. Some have theorized that (one of) the dead bodies in the trailer is the kid's father.
    • That still doesn't... sound right. Maybe she's just a very heavy sleeper, but it seems strange that we don't see her at all in the game.
      • I saw a theory on this site that she was actually dead throughout the game, because Mama killed her... while disturbing, it would explain a lot.
  • How do Tattletails create eggs, let alone a seemingly endless supply of them? You could say it's just because they're supernatural, but isn't their egg-making ability advertised? Wouldn't that mean the creators know that the Tattletails are supernatural?
    • The advertisements also make note of the fact that these toys can eat real food, and there are dead bodies strewn about in the ad video. There is something very wrong about the fact that not only were these things advertised, the toys were actually bought.
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    • Looking closely at the texture for the back of the box, it says that "Tattle Treats" are included. Presumably, you're not actually supposed to feed them real food, but instead the treats- these might have something to do with the making of the eggs. (this was eventually confirmed by Tattletail himself) It could be that while the player isn't around to feed them, the Tattletails are eating the Tattle Treats that came in the box.
    • Perhaps it's just some sort of nod to those hatchimals, but I'm really not sure.
  • How does Mama move around? She doesn't exactly look agile... Ghostly Glide, maybe?
    • Villain Teleportation. The other Tattletails can do it, too.
    • I mean, how is she moving when you're in the dark and you see her glowing eyes?
    • I think she may be doing her Villain Teleportation when she's in the dark. Notice that when's she's close and ready to kill you, she says some things. Kind of like that one SCP- Except darkness-themed instead of sight-themed.
  • Why did the Tattletails need cupcakes for the ritual?
    • Probably to keep up the charade that it's just a party for the Tattletails, to ensure that the ritual is a Wham Shot once you go back downstairs with the candles.
    • Why did they want to keep it a secret from you? Were they afraid that you wouldn't help them if you found out what they were really doing? Even after you've been bonding with them throughout the game?
    • Maybe because they think that the Ritual may ruin your trust with them? After all, Rituals are a pretty shady thing.
    • Well, they had to keep the lights down somehow, and icing is pretty sticky. Maybe they just needed the icing?
    • Because it wouldn't be SWEET revenge otherwise. Duh!
    • Most likely because they had to keep the Ritual hidden from Mama and if you knew then most likely Mama would know too.
  • Assuming that Tattletail is the one who gives you your prompts, why did it want you to take it to Mama? Did it have a plan to get rid of her right then and there? One of the other subpages specifically describes its reaction to seeing that Mama is missing as an Oh, Crap! reaction.
    • First, are we even sure that it's Tattletail giving out the instructions in the first place? There are several times in the game where you are given commands despite Tattletail not being anywhere near you. If he is the one directing the player, maybe Tattletail wants to introduce you to Mama Tattletail personally? Tattletail probably figures that if he introduces you to Mama personally that he can convince her not to kill you. The fact that she isn't there means that she's beyond the bargaining stage.
    • Given Mama is Mama, one possible explanation could be that it was FORCED by Mama to have it take you to her. Wouldn't be below her to basically make her children do slave work for luring in people she personally dislikes.
  • Even if the designers didn't include an Off switch, couldn't the child just muffle Tattletail with pillows until the battery completely died, then pack it back up, considering how quickly Tattletail seems to go through power? I don't think the parents would bat an eye at Tattletail needing to be charged out of the box considering that tends to be par for the course for most rechargeable toys.
    • Tattletail never actually runs out of power; he'll just holler until you charge him. This could actually make the situation worse, either because Tattletail won't shut up or because you'd be effectively starving him, which could make him angry... Also, since he can get out of his box and into the washing machine, he clearly has more autonomy than he should. He might not even need power to keep going.


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