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Recap / DEATH BATTLE! S01E11 - White Bomberman VS Dig Dug

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NOTICE: This is a Recap page, so all spoilers will be left unmarked, per wiki policy. Read ahead only with caution! You Have Been Warned.

Today, two experts of destruction and masters of terrain will fight to the bitter end: Bomberman and Dig Dug

Bomberman: The version of Bomberman that will be used in this battle was born on the planet Bomber and is a member of an intergalactic police force protecting the galaxy. Bomberman cares little for the environment he supposedly protects; collateral damage is not a phrase he considers heavily, making him a dangerous and unpredictable opponent.


Bomberman's arsenal is bombs, 'nuff said. He can charge them for bigger explosions, and he really only has one type of bomb (the explode-sometime-after-fuse-is-lit type). He has homing bombs or EMP bombs, no siree bomb. Just good old fashioned "KABOOM!".

Bomberman's gallery of power-ups include power-ups that make his explosions bigger, give him more bombs, and can make him faster and be immune to explosions. Bomberman also rides Rooeys into battle, which give him an edge in mobility (they are fast and can jump really high). However, Bomberman's weakness is his own weapons. If he is careless he can easily get caught in the explosion of his bombs, but has nevertheless survived to star in many games.

Bomberman: I did it!

Dig Dug: Dig Dug is an expert excavator and executioner who traverses the underground to fight dragons. His real name is Taizo Hori, and he fights with a pump. It works by stabbing an enemy with a harpoon at the end of a 15 foot long hose, and Dig Dug then forcefully inflates his enemy until they explode. Cessation of pumping before an enemy's explosion merely stuns them for a few seconds. He also has a jackhammer that can burrow through the earth extremely fast.


After an ad from Busted Tees, IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!

In an open field, Dig Dug encounters Bomberman riding a Rooey.


Dig Dug tires to harpoon the Rooey, but is hit by a series of super fast strikes after it dodges his attack. Dig Dug notices a bomb has been placed in front of him and burrows underground. Dig Dug then manages to harpoon and explode the Rooey, and Bomberman throws a bomb down the hole Dig Dug made. The bomb explodes as Dig Dug rapidly moves away, revealing a plethora of power-ups for Bomberman. He takes out a bomb and kicks it toward Dig Dug.

Dig Dug hits the bomb back, but Bomberman kick it back again. This repeats for a few seconds until Bomberman whips out another bomb and kicks it toward the first bomb, stopping it between the two fighters. Dig Dug seems to retreat, and Bomberman begins to charge up a very large bomb. He kicks it away from him and it explodes, causing the ground underneath Dig Dug to disappear. Dig Dug falls down and ends up in front of Bomberman, who is chargin another bomb. Dig Dug quickly harpoons Bomberman, stunning him and causing him to drop his bomb. Dig Dug burrows away before the bomb explodes next to Bomberman.



Despite having only a pump and a jackhammer, Dig Dug is a difficult opponent for anyone to beat. Dig Dug had complete control of the terrain from the start of the fight, while Bomberman was forced to rely on power-ups to keep up. Taking the fight into the ground gave Dig Dug a huge advantage, and when it seemed Bomberman took the lead, Dig Dug proved he could control his opponent just as well as his environment.

Boomstick: Bomberman sure went out with a bang.
Wiz: The winner is Dig Dug.

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