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Pokémon Black is a Pokémon creepypasta about a weird bootleg game. The hack allows the player to control a Lavender Town ghost and kill off other characters.

The protagonist is an enthusiast of Pokémon bootleg games and ROM hacks. However, they've brought one game that they've been unable to find info online about: a Pokémon Red and Blue hack called Pokémon Black. The protagonist doesn't actually own a copy of the game anymore, but they do remember it throughly. The creepypasta consists of their memories of the game.


The story predates the official Pokemon Black. To avoid confusion, it's usually referred to as Pokémon Creepy Black.

This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Dark Fic: The story is about a horror-themed hack where Red can use a ghost to kill Pokémon and trainers.
  • Gender-Neutral Narrator: The narrator is never gendered.
  • The Hero Dies: The game ends with Ghost killing the player character.
  • Instant Gravestone: If the player uses Curse on a trainer, a headstone will appear in the overworld.
  • Kid Hero All Grown-Up: After beating the game, the epilogue skips ahead to Red as an old man.
  • Killed Off for Real: The move "Curse" kills the opponent's Pokémon. You can also use Curse on the trainers.
  • Timeskip: After defeating Lance, the game skips ahead several years. Red is now a senior.

Alternative Title(s): Pokemon Creepy Black


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