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Fanfic / Kanto Calling

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Kanto Calling is a two-shot Pokémon: The Series fic by crywonder. It's an Ash/Misty fic.

The story takes place during Kalos in March. Ash calls Misty and the topic of Valentine's Day and White Day comes up. Misty gets a bit jealous after meeting Serena for the first time, but Ash is Oblivious to Love as ever. In the next chapter, Ash calls Brock while Misty is in Kalos with him. Brock gives Ash the advice to take Misty out to see the Lumiose Tower alone.

This fanfic provide examples of:

  • Adaptational Attractiveness: Serena is pretty in canon, but the fic presents her as super-model attractive. Puberty probably has something to do with it.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Ash calls Misty "Mist".
  • Age Lift: The writer doesn't use Comic-Book Time, so Ash has aged throughout his journey. Instead of being eternally ten, he's almost seventeen. Everyone else has been aged up accordingly, except for Bonnie who is still a kid.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: Misty's seventeen and has had a crush on her friend Ash since they were ten. Ash also likes Misty as well, but neither he or Misty will admit to it.
  • Chocolate of Romance: Subverted. Ash thought that Misty had sent him Valentine's chocolate a few weeks ago, but it was actually his mother that did.
  • Valentine's Day Episodes: The fic takes place around White Day. Ash sent Misty a present around White Day, but he didn't actually realize it was White Day. Ash had forgotten because Kalos doesn't celebrate White Day.