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Language learning on a cruise ship — as Pokemon? What a taal order.

FIVE AND THIRTY YEARS AGO... a ship called the S.S. Tex-Kofschip was scheduled to have its maiden voyage from Texas to the Netherlands in as little as two days. Of course, the builders didn’t suspect that the ship would wind up at Farleigh-Dickinson University 35 years later. They also didn’t suspect that it would be found by five girls with a strong passion for the Dutch language.


Oh, and we forgot to mention that those girls were mysteriously turned into Pokémon.

Pokemon: SOSchip (Japanese: ポケットモンスター:SOSキプ; Poketto Monsutaa: Sosukipu; Pocket Monsters: SOSchip- pronounced, approximately, "sauce-skip," since nobody can pronounce an SCH right in Dutch anyways), better known as simply SOSchip (Japanese: SOSキプ), is a semi-autobiographical educational fanfic series based on the friendships and Dutch obsession of the author, oghond, who also is the author of Pokémon × Nimja: Play the Game. The series revolves around oghond and her five friends, all but one of whom are foreigners. Two of them, HP and LonelyFox, are German, and another two, hypedgirl and Yuunari, are from the Netherlands. The fifth friend, Absent, is from California. After the five girls are turned into Pokémon under mysterious circumstances, they rediscover the S.S. Tex-Kofschip, a talking, transforming ship who has the ability to travel to other dimensions. They soon decide to travel through dimensions- and across the world- in order to teach Dutch and French to everyone and save the languages from extinction. Picking up Absent along the way, they soon discover that there is a society of "Lingual Purists" who want to establish English as the one spoken language in the world. Their mission is clear-cut: get as many people as possible to learn Dutch before any other foreign language is killed.


Besides teaching the well-known 't kofschip mnemonic device, the series also dives into other aspects of the Dutch language, including grammar, pronunciation, stams, and a lot more. It also educates people about the French language- most notably by making the French mnemonic of DR. AND MRS. P. VANDERTRAMP into actual, fleshed-out characters- and explains the relationships between the two languages.

In short: this is the only other series besides PTG that makes learning Dutch fun.


SOSchip provides examples of:

  • 20 Minutes into the Future: The series was written in 2019; the first chapter takes place in 2020 during oghond’s freshman year of college at Farleigh-Dickinson University.
  • Accidental Misnaming: "Alpha-Null." "Aleph-Null." "Aleph-Null, thank you."
  • Acrophobic Bird: HP is canonically, in Real Life, afraid of heights. She’s turned into a Butterfree, which is a Flying-type Pokemon. Oh, the irony. Oddly enough, though, her fear of heights is only observed in the second chapter onwards. This is actually justified, however, as up until the real HP pointed it out, the real oghond wrote “Set Sail, Kofschip” with no knowledge of HP’s fear of heights. As a matter of fact, the trope is so imminent that one of the first signs that HP has had it with her Education Mama in “Family Matters” is when she flies up into the air without a moment’s hesitation.
  • Adorkable: oghond, in spades. In the first chapter she’s revealed to have a love of the Canadian band Rush, and her musical project Freewill in 2112 is mentioned. Not to mention, of course, her extreme adoration of the Dutch language and of the Netherlands as a whole. In the narration, she often goes on long-winded tangents, gushing repeatedly about her love for musicals, Rush, and O.O.C. Is Serious Business as a trope. To such an extent that the series’ episodic Couch Gag is oghond going on a tangent about the themes of the episode itself.
  • all lowercase letters: oghond and hypedgirl’s names. Justified, as that’s how their avatar names are written in Real Life.
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: All six of the main characters are real people, and all were asked by the real oghond if they wanted to be characters in the story. They all said yes.
  • Ambiguous Gender: The S.S. Tex-Kofschip. No one can tell what gender it is- as its voice is ambiguous enough to either be a young male or a young female (as in, a child)- and as such, no one is sure whether or not to follow maritime tradition note  or simply refer to Koffie by the all-encompassing "it". oghond usually uses "it," whereas Absent starts out calling Koffie "it," but eventually switches to maritime tradition.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Sierra the teal-and-black Talonflame, the spirit of Folsom Lake College and the guardian of Cypress Hall.
  • Apologizes a Lot: Go on, count the number of times LF says “I apologize” in the fanfic. It’s a lot.
    • The same is true of Absent, and it’s justified: in both Real Life and in the fanfic he has a massive Guilt Complex. It’s first shown in "A Coder on Board" (he apologizes to Parti for making him run away), but gets expanded upon a ton come "Hostile California" and “Family Matters.”
  • Arc Number: Absent has a bit of a penchant for the number 13 - in Chapter 3, for example, in the montage he manages to get out questions to thirteen of the Vandertramps. Eventually as the series goes on, 13 becomes Absent’s main Arc Number.
    • And speaking of 13, the other Arc Number of the series? 413. It’s not only pi backwards, but it’s also the Arc Number in Homestuck- which gets mentioned a ton.
  • Arc Words: "Nothing can stop me now" and all of its translations- Dutch note , French note , Japanese note , Kyrellik note , etc.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: hypedgirl, in spades. In the very first chapter, she gets distracted by everything in the S.S. Tex-Kofschip, and is the one to press the button leading to the Wereldian dimension— much to LonelyFox's dismay. It's Truth in Television, of course— the real hypedgirl actually does have ADHD, and wrote a song about it. According to the author, that song, "Mess In My Brain," will be in the fanfic at some point.
  • Author Appeal: Dutch? Tropes? Character breaks? Lampshades? Self-congratulatory narration? All present.
  • Author Avatar: oghond- in fact, it’s not just an avatar. The real oghond literally turned herself into a Pokémon for the fic and inserted herself into the story.
  • Back from the Dead: Mort, in Chapter 3. Sort of - he's still dead, but at least his family can interact with him via the plushie he possesses.
  • Baleful Polymorph: Subverted. While everyone who was initially human reacts with some mixture of confusion and excitement at no point do they express anger over being transformed. Except for Absent, but that's more over his jacket than his form. On the other hand, when HP’s mother is transformed into a Volcarona, she freaks out.
  • Battle Rapping: “13 Km,” the anti Aleph-Null rap battle number in “Hostile California.” The title is a double allusion- both to Absent’s Arc Number of 13 and to the rap-battle heavy film 8 Mile.
  • Bilingual Bonus: The fanfic opens up its prologue with the words "Five-and-thirty years ago". This may seem like a convoluted way of writing 35, but as is pointed out later in the narrative, this is in fact how the Dutch number system works: the numbers are backwards. Instead of saying 35, the Dutch would say vijfendertig, which literally translates to five-and-thirty.
    • The name of the ship also counts as a Bilingual Bonus. It’s a reference to the mnemonic device of ’t kofschip/’t ex-kofschip, used for conjugating verbs in the past tense. Incidentally, it’s also a pun— tex, as in Texas, the original starting place for the ship’s maiden voyage.
    • The pun of going “door a door,” which happens to be explained in universe by Dr. Vandertramp during his long-winded speech on the Dutch language. In case you don’t get it, “door” in Dutch means “through”— and you go through a door in English.
    • "Your arm?" "Ja, ik ben arm." note 
    • Also doubling as a Shout-Out, the line that Absent sings before falling into unconsciousness in Chapter 3 is in Creole French and translates to "Nothing can stop me now."
    • All of Absent’s Gratuitous Japanese. All of it. There’s so much that it all got translated by the author, either within the chapter or in an author’s note at the end of it.
  • BFS: Mech Drie's sword, which according to Word of God is named "Suianesa".
  • Bootstrapped Theme: And so, Sally can wait...
  • BSoD Song: "The Desire to Be Nowhere" starts off like this, as Absent has a panic attack and laments his fears about returning home to California after his apparent death and his transformation into a Pokemon. It's replaced by determination come the bridge, when he realizes that he can face his fears with the rest of the Koffiehuis by his side. D'awwwwww...
  • Busby Berkeley Number: "Kofschip!", which is a Broadway-esque explanation on how 't kofschip works, complete with an epic jazz band, choreographed dance routines, and a kickline.
  • By the Power of Grayskull!: Step 1: Open the Mechinator. Step 2: Twist the dial counterclockwise three times. Step 3: Slam down the pin of the Mechinator. Step 4: Aim and shoot. Step 5... HET KOFSCHIP- MECH VERANDERD!
  • Catchphrase: "Pride yourself", for Absent. It's so pervasive that in "Hostile California", it's the title of Absent's "I Am Becoming" Song.
  • Characterization Marches On: Yuunarii was always relatively quiet compared to the rest of the Koffiehuis (often getting at most 6 lines in the earlier chapters), but it's not until Chapter 5, "Hostile California," that she is firmly established as being the Dutch female equivalent of Ferb Fletcher- not talking at all, except for the occasional one-liner or when she's behind a mic in a recording studio, and usually having her bunnies do all the talking for her. This is a result of a decision made during the production of the web series: Yuunarii herself declined to voice herself in the show, and the creator couldn't find a suitable voice actress to do her voice. As such, she decided to make Yuunarii be The Quiet One come the first episode of the web series. In the fanfic, it's not until Chapter 5 that she does this, as this was when the decision was firmly established.
  • Character Tic: (facepalms) Guess who.
    • Additionally, Absent talks with his paws a lot, which is a tic that the author noticed personally through video chat conversations with him. When the time came to make the art for the web series, she incorporated that into the artwork. He also frequently plays with his scalchop like it's a stress toy.
  • Cool Boat: The S.S. Tex-Kofschip, naturally. It’s a boat that can not only talk through telepathy, but also travel to other dimensions. It gets better following “Lingual Mechination”, as now it can turn into six different mechas.
  • Courtroom Episode: “A Few Crude Stams.” Half of it takes place within a courtroom.
  • Crowd Chant: GO HOME SOUTH CATS! (clap clap clap clap clap) GO HOME SOUTH CATS! (clap clap clap clap clap)
  • Cue the Flying Pigs: "I don't believe it! Pigs have flown, Hell has frozen over... AND THE NORTH CATS AND SOUTH CATS ARE GETTING ALONG!"
  • Deadpan Snarker: Absent. When he is recounted the story of what happened to oghond and her foreign friends in the previous two chapters, his response is "That's so stupid I have no choice but to believe you." It shows up further when he's interrogating the Vandertramps; his reaction to Monté's exaggerated Pollyanna-ness ("I love reality checks!") is to facepalm.
    • Of course, that’s not even getting into how snarky he is towards Aleph-Null. It’s solely done to spite Case, and it is nothing short of glorious.
    • LonelyFox also tends to be this at times, in an eloquently blunt sort of way. When she goes full-on succinct, on the other hand...
    • Yuunarii as well, as demonstrated by her YouTube channel.
  • Disapproving Look: Practically the default facial expression of the Absent Coder— both as a human and as an Oshawott. In fact, when the real oghond first hired artists to draw the real Absent Coder’s face for the episodes “A Coder on Board” and “Hostile California,” she warned them in advance: "10 times out of 10 if you ask the Coder for a selfie, he will have the biggest 'I cannot believe I’m doing this' expression in the entire world." In-Universe, it’s simply known as "that look" by oghond.
  • Dynamic Entry: In "Hostile California", Absent picks off the guards one at a time to free his family from being their hostages.
    Absent: 'Sup, losers?
  • Eloquent in My Native Tongue: HP and Madelief (AKA hypedgirl), but less so with the latter. HP doesn't really talk much in English, and her vocabulary is somewhat limited by her own admission. If she ever does speak English, she sometimes has to clarify if a word is correctly used. When she's speaking in German, though, she is extremely fluent. The same thing goes with Madelief, albiet to a lesser extent,as she is an English Motor Mouth. It's averted, though, with LF and Yuunarii, both of whom are fluent in English despite being German and Dutch, respectively. Even if Yuunarii doesn't show it in public often.
    • On the opposite side of the coin, oghond is English-fluent, but sometimes slips up when trying to speak French and especially Dutch. She's taken the former for four years; the latter she has only learned online. The entire point of the series, in fact, is for her to learn and then teach Dutch so she can avert this.
    • Absent is also English-fluent, yet slips up if he's trying to speak Japanese— a language which oghond cannot speak at all.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Plenty. For starters, every single one of the main characters (bar Yuunarii, except in the web series; and Absent, of course) get their moment in the first episode- before they even get turned into Pokemon. oghond is first seen asleep at her desk, having suffered a severe case of writer's block, before being instantly awoken by a knock at the door (who turns out to be HP). There's also her entire opening monologue, in which she speaks directly to the audience, self-deprecates her lack of social skills repeatedly, and goes on a long and informative (albiet gushy) tangent. HP's first scene has her asking oghond if she is there, before simply smiling at her friend when she opens the door- a perfect display of her friendly, yet shy personality. Madelief, meanwhile, jumps from behind oghond and screams "SURPRISE!" at the top of her lungs, before giggling and apologizing for inadvertantly scaring her. LF is first introduced, after oghond doesn't recognize her, asking her bluntly- and with impressive English for a German- what she means about not recognizing her.
    • Yuunarii, Fudge, and Bailey get their moments in the web series version of the first episode. The former is introduced as snarky, yet kindhearted- without saying a single word- by simply eyeing oghond with a DisapprovingLook for forgetting about her existence. Mere moments later, she snuggles up to Fudge, before the scene cuts to oghond's narration. Fudge, meanwhile, is introduced first; he's shown impatiently tapping his foot and calls out oghond directly for not recognizing him or Yuunarii, showing him as the more snarky and levelheaded of the two bunnies and also as one of Yuunarii's voices when she's out in public. He later goes on to clarify that Yuunarii is only The Silent Bob "in this series", directly referencing real life behind-the-scenes technicalities that made this version of Yuunarii into a thing, showing that he has No Fourth Wall and is snarky as heck about it. Bailey, upon his revival as a Scorbunny, runs up to Fudge and Yuunarii while hammily shouting that he is alive. Moments later, he hides away, terrified of his own flame, and remarks to Fudge that the audience would have expected that had they been to Yuunarii's site. It shows his skittishness, exciteability, and No Fourth Wall tendencies all in one go.
    • Later on, all five of them get a second moment when they're turned into a Pokemon: oghond freaks out, before Madelief comes in to allow her some time to think about the situation. She eventually decides that it's pretty dang cool. Madelief is ecstatic, HP is slightly confused and terrified, LF inquires if their transformation is even real, and Yuunarii is initially confused, then slightly dismayed, then ecstatic- again, all in the web series and all without saying a single word.
    • As for Absent, the first thing we see him do in the entire series is enter the washroom of a cruise ship, get a cup of water, and drink it— before immediately spitting it out in disgust and tossing the cup in the recycle bin. He turns on a playlist mere moments later, and after 25 minutes or so of sleeping, wakes up to find his phone being blown away from him (with "La Mer" playing in the background). His reaction? Panic. In one Cold Open, his deadpan realism, love of music, and anxiety are shown without a single line of dialogue.
    • When he actually falls in the water, and realizes he's going to die, it's very telling that the first people he thinks of are his family- showing that, despite his extremely strained relationship with them, he is still loyal to them regardless. Thankfully, he doesn't die, but still. And just like the rest of them, he has one upon his realization into a Pokemon- his first reaction is subdued shock, and a second later, he laments the loss of his jacket and then panics about his phone being missing. Arguably his biggest moment of this, though, occurs with one line after oghond explains to him (off-screen) the crazy events of the last two episodes, which helps to show both his Deadpan Snarker tendencies and his desire to take himself and everything around him as seriously as possible:
    Absent: That's so stupid I have no choice but to believe you.
    • Every single Vandertramp child gets this in "I'm Not a Doctor, I'm a Tramp", but the Entre-Reentre brothers get theirs right out of the gate. The second Reentre hears the word "guests", he charges into the room, glomps oghond, and happily greets her— only to stop the instant his brother Entre enters the room, scolding him for doing so. The rest of the Vandertramps are only mentioned in passing minus Ne- who acts like a typical newborn- and Tombe, who trips right over her own tail.
      • "A Coder on Board" establishes the other Vandertramps further, solely through their responses to Absent's psychoanalyses. Special note, however, goes to Alle- who introduces himself by talking at 5 words a second, begging to meet Absent, while mentioning how busy he is and how he can only talk to Absent for a few moments before going back to his homework. When Absent greets him, Alle- in one breath, mind you- gushes over Absent, greets him, then apologizes and states that he is extremely busy and can't talk for very long.
      • And then, of course, there's Monte's response to Absent's psychoanalysis, displaying his major pollyanna tendencies (as well as his unwitting tendency to annoy other people and Pokemon):
  • Face Palm: Absent, to the point where it’s practically become his main Character Tic. oghond also facevines a lot, but without a doubt Absent is the king of this trope in the fic.
  • Fille Fatale: Sorti. She will gladly flirt with anybody. Except the Avoirs. She never dates the Avoirs. Or their dogs. Or their trash.
  • Five Temperament Ensemble: oghond is leukine, hypedgirl is sanguine, LonelyFox is choleric, HP is phlegmatic, and Yuunarii is melancholic. If you discount oghond, then Absent fills up the leukine spot.
    • The five main children who visit the Avoirs (the Vandertramps' next-door neighbors) are Sorti, Passé, Monté, Descendu, and Parti. Respectively, Sorti is choleric, Passé is leukine, Monté is sanguine, Descendu is melancholic, and Parti is phlegmatic. When Parti (who only hangs out with the Avoirs for friendship, and not for help) is removed, Passé takes the phlegmatic spot, and everyone else stays the same.
  • Freudian Trio: oghond and Madelief serve as ids, HP and Yuunarii as egos, and Absent and LonelyFox as superegos.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Holy 19-92-16-8! note 
  • Genki Girl: hypedgirl. It's right in the name. Her ADHD only helps to add to her genki-ness. (This, of course, is Truth in Television— the real hypedgirl has ADHD and is just as exciteable and entergetic as her SOSchip counterpart.) "Lingual Mechination" just shows it off even more- all-caps text, multiple exclamation marks, intentional use of Rouge Angles of Satin... we could go on.
  • Genius Bonus: From "13 Km":
    The language barrier is constantly rising
    While you guys are a slope that's eight times been deriving note 
  • Given Name Reveal: RIP CORBIN WAYNE WEST: 2001-2020
  • Gratuitous Japanese: Used... well, hyaku-hachi-ju kan by Absent throughout "Hostile California," much to Case's dismay. No one else in the Koffiehuis knows what he is saying, much less his family. In "13 Km," there's even an entire verse in Japanese which has the "hyaku-hachi-ju kan" line. It runs as follows:
    Hontou ni, kimitachi wa totemo baka
    Sorekara, boku wa tatta aka
    wo miru, soshite no kaikaku wa
    hyaku-hachi-ju kan kurikaeseba! note 
    • The Gratuitous Japanese continues one chapter later in "Family Matters," and this time oghond is able to pick out a few words which allow her to understand the full meaning. The sentence in question? "Watashitachi wa sono baka janai yo.” note 
  • Humongous Mecha: Koffie can transform into one of six mechas depending on the held Mechinator. In order:
    • Mechinator 1 (oghond’s Mechinator) -> Mech Een, a dinosaur-like creature covered in plated armor.
    • Mechinator 2 (Madelief’s Mechinator) -> Mech Twee, a giant mecha Wigglytuff that can steamroll its opponents to the ground.
    • Mechinator 3 (Absent’s Mechinator) -> Mech Drie, the classic “giant robot” mecha associated with shows such as Gundam. It has teal-and-black wings that it can use for flight and it is Koffie’s main mecha form.
    • Mechinator 4 (HP’s Mechinator) -> Mech Vier, a giant, Mothra-sized Volcarona with Koffie’s head.
    • Mechinator 5 (LonelyFox’s Mechinator) -> Mech Vijf, a robot Ninetails.
    • Mechinator 6 (Yuunarii’s Mechinator) -> Mech Zes, a mecha Scorbunny that shoots rockets from its ears.
  • "I Am Becoming" Song: "Pride Yourself," which is the moment wherein Absent realizes that he has to put aside his fears in order to defeat Aleph-Null and breaks out of his cage in the process.
  • I'm a Doctor, Not a Placeholder: The inverse of this trope is the source of Chapter 2's title, "I'm Not a Doctor, I'm a Tramp." (Dr. Vandertramp, of course, is a "doctor of linguistics," a profession which doesn't even exist.)
  • Image Song: All six members of the main cast have themes that fit their respective characters, and six respective albums with five songs each. In order of album, they are as follows:
    • oghond´s character album: "Broken and Beautiful", "New Perspective", "It's Time, "Bicycle Race", and "Caravan". note 
    • hypedgirl/Madelief's character album: "High Hopes," "Nine In the Afternoon," "Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)", "Upside Down," and her own song "Mess in My Brain" (see above). note 
    • Absent's character album: "Unknown Soldier", "I Bet My Life", "Welcome to Paradise", "Every Day is Exactly the Same", and "I Walk Beside You". note 
    • HP's character album: "Breakaway", "Perfect", "Pocketful of Sunshine," "Still Alive", and "Paradise". note 
    • LF's character album: "Natural", "Roll the Bones," "Entre Nous", "Deep Water," and "This Is Gospel". note 
    • Yuunarii's character album: "Bubbly," "Complicated", all fifteen verses of "Het Wilhelmus", "We Like to Party," and "Iris". note 
  • Immune to Mind Control: Double Subverted by Absent in Jeetje!. At first he seems to fall swiftly to the rainbow plug's mind control, but after beating back Aleph-Null says that he wasn't brainwashed for a moment.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Absent; see Prone to Tears below.
  • In the Style of...: All nine songs in “Hostile California” are meant to be pastiches of certain genres/singers/songs. In order:
  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY": The source of Koffie’s nickname. Because oghond can’t pronounce the "SCH" in kofschip, the ship suggests it be shortened down to Koffie, to which oghond happily agrees.
  • "I Want" Song: "Little Bird." In an interesting twist, however, the song is sung by Madelief Cornelisse herself (the original artist of the song) in the background of a flashback, detailing Absent's thoughts and his desire to seclude himself in the wake of the events of said flashback:
    Little bird, I can see you in the distance
    Little bird, you're soaring so high
    Little bird, so far away from me
    I'm sitting down here and you're in the sky
  • Kindness Ball: Absent, throughout his whole scene with HP in “Lingual Mechination.” While not necessarily a jerk, he is the Koffiehuis’ resident Deadpan Snarker and Straight Man, and has freely admitted, both In-Universe and in Real Life, that he’s not a touchy person. So seeing him not only comfort HP through two mini-panic attacks, but also showing remarkable patience for someone who claims that it’s as absent as his namesake, is a very heartwarming moment. Even if- according to both the real Absent and the real oghond- it slows down the pacing massively. note 
    • It’s very much justified, though: of course Absent would be the first one to help someone through a panic attack— he’s had them and naturally knows how to deal with them. It’s lampshaded by Absent himself- LF is far too serious despite HP’s close friendship with her, and oghond would start pulling out and opening up Nimja files since she has no idea how to help someone going through such a bad panic attack.
Absent (in narration): I eventually realized that the only way she would feel comfortable doing it on her own was if someone was there to show her that it wouldn't hurt her or Koffie. LF was a bit too serious- or at least, she seemed that way- and oghond would probably start pulling out Nimja files, largely because she had no idea how to deal with someone who was going through a panic attack.
It had to be me.
  • Large Ham: Felix Atepen, the main announcer for the game between the North and South Cats in Chapter 4. His first line in the chapter sums it up brilliantly:
  • Last Chorus Slow-Down: "SO... BOARD... THE... KOFSCHIP! IT DON'T MATTAH..."
  • Lazy Bum: Passé. He's introduced in Chapter 2 simply laying there and letting life pass him by, not doing a single thing. Fitting— "passer," in French, means "to pass by" (see Meaningful Name below).
  • Lemony Narrator: Evidenced by Absent's narrations he is much more sarcastic than anyone else in the Koffiehuis.
  • Life Embellished: As one of the taglines for the fanfic states: "The main characters, places, and flashbacks in this story are all real. The whole turning into Pokémon thing? Not so much."
  • Literal-Minded: Oh, Koffie...
    • To clarify further, in the episode "North Cats vs. South Cats," it misunderstands the term "grounded", believing that term is only used in the context of forced airplane landings.
    • And if you thought Koffie was bad, it gets worse when the Wereldian Court comes in. While their court proceedings are mostly accurate, the courtroom itself is a tennis court, its benches are park benches, the bailiff is a Bayleef... It’s so bad that Absent has to explain to the bailiff what cross-examination is, because the bailiff takes out a giant cross in the middle of the room and starts examining it. And that’s not even getting into how they handle the bar exam and disbarment... note 
  • Meaningful Name: Every single one of Dr. and Mrs. P Vandertramp’s children:
    • Arrivé (from arriver- “to arrive”): The traveling partner of Venu who always arrives late to everything.
    • Allé (from aller- “to go”): A lightening-fast, quick-talking Frogadier who is always in a rush to go places and get things done.
    • Venu (from venir: “to come”): A Quilladin who has visited tons of countries and is always eager to visit new places.
    • Passé (from passer: “to pass by”): Lazy, unmotivated, a major procrastinator, lets life simply pass him by.
    • Revenu (from revenir: “to come back”): Has No Social Skills and always keeps coming back to the Netherlands in conversation.
    • Devenu (from devenir: “to become”): Works as a psychiatrist and helps to reform ex-convicts. Fittingly, she’s a Vivillion, a Pokemon based on a butterfly, which is often seen as a symbol for change and transformation.
    • Entré (from entrer: “to enter”): The butler of the children who always greets new guests at the door with a respectful air. His name also doubles as a pun on “entreé.”
    • Reentré (from reentrer: “to re-enter”): Entré’s twin brother; he tries to greet people at the door as his brother would and miserably fails at it.
    • Descendu (from descendre: “to go down”): Eternally pessimistic.
    • Retourné (from retourner: “to return”): Immensely loyal to his home and family; serves as The Heart of the kids and is overly affectionate.
    • Resté (from rester: “to stay”): A deadpan Floette who stays upstairs in her bedroom all day.
    • Monté (from monter: “to climb”): Eternally optimistic.
    • Sorti (from sortir: “to go out”): Flirts and goes on dates with practically every guy she sees.
    • Parti (from partir: “to leave”): Extremely shy, runs away from everything, dislikes conflict; Sorti’s twin brother.
    • Tombeé (from tomber: “to fall”): Extremely clumsy; trips over her own tail.
    • Neé (from naître: “to be born”): A newborn baby Pichu and the youngest of the children.
    • Mort (from mourir: “to die”): Died in a car crash; gained a Ghost typing as a result.
  • Additionally, Pols, Tillen, Gesloopt, and Vernietigd have this. In order:
    • "Pols" is "slop" (the crude stam of the Dutch word "slopen", meaning to demolish) backwards, signifying Pols' innocence, but also doubles as a pun: the word "pols" means "wrist" in Dutch. This is made light of extensively during the court trial, and explains why Pols wears a wristband the whole chapter.
    • "Tillen" is the Dutch word for "to lift," as in weight-lifting, which makes sense for a Machamp. Like Pols' name, it also has a double meaning: Tillen is also the one who gives the Koffiehuis a lift to the court.
    • "Gesloopt" is the past tense conjugated form of "slopen," which makes sense for a Gyarados who has destroyed multiple monuments in the past.
    • Finally, "vernietigd" is the past tense form of "vernietig," which means "to destroy" in Dutch. Makes sense for a ruthless Shiny Salamence and the one who really demolished half the Wereldian Stadium.
  • Middle Child Syndrome: Absent. But he still loves his family.
  • Motor Mouth: Again, Absent. Particularly when his anxiety gets the better of him mid-dialogue, he describes that it's really hard for him to slow down when he talks, much less stop.
    • Allé, who is a quick-talking, quick-moving Frogadier who is extremely busy and panicky, always bustling around the ship trying to go places, do things, and get things done. He talks so fast that the only actor the real oghond would even consider for the role of Allé if SOSchip got approved by Pokémon and made into a legit anime is John Moschitta, Jr. himself.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: The Dutch and French languages. Specifically, their grammatical structure. Special mention goes to the fact that the French mnemonic of Dr. and Mrs P Vandertramp gets personified as an eccentric doctor, his loving wife, and their 16 eccentric children who represent the verbs in the original mnemonic, all having personality traits that match the verb they represent.
    • The chapter "A Few Crude Stams" does this to the concept of Dutch conjugation and stams, by presenting a Courtroom Episode in which an innocent crude stam is accused of a crime he didn’t commit, forcing the Koffiehuis to go to trial to prove his innocence. All of this is presented like an actual court crime drama and it is awesome.
  • Musical Episode: “Hostile California,” which boasts nine songs each in a variety of different styles.
  • Musical Theme Naming: Mech Drie's attacks are named after albums - Vulgar Display of Power and Undertow, for example.
  • My Favorite Shirt: “Dang it, I liked that jacket.”
  • Mythology Gag: Absent musing about how his family jabs pins in him when he’s pain-free may seem like a strange metaphor, but it references the song “Fixxxer”, which the real Absent tried for a while to get put on his character album. It was eventually added on to the fanfic's OST.
  • No Hugging, No Kissing: "Don’t ship me and Absent. Because... ew.”
  • Non-Appearing Title: Four of the songs in “Hostile California”- those songs, in order, are “The Purist Anthem,” “The Desire to Be Nowhere” (which is a Permanent Placeholder title), the title track (the closest we get to a Title Drop is “hostile situation”), and “13 Km.”
  • No Social Skills: In the very first chapter, oghond mentions that she has a very hard time talking to people in Real Life. Online, however, it's a much different story, and has a lot to do with how fluently she interacts with just the four foreigners. When she speaks to Dr. Vandertramp in Chapter 2, it's a lot more awkward. Arguably, the person she is able to interact with the most fluently is Absent- and even then, it can sometimes get awkward.
  • Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here: The most exciting thing to happen to the citizens of Camp Arrowkin, California (a pseudonym of Absent’s hometown)? The initial landing of Aleph-Null. And even then, the real battle happens not at the Camp, but in Folsom at Folsom Lake College.
  • Oh My Gods!: Say it with us now, ladies and gentlemen: "Arceus’ unholy flank..."
    • It’s used by Absent so pervasively that his use of it almost gets oghond to recognize him after he’s turned into an Oshawott in “A Coder on Board.” Almost. So far, the only chapter that features Absent in it that hasn't featured it is "Family Matters."
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Given that the author of this fanfic is also the author of Pokémon × Nimja: Play the Game, it's practically a given that there are a lot of these moments in this series:
    • The entire climax of "North Cats vs. South Cats" contains several of these moments, but by far the biggest is the ending of the game, which combines this trope with Cue the Flying Pigs. While the North Cats and South Cats tying for the first time in their history is not this trope (that's the Cue the Flying Pigs part), them settling aside their differences and attaining peace after 20 years of being at each other's throats is. The kicker? It's the highly aggressive, Hot-Blooded North Cats who start the truce.
    • Speaking of the North Cats going OOC, the moment wherein all the North Cat fans and North Cats standing up for the South after a terrible call by the referee is so heartwarming that oghond cannot help but start bursting into Tears of Joy, along with all the other members of the Koffiehuis. It works.
    • Felix Atepen, the main announcer for the game, is an upbeat Large Ham announcer with a tendency to use Punctuated! For! Emphasis! and rattle on and on about the gameplay. If he ever goes quiet, or becomes shocked, then it's a sign that something serious has gone down. Most notably, he is absolutely stunned into silence as a result of not only the referee calling a non-touchdown when it clearly was, but also upon seeing all the NC fans get up in a show of support for the South. When he realizes that the cats have actually tied for the first time in their history, his initial reaction is pure disbelief, and when he sees the truce happen, he's initially subdued, and then refuses to believe it. When the truce actually is carried out, Atepen mostly goes back to his hammy self- except for the fact that he starts crying Tears of Joy due to how happy he is.
    • The trope is flat-out mentioned by name and discussed in the middle of the game. oghond mentions that if the normally peaceful South Cats invoke this trope by using more aggressive measures on the North, it could very well cause the North Cats to be caught off-guard and fumble the ball. Madelief then asks what OOCISB is, to which oghond dryly replies:
    oghond: Me swearing.
    • Later on, it gets discussed again, with oghond stating that if she ever were to swear, it would be a major moment of this. She also mentions that she did pull off a mild Precision F-Strike in text towards Absent a while back [[note]] specifically, she used the term Phosphorus-Iodine-Sulfur-Sulfur with an "-ed" at the end— figure it out yourself , and when Absent saw it, he rightfully freaked out, even though it was a mild swear. Her swearing aloud would be even more of this, as she has never done it. For the record, the moment with her dropping a Precision F-Strike towards Absent via text? Truth in Television- it actually happened, and when Absent saw it his blood ran cold.
    • By the climax of “Family Matters,” the normally soft-spoken, cowardly HP manages to stand up to her mother with an absolutely epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to keep her from striking Absent with a pan. This is OOC for three reasons. First of all, as is pointed out by oghond, HP is normally so shy and introverted that if she ever does try to speak up, she usually ends up just giving up in the end. If she ever does get angry, her usual route is to do what LF refers to as “whisper-screaming.” Here, however, she flat-out screams at her mother in German, which shocks her mother so much that she becomes highly convinced that she’s dreaming.
    • Second, and more subtly, HP is the resident Acrophobic Bird of the group. She’s afraid of heights and doesn’t like using her wings often unless she needs to. One of the first signs that she’s that fed up with her mother isn’t even the screaming- it’s the fact that she flies up into the air and uses her wings at ground level without a moment’s hesitation.
    • Finally- and arguably the most subtle example for anyone who doesn’t speak German as their native language- there is the moment when HP breaks from standard German convention and, even if for just a second, calls her mother "Sie" not once, but twice. As is pointed out by oghond, usually in Germany parents will use the informal pronoun "du" when referring to their children, and vice-versa. Therefore, when HP switches to "Sie"- the formal German pronoun- for those two moments, the implications are huge, and the word carries just as much impact as though it were a Precision F-Strike. In essence, HP is, by using "Sie," telling her mother that she doesn’t even know her anymore. Even though she still mainly uses "du" throughout her "The Reason You Suck" Speech, it’s still shocking to hear, especially if you know German. By the end of the speech, when her mother has left the room, HP is mortified by the fact that she used "Sie" twice on her mother.
    • The trope is once again mentioned by oghond at the start of “Lingual Mechination,” this time in reference to a Real Life moment of this from Rush’s notoriously shy drummer, Neil Peart.
  • Prone to Tears: The S.S. Tex-Kofschip, being a ship stranded under dust for 35 years, has caused it to have difficulty in parsing human emotions such as anger. More specifically, it believes that if anyone is angry at it, that must mean it's a horrible ship. Therefore, if anyone even slightly raises their voice, for any reason, and Koffie is in earshot, it will start tearing up the minute it hears. It's most exemplified in the episodes "Family Matters" and most specifically "You Should Have Gone For the Head"- the latter is especially notable, as Absent's just being merely frustrated that he can't teach Koffie finger-snapping causes it to tear up, believing he was angry with it and that it must be an idiot because it can't learn.
    • In the aforementioned "Family Matters," Koffie is absolutely horrified when it translates HP's mother's German and realizes she's screaming at her and demanding she never talk to her friends again. Koffie starts sniffling in front of the entire Koffiehuis right then and there, and when questioned why, it responds with I don't like hearing people yell at people... it'll just make them think they're bad people... It is heartwrenching.
  • Pronoun Trouble: Nobody knows what pronoun to use for Koffie. oghond calls Koffie “it,” as does hypedgirl. As for Absent, he starts out calling Koffie "it," then switches to "she," then "they." However, he eventually switches firmly into calling Koffie "she"... because Koffie is a ship. Everyone else except oghond is extremely confused until oghond explains to them that calling ships "she" is an old maritime tradition.
  • The Quiet One: Yuunarii. She's shyer than HP in real life, and her bunnies Bailey and Fudge often have to talk for her due to the fact that she barely says anything. In the first episode of the web series, she gets one line, carried over from the original fanfic. If she's behind a microphone, on the other hand...
  • Quirky Household: The Vandertramps, natch. The father of the household is an eccentric and cheerful doctor with a love of mnemonics, but their children are equally as quirky: a couple of devout travelers, a fast-talking Frogadier, an overly-optimistic Phantump, an overly-pessimistic Pumpkaboo, a Skiddo who is obsessed with the Netherlands... the list goes on and on and on. They’re so quirky Absent psychoanalyzes them all in “A Coder on Board.”
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Frau Potter is given three in rapid succession in "Family Matters": One from Absent, the longest one of the three; one from HP, which is entirely in German, and one from Sierra, who calmly tears into her while painfully transforming her into a Volcarona.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Felix Atepen and Leonidas Nojiel, respectively. The former is a dramatic Large Ham announcer; the latter is much more methodical and matter-of-fact in regards to his commentary.
  • Refrain from Assuming: Lampshaded In-Universe: NOTE: The title of this song is NOT “Living in a Hostile Situation,” despite what the refrain might have you believe. note 
  • Say My Name: "CORBIN?!?!?!?!?!" Twice, both times by members of Absent's family, upon finding out he's Not Quite Dead in "Hostile California."
  • Seinfeldian Conversation: One of the main features of the fic, with most of them taking place between oghond and Absent. Most notably, "A Coder on Board" has one of these, in which the two talk about, among other things that take place off-screen, pi mnemonics and how to do a fart noise. "Lingual Mechination" also opens with one of these, about bands that wear masks or otherwise hide themselves on stage.
  • Self-Insert Fic: And it couldn’t be more obvious. Not only is SOSchip a self-insert fanfiction, it’s so much of a self-insert fanfiction that the real names of both the Absent Coder and oghond were used in the story- in “Hostile California” and “Name-Words and Work-Words,” respectively note  The good news, however, is that it’s not libel- the real life Koffiehuis were all asked for permission by oghond to be in the story, and they all said yes. Real-life events that serve as plot points in some chapters were all put in with the permission of the person who the event had happened to, and if the person did not want an event or name mentioned, it was not mentioned. The real-life names also serve as plot points to the story in SOSchip- especially in the case of oghond, who is an aspiring author. If she ever does happen to write a book, she sure as heck won’t be putting "by oghond" on the front cover.
  • "Setting Off" Song: "95630 (Distinctive By Nature)," the opening number of “Hostile California,” sung by the entire Koffiehuis (excluding Yuunarii and Absent, who hasn't gotten up yet), is an upbeat number about the group's plans to visit... well, Folsom note  and start to teach languages to the world. At the very end of the number, when Absent comes in and finds out where they're going (after initially lampshading the fact that this is a Musical Episode), he freaks out. It's not until later that we find out why.
  • Shapeshifting Excludes Clothing: Averted; all clothing dissappears because Pokemon are naturally naked. "Dang it; I liked that jacket."
  • Shotgun Wedding: Absent accuses Frau Potter of only having HP because of this, although oghond calls the claim into question, but doesn't dwell on the thought.
  • Shout-Out: Felix Atepen and Leonidas Nojiel. Figure it out. note 
  • Something Only They Would Say: The very first chapter of the series has an example of this: In-Universe, oghond has never seen LF’s face or heard her voice, so upon seeing her for the first time, she doesn’t recognize her. That is, until she opens her mouth and speaks using words that would be Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness for a German speaking English. This is what convinces oghond it’s LF, as only LF talks using words like that.
    • Two chapters later, in “A Coder on Board,” it’s used again, this time with oghond and Absent. Shortly after Absent is turned into an Oshawott, oghond doesn’t recognize him, though he does think he sounds slightly familiar. While the "Arceus' unholy flank" nearly gets her, the real kicker is when, upon hearing that HP saved his life, Absent turns to HP and remarks "Pride yourself". From that line, oghond recognizes him immediately, as that line is Absent's catchphrase, and is extremely delighted to see him again.
    • A variant appears in "Hostile California"— in order to prove his identity to his family, Absent calls out "Come here, stupid!" to his dog when she glomps his brother Nathan. The dog hears, glomping him. As Absent points out, that line is something his brother, Nathan, says to the family dog- but what makes it an example of this trope is that only a member of the West family knows that the dog answers to both her real name and "stupid." Nathan and Absent's mother are able to figure out who is speaking accordingly:
    Absent's Mother (shocked): CORBIN?!
  • Speaks in Shout-Outs: You can tell if a line was written by Absent if it contains song lyrics.
    I began to back away slowly and start on the sidewalk back to my house, and my room. I never dared to look inside, after all.
  • The Song Before the Storm: The titular number in "Hostile California" serves as this, with everyone singing about their goal to fight and defeat the lingual purists of Alelph-Null when they attack Absent's home state of California:
    We're living in a hostile situation
    And the time's come to bring them down
    It's a hostile situation
    What do we gotta do to save this town?
    Folsom is burning
    And Babel's gonna fall
    So for the sake of linguistics
    We've got to save them all
  • Thematic Theme Tune: Never lose your way/Never show dismay on things you’ve yet to see...
  • Tower of Babel: Mentioned in the title number of "Hostile California": Folsom is burning/And Babel's gonna fall...
  • Transforming Mecha: Koffie, courtesy of the Mechinators.
  • Transformation Name Announcement: "Het Kofschip- Mech Veranderd! Mech Een/Twee/Drie/Vier/Vijf/Zes!"
  • Transformation Sequence: Koffie’s six Mechinations, which are described in great detail in the fanfic and are accompanied by Koffie’s parts splitting and rearranging themselves into the mecha in question while other parts simply form into existence. The sequence is almost always accompanied by a cover of Rush’s “YYZ” instrumental- save for Absent’s, which is instead accompanied by an instrumental cover of “Ahead of Ourselves”- and it is awesome.
  • Transformation Trinket: The six Mechinators, one for each member of the Koffiehuis. Use one, and Koffie will transform into one of six mechas.
  • True Companions: All of the members of the Koffiehuis, and if “Family Matters” and “Lingual Mechination” don’t show it...
  • Unaccustomed as I Am to Public Speaking...: The first thing LF said to oghond when they met was "Please excuse me for my horrible English." She's English-fluent and has no idea. It's Truth in Television- this is in fact the first thing she said to the real oghond when they met and she had to speak through HP.
  • Undying Loyalty: Absent. To his friends; to his family; to every member of the Koffiehuis, but most notably oghond... there's a reason that the fifth song on his character album is Dream Theater's "I Walk Beside You."
  • What Does This Button Do?: This is what leads to the first appearance of the Wereldian dimension in the series.
  • You Are Grounded: One of many, many English slang terms that Koffie misunderstands- for perspective on how literal-minded it is, it thinks this term only applies to airplanes and not to people. It does get the concept of being stuck at home — but, humorously, thinks this is called being homestuck.
  • "You!" Exclamation: Just after Absent's Dynamic Entry in "Hostile California"; said by Case.


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