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"Setting Off" Song

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"Into the woods, to get the thing
That makes it worth the journeying..."
Chorus, Into the Woods, "Prologue"

The characters in the story are all rearing and ready to go! They need something to keep their spirits up, something to heighten the moment: A MUSICAL NUMBER! This is the number that everyone sings when they set off on their adventure. A "let's get ready and go" kind of number. Something jaunty and fun.


Often crosses over with the "I Want" Song. Compare Wanderlust Song.


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  • "Hit the Bricks" from the audio drama podcast Hit The Bricks, which takes place in the Land of Oz. It's not quite as catchy as "We're Off To See The Wizard," but it's close — and it's set on the very same yellow brick road to boot.


  • "New York, New York" from On the Town.
  • "One Foot, Other Foot" from Allegro, sung by the Greek Chorus when Joseph Taylor, Jr. first learns to walk. It symbolizes adventurousness and determination, and becomes his personal motto.
  • "I'm On My Way" from Paint Your Wagon introduces the various Forty Niners all bound for Rumson Creek.
  • "A Weekend In The Country" from A Little Night Music.
  • "Into The Woods" from Into the Woods.
  • "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" from Hello, Dolly!.
  • "There's A Hill Beyond A Hill" from Music in the Air.
  • An unproduced musical version of The Man Who Fell to Earth from the Turn of the Millennium had one, "Icarus Descending", as its opening number.
  • The title song of Merrily We Roll Along uses the life-as-road-trip metaphor.
  • "Addison's Trip (I'm On My Way)" from Road Show.
  • "Two By Two" for the missionaries in The Book of Mormon.
  • "Strike That, Reverse It", which kicks off the second act of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is a highly comic version of this as Willy Wonka rushes through greeting each of the Golden Ticket finders and having their guardians sign a confusing contract, all so the tour can proceed on schedule. He's in such a hurry to set off that the tune is also a Patter Song.
  • "Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts" from A Very Potter Musical.
  • "Godspeed Titanic" from Titanic
  • Both 'Climbing Song 1' and 'Climbing Song 2' from The Burnt Part Boys.
  • 'Chop To The Top' and 'Hero Is My Middle Name' from The SpongeBob Musical.
  • From the Broadway adaptation of Anastasia:
    • Crossing over with Grief Song, Stay, I Pray You is about setting off, not on an adventure, but as refugees from a Soviet purge.
    "Coachman, hold the horses
    Let me say goodbye,
    Stay, I pray you
    Let me have a moment
    Let me say goodbye
    To bridge and river
    Forest and waterfall
    Orchard, sea, and sky
    Harsh and sweet and bitter to leave it all
    I'll bless my homeland till I die.''
    • "We'll Go From There" is a Played Straight example as Anya, Dmitri, and Vlad anticipate what awaits them in Paris on a train ride.
  • "On My Way" from Violet.

     Western Animation 
  • In the last episode of The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, there's a song called "Adventuring We Go" about the gang getting ready to go on a new adventure and what they might encounter.
  • The "Travel Song" from Dora the Explorer is about Dora and Boots getting ready to travel to their destination.


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