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Hit The Bricks is a Musical Audio Play about the the adventures Jessi Hugson and Wallace Williams through The Land of Oz, about a hundred years after L. Frank Baum left off. It started as a Kickstarter project, and officially premiered released on Jan 29, 2020. It's written and directed by PJ Scott-Blankenship, and brought to life by a host of voice actors, sound designers and musicians.

When Jessi and Wallace decide to investigate a mysterious old house, they find themselves suddenly swept by twister into the Land of Oz, where they must help many familiar faces find Dorothy, Ozma, and a host of other missing power players.


Hit the Bricks contains the following tropes:

  • Ban on Magic: As in many Oz works, magic has to be specially sanctioned by those in charge. However, the current ruler is Jack Pumpkinhead, who seems especially keen on enforcement, to the detriment of our protagonists.
  • Parting Words Regret: Jessi is especially anxious to get home, as her last conversation with her mother before leaving was an argument.
  • Prequel: Segments at the end of each episode involving the Four Sisters seem to take place far in Oz's past, depicting among other things a still-living Witch of the West.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Jessi and her mother have moved from California to Kansas following Jessi's father having an affair with her lacrosse coach.

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