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On these recap pages, all spoilers will be left unmarked! Read at your own peril!

The Pokémon franchise is extremely extensive, especially including the anime. It has crossed one thousand regular episodes as of 2018, with said number increasing even further when counting movies, shorts and specials, Pokémon Origins, and Pokémon Generations.

Whenever possible, anime episodes are listed by their English title, and are divided into the seasons used outside of Japan. If an episode does not yet have that information, but is expected to air internationally, please refrain from listing it or creating a page for it until more information becomes available. Missing episodes are listed in the order they were originally intended to have aired.

If you would like to contribute some recaps, episodes regularly rotate on the official English-language Pokémon site. You can typically find 10 from each era on the website, with the current season's episodes added on a month's delay from original airing on TV. Ones that cannot be found there may instead be streamed with a Netflix or Hulu Plus subscription. Some seasons are also available on iTunes. The entire series is on Amazon Prime Video.

The latest season of the English dub will air on Netflix, with 12 episodes released simultaneously every three months. The first twelve episodes of the English dub premiered on June 12, 2020.

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    The TV Series 
    The Movies 

    Pikachu Shorts 

    Pokémon Origins 
The separate canon of Pokémon Origins is a retelling of Pokémon Red and Blue, and is remarkably faithful to the games. Although it is mostly based on the first generation, a few elements from later generations also appear.

  1. "File 1: Red"
  2. "File 2: Cubone"
  3. "File 3: Giovanni"
  4. "File 4: Charizard"

Pokémon Generations

Pokémon Generations retells and gives a deeper look at the video games from all generations.

Pokémon Evolutions

Just like Generations, Pokémon Evolutions also retells events from the video games.

Alternative Title(s): Pokemon The Series