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The Forever Trilogy consists of Nevermore, Furthermore, and Forevermore, which is the Alpha Line. Forever and Ever is the Beta Line, and is technically part of the trilogy, though not one of the main three. There are even pages for both Forever and Ever and Evermore. It is a Pokémon Adventures fanfiction by Ice Krystal.

In the future, there is a empire ruled by a man named Synis. It is illegal to be involved with Pokemon in any shape or form. All the regions are combined. The main characters are the children of the Pokedex Holders.


Nevermore: "In the future, being a Pokemon trainer is a disgrace. But with an evil unnamed organization rising, Topaz will have to rise up and be like her ancestors Red and Yellow and save the world. Even if it means becoming a criminal, breaking ridiculous laws."

Furthermore: "Topaz and co are recaptured by the Masked Man. When they manage to escape via a time machine, they find themselves in their proper time. But the Masked Man has followed them into the past. And he wants to speed things up. Will their families help them?"

Forevermore: "Synis has declared war on the rebels of Mount Silver. And he especially wants Topaz and her friends dead. The government's secret weapon is killing hundreds of trainers. The future looks bleak. Not to mention all the drama. Life was never easy for Topaz."

Topaz, the main character, is the daughter of Red and Yellow. Jade is the daughter of Silver and Green (female). Amethyst (aka Am), Gold Jr. (aka Goldy), and Fiori are the children of Gold and Crystal. Rubin and Sapphira (aka Sapph) are the children of Ruby and Sapphire. Plato is the son of Pearl and Platina. Grey is the son of Black and White.


Other characters are Diamonda, a descendant of Pearl and Platina, Viola, a descendant of Bugsy, Scarlet, a descendant of Red and Yellow, Cyan, a descendant of Blue (male), Jasper, a descendent of Diamond, and Esmeralda, a descendant of Emerald, Alizarin, a facility information gatherer, and Jewel.

The fic provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Accidental Kiss: In Forevermore, Topaz is trying to heal a cut on Grey's face, and falls off a slab, and they accidentally kiss. Rubin sees it and takes it the wrong way.
  • Badass Family: Amethyst, Fiori, and Gold are a few of the most powerful forces in the resistance. Am is the most powerful figure in the resistance, and they're all related.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Fiori is an extremely powerful as a Pokemon trainer, but she hates doing anything.
  • The Constant: While the rest of the world is raving without pokemon and freaking out about war and stuff, Unova has kept up the original system for thousands of years by basically separating themselves from them.
  • Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act: Synis goes back in time to kidnap all of the kids, and make them his admins, and nearly succeeds, but still screws up time in the process even though Gold Jr. and Am saves them. Even so, everything is screwed, the Alpha Line is formed.
  • It Doesn't Mean Anything: In Nevermore's prologue, and throughout the whole fanfic, Grey kissing Topaz DID NOT MATTER AT ALL.
  • The Leader:.
    • Tibbs is in charge of the whole Resistance.
    • Am is in charge of the Resistance after Tibbs's death.¨
  • Love Triangle: Romantically, Topaz has to choose between Grey and Rubin, and she does, good job, Rubin.
  • The Medic:
    • Topaz has Viridian powers. She can heal Pokemon.
    • Diamonda and Cerise are nurses in the Resistance, since they fight, just not a lot.
  • Minor Major Character: Alizarin doesn't get a lot of screentime, but he does play a big role in the labs.
  • Missing Mom: Jewel's mom somehow died, but we don't know quite what happened.
  • Nice Hat: Rubin has his father's hat. He also has a blue and white version of his father's hat.
  • Older Than They Look: Alizarin is two years younger and slightly taller than Topaz, but he looks even younger, much to his chagrin.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • JADE. She supports all the canon relationships. Jade even has a little notebook where she keeps all of her notes on the "shippings".
    • Fiori likes teasing Sapph and her little brother.
    • Cerise appears to support Rubin/Topaz, though she also seems to be in love with Rubin.
    • Crimson supports Rubin/Topaz, saying Rubin is better than a pervert.
  • Start X to Stop X:
    • Gotta rev up the war to stop the war. It's the only way.
    • Government starts using Pokemon to stop the Resistance from using Pokemon.
  • Time Travel Escape: The heroes had to use a time machine to escape from Synis. They went back to their proper time.
  • Young and in Charge: Am is the oldest of the gang, but he's still pretty young to be the head of the Resistance.


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