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Fanfic / For The Mission

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For the Mission is a For Want Of A Nail story by AeroJester203 based around the events in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. The shifting of events stems from the protagonist keeping his memories, and not having amnesia. With his mission not erased from his memory, the human-turned-Pokemon seeks to find a way to complete it, despite still being turned into a Pikachu. However, saving the partner, an Eevee named Martha, from thugs that tried to mug her, she sets her heart on recruiting him to form an exploration team. Not being able to tell her his mission and out of other options, he takes up an alias and accepts until he can figure out a way to leave.

The story has received praise for the protagonist's character, forged from his experiences not lost in amnesia, as well as the Tear Jerker moments and twists in the story from the protagonist's actions.

Tropes in For the Mission: