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Mr. Buddy is a YouTuber with over 100,000 subscribers. He mostly does videos related to the Pokémon franchise. He has four main series of videos.

  • Buddyverse videos:
    • Team Buddy: Hypothetical sequels to mainline Pokémon games wherein the main antagonists are the titular team with a 1950s aesthetic, led by his Author Avatar, Buddy. Made as a response to Bird Keeper Toby's "What If You Had A Pokemon Evil Team?" video, Team Buddy's goal is to make everybody friends, by force if necessary.
    • "What if" Regional Videos: In which Mr. Buddy does a thorough analysis of various regions of the world, and makes a hypothetical Pokémon Region out of them, complete with new Pokémon and new regional variants that live there and an original story with all-new player characters, professors, gym leaders, elite fours, champions, and villains.
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    • In addition to these, there's a few extra entries into the Buddyverse.
  • Pokemon Character Study: Which delves deeper into certain characters of the Pokémon world.
  • 'Canon' Pokemon Team Speculation: Based on the encounter with Red in Pokémon Gold and Silver, Mr. Buddy speculates on what other player characters' teams would be in a similar battle scenario, based on factors like what Pokemon are given to the player characters on their journey.

     Places made into Regional Videos 

His Patreon can be found here.

Mr. Buddy's videos provide examples of:

  • The '50s: Team Buddy's aesthetic.
  • Adaptation Personality Change: The Buddyverse version of Cynthia only became champion recently, so she's a bit more arrogant and oblivious than her canon counterpart.
  • The All-American Boy: The male grunts of Team Buddy are modeled after this trope.
  • Alpha Bitch: Evil Hilda has this kind of personality.
  • Alternate Universe: The crux of "What If I Made A Pokémon Game?"'s game, having the player as a new recruit to the Ultra Recon Squad, going into alternate universes to capture a rampaging Ultra Beast, with a Bonus Boss trainer and a Legendary Pokémon available in the postgame.
    • The hub world is the Ultramegalopolis, with various Pokémon from every region including Buddyverse regional video regions available in the Ultra Outlands. Bonus Boss: The player's mother. Legendary Pokémon: Necrozma.
    • The first world is Dimension 7.8-10a, Flooded Hoenn. After Team Aqua's goals were completed and Kyogre failed to be stopped, the Hoenn region has become mostly submerged. Xurkitree is on the loose, threatening to break the Sootopolis crater wall and flood one of the last unflooded cities of Hoenn, Sootopolis City. Bonus Boss: Wally. Legendary Pokémon: Rayquaza.
    • Next up, Dimension Z-13B, Invaded Kalos. Having wiped out all the dragons of the Scandinavia region, Team Berserk starts to invade other regions with the goal of wiping out their dragons too. Stakataka can wait until this is resolved. Bonus Boss: Sigurd. Legendary Pokémon: Zygarde.
    • Third world, Prehistoric Unova. A chronologically displaced world where Pokéballs haven't been invented, humans call forth Pokémon by yelling at the wildlife, and Fossil Pokémon are found in the wild. A Cavegirl version of Hilda, Hildegar, assists the player and Zossie when her friends seem to vanish. They're found at a mountain, looking up in reverence of Buzzwole and Pheromosa. Bonus Boss: N. Legendary Pokémon: Kyurem.
    • Fourth world and the player's first solo mission, Futuristic Sinnoh. A Cyrus that hasn't turned to villainy has turned Sinnoh into a hi-tech paradise. Kartana has been quarantined at a labyrinthine power plant, but it could break out at any second. Bonus Boss: The original Cyrus. Legendary Pokémon: Giratina.
    • Last world before the postgame, Dimension R0K-3tO, Dystopian Kanto, where Team Rocket reigns supreme and Giovanni rules undefeated, and having caught Guzzlord, he aims to extend his reach to regions and worlds beyond his own. Bonus Boss: Rocket Admin Green. Legendary Pokémon: A Mewtwo, but not the one on Green's team.
    • While not explored by the player, The Stinger of the video has Zossie report back from her first solo mission, set in Buddyized Alola, with a new look, a new personality, and a lot of new friends that are looking forward to meeting the rest of the URS.
  • Baehive Hairdo: The Buddyized Fennel sports a rather tall one of these. As does Gal-Vantula, a Furfrou from an upcoming video, and Buddyized Cynthia, though of a more moderate height.
  • Big Bad: Can't have a Pokémon region without villains.
    • Greece: An unnamed team based on the Titans of Greek Mythology, led by a Cronos-inspired character. The former Greek Elite Four, aiming to take back their League.
    • Western USA: Team Relic, based on cowboys and outlaws, and a theme in Western movies about cowboys becoming obsolete. Using mainly Fossil Pokémon, they aspire to resurrect the extinct Legendary Pokémon Catacacta and use it to revert the Western USA region to as it was in prehistoric times.
    • Australia: Team Noble, based on knights and British rule of Australia. Led by their King and Queen, they believe some Pokémon are just too dangerous to have roam in the wild, and using the Legendary Pokémon of Emotions, Lyredala, they will pacify the region's most powerful and dangerous Pokémon.
    • Scandinavia: Team Berserk, based on vikings. Led by Sigurd, their goal is the extinction of all Dragon-type Pokemon, starting with the ones that live in the Scandinavia region, which they hope to achieve with the weather powers of Frosqual, creating a neverending blizzard to wipe them out.
    • England: Nero's branch of Team Imperium, based on Ancient Romans. Nero believes that all regions conquered long ago by the Poké-Romans are the rightful property of Team Imperium, and if they don't surrender, he'll resurrect an ancient Dragon, Toxygen, and use it to conquer the region with it's toxic breath. However, it was Victoria of the English Elite Four who made these plans.
    • Italy: Team Esteta, led by Federico, a group of masked vandals based on the Renaissance which aim to remind the people of the Italy region about it's history intertwined with art.
    • Team Buddy videos: Team Buddy themselves.
    • "What If I Made A Pokémon Game?": Aside from the Ultra Beasts, there's no real overarching threat that lasts over multiple worlds until The Stinger, but having captured Phyco and Guzzlord and acting as the Final Boss of the game, Giovanni of the Dystopian Kanto is, for all intents and purposes, the Big Bad.
  • Brainwashing for the Greater Good: This is just how Team Buddy plans on becoming friends with everyone.
  • The Cameo: A Buddyized Roxie (the Poison-Type Gym Leader from Black 2 and White 2) appears in the Alola Vacation animatic, creepily watching Cynthia as she enters the Buddy Salon.
  • Canon Discontinuity: The Greece region, the Western USA region and the Australia region aren't considered part of the Buddyverse anymore, however those region videos are planned to be remade, and those will be part of the Buddyverse. However, of those regions, only the remade Greece region has a planned place on the current Buddyverse timeline.
  • Circle of Standing Stones: There is a Stonehenge equivalent in the England region, where Dragon-types can be found and the final battle against Nero and Toxygen happens.
  • Cool Helmet: The player characters of the Italy region wear a prototypical one, made by the Da Vinci-inspired Professor Leo Cypress. It acts as a Diegetic Interface and has the Pokedex built right in.
  • Death by Origin Story: The sister of Professor Steve Acacia and Team Noble's King was killed by a wild Garchomp. Each of them want to make sure this never happens again, Steve by educating the people of the Australia region about dangerous Pokémon, King by finding the means to pacify the dangerous Pokémon into harmlessness.
  • Drop the Hammer: The Scandinavian Honedge line is based on Mjolnir.
  • Evil-Detecting Dog: Team Buddy might have Cynthia convinced their spa is on the level, but her Garchomp is a bit nervous.
  • Expy:
    • Australia:
      • Professor Steve Acacia is clearly based on Steve Irwin, complete with an affinity for crocodile Pokémon like Totodile and Krookodile.
    • England:
      • The Ice-type Gym Leader DJ is a dead ringer for human depictions of DJ P0N-3 / Vinyl Scratch.
      • The Grass-type Gym Leader is based on Robin Hood.
      • The Ghost-type Gym Leader is based on William Shakespeare.
      • The Elite Four is based on characters of Arthurian lore. There's a Merlin-based Psychic-type user, a Lancelot-based Fighting-type user, Victoria the Gwenevere-based Fairy-type user, and Morgana, who uses Dark-types and is based on Morgan Le Fey. The champion based on Arthur himself, with an Aegislash to evoke Excalibur imagery.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Toxygen's cry sounds like a loud high-pitched wheeze.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: A major part in the backstory of Team Buddy.
  • Infinity -1 Sword: These regions have Pseudo-Legendaries too.
    • England: Mechalomorph, a Fire/Steel-type steampunk spider.
    • Italy: Tidalneigh, a Water/Fairy-type aquatic horse, based on the hippocampus.
    • Egypt: Infernalisk, a Dragon/Fire flaming serpent, based on the ouroboros.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: All three starters of the Scandinavia region are part Dragon-type. Sigurd of Team Berserk takes the one the player character and rival didn't take.
  • Jerkass: Marco, the rival of the Italy region, doesn't exactly have the friendliest personality.
  • Olympus Mons: With the exception of the UK region, every new region brought in a couple of new contrasting legends and a possibly a mythical too.
    • Greece: A metallic horse Pokémon based on Hephaestus' equine automatons, and a Ground/Flying griffin Pokémon.
    • Western USA: Catacacta and Wabawolf, based on the cactus cat of Lumberjack folklore, and Native American legends of wolves, respectively. They represent being steadfast and being adaptive. Catacacta is a Rock/Grass Fossil Pokemon and Wabawolf is Psychic/Ghost.
    • Australia: Lyredala and Dhakkolor, based on the lyrebird and the rainbow serpent of Aboriginal Australian legend. They represent emotion and logic. Lyredala is Fairy/Flying and Dhakkolor is Water/Dragon.
    • Scandinavia: Frosqual and Slamneighr, based on Gullinbursti and Sleipnir. Frosqual is a Steel/Flying boar with power over the weather, and Slamneighr is an eight-legged Fighting/Ghost horse that defeated Team Berserk centuries ago. In addition, Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde can be found somewhere in the region.
      • Unused concepts for Legendaries of Scandinavia include a Grass-type Ent based on Yggdrasil, and an Electric/Fairy-type mythical squirrel based on Ratatoskr, the squirrel that lives on Yggdrasil.
    • England: Toxygen and Equarius, based on the dragon of "Saint George and the Dragon" and a unicorn. They represent corruption and purity. Toxygen is a Poison/Dragon-type, and Equarius is a Water/Fairy-type.
      • An unused legendary is a Rock/Ground-type based on Gogmagog, in a deep sleep below London.
    • Italy: Vaticanine and Impereagle, based on the wolf of the legend of Rome and the eagle of Rome. They represent protection and aggression. Vaticanine is Ground/Steel and Impereagle is Fighting/Steel. However, they're only the focus of Episode Razzo, the main game focusing on Renaistone.
      • An unused mythical would've been a DaVinci-styled animatronic similar to Magearna, that would've been encountered at the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
    • Egypt:
      • Armmiter and Etheriam, based on Ammit and Osiris. They represent consequences, Armmiter negative ones and Etheriam positive ones. Armmiter is a Ghost/Fire type and Etheriam is Ghost/Water type.
      • Aviankh, based on Ra and Horus, and the myth of how Horus temporarily took over as sky god after Ra was poisoned by Isis. It is found in it's Horus-inspired Astral Form, a Psychic/Flying type, but the player will eventually find the means of returning it to it's true Ra-inspired Solar Form, a Fire/Flying type.
    • As for the Team Buddy storyline, it focuses more on canon Legendary Pokémon, like Jirachi.
  • Prequel: According to this timeline, the England region takes place before all planned videos and regions, and the Italy region is set before the Greek regions, in that order.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: The Queen of Team Noble has red eyes, and she's bad news. Victoria of the English Elite Four has these in The Stinger of that video as she's looking at information about Lyredala, implying that she and the Queen are one and the same.
  • The Remake: The England region video is a remake of the UK region video, and there are remakes planned for Greece, Western USA, and Australia.
  • The Rival: We've got those too.
    • Richard is the rival in the England region.
    • Marco is the rival of the Italy region.
    • Hau's cousin Ulani is the rival of Team Buddy 2's take on Alola.
  • Secret Character: Just because these are videos representing theoretical Pokemon games doesn't mean it can't have Mythicals.
    • Italy: Renaistone, a Rock/Ground type that resembles a statue and represents the Renaissance. Unlike most Mythicals, it takes center stage of the main story.
  • Shared Universe: Team Buddy, the Dream Game, and all the Regional Videos (except for the prototypical UK region and the un-remade versions of the Western USA and Australia regions) are set in the same universe (multiverse in the case of the Dream game), known as either the Buddyverse or the Mr. Buddy Cinematic Universe (MBCU). Proof of this includes:
    • Team Imperium acts as a force of good in the Italy region, with Sophia being met early in that region's story, and a banished Nero appearing in the aftergame, acting as the True Final Boss
    • One of the wild Pokémon of the Italy region is a regional variant of one that originates from the England region.
    • Buddyverse-original Fakemon appear in the Ultra Outlands, and an alternate version of Sigurd acts as the Arc Villain of the Kalos part of the dream game.
  • Spider-Man Send-Up: Inspired by Into the Spiderverse (and with hair inspired by that movie's version of Doc Ock), the Buddyverse has it's own web-slinging superhero in the form of Gal-Vantula.
  • Standard '50s Father: The image the Buddy of Team Buddy seems to go for, but in truth, he's a Greaser with a pompadour.
  • Starter Mon: This is to be expected.
    • Scandinavia: Worth noting is that all three of the Scandinavian starters all believed to be extinct, and will all become part-Dragon in their final form.
      • Lavendor, Lantirinum and Drodula, Grass-type European dragons that grow more aggressive the more sunlight they absorb.
      • Foomber, Dragma and Ignizen, Fire-type Chinese dragons that live in caves below snowy mountains.
      • Gogliss, Gogoggles and Gogonder, Water-type Japanese dragons with keen eyesight.
    • England:
      • Rabbush, Clovare and Trifolikick, an invasive species and a Grass-type rabbit that becomes a rowdy and aggressive Grass/Fighting-type.
      • Magmutt, Slobburn and Flamabul, a territorial Fire-type English bulldog with intensely hot saliva and a spiked metal collar that grows a chain leash as it becomes Fire/Steel.
      • Drizzeel, Lochrain and Plesiosea, a Water-type eel that becomes a Water/Poison-type Stock Ness Monster with a genetic link to Lapras.
    • Italy: These starters are meant to embody three distinct areas of Italy, the north, the center, and the south.
      • Representing the center, Oakub, Arbear and Grizzleaf, based on the appenene brown bear, Grass-type bears with a mane of autumn leaves.
      • Representing the north, Lambello, Cornalata and Capralata, a friendly Fire-type lamb that becomes a territorial Fire/Ground mountain goat.
      • Representing the south, Illuminewt, Geckglow and Sardindra, a bio-luminescent Water-type fire salamander that later becomes a Water/Electric type that can fling electric slime.
    • Egypt:
      • Psybis, Ibiscus and Thothorn, a highly intelligent Grass-type ibis that eventually becomes a Grass/Psychic representation of Thoth.
      • Inferpent, Blazalisk and Anarkoabra, a troublemaking Fire-type snake that eventually becomes a Fire/Dark representation of Apep, otherwise known as Apophis.
      • Dewipper, Manateen and Moogong, a line of Water/Normal-type dugongs that represent Hapi and help make plants grow.
    • Dream game: Poipole.
  • Stock Ness Monster: The water-type starter of England is one of these.
  • Take That!: Flooded Hoenn's dimension number, 7.8-10a, is a playful jab at IGN's review of OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire, rating the game 7.8/10 and saying it has "too much water". Considering what happens in this version of Hoenn, "too much water" is an understatement.
  • Twilight of the Old West: A big part of Team Relic's motif, and their goal is to avert it by reverting the Western USA region to as it was in prehistoric times.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Team Buddy wants to make everyone friends, Team Noble wants to keep the people of the Australia region safe, and Team Esteta want people to have an appreciation for art. Their goals are inherently good, but the means they want to accomplish their goals, not so much.

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