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WOW! It's all the main characters in one big cover! And then there's Lexi...

It's been three weeks. Or has it? Well, it at least FEELS like three weeks.
—Brady's journal entry, Chapter 1, page 2


Ice Eevee is an online webcomic starring humanoid Pokemon. Brady Richardson was an average Glaceon with a troubled backstory. He was raised in a cave in the Sinnoh region, but his parents were captured when he was fourteen. So he wandered in search of a better place to live and answers, as he had no idea what Pokemon he was. But all that would change when he finds an amazing city in the middle of the Kalos Coastal subregion for Eevees and their evolutions named Eevees Valley, where he meets Carlos, Andy, and lots of other Pokemon, and learns how to enjoy the gift of modern life.

Ice Eevee is written, illustrated, and edited by thebradyiceeevee02.

Currently, Ice Eevee is in chapter one. There has also been a prologue that questions, "How did I get here?"


This comic has provided examples of the following tropes so far:

  • Double Take: As the shiny Sylveon looks through Brady's pockets in Chapter 1, page 6, he gets bored quickly, until he finds a TM 13.
    Shiny Sylveon: Let's see... snacks, toothbrush, journal... towel, no, I don't need that... Wait a sec, what's THIS?!
  • Establishing Shot: Once in the introduction, with time and date as well. Again in chapter one.
  • Evil Gloating: The shiny Sylveon in chapter 1, page 6.
  • No Name Given: The guy appearing on chapter 1, page 6, is just referred to as the criminal shiny Sylveon.'
  • Parental Abandonment: Brady's parents left him at age fourteen. Just not on purpose.
  • Shout-Out: The author's comment on Page 4 of the intro states, "Here comes the flashback!" just like in Middle School: Just my Rotten Luck.
    • Though not highly visible, the comic on Brady's calendar in the intro resembles part of this.
  • You Are Not Ready: Brady's parents wouldn't tell him his species "until he learned control."

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