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Seijun Tombo is a Japanese artist. They're most known for their Pokémon fanart. They usually focus on Pokémon Red and Blue and its characters. Their Pixiv can be viewed here.

One of their comics, Pokemon: Festival of Champions, has a page.

This artist provides examples of:

  • Composite Character: Red is usually in his classic design (with slightly different hair from in canon) but is sometimes depicted in his remake clothes.
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  • Hot-Blooded: Red is depicted as a fiery trainer.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • When Red met his Pikachu, it had been mistreated and didn't trust humans. Red had to work to gain its trust. This is similar to Ash in the Pokémon anime, as well as Red from Pokémon Adventures.
    • Professor Oak is a former Champion and a rival to Agatha, There are some implications of Oak having been a powerful trainer in the games, but it has only been explict in Pokémon Adventures.
    • Seijun has a lot of Red/Misty fanart. Misty is close to a Red counterpart in various adaptations including the anime, Pokémon Adventures, and Pokémon Zensho.
    • Misty's sister Daisy from the anime appears in Pokemon: Festival of Champions.
  • Ship Tease: Seijun ships together Red and Misty, so the two have a fair amount of fan-art and comics together.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Their name is usually translated as "Seijun" but their Twitter handle is "Seijyun".

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