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"The Rambling Gaming Dude"
— Slowflake's Youtube Channel tagline

Slowflake is a French Canadian Let's Player and blogger who specializes in Pokémon as well as various platform games as a sort of B-Side to the A-side of Pokémon. He went on a short hiatus from his Pokémon LPs after Soul Silver ended, but after the release of Black 2 and White 2, who returned for White. This is because he was originally planning to LP an eventual Pokémon Grey, but due to the fact this game wasn't released and direct sequels were announced instead, he changed his plans and did an LP of White anyway.


His style is fairly minimalistic, with few special effects and minimum cutting time as well, preferring to show almost everything that happens during a playthrough (although there are some exceptions within his Pokémon LPs). He started out with Pokémon Red in October 2008 and has since gone on to do one game per generation: Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, opting for the third release of each generation; Yellow is the notable exception from this rule, along with Soul Silver, which is a remake instead. Also, because of the major differences between Pokémon Black and White and their sequels, Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, Slowflake decided to play White version in addition to White 2. It could be said that his Pokémon LPs are among the best on YouTube, as he is very thorough, and his Pokémon are normally quite overleveled by the end of the LP, only struggling for the rematch against Blue in Soul Silver.


Before starting LPs, Slowflake would offer text-based rants and various paragraphs upon the Pokémon metagame, the core of his thoughts when LPing. This has led to one of his best traits as an LPer: he always has something to say. Even when in the bowels of the Rock Tunnel in Pokémon Red, he had something to say. This helps make the more mundane parts of a game much more entertaining to watch without having to be cut out at all. His style also sees him going into full-blown rants (with occasional angrish, when things don't go his way, these being much more prominent in his platform LPs).

He has also stated multiple times that he will not LP The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Pokémon Colosseum, despite some of his fans constantly begging him to do so.

Currently with over 11,000 subscribers, Slowflake has had to implement rules within comments, trying to phone out comments that he does not appreciate, such as those claiming first as well as other annoying traits that can be done. He is also a fan of The Speed Gamers and will often promote their marathons during his videos.


He has now retired from LPs, leaving his White 2 LP incomplete. He maintained the blog The Rambling, Gaming Dude for some time afterwards, but he now has moved to Twitter.

A list of games Slowflake has done:

Completed LPs:

Unfinished LPs:Cancelled LPs:Other Projects:
  • Slowflake Reads Metroid High

His Let's Plays and other videos provide examples of:

  • Angrish: Sonic 3D Blast really seemed to frustrate him with its camera angles. Or when his Lugia went down to a Charizard. Unless you already saw it.
    • He got extremely upset about Smogon's decision to overturn the ban on Garchomp in favor of banning all evasion-boosting abilities. It didn't help that this decision was announced a mere minutes after his own in-house poll results regarding the Garchomp situation were uploaded that generally agreed with Slowflake's opinion.
  • April Fools' Day:
    • His first joke had him do part 83 of Pokemon Red entirely in French.
    • He also did a single-episode Hello Kitty Happy Party Pals LP, and changed his channel to Hello Kitty colors to match it.
    • His third, in 2011, had him playing Pokémon Fire Red, in which he puts himself in a 'Zardtard's' shoes.
    • For his fourth, he tried out Superman 64.
    • For 2013, he made a fake rant video against Smogon's (fictional) decision to ban low-accuracy moves. Unfortunately, most of his audience wasn't fooled. Keep in mind that his main audience is YouTube of all places!
  • Blog: After completing his SoulSilver LP, he created a blog to act as a home for his rants, which previously were done in his Pokemon LP's. After his retirement from Let's Playing, this is his base of operations.
  • Catchphrase: "Not complaining!" after he benefits from random chance or from the game otherwise not making logical sense.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Plays a key role in the climactic battle with N - Slow fails to notice that Archeops' Crunch causes his Jellicent's defence to drop, putting it in KO range from Stone Edge. His completely bewildered reaction is amazing.
  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood: Brendan in his Emerald LP was left in a moving truck when he and his mother moved to Hoenn, had to stop not one, but ''two'' evil organisations that threatened to destroy the region, and his mother read Twilight.
  • Level Grinding: In the Pokemon LPs. However, he never does it on purpose: it's just a result of him playing through the game without skipping any battles and battling all trainers, and keeping the number of Pokémon he actually uses for battling to a minimum.
    • He typically does do a bit of level grinding off-screen when he gets a new party member to bring it up to par with the rest of his team, especially if breeding is involved.
  • Meta Game: He has extensive knowledge of the competitive play gaming circle, and is known for writing whole columns about Pokémon useability and status changes regarding said competitive play. He also discusses Smogonwho?  very often.
  • Mighty Glacier: In his Platinum LP, he states that he prefers tank characters in gaming.
  • Munchkin: He has admited himself a few times that his way of having fun in video games is playing to win. It goes hand-in-hand with his pragmatic tendencies.
  • Oh, Crap!: Slowflake himself had one of these near the end of part 13 of Pokémon Platinum. He forgot to heal after his fight against Mars and very nearly lost his Grotle to an opposing trainer's Ponyta.
    • This happened again after he battled Jupiter, when a trainer's Staravia used Endeavor on Grotle, bringing its health down to red.
      • Happened once in Pokémon Emerald, when his Skarmory was destroyed by an opponent's Wobbuffet.
  • Orphaned Series: After getting bored of LPs, Slowflake left his White 2 LP permanently unfinished.
  • Pet the Dog: After an episode bashing Vanilluxe came out, a certain Youtube user made a comment about how Vanilluxe was really good... and showed a set which wasn't good at all (Mirror Shot, which is outclassed anyway by Flash Cannon, was the main move of note here) Slowflake believed the man was a Troll and banned him accordingly. So the man went to his blog and asked he was blocked, noting he didn't break any of the rules. Slow realised that he was simply wrong, and not a troll, and unbanned him, making him one of a rare few bans to be lifted.
  • Precision F-Strike: At the end of part 14 of Super Mario Star Road, when a glitch causes him to not get the star from the Chill Bully.
  • Running Gag:
    • "His fire monkey's dead!" whenever he beats Barry's Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape in Pokémon Platinum.
      • Also used for the occasional Pansear/Simisear in Pokémon White, but not to the point of overuse, thankfully.
    • He also always names himself JEFF in all the Pokémon games he's played, despite that not being his real name.
    • "Technology is incredible!"
      • He's very disappointed whenever someone fails to say this in the first town.
    • "Nintendo Logic" whenever something that doesn't make sense in a Nintendo game (or any other game for that matter) happens.
    • "Bagfucking" items.
    • "Is this a Torterra Solo Run?" from his Platinum LP, as due to the fact that he used just Torterra up to about Solaceon Town, countless people asked him if it would be a Torterra solo run. It came back again during his White LP, where he challenged one of his viewers to do a Torterra Elite Four solo run on Black and White 2. Someone eventually did this, and he gave him a shout out, something that he very rarely does.
    • "HUUUUGE BREAKOUT!!" when a Pokémon narrowly avoids capture.
    • In the first part of Pokémon Red he asked what was the movie on the TV in the Player Character house. To this day, he gets replies: "The movie is "Stand By Me"".
    • In White 2, him constantly being interrupted by NPCs.
  • Shout-Out: To The Speed Gamers, other LPers, and This Very Wiki on one occasion.
  • Super OCD: Claims to have "CDO" at the beginning of Platinum, which is like OCD but the letters are in alphabetical order.
  • Surprisingly Good English: French is his first language, but he doesn't really make any slips, apart from a few mispronunciations. And he's gotten better as he's done more LPs, something that he took note of later on.


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