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Rival's Story is a hugely popular fanfic by Bulbagarden member Gastly's Mama. It focuses on the journey of the original rival, Blue, around Kanto while remaining ahead of his rival, Red.

It has won several awards and has sparked off an entire genre of different "Rival Stories", so you'll find it rather hard to find a member who hates the fic.

Gastly's Mama is a great friend of Instrutilus, creator of The Travelsverse, so it should come as no surprise that the fanfic-in-the-works Dragon Days by Gastly's Mama was originally intended to be a standalone fic, until Instrutilus suggested it be connected to Rival's Story via the battle with Lance. With Instrutilus working on a one-shot set in the same continuity and both he and Flame Haze working on two fics that focus on two rivals, Agatha and Oak, it can be safe to say it has become it's own universe, named by Instrutilus and named outright by Gastly's Mama as The Rivalsverse.


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