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Video Game / Pokemon Empyrean

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We're in the Omuran region, where the trainers start at a later age than most other regions. The evil team has just been defeated by Pokémon Agent Hal, who is now on vacation with his child.

Soon after arriving at the vacation house in Selene Town, Hal is called into action to take down the last few core members of the evil team, Vordev Group. The player character, who was supposed to get their starter during the vacation, must take on two quests at the same time: Becoming the best Pokémon trainer, and rescuing their dad.


Empyrean was created using RPG Maker XP and created by PokeCommunity member Stochastic. The game introduces Omuran forms, new forms of Pokémon with different types, as well as a few new fakemon and the light type. The game can be downloaded here

This game contains examples of:

  • Animalistic Abomination: Early on, before the second gym, the player and their friendly rival are up against a monstrous looking Pokemon that can't be caught. It's not the only time the player will be fighting one of these.
  • Fusion Dance: Shortly after the eighth badge, you get the ability to fuse with certain Pokémon into a form that has a higher base stat total than Arceus. It’s balanced by the fact that if this Pokémon faints, because it’s also you, the fight immediately ends.

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