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Because I Love You is a still-in-progress fanfic (written by CherryLugia300) featuring several main characters from the EarthBound series, quite a few Pokémon, and a whole load of other characters whom the author made up herself. It's one of them Alternate Continuity things.

Hikami is a peaceful continent. Everyone there lives in peace and harmony... or at least they seem to be. An Eldritch Abomination known as Giygas is sleeping in a lair in the most sacred canyon in Hikami. When he wakes up, he shall break out, and destroy the Life Crystal in Arceus' Temple, thus ending all life.


However, a bunch of young teens growing up in an Orphanage of Love are destined to prevent the destruction, and take on Giygas' vast army of minions. The team consists of Ness, an adventurous boy who leads the group, Paula, his personal love interest (although he denies it), Ninten, Ness' other roommate, Lucas, a shy, gentle kid who sleeps in the room next door to Ness', and Claus, Lucas' older twin brother. They must gather the Seven Rainbow Shards and forge them into the Spectral Crystal, the only item powerful anough to defeat Giygas.

Along the way, the Saviours meet a whole bunch of critters, befriend godlike beings who were once believed to only be legends, and experience changes in character.

There is now a character sheet.


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